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I’m crying.

Just listened to episode 142 and that Kroger hot dog party story is one of the funniest things I’ve ever heard.

Absolutely breathtaking!

The best podcast I’ve ever co-hosted. Clearly the podcast of champions.

Definitely Binge-worthy

I came across these two lunatics completely by accident, and haven’t looked back. They would fit into my crew like OJ’s hand in a glove…

People at work think I’m soft in the head

So I work on a hydraulic shear among other people doing what-not around me at my job. Being allowed to wear ear pods I listening to the podcast and occasionally giggling like a school girl or just generally laughing my @$$ off. People want to know what the hell is wrong with me and I say “THESE GUYS” and joyfully tell them about the podcast. Great stuff EVERY time. Thanks for making my work day even better

Found you while searching podcasts for irritable

And was so pleasantly surprised. Y’all are helping me see irritation as something to be laughed at again. Irritated mom podcast would probably be a disaster. Thanks for turning the every day frustrations of life into funny fun I highly recommend. And recommend the Butter Cutter too

This podcast completes me.

Because of this podcast, I’m now 57% more irritable. Thanks, Buck and Dusty, for delivering on what you promise.


Some of the top podcasts I've heard and I love the environment. Will be watching more and keeping up with it

Love these guys!

Found these guys randomly and I loved them right off the bat! They keep it funny and wholesome, while still being grownup and real! These two have a good thing going and I hope the train doesn’t stop! For two irritable dads, they sure are easy to listen to. :)

Worth the download!

I listen to the show weekly whenever I cut the grass. Great stories that always make me laugh. Cutting the grass and laughing…I hope my neighbors aren’t concerned.

Five Stars!

These guys know how to party.

You Will Quack Up!

Whether you’re a newly irritable dad, an irritable mom, or some other thing, you’ll find a lot to like about this podcast about anything and everything. Marvel fan? Come on in (except Chris Hughes). Do you own a Tool do-rag? You’re in good company. Looking for a good wallpaper remover? They have you covered! I just wish it hadn’t taken a global pandemic for Mike and Darin to start this podcast!


I wish Mike and Darin had talked more about the monkeys.

Not irritable at all

IDS is a sow that has a little something for everyone. From crime to bacon they have you covered. The hosts have great energy together and you can really tell in each episode. Give them a listen!

Mike and Darin are fun to listen to and they both are very effective at storytelling> The Podcast is a "hit record and talk" type show and Mike and Darin do it very well...its more like a radio show than Podcast and I mean that in a positive way. Tune in and have some fun with these guys!

Misleading Name

The hosts, while funny, didn’t sound irritable at all. I didn’t hate it... will definitely keep listening.