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Nov. 17, 2020

IDS #12 - This Episode Brought to You by the Letter S

IDS #12 - This Episode Brought to You by the Letter S
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Mike clearly puts no effort into the podcast, and Darin discusses the 51st birthday of Sesame Street!  The Zero candy bar shows up again, and Darin shares stories of shopping cart fraud and impromptu Best Buy customer service.  The two actually agree on movies that are so bad they're good, and this week's Just Stop is interrupted by Mike's unfortunate incident (see first line in the show notes).  Somehow, Pac-Man, Emmet Otter (and his Jugband Christmas), Mario, Superman 3, and MacGyver get woven into this glorious tapestry of the idiotic.  Finally, some random stories that are sure to get Darin in trouble as soon as his wife listens to this episode.

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