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May 25, 2023

IDS #149 - I Never Owned a Lunchbox (w/ Shadoe Stevens)

IDS #149 - I Never Owned a Lunchbox (w/ Shadoe Stevens)
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On this episode, Mike and Darin are thrilled to welcome the legendary Shadoe Stevens!

Join us as Shadoe shares his incredible journey, from replacing Casey Kasem on American Top 40 to his near-death experience on a safari, and kissing Joan Rivers. 

You won't want to miss his latest project - the captivating radio drama, Mental Radio. Trust us, you have to hear it to believe it! 

And as a bonus, Mike finally gets to geek out with a fellow Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy fan (and - the episode is releasing on Towel Day 2023!)

Don't miss this incredible episode - it's a wild ride from start to finish! 


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