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Aug. 23, 2022

IDS #104 - Hey! What Happened? - The Best of Year Two

IDS #104 - Hey!  What Happened? - The Best of Year Two

The Best of Year Two!  Come with us on a wild and stupid ride back through the best clips of our second year of episodes!!

#u2 #icecream #colonoscopy #lochness #fasterpussycat

3:04     Opossums (from Episode 87)

12:28   Space Monkey (from Episode 78)

16:07   The Great Ice Cream Sandwich Fight (from Episode 57)

27:12   Ice Cream Sandwich Disrespect (from Episode 59)

32:07  Buck Sneed and Dusty Sawyers (from Episode 60)

35:49  Back Off - I'm on Nasal Spray (from Episode 58)

38:42  The Colonoscopy Epic (from Episodes 71, 72, and 73)

55:43  The Best of Dave's Comedy Corner

57:27  Judy Chop (from Episode 66)

1:02:59  Truck Nuts Troy (from Episode 54)

1:16:10  The Towing Story (from Episode 53)

1:25:16  Faster Pussycat (from Episode 100)

1:32:24  You Have No Speakers (from Episode 95)

1:37:14  Achtung Baby is Their Best Album (from Episode 93)

1:43:12  Mike Dumps Someone Over U2 (from Episode 84)

1:47:25  The Correct Way to Eat Pop-Tarts (from Episode 76)

1:53:51  The Time Mike Drank His Contacts at a Tool Concert (from Episode 63)

1:59:00  Mike Said Quack (from Episode 79)

2:03:39  The Loch Ness Monster (from Episode 71)

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