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Dec. 28, 2021

IDS #70 - Chewbacca in His Pants Redux

IDS #70 - Chewbacca in His Pants Redux
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Wha happen?  How can the same thing happen to the same show twice?!

Thank you to everyone for an amazing year - we look forward to creating more content in 2022!!

From Monocles to Do-rags, Mike and I discuss not-so-popular fashion trends and wait til you hear which one Mike wants to wear - (I’m going to look BAD ASS!) Also… find what you shouldn't burn in your backyard.

Then... New sponsor or is it a scam? A possible product to back our show that's so racey, Quacker the cursing duck had to work overtime to censor this episode

Plus marble racing, Mellencamp's brother, and a tribute to the Godfather of Soul that you do NOT want to miss!

All this and more... on this episode of Irritable Dad Syndrome!!

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"Wha Happen" clip from Movieclips (YouTube) - additional credits:
TM & © Warner Bros. (2003)
Cast: Fred Willard
Director: Christopher Guest
Producers: Donna E. Bloom, Karen Murphy
Screenwriters: Christopher Guest, Eugene Levy

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00:00:00Hey, this is Darren. This is Mike. We hope you had a fantastic Christmas. Yeah, and you know what New Years is coming up. Yep, and a lot of people still have their Christmas tree up and still have the Christmas lights up and they're still like trying to ignore the fact that they've got to go back to work in a few days. And guess what we're doing. We're not recording an episode and we're not editing and episode where recycling old crap and make it a new. We're going to end the year on a bang. We are going to repeat episode. 36 Chewbacca in his pants. Enjoy.
00:00:37Right on.
00:00:40What we going to give you the nice, it'll be down to the nitty-gritty. Yeah, welcome to the hottest podcast. Now, here are your hosts, Mike and Darren.
00:01:06Welcome back to another episode. I am Darren. I am Mike. We are the irritable bowel syndrome.
00:01:15Okay. Hey, we're rolling with Eli. We are live right now on the twitch and I've been paying a lot of attention. Especially after the last episode. I've been paying a lot of attention to broadcasters and how people speak when they're on camera, performing an about time and they do a lot better job than I do. I will own
00:01:43I will own that there's room for improvement. Okay, and I annoy myself during editing so much so that sometimes when editing as I did this last episode of hijacked the speed up cuz I don't want to sit through an hour of the show, right?
00:01:59Oregon and a half. In my defense. I've already sat through an hour of the show. So I don't want to sit through another hour of the show and I was speeding. Pat. And in the end. I thought, well, we never let loose at the end o, my God turned into an Andrew Dice, Clay special. It wasn't like 9:00 or 8:30 or something. What? I was listening this morning as I told you and then you gave me another one and you gave me. I started writing down the times. There was a point at, which I think I hit 6 and I said, you need. We had, we had one F-bomb heads. Okay, another blank. Okay, then Rachel said, 10 think so, I added in 5 class myself cuz quacker the cursing. He kind of supposed to the show was apparently out in the backyard. It's mating.
00:02:5910-4. I don't know what was going on. But we apologized are banging like waterfowl. All the people who downloaded the show, as soon as it hit, the Press is all six of you. And actually, because what happens is, we, I've noticed that the little ticker goes up after you've listened to either the episode or enough of the episode, and if you already downloaded, if you subscribe, it's already downloaded on your device. So it don't matter. What mr. Michael. Mr. Darren due to the episode. You got the old Andrew Dice Clay version. She had to see if you have it downloaded on your phone. You have a collector's item, but no longer well over 25. So yeah, if you subscribe to your own show with you you would date download the the R-rated version. Yeah, and the PG version. Yeah. I thought about that.
00:03:59I am one of those things that I think once we either hit it big in this, right? Or reach a point where we don't care about our resolution. I want to make the entirety of the recordings open and free because that'll never happen. It will never have one. Not allow it. I know I'm saying unless we hit it big to the point where you're so rich, you're floating in a pool of gold coins and you're just saying, let them have less episodes, the stuff we've deleted from the show we deleted for a reason though. Okay. I know it was boring as hell, either. I was, here's the thing. Let me take you back. Haha. The Lord of the Rings series. I've already told you about how they have not listened to know. I'm comparing our show to those specials, the documentaries, about the dwarf buttons, or the elf buttons, spray the things that I watched when best came down and saw me laying here,
00:04:59In a food, coma with Dorito spread across my chest, and I got excited and I said, look, gimli's buttons are representative of Thorin, Oakenshield blah, blah, blah. And she just looked at me with a mixture of regret and pity, pity. And our show is kind of like that in the Hat. Those boring Parts. No one cares about him now, and we have deemed them, right? Never see the light of day, but some poor soul out there. May get bored one night and say, you know what? I noticed that the guys sounded like they're going to choke each other. There was a Dave. Lay think a man. I've been there on a different topic. I'd like to hear the 15 minutes of cussing back and forth or talking about The Shining for the 15th time in a comedy show me the Lord of the Rings, the stuff that was deleted out of those. Movies was deleted for time. Okay.
00:05:55I guess you're okay. Cuz that movie's you know, each movie could have been over 4 hours a week long, each one of them. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, they could have been 24 hours and I would have been fine with that but they deleted it all for naught for the theatrical viewing and then when they put it out on the DVD, they had the director's cut with all the extra which is badass and I loved it. And then you're watching like, oh my God, this is really cool. The stuff we deleted. It's not really cool. So I know what's going on. We lose track of ourselves before. We leave this Rabbit Hole. Let me make one more turn, mr. Cottontail. How can we talk about this? The excuse me, the do you think now that now that TV viewing on Netflix and all these string places? Now, that that's a thing. Do you think Peter Jackson is kicking him?
00:06:55Soft Sandman, I could have made Lord of the Rings like 50 hours long. I think with that crew, like, with the people that have the movies, that's going to be amazing. We're going to like, when you read, Lord of the Rings fever should ask Libby. Cuz she's read the book. It'll spin little spend a chapter talking about a 30 special Tri-State, real estate tree really, had a very vivid descriptive mind, and he didn't know how to edit. No, cuz he would just write and write and write and write and write. Anyway, so for the people who downloaded the episode, before we corrected that we apologize, we have talked to the cursing duck quacker. And is it a programme is not going to let that happen again?
00:07:55I took my oldest son. Jacob. He had an eye doctor appointment. Jacob hasn't worn glasses in Forever, a long time. He warm as a child. And then his eye doctor said that he didn't need glasses anymore, which I've never known a kid eyes, corrected themselves. Apparently got a replicant in Blade Runner. He just glasses. Okay. Okay. Well the doctor says you don't need glasses, don't need glasses. So we go to the eye doctor and I'm getting my eyes checked. And while I'm doing that, he's getting his eyes checked with another doctor when I'm done. And I come out to my beautiful wife lady is there and she tells me that Jacob only needs
00:08:39One contact his left eye division, needs a little tweaking and his left eye. The right and I said, hold on a second. Right there. Are you telling me we need to get a monocle monocle. He only needs and I am so excited this on my Jacob. Do on a monocle. He says, yeah, and then what do you mean? No, and then I asked the doctor. Can we get a monocle in the doctors? And the know why can't we get a monocle? Because I mean all you have to do and Libby said, honey. They don't make Monical's a Melissa day. Do you get vitamin the mustache section, you make a pair of glasses and then you take one of them are monocle and that's how I want you to make them out of my way to order regular glasses ends with duct tape and pliers.
00:09:39Eye doctor, there's two eye. Doctors mine brought some sense of who she says. Listen. Does your son have a pocket? Watch and I said, no, she says will, you can't have a monocle unless you want a pocket watch, so we didn't get a monocle and I'm just like, so upset that we had this golden opportunity to get a monocle and it's not like he was just doing it for style or for fun. He needed it one, but everyone's always trying to keep me down enough for mr. Peanut is good enough for your stuff for my son. It reminded me of a few years ago when I had a different eye doctor.
00:10:22I went in for my eye exam and they bring the you've been Ted your eyes examined, right? I can't find my way out of this basement. For they bring that thing over, and they put it in front of your face in the air, like a or b one or two ABC, which one's better or worse, it would. And so, she puts it in front of me and says, they are be. And I said, I can't see. And I said, no, I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to do that. If it's okay, you can see, my doctor is pretty cool. You buy liquid concentrated wallpaper stripper with its unique enzyme, action diff dissolves, old paste, in touch wallpaper removal time and a half. That's right, half. Did I mention that? No, steamer is needed. I may be a lot of things, but I'm no liar. No, steamer is needed. When removing wallpaper with Biff.
00:11:22It is also available in a gel it cleans and stays wet longer. It's ready to use non-toxic and non-staining. You know, I was at my local hardware store last Thursday stocking up on dif and dis hot sales. Lady was like, Hey, I see you're buying deaf. And I was like, you're damn right? I am I tell you what, if I wasn't married, I would have removed more than her wallpaper. If you know what I mean. Look for death, wherever quality, wallpapers result if the only one that really works, so, I got a tool, du-rag, haha, a bandana, as it's called house. I looked up durags cuz I need to, okay. I don't know how to put these things on. I just knew that I wanted one. I think that as someone who's bald and rather portly.
00:12:072 degree. I should have a du-rag to make myself look more menacing.
00:12:14I just think that's what you do.
00:12:17You should not go to work. I want to see. I didn't know how to tie it. I want to see a picture of you and the durag. I got to post it on her face and we will and all are all are all. I'm going to do a whole lot to do the whole outfit cuz I'm excited about the first concert that I'm going to. I'm going to wear the durag to the concert. I am going to wear the tool do-rags on Primus concert where they're paying tribute to rush and I'm going to wear my Rush 2112 belt buckle with my Rush R40 shirt. Sorry girls. He's married and my, I might wear my SpongeBob SquarePants shorts. I might cut those off and make him admit. We got way off topic here cuz I got this do right. Cuz I wanted to look like a badass. I want to look like a badass.
00:13:04And you don't. So I tied it around my my head as I thought they did like Prince kind of kind of look like prison. Mike micronauts. Yeah, I tie it around and they shut the corner down and best of the kids just could not stop laughing at me. I look like I was bringing them up a plate of something. Like I was a short-order cook. I did not look like a badass. I look like someone who had made some bad choices when was buying a house by the director. So I'm looking up how to put on a du-rag on YouTube and it reminded me of office space when they're trying to learn how to launder money and they look it up in the dictionary. Am I here? I am 45 years old. Trying to look up this in a on YouTube. And I realized very quickly that I don't have a du-rag. I have a bandana. Bandana.
00:14:04So I found a video of a guy, very there's no words of the video shows how to put it on and I'm like, that's not how you put that on. It looks weird the way he doesn't and I watched another video with another gentleman and he did the same thing and he was explaining in excruciating detail. It was grading watch. Well. The first guy who didn't explain a damn thing. I had that puppy on in 3 minutes and and he was spending a lot of time like showing what was going on. I'm sorry, but if it's different, how long does it take to put on socks in a minute? If he was, if he was demonstrating it's not going to show you after the show me, show you how you doing? Okay. So I did it the way he did it, you like you taught you, you make it like the triangle, you tie it over your face really hard in the back.
00:15:04Then you take one corner and stretch it over your you look like the guy in Beetlejuice.
00:15:15And then you twist, you twist the front one like a twisty tie and it tightens, and then you bring it across and you were are used to control enough.
00:15:26No serious, you did it. You and your laughing now, but you don't if you if you do what you think. You're going to look like a guy who works at a Mexican prison.
00:15:37I looked like a pirate.
00:15:41Listen to Tool cuz head is cool. Cuz the tool like logo comes down over across my skull. It is pretty cool. But and then I get to it. I look like a outright badass. Once it was done. I did, I went out, I went out and I show Charlie at best and Bess was like, woah, that looks pretty cool. If it's early. He I think he looked up and he just went pretty good for Charlie insulation, while Dad you look like an absolute badass.
00:16:17I've been wearing the same thing when I couple that with a rush shirt and a brush belt buckle.
00:16:25Okay, it's going to be hard going to a Primus show and they're doing a rush. Why are you wearing a tool? A bandana? I'm wearing a table. I'm wearing a tool. Bandana to look like a badass.
00:16:47That's why I'm wearing them would listen to Vince Neil and Bret Michaels, just be so proud to be that guy for trying to see if it's in, everyone's give me like he knows he's bald, right? But so, here's the thing. Is that the rush shirt has like red lettering, and you saw the durag are the best black with red lettering. It's all look like, they're upset plus. Plus the more observant person. I will note Rush is a progressive band. Yes, tool is a progressive. A jacket to wear over Genesis wristband. Now Genesis. Yes, but I said no to. Yes. I like genesis. I like rush. I like to like,
00:17:46Yes, I just never listen to them. It's the same as it is with Neil Young. There's some Neil Young song that I really, really like that. I don't listen to the other. There's lots of artists out there that I like that. I don't own any of them. So but anyway, guys are Mike and his badass durag that asked Mike mascot for the show, the view of the show where you going to redo like our know but badass Mike is going to be
00:18:19You going to get like a leather glove. Like one leather glove on your right hand that's badass with like rhinestones. And yeah, like the Michael Jackson sequin glove. Get a leather gloves with the fingers missed, like one biker, glove. What if I get a leather vest that covers up the rush shirt? If you don't buy, I've got the durag. I got the belt buckle and the belt. I owe you something with the jeans. Now what cool things. Can I do with the jeans kind of hole in them. Me? All the kids have holes in the knee. I need to like there's some stores in l.a. That sell the jeans leather patches on jeans, Blue Rag. So badass. So awesome.
00:19:14Fears. That someone going to snatch it off my head when I give a fight.
00:19:21You never even wear ball caps. I used to wear. I'm all good. I alter call Ajay vohra and you wouldn't find me without a hat. But now I don't know. Why do I wear a ball cap? Are you don't cuz you're ashamed at your bald like no in the summer. It keeps my head from getting sunburned. So I'm going to wear a du-rag oath in the winter. It keeps my head from being cold. So that's why I wear it's practically. I usually goes I look sexy as hell with that. Can I go out naked bald? But now that I have the tool durag. I'm going to be wearing that a lot. Why don't you do like the edge and just wear a skull cap? I don't look normal with those. You're going to look normal with a du-rag. Okay. I was the last time ago, if you're if you wear a skull cap, that's
00:20:08Okay, there's there's multiple levels of badassery. Okay. Du-rag bad ass rich. It's kind of like redneck crossed with everyday person badass for me. I can I can pretend to be that, okay, like the skullcap you're getting paid to like hit people. That's the level that ass. I'm afraid if I walked out there like that people would see right through me just as soon as we get pictures of this, we are going to post it on here to go, bad soon. We're going to put it on Facebook page, on our Twitter, on Instagram. Mike's do, right. I cannot wait to see. This product idea with little accessories, you can put on him in one will be a new one. Will be a du-rag again haikyuu.
00:21:08Philadelphia, OK, Google put a mullet on and then a do-rag over the mullet. Okay, you need a shark tooth earrings to wear with your durag. I have both my ears pierced do not, I do one is like what is that professionally? That was a Piercing Pagoda. Are they presenting consider professionally with a half-wit? Okay 2 in the morning in college. Okay. Yeah, I have both of them. When do you do you ever wear your earring though? I don't have any right now. No. No, I know you. I know you. I know. I just don't. Okay. I never knew that. We're learning things all the time that she said. Thank you. Goodnight. And that was hurting real bad surf.
00:22:00I know for certain the one that I did, you know what the needle is probably closed up by now. The other one, I don't know. And now he's a birthday today. Happy birthday from all of us and irritable dead syndrome. We now continue with our program already in progress. All right. So the other day I was talking to Mike. Did I mow my yard or you and mow your yard? I can't remember what it happened. One of us had mowed the yard and then you had this hysterical story about Bernie. Go ahead. I set this up and introduced in the show, just flows like a river. I have something that I can't believe. I forgot to tell you, I got to this point. We have a potential sponsor is right in with, with Mower, John Deere, tractor, story mode, my lawn, and I was, it was like, a few days prior to that, I was talking to
00:23:00One of Charlie's friends, dad's and he was talking about how he had a bunch of you know, he'd left for a while and came back and motors on had a bunch of clowns across out in the yard. And he's like, you got to write those up. Of course, she write those up and I'm at all. Yeah. And I never, I never raped those up. My kids wake up already. So, I got a wild hair on my butt. I'm like, I'm going to be a good tender of the yard. I'm going to rake up all that grass and I did, and I had big piles of grass all over the yard and I thought I could put those in bags or, or is in my noodle, right? I did this early in the morning. I don't know what, well, I get up early for work. So I have just show I just wake up early on Saturday and Sunday now. And so this is like 7 or 8, maybe 9 in the morning. I was done, you know, raking it all up. Haha. Like I have we have a burn thing out. There are those things called a little fire, pit, fire pit or a burn thing. Okay.
00:23:58Hey, I got the dressing. My birthday thing. I thought I'll put grass in my burn thing. Now, ladies and gentlemen. I am an X Boy Scout and not like I was in Boy Scouts and I made it to Tenderfoot. And I learned how to not cut myself with a knife. I made it the star which is not, you know, yet star life in an eagle. So I was up there in The Scouting world. I was respected. I had my, you had your day and my day, right? I should have known enough than the not put grass on a burn thing. I did think maybe something will go wrong. Haha. If it's 9 in the morning, nobody's it's Saturday. Who's going to be out here, right? So I put all the grass in the burn thing. I put a burn log, you act like 9 in the morning is, like, 4 a.m. Was haha. And the guy that was smart of the put the dry grass on first thing and a lovely at the pile of grass in in in
00:24:56It started burning. And let me tell you, the smoke. Hahaha. How do you for a moment? I was like, I could communicate like a fly by Falling in a, you hear about the Native Americans. Yes, smoke signals. I could see it. Nothing up. And I can use that to communicate to other neighbors about what's going on in our household. And then I saw it lasting over to our neighbors, lasting lasting letter word wafting wafting and it's it's spreading out like a cone and it's covering their entire yard like the entirety of their yard, but it's 9 in the morning nobody's out there. So I throw more grass on a thing like now. And now I'm like I got to get through this grass before anybody comes out and sees what I'm doing. It gets worse and worse to the point where there's no planes are circling. I think of that. They need to come down for a red who there was so much smoke. Aha in their yard.
00:25:53Cuz it's like staying, it's like breaking the good Lord continue. It looks like one of them comes out of court.
00:26:08And Dakota are dog, runs over to the fence and apparently they have a relationship with our dog, where they give her your treats. It's the it's the lady and what, you know, where we're cordial, but I know that they they take really good care of their lawn and we take, really, not good care of hours.
00:26:27And I know it bugs them but just kind of an unspoken thing. They're just like they're not going to say anything to us, but it's clear, there's judgment or maybe it's all in my head, but I feel it. And now I feel better already of their yard up with smoke. I get it. And she's out there and I come over cuz I feel like I need to and I'm talking to her and she starts choking and coughing and I almost say I shouldn't have done that. I just kind of I just point back in general at the burning grass and say something like, yeah, I need to I need to take care of that and I just kind of wondered back over. She's hacking up a lung over there. And I mean, it looks like, you know, where just looks like, it looks like a nothing, right? I think a plume plume. Their yard. Was it when you couldn't see? I was afraid. She was not going to make it back into their house.
00:27:20Actually, if I had a laser, I don't think about this. When was laser pointers. Go to look like light Sabres game at Laser 24c. I wish I had done that because years ago, the house we have right now. We've got the coolest neighbors and he's got a fancy nice house with the house. We lived in before. Then our neighbors. It's like if we were pulling into the house, if they were in their driveway, they would wave. We say hi and they would say Hi. And then they would go inside. Okay, their kids, never played with our kids think they stayed in almost all the time. The only time I would see them as if they're walking to their car getting their mail or cutting the grass and K. And so I got to ask how old were the kids in relation to your kids. Like I just made a year. So we are not going to have a cookout burgers, hot dogs, simple corn on the cob.
00:28:20And we thought, let's invite the neighbors over. Let's get to know them. So I will go over knock on the door and the guy answers and I said, hey just wanted you to know. We're going to have a cookout. It's just going to be probably like six of us. We would like you and the wife to come over and he's all that. Sounds like fun. Can we bring anything? You have a couple of lawn chairs. Bring you lunch here soon. We will do that to to this is. Okay. So he asked if he could bring some confirm the time, I confirm the time. Okay. So here it is Saturday. Yeah, and Libby. And I are there, Jeff and Joy are there. Larry and Debbie, are there. And the six of us are, there were hanging out. And it's like 2:30, almost 3 now, and we're being fashionably late, okay.
00:29:14They go out in their backyard. They live next door. Okay, and we don't have one of those Like, Home Improvement. Privacy fence. Is there anything we can clearly see that? Plain as day they go out into their backyard and they start hanging around, tooling around in their backyard.
00:29:34He's like throwing the ball to his kid and his wife were talking chat and whatever. There was not a, that's today. They don't like look over at a no acknowledgment looking. And there's smoke coming from The Grill at least once, if they lived next door to us for, like five years after they never never spoke of it. Never said, you know what?
00:30:05What was I thinking? Crazy? And what are we going to do? Hey guys. Remember, you were supposed to be across the fence and argue, all that extra food is weird. That's his tail is really weird. Chris use his band from the show made a joke. Okay, which we told him not to do. Okay. He said that I should mow your lawn diagonally and it brings me to our just stopped for the week as a reminder of adjust up from a previous episode. Don't be a jerk and don't mow your lawn. Diagonally. You're not impressing. Any. I almost did that a couple days ago and I just last week, I thought about I wanted to be fancy, every once in awhile. I want to be fancy. Like I want to buy an iPhone. You want to wear a nice. I want to hear a fancy. Like I have an Android phone, but I want to buy an iPhone x fancy.
00:30:58This portion of the irritable dad syndrome podcast is brought you buy bone suckin mustard. It's not mustard unless it's bone-sucking mustard. Don't Google it. It work. Trust me, bone-sucking mustard. We are talkin serious.
00:31:12Yes, we have the mowing thing. I'm coming. Okay. Alright. Architectural sponsor.
00:31:18Smooth my pack., No way. Are you serious? How did we want to send us a shaving kit? They would have sent us a kit to shave arms.
00:31:34And then and then to give us a code and if somebody if somebody buys a shaving kit and uses our code to get like like a kickback, not a sponsor. That's a pyramid scheme. They do Amazon affiliate. Its affiliate thing. Okay, if people to shave their haha, it's just like will record like a little spot saying hey, my boxes are feeling a little pushy and we'll just something and then you don't answer. Don't date date until you message me on Facebook /, Instagram.
00:32:34But I really want to, I really want to like under some other name, get a shaving kit in here.
00:32:45How do you say now? We're not going to do it live on the Shelf. Now that we're friends, Lisa Ferguson fan of the show. She had a question for you. We were supposed to answer it, 3, weeks ago. Okay, we tried answering it, two weeks ago, and we sure as hell didn't get to it last week. We're lucky. We did anything last week or answering it this week. And the question is, would you rather fight one horse-sized, duck or 100 duck-sized horses. The first question I have for Lisa is what type of dope? Are you smoking? Secondly, I have an answer for size. I think so, duck sized horses, attack you from Alside. That's terrifying. Yeah. That's yeah, you're surrounded. Yeah. They start kicking. Going to do a big duck.
00:33:44She might not screw up our show like that or did last week. Yeah. Yeah, so I deserve things. I don't know people that's why it's fighting people bread.
00:34:05But yeah, yeah, definitely one, big fat. I would I would fight the horses. Lisa. Thank you for your question. You Chris use. Ask a question. He wants to know if we think social distancing will continue after the pandemic. And one thing I know is he will still be banned after the Bandit. I sure as hell. Hope it continues, you think so. I don't want people near me. I like it for concerts that's going to be I know but in general, I'm fine. If people don't come near me, you know, when you go to the movies or something about a full movie theater. Yeah, and when everybody laughs and screams Avengers, endgame, everybody lost their mind, the theater experience was awesome with the whole bunch of people see that by yourself and it but I kind of miss concerts. I can't wait to go to a new concert. I think we owe her Rodger Waters. We're going to see it. Is that is it? It's August.
00:35:05August or October? That's a big. Yeah, we kind of need to narrow that down so I can talk about that. Yeah, whatever of something I've been shown the podcast before. Yeah is I work at a TV station. I make commercials.
00:35:24And I made a commercial for a company. This is a, this is a couple months ago and the client was a little wishy-washy. Couldn't decide if they wanted to do this or maybe we should change the music or do you really think we oughta? I don't know. What should we put this shot here? And it is it's just that they had a lot of trouble making up their mind. And one of the things that the guy asked me was I put a lot of Graphics in the spot and wasn't sure about the van, and he asked if I had other fonts, and if I could send him some examples. So, cuz like, if I had the time, I would have said, well, you know, I've got my health etica, and here's helvetica new & bold and this is future up. This is Cooper. Courier carrier is Courier. Empty the old God impact. Are you kidding me? Impact has a fantastic font. There's fruitticher. Yeah. I mean some people like Burger, some people not that crows. I got like fruit or girl.
00:36:24And my Carolla. Yeah, Roboto is a good font Lotto. There's a open Sans Cosmic Sans. You don't want to use Comic Sans. That's crazy things. We stay. When I was going to say wingdings Franklin Gothic. I mean Gotham Times New Roman of Gotham.
00:36:50You know what I would do? Any freaking example says there's actually a there's actually a documentary on the helvetica font. You could link him to that and say have time to watch it. I heard about that cuz I remember I've heard it's actually interesting to me. I've never seen it but I've heard it's really I was like seriously but a documentary about it, but it's probably enough to be a text to think. It might be one of those things of like, you think there's no way in hell off. My aunt documentary could be interesting and even if it's mildly interesting, you think it's wildly interesting? Because your expectations were so low, if you tell me there's a documentary on the, you know, Captain America shield. I'm going to be a short of Anthony Hopkins, narrate in and Morgan Freeman demonstrating how you throw the steel. I'm going to be at work at Freeman's going to demonstrate how to throw a Morgan Freeman, narrate in Anthony Hopkins, demonstrates throwing Steel.
00:37:48If you can fling a sealed man, maybe people are so pissed. The Academy Awards with the other night, and I know you don't watch him, but I didn't even like I was going to, I was going to make a nasty comment on you cuz you made some kind of comment about watching him. And I was going to say something about, you know, you can watch as always enjoy them. This year was just horrific. I mean, the one in the movies.
00:38:14Zilla vs. Kong didn't win anyting. That's next year, is that all of the movies were released on Hulu or HBO? Max players. Amazon Prime crackle. Yeah. Yeah. I love cracker. Crack all the time. I was watching crackle right before the show starts. Not everybody has all those streaming sites. No, I don't have HBO Max. I don't have a few Max is damn near Netflix where they almost never ever watch it. I'm trying to watch. I'm not meaning to interrupt you, but Mortal Kombat is in the theater and I do know when we go see it with me, and it's also on HBO Max and I've been trying to watch that for days and I can't, because every time I start watching it. I want to play the game and I know playing the game all night. I'm right by the three nights in a row and I can't get past the first half. Our people are pissed because
00:39:14Anthony Hopkins. Got the Academy Award for best actor in a movie called up. My Ramey's. Something. I haven't, I haven't seen it. I don't know if it's good and Anthony Hopkins as in father. I haven't seen that either. They were both in Marvel. Yes, you're seriously pissed because they gave the award to Anthony Hopkins. A legendary. I mean name a bad Anthony Hopkins movie.
00:39:51Who are the greatest actors of all time. Was the sentimental favorite and he passed away this year. But anyway, people are just livid outrage and they were always saying and I am tread lightly here, but there's always a weird thing when something tragic happens. That that person should win whatever like Heath Ledger wonder what he deserved it. But I remember I think everyone knows and is his episode 36 6. So this is the 36th mention of you to wear Watson Bailey. Okay. Achtung baby was up for the Grammy and I was like they have to, this is Anna still my favorite album of there's like there's no way it's going to lose and Eric Clapton's Tears in Heaven was the same thing and there were people, there were people the internet wasn't staying do then, but you can still like message boards you could get onto if you were me.
00:40:51I remember message by Prodigy and I mean, Copy Service, you were Rich back in the 80s, by think most people around me either prodigy or America online or something, but I never people making some pretty nasty things. You just one cuz of his kid. I'm like, that's not. That's kind of like a great album. It was a great album, absolute best album. I wanted to mention our Facebook page because there's a video that I posted on it. If we are. Okay marble racing. I haven't I had no idea. This was even a thing. Okay. I was eating my lunch. I was surfing the YouTube minding my own business and I don't know what mystery algorithm I punched cuz I wasn't searching racing and I wasn't searching marbles. Okay, but this marble racing video pop stop the hell is this? You click on it? It's insane. Addictive marble racing. They put like 12 marbles on a
00:41:51And you can either do what I can and then climb. So you can have, you can have a dirt track, which is, which is carved out that which is great if they have it on an indoor plastic or metal track. Yeah, they go 14 laps. It's insane cuz they let him go and has an announcer. They do play-by-play with tornado catching up a fantastic. So I want the announcer for marble racing. Yeah. I want to get him as a guest on our show cuz I want to find out who started this. So, I have some things to talk about because I actually have a little bit of a history with marble racing know, you don't online, but you don't, I do.
00:42:42Brief, okay. So I think I've told you before, I died was streaming for a while. Haha. And one little thing that kind of took the streaming scene by storm, and I don't know if people are still streaming this or not. They maybe there's a marble racing game on the internet where you login and to somebody on Twitch is running it. You log into their server. You bring your own balls with you? Haha and smooth balls. Haha. But I mean, there's like Chris online. It's like on the computers was crazy. Like people have magma balls, have like shiny Tron balls and do they have to be like the same size and they're all the same size. I should have. You just saying your your it's it's like it's a game, you know, so it's not as not you don't do anything with the, when are they gets just like the graphics of it and you can get up to like a hundred or thousand people at once. They all drop in. And they start going down this crazy track. Okay, and whoever is running the twitch.
00:43:42Stream is kind of the announcer for that. And I've never was a guy that I was we we tried to do like a co-stream one time and it was weird on the Marvel thing cuz we didn't really know each other that. Well, and I spent most of the time just like, okay, we're watching balls, go down the thing and Saturday, and I need ID to do something with my life. I mean, it's addictive, and you're not like what you're talking about, actual Marvel's on an actual check. And, you know, you'll be watching the one in first place and then, secondly, sneaks up and I actually, but yeah, when the second place has them like with half a lap to go put money on, we do bring your own marble and put it in, and, yes, I can. And there's like a 56 camera. Shoot. There's an aerial drone gone. All that's awesome. That's awesome.
00:44:42Say Bailey. I want to get the announcer for marble racing as a guest on her show. We interrupt our program for a special announcement. Congratulations to Chris. Michael irritable. Dad syndrome is a listener of the week. This has been a special announcement.
00:44:58One of the thing that I've been posting on our Facebook page is that there's a little show on here in the Cincinnati area. It's on Facebook. It's on. He posted on YouTube now. It's a know-it-all starring. Michael Flannery. Michael father was a guest on her show a few weeks ago Michaels a stand-up comedian and he's a TV star here in Cincinnati recently recovering from from the covid. And he's doing fantastic, but he show comes back on Monday, the 3rd. So yeah, I need to get some money. It's on every day Monday, through Friday at 5 p.m. You can go to know what all's on Facebook and you could win money. You can win up to $200 in prizes the prizes. Yeah, are all like cincinnati-based. So there's always a catch. Chris Hughes wants to win something. He'll be disappointed. Like he always is yeah cuz he can win but he lives in Tennessee. So it's not going to do any good that he want a sandwich in Florence, Kentucky, something to you mentioned concerts.
00:45:58You mentioned that a little bit of avocado. I'm back. So I last year 2020 was the year of the concert for me. Little did. I know that the Bubonic plague would hit? But I was like, I'm going to have a year where I do nothing, but go to concert. So I bought tickets to five different shows. A lot of concerts Primus Billy Joel.
00:46:18Rodger Waters tool in Megadeth. Okay. I want to see Megadeth because I've seen Slayer, because I've seen Metallica and I kind of like Megadeth the one of the four that I've talked about before. I don't really care one way or the other is anthrax. I'd like some Anthrax. But not all but I want to be able to see you at least three acts. Like I'm saying, I don't care because I probably will never see him, but I kind of want to see they hung it up there. I thought so that made that's a good reason why well-suited AC DC and now they're getting ready to her again. So anyway, have you heard the new AC DC album? It's really good. I mean I have the other ones so effective that we made 16 albums that all sound the same in. Like what? That's not true. We made Seventeen albums that Syd all sound the same, but I've heard some of it.
00:47:18B o. I must do here and there but you have the tool thing. I had VIP. I sprung, that was my birthday present. I was going to meet some of the band, get some cool swag that guy flat-out canceled. And then like I said, maybe that got canceled but Primus is happening in. I think it's either June or July. I think it's July. Okay, we're all my gear that I talked about earlier on the rag. I'm going to wear the same thing when we go. See Rodger Waters now cuz you are so you're going to chill with me and your wife. Yes. And sandbox. The four of us are going. Okay. Yeah. Okay. Best is going to stand beside you with the do-rag at. We have really weird seats. We run, like the far far left to the point where I know there's like screens. So I'm banking the the stages in a cross formation, the screens cross. Okay. Well, I'm banking on the fact that they may have it to where one side of the Arena, can see this screen, the other.
00:48:18I'd see the perpendicular screen. If they don't do that, we are screwed. But we're really close to stay towards close enough to the stage where we could throw box up on it. We're like right there. Anyways, like 85 lbs and then Billy Joel, third row, like on the again, or on the far left side of the staff. Have you ever seen Billy Joel? I've seen him on TV. OK. 5 never seen him. Like this usually has a few piano scattered all around 2, or he can play in different parts of the stage. At least. He did the, I've seen him twice with Elton John and then once on his own and he puts on a really good show. So I'm excited. Yay. I'm excited for all of them. Like I he's going to play songs from his latest album 24 years ago.
00:49:15We Didn't Start the Fire. The river dreams. That really his last last album. Wow.
00:49:23I'm glad you mentioned. Rivertree. I remember that song. I remember that song. That was a good song. It was a good song. Christie Brinkley did the artwork on the help.
00:49:33That guy a little bit like a little last night. Sorry. I was getting confused with Paul Simon and I don't, I mean like when you said River of Dreams when he suddenly I thought of Paul Simon cuz he had the the rhythm of the Saints. Yeah. My bucket list. I would like to see Paul Simon, but I don't want to drive more than 15 minutes. He officially did his what he claimed to be his last, And so did you just mentioned that also played the piano rocket man? He was on his retirement or so, but got tickets for Elton, John work from the hughleys. So Billy Joel plays the piano so hard. He almost breaks and a half. But I remember what I looked up tickets for him. It was ridiculously expensive. I don't know what I think, we, I think somehow I got on there like right when they went on sale.
00:50:33Right in like hit the jackpot on how the hell is that? Are we're like behind a trash can and a few weeks ago. We posted on the the old Facebook page, the picture of My Kiss T-shirt that was autographed by the guys from Slaughter. I thought you made that story up. That's something I didn't tell you about the story was that you're back in the day, you know, I'm friends with Steve man. Who's a DJ in Johnson City, right? Guy super nice guy. Six passes. See kissing. So he said, oh you get to meet Mellencamp.
00:51:15That's what you're going to get to meet Mellencamp, when you get backstage. I said, John Mellencamp because his brother Ted, and I thought Steve was, I thought he was screwing with me, but he wasn't. John Mellencamp's, brother. Ted. Mellencamp was, he have like a buzz cut in a checkered shirt. He looked exactly like John Mellencamp it real, he was fat and blond. He work for polygram Records located and Mercury records for a long time. And he was an agent. He was a recording made. You think his brother got him, his job? Or do you think he got his brother? I think, I don't know, and I really don't know. He comes out and it was staggering how much he looked like. John Mellencamp. Wow, sat nice guy, and I would tell people that melon cast brother.
00:52:10Flash Forward, like 20, almost 30 years, and getting back. When I had hair. I had hair when you and I first met, I was getting my haircut at a Great Clips. Okay, and music was playing and Mellencamp comes on pink houses or something. And I'm telling the girl who's cutting my hair. The story about meeting Ted Melanie. I said, I actually met John Mellencamp's Brother Shoes. He gets his haircut here. John, Mellencamp's, brother.
00:52:45Live in the same area girl who cuts my hair also knows.
00:52:56Okay, very, very small world. You probably never heard of this band called The Jayhawks in the ND. I need like a know. I've heard that they have like nine 10 albums. They're really good. They feel like country folk rock sound. They really did really blind but it was like, okay, so I took Libby to see The Jayhawks there at Bogart's downtown. Cincinnati sound great. They're fantastic. Gary. Louris is the lead singer in the guitarist and about 40 minutes into the show. He decides to jump into the crowd with his guitar, right guy, and when he turns right past the Beast knows mr. By like,
00:53:55What I found out. She was okay. I'm like you almost got caught by one a day off, so you don't have to get that excited about it, but she was fine. I didn't yell at her. But if she had been hurt a little something, something little and I like every time I blew ourselves sound like rain plays on the radio. So we get a little bit of cash. Whatever. You going to a concert, tell the person you're going with if they if a guitar neck swings around and lean into that. Yep, exactly. In a tea since 2000, so I'll get this call. And it said, hey, there's a a band and their recording a music video at the Newport Aquarium on this day. Would you be interested in in Dripping?
00:54:47And when you became when you're a grip you basically Carrie cables, okay. Light stands. Okay, you know, yes, it's not glamorous, but there was about 10 of us, ripping for the shoe. Okay, the Group Emerson Drive is a country music group. I've never heard of them. Okay, and the song was fall into me, which I think might have. I don't know if that was their first it. So it wasn't baby shark and I couldn't figure out why they were doing it at the aquarium. If it's what it, it all made sense. So they're shooting all these seem the drivers over here next to this thing, full of water. And then the lead singers over here and we're moving. And we were, there are 12 hours or something and they said they did all these shoots inside the aquarium because they set another crew off to the University of Cincinnati, where the pool is too and they needed me to go along with that. And what they're going to do is the girl in the video is
00:55:47How to jump off the diving board? She's going to fall into the water where the water thing comes in. Alright, and so she is sitting by the side of the pool just like, you know, dreaming about her, the guy she loves. It's the lead singer of the band K and the water was stagnant. And they like we need ripples in the water. Now that it was ever wondered what some of the jobs of a grip. This was one of them. I'm on the other side of the pool with a bored and I'm like, splashing the water making the water ripple and there's a the director with his bullhorn. The trip was Aaron and so then I got it. I have so many questions won't one that's been sticking your at the aquarium.
00:56:47And she's going to dive into that. No, no, you're not paying attention. They shot the band in the aquarium. The girl was at the University of Cincinnati at the pool off of the diving board into the pool and have a diving board over a shark. No. No, they would not listen to fill in jackass. I'll go on YouTube and show people this video and she's sitting by the pool. Like, those ripples knows me.
00:57:20This portion of irritable dead syndrome is brought you by smooth. Calm. Your happy fellows. I said now back to you in the studio.
00:57:31I heard this ad on the radio for this new app called getupside and I know you're excited. I don't want to it's a, it's an app. You download the app and you can save money on gas, and restaurants, and that type of thing and I don't want to tell these people how to do their job, but I really think they need to acquire the rights to Sex Machine by James Brown, use that for the red-headed. Be like
00:58:01Get up, get up, set it on the scene, get upset. Like I say the machine get upset, get up, get upset, get on the scene here upside like Gas machine, Get Up, Get on Up, Get Up, Get on Up and get upset. I feel like we're ready.
00:58:32this is,
00:58:35This is the this is the least woke. We've ever been a hashtag good upside and it's going to go viral. Here's what we're going to do. Okay, where do I have to do?
00:59:08Getupside, get up, get up, is what we're going to do. We're going to cut this audio. We're going to send it to say, yes, then put in the sacks we all. And then we're going to send that collaboration here, Valdez Center on, and send it to get up some stairs and sell it will. Also, I'll have smooth my back, call Sasquatch. Cuz he may need that. Oh, he's got to have his. I think we got to take to get a title to back in his pants.
00:59:50Get Up. Get on Up Guys, it's been this has been a lot of fun. Yea, yea, yea, we want to thank you for lunch fun. Yeah, we want to encourage you to go to irritable. Dad sent him. Cam and we want you to subscribe and, you know, you can go back and you can listen to all our episodes. I don't think any of them are as fun as this one, but going to prove me wrong and we're on the Instagram and we're on. The Facebook has a favor if your new lives or even if your old listener. And he had particular Clips or particular things that stuck out in an episode that Minutes interview would. Let us know what you're like. Tell us, tell us what you think. Cuz I I'm putting together something with like the best hits from all of her stuff. Would say hey, I really like the part where you were talking about koalas or whatever. It was that we were talking about. It'll be quiet. I hope so.
01:00:50For like episode 50 or is this going to be for for a year project for the opening of the show?
01:01:00I'd like to do. I'd like to do a cool little musical open at started on it. I've got like a few clips of here and there were things. Crack me up some things together. I've got like the first 45 seconds. It's basically the music with like you or me coming in with like, stupid stuff, which is every episode. Yeah, when we laugh so hard, we nearly those are the things that I want in the, in the, in that beast. And then, yeah, I would like to do, you know, episode especially is the episode 52 of the one-year. Mark. I would love to do a braid us. It's just nothing, but like, stupid hilarious stuff in the next comment on it and just like a trip back through time segment. Something that we did something that Dave Lay are announcers done. Let us know. Please drop us a line and let us know what you think of the show. It's always, we thank you for listening and we hope to see you next week on.
01:02:01It's time for us to get up and get on out of here and be sure to visit our website. Irritable. Dad. Syndrome. Calm your double dead. Syndrome is a mark Goodson Bill Todman production.
01:02:12Well, we hope you enjoyed that Encore presentation of Chewbacca in his pain.
01:02:22So we'll be back in January and will be hitting it hard and hitting it Throwdown. Hoedown like Mama on the train. I don't know. We've been recording a lot tonight. So thank you guys for listening. Thank you for being with us. All through 2021 will see you in 2022.
01:03:12Let's start right out. What happened as you know, Back in 1970. I would look at the bird what happens? We had a lot of fun with that. A lot other catchphrases. I got a real red wagon and I can't do my work. I believe I was the first one to use the phrase. I don't think so, but it only lasts for the year and that's good because that's how you establish your called happened. I can't do my work and if somebody would have told me that they said you going to be onstage all night. I was a long face, nothing got to him. So I turned the lady next to my son. Would you hold your mirror up in front of his nose to see if he's still breathing. So seeing Factor, there's a reflection. So he started to smile.
01:04:12After the show, I go down and introduce myself. His name is George Mitchell. He had been with a group called The Main Street singers. I was never in the folk music. I work some bills with some folk. He is going to put him in the cell with a long hose on and put them in a cell with a long nose on him. Now used to say he's got a long enough hoes and he's going to have a lot of friends in the shower room, places, hated that joke, but I said, I should seriously you put up some great numbers. If you reform your group, I can send you out on the starfish cruise lines together. We could make a fortune that you will have a ball that used to go out. Come back. They had a great time except a couple of Crews is dysentery broke out on this ship. I was not there. You do not want to be on a cruise ship when dysentery breaks out and be knocking on the men's room door say, will you be coming out soon and here or I don't think so.
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