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March 22, 2022

IDS #82 - You Look Like You Own a Tractor Redux

IDS #82 - You Look Like You Own a Tractor Redux
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Enjoy this look back at one of our more popular episodes from the past while Darin is on vacation!  Some new stuff peppered in as well!

First episode with the new setup!  Mike gets teary-eyed during spreadsheet presentations, and Darin starts listener questions early - including making PB&J sandwiches, experiences with cats, the origin of babies, and gladiator movies.  Salsa comes up - again, and someone decides to eat a cotton ball.  Music comes up, featuring Lady Ga-Ga's cookies, Bruce Springsteen, NIN, Tool, Pearl Jam, Dokken, and Beck.

New bits:
21:47Nate Bargatz - Boba Fett

52:52Shout-out Craig Hohl

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00:00:00Hey, I'm like and I'm Darren. We were taking the week off. Yea, kinda have spring break it up. And honestly, we didn't have enough to record tooth episodes. What we're going to do is something very special. A little over a year ago. We recorded episode 24, you look like you own a tractor and this was the first episode where we had it to Mike's system and Mike. And I both went back and we listen to this and damn, if it's not a good, a really good one over again. This is the one to listen to. Okay. So if you're new to the show, just forget that, I said anyting, and this is a brand new episode. You're familiar with the show, listen to it again because there might be some surprises in it for you. Yeah.
00:00:52So we got to come in with some energy, not like, I'm not saying that you do that.
00:01:02You're telling me to start the show with more energy. You're telling me. I mean, when I'm the one every week, every week, I'm like, hey everybody, so it's so you're going to tell me. Okay. Let me just get the good for me. What else can I do to help you to have a different hat?
00:01:42Bonjour and welcome to irritable bowel syndrome, the most popular podcast in France. Now, here are your hosts Mike and Darren to irritable, Dad. Send remind Aaron, Mike. How's it going? I'm fine. I'm good. Good. Was that good that I don't have a lot of energy, you, you've, you've kept up. And I appreciate that. I appreciate that. Thank you today. On the premiere of our to microphone. Yeah, like I don't know. Who won Turnpike to guys. 12 mics. Nothing, weird, Sarah, Mike. Let's talk at the same time. But I think if there's two guys in the Sharon One microphone, see anything wrong with that is 221. Yeah, it is. It is
00:02:42So, you can get a word in, okay?
00:02:49I know, I have to apologize. Okay. So this is episode 24. Episodes have been lately. They've been increasing in in like this that I like them. You know what? I think so too. Yeah, I like them more and more like I found myself not gagging. When I have to edit there was there was a few of them that we did then while we were recording it at. Like, I don't know if that was that great. And then I went back and listen to it.
00:03:22And it was better than I thought is there's times when we turn off the Mike's. Sorry, we're going to add it all this last episode and four people watching. There's a few people watching the song that which is not good for you to 100% gas boy. It's not gas. It's like it's, it's a combination of rage and energy that fuels the show. That's why I said, we have two mics and two tables are between. Yeah, but no, I don't know what the hell that is. Another thing that happens to me is when I yawn and it happened to me a lot today at work and they don't know me well enough at work for me to bring this out, but I'm going to stay here to all these strangers is when I yawn I tear up like like I tear up like
00:04:22Yeah, I'm watching it like a really sad movie. Like, I do it in Braveheart rocket, a rocket and I will come down and even people who know me like, Bess. It happened to me at dinner. When you masturbate every time, every time I go on, it's like L. And it doesn't always drop it to you, but you don't like it Wells up. Okay, and it's embarrassing because all through the day that was happening. I was yawning. And every time I looked at me, I'm like, I'm going to have to tell him that. I'm not a crime your van. That's exactly. That's exactly what somebody who is tearing up. Doesn't want to say. And I'm like, no, I'm not tearing up at your spreadsheet. It hasn't hit me that hard. You know, I just hope it's great. Great. Those numbers look awesome, but it's not hit me in my spiritual moment.
00:05:12I'm going to run with it. One of these may come on the butt and here you see that the crop report is my car use Oaks, okay.
00:05:23Where does the first quack of the night? That's another thing? I am not going to use any language tonight. That's fantastic. Okay, so you want me to use any language? Okay, so you're so I'm going to try not to be. So when I go on my jaw Pops to my job pops, and I know you and a Libyan, the boys, they can hear they can hear it popping from across the table at dinner and everything else. And sometimes when I when I, when I drop something, sometimes, when I yawn my job will lock open.
00:06:06Ambien work like a tarp that made a bad decision and I have to like, like hit my John and I can't lose really. Yes. It's great. It's crossed and I did it one night and living in a didn't know that. I occasionally just beat the crap out of my face. Yet my job to close. She's like, what is wrong with you? What she said, many, many times. Sometimes I have to knock my job. I think I've said this before in the show is that I've gotten this new thing. It's just with in 2020 where, in if I'm coughing, like I coughed till I cough up that the flag of the phlegm. Phlegm. Sometimes, it'll take me a bit to get it up if I'd like drink a lot of milk or something like that or not drink. A lot of milk ice cream. That's what I meant to say. And I found that if I got it, but it's gone. And I've gotten used to doing it by myself. I'll be down here, like, on the Xbox or the PlayStation.
00:07:06You're listening to the vittles and I'll just be doing that and I get so used to doing it that when I get around other people like my family and I do it randomly to Fork. Drop the first time. Best saw me do that. She thought that I was having some kind of stroke or something, right? Cuz it's you know, she never seemed like you do that. That's just wrong and I don't know what it is. Weird thing that makes it that's hot with gained a few. Are you seriously called your albums? The ventila ventila ventila? Yeah.
00:07:41What are these one of the boring? Like, I hear that when I was thinking is we have bonus shows. Yeah, like beyond the stupid, you know where you was at stuff. Like, we'll have a vinyl show will go through Mike's vinyl album day. You could go and get like the unaired episode on vinyl. How much does it take to cut a vinyl? I don't know if we gave someone a copy of this, like if we had a really good like if we had to show, there's like one of those shows will turn it off and like, angels are sing anywhere like my God. Can we even continue to have that pressed? That's there's a money for that. Ain't nobody going to buy us on vinyl, but I would like to see the album cover. I'd like to see the artwork judging from the
00:08:41Words from Mark merchandise sales, you're exactly right. Ain't nobody going to buy it. Exactly. Right. For the what listen for, like, the past 3 weeks ago. I have said, we have, we have fewer questions. We haven't got to the peak request because neither of us will shut up. Okay, and we go on and on. So tonight is very threatening. I promise we are. Okay, we're going to do if I have a very good and I think I have a just stop, just stop by but I promise we are going to get to 20 questions questions. Now you would do it early. I'm going to do the listener questions. Now, we need a sound cue for that like
00:09:30Listener questions. Okay. So this is this is from like 3 weeks ago, and it's, it was a very good question. Steve Farrell has asked both of us. If we had intro music, like, every time you walk into a room or or you're a guest on the talk show when you walk in. What would your intro music be? So I was thinking about this, this reminded me of watching Letterman Late Show with David Letterman, Paul Shaffer had a knack for Anytime. Someone would come on the show. He would have a song that fit play foxy lady Al Franken came on and they would do Frankenstein. Okay. So if I was ever a guest on The Late Show, I imagine that they might do Splish Splash, which is a Bobby Darin song, right? Or Jess. And I are they might do the theme from Bewitched. Okay? Cuz Darren was okay during the FBI.
00:10:30Letterman. Yeah, but I was thinking that since this podcast is so stinking popular. My intro music would be the intro music for the show Lounge music thing that we debuted last week. The last one complete, with the record scratch, and that would be opening the door for whatever room, right coming into then just Labs music Across. We gave you the record scratch last week on a wild calling attention to it. But my favorite part about albums is there just great for people who would like to listen to three or four songs and then take a break. So Lisa has asked what's the proper way to make a PB&J? Okay, and so,
00:11:15I don't know that there's an improper way to make a TV and I know my wife doesn't like the jelly to be globby. She does, she want to? She also doesn't like when you like it when you bite into it. It spurts out the side and it's got to be spread all the way you putting on this thing. I don't know, cuz I can put a lot of jelly on it, and I can handle that. I know what. So, so it's for people who are fascinated by this. You put peanut butter on one piece of bread Shelly on the other piece of bread and then you fold them together and you leave the crusts on. Okay, I just crossed is bread at work, and I'm sorry, but I noticed that episodes that reference to some form of parenting, a responsible responsibility seem to get more downloads and then other ones didn't like the
00:12:15When does the episode title has thermal detonators? People hate that in the Halloween episode those two episodes are Leah's. Favorite episodes are one, did your parents supervise you at all? Since there's a few of them in there. That sound like if you saw it and you saw the show titles are all the bed syndrome. You would think this is a parenting podcast. I'm going to learn something. I wonder how many people listen to, like 2 minutes, and I like, what the hell is this by the title? You would think that we would be to have more about kids, that make us irritable. So, maybe that should be our goal to the name of the podcast. No. No. Yeah. We should have named it. Something that did was very ambiguous. But I thought I like the name of the pie, like the name of the podcast views who's banned from the show. Okay, did not read this question. It's a good question. Okay, it's good question. Your worst experiences for me.
00:13:15Cuz I don't like how my mom is deathly allergic to cats. My brother's allergic to cats. I'm not a fan of my favorite cat experiences. Got to be there was an episode of Bob Looney Tunes Sylvester, the whole thing, you don't but you do you can in my house you do calm down. So Sylvester, the cat is chasing Tweety. And for whatever reason he gets behind the TV, stand, the mom turns on to the TV and he's inside. Until he, he acts like he's inside and he starts doing a cat food. Commercial has five cats like a cat food. Should a cat food. Makes them. That's my favorite cat.
00:14:15Favorite cat is favorite. Yeah. I had one cat growing up and we we were very good at naming animals. We call her Kitty.
00:14:25And I know I talked about her on her show before, no one remembers she was and it was in a rainstorm and she was in a tree outside my window and she was meowing like crazy and my dad had to go out in the in the rain. Get a ladder. No.
00:14:48And he got it down and then it was like the next day. We had it that night. And then the next day. My mom is like, Ringgit rid of that cat because we're a dog family. We had like dogs everywhere, right? The neighborhood dogs. All they were like the dog gang. So we had like we personally only had two or three dogs at any given time, but are we like eight dogs in our yard from around the neighborhood to her version of getting rid of the cat was Drive, the cat around the block and let it out of the car on the block around the block, like them, and we got around the block and then we can either one of us could do it. We both got attached to the cat. We say we're going to name her Kitty. Take her home. She hated everyone in the family except me, which I thought was absolutely hilarious. My dad would try to pet her and say, hey, she wishes. She was one of the sisters like scratch. She did that to everybody but with me, she would purr and be all over me. Anyway, that's my so, my favorite cat experience, is that
00:15:48One cat. I don't get cats are kind of like it's one of those things. Like if you say, let's go look at that cat or let's go talk to a cat. It's like I don't get there in a cat's there. As long as it's not. Like, one of those idiots can't I can, I can be okay with a cat walking around, but I'm never going to go see the puppy. I'll go see the puppy. Didn't get any moment. My life of the day, if there's a puppy to be, so mean. I'll go see it. Well, we used to have an apartment in Kentucky, We came home one night and there was a little little kitty cute. Little cat outside our door and it looked at just had this big guys, like, hey, mister, do you have any food in there? Maybe, you know, and boisterous like warm in there is over it, start getting colder and colder. So I put out some, I had tuna fish. Yes, stupid. I put the two other shot on my God, cat devoured it, and
00:16:48Put out some water and it kept getting colder and the cat kept coming back to our house. We don't want a cat. We're not going to bring the cat in the apartment. And then we, so we started, we set out a box of blankets in it, so they can stay warm and I thought someone's going to find this cat, right? It's got to be, you know, some somebody's going to come look and find their cat. Yeah. Yeah, I would never see a lost cat poster. I went to work. So, you know what? That's like cats. Now. It's like a good but I went to work and I was asking around them. Like this cat keeps coming to my apartment. I'm certain that. It's a stray cuz no one's asked. What is a cat? So my buddies got says, all right. I'll check it out. He comes in and looks at and says, okay, I'll keep it keeps looking at a used car.
00:17:48And takes it to the vet gets gets like 150 bucks worth a shot and he buys food and stuff to get some Haydn at Nick hooker, 30 bucks worth of stuff. For this cat went all in on the cat apartment and cats walk around a little bit, Scott Copus, stupid cat ran off and he's so after after we all got off work. We went to his house and walked around. We could not find that cat. And so I'm
00:18:44Cats like I was in Kentucky and now I'm in the westside of Cincinnati, you know that they don't care and they're jerks the put their butt right part. But the part that they are there like they're jerks makes me kind of want a cat, you know, there's times when I want to be left alone and I have an animal walk around and then I'll said, get up and leave and just be able to see a screw you to respond about. You know, when we you know Bunch were all like working from home almost. None of us are working from home. Yes, and whatever. We have our Zoom meeting or our teams meeting for ourselves, this woman. I work with Jill. She has two cats Crimson and Clover before but she's every time every single time. She's on her meeting the cat just say,
00:19:35Walks right at Logan. Logan San wants to know where do babies come from. I think he's got the wrong podcast. I think he does when a man and woman, he's he's old enough to know. Okay? And will send you a pictorial. And then our last question, Lisa be asked, I have you ever seen a Gladiator movie. Yes. Yeah.
00:20:15Try to be like all airplane, me Gladiator? That it was done. That was like, we don't need any and I didn't like Gladiator. I wasn't, I was not a fan of, how are we friends. How is that? How I are? We friends. I don't know. You don't like John Wick, you don't like Gladiator. Why don't you, why didn't you like Gladiator? I was bored. Is it was just it was just way it was way too long. Okay, I couldn't get into it. Okay. Walking Phoenix, not a fan of him and that I like him. Not a fan of him in that movie. He was really, really good at being a bad guy. Yeah. He really didn't have to watch out. You know what? It's been so long. I'll have to watch it again. It was like one of the best parts of the the same was was how much you wanted to see him. It was like Joffrey in Game of Thrones Joffrey. Oh my God, worst couldn't could not wait for him to spoiler alert.
00:21:15Yeah, and he doesn't in spectacular fashion to exactly, exactly. So, so last week. Thanks for all your questions. If you have any other questions, drop us a message on her Facebook page. Email us. Go to work Twitter, good or Instagram do any of that stuff as soon as you can. It's just what I said in Skyrim.
00:21:35You've been listening to irritable Down syndrome, unless your name is Chris Hughes. He should not be listening because he's ban and he sucks, but we want to thank everybody else for listening.
00:21:47You know, it reminded me of the Bobo Fett, it reminded me of a Nate bargatze comedy routine. He have you watched either, his specials on Netflix. Ok, one of them, he and his wife have the big argument over one. Fell Swoop.
00:22:04Remember that, okay, cuz she kept saying it's one Fell Swoop. We're going to go home. We're going to visit my mom and dad in one Fell Swoop. It's going to be one Fell Swoop who ever taught. Her one Fell Swoop and then she decided I'm going to use this word forty times in the next, 2 hours, to see if we can do it in one Fell Swoop. So she says, what we're going to do when we go to, her parents are divorced, or we're going to do, is when we drive down, we're going to see my mom on Monday will come home, and then we'll go see my dad on Tuesday, and he's like, well, that's not one Fell Swoop. It is, I think and they had gotten this arguing over what one Fell Swoop means and then it got to the point where she wouldn't talk to him. And they went to bed, angry. Supposed to go to bed angry at you. And so, they went to bed, angry, they woke up. And that next morning. He thought about it for a long time. And he just looked.
00:22:50Look, that's just not what that means.
00:22:54So I could totally see that woman her husband pulling her aside, after the conversation. It's not Bobo Fett. It's Boba Fett.
00:23:07Last week you were talking about salsa and the week before you were talking about salsa. And I believe the show before that you were talking about something you leave. I'm going to get here. So we recorded our last episode and you told your story about dropping sauce on your kids. I would be a father of the year. I'm driving my kid to the school and on the way back. I'm listening to The Bob & Tom Show and one of the guys on Bob and Tom was talking about, you know, what do you do when you have all the crumbly chips yet that that you can't pick up and can't scoop. When is it? What you do? Is you pour sauce on top of that? My Lord. I never thought of. I'm like probably no. No. No, I create like, it's like those movies with the nanomachines that all come together, like the Transformers. And right. I get them all in there, and I create an Uber chip and get it. And then your fingers.
00:24:07And there is nasty and you're cussing, but it's good. Yeah. Yeah, I think
00:24:15this happens all night, by the way.
00:24:18We're at Mike's house or in what we call Studio Be. When we first started recording this podcast. We were doing it in in my basement, in my movie room. And what is it? Looks like we're going to do firmly here cuz I don't want to move all this week. We've got all our, our cameras, all over my phone, and everything set up on two tables, and a microphone and our turntable. But anyway, what was I going to murder suicide or not, but we can fix it. I've heard I've heard Charlie once on the way in the back out. I believed him out. But yeah, that this happens. It gets worse and worse. My kids did that when I was younger, so I do have my kids, my youngest son, Cameron.
00:25:15The other day, he I don't know where he asks, my wife hates his mom. Can I eat a cotton ball? My wife is like, no one else did it and he's like, fine, eat all the cotton balls. You were so excited about. Hey, man, you wanted to do it and I are both pass that boys. Like I just learned your lesson didn't they? Just let him do it. He hasn't done it again, but yet he ate a cotton ball.
00:26:15There's no, it doesn't. Adam was he is he is going to be 13 and M. Got a haircut today. Okay, just looks like a guy that lives in her house cuz he's had like the longer kid here forever. And I came home and took a dude walking around like, use me. Who are you want to check it out? Jacob, you know, my oldest son has been letting his hair ride since last March and he wanted to let it ride. And so he sits down with shoulders that has bangs come down to. Who is Jen if everybody was getting kind of rat nasty-looking kind of rank, you know, like, you know, and he was sitting at the light and Camera looked at him. He says, you know what you look like you own a tractor,
00:27:07It was Jacob's here was getting along and I took it to my friend Aaron Durbin around the corner. So she cut it and looks great. So the show a picture. Exactly. The irritable dad syndrome inspired photo at the self-checkout Lane phone, sucking mustard and the Tillamook cheese, good or how the bone second message was and she hasn't tried again. So I have not, I don't like mustard. I'm happy to take their money. There is official sponsor of the show until we chose to quit. Bitching about a cheese grater this week. Okay time to find what you would think if you cuz I had an idea is like I want to get a cheese grater when I say these things used to be. Why do you want a cheese grater?
00:28:07Yet exactly. I wish I had that answer ready. But now I was like, okay. So be easy. I thought there be used to go back to the cheese section. But now you got to go. You got to go to Walmart. What do you call that? The cutlery Cutlery is in sign language, but it's like the kitchen section. The kitchen. I'll send it was like, in the bottom of a thing at the, at the whatever it took a long time to find. I do, you know who said it before? I don't care. I don't care that. I can't speak. Just terrible for a podcast for you. You can think of words whose names and where I was and that, you know, that thing that I was thinking of, you know, there's no point in both of us when we are. You guys think this sucks.
00:29:07The live thing must really be back cuz I listen to this back when I when I'm editing. I just did it. Ya. When I'm when I'm editing, I do that. I repeat stuff. I do that to constantly and I am up there. I've been up there before editing with the headphones on and he's like, oh my God, what are you doing? It's like I'm listening to myself. I'm cutting these things out, you know, most of them I keep in cuz I just don't have the strength nor do I care that much. But every once in a while, I do it to the point. Where is like, I get to get that out of there or somebody's going to call somebody to have the shutdown and then you go off on your things. To I know he's have our own thing. We do a special it is and it makes the people who watch the twitch stream, love of things are sore because they get the brunt of it. They are hard. This is like just cuz they want to hear an uncracked naughty word words once in awhile.
00:30:07Wandavision, you know, I thought about it, but I haven't I haven't watched. We watched episode 4, I've talked about it on this podcast. Four episodes episode one was really weird. Yeah. It wasn't funny. There's a laugh track and it was annoying. Episode 2 Was the Same Way. Episode 1 was set in the fifties to was set in the sixties three is set in the seventies. Okay, to give us a glimpse of hope that this is finally going to turn into a damn Marvel series episode 4. Damn, here we go. Put your seatbelt on and get ready for action. A friend of mine posted this article on his Facebook page. That critics said was talking about one Division and his quote was a lot of people were upset.
00:31:07Complain. That the first three episodes were were very slow. Well, I say they don't remember how to watch TV. Obsolete. People don't remember how to read newspapers anymore. No, because we don't read newspapers anymore of Mark, we go online to get our news on the phone. We get it on her computer. Okay. Yeah. It's like people don't watch TV hardly anymore. I mean, I have a problem with people that have it and I'm going off on a tangent here, but I have a problem with people that have Nostalgia for things that they never experienced when they were a thing, right. So like the vinyl to buy Vinyl Records because I know, but it should.
00:32:07Working all this stuff when you like you talked to like a 20 or 30, something year olds like yeah, man. Back in the day, Vines, back in the day, when cassette tapes came out were like, oh my God, this is so much better. Yes. This is a manual and CDs. I remember my first ever CD player. That was like Space Age was like, listen to how much better. This is the crappy scratchy. I don't have to flip it. Yeah, and I don't have I don't have to pretend like I'm moving the Ark of the Covenant to put it down on the saying, it's not in the box that's like to treat a card where I don't have to pretend that every song on. This disk is precious. I could go up to the fourth track, which is the only one I ever really listened to any way. You know, why. They bought the Right Said, Fred vinyl know anything other than I'm Too Sexy and it wasn't the first track, you know, you had to dig for that thing, you know, a lot about Right Said Fred. I know he said things right but
00:33:07Point is, is that you're not allowed to feel Nostalgia for it. Unless you I think you lived with it for you. If a metal back in the day, I wasn't. But I kind of I kind of did like I saw Dokken how to get recently recommend. You like a four years? Doc. I have a shirt that says Rockin with Dokken I watch them in the rain. So, and I mean, recently, within the past 3 years. I know you asked me, you said, hey, you want to go see you want to go out in the middle of a field and see Dokken that show said. Yeah. It's like 37 bucks a person. I'm like 3 years before that, a buddy of mine. Who, who? Okay. So my wife and his wife work together and they were friends. They all came over for barbecue, cook out something with her and I start talking with her husband and just buy it for the first time. I met him and he just looked way too clean-cut to hang out with a loser.
00:34:07Like right after he look just like, you know, the only thing he wants to talk about is stationary and fiscal year and he just looked way to clean, California. We start talking turns out. This guy with the seat, Pantera knew everything about kiss and motor, failure. And so we start talking to heat that. He knew all these metal base. And when I lived in Johnson City, Tennessee in the 80s, you know, there wasn't anything else to do. But, you know, the only thing that ever came to town was metal concerts so many. We got we saw, I saw, I don't know how many metal concerts. I've seen a metal show after metal straw after metal show. I saw Bartley crew Soma, and I never listen to any other albums. I saw them so many times with Fancher and everybody else that I knew the words that
00:35:07Songs when I first bought but the actually never even bought it out, but it's just I was into streaming music by the time I actually heard listen to him on my own and I've seen Doc and a few kiss. I've seen them a few times back in the day and then as I've gotten older I like it more. So like I know you don't watch Cobra Kai, but that's like one of the things that Johnny Lawrence. He's always got a hairball Play. Jon Bon, Jovi, Asad, Asad. Bon Jovi on the New Jersey to her. They were incredible. I used to play when I was in 8th grade. This is going to date me. I was in 8th grade when New Jersey came out that someone with Bad Medicine.
00:36:07And I used to play Super Mario. Brothers with the sound turned way down and my Boombox with New Jersey Giant, while I was playing the Boombox in four people called it their ghetto blaster. I also carried same Boombox around the block now. This is it. Yes, if you had listened to me, I grew up in a very rural area. So when I'm walking around the block with a Boombox on my shoulder, I'm not getting. There's not like people going towards like people on the porch. Go on that kids, not right.
00:36:45And I remember distinctly doing that play, Rock Me Amadeus by Falco.
00:36:55Over and over and I would stop realize it. Safe to look at it was the first song on the tape. Yep, and keep walking in a buddy of his only son.
00:37:06Yeah. Yeah, it's like, you know, if everybody cared run those big gigantic boomboxes. Yeah, and the people at stoneywood, like there's got to be a smaller way to do the walk and I had a Walkman. You got to walk when, right? And then I had an old MP3 when the MP3 players came out. I had like a, like a night when they first came out but they you know, like every it's on her buddies phone now, but back then it was I have a little red one. It just had a play, a Ford and a pause snowpack. Like if you play the song, if you wanted to hear it again. Yeah, you're sorry. You have to wait until it Loops back around. It would hold like, 100 Songs, amazing. Yet. This is back when nobody bought any music online. It was all pirated. So you'd see something. It said, I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For and you play it and it would be
00:38:06Like a Motorhead remix of something. You like. What the hell?
00:38:11Yeah, I remember what you were talking. We were talking about. Yes, but he came to town. Who could I have buddy? Wanted to go? See poison scene poison. I'm officially same docking. Now scratch that off the list. But yeah hair metal in its day is great. So so Don Dokken when we saw him. Okay, so it was literally out in the field and it was at a I want to say the people in the area called it a bar. But it was basically somebody's house that had a bar in like it was like in the middle of nowhere and we're in the back. I'll call at the backyard and a rain storm hit and there was nothing. There was no where it would be like in our being in our backyard. Where
00:39:11Are you going to do? You're not going to be exactly like that? So we just decided. Well, we're getting drenched, you know, at the time. My phone is in. My phone was in one of those like, super protective things. I was like, that's going to put. This is how much of a nerd and a dad. I was at the time this and I'll resend it was, I was like, the whole time. I was like, yeah. My phone is totally protected from the elements. Right now. I could be submerged by up to 66 in it. It would be fine, but they were doing their Encore. And I remember Jim was telling me something about how many concordes they were supposed to do. And it just randomly randomly at the end of the name of the room, at the end of the play, but my leg hurts, so see you. And he walked off stage and we did just what you're doing like that and they were like hardcore.
00:40:11Is a bunch of stuff that I went for quack, if I said it, he was amazing. As long as they did in my dreams. They probably did. And I don't know, they did that. She said they did the Chainsaw song in the end that if I played, I don't know the name of it. If I play that, you would break the chain or pull my chain or change greased lightning, something like that. That was a, that was a sequel to pull my finger yet. But yeah, I had, but the merchandise table, so, you know, you got two concerts, they have the, the merch table with all the t-shirts and all the stuff you do in the back. This one was literally a table, literally the size of the table that you're at right now with a couple of older ladies and just acts a t-shirts and trash bags and that, you know, is like you won't shirt. Yeah, what kind you? And I because I didn't see any. So I just saw these trash bags.
00:41:11Enter like we got a large extra large to extra large. We got small. If you got kid yet was like that guy like that guy and I'm like is it using pretty boy is as I guess it just is it just one type of shirt? It's the tour shirt and I've got it. It's up there. My rock in the dokken's, I bought it. I buy sure. They're so I headed toward t-shirt and my ringer and would say you were such a consumer. I am but I'm very specific consumer.
00:41:59We're at the house at our list of the boys are doing dishes. And and we always ask Alexa to play music when when we're doing dishes. And and I see. I don't know where Alexa started. Rapping Alexa started. Rent a. She busted into a rap about Jackie Robinson. And, and I'm like, this is this is this to celebrate Black History Month. I don't know. I need to have a try and do the research and have it ready? Cuz I know people won't believe me, but Alexa busted into a wrap and you never realize just how white Alexis sounded until she starts wrapping. She was rapping. We don't have Alexa. You don't have a lot other. All we would do the Google. We have a Google
00:42:59Best. It just does Alexa cuz he tell the Google what's a different voice has way more? Do you say, what does a duck sound like, and don't play a quack that's worth the price of admission right there. My son has he has the Google Device in his room. Okay, and in my other son has an Alexa and I and I bet you that they hate each other they ever find out yesterday that if you don't need to ask that, I know what time it is. True. I couldn't imagine, we're going to have like an age of Ultron Jarvis thing. We're one tries to take over or the other one and turns into like a super dumb. I got. So you've got you've got Alexa, which is backed by the richest man in the universe by Paul McCartney and then you got Google back by the Deep State super Network that.
00:43:59Turning everyone into the Matrix, those two fighting one another, it is it's like what's the guy in Austin Powers? The doctor Evil versus Austin Powers? Who's that guy? From Austin Powers as the agent Smith. So I have a story where I thought, I think I was mistaken for a child predator and this just happened a couple of days ago. So Charlie was like, let's go to the park buddy. So we go to the park. Okay? Okay. And hyper hyper, we just pick a word. We use it for multiple reasons, rootable, things. We managed to communicate with each other, whether or not our children be able to communicate with the world when they leave the nest as in father.
00:44:59It's up to them. Anyway, he wanted to play outside. So we went outside to play for a little bit and, you know, we don't have a whole lot of things playlist on my buddy. Want to go to the park right now. So he's going to go to the park. So we get to the VOA Park. He's he's playing around on the stuff. There's nobody there. Okay, he wants to play hide and seek, so picture in your mind. I don't know if you can remember the place at VOA Park. There is one tree, a trash can and there's a playset and that's was in the boundary. So, huh. The first place I had was the treat. Okay. It's way off to the edge of the playground. He's counting for a minute because you know, it's going to take awhile to figure out a place to hide. So I run and I'm hiding behind the tree and I'm looking, I picked that because I can look through the branches at him counting and know when he's like about to find me or not. So this car of ladies comes through
00:45:54Do moms have the guy been over? It gets worse. It gets worse. I've been in over a minute over the hands of my knees. I'm staring at this little boy, you know. And your you were rubbing your hands together as they were called the whole picture for you. I've been over. I'm like this. I'm like looking in Charlie.
00:46:22Thinks he saw me, but he wasn't sure. So he looks over in the way. He's looking, I know him and I know what he's, I know he's thinking of that Dad. But the way he looked, he looked like wide-eyed like this. And then he goes to pretend, like he's playing in his mind. He's going to act casual. But then keep an eye on me. So he keeps playing like, he's playing by himself, but then he keeps looking like, over his shoulder like like that and staring in the whole time. I'm like this, they stared at me for a very uncomfortable matter of time, and I started giggling to myself which made that. I know. He looked worse to them. Because now I'm starting to giggle, because I know what it looks like. And I'm waiting for this confrontation to happen. I was waiting for them to come over and accuse me of stalking my own son, but they just drove away. Which made me like, what the hell, right. You invested all this time. You were on your way somewhere.
00:47:22Stopped. You see a man. You see a child who looks obviously uncomfortable and you're like, it's cold out. Let's go know you're the only ones there. So they probably they probably is like they're probably together. Yeah, that's true. But no it would have been. I was waiting for it to come out. I had like a whole bag of suckers in your pocket. And if I'd been thinking when I looked over and saw him, I would have liked being by the tree from them and then, look around. But I didn't. I wasn't you remember Chick-fil-A ever been to it when my kids were little and fill it? They would, they would go to the chicken, fill it, and they would go into the, to the playground there for covid.
00:48:22Chick-fil-A playground. And there's two places to hide in the car and in the car, and the engine compartment and the drunk guy, we will just watch his, like, they could do it. They, they could play for hours hide and seek with one place to hide. And I don't know how they don't figure this out yet. Next time, little kids like
00:49:04Crazy, it's absolutely crazy. Well, a few weeks ago. I gave you two segments called, duh, and we've got another episode of coming up right now, when I lived. Okay, and I was looking at that. I can't read any of it. I think we had a spammer in there. But Chris Chris scared him away. So when I lived in Tennessee, there was a store called.
00:49:34What's the store is called floors to go? I always wanted to go and order some you like, you know, what instead of going to go. I just had a crazy Ivan.
00:49:53Of course, there's a gust, you tip a floor, when I go to a restaurant and they asked me know what he want, and is it to, from here to go. And I tell him that and I still tell them when they ask, what's the name sir? I just don't like nobody can steal my name, it confuses everybody. That is really weird. So I was with my kids. Don't forget to, don't forget to get the dipping sauce. Like, I was in Kroger and they have, they have a new flavor of cookies. Okay. I am, I one of my stops from from episode 3 or 4. What's that? They needed to stop with all the flavors, a new flavor of Oreos, Oreos.
00:50:52Lady Gaga. Call for Fox sake. There's another quacky layout of me Gaga. Inspired cookie. What the hell does that taste? Like a meat dress? I don't know. I don't know why. It looks like a giant. We interrupt our show for this important announcement. Congratulations to Jim voice. You're double dead, syndromes podcast listener of the week. This has been an important announcement. I'm Dave Lay
00:51:19She's very kind of Award winner. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, she's telling me, she's won Grammys, and she has an Oscar. What the hell is a cookie taste? Like I can just imagine Lady Gaga sitting around going. What have I not done? What have I not done before? I die. I want to do everything. She's probably going to be more present. Yeah. He's already. He's already in the establishment Knighthood. Okay, because okay. Yeah, but yeah, but she's like you. But I think I'm going to inspire an Oreo cookie people. It's a pink and green cookie. And the box is kind of it shimmers. That's what it's like, you're in the middle of our of an old school disco or something, and I was, I was
00:52:19I was afraid to buy them almost bottom so we could eat them on the show cuz you member how exhilarating it was going to be 80 bars. Like that was very like right at 1 hour we want to do.
00:52:41This awkward pauses brought to you by Kenner toys. America's favorite toys are made at dinner back to you. Mike and Darryl.
00:52:52Let me, this is driving me crazy because I don't know if you've tried to look around in our, there it is. Thank you, Chris area. From Leslie. Whole whole hohls, Lee Hall. Yeah. I went to high school with her. Hey guys, it's Leslie. Kali whole did the three names for Darren sake, his nemesis from right way back, LOL. Yes. Listen guys. I just want to First tell you, I still look forward to each week's episode so much. I have a new extremely major new fan that listen to each week. My husband, Craig whole, okay, he loves loves your show and listens attentively, okay.
00:53:36Attention attention, I would love for you. I would love for your to give him a shout out. Okay, he is a die-hard fan now. Okay. I like Diehard to okay, he would love to send you both a little something. So we need an address to send you something that you will just love. I promise you, not one for punctuation issue.
00:54:08Morton High School.
00:54:13Once again.
00:54:15Thank you for the laughs and smiles. We get in this crazy time, during this difficult time, with, in our world and God bless you guys.
00:54:27Wow. Wow, that was nice. Yeah, I just took her a while to get there. But thank you. Thank you, Leslie. Shut up. Yes. So when you give a shout out to Craig, how do you say that whole whole Craig? How do you say hole? Look, if the if the correct pronunciation is home, and then I don't want to be the guy that's like it's Craig whole, you know, I get that all the time. So I know what it's like to have a last name like whole so Craig, I understand that you're a big fan of the show that I leave told us about that. Thank you so much. It's very flattering. That's it's really cool that you reached out to us like that and so Craig. Thank you very much.
00:55:26It was that sincere. I think it was good to see, that makes my day.
00:55:35I got the new Bruce Springsteen album and it's phenomenal and it blows my mind because he wouldn't quit. How old is the new priest. When did it can win it in a couple months, looking to the wife, and the kids and everything? And I was saying, I need to get into the, I need to start listing the more new music. I really do, because I was in a teams meeting with, with the creative Services, team where I work and carrying Christina, and Anna, and all these 20-something women and then my boss is a little bit older than I am. Okay. My boss has a daughter is graduating college. He knows he's up with all the current music because of his daughter. And so, they're talking about the Superbowl and they said that the weekend is performing at the Super Bowl. And I said, I have no idea who the weekend is. No clue. And I felt so, stinking, old songs. Never heard of them.
00:56:35Your quest for new music guide you to buy in a Bruce Springsteen at the motel. And I've decided what I want to buy. Okay, man.
00:57:05I listen to some mom to some of the weekend. He misspells, his name name to the weekend. Okay? Okay, if the music's not bad, yeah, but is it is it, is it wrap? No. Okay. No, it's and it's not what you call hip-hop either. It's, I don't know what, you don't know, what the kids. There's a new. Like, I don't, I don't like the new rap. I don't let you know. I can listen to anything but there's a new one that the kids. Oh my God. I feel like a grandpa or so. Back in the day. I actually was 2001 Dre, put out the first, his first album, a long time. Doctor. Dr. I'm sorry. I respect Mike, but I thought that was great. I like snoops one eyed ones Noob album. I really like the Eminem. I don't know if we're up for a while there. I did. Yeah, and then I got out of it, you know, cuz I'm a, I'm a rock guy for the most part, but I like just
00:58:05I like everything but country. But what about Johnny Cash?
00:58:11I don't have a certain things. I, they transcend country so I can listen a Johnny Cash at the character, some Hank, Williams Junior. I can let you know Willie Nelson. Yeah, I can listen to some Willie Nelson sings. I can do some Waylon Jennings and bad women, Jake. Okay. So Lollapalooza went all these outdoor fell out of the seven or eight summers in a row. They didn't lose it. And the year I saw them was the year that all the die-hard Lollapalooza. People didn't go because of Lollapalooza sold out yellow snails fear. I don't know whether real, so Metallica headlined. Soundgarden was on the show, okay.
00:59:11Yeah, Mr. Active week. We went was rage against machine. Okay, so I saw Metallica rage against machine Soundgarden on the same show. We were done holding Xavier, my buddy Dawn who lives in Indianapolis. When Lollapalooza, with there was Waylon Jennings. Do you know what to do? And so two or three songs into it. He he busts out the Dukes of Hazzard and he won over the crowd. Yeah. Yeah, but they never liked looking like my repertoire of music that I like is so I think wide-open. I like everything just about, like I said, I said, I don't even like country than your name, like three or four and lack. Of course. I like that. Kenny Rogers, you know, and all that stuff.
01:00:11I was like, okay, my kids will never come up with any type of music. I'm not going to be the parent that doesn't understand the new music until the new rap came along about he was like a couple of months ago. I first heard it through your Charlie was watching something and it's like a it's a mumbly like you're running out of breath and they sound like they're out of breath. Haha. I'm have to find some of it's like and I don't want to go to the U B school, but I do know it's not. It's not like, you know, so like it was, you know, it just it's just we're just out there and then like the the rock, you know what they're calling Rock. These days is is so like, right?
01:01:02Here's the thing. I don't think that anybody that likes music that's popular. Now has any right to say that anyone ever as sold out because the music that's popular. Now is stuff that if you put it in the time machine and send it back to the 90s, we would all be like. That is the biggest sellout, like compilation album, ever heard in my life, sound garden, all that stuff going on. And, you know, it's better but I will say that as I've gone through the newer musics and I include in the newer music, anything from 2000 and Beyond, everybody likes, their favorite band. So, like you to put on, I'm a couple years. I don't consider that new music. It's just new album from an old pan too late that I was like me. I like Muse, not all their stuff, but some of it play Modest Mouse. And if you ever listen to Modern okay, with a, with a ball, peen hammer.
01:02:02But other is like, really, really good. You can do that. By the way, you know, it was a punk when the Grammy for best album for album of the year. I don't know. And I have never heard of Daft Punk. I could tell you anything about him. So I thought well, I need to know a little bit about it. So I went out and I bought Daft Punk on Bruno Mars. At least apprised that I enjoyed. Both of those cases. Very much. Here's the here's the thing I know is that I like to. Yeah. Okay. So I mentioned before in the episode. I'm annoyed when people are just out about things, they couldn't have possibly be nostalgic for like people in their 20s right now. Nostalgic for the 90s. You didn't know who you were, you need to be. Okay. So there's a bunch of those in the tool group on Facebook. Do you know what it would have been like to be like in the music back when school started, when undertow came out, know b, o b 8. However, that yours was not known as a verb.
01:03:02Like how else it would have been and I and I feel like I came on there, like I couldn't Let It Go by. I was like, I was in the I was in college when the first official Tool album undertow. Yeah, there was an EP before the come on and you guys there was like hundreds of bands that sounded like Nine Inch Nails into. I know Nine Inch Nails in pool, don't sound the same, but they also kind of cut, they're saying that there's no sales yet. Stabbing Westward. No one even thinks of Stabbing Westward. I had a Stabbing Westward CD because I thought it sounded like Nine Inch Nails. The few times it's gone. I don't know where it is. But tool was a wash and all these bands that sounded too like. So they didn't really stand out. It wasn't until like their second or third Avenue came out and you're like all literally, those guys are still around, right? I got to see that I got here with this one is and it's like, okay that's kind of what they sound like before. And now I love tool again. They're one of my favorite band have all their stuff. The latest album came out. Was it a year ago was
01:04:02What you played for me? That's how it was for 20 years ago now, and it's amazing. But I can't say that I was huge into them back when they were starting out because that's what I'm trying to tell these kids on this Facebook group. By the way. I'm a grown man with a family arguing with kids on the Facebook group about tool. It's annoying and it makes me wonder what bands are there. Right? What I wanted to convey to them, is there are bands right now that you're not paying attention to because you think everybody sounds like that or that's lame right there. The band that is going to be awesome 20 years from now you and you're going to pretend that you were always into it, but you weren't you explain that like a few weeks ago or whatever you're talking about. How about Pearl? Jam was kind of like our generation Beatles. Yeah, you guys getting your welcome. You know, my mom talked about seeing the Beatles when they run.
01:05:02Mine's at their haircuts and this and that everything else, right? I don't think that they had the forethought to think, you know, they're going to be ginormous. The biggest fan ever. There were tons of bands that sounded like Pearl Jam at the time, but Pearl Jam, had a thing to them, that your buddy accused Weiland of do another Eddie Vedder invitation. Then you had to read that to everybody had that.
01:05:29Yeah, real gems. Really. The only one that's left the first time I heard higher. Yeah, I thought it was so Pearl. Jam's. The one that's that's stuck, they had talent. And so the violets the 90s is a tough decade to pull from because there was like almost everybody was good. But there was a lot of it out there. At the time there was a test dummies. I didn't answer cuz into Stone Temple Pilots. He had the same thing. He had a really deep, everybody talked about any betters deep, baritone voice and crash test dummies was like the the record Executives. There's a guy in Fresno that does a song. I got to get him on a CD, you know, and then in that that was the band that you're you know, you're you're the girl that you liked in the dorm across the thing. Her roommate had a CD called the crash test dummies sitting right next to the CD, the president of the United States of America. Remember them with the peach song, Peaches.
01:06:29Stuart. Okay. That's what I want to tell these people just like so you go into little was amongst all these so you get, you get like band fatigue. It's like, okay. Yeah, I get it. It's a song called love by and they're not really president's but they think it every time and then there's a guy used to another. It's like Eddie Vedder number 382 into lo que, what's they're saying? All they've got a paid with a fork in it on the back of a CD. Okay, what you did go on to the next one and it's not until much later that you see that, you're awesome. But some bands have been awesome from the beginning. I will argue that tool. I get a lot of flak from probably not, who is not one of those band. Pearl Jam is Pearl Jam's one, like the first album hit there was like, holy is not one of those bands and they're my favorite band. It wasn't until like Joshua Tree or stuff. Do people like holy crap to tell you what when Windows when all those bands came around. And at the time I remember cuz
01:07:29I was big into I love the Counting Crows August and everything after I listen to 150 million thousand, seven, hundred well-timed, back and forth over and over and over again. Never got tired of it. And then I like to be in the Blowfish when they came out Blind by Third Eye Blind. Another one that I listen to run over and over. I would have thought one of those three bands would have went on as it's like he knows what's going to happen. But I kind of like I would have thought, one of those bands would have been more successful then then some of the other bands prevailed in * 2.
01:08:29Do I have in that in that collection? Are there there's a Brendan O'Brien remix of the first 10 album of the first 10 of them and they basically. So, the first album that is very heavily produced its day. Sounds like you sense, thunderous, you know, compared to what Vitalogy and then the other ones sound like the Brendan O'Brien did. All the the production for the later albums. He went back and redid 10 as he would have done it and it sounds really cool. It sounds more like classical Rocky, not like Rocky Balboa more like to ask, you know, it sounds less like thunderous drums and more like just awesome Drums by it's really cool things. But I want to talk about real quick along the same. That is that band will evolve. So I'd love Beck. Yeah, but back in the day in the 90s when bet came out. Exactly, because he was gay.
01:09:29Eeny had that. I'm a Loser Song there by love next later stuff that in the last few items are beautiful like their beautiful albums. The Mansa Musa shiny. I love when I love of a woman's name.
01:09:47Keep talking. When I was going to say, Nine Inch Nails is another one. And the reason this came to mind, this whole thing came to mine is because they just released the Quake soundtrack. Which Nine Inch Nails. Did the soundtrack for the game quake in? This is back in the 90s, when CD games were like a thing, you put the CD into your computer, you played quake and it would play tracks from the CD for Nine Inch Nails. Even had a gun in the game. The nail gun and the ammo boxes for had the Nine Inch Nails logo on it. And it's one of the most angry albums you'll ever hear is like it because it's in a game of, like, shooting monsters and stuff and it's Trent, Reznor back when Nine Inch Nails was trying to look trying to be scary. But then you listen to him. Now, you like, you start, you'd start doing like, movie soundtracks and stuff. So, I love Nine Inch Nails, but they had if you took the stuff that he's doing now in the past few years and sit at the time machine, right back to the angry.
01:10:44Original Nine Inch Nails band. The same thing with the with the back loser. Be I would love to some of the people in my dorm that were huge back fans because of The Loser Song. I wish I had someone to drop it off at a time machine here. Listen to the song he made about waking up Sunday with his kid here and playing with his kid, you know, who is the lead singer of Destiny's Child? I have no idea the life. I don't know. Beyonce.
01:11:21See people watching watching and listening to her show, losing my mind, and I'm losing my mind. I forgot that. I don't know what she did and I hope he is happy that I couldn't remember. So there was one year when Beck won the Grammy album of the year was the big Ramy of the night and they're all these people pissed that Beyonce and the meme that was shot out. The next day was sure back road, every song recorded every inch, did all the vocals and the background vocals. He produced. It says about back when it came out was that he did everything he was multi-talented. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Same thing with Trent Reznor, the first Nine Inch Nails out. I think was one of those. He was doing all himself.
01:12:21Those there was one Primitive Radio Gods, the first Primitive Radio Gods album. It's it's one dude, playing everything. It's okay. Like, you're some songs. Like, I was like, okay, that's really cool. But most of them, it's like, all right, if your dude, in the basement, doing his thing, I'll turn this around. That's what happens. Rock, music comes up when I come over, but no, I was, I was saying that I needed to get into and understand current music. Yeah. And so I asked my kid, you know, do you know who the weekend is? He's never heard of them either. My son's favorite band is Electric Light. Orchestra is the cars lol non-stop 2 minute work. So if anybody is right now,
01:13:21No problem, but I was going to check it out because I don't want to be that old guy. I don't want to be my dad. My dad used to go. Just when when Prince would come on TV on music L Water Works and heat. He's got excited cuz he was a big Prince fan. Appreciate any of my music here. I love Billy Idol could care less about that and he didn't really appreciate the fact that I was a fan of it either. He didn't try to understand my music understand why? I like the music, you know, Dad loved bluegrass music and playing a banjo and I'll hit it. I guess I like the music that has none of what you going to do. So I'm trying not to be that guy and my kid doesn't really care that I'm not.
01:14:21Cuz my kid is more on on my wavelength. Yeah, but I wanted to I wanted to figure out some current stuff if you find one that you can tolerate. Cuz I know. So we in this damn thing wrong, like she don't like an hour 21st. Next weekend. We hope you go to our website and leave us a review. Check out our merchandising section. We've got some pictures. They were posting tonight of our new fan Lisa wearing are you need to learn more words t-shirt? We're very happy that she purchased that and so thank you very much for that. And we just basically, you know, thank you for listening to the show and we hope you have a great day. Yea.
01:15:11Well, it was a 24. What you think? Ya Snowdrop cam. Send us a letter at. What's the post office box? Number of the PO Box? 1472 West Chester, Ohio. ZIP code is 45071. Something. Cuz we got mail. Will read it on their presentation, and we hope to see you next week.
- Wenbin
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