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May 24, 2022

IDS #91 - I Feel Like It's a Waste of Cake

IDS #91 - I Feel Like It's a Waste of Cake

On this week's episode Mike and Darin discuss losing parts of their bodies.

Plus... at home comedy specials, surviving a zombie apocalypse, Adam Sandler movies, The Police, a very important tip if you're trying to sell your home and... is it cake?
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00:00:00Oh crap, I can see what you're doing. I just saw that. You tapped it on your phone. Like I have it. It's it. It Darren Cox, your name, popped up and acid during Koch's tapped. This, that's what she said.
00:00:22Woke up to irritable dead Sandro with two scoops of raisins in every box, your your host. Mike and Darren.
00:00:30Hey everybody. I'm like, I'm Darren and this is episode 91 1991. The Year oxenham baby was released. Why does everything have a used to reference? And you? And I both had things removed off of our body, some intentional, some unintentional. We have the fourth installment of my favorite new segments that need to be retired. But this is a good one. I would have a lot of fun with that one. You know, what, we forgot to do last week and I want to make sure we do it right off the bat. When you guys interact with us, you'll go to our website sign up for email list. Review us. Please review if we don't know what we're doing right and wrong. Yeah so we know
00:01:30Yeah, we know we have a lot of new listeners. I mean we see that the numbers coming back then we're not getting a lot of reviews. So, you know, I don't I I had this fear that people like to listen to that. These guys are idiots. Listen guys, talking about his freaking whatever, my songs need to be retired. Like if we're doing something that's annoying, you right? We may stop. Yeah, we had one.
00:02:03Chance that we will. We had one review over a year ago. That said, we needed to be funny with in the first two minutes. I still won't let that go. So I heard today, that Norm Macdonald, your favorite, my favorite Lord, a special that Netflix. This is like Christmas in Mame. And the article said, Norm Macdonald recorded a special before passing. And I said, well, it's a good thing. He did it before, he passed away, the other dead, right? But they are there still alive. Okay, and they like to eat people who are alive because there's cuz they're zombies, whatever.
00:02:54I was reading this. I can't wait to see it. He recorded it's like before he went in for a medical procedure. He didn't know if it was going to go or not. So he had a lot of material and he wanted to record it in case it went South. Okay, headed up getting through the procedures behind you, even know later on, he did pass away. So he recorded all this material in his living room and I'm not going to say that he's dead. I'm not going to accuse Norm Macdonald of stealing from me. But you remember when we had the pandemic coronavirus in my living room. Okay, was in my living room and my son, Jacob, with a snare drum was in the other room. And so when I would tell a joke he would do a rimshot.
00:03:44If we use that Rim shot that shot on this show, all just plug this. If you go to Darren Cox comedy on Facebook, you can see the Darren Cox at home, comedy special. That's all. I'm hoping that Norm special is better than mine. I'm going to let it will be. And part of me thinks that nor might have saw that thing. You know what? I'm going to do something like that cuz you're so anyway, Norm has a special coming out on Netflix and I can't wait. I can't wait as I'm just Norm. So bad, you mentioned zombies and it made me think of one of the funniest things. I've seen on Twitter recently. It was somebody posted, I can't help. But think every time I see a zombie movie that there's a ghost that goes along with the zombie and the ghost is smart and they're following around the
00:04:44Hey, buddy, how you doing? Do you just will you stop walking around with your arms out, What happened? What's going on? What are you doing? Always have a broken ankle limping. That's something I saw on Twitter one time. But you know, I have a theory. There's two ways to protect yourself and a zombie apocalypse. OK, one is, if you can figure out a way to put roller skates on the zombies, they don't you put the roller skates on there. If they fall hilarious, another thing you can do when you're being attacked by, zombies is Play Thriller and when they start dancing, yeah, you sneak out during the courtyard. There you go right here on your dancing.
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00:05:55We both lost parts of her body. I guess. I chopped mine off. How did you do that? I was cutting an onion. Okay, and I'm going. And what did you cut off part of my son. Now, calm down. Everybody. Calm down. I still have my full some small part about a millimeter. I'm sorry, and that's I'm using metric in the English. I got, I liked the fiftieth of a Kings arm. We missing off of the Justice, Shake the entirety of the skin plus a little meet along with it enough to where it started a bleeding and like a Old Faithful. And I I I put a bandaid on it that quickly turned out to not work. I got another Band-Aid put it on there again. It didn't work. Hahaha. I wrap it in gauze.
00:06:55The guys started to to get all red as I am going to have a problem here. So a little a little information about your Uncle, Mike, your Uncle Mike has less platelets than most and science. Okay? For all of you platelets is what make you blood clot platelets. Are are make what your blood clot? Like I said, size, 9, English.
00:07:19I wanted to make sure, so I've never had a problem. I've had this since I was 18, I've never had a problem stopping bleeding. But I've also never had a hole in me at this magnitude requires thought they'd not be a bad idea to call the doctor and see what's going on. So I call, you know, I don't really have a family physician. My put a post on Facebook recently, asking for suggestions, who my doctor is, dr. Vinny boom. Botz.
00:07:50I apologize if you can, if that's okay. Thank you. I called my doctor's office. I, you know, part of myself off a medical professional, seems to be the correct person to call, so I called them and I said, I'm a patient there. I want to get that out of the way first, and I said, how are you? I've cut myself and I'm having trouble stopping bleeding. Is there. Anyway, I can come in there and have it looked at when we don't really have stitches here.
00:08:21Okay, I'm not sure that I have stitches or need stitches. I just, I need to stop bleeding. If you don't, we don't have anything available until tomorrow, perhaps you should try, though. Perhaps, you should try an urgent care or the, ER, at the emergency room. Okay, so then I go to an urgent care. I tell them what's happening. The doctor folks, their head around the thing. It says you did. What, what happened? I cut the bejesus out of my bum and if it won't stay mean it's kind of stopping bleeding a little bit now, but I would really like someone look at it. Make sure that nothing horrible is going to happen. Right? And I say well we don't we don't do stitches here. Okay. I may not need stitches. I mention to them that I have a condition where I may not be able to do. You did make become a problem with the bleeding, right? This is what we would need to do blood work. And then why I've been doing this since I was 18. I get blood work done yearly. I'm shacked. I've never had.
00:09:21Isn't this an urgent care after I filled out all the paperwork and gotten on the grid with Mike and then just hand it to him. So I finally and I don't know it. We have legal professionals at listen to the show, but I had to say this, I had to say, I don't believe it needs stitches. I will accept all responsibility. I really just want a doctor to look at the unbandaged wound and tell me their opinion, right? Okay. Do you have steri-strip? I said that and then their lights. They're all. Yeah. We got steri-strips. Can I fill this out then? Finish filling this out and come back in here and you help me out with my laceration. Haha. Okay, we go back there.
00:10:08take it off and they show it to him and I get a
00:10:15Do you know what I mean? So I said, is that a good or a bad? She's like, well, it's definitely needs attention while you're there. Really? She said, I don't, it doesn't need stitches for two reasons. One. It's, you know, you can just not skin there to pull together. I basically shave. I'd basically skinned myself, I scalped and she said, there's nothing really to to stitch together there and said, okay. She's like I think what you should probably do is is bandaged it and I you know, we'll get it antiseptic antiseptic antiseptic and intercepted and decepticon, ultimately, ultimately be smart and then we'll get it wrapped up. And this is the wrapping that they did, but I think it's pretty good. Looks great to me and she said, you know, keep an eye on it. Yeah, if you feel any number tingling, I can offer up some orthopedic surgeon.
00:11:15And she said, I'm in case there's any tendons that need to be dealt with and I like I don't know, are there tendons in the end of your thumb? Or can you do you know if this is going to screw your whole football career?
00:11:33So finally, they agreed to, you know, I just bandaged it and I was like, wow, how long do you think it'll take the skin to grow back? So I don't know. You may want to talk to the surgeon specialist expert. I wanted to say, what the hell do you people do here? Like, what are you? I feel like I've walked into a tax professional. Do you know with my supposed to Jiffy, Lube in there? Like, always about a quart, low. Are you guys doctors or? Did you not argue just people squatting here and you just like, talk to people when they come at you. Maybe you should see a doctor about that.
00:12:14I'm not going to go to the, ER, because that's an automatic like $400 or $200, like they mess with it. It's not good. Right. So anyway, I'm bandaged. I believe it. Stopped bleeding on the I don't want to take this off till tomorrow. I know my big thing and I'm going to keep messing with it and keep breaking it open. Yeah, the worst part about it is, it is on my reload for Call of Duty so I can't look in my in my look, my look and reload. So I'm going to have to play computer games. I love you play in Civilization every once in awhile, you know, people that watch the stream will see the stream go live on a random time and they'll see video games going on in like what in the hell is this? That's Uncle Mike Jackson else here and I have people that you come on Steve Farrell sometimes comes on as soon as I can and I completely ignore him.
00:13:143:30 in the morning and your son are eating Cheetos. He was going to jump on the computer and probably play Civilization, cuz I can't reload until this gets fixed. And so, you lost part of your face. I did. I had part of my space removed Lord. Did you mean to do that? Or on my right cheek bone? I've had a mark for a few years. It's not a mole. But it it's, it's like a kind of a large Freckle. I used to have one on the left side. Okay, and it was about 2012. I think I went and the doctor's, They removed that they cut it and then they put it back together. Okay, and so I had half my face took off that time. Okay, then decide grew during my time working at the last TV station. I shut commercials for the Dermatology Group Santa, and one of the things they've said was if you have a Mark, if it changes color, If It Go.
00:14:14Rose. If It Moves, if it starts talking to you and come see us. I went there and they looked at it and they said, yeah, it has gotten bigger. They still weren't very didn't think it was like, you know, anything really grow great concern for us, but they froze, it. Have you ever had something frozen. I have, I have it sent yet. I sometimes have blisters. I had a little bit a little bit.
00:14:47Yeah, they always say that if you're just a little pressure and then they Jack Hammer, your face, or this will sting a bit in a flamethrower, you. Yeah. Yeah, that's done. We'll let me ask you this. Can you can you just go to a dermatologist or do you have to be? You don't have to be referred. You can go to the dermatologist because I need to go to. I have a little spot on my wrist. I highly recommend anybody. If you have freckles, if you have any type of spots are moles, or I'm starting to get skin tags that are not a problem at all, but they drive me absolutely crazy. Exactly. I don't need to go to a dermatologist. Check me out.
00:15:28We interrupt this program for an important announcement. I'm Dave Les and I have something to say to you. People who buy generic brand cereal, your children hate, please stop seriously. It's not going to kill you. Just been an extra 48 spins on the real thing. Okay. This has been an important announcement.
00:15:50Last week, okay, I work from home and I was walking around the house and I heard a beeping. No, it didn't sound like, like, when the smoke detectors will get batteries dead. It wasn't that type of beeping. It was a different beep. I'm a different beat. That's what I, that's what I thought. That's what I said.
00:16:10And I'm walking around the house, trying to figure out where this beeping was coming from and it wasn't any of our Alexis because a loud beeps, Alexa has a distinct alarm when it goes off. So, it wasn't that and I can't find out where this damn beeping is coming from you. Okay? Well, I'm sure I'll find out. I found out, I open the door to go down in my basement and the house alarm is up. Loudest thing I've ever heard in my life. Okay, we have lived in that house for, is it 5 years now? I think it's what I hear. And the people who own the home before us had home security system. Okay, we've never used it. We didn't update, we didn't keep so, yeah, the surface. And so I run into the room and I am trying. That's where the beacon was coming for you. It was the little, the little thing that's on the wall in our room and I don't have a meeting about Jacob's trying
00:17:10Load the musket or whatever the hell week.
00:17:20I'm trying as hard as I can, to stop this alarm with the codes on the the thing, and we don't have a code. So what do I do? I go outside and I looked up the thing on the, on the, on the box, the name of the company. So I try to find a number to call outside, doing the World War 3 is going on. Inside somebody, anybody can help me. The first people I called, was 911 a case. It was calling them. I don't have an emergency, my house alarm is going off and I didn't want the police thinking that I had one here, but I wanted to hear that you're out there trying to break in. And so they're like, okay. So then I'm trying to call any type of home alarm system. People who can tell me how to turn this damn thing off and nobody knows what I can do about this. So I went
00:18:20I got my tools. I unscrewed the Box off the wall in our room, and with a pair of tweakers little screwdriver through the wires and disconnected the box in our wall, in a room that didn't stop the alarm. So, I had to, I went in our drum room. I have headphones, and Jacob has headphones. So that we don't deafen ourselves. Drumming. I put those on and I unscrewed the speaker in the wall of the basement and had to cut those wires and disconnect. The alarm went on for like 10 minutes, 15 minutes. Wow.
00:19:10Chris Michael's out there, mowing his lawn and his
00:19:22there's three piece suit.
00:19:25The turbines are out there not picking up dogs.
00:19:31That was funny because here's the alarm is going on forever, because if we were home and somebody busted in all, we got my attention, it will scare away and Intruder is it will wake up to absolutely. That's what it's for. Their way. The person that wakes up the people living in the house, but everyone around you is just pissed off as like, I wish they would either get Ax Murderer or turn that thing off. I guess that we're old enough to remember, when Carl arms came out and when they first came out, it was like you would hear a car alarm and it goes like, everybody's. Oh my God. Was that now? You hear one? It's like what they still make those.
00:20:20Here we are in oats. Like I got my headphones on at Jacob has his headphones on and then camera. I told her to go outside and get the rabbit. Jody is probably have three heart attacks. The rabbit took him outside, make sure that he doesn't go deaf. And then I started wondering if rabbits part of the same as having a revenue control because the Rabbit doesn't listen to us. Doesn't show us anything but man that got my attention. Wow.
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00:21:56We'll be right back.
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00:22:31I used to get nervous watching the same movies that you did a different types. Like it seems like if we see a movie at the same time, it's decent with the exception of John Wick. But if we see it separately, I get nervous because I have a weird thing, I'd contrarian. I'm a contrarian. Okay. So if you like a movie, you actually actually, if you like a movie, I feel like I'm going to like it, but if you dislike a movie, you know, you're in a lot of deep in my soul that demands that, I love it once upon a time in Hollywood. I hated that movie. I would love it. I love it. So and I'll never understand how you got to that opinion. You talked about uncut gems and I can't stand Adam Sandler movies. I can't stand them. I like the guy, but look at him. I think the way you look at Keanu, Reeves, you thinking to Reeves is probably a busy is a cool. Dude is a great guy. I'd love to have a good work.
00:23:31Sandra's, probably be a great guy. We would probably, we would probably be the two people that have so much in common. We annoy each other. I think, I think we would annoy the hell out of each other, but we would like each other, but his movies drive me, crazy. So but I finally sat down and tried to watch it last night. Uncut gems uncut gems. It's A Hard movie to watch. I have a major problem with the movie. I want to spoil it. It's been out for like, what 50 years. Now, I think three years. He he finds this where he gets this, the opal from Ethiopia. It's like a thing. That's our man, only from a certain place in Ethiopia. You can't get them on the black market Black Market. He gets it, and it's a, it's an uncut Gem. And it's a big thing in like he's in trouble with the mob or something with owing money. He owes money. He gambles too.
00:24:31Make some money off of this bed. He has to pay off this thing. He thinks is going to be worth a million dollars or like a lot of money, and he thinks it's going to be this to end into his problems. And the part where me and the movie part ways. Is this basketball player comes in and he's in the car. You can borrow for the night. I just checked out of the movie at that point for the entire time, like the rest of this move makes it. Why would, you know, if I barely let you borrow movies, but you asked for a movie on my, okay. I wanted to see another form of ID. I'm going to need to talk to Libby, like, 5 movies, and I've given them all of that. I get antsy, I guarantee you. If I had an opal from Ethiopia, I would not loaning you any, you would not even know about it, So I had a real problem and put in our only way that I can get back in the movie and say, well, clearly his life is out of control.
00:25:31Acting-wise are they got to say, or did it did great. I think he's a great in this movie, in this movie, this movie. He actually actually yes, there's one other movie that he made called with a Spanglish. Yeah. I have a name that I know what you're talking about. He's got the, the kid's father in that anyway.
00:26:01Yeah, yeah. Yeah. Okay. Yeah, so, I'm Punch-Drunk Love, dog, love. I haven't seen that one either. So, in this one, I believe he was that character and it reminded me, I talk about Ben Foster, a few episodes ago. The guy that he was, he was a kid in six feet under and then ended up being a bunch of westerns and stuff. And I mentioned, I think he's a great actor because I believe he's that character. And I'm the same thing with Adam Sandler in this one. I just I really had a problem with why he let that guy borrowed the opal because they become such a huge part of the movie is getting that back and it reminded me of Breaking Bad and how much I love breaking bad because Walter White would have never the only mistake he made and I'm going to spoil a thirty-year-old series. He left the damn Walt Whitman book on the toilet within Hank saw well at that was the big mistake.
00:27:01And, you know, he's going to make something. But I mean, that's one, when I think of mistakes that I've made, that have really messed me up. It's been that type of thing as in like, oh, it's not like an obvious thing. Yeah, like letting this stranger borrow this oval that's going to save your life as he was involved in track. Yeah. That's when he went to the hospital for his surgery. And his wife Skyler said, oh, do you have your cell phone? Which one? Yeah, but that's the kind of thing. You would do made her suspicious uncut gems, and I think I talked about this a long time ago, language a boatload of a language. You mean I don't have a problem with language, but my God, I mean it was just every other word and they were not just
00:28:01Using it there there just like yelling the word at each other.
00:28:05if there is a, there's a couple of things worse just like,
00:28:09And and with this movie, I mean, the thing I did not like, how do I describe this movie? I did not like that movie. And it was a good movie. Okay, it was a very didn't like it because of the language. I didn't like it. I didn't enjoy the movie. It's a good movie that I did not enjoy. Okay, made you so uncomfortable with the language and the fast pace of the language and the volume and the and the that everything coming at him from every single side. You really made. You feel how his character felt okay and made you as nervous as him and I wanted him to succeed. I know that I wanted him to but there was no way he was going to. I mean he had every problem. It's like he was going through a divorce and he
00:29:09They're going to kill him if he doesn't pay him back. Yeah, what is and then what got me, you know, in this on this note that the old man my key note is I had to get up early this morning and this is like 11:00 last night and I look up, it says I got an hour left in the movie. Like I ain't got time for this go to Wikipedia. Okay, and then I got in the thing. Okay. Alright. Well, that sucks. I'm going to bed. I'm fine with that. So when eat twenty-year-old, Mike know that would be sacrilege. So I was watching it and was just getting so annoyed by it. And I'm like, okay, I can't do anymore this year. I turned it off, then I couldn't sleep cuz you and I just could not fall asleep. So I thought, okay, what happened? And then totally going to tell the ending of the movie. Spoiler alert Yaki. The the bad guys, the really bad guys. The other ones, but he pissed off really one of their money. They wanted it now.
00:30:09Okay, or somebody's good. Bones are going to get broken or some of these kids are going to die or something. He had the money. He had the money to give to them. And what did he do? He bet it on a game. That's okay. And he locks the guys, there was a, there was a rumor. He worked where he was like black market, jewelry and glass, he locks them. There's you go through one door, it closes and then you go through another door, to go into the room, where you buy the locks them in there while he watches the game.
00:30:46Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah, right he wins. And you're like, oh my God, cuz I knew. I knew he was going to lose all his money. Yeah. Yeah, and then he can't just leave them in in the thing, right? So he wins and they shot him in the head. Yeah. I did not see that happened. Did not see that coming and then I was like, holy crap. And yeah. Yeah, there are movies is a good movie that I actually I saw with you is Dunkirk great movie. Since we hope we own it. I haven't watched it since I've moved since we've been here because I'm like, I'm getting ready to play on like I can't I was stressed out the theater. I mean I was in another movie.
00:31:46Coming out. Okay. And did you see spinal tap? Yes, I didn't read that. They're making a sequel to spinal. Tap. None. More black, who's the cast of rubber? I told the old original. Okay. Wow, Kevin McLaughlin, but they're, they're making another spinal tap and oh my God, I think that could be absolutely amazing and I'm yelling at my, I mean, that's one of those movies. Like, everybody. People have favorite Monty Python. It's theirs. Seems a spinal tap to Timeless Stonehenge omigod.
00:32:34My favorite son. He's going to the airport. He's got a cucumber wrapped in aluminum foil.
00:32:42I'm calling our professor in the video film techniques. He split us up into groups of four and everyone was assigned a music video. Okay. You at 2 hours to shoot and 2 hours to edit and I guess it's been so long that I can admit that we check the camera out Friday afternoon after the lab Earth after the the room had closed out. So we had to bring it back Monday morning. We may have went over our time a little bit, but we made a video for the spinal tap song. Bitch school video.
00:33:32In this video, we kidnap my girlfriend at the time, theater in the trunk of a car and we can take her to bits School. My friend. Anna is teaching B school with her and everyone was disgusting video. Okay, they weren't. They were repulsed. They did not care for it. And Tom Hadley was standing in the back with this. He used to smoke in class. You still secretly laughing. We got an A.
00:34:15This portion of our show is brought to you by Circuit City.
00:34:23Liberty bought a new basket for the house that, you know, when I go to your house, the thing, I think that your house needs is more bass than you. Don't have enough basket basket that, you put your baskets and we're getting one. Okay, we're totally getting one. He's got a rule where things can't be laid out all willy-nilly better if it's in the basket. So, years ago, I wrote the joke, you know, single guys, keep their remote control on the coffee table. Guys. Keep the remote control in a basket on the coffee table. In our bathroom now where I keep my deodorant and my store guard, and as she puts her hand cream and a couple of the things we've got a basket to keep it. So there's no chaos in the back. You don't want. No, no, no, no, no, no. And it's a lovely basket and I'm so happy and I think it's helped our marriage. It's it's helped Our Lives.
00:35:22Yeah, and I'm very happy that we have. You been, she started listening to the podcast. Also, when I'm going to be in trouble when she met at the South will sink.
00:35:37We mentioned something last week. I got a new segment if you if you have a birthday coming up, if you have a friend or if your wife or somebody that you know, or care about and love, has a birthday coming up, send a message, send it to us in advance 2 or 3 weeks. And we will have a special happy birthday. So that's something that you're interested in doing. Go to irritable dad center.com, but you can go to our Facebook page. You can hit us up on the Tweeter or on the Instagram. This portion of our show is brought to you by death. Liquid concentrated wallpaper stripper with its unique enzyme action, death dissolves, old paste and Touch wallpaper removal time and half. That's right half. Hi. I'm Dave way, and I've said this many times before I am nothing, if not brand loyal and the only wallpaper stripper I ever use is diff. I love this product so much. Sometimes. I hang wallpaper just so I can go back in a couple weeks and strip It Off.
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00:37:02We'll be right back.
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00:37:47The I've got to just stop and we've done this one before tonight, but I'm the resurgent. So resurgence.
00:37:54Play country, music came back, never goes away. It never goes away. 20 years ago. There was an artist who came out on the scene, Norah Jones. Okay. I love Norah Jones. Okay, and she released an album called Come Away With Me. It 1. I don't know how old come away all the way with me. No, no, no, you're singing sticks. You're singing. Come sail away. Come sail away. Come see was not insecure.
00:38:33If she was a could be called sticks and Jones, so he may break my bones. Although they wouldn't open for sticks. Grammys a huffy hit, after hit, after hit incredible album. I still get the CD out if I'm going on a car wreck, if I'm going on a car trip and it's one of the CDs. I always grab. Okay, I that and Ray LaMontagne Trouble. I listen to it. Every time I go on a car trip cuz I have a CD player in my car and I still listen to my
00:39:17She has re-released Come Away With Me. Okay, the bonus is unreleased tracks. And so you get the album. And then all this 22 song, bonus. I'd like to buy the other stuff. Okay? Okay, you going to buy it separately. I want to buy it separately. I don't want to buy. Come Away with me again. Cuz I take care of my condition, Here's the deal. Okay, we are hypocrites. We make fun of each other for things that we do ourselves. You pick on me, you bully me. Because I buy reissues of U2 album left and right. But I was the exception of all that you can't leave behind which bothers you
00:40:13And I will buy a reissue, the bill Reed. That's something they're doing now. Is you have an 11 or 12 track album and then we're going to reissue it. And here's another eight things. We found in the sock drawer right there were going to throw on this. And this is the only way that you can get it. And, oh, by the way, here's the Uber deluxe version that has our cover of Weird Al Yankovic's and in so a Super Fan like me. And so if it's YouTube that, yeah, whatever. Let me look, which album has the biggest number of dollars that I need to send and I'm going to send you that and you send it to me and I play the 2-minute track of Bono burping and I'll get excited that I have that now, right? I will say.
00:40:58As much as I complain, I like the reissues. For those of you who are Rush fans on the Jewel, ad for rushed the best reissues. There are, are the rush reissues. I think I've talked about it before about talking about it again. Yeah, they remaster the album and then they play a recording of a concert that was done in support of that album to write a concert that features that album, right? As they're going through and they're releasing her 40th, anniversary of albums. You get all those concerts and it's just glorious. I don't know what that has to do with it. Like, last year. I bought a CD by black Pumas. Okay, a brand new artist. Should I buy 20th anniversary special edition? Right where you have the Appetite for Destruction reissue. Was like what? $500 if you seen that thing? You'd see that? That's ridiculous.
00:41:58Yeah, that one song. I can't read the name of it. There's a ghost Gira re release that is on cassette tape only.
00:42:06Do you have accept player? No, but I thought about getting silly like 20 bucks. Not a bunch of old. Well, if it's in a box.
00:42:24A way, they should sell the bonus stuff. Separately know you can get on Spotify and listen to it. I don't want to listen to it. I want it, I want it. Okay. I want to own my own Amazon Prime, so I can listen to songs all day on the Amazon. You could do that anytime you want. I guess there's a lot of artists that I like owning their music. I own everything by Southern Culture, on the skids of John, Mellencamp. I have it. Okay? Billy Idol is one of the people who I don't have a lot of music when they come out with something. I like owning it. I like having it in my collection. Are you happy? Just listening to him. I'm with you. I'm with you. I am not. I am band-aid and I clean us with vinyls of all the YouTube stuff, which means I have to come in just the thing off.
00:43:24Put it over here. Put it on the thing. Play it sit there for 15 minutes. Get back up flip, let it sit there for 15 minutes. So I'm all over that. And I'm gleefully going through the little booklets and all there's Bono and he's in the dust and looking at the sun and I'm asking for two things. You can sell the whole thing that with the remastered already, or, or just a bonus. If you can do that, that's possible. You don't tell me it's not cuz I'm telling you you're a liar. It's time now for the Kroger story of the week.
00:44:06Couple months ago, I mention that I was in Kroger and I'm walking to the produce department and I looked down on the floor and there's a sign that said, feeling adventurous and I was feeling adventurous and I stood there and I waited nothing happened. Nothing happened and I went back another time and an employee was walking past, not grabbed the guy and I'm not letting her have enough to excuse me, sir. I'm feeling adventurous. What should I do? When he had no idea. He was just, gobsmacked had no clue what I should do. I didn't realize at the time, there's another sign in the Kroger on the floor that said, follow me to The Wildside The Wildside and in is a surround sign on the floor, the floor and it says, follow me. There's nobody there. There's no arrow that points you in a certain direction to the Wild Side, Wild Side.
00:45:06Going on at Kroger. So now I've got to go back and now I've got to stand on that sign and wait for someone and I can ask them. What do you mean follow me to the wild side? Walk with me down this Lane for about 3 ft.
00:45:23And interested just a thought Kroger could take the energy that they're spending, trying to make you feel adventurous to The Wildside, take that energy and focus on putting fruit in the produce section. That's not covered in fruit flies, and rotting. Every time I go in there, every Apple I get in there. Feels like a lonely, great. Every time I get it. I'm lonely. Great, take the attention that you put into advertising your floor and hire another bag person. Yes, that's what I want. So, she has left Kroger. She's done with Kroger. She goes to Meijer sheet when we get when she goes to get groceries. Haha. It's Meijer bags coming in your eyes. I still go to Kroger, but I bypass the produce section, the last three times I've gotten apples. It's like I think they went out to somebody's yard across the room and get out of my car, out of the ground and put in.
00:46:19I think I'm like, what in the hell is this? Haha. I don't think Kroger is going to sponsor.
00:46:2791 F150, I just now figuring out that Kroger's, but I'm going to have to tell him not to listen to Episode 99.
00:46:36I mentioned that we have fans of the show who want to come up to the Cincinnati area on a vacation. We're going to the Crave bar cocoa with the address because they specifically want to see the crowbar by crowbar have like a bust of you and I
00:47:06Oh, my break. Is there? An is there an actual Cheers bar with like a animatronic Norman, a cliff or color like a statue? Norman Cliff? I don't know that there's something there. I know for a long time. They were doing statues up like a Milwaukee, statue of Laverne & Shirley. Okay. So this has been the Kroger story of the week.
00:47:35I think it's time to talk about a song that needs to be retired. This is our fourth installment and yet, so far the songs that need to be retired are Jack & Diane, John Mellencamp, The Cat Scratch Fever. By Ted Nugent. She's has the Pina Colada Song escape to the list Roxanne.
00:48:03It sounds like they didn't mean for that to come out as a song. It's the thing and it's like
00:48:22Eddie Murphy did a great job singing Roxanne in the movie 48 hours. I was listening to it today to prepare for this and I could get out of my head, the wild and crazy guys from Saturday Night Live. It sounded to me like one point sting sounded like one of the he doesn't sound like he's an English, dude. He sounds like you don't have to put on your face.
00:48:49You don't have to put on the red light.
00:48:54He's like a, he's like an Ewok. I don't see walk. They don't even talk. I just woke up and he doesn't, he doesn't sound like Sting. Haha. He and I like the music. What is it? Is it a dance. A dance? You don't dance to it, and don't rock to it. You just ask Jonathan almost walk to it during the chorus. Yeah, not really kind of the death and I saw sting live and I've mentioned many many times that along with REM sting was one of the most disappointing concerts I've ever been to. Ya bought tickets to see staying and I was so excited. Then I found out the real reason why she bought the tickets cuz Tracy Chapman was opening up. Tracy Chapman.
00:49:54Amazing guy. Just like, just fans could not have possibly done a better job.
00:50:06Could not care at all. Like he wanted to be there. I mean he was just you know, and then we get to Roxanne and not only is he just just really just doing a lousy job and I may have song on a bad night. He might have had a cold. I don't know what was going on, but he just acted like you didn't even want to be there to Roxanne, and they don't do the rocks and that we know.
00:50:38He does like a Calypso sing along, Roxana, Roxana, Roxana, Roxana, Roxana.
00:50:48Roxana. I looked at the lady next week, total stranger and I'm like, he's about Roxanne why, I mean being like why do you think he's going to happen? I don't know why but he just he just took a song that needed to be retired then and he just made it worse.
00:51:14I think Sting If you're listening, yeah, I like you. I really, really do. I have Fields of Gold. Yes, and ten. Summoner's. Tales is amazing album. It's almost it's nearly. I have a few albums that I think of that are perfect albums. That's one of them. One of them say, I'm sorry man. It doesn't seem like it should be in existence. Like if you tell me you tell me police's, a legendary, whatever 80s. And I don't know if they're that your level, but a really great 80s and then you play Roxanne for me. I'm like, yeah. Yeah.
00:52:00So you too. I'm going to bring up. You two again. Okay, they have a song and it was a b side on this newest release Record Store Day. Talk about Record Store, Day with the Fedora guy. Aha. I've been a YouTube fan for a very long time since I was 15 years old. So, what is that? 31 years? Joshua tree came in. When you come in right before achtung baby was released and I cuz I got shastri. I hated them when he was big. I did not like you to really. Yeah. I was like, what the news? I just walk around the desert with the hell. I just, it would be annoyed me. Okay, and I got them. This is going to make you. I was like it for some reason in my mind and I had never heard it. Yeah, really? They got, they played it all the time on him. I knew where the streets have no name by Allure and was he? I knew I still. Haven't found what? I'm looking for it. That's the one I knew.
00:53:00Fan for, I guess, 32 years at this point and I keep read. I read a number of YouTube books. I've read all the Articles. I've all the stuff up in the fan club to send the other. I keep hearing about fan-favorites trash trampoline in the party, girl.
00:53:17Okay, the only reason I know about that song, that's because I'm a stupid like sick fan. That has everything they did. And when I first heard that song I'm like, this is stupid or party Grace naughty. It's party, girl know, it was original trash trampoline in the party girl. It's kind of reminds me a bit of Roxanne because it doesn't sound like anything else that they do and it's kind of got to, you know, weird and I'm this is a audio podcast. I'm doing this weird like not reggae but like you had an inner ear problem and you know what Calypso is. But it's a different kind of like as different as Roxanne sounds from Fields of Gold party. Girl. Sounds from anyting else you to does. He just doesn't sound like the same band. It's weird. I'm willing to say, I don't like that for my own favorite band. So I ain't going to like Roxanne from my not favorite band when we went to see the Joshua Tree tour and I'm surprised you didn't kick me out.
00:54:17Car, make me walk home, but I'm used to your both. I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For. They beat it to death and it's okay. Okay, seriously, but now where the streets have no name. I can listen to a thousand. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, I was curious but I didn't listen to him. And and then I've I think I've told the story for I'll tell it again. I rented Planes Trains and Automobiles and where the streets have no name, is it that there's a trailer for rent on, come right on that VHS tape kids, VHS with a thing, old people. We'd be kind. And so you saw the song, remember? I did not like you too but you use you heard the song and you saw the States. Before it ever said they was you too. So it goes to the hole opening of that song and I was like cooked and then I saw it was ever like. Oh, okay. That's that bad.
00:55:17Yeah, I went to the album that has the name of that song just for you. And that's the rest is history. I can't seem to find the door out of the, that's okay. Cuz I like it in here.
00:55:33We had a tweet little behind the scenes, if you go to our website or what, I'd send them. Calm and I highly recommend it because it's a it's a fascinating website. Oh, yeah, but if you go there you'll see that most of not all that. Most of our episodes have transcripts. Okay, because Uncle Mike read that the more transcripts you have it makes it the podcast consumable by more people. It's science, if science.
00:56:07We don't pay anyone to transcribe and there's no way in hell. I'm typing what we say Linda. So there's a website that we use that auto transcribes and it uses Ai. And whatever else. The transcript service is not that good at detecting voices, or understanding, exactly what we're saying, even the silky smooth gold, a gold invoice today play, one of our recent podcast had an opinion. And this is how is transcribed by this way. I welcomed with great taste, in fewer calories.
00:56:43Quote woke up to irritable bowel syndrome with great taste in fewer calories than I thought that was funny. So I tweeted that out. And I even pointed out what I just said, we use Auto transcribe in this happen. Isn't this funny work? How many bike has? Yep? Yep? Yep. Yep, and I noticed that we started getting more engagement allow for the uninitiated. That means it's getting light. It's getting retweets and it was retweeted by another one happened while we were talking about it when it's been retweeted 3 times by medical professionals.
00:57:23Why, what? And I'm not going to call these people out. Because I don't really think these people are doctors. I think this is just, I don't know what this is, who played on TV. So I'll just I'll give the taglines of their, of their things. What disease are you suffering from? Get your prescription from the link below? When health is absent, wisdom, cannot reveal itself. I don't know what that means. And this one Health is the greatest possession. So here's the deal. You can look at the retweets. They have pictures of doctors. They have medical advice on their tweets and they have a retweet from irritable. Dad syndrome talking about irritable bowel syndrome. Great Taste fewer calories. This goes to show
00:58:14But if you're getting your medical advice from Twitter or Facebook, check your sources table, please. Because, at this point, we've become a source of met on the vine medical advice. You don't take any advice on any topic from us. The last time this happened, this poor soul from Africa, and I hope he's still alive.
00:58:37Began talking to Darren about his about his Walking Farts and you came dangerously come back and looked at that. I replied to him. I think three times and you the way you tell the story is I talked to him for hours days. I just kept on this conversation with it, right? I hope you still with us. And I hope that everyone listening to the sound of my voice understands that we are not a medical podcast. We are not, we do not offer, medical legal, spiritual car, mechanic home repair, any type of advice.
00:59:22Well, actually, you know what? I'm about to offer. Some people. It's okay to ask a question and it's a serious question. I'm driving last week. I was driving from my house to your house and I passed the UDF. The United Dairy Farmer, just a convenience store in the grass, is a cardboard, a white piece of like construction paper, really? And in black, magic marker with hand writing. It's sad. Sell your home in 7 days and there was a phone number piece of paper. Magic marker. Am I, how many people call this? You know, what a seven-days son-of-a-bitch calling this whoever dude realtor. Okay, goes by like, if you're having a yard sale, okay, stand lemonade stand.
01:00:22You put it there in the yard. And if you're trying to sell someone's home in 7 days, at least go. When have a sign print it up. I'm going to blow your mind because we actually called one of those once no way desperate to sell her house and we could not sell it. It was during the housing crash. In 2008. We were moving down here from Troy. We could not sell her house because on top of the crash, a major employer in north of Dayton, went out of business. So everybody's home went up for sale during the housing crash, right? We couldn't sell and I was commuting an hour and a half, to two hours down and back everyday. It was killing me and we couldn't sell, we could not sell. And they've kept dropping our price at to the point where we were losing. We lost a lot of money on our house in a moment of desperation, huh? I called not one but a number of those and
01:01:18God bless anyone that is find ourselves in that situation where they call one of those numbers. Look, if you're calling one of those numbers cuz you're curious. Let me save you. A quarter for her clothes. They were living on your cell phone doesn't work anymore. Let me save you some time. They're there for the absolute desperate desperate because they were offering us all out there. Cuz this is Gears ago. Haha. We had bought her house for 140. They were offering us. I think 21000 or 30 thousand the buyer house, okay.
01:01:59We worked at that point, right? We were to that point, but I was, I was seriously considering we never said you'd make any any, we were seriously considering the offer that was around 9204. It was bad. It was a bad time. Ya was a bad time to make a move, but we've recovered and it's fine. It's fine now, but yeah, I can tell you that. I've called one of those and you are taking a bath. Those are for if you're in Breaking Bad, in your calling the the vacuum repair guy to leave town. That's when you call one of those guys. Have you ever felt like you're not very creative, but I do right now.
01:02:43I was watching Netflix, a couple weeks ago, though. The whole family were all sitting around trying to find something new to watch together. Cuz when you have little kids and, you know, this, it's hard to find shows that you can all watch. Okay, you know, you got one kid, who's 17 and wants to watch all the, all the movies me? I everything like, yeah, and I came across the show called, is it cake?
01:03:13Seriously, it was entertaining ugly, dog. That the dog is so ugly that it's cute. So they're guessing if something is cake or not. I just wish I had been at the meeting. We need a new show. Something they cost like $8 to produce because we ain't got no money or Netflix. I love it. I love it. Go run with that. They have these people who can make cakes that look like a stereo system and you can stand ten feet back from and go, huh. The one on the right, that was cake.
01:04:10I don't know why there are so many times especially in my job. There are days where the ideas don't come to me. Where can I get my? Is it cake? I think those start. I don't know if they started on Tik-Tok, but the little videos of it is basically, it's a thing that's on the ground and a knife comes down in the first ones that I saw was like a puppy dog or a turtle and they look like a live animal. Haha, and the nice comes out like, right through the face and then it moves away and it's it's case. And then they just started getting more and more creative like a Starbucks cup. Was one and they even had like it look like there was Liquid with ice and cups. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I just feel like it's a waste of cake.
01:04:58You know, we're watching. Like I want to eat that cake.
01:05:05Alright guys, this is Ben episode 91. We thank you for listening. And I we want to go to go to bed soon, Listen to previous episodes and Mike. What should they do?
01:05:21Zoned out to call me and wake me up.
01:05:24They should.
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01:06:02I mean, we talked last week. It's the most professional part of our show is just an email that nobody's nobody signed up. Please sign up for that. You'll get any.
01:06:12See you next week on here. I got to go. I will see you next week.
01:06:31Stop it.
- Wenbin
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