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March 15, 2022

IDS #81 - Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah

IDS #81 - Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah
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TOOL 2022 concert!  Also, Mike and Darin talk about The Batman, Mike finally checked the IDS mailbox - and we got a card!

Why do people at parties always stand in the kitchen?  How does one afford fresh produce?

In a surprising twist, Figgy the Bunny eats a blueberry!

And, Bobo Fett?  Bobo?!?!

Finally, Tyson Nuggets of Love!

All this and more in this week's episode!!

#Tool #thebatman #toolband #batman #bobafett

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00:00:00You know, what would be good. Here's a merchandising idea. A stuffed Darren and a stuffed Mike. Yes, and they have a little voice box thing and when you squeeze you want to go? Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.
00:00:22Riverwood Riverwood. Use fries.
00:00:24Edicao got done it like 10 times and they stopped.
00:00:33C. A r. N e, d.
00:00:45Welcome to the official podcast of spray. Your your hosts. Mike and Darren. Hey everybody. I'm buck. I'm Dusty. Welcome to irritable. Dad sooner. This is episode 81. We've got at least a show for you. And we do, I'm going to be talkin. Yes. I finally went to the tool concert. I'll be out of your mind about revealing, whether or not people were nice and send me, $800 to get a vinyl and various other things. This happened a tune. And I'm going to talk about the new Batman movie, which I thought was Kick-Ass and Mike, and I have conflicting opinions on something. We do you have to, actually this past week. I remembered that. We have a post office box right on our website. So I went to go check the mail and I actually have mail. We told him, I think it would be cool too. I haven't opened it. It's sealed. Okay, so you'll be going to come. We have all kinds of sealed. Some of it is to
00:01:45Some of it is not. Okay, and I'm going to go over some classic Radio commercials that I found not so much disturbing. But Ludacris kind of ridiculous. We hope you're as excited as we are to be speaking. And there may be a random story about a duck pepper. In this thing is not very excited to be part of the show is not really thrilled, and I'm wondering, maybe we should replace quacker. Okay, possible. So, I was going to throw this out there to there are loyal listeners. Are you happy with quacker being are cursing duck. If not, we have the option of the cat.
00:02:32We have the elephant.
00:02:35And we have a cowl. Do we have we don't have a cow. If you can get your account by 3 p.m. Tomorrow, know, we got the bong and we got the one of the things that we do for 4.
00:02:54Anyway, let us know what you think we should use, because we may be replacing quacker. The cursing duck. I don't know. So a good place to do. That is good. Our website irritable Down syndrome., Can you get, you can email it directly from their son? Do you can follow us on Facebook messages, directly on their Instagram, to follow us on the Instagram. You can listen to us on the Tweeter. What you read the Tweeter. That's right. You listen to us on whatever device you're listening to his back right now. There's all kinds of ways to interact with us including the mail. So, how was the concert?
00:03:33Yeah, dude, dude.
00:03:38So you guys can't see this, but I've created a tool Shrine. I've created a thing that would cause someone to they would have paws.
00:03:49Mike has a problem. Mike might need Jesus.
00:03:54The tool fans are going understand. There's a couple of things that you have to do. If your tool that you have to get their poster. They have a different. You really don't care. But, okay. Okay. I said, okay, they have a different poster by different artists for every show. They also have a corresponding t-shirt made of that, so you can only get that poster and that t-shirt at that show. So I knew that in 2019. When I got that poster right there and I'll get a shelf show pictures of these two scherbel that care and I got the t-shirt that included with it. I don't know. That's a nice thing to have. It wasn't until I went to the concert this past Sunday. And I thought I saw people with that shirt like you were in Cincinnati and it was a cool little date. There also is the poster situation. Now, they only have about five or six hundred of these posters, and then they usually have about 25 or 50. I would say signed by the band.
00:04:54Okay, so did you get assigned? One? No videos. I, we still on our house.
00:05:01Here's the deal. I made an agreement with myself when I was in the line, but if I get up there and there's a sign when available. That's all I'm going to buy. If there's not one. I'm going to buy other things as well like things. So I bought other things as well. Right, but I did get the poster. So I was in the VIP group. So I bought these tickets last year. I had gold VIP cuz I'm like, I'm going all the way it got cancelled. I got bronze, right? So, there's a line for the VIP people and then there's a line for everybody else and Ally from everybody else has their time, looking at the VIP or staying in the VIP line for a while until somebody mention this VIP. And then there was a mass confusion, there was wailing and gnashing of teeth. And people moved over to the other line with poster tubes. Because I'm not going to tell you how much I paid for that but it was more than $5.
00:05:57Now when I saw them in Cincinnati, they set up a booth outside and you bought those and you can take him to your car and then you can go and enjoy the concert like a normal human being. This place may need to carry those things around with you. Yeah. Okay. So there are tons of people in the email. We're not going to allow post for tubes into the venue. People didn't care where in line. I'm talking to people. I met a guy that wants to get a poster tube. I got mine from Amazon from me, like literally, within sight of where I were next to me in line and that last concert he was at the seams at the Cynthia concert. So I made it buddy. I made a friend. Wow, and I'm still pretty good. This is one of the reasons why I had more than two drinks you make friends easily.
00:06:57Best truly complete without best. I have no social abilities. I can't meet people. I wouldn't know you if it weren't for bessette's. Well, yeah, thanks. Yeah. I hear. He's a funny. You're hot funny sometimes when, you know other people.
00:07:21Exactly what we thought, we talked about his cake. So, anyway, I'm in that line and there's already anxiety building up because I'm not at the front of the line and I'm a freak. They let us in. They let him VIPs 30 minutes before everyone else. Everyone immediately goes to the poster area. Now, there's some drama to happen. The poster line because I felt a nudging, they're trying to split people up at the eight Lanes. They don't realize that these are these are cool fans that paid for the tickets. We are all trying to split up in lines and there's somebody trying to take advantage of the fact that we're all moving around. So you kind of know just passed me and I just passed a guy in front of me and the guy in front of me. Who I thanks later. This guy was awesome. It was like, hey buddy, you want to move back? How are you in front of me? And he's like, you were behind me. Haha. Now you're in front of me. And the guy said, well, what do you want to be in front of me? You want me to come back and said, I know, I'm just curious you.
00:08:21Back there. Now you're up here. You were back, and then I jumped in a little bit. Like I was behind me and him, both of us. What happened? Hey, man, I don't want any trouble. I'm just curious. Can you explain to me how that happened and now people are starting to look cuz I'd really like to understand how that happened. You were behind me now and now you're officially advanced in line, but beyond that you were in my life, you were behind
00:09:02Is this guy supposed to be this guy? Sawyer great, was he a good portion of that? And the guy was his face was red. His girlfriend came up, and she was just sipping. Something, somehow. She got a drink, and there were no drink. Every is a rather sudden and weather in the eagle. He finally, he's like, look, bad. We're all trying to have a good time. I'll move back as a, no. I'm just kidding. I was just curious about how that works.
00:09:37It made it very uncomfortable when I got up there and they had when we saw you too. And we had the BET though the wristbands for like 8 hours for a very, very long time and people with the low numbers or toward the front of the fair way to do. Exactly. And you and I were talking to that guy and his girlfriend. And she's just talk. Talk talk. Everybody, you know, move on back. And he did not dare even try. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. No, you have not been here. If you need us, monitor said, you're out in the tale went between his legs and he scurried away is awesome. So, that was the merch line drama, but I got my merch. I even got a bag to carry it in.
00:10:37I would have to carry that stuff around with me. So we go through the show that shows amazing. If you haven't had a chance to see tool, I have some pictures up on my personal thing. I think I sent a picture to the Evil Dead Center and they got sent one picture. You can take pictures at the very end of the show, their signs everywhere. Don't bring out your phone. I talked to the lady that where I was sitting, I was for throw in the middle and there was a lady there that would like the security she'll come into play later with the base pay and I'm talking to her cuz I have a good two hours before that. I have about two hours before the useless opening band goes up. Oh God.
00:11:12What are those? Okay, and I'm talking to her and she's like who even is even is like what is the things? Which I saw boxes up there in the merch line. I was like all those of the vinyl the sign vinyl and I saw people carry multiples of those Edibles. Said, she said how much how much is that? Why is it in a box of said that's that's signed by the band it $750. That's how much it cost at the show because I thought it was cuz the other place is charging a premium on it. So that's right there. And I quote.
00:11:51Is that why she pointed at the sky? And she said he has to and I said, yes, he does. The show starts part of the way through the show. I already knew what the setlist was. I've been looking at with the setlist. They've been alternating between two setlist. One of them plays a couple of different songs than the other one. But otherwise that the same with the penis.
00:12:14I knew the setlist well enough to know what the by Burt Bacharach and Carole. Bayer Sager. I think it was Simon and Garfunkel Live originally attended. The Garfunkel quite hit the no deal with wire. Good knife there in the penile.
00:12:34About song for five little ding when in my head.
00:12:38I couldn't help it. It just immediately said, we've got a hooker with a penis show. Okay, so, I am not making this up and I swear, if I'd had the ability to record this. I wish I would have been able to record it. A guy two people down from me.
00:12:57Somebody behind us, shout out.
00:13:01You know, so what do you do to people that you would think everyone up in the first 45, Rose will be massive to laugh and it would know that that's a song. The guy started laughing and turned around, cuz this is in between songs. He's like what, what's Hooker With A Penis? And the guy behind us right now? Look at him. He's the head of Gray beard and then Riley and his late fifties early sixties.
00:13:25And as soon as he got there with that, the opening chords of Hooker With A Penis, and the guy's eyes went wide. And he looked at me and I was like a hooker and they ran through it, and it was glorious. Why is there always someone at a show who yells out? So, you Hooker With A Penis way, way way, way way up top, and the strong, she will not stop yelling, but he can't hear you to never played bad motor. Scooter with Van Halen. He's not going to play Bad motor. At least at least a dozen times.
00:14:13So this may surprise you but there were so many breed of people with no discomfort really do something that they do. They have a quieter song, called Call invoices on on fear inoculum. And they've been doing like an MTV Unplugged thing where they all, even the drummer gets a guitar and just holding it. I don't know. He doesn't do anything with it. So they all come to the front of the stage. So they're literally like the maybe 10 or 15 ft away from where I physically am
00:14:40and they can hear what people are yelling to all through the show in between songs, drunk people.
00:14:46Adam comes up to play guitar. He just so happens where I was such a weighted. He's directly in front of me and it became awkward for me personally. He played the opening chords of pneuma and I swear he was staring at me when he did it and I was like a little too close. This time. I like being up there in front of weird. When the dude with the scary white hair is looks like he's staring at me with a Chewbacca eyes, playing the openings of new new. It look at a picture of a, look at a picture of a come forward, to play culling voices and it's a very start of a very, it means a lot. It's it's a very Soulful type song. That's when the drunk guy to my right, one decides to start. When I found that later elbow in the breasts of the woman behind him, the married woman behind them.
00:15:46Fully engaged, whatever. And when she protested her breasts being hit by his elbows. He turned around and articulated quack, quack, Mumu, or whatever. We're going to use the crack at what he said. This is Geron, they're slow. This would be like when you choose playing one or something. That's what this guy loses his mind, using Hooker With A Penis. And I am internally annoyed because he's ruining this song, but I'm also laughing. You made it through and it takes the next to last song Cry. You made it through an entire tool concert and you're getting thrown out for being a jerk on their quiet. So when I sought my last thing is, and this is I showed it to you when we came down here at the end of the show. And I'm willing to listen to people are going to complain. I've gotten this is just been controversial, controversial, when it happened. I was going to let you know what happened. They come out Danny Carey star in drumsticks. I wore my rushed.
00:16:46Because I know that he's a huge rush man. I wanted their drumsticks right at me and I catch it right and got it. Right? That didn't happen. But Justin Chancellor bass players, bass, picks. I saw a flutter and it landed right in the hair of the lady who I told about the album, and I definitely reach in and snatched it. Out course, she felt that with enough. Like I got this out of your hair and what else you going to say? And I said and I stuck it in my pocket and I've said when she was a security guard, why would she doesn't want it? She may or may not but then I start another conversation with her. So did you like them? Did you like it?
00:17:35I heard them before is great. Okay, cuz I'm afraid they're going to guilt me into getting the base to pick. So anyway, when I saw Joe Cocker also at Thompson-Boling Arena, Knoxville, Tennessee. I don't know if you're a fan but he's doing you are and I'm a fan of Jim Belushi, John Belushi. Impression of him. Was that was on point. So Joe is doing, you are so beautiful and it is so I mean you could hear a pin drop. Everyone is just it's just mesmerized. They're spelled out by the end of the second first. New York. I don't know if somebody punched him or what, but this is one of the greatest moments do is just putting all his heart and soul and every everything he has but it does.
00:18:35So anyway, I'll wrap up the tool. That was I was there. I made, I made it out with the merch. I saw a great show. I was dry. I decided not to stay there that night, so I didn't drink. I drink like a beer. I think it had a hot dog. So I remember every aspect that I did was amazing how my Lord given the opportunity to see them the best light show that you'll see. And you even said, what about Floyd? Yeah. I've seen Pink Floyd, I would say this trumps that if, for nothing else, it's 30 years, later years, new technology. So I've never understood the mentality behind getting so happy stuff that you don't even remember a show. I don't recommend that. No, I don't because it's like I member when we saw the Rolling Stones in 1989, and we took up as like a caravan thing where you paid. I don't know, you bought the ticket and the Caravan and they would leave from Johnson City to
00:19:35Raleigh. Right to see the stones. Okay. We spent a lot of money in 1989. We spent a lot of money to see the stones. Yeah, and so we got our seats and the dude in front of us has already gotten in a fight because he's got a Shiner under his right eye. Looks like an apple honest. He's standing on his seat with his arms out. He's like in a Jesus Christ pose. Okay, and I'm saying this wearing a sound right, right?
00:20:08And finally security came and got him and they took him out before the opening act. He didn't even get to see Living Color. They took awhile. They sent him home. So I hope you enjoyed your show is I didn't realize how hammered I was the first time. I saw them. I like I remember most of the show. Yeah, I do remember what happened after the show other than me drinking my contacts, but I remember most of it. It wasn't until I just saw them Sunday. I was like, I was really wasted that show I've ever been here. I have never been drunk by Jimmy Buffett ever time. He would go even come back with you. And he kept giving me. He must have bought me five beers at Joshua Tree tour. I had many beers, but I wasn't I didn't that was over the
00:21:08First of all, of a long day and I had it, I had all the beers with into our. Yes, and you like very Huggy Huggy. It was very hard for me cuz I can't see you around the pond. I hug the guy, a Joshua Tree in London? That did not dead. Did not did not go. Well. I thought we bonded and I grabbed his shoulders when where the streets have no name hit and boy, even like that.
00:21:39Hey, buddy, you want to stop. Do you want to stay?
00:21:57This portion of our show is brought you by Otis elevators. I'm Dave Lay a vacation time is coming up and please don't make the same mistake that I made last year. Before you book your vacation plans, call your hotel and ask. If they have Otis elevators, if they don't, we'll just tell them to suck it and go to a hotel that does have Otis elevators. They're worth the ride every time.
00:22:26I was very skeptical about the new Batman. You were, I was extremely skeptical and I've said it before. I don't know why they keep making more Batman. Movie date, just a half-hour ago. You didn't act like was that man, but you don't have no problem with Spider-Man movies. They haven't beaten it to death yet. And actually, I did because I was very reluctant about going to Spider-Man like, why do they keep read me a Spider-Man? Why do they keep doing it? It just doesn't make any sense to me and I've forever and I stand by the statement. I wish that they would put their energy and their strengths and their creativity into original products that you and your exact quote was took Andrew to see a spider or Batman that it was dope. And I'm like well,
00:23:26Free superhero movie. We see. So I took the family to see it. Yeah. Oh my God. We absolutely love digit. It was amazing. I had put on my Facebook page as skeptical. I was and I could not believe that they picked Robert Pattinson to be Batman. I'm not against Robert Pattinson to me. He was good in there in the Harry Potter movies. We blew me away in 10 number that I didn't understand a thing about 10. I didn't either we didn't make it all the way through. I don't know what I would just like gave up and said yeah Christopher Nolan solutely. Loved the Batman Robert Pattinson killed. I cannot believe that was Colin Farrell playing the penguin. I didn't suck. That was Colin Farrell. It wasn't saying they're doing a mini series, The Penguin, my only problem with the movie was Catwoman. It's like they ran out of time.
00:24:26I took an old toboggan and cut the eyes out, you make it, okay. I was like that's the you know, when the Sam Raimi Spider-Man when he's walking around in a red hoodie and some shorts or whatever. You're like, you know, he's going to get the Spider-Man suit when I saw her with her, which you can, I'd love that you called his toboggan because I used to call it that until everyone made fun of me a college. Yeah, that's all I was saying all that's cute. That's her origin story. She's wearing anything and she said she's going to have like a leather or is asleep. So, there was anyway, so I posted on my Facebook page off that that next to Michael Keaton, Robert Pattinson was my favorite Batman and then said something that pissed me off flew, right up my nose. You said that Michael Keaton was an extremely overrated.
00:25:22Batman. What the hell did you just say? I'm Batman and I stand by. That is very overrated. I'd like to think of Michael Keaton's, Batman. I think he's exceptionally overrated and he, let me get your. There's a lot of I think I can explain why you think that they let me hear you. And I don't think you can't. I think I can't hear me out. You, you are allowed to make that determination and I respect your view of, you. Tell me that Michael Keaton is the best Batman. I respect your opinion and I will listen to you because you're old enough to remember Adam West, Michael Keaton. I don't count Clooney and Val Kilmer. Well, I do two people. Can we learn, I love him in the Lego movie, but Lego Batman drove by just, like, we were done point. It's okay. Is that there's really only a few Batman. Adam West is cute and, you know, right, that's fine.
00:26:22But it started what? Michael Keaton, Michael Keaton Christian Bale. And now you got Robert Pattinson. I don't count as like, I liked Affleck as Bruce, Wayne when he was Batman. Yeah. I was rolling. I was afraid. I was going to have a stroke. My eyes are rolling so far back, but there's a scene. There's a scene. I think it's in Batman v Superman. That means horrible Bruce Wayne. Yeah, but I think the best part of the movie is, when he's running up and protecting the girl from Wayne Enterprises building falling and he's he's as Bruce Wayne as like me and he's going to be awesome. And then the rest of the movie just proved me wrong so I don't count him. So in my opinion, it's Keaton. Like I said, Christian Bale and now we're past it. Now. Let me tell you what, I want to say Christian Bale's the best. Okay, I think for some bills, when I respect people of your age, in my age, saying I won't fight with you can come now if you're millennia,
00:27:21Can you say that to me? We're going to throw him, right, because you guys weren't in the theater. You didn't see it. You are listening to what someone told you. When you saw Batman for the first time with Michael Keaton. It was probably with a buddy who was stoned for stamps. And this is the best Batman, man. This is the best one. I know you. I know you Darren Cox went into the theater fresh in Batman. It with Jack, Nicholson. Everything and you came to the pinion, honestly, I respect it. Yeah, you're wrong, but I think Christian Bale Nails, Bruce Wayne and Nails Batman. Both at the same time. I think Michael Keaton is, I don't see him as Bruce, Wayne I see. Him is Michael Keaton. Playing a rich guy in that movie. I don't see him as Bruce Wayne when he's Batman. I kind of like it, but I still like Kristen Bell better.
00:28:19See, I think your opinion has probably tarnished over the years because you've seen Michael Keaton place. So many of the things I watch, I doubt that we had a payment when you first saw it, then I hit him. Tell me when I had to be compared with was Adam, when he was the best Christian Bale and I did watch the Michael Keaton Batman. With, in the past year. I got the kids together into one of my God, this is okay. So Christian Bale. Excellent after him. He was very good. Okay, and he was very good in that because of Christopher Nolan not Kevin. Owen Christopher Nolan, those three movie has a Nolan didn't have a Kevin only can go screw himself. So those three movies were amazing because of Christopher Nolan's Direction and his story and everything more so than Christian Bale's acting. Okay. My problem with Christian Bale.
00:29:19Got that got old with me. I get it, even though I admire the hell out of here, but I think he's a fantastic. He was great as Batman, and he was great as I'm talking. And I think, I think that the original Batman movie was a Tim Burton movie and penis size bicycle one in the Terminator. Tim. Burton's wackiness is probably. What has tarnished that movie. I'm sitting over overtime and I'm, I feel like a lot of people bleeds into their perception of a Batman biggest problem with the original Batman, Batman, Batman. Batman. He said, the lead role.
00:30:19Set a top billing / Jack Nicholson and that still pisses me off that Jack Nicholson, top billing and Keaton Batman that. Okay, will say, okay, and then they did the same thing with Schwarzenegger. He got top billing. Overall, Clooney Davido. Davido would have made a great. Yeah, so I want to talk about Pattinson as Batman. I think Pattinson, he wasn't DeVito penguin.
00:30:55It would have been great. I think I think Pat and Jen when he was Batman was emulating, the Christian Bale Batman. The Batman with the addition of looking like a hulking brute down in the comics. Batman is like 65. He's just massively muscled. It took me all the movie a little bit when he's Bruce Wayne and there's one scene where he's in like a bangs hanging at that. I'm okay with the bangs and the mascara. I had a problem and I had a problem with the black T-shirt and the spindly it look like he had spent in. There's a scene. He's wearing a black T-shirt. It looks like he has no muscle. Now. I understand that later in the movie. They have the official. I called the Matthew McConaughey shot, where he's for whatever reason, he has no shirt on and doing things. It's basically, we spent a half a million dollars with this guy in the gym. We're going to get our money's worth. And you see. Yes he has muscles but then it shows him. His Batman. Is he wearing platform shoes?
00:31:55Is he is, he wearing shoulder like, he looks like a linebacker and he is the most brutal, Batman fights. And I love that about this one. So Bale Bale was vicious, but he had a little bit of finesse in there. It showed, you know, in the Christopher Nolan when he was trained by ninjas or whatever, right? In this one. It was just like, you says, don't you know, who are you? I'm Vengeance. This is he's beating that dude and it shows his wife. I mean, it is hard core. I'm going to destroy you the chase scene where penguin thinks he's passed all yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.
00:32:38And he walks up and it's upside down and he looks that all. That's, that's great. I will say even though Bale is my favorite. I think by the way, if you haven't seen the Batman spoiler alert, yes, I did. That's in the trailer. That's on the trailer of the forces of evil.
00:32:58He does the voice change so that they say in the Christopher Nolan, once he's doing these going over the top. You have to pretend to not look like Bruce Wayne or not sound like, Bruce Wayne, whatever pans and does it more naturally, he's doing. He's also doing it. I think I'm going to go over there and, you know, get up, get cheese, bagel chocolate milk, but it's more natural. It's not as put on is Christian, Bale, shouldn't there be a law that says that you can't cross over? If you're in the Marvel universe that you shouldn't be allowed to cross over into the DC Universe games that are free. Right? Did that Jeffrey Wright as the voice of the, The Watcher? Okay, and what, if he's a great Alfred?
00:33:52I don't know, kind of a kind of bothers me that they keep giving all these great parts to the same actors and there's all these people struggling I would have been a great. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, so we didn't take Charlie, had to talk about some drama. Here's not a good parenting moment for me. I showed the whole family, the trailer, get everyone pump for Batman, and then I started thinking, I thought it was going to be our. I really did. I even told Charlie try not to be able to see if we are, it looks really brutal and then it came out as PG-13.
00:34:29So your birthday party, taking him to our movies before so that Charlie walk walk with me through this but Andrew went RoboCop. So walk with me. So tell me where you think my lunch, it breaks down. Okay? Best tells me that Charlie has a birthday party that I call. I want to take and read the Batman. Would it make sense for me to take him to Batman during the birthday party. The problem is, is that I'm taking a kid to see Batman. He's probably going to be talking about Batman. We also the birthday party is 1 hour. The Batman is 4 hours and 53 minutes. It's like Return of the Batman at one point. Also told her I'm in 45 minutes worth of trailer. It is well, we we came late. So I come on. I was expecting Batman at one point to turn the camera and say, for Frodo and rushed into the thing.
00:35:25No, we actually missed the first 5 minutes of the movie to get me and Andrew. We didn't leave the house until like 5 minutes before it started. Cuz I'm like, we're not sitting when what movie was it? We saw what was the last big movie? Dune Dune? It was a 30 minutes of trailers. He was up to insane. Like, Charlie wanted to leave before the movie even started. Never dawned on me that I would have to explain to Charlie that we didn't take him to go. See Batman. So best just told him and now he didn't, I get the text when we're coming home, that he's in tears. So I had to apologize to Charlie. I had to explain to him, but buddy is really brutal. It was really brutal. Yeah. I don't think you should see it when it comes out, when we can see it at home. And I now I know where the really bad parts are. I can fast-forward through this, and we'll walk the rest of the movie, Mark that out. So, anybody out there, that's not a parent yet or think about doing something like this. Don't just tell your kid before you go. I ain't taking you.
00:36:25Cuz I don't want you to grow up to be like a serial killer.
00:36:30This portion of our show is brought to you buy bananas. Delicious bananas, gave way. Have you ever noticed the bananas never heard of the other direction? Anyway, next time you go back to your local grocery store. Get some Whoppers. All beef footlong hot dogs and pick up a bunch of bananas. You'll be glad you did Back to use going to come get her.
00:36:53What did we get in the mail, dude? All right. I'm going to go through that. I'm so excited because you opened up. Oh, yeah, our address. If you want to send something to us for the show, but now you listen, for if you have what's called paper, if you can use a pencil or you can even type something, if you have a, oh my God, if anybody out there has a typewriter. I would love for you to type up, a clay tablet, and then you'll send it to Dad, syndrome, PO Box, 1472 West, Chester, Ohio, 45071. So I open this thing up when we started the podcast and I checked it.
00:37:42A few days ago and we had some things I had, and I think they're pissed because there were multiple Uline catalogs crammed in there, with the smell. So the first thing I get is from the regional income tax agency. Okay? To Cloud 9 Vapor Lounge, that's clearly. Not. I got something for someone named Greta. Haha. It says, important open immediately. I'm not opening that because I'm not greater, right? We got something for Batteries. It's not just great. It is greater greater. We get something for Batteries, Plus or current business. Is it bolts and everything? Okay. Okay, domain registry for Airborne drone.
00:38:25Lisa Ferguson and Chris use a boy in this was sent on December 4th year 2021.
00:38:37Is this like 4 months ago? So I'm going to open this?
00:38:42They're they're two of our biggest day today are to guess. Yes. Is banned from the show all look. It's a it's a it's a Christmas card. It says Merry Christmas and it shows work.
00:38:57See that?
00:38:59Call Chris. That's really weird. That very realistic. Now, so I'm going to I'm going to read this dear Mike and Darren. We love your show. More than Little Debbie Christmas trees. Oh my God, that's a lot. Love to you and your family throughout the holiday season. Also, give Vicki and booba a kiss from us. You can kiss your rabbit. Will it take your dog to double turn my face off and of course pass on our warm holiday wishes to Dave Lay as well. Love Lisa, and then Chris sign off of
00:39:50He was passed out. I could draw my name and I can make it.
00:40:01She was in the process of murdering him and demanded that he tell her heart into it.
00:40:15So I want to thank Lisa or we're going to need some Proof of Life, man. We need you to.
00:40:24Send us a comment, something. We need to make sure your whole lot, but I think that was very, very nice. Very nice. Thank you guys for doing that. And and I'm very sincere. When I say, this is Chris and Lisa are both patrons of our show. They like our podcast so much that they financially contribute and they help us keep this thing going afloat. And I absolutely thank you so much for that. And if you would like to become a patron you can do so by going to irritable bowel syndrome. Calm. Go to patreon and that you can click on that. There's several different plan. So you can sign up for all kinds of cool free merchandise that you get a bonus content. So yeah, do that be like Chris and then this particular
00:41:14Hey kids, it's now time for Dave's Comedy Corner when I was a single guy. I kept my remote control on the coffee table. And now that I'm married. I keep my remote in a basket on the coffee table.
00:41:30This has been Dave's Comedy Corner.
00:41:37So you want to talk about radio commercials? Yeah, I was driving in the car and a commercial comes on. It says that the only thing worse than being stuck in traffic is being stuck in traffic with hours and I'm thinking that's not true.
00:41:54Does, there are plenty of things worse, than being stuck in traffic with allergies? Like, you could have a sick kid in the, in the backseat could be sick. You could need to pull over and throw up. We have to have to like, seriously, go to you. Go to White Castle, sliders not make it home in time. You really need to get out of the car. That's where were those? Okay. I know you're sitting there. You got one hand on the wound, one hand on the wheel and you're driving, hoping that you can get to the emergency room before you bleed out. And I know you're not thinking you stuck in traffic, without I know you, you could be stuck in traffic, if somebody starts playing a Steven Segal movie on their iPad. What happened?
00:42:43So that's one. And the other one that really stuck out was the radio commercial says, do you crave fresh delicious produce, but it's not in your budget. Like how poor are you? If you can't afford fresh delicious produce if you're walking through Kroger and you got your kid Daddy, can I ask?
00:43:03We can't afford it to me so I can walk past the cherries and then you go to the frozen food section and then you get the Frozen cherries. Yeah, that's like you can't afford a watermelon. Are you serious? I mean, come on, they're not that expensive. And I tell you something about watermelon and pineapple. I'm excited that it's starting to get warmer because I'm looking for the day. Haha, something that we love to do is grill out and we need a new grill. So we need to do something about that. We'd also like to cut up the watermelon. Why do you ask?
00:43:37Say I can I can say the best we need to, we should get a new grill and it's like I can't say this. I need to get assigned fear inoculum for 750 or $810. I get met with a stair, right?
00:43:51I need my fans to help me through that type of situation, but they didn't. That's okay. I'm not bitter. One of our other big fans of the show is stumped Woodley. I know his real name. I went to college with this guy is with us lives. Every, every recording all the time, back in college. So I hadn't talked to him in a very long time, cuz I've been way too long and I went to Tennessee over the weekend to see. My mom, my mom sold her house. She bought a new house up here pretty soon. She's going to live a couple miles down the street from me. Okay, so I'm driving down there and I thought I'm going to give stump a call cuz I haven't talked to him. Just now when you call. You need to set aside a long. Of time, especially if you're a guy like me, does wood stop when I get on the phone, we can talk for a very long time and I never get tired of talking to a guy on the phone.
00:44:51Funny. He's got three stories. We talked about all kinds of things. So I'm driving down and I'm in the middle of a very good conversation with him and he's talking about a lot of things that went on with his dad and I'm trying to settle some things. His dad passed away when the phone rings in, and it's my wife. And, and I thought, well, I'll call her back then then she rings in again. And I thought, okay. I've been in the car for 4 hours. She's calling to check. She probably thinks I swerved off the road dead or something. I should in some like hate listen to hang on. One second house is on fire or something's going on. How's it going? I said, okay, great. What's going on? Oh, we're just having dinner. I'm like, okay, I've got you know, I got stuff on there. She goes. Well sticky, it a blueberry.
00:45:49Okay, it is. Okay and
00:45:55What's the proper protocol? For a response to that fire? Right? They had eaten dinner, but nothing else is going on cuz she clearly was just calling to see how I was doing. She could tell that I'm fine. Yeah, right. So, I'm searching for something to say exactly what we said, taking a blueberry. I'm just wondering. All right. I'm going to jump on the line. She's like, oh, like it's more important than you think eating blueberries.
00:46:37You haven't said anything outside of the rabbit eat a blueberry, you know, that's a lie. And you know, okay. Well, I love you and I'll call you when I get to Mom's house reminds me of Mom a couple years ago. I got a she she called. Okay, and I was working and I couldn't answer the phone. She called a second time because I still couldn't answer the phone because I was in the middle of a shoot cameras in the lights and everything, and she called, none of these times. She left a message. Okay, she's just she fell down. The well, is she at the doctor? Did my grandmother died again. Couldn't possibly.
00:47:37It would be newsworthy of a call if she died a second time. So I finally got to a point where I could call her back. Hey, Mom, what's going on sale at Kmart tide. Sorry. Thanks, Mom. Wow.
00:47:56I've got a quick and a very quick Kroger story of the week all it's time. Now for the Kroger story of the week.
00:48:07Thank you, babe.
00:48:09When is the Kroger that I'm walking around, only need a couple things where you in search of Adventure. I'm still at I'm walking through the frozen food section, and I noticed that Tyson has there. Not just chicken nuggets are Tyson nuggets of love you.
00:48:28And I am desperately trying to get in touch with the Tyson people to see if they will advertise on Hour podcast. So because I think nuggets of Love is the perfect product. So I have a step sister and she's married to the man now, but at the time he was her boyfriend and she called him her nuggets and she had a song that she sang called nugget of my love and she would seeing no way back in the 90s more of a gradual thing. I can't remember but that was the first one. I saw a nugget of love. I need to tell that on the podcast and I've just never I've never had the strength to do it cuz it doesn't really go anywhere. It's just like me. I have a thing that mentions that stuff in there.
00:49:28Waka waka waka.
00:49:34We were at church a couple weeks ago. I had, this is another very quick story. A friend of Libby's comes up and she starts talking to us. And let me says, I'll be right back. I've got to go check out of my nose. And then I'm talking to this woman again. She's a friend of Libby's. I know her. I don't know her name. I just know her because Lily says hi to her when we were at church. So, you're left alone with this person. And I asked me if I was excited about the van. No, the Mandalorian on the recent recently had this a couple weeks ago, how she had it. Threw me, off-guard. Yeah, and I said, yes, I am it. So, I don't know when and I said, but Mandalorian was like the thing that saves the the Boba Fett series and she said, yeah, we love Boba Fett, Boba Fett.
00:50:34Boba Fett, it's not a not a dog bow, bow, Bruce Willis's album honkin, with Bobo.
00:50:48Why why did you have to bring that up? I know that stuff failed. I've failed exams that were critical to my career. But I know that Bruce Willis had an album called Hawk. And with bo, bo bo bo.
00:51:07Do you know? It's cute. She wouldn't she wouldn't stop saying, Bobo Fett. You know, what? Let's talk about nerd culture. A little bit here. It's kind of annoying, to me. It's an affront to me as a nerd as a lifelong nerd to suddenly have nerd culture. I mean it so it's nice that it comes into the the mainstream like that. But then when you see with people nobody, no self-respecting Star Wars fan who sat in the theater and watch, Lux with that Tan Tan open, whatever, come back, forty years later, 20-30 years later, and say, Bobo Fett could be shot. Dead.
00:51:44Put Cindy can knitting or doing her Wordle, the mandalorians on in the background. So fat. No, it's not. I have two two pieces of each other's one. That would start a bar fight over something like that. And then there's another piece of me when someone says always baby Yoda and somebody else's, baby freaking do it. That's what it is. Right? It's not good. I don't care that. That's what it says. It is.
00:52:35So those two beings live simultaneously and me it is like it's like if you're an independent and you walk into a room full of Republicans, you'll be the Democrat and if you're if you walk into a room full of Democrats will be the Republican nominee. I'll walk in if I walk into like a Warhammer convention or a whatever I'll be the guy has a bunch of nerds. What are you doing with your greasy self? And then if I go into a Super Bowl party, as much as let's play, Dungeons & Dragons,
00:53:11I'm at war with myself.
00:53:14If I'm comfortable there.
00:53:18What happened? Okay, so I have a question and this is been going on for centuries. The dawn of time, the pantheon or whatever. Why when you have a party, huh? Why do people stand in the kitchen when there's couches and and it's like there's other parts of the house yet every party. I've been to. And I don't mean to brag, but I will say yeah. Yeah, but why do they stand in the kitchen? I have a very logical answer to this. Okay. I thought about this for the past 10 seconds.
00:54:06So the main reason they stay in the kitchen where ever, you are in a party, the surroundings cut a dictate where the conversations going to go and what's going to happen. All right, but in the kitchen, you have an opportunity. If you're talking to an idiot or somebody you want to talk to you, you could say, I'm going to go over here and get some cheese or I'm going to go get a cracker and then just kind of Wonder way or you can be eating and you could be enjoying the food and listen to whatever this Blair about the say it in front of you and it doesn't matter if you want to get something for someone. If you want to show that, you know, if you want to be nice, you can say, ah, can I get you a piece of pumpkin pie?
00:54:47That's a happen. If you can. Give me some if you go to the living room or the dining room, and there's no food in there. Now. You don't have anything to do, but talk unless you get control of the sound system, but that's, that's very happens, very rarely, right? And that's like God, level of the party. You don't know if you end up in your talking to somebody and you're in a random bedroom. And if you're in the bathroom, something definitely happened. That should not have happened or should not be currently happening. So, out of all of those, the real safe place to be, is the kitchen. There's utility in the kitchen while yes, the end. I'm going to somewhat agree with you.
00:55:35But if you're in another part of the house that I say, you're in the downstairs, like you're in the movie room with somebody and they're really, it's like they're talking about cribbage. It's like I'm done. I'm going to go upstairs and get something to drink because it here in the kitchen. Then you don't have any plan. Yeah, I'll mess. You say I'm going to bathroom. Okay, and then you could end up in what we consider all ready to be the worst possible situation. What do you do when you're at a party? And someone is Jama, turn your ears off. Do you like forget something that was in the car or do you and your wife have a system? It wears on he'll weenie. Berated. I am I if I am just getting to the party. I kind of do the thing that you do when you don't lie here. With the person saying is I could just leave when I go talk to somebody else or I leave the room, right? If I'm hammered. I will try to annoy that person.
00:56:38I like, I like I go a number different steps first. I start with one-upmanship. I Don't Care What They're talkin, right? It's like that. I caught the biggest fish, really, and I cut the Kraken, whatever just make it. I'm coming up. If they're talking about disgusting thing. I'll be like the Billy Crystal, the Saturday Night Live, Like I am back and forth for I hate when that happens. It happens. I tried it out. Jerk. Whoever it is for the benefit of whoever happened to be with him with bass. She sometimes enjoys that show. Sometimes It embarrasses her and she'll walk away from with some jackass. Like you, you would be you would be giggling and laughing yourself a long while I'm sitting here going
00:57:32But that was the style at the time.
00:57:36We'll did that back in the 80s is like I don't let me ask you this. Have you ever called the fair at the next day?
00:57:43There have been two times. I've been at a party and I have been in the bathroom and I've done my deal. Yay. You watching my hands, the door comes open and a girl comes in. Okay. I know all wait for you to be done via the girl proceeded to walk right past me. Ojediran drops or pan. Okay, and uses the bath, okay, and there wasn't even that don't look, there's like a couple level of comfort there whenever Libby has lit. My wife is a nurse. Okay, I work in television are crowds. Don't mix them very well doctors and nurses whatever, don't really know them. Since they are doctors and nurses seem to really be kinda, there's like a fascination with whistling and people who work in television, but when my TV judges are there.
00:58:43Really get fascinated with the nurses. So, the rule is, when I go to a party with my wife was one of her work people at the first thing, I ask is a, my allowed to speak. And he always says, no not, unless I not, unless I say. So, okay. So we were at a party one time and this woman was there, and she was giving her husband down the road, because she sent out a bunch of invitations. She wrote up all these invitations, put them in the envelopes and it was his job to stamp them and take them to the post office. So, what did he do? He put the stamp. She's a pretty, put a stamp and one of her female stuff princesses up in the upper right corner. That's where you put the stamp. Where did he put it in the middle of the envelope in the middle, and she, you would have thought that he
00:59:43How awful he was and I just stood up and I said did the invitations get where they were going. She said yeah.
00:59:50He's like, yeah. Yeah, it is problem. So it didn't look to me like it's time to go.
01:00:09What is this is Ben episode 81. We want to thank you. Once again for joining us a. We appreciate you listening and we hope you go to a beautiful dancing, listen to previous episodes and we hope that you come back again next week. And this has been your whole dancing. If you have a question for Mike and Darren, or maybe you have a romantic letter for me. Send it to her Facebook page and I'll read it on. The are the one get writing will see you next time.
01:00:47We hope that you come back again next week, and this has been your dad syndrome.
01:00:57I'll have to keep that in there. That's what she said.
01:01:11Lyrics of there's a Marvel Stan Lee Marvel, you all wrapped up. Okay.
- Wenbin
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