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Sept. 7, 2021

IDS #54 - The Legend of Truck Nuts Troy

IDS #54 - The Legend of Truck Nuts Troy
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Mike talks about Nick's Ice Cream, and Darin has issues with Alexa's pause style.  We visit the Kro-Bar - and Darin talks about the Kroger history guy!  Mike tells an olden tale of working at Lazarus and Darin was doin' the crate thing at Winn-Dixie before it was a thing! 
We play Dave Lay voicemails, Darin hates math, and yet another Chick-Fil-A drive thru tale from Mike!

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00:00:00We got super fun and games. We got everything you want.
00:00:05Batgirl and yellow. See that hello? Come sit next to me. You're so sexy, it hurts.
00:00:24The time.
00:00:33In the Midnight Hour. She cried. No.
00:00:54Cuz I don't want to miss a second of this from West Chester, Ohio. The hottest spot north of Havana is irritable dead syndrome. Here. Are your hosts Mike and Vera?
00:01:13Text Dave, I'm Mike. I'm Darren. Welcome to irritable Down syndrome. This is episode 54.
00:01:19Nomad Nomad. Keep going, keep it on. I'm very excited because we've had, and what? We've had an exciting week and we have, yeah, we record this show a week in advance. So we are getting the totals in for our best of episode with his episode 52 in our defense. We thought it was funny. The best of your want this show, solutely just blew the rest of our episodes out of the water and it's become our most popular episode of all time, and I want to thank our loyalists Thursday. I want to thank our brand new listeners and are done making that happen in our just a little lizard. Our disloyal listeners can suck it excited because, you know, we put a lot of work into that episode. He have people loved it, and that's just great. So, thank you so much for, for downloading it. If thank you for listening. If you haven't heard it yet, episode 52 our best of it wraps up. Its the greatest.
00:02:19Of our first year. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, there's some good stuff in there really was really awful terrible did that we would never do. We have really disagree with you, but everything else is wonderful. I was telling my wife about the episode. She hadn't heard yet. We're at the house, were cleaning the rest of it. And so, she had the bright idea. Let's listen to it as a family, right? That's why were straightening up the house. That's a good sign. But yeah, so we're cleaning house. We're all doing are things. No one's listening to The Pike and we're listening to it on Alexa. Okay, so every couple minutes, Alexa pause, Alexa, pause the episode. And then let me tell the boys. I need you to do something or Jacob will ask a question and someone will start a conversation. That no one's listening to the podcast.
00:03:12We resume it. Alexa says resuming your evil. Dad syndrome episode 52 in our defense. We thought it was funny, the best of your one. It gives me all that in seconds. It backs up a little miss something. It's painful because they kept pausing the podcast. I like, why do you guys podcast? Every it takes forever to start back up. Again in the anyway, we're listening to it. And my youngest son, Cameron really isn't paying attention to him. We get to the part of the show where you're talking about putting salsa in your son's off Sasa, dropping accidentally in the Bible. Phil accidentally into Charlie's. I so you're telling the story and you're like, I love salsa. I it's also the time I like to mix salsa. I'm so this time I'm eating Salsa & Salsa & Salsa.
00:04:12About salsa and you got a cereal bowl. Full of salsa. You take the chip you pick up the salsa moving it towards your mouth, to eat. The salsa called your wife. I like, oh my God, I dropped salsa and Charlie's II and characters. What did he dropping? Charlie's? I talk it for five minutes about Salsa, Salsa, Salsa, Salsa and everything that you've shown this child. Like, all 22. We have to re-watch all the Marvel movies now.
00:04:49I mean we will. Yeah, cuz we like it that's kind of like at the end of it. It's kind of like getting all the way to return the king and say.
00:05:01What you doing with that? Was that little leaf bracelet? They had. It's like my mom said, the Lord of the Rings, trying to explain the movie to her. She's, as I understand the movie. Everybody wants the ring. Nobody can have the ring. You move on, cool. Thanks, Mom. Some reviews have come in for the show. Ted Hardin said, irritable. Dad, syndrome, episode. 52 is really funny. I mean, in all caps, really funny, you and Mike should be proud. We Are. Thank you, Steve broad wolf from Chicago says, Dear irritable bowel syndrome. You guys are great! Like, hanging out at the bar with two buddies who don't let you talk, really good. We're good at that. We won't. We don't let each other talk, especially you and then Shannon in Tennessee said, dear irritable, Down syndrome. It's a rare to hear such a well-produced podcast.
00:06:01Book show. They're usually just clips and yeah, thank you. We appreciate that. You enjoy it. And we appreciate so nice to know that the the normal clip show is just a bunch of Clips. Yes, so that when we do your two, we don't have to do all this again. We can just throw a bunch of Clips out there. Now, we didn't this wasn't a review but a fan of the show sent us a message. Kate, helping your dad. He's a big fan of the show. You're always talking about ice cream. It's a very important to, yes. So, she sent us a picture of these ice cream sandwiches, that boy fat boy Ice Cream Sandwich again and you don't give a damn if you had one, I have not. But they look, delish. I'm going to go get some about 8 to 10 packages. So we have a freezer downstairs, so we can store them there. I wanted to thank Kate, for hitting us up with these. Does this weight?
00:07:01Don't wait till we actually eat. What I wanted to say was next time instead of just sending us a photo of ice cream sandwiches. Send us some ice cream sandwiches. Yeah. Mail them to us in August, exactly. You can put them in a box with a dry ice yet. We did we ordered mail order ice cream that we ordered Nick's ice cream. Okay. It's like the brand. It's not like some guy. Nick, they stole his sleep. Is it popped up? Because this may surprise some listeners. I talk about ice cream and awful, lot all the time and we have our phone down here. Is my phone is listening to me. So Facebook is costly trying to Market back to me stuff that we talked about ever since this podcast started to think Facebook thinks I'm a psycho. So it started it started marketing nicktron, dream in Nick's, ice cream is Swedish annoyingly. Swedish my buddy, Nick made some ice cream and
00:08:01Every letters Capital except for the eye. It's kind of annoying and they they do, you know, vanilla instead of vanilla its Vonage fart in in instead of Friday. They say, happy for dog. I already ate. The cool thing is, is that it kept talking about how it's healthy. Listen to me, and what caught my eye was, it's a hundred fifty calories per pint. Nothing for me to kill a pint of Ben & Jerry's. Pint of Ben & Jerry's is a lot of calories and I thought. Wow, that's worth trying. And then see how much it cost. It's a super expensive and it's you have to do much for a 75.
00:09:0110 bucks height, compared to a minimum of six.
00:09:09So we paid a lot for the later ice cream cops. Yeah, and so I ordered that, I didn't tell Beth how much I ordered but it came in a package was about the size of a small refrigerator cuz it's packing all this dry out in the dry ice. Now my wife and kids test tasted taste test, taste test case tested it and I got some reviews before I even got home. Okay, when I tried it it taste like regular ice cream. It really does. There's there's weird and it has an odd aftertaste after case. And my teeth are getting in my way again, after that after taste that it doesn't have one. So think about the next time, next time you eat ice cream. There is a nice creamy aftertaste. I'm confused after you eat this stuff. It's like you drink a glass of water. There's no aftertaste. It's odd. It's a little unsettling you because you're thinking I know I just ate some ice cream, right? I can feel it in my stomach, but there's no like weird ice cream ish. I'm not me. Okay, it's really
00:10:09They use like corn silk or is cornstarch and stuff to give it a creamy so that it's it's odd. If you look up the ingredients that goes into it. It's like beat testicles and
00:10:22Like stop like stop broccoli dreams. It's it's weird. Testicles and broccoli dreams, go into this. And if you read the original, like, oh my Lord, and then bitching, you eat. It is like it taste like ice cream like actual real, OK, Google ice cream, but it's so damn expensive ring doorbells premium. Okay? Okay. Okay corbels are premium.
00:10:54And I've got, I think I've fallen in love with Blue Bunny, Ice Cream bars. Okay, I went to Kroger right before they show, part of the reason. I walked in 5 minutes before you came as opposed to being here, like an hour because I went to Kroger to get Blue Bunny. I've been to Kroger everyday for the past week. They've been out of Blue Bunny Ice Cream bars. The entire time I've had to eat the snowboard penguin snowboarding down the thing, and then I had to the Klondike where it's crunchy. And every time I've been into that, that piss me off yappin, about ice cream sandwiches, so I got out of this podcast and I drove out and I got me me. Darren ice cream sandwiches. I paid for him. I eat them. Okay, they found them and they ate over half of them than that. Just piss you off. I scream sandwiches, and I've talked about this before because I bring it up to the kids and Bess.
00:11:54All the time, but I'll say it again. Nothing big's my groin. More than just my Coy. Nothing jumps my coin, more than when somebody staying in there, eating an ice cream sandwich that you bought for yourself. This isn't that good and they just keep eating it and complaining about it until it's gone. Are you is wrong with? You got a lot of nerve disgust me.
00:12:17This portion of irritable dead syndrome is brought you by crank Cola. There's nothing more refreshing than a nice cold bottle of crank. That's right. Great. Cola isn't available and a, can the fine folks at Frank refused to sell their soda in anything, but a glass bottle just like God intended. It's available in cherry vanilla and now their newest flavor Beach. So grab a bottle of crank today, the old fashioned soda that comes in a bottle and stays busy longer. Now back to the show.
00:12:46Speaking of Kroger. Yeah, we you and I when I cried during when we went to the crowbar.
00:12:54It's time now for the Kroger story of the week. Drina an event. Yeah, it was on a Thursday night. There was a singer, a guitar Carlo is up there with his guitar singing Eagles, the greatest hits of the and catching the 71 and 72. I think you played something. He played on Eric Clapton play Crossroads, then he did. I imagine that in my head might have all I know is he play the song and then the people who were sitting right in front of them liked it so much to ask him to play it again and he played it Again. Play the damn song twice in and we went up. We ordered a beer. Yeah. Beer was good. Pretty good. Yeah, and that I've ever asked the bartender. Can we call her apart energy? And seem like, I don't even know if she worked there. I would call her a server. I think it was somebody that just kind of wondered Behind The Barn, took their money for the Short Straw. So I said, can we walk around the store with r?
00:13:53Because that to me seems alien, I know the way that she said, yeah, it was like what? I don't care what you do and she would have given the same response. Do I have to work clothes? Oh, we just start walking around Kroger with store with our beer, and you set your beer down a cantaloupe that ended up on the website. We looked at some air filters, serial some cereal, a watermelon.
00:14:23Beats. We saw some beats. Yeah. Well some really fine and wet beat the. I touch the Beats. Yeah, would you like to touch my Beats? No, we didn't go to the butter section. I've always talked about when we're going to go to the Crowbar. I'd end up over in the butter. And yeah, it was so weird.
00:14:43Drinking beer in the middle of a grocery store. The beer was good. And there were how many people told us. It was like the best bar in town with her like 20 people there. Like four or five people. We talk after that. And that's the next pieces. We talk to people there. Any of this is the best bar I've ever been to in one gentleman. It's been a long time, talking to us. Yeah, and he was just being very logical. Like, why do you come here? I live down there. I work over there. The road goes past it. I want a beer. I got to get some grocery shopping done. Stop by you get your beer and get your beer to get Hammer, to do your grocery shopping and you go home. Yeah. That's the American dream. Yeah, and they're, they're like all the time and so many people told us. It's the best bar in town.
00:15:38Okay, and one guy, there was one guy sitting at the bar. Last call. I'm Norm. Okay, he pointed over at the the beer case and said you ain't just go over there and grab a beer and come over here and exactly a drink it if the bartender isn't there to operate the tap. Yeah, then you can go to the to the scene that seem Shady to me so that I can okay, whatever you want, walk with me down this road. Okay. So what he said was if the bartender's not there you can go over and grab the can and come back over to the bar and drink it. So right, I guess it's a bartender's not there. So am I required to come back or can I just go over to the case and get a beer? Cuz they said, we could walk around the store at the beer and drink it and then say hide the empty behind toilet paper and then wander back around and get another beer course, that would be dishonest to the way she
00:16:38How old is Hayes water? And whenever I don't think anybody would notice. So, I'm thinking.
00:16:45Okay. Now I want to go to jail. I don't want to go to Kroger jail. If they got one of them. Once you use your Kroger Plus card to get to know. So the beer was good, and everyone says, yeah, there's only like $3 for a pint or the beer wasn't expensive know that it was good.
00:17:10But still, I'm not used to drinking a beer. While people are walking past me with a grocery cart GM stuff. Their load their good. Picking up their kids birthday cake. They're getting ready to go. Get some shrimp, drinking a beer. So I'll leave the bar and walk through the floral department.
00:17:36To get to behind the Starbucks to get into the go potty. I'm just not used to. It was fine. The people there were really nice and after, you know, all the weeks and weeks and weeks and weeks of us talking about the Crowbar, respond actually go and then went there and it was a lot of fun and if you'd like to see pictures of it, go to our website, irritable Down syndrome. Calm and look under the gallery section and there you'll see me holding some beats and Mike looking at an air filter. Doesn't get more exciting than that. I have another Kroger story. Okay, whenever I'm shopping at Kroger.
00:18:15When I'm about to check out. There's a cashier there. Who, who I always go through his line. This guy is the one who gives me the history lesson. One time. I was checking out and just add a know where, you know, it was back in the Confederacy when Andrew Jackson, blah, blah, blah, blah, and he'll give me a history lesson the entire time. He's checking me out, check out my groceries. The one time he was talking about Andrew Jackson. There was another time where he was talking about the nickel course, we all know the nickel when it was originally, you know, made it was made out of silver, which they called the halftime show. Okay, and it wasn't like a 1873 or a 74, whatever that they finally started making it out of nickel. And that's when they called it, the nickel I'm like, okay, so I can hear is your receipt and thanks for shopping with us.
00:19:14I like what are we going to talk about this. So his line is open and I go through it and I'm wearing a Jimmy Buffett t-shirt from when I saw him back in. 2007, I go through the line. He says, how you doing. Did you find everything today? And I said, yeah, I'm great. And the bag boy says it was like, paper plastic, and I said, plastic spine. And and yes, please put my milk in the plastic and the, the cashier listen to go say, I like that shirt. I said, well, thanks. That's really nice. Then. He looks at the day to go to 2007, Old course, 2007 was the year that John Cena in WrestleMania with Shawn Michaels.
00:19:55Yeah. I don't know anything about WrestleMania, but he's talking about, you know, that and what a match that was mean. I still haven't seen the end of it, but I hear it's amazing.
00:20:05And I like you 14 years ago. I think it's over by now. And of course, of course, of course, that's nothing compared to the career-ending match that Ric Flair and he said he was going to retire that. Vince McMahon said, yeah, you were going to retire and something, something and then wrestling and WrestleMania on blah blah. John Cena, and here's your receipt. Thank you.
00:20:42Wow, okay. Yeah know the funny thing is like a month or so ago. I'm at Kroger with my son Jacob and I see this cashier, I said we're going through this register because he always has you know, history lessons, we go through there if Andrew Jackson and the and the Confederacy. Yeah. So while we were at the Crowbar, okay, you brought up a fantastic story about your first job. Oh, yeah. Yeah, and I can't believe I haven't told this but I really haven't I went back there. I have not told this story when I was in the college about three or four months before I graduated. I had a job lined up as an engineer probably about 2 or 3 weeks before I graduated the company went out of business and I would have seen you think somebody would have
00:21:42Not coming directly. You don't hire somebody three months before you go out of business, but that happen. So where I'm from there is the mall. So here we have multiple malls, but where I grew up there was the mall and you go to the mall and that's where the stores are. So I applied to almost every place in there. I went all the way around. Apply them. Like I'm going to get a job within 30 minutes by the time I get to the last time. The first place to be waving me over no calls for like 2 weeks. I talked to my dad. He's like, did you did you apply to everywhere and you haven't got anything to sleep now. He's like, did you put engineering degree on your application by any chance? I like yeah. Oh, yeah, of course. He's like, they're not going to hire you. There is like is there any place you didn't apply it like Lazarus and don't tell him that you know anything about
00:22:42So I go there is like Macy's or something like that. Yeah, I filled out the application on the education. I can't remember if I put that. I graduated high school or anything. I, I think I am being interviewed by my person. That was going to end up being my boss is awesome guy. He's like a, it's like, so you're coming here. Straight out of high school with you, your 20, something. When I'm like, yeah. I just had built around a little bit, just a college. Not for me. I'm not going to care if she's got no way.
00:23:22And they ended up hiring me and was like, wow, this is awesome. So I've learned A Life Lesson. So I get I get in there. I have this job. Okay, my boss was awesome. So I'm working there. So my job was, I was in the menswear? Okay? Like that the nice shirts on the ties and jackets and I go in a nice lady that work there and she's showing me the ropes. And she said, most of the people that are your customers are going to be women coming in to shop for their boyfriends or husbands Robert. And they just want your help in figuring out which tie goes with, which shirt. I like. I don't know which Tigers sweatshirt. You said, you don't have to know which. You just have to know more than what they know. Is that all you have to know is if he'll bring you either a shirt or a tie and then you go find whatever. The other one is that has a color that matches. What they're showing you. So she's like Testament. Here's a blue shirt. I went over, there was all these ties that have blue and it's like, so it doesn't matter which it does. It have blue like the oldest one is blue.
00:24:22I put that on there and show it to him. You want to be really fancy and grab all the ones that have blue and point them out. She's like maybe .21 and say this one has a certain we mom. Yeah, it didn't delete it up. It'll be wonderful. She showed me that. And then she showed me how to fold those shirts and put the pins on them. Okay, so it's like with this job. So that's what I did all day and it was she was true out of all the customers at nine out of ten. Customers was like a lady, can, my husband has nothing and the thing he likes yellow shirt.
00:24:59Do you have yellow shirts? Go. There's a yellow shirt. Oh my Lord. There's a tie with yellow in it. That's amazing. Here's another one with yellow and brown when I get to, well, more conservative. Like, you know, if he's lazy and Architectural person, would you prefer us to his over at Saint crossword? Puzzle. Go through this whole thing and I was eating that job up. I loved it. Okay. I'm still looking for a normal job outside of that, through the course of this. I did start interviewing with an actual engineering company and we're going to eat but he usually takes a long time to go back and interview multiple times. I'm still working at Lazarus while that's going on and I had a moment where they so there was my boss when was a manager of my department and there was a boss on the other side. This lady was a manager of that department. She would cover
00:25:59So, she came over and there was a day when I was closing and the, the department across from me came over this girl. So, when the most she's like, I need change for a 20, I don't have XYZ in my thing on give you the 20, take this way. Do this. Where do you wear it all down on the paper? I'm like, well, as she's like to show what's her face when she comes over to be fine. What's your face? Comes over at the end of the thing. She's starting to look over my shoulder while I'm closing the register and she's got your $20 short. I'm $20 short because and I'm pulling out the paper to show her this thing. And she says, I can you do you know how to count. I'm about to put in my two weeks. I find out that my boss is quitting my the cool boss. Okay. So there's a bar like a mile down the road from the mall ever. Going to have his going away party.
00:26:59The bar the bar and I got a lot. So we're having a beer together and you know, it just comes up like what I do for you. Is there another Lazarus somewhere until he starts laughing? Like I'm going to believe the company out these like I'm going to work at the like what are you going to do for that? Like I'm a chemist like you're a chemist.
00:27:23You have a degree in chemistry and he and he started laughing, like, yeah, I was like, do these people know who's Lazarus now and he's like, no, they're not going to hire anybody with a chemistry degree.
00:27:35And I started laughing like you're laughing. I'm like, I had another job to was going to put in my two weeks. She's like, what are you going out? I told him haha. I like I'm a chemical engineer. He starts laughing himself, silly. I so we are laughing. Having this whole thing about this. Haha. Both of us did the same thing. He didn't he wasn't mad at me all because he had done the same thing with with his boss, right? And we thought it was. Hi Larry. What did you guys both have like, after that was like a let's talk about, Bunsen burners and mixing.
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00:29:00I think I told you my first job that had in high school. Was that a Winn-Dixie grocery store? Okay, and is primarily in Southern States from Florida up to? I don't know if it went into Kentucky or not. I think it did, it doesn't matter. Anyway, so I worked at Winn-Dixie for well over five years and I love this job and I was actually going to go into in all I had business training there. I was going to be a store manager. That was most my total plan for life, you know, just to work in the grocery business. I loved it and but that just couple stories that stick out from my time at Winn-Dixie one.
00:29:41Cashiers, under-18 couldn't card people for beer. Then you had to someone who is of age, which was me, I would go, and I would scan the beer for them. So this cashier was she was bringing this guy up and he had beer and she says, Darren. Can you bring the spirit for me? I walk over and I look at the guy and I figure, he looks and I scan the beer when my boss comes down here cuz I need to check your texts, the guys ID and then he says Darren I need to talk to you for a second and he walks me over. This guy was so awesome. Never would ask you out in front of customers. We didn't really listen and less of customer looks like they're 25. You card them and I said, yes. Yes, sir. Absolutely. I said I will.
00:30:41Are people more often? I absolutely I mean I thought he was around 27, but absolutely, I'm sorry. I didn't call you and my boss had this look on his face. And I said, just curious. How old was the guy cases?
00:30:55He was 27 Winn-Dixie was when I worked in the dairy frozen food department, and I was always filling up milk. And milk comes 4, gallons to a cradily. You are those people like behind like cuz at Kroger when you open the thing, there's always people Milling around back there or has their store set up differently than we had it. Okay, at Winn-Dixie, Winn-Dixie had the coffin cases you leaned over to put it out and then the milk you put on the Shelf, use stacked. It in there from the from the front. Okay, so putting milk on the Shelf. Okay, this little girl comes down and she's got a balloon, and she actually lets go of it and it goes all the way up to the ceiling. And she starts to cry and I said, hang on, hang on.
00:31:55I said I think I can get this. So instead of me, we had this old old rickety wooden ladder is like 40 ft tall or something. I was going to get that. I took the milk crates and I'm the one upside down and then two and then three and four. And I made that such a nasty out of milk crates. I could have fallen to my death seriously, but I I stacked it till like maybe 5 and I got up enough to grab the balloon and I have brought it down ahead of time. So there's your balloon. And what did she say? Not a damn thing ran off. And I'm like, you're welcome. So you did the milk crate thing before it was cool. Yeah. I don't know what you're talkin. It's just it's like the big meme. It's like this week. It's a thing. Just videos of people stacking milk crates and they try to walk on them with then they fall. I had no I had no idea.
00:32:55It's all over and I am way ahead of my time. So yeah, I think I have more immature people in my life than you do and there's a supposed to be single over the prior. But yeah, well, so I work too. And I work at Winn-Dixie and then I went to college and I study broadcasting and I left Winn-Dixie and my 50 or school and I wrapped up.
00:33:18In all my education, got my first job at a TV station, but while I was in school, a lot of people are already getting jobs in television, and there was one geimer one day. He asked me and I told him, I said, I've got to leave right after class. I got to go to work. He says, where do you work? And I said, oh, Winn service station. It's a Winn-Dixie on the corner of Oakland Avenue and State of Franklin.
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00:36:36Have I told you how much I hate math? I know I hate. You should love me. I should love math, but I don't love math. I hate math. Why do you hate math? Math? Is my just childhood anime. Okay, okay. Okay and math did not get along as children. We don't get along now. Okay, I would not invite math to my house. Okay, if Matt was in my house, I'll take it though. I got to my house. You you math. I hate math. So my youngest son is having trouble with his math homework. Okay. For help, which I always say, listen. Do you want to pass the class or do you want me to help you? Because I don't think the two things are going to be interchangeable here. So what he's studying is you're taking a fraction and you're converting a
00:37:36To a decimal with a repeating Energizer. Okay. I don't have a clue how to do this. I don't remember years ago when I was in elementary school. And when I was this age, we were still adding. Okay, we were into all this crazy that no one's ever going to get over yourself. So there's a video that we're watching. Okay, and it's starting to make a little bit of sense to me. Sorry. I wasn't, I was yawning. Glad my story is keeping you fascinated. We watch the video listeners. This is the safety tip. If you're driving now would be a good time to take a drink of coffee before y'all. You're off the side of the road. I'm starting to understand.
00:38:36I'm like, okay, so if we if x equals that then 10 x will equal 10 x, okay, cuz then you move the decimal over and now it's a whole number doesn't have a thing and then you subtract you to turn into me. When you're talking about Matt though, acts from from 10x + 9x equals distance divided and I got it. And we plugged it in and it doesn't take and I've got my calculator and it's like, well, it says it's here within. Why is it not taking their doesn't take doesn't take my son was doing
00:39:20Work that he wasn't supposed to be doing. He's on the wrong thing. That's why it's not taking the answer. If he's frustrated. I'm frustrated. He's almost in tears and I'm trying to keep my back together cuz I want to cry too because that's how much I hate math because I figured it out. Why is it going in there? I emailed the teacher. I'm like, I'm like I X 10x and then the thing I care that just want to go to bed. And he replies to me. Cool guy. He replies me. He says, yes, you do understand that. It can be frustrating from time to time and blah blah blah and then everything was fine and that you know, Cameron wasn't going to get behind in the class and he's going to talk to him. Go over. What? It was the problem.
00:40:13Cuz I've got PTSD from math in elementary school 12th. Grade math. So the one thing about math that can't is like I enjoy figuring out a problem or two, but then Andrew, you know, I helped him from time to time with his. And then it dawned on me, what they do with math, which I agree with, but it can be. It can be annoying. Yeah, you learned the, the concept and then here's 30 problems and I understand through repetition somos, like muscle memory. You get to the point in it, they slowly getting more and more difficult as you go and tell your like a math Master. Yeah, that thing and then you go on to the next thing. So, you know, he and I am an algebra Gunslinger, like I'm throwing axes & Allies around. I'm boomerang in
00:41:13Square root. Yeah, I mean I'm Having Fun Boomerang enough of square. Root of a square root and stem with his, is this stuff in your hickey gets. All he catches it and you know, the teachers want to know all the the steps. Are you going to draw out all this stuff? And he's like, well, how do you do except? I don't know. I just I had that stuff. I just do not like what you mean you just do. I like it's just in my head and we try to figure out how to write at the way his teacher wants to write it. But I enjoy doing fifteen hundred of them know. He's in eighth grade. So, you know, we've know each other eight or nine years somewhere around there. I think it was, I think it was 3 years ago. I was doing math with him and
00:42:01I'm going to regret saying this but you're one of the smartest people I know.
00:42:06I think I want to be the title of the event episode of people. I know when it comes to math. I'm an idiot. Talking. Yes, I could not absolutely could not do this word problem with Cameron because when you're doing the word problem, the first thing you do is find the known what you do know, and then you equate and try to figure out all the unknowns to it. I tried and tried and tried with this and I finally call you up in, like, can you are you home? Can I catch you?
00:42:40Ice cream and ice cream.
00:42:53A tutu difficult and ice cream is difficult. So I sent the problem to you. And the first thing you said was, you can over the phone. I can hear the gears grinding, and let me call you back. You called me said, okay, check your email. You sent me this email honest to God. It was like, 40 lines. What's the coefficient of accident and C equals the symbol for Boron and and, and with with and I don't like there's no way that a kid in 5th grade is going to do the problem like Good Will Hunting. Did I know that it was for your kid when you get
00:43:52Why would I be doing? I don't know. I feel like you just came up with a problem and you you've been mulling over in your head myself, but there's no way. This is how he's supposed to do it. Right? I've got another friend Nathan. He was my best friend in high school. Who lives in North Carolina. I never see him. I miss him terribly, but he graduated high school with the highest SAT score of anybody, more than doubled, this course, which is how smart he is. How dumb I am. So I was having a word problem when I was working with Jakob. I sent it to my friend Nathan and he said the same thing. Wow, he had the middle over it or so, and then he replies to me. I think this is what you need.
00:44:52Bissell. This is closed. So get your butt out. Where about where you're going about where you there is no about where you're going like all my God. I hate math. I absolutely hate. Anyway, Matt, I went to sleep and I kept waking up because I kept doing this math problem. My head and I couldn't go to sleep until I got -43 3.3.3 Point whatever cuz it was a decimal that repeats itself. So it's not. Okay. I'm not in the jungle, go back to bed, Darren, you're done doing that. When I go to bed and it's the same problem with queso, 7043 /, 70 carry the 200. So, okay. So when I was a kid, I had when I was a kid, I had trouble with math and my dad, my dad's was an electrical engineer. Okay, and I always knew, I mean, like algebra.
00:45:51Minor, Algebra 2 or whatever. And you know the same thing a concept and not your sporty problems to do and I would I would struggle with him and he would always need to read the chapter. Like it would be like, I need help with my homework. It's like five. He's like, let me get back with you around 9 or something like that. He's in a regular. And I was always wondering this, this man has an engineering degree. What is he? Yeah. I know he did this math in his sleep. Haha. Why is it taking all this time? And he always, and always made some comment. I need to see how they want you to do it. And I thought that was that was BS, that he was going back in the room. Shut the door and call in his math friend, and then coming back out, but I figured it out somewhere somewhere in Time at o u z, i like math.
00:46:49Clicked. And it was it was very much. One of those things of. I have no idea what this is and then all the sudden we go back through all the other friend can see what that thing is weird, but I died. 5 have two other people that are not, not like mathematicians but people who use math as part of their career and I've heard similar stories as we're at you. You, you get to a point where it's like, oh, oh, but then you do it a different way. It's like it's like short and everybody has their own way of writing eventually, you know what I mean? You don't do cursive perfectly or you don't do the backlight. Everybody has their own way of doing these problems. So when your kid later in life, I do that, but you have to do it this way. Okay. I want that the two-step problem, and then like I did all of it in my head, the answers to 3 Willets. You can't just say 3, I just said 3, yeah, if I were on me, I can't.
00:47:49Three. If I were Captain Kirk and we were flying towards a black hole in stock needed to know what work number and it was this. I'd be like warp to. I'm not going to sit down and say okay, Spotify by 9 and you distribute it through each of these things to do, while you're gone. Just like, yeah. So anyway, I'm now, I've now that I'm helping, my kids are his homework. I like that. Now I know what dad was doing. He was trying to figure out how it's supposed to be done by a kid. I'm all fired up. Now will do that to you hate Matt. Hayden. Hayden, Hayden.
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00:49:15You were fired up when I got here today. Here's the thing. I am going to Chick-fil-A for a bit. Okay, after the Nugget Extravaganza. Well, I felt like it was a good time to take a break, you know, I wanted to order from places that didn't have words in their orders, sounded like that.
00:49:41You know, you go to Chipotle, you're going to order a burrito.
00:49:49Yeah, it's not that easy to make that type of mistake price. I wanted to give time for whoever was working there to get fired and buy a different position so I can come back to a CU Fresh Faces which has happened. The the lady who was on the receiving end of my unfortunate order is either no longer there or didn't happen to be working there. The day that I came by, so I feel safe. I go through there. I order my meal. Haha, and they have a thing where the guy takes your order. He wants to know your name. Okay, give him your name to the order is like, okay, Jacob up. There's going to take your money. Okay? Why don't you take the hell? They split one person shop at the last time. I was at the Chick-fil-A. They've one person to know. So this guy is walking around with the iPad that Chick-fil-A app for iPad.
00:50:49Play Chick-fil-A iPad, iPad, taking my name and in the stuff in it, or is it and then his gesture. Now, this kid away?
00:51:02But that's fine.
00:51:05That's fine. Let's add another step to this process. What could possibly go wrong? So, I go down to Jacob or whatever. The hell. His name is. His only job is to say Mike, which I answer. Yes. And then he says, the total which the guy before me already figured out and told me. Yeah, and then I hand him, my currency, which in my case is my debit card cuz I don't want to mess around with change, right, you know, so, I hand it to him. Now it takes time for it to go through on the Whatchamacallit. If you remember the thing on the thing and my Giant Eagle story about to go through, it takes to take some time for that to happen.
00:51:46So while that's happening, I I'm like, oh no. Oh my God. We have a moment with Jacob here. Okay.
00:51:54And he looks over at me and haha, and don't, man, don't don't talk to me that way. I'm in a bad mood because it's been rainy and overcast, and that always puts me in a pissy mood. Be I had a long day at work. I don't want to talk to anybody on my lunch break. He looks over. How's your day going? What are you? Dr. Phil? My day was going, wonderful. Jacob, until about thirty seconds ago, when I found out that one person's job was split into two and your half of that person. I didn't say that. I'm just looking, I did. I did I did give a one second. I've learned from some unfortunate videos of a good way to instill some uncomfortableness to the situation. If you want to write is just pause for a second. Lot of people just rattle off me at all. Things are going great. I'm having some freaking nuggets and all that stuff for 2nd going, okay.
00:52:54Yeah, it's going. Okay, you said are you enjoying the weather? And I said no.
00:53:02Why not?
00:53:04I'm already way past. I've talked to him more at this point that I talk to my family. Okay. Me and which they made me feel lucky.
00:53:14Why not? I'd like all that we're going to have in my head. I'm like, I'm going to have a confrontation with Jakob the Chick-fil-A guy and I said, why does it again because I hate them. I hate the rain and he stopped and he looked up and of course it's not raining but it's overcast the tenets of rain or about, okay.
00:53:33This, the signs that Ray neither hath been or will have been are not my okay. It ain't. It's been awesome. It is Hell. There ain't no sun out there and there's no Breeze with birds. There's no breeze. It's, it's looks like it's been City, weather is pretty weather, or will have been weather at that moment. And I said, it's overcast. Jacob. I'm talking to him. You like you talk to a child like it's overcast. Jacob. It's I don't like the rain right, you know any psych? Okay? Okay. I can use your card back. Thank you. You pull it around there. Give you a new food. Okay. All right.
00:54:21There's two more Chick-fil-A screws out there. Now, they're doing the thing that they've started doing tag team Chick-fil-A. It's like 15 people real thing where they have somebody run out. If you had this happen to Chick-fil-A in typical God-fearing Christian Chick Fil, A's of old, the car, that ordered the food. I'll Circle where they get their food. They pay sometimes on that order, the tickets and get the food and they go, multiple orders, will come out and they'll run the bag back three cars back. So, if I ordered the spicy chicken sandwich, and they had one sitting there and I haven't to be three cars back. They'll run the spicy. Chicken sandwich, commercial.
00:55:10Eat it, or I'm in the car in the Chick-fil-A. Lane know, I'd like to pull over to a space in an adjoining parking lot, and watch YouTube while I eat my Chick-fil-A Sandwich. Guess what? I do. I don't want to sit here looking at the tailpipe. You know, why of another car? This is America's right? I do want to look at the tail pipes of another car or the truck nuts in front of me or or have Jacob come over. Start talking about the weather. Again. I don't want any of that.
00:55:40So they run it back to me and asked me if my name is Troy.
00:55:47I do not look like a Troy. I've Metroid Troy's don't look like me. I don't look like them. Only name. I've never been called Troy. I said, I'm not Troy. Lynn. Who are you?
00:56:04We've gone way past. My pleasure. Who are you? How are you? I'm Mike and then the guy there's some because there's two of them out there. Like, I've got your order right here. Okay? Still another car in front of me that you're supposed to be dealing with ha.
00:56:21Adidas. Greece just grinning at me. What is ladies walking around? The cars after me looking for Troy? Haha, They service the gentleman in front of they give the food to the gentleman. And so they service the guy, it's a very cool Chick-fil-A extra. It says, it's a very Progressive child and his pleasure truck nuts, Troy School's Out,
00:56:54I pull up.
00:56:56Are there smiling? Jack gives me my food. He's been so excited to see me. I get it and I get up there and I'm so pissed off. Now. I've just I I pull over the, like I said, the adjoining parking lot and I sit there and I try to enjoy what's left of my lunch. I would, I would like to ask Chick-fil-A, quit talking to me. I want to talk to you. I want to tell you what food, I want. You tell me how much it is. I give you my current, see you. Give me the change, or my card back. You give me my food. I leave. That's great. That's the entirety of our relationship. All this other horse. Stop it. Ok, Google. I told you last week that we've become addicted to Cobb salads at Chick-fil-A. So it was Jacob, was off at a thing, is me Libby and the other boy whose name is Casey right now.
00:57:52So the three of us are going to Chick-fil-A and I pull up and there's the two ladies that it separates into two lanes. Yeah, and so I go through the left lane and pull up. Got the window down and the lady looks to me and she says, what's a good name?
00:58:11And I said, there's all kinds of his name is Christopher. So, great names. Sarah, Mark is a good name. I like a Jack, has a very strong good name. Do you want other good names or do you want my name and my wife? You can hear them like that, the embarrassment, the red glow off of her face, even though she thought that was funny, I think is a good mood.
00:58:42So excited. I'm like, yeah. Do you want other good news if you want my name, what's your name? I said Darren. And then she says, Darrell said, no, sorry, so we didn't get the rest of the joy. Like you got? I tell you, man. What's a good name? What name goes on the order? Yes, or do what? Everybody else does the name that used to? Just if you look back in the day Chick-fil-A will just write down what your car look like or something about you fat guy in a black truck and then you're 142. I don't care. If I don't mind being a number, a Chick-fil-A. I want to be a member. I don't want, I don't want to talk to him. I'm done. I'm done talking to him.
00:59:41I've never seen you more fired up about a visits Chick-fil-A in my life.
00:59:53It's almost as if it's like, you know, I waited four hours to vote and they wouldn't let me vote. Like I said, I love Chick-fil-A so much but they've gone way over with. Yeah, you made it a pain to go to guy.
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