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Jan. 4, 2022

IDS #71 - The Return of the Loch Ness Monster

IDS #71 - The Return of the Loch Ness Monster
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Darin invades the U2 Facebook group - chaos ensues. 

Mike has a fun medical procedure!

How do you pronounce "Loch Ness"?

The duo discuss Mike Nesmith - and Mike has a new bad habit:  leaving his car running unattended in random places.  What could possibly go wrong?

All this and more in our Season 3 opener!!

Irritable Dad Syndrome

Strip Trivia
The self-explanatory podcast where we answer trivia questions and take our pants off.

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00:00:00Are going to be beating the the thing. I'm not going to be beating the saying. Hello. Welcome to irritable. Dad syndrome. If you listen to this podcast without high expectations, you'll be just fine. Here. Are your hosts Mike and Darren?
00:00:24Hey, I might I'm Derek. This is the premier of season 3. Season 3 is always the best season of any show on the planet has absolutely because that's when the writers get so desperate, they have to do anything to keep people out there watching. They just basically all the stuff that they were experimenting with who's on season one, right? And then season 2, that's where they got their legs. Going to started running with an allergy season 3. You and I my friend we are in our Prime. That's right. And this is when we bring in a new character, that little bit quirky tippy. Tippy the dancing monkey monkey. Gave me yes, which will explain later on this season state, to Tippy because of his proclivity for falling over when he gets tips. Haha.
00:01:19Welcome to the show. All that. This is such a great season, we proved ourselves. But this is the first show of the third season, a new listeners. Stop. Do not have to go back and listen to all the previous shows. No, be great if you did, but it's not like, you're not going to understand this, but something I want to get out of the way. First, I want to make sure that we start doing this is if you like what you hear come to our website. Evil Dead syndrome. Cam is on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, all those things because we announced we were going live. We have contests and be doing more of those this season, so I can't wait to talk about. That's where we get input from you. The listener.
00:02:05And just all kinds of fun things happening. Yeah, and I also want new listeners and old to go to our various streaming systems where we are featured and leave us a review. Let us know. Hey, that thing that Dave, I said that week that was funny and I'm sure that's what it's all going to be his people liking day play. Exactly, right? So so what's up, did you have a nice Christmas? I did? Would you get we record this show? Really are recording super in advance this time. Last week. We reported three episode and this week, we're recording one more. Yes. So it's so New Years was just a few days ago. Right man. I told all my Lord took to find that moose. I saw the ghost of Dick Clark. I didn't think that they could run that fast. There's like seven ft tall.
00:03:05Killing me has fire department got involved. Something. I learned was somehow Dakota got up on that thing. Do not put that thing in there exactly moose. A moose is plural for moose racing had one because when you put that thing up there and it took off, man knocked over the shed right over the neighbor. Thankfully Charlie lassoed it and wrestle It To The Ground fighting it and it's moose neck. So it was a wild. New Year's Eve party was absolutely never again. I'm not going to no Jagermeister.
00:03:43It does not act like Coke and Mentos. It doesn't work that way. It's bunny. That's the last time I mix carrot juice and radish juice. Today is December 14th 1972. Anyway, this is going to drop. We hope everybody had a happy New Year and a wonderful Christmas. Yes, and here in a few weeks. We'll get back on track and we'll record episodes. I don't know time and then we'll catch up last 2 or 3 weeks ago. I mentioned I mentioned something about did Clint Eastwood die as via. I will be able to talk about it until mid-January a chance to talk about it. Yeah. Mike was my favorite monkey. I loved Mike nesbeth. I loved his solo work. I didn't know you had any solo. At least I can loan you as well. It's on CD so you don't listen to it.
00:04:43Mike Nesmith wrote Different Drum by Linda Ronstadt and Mary Mary with it. Run DMC to copy or a mix-up or something. Something. Look, a Mite Nazareth was an incredible singer. A wonderful songwriter. A very talented. Musician. Nick kap's. Yes. It was his mom invented Liquid Paper. That's the truth. That's a true story. A super nice guy. Very funny. Very laid-back, and he was just a very decent person. Okay, and man, he was only monkey that I never met Michael Nesmith. Does whole collection hear his most famous song is Mama Nantucket? Okay, and then Jo-Ann, Jo-Ann and Rio, which was covered by Duran Duran. That's the different Rio in Silvermoon. Haha. Different Drum. Just fifth most popular song, and he is very similar to Gene Clark.
00:05:43Okay to Dillard & Clark, which I assume is Gene Wright, the Flying Burrito Brothers. Yes, the international submarine band. We're getting down into the Gram Parsons Chris Hillman and and and Emmett roads. He's popular from Emmet, Otter's, jug-band Christmas. Maiden name. I lost you lost window in his in his jug. Cuz nobody who's who's blowing on a jog? Now, in the seventies. It was a big deal. Haha. Now, you don't do it. All that stuff was going on at Studio 54 and somehow he got tied up at night, Mike Nesmith and things started happening for making stuff up. I had to get rid of window. Mike was the only monkey that I didn't meet super nice guy. He would have talked to you all day long. A lot of people don't know this but Davy is slang for David. Yes.
00:06:42The ocean, and you also met Michael Dolan, Mickey Mickey, dolenz, who was okay, came to Kingsport this Kingsport. Tennessee is one of the Tennessee, Eastman Kodak company is and it smells horrible. Okay. I'm the Fun Fest. Okay. It's fun. Fest. Sounds like a good time. It is so much fun. It's a festival described. Exactly. Exactly named. Yes. I'm sorry. Can I describe fun for us? You can't Fun. Fest. Has an annual thing that comes to Kingsport, Tennessee, and they bring in a lot of bands that used to be really popular like REO. Speedwagon would come and do Fun. Fest or okay. I saw Willie Nelson at Fun. Fest. Willie Nelson was way too big for Fun Fest.
00:07:42And tickets. I think we're like 60 bucks a ticket and we saw him for $5, a ticket for him. And yet, I don't know what how that happened. So we went and I worked at a TV station the time. Can I had backstage passes? And we went, we got to meet the monkeys. Okay, that day, we interviewed Davy Jones after he did an interview at the radio station. So he did a really long interview with us that are in our Channel. And then after the concert, I'm at Peter, Tork until I was, oh my God, he was more cool than you could ever. Imagine them for him being super cool. Super awesome, really laid-back, really nice guy. And then we go over to meet Mickey Dolan, who wouldn't say anything. Anything at all. He just smirk. Like, let's get this picture of what was he in the band? He was the drummer makeda was as a drummer Drummer or guitar player.
00:08:37Peter, Tork played bass, bass, guitar, guitar player multi-talented. Mike Nesmith was the only monkey that I never got to meet and he never came anywhere near Cincinnati. My friend Sandy's game. She got to go see him and Knoxville one time and he did a Q&A backstage. She met him told me that he was a super nice guy. Really? Just everything. You'd hoped that a celebrity would be that a person would be. And anyway, I just hoped and hoped that I would one day be able to meet the guy and tell him that I enjoy his music and just thanking me. And a couple years ago. He was coming up to date and he and Mickey were doing a tour together and then I was going to go, but I got booked to do a comedy show. Laughter is the best medicine. I was opening act for the rafters this medicine, okay?
00:09:37Okay, and there wasn't a next time for me?
00:09:41This portion of irritable, dad syndrome is brought to you by death. Liquid concentrated, wallpaper stripper. It's a new year and what better way to bring it in there with new wallpaper and what better way to get rid of old wallpaper that looks stiff with its unique enzyme. Action, diff dissolves, old paste, and cuts wallpaper removal, time and a half. With all that spare time. You could grab a beer with your brother-in-law or fix that motorcycle in the garage that your wife has been nagging about for the past two years. And did I mention that? No, steamer is needed you to be a freaking moron to use. Any other brand of wallpaper stripper, dip available, wherever quality, wallpaper stripper and sold. Grab a bottle or two and tell him you heard about it on irritable. Dad syndrome. Now, back to the show.
00:10:28I've learned that I have trouble talking long time. Listeners may not realize how much work goes into editing. Both of us. I have sound like a normal human being.
00:10:44So, I was at work, I come around the corner. And I one of my co-workers is coming toward me and I tried to speak and I was going to say how you doing. But at the same time, almost said, how's it going? But would have came out complete was doing, how are you has come out at the same time if you take two and I don't think listen to the podcast realize unless they're watching this life on the twitch, like you. And I have talked about this before. I have a tendency to have long pauses. I have a tendency to say a sentence and start to send over again, and I say things, two or three times before I get to my Sims. I've corrected a lot of that. I think we both corrected. Some speech impediments that we didn't know we had,
00:11:44Right. So I think one of the most terrifying things about starting a podcast is hearing your first couple of episodes play back because yeah, we sound like morons salute. And I learned things about me personally, the way that I speak that I am very conscious of right now. Yeah, like saying, like, I really even now, like, when I, when I added the last month episode for last night, I took out so many likes, he was insane. If yeah, you do the thing. Here's the thing, I weigh. And so soon as the fun things to do something with you. Something with you is that you'll start sentence is over. If you feel like it came out of your mouth, like a, like a trout falling out of neck, is that happened to that happens to me to screw up. I start the segment over again because of the miracle of a part of it is that you never have the same Joy. When you start the second time that you had in the beginning and it's always a little Heartbreaker.
00:12:44Play calm and he was so excited and then it comes up a little it comes out a little less tell you about it. Then on those rare occasions when you come out to third you sound pissed and then we put together you have a situation where, like, Mike. I just got the news saying I'm just saying. I was like, not not. I'm exaggerating, but it's never as exuberant you. You get so exuberant that. Like I said, it just flung balls out of your mouth. My problem is my teeth, get in the way of my talking and I'll get halfway through the sentence with one of them, and I have to start over and it's never is as exciting as I cuz I should be. Well, I will work on that. I will work on mine as well because editing should not be as painful painful as it is. And I one of my goals for this podcast that we should probably talk about one of my goals is to eventually get to a place where I would feel comfortable if we were like, I mean, we're live on Twitch right now, right? Before us to be live, like the eye.
00:13:44Yeah, I'm doing a live radio show. Now, would terrify do because I know I know what problems I have but Howard Stern and those guys been doing it for decades. Yeah, and I know they have like a little little buffer, but we're not there yet. We're nowhere near there. So one of my goals is to get there, but we don't have a way to playback commercials. No, no, no. No, right. If we were set up like that that's coming. Is it as we get to the point where we get more fun toys to play with while we do this right on Down the Line. We have the opportunity to bring those things in a more private. If not, it's fine. I mean, I like sitting in the base of a tree on. This is a really don't make that much off of that. I used to look at the internet.
00:14:44You're by my weiner glass so I can have $0.10.
00:14:48So you started pissing off fans in the YouTube, Facebook fan group and I love this associate completely. I am your partner in the gas in this endeavor and I'm here to add some more clarity to exactly what it is that you're doing. So, why don't you tell the folks, what you think you're doing? And then I'll tell you how it's coming off Hill. Mike sent me a link that said, here's a YouTube. YouTube. Mike sent me a link to YouTube fan page that you can click on. And you can get all these Facebook updates, whatever. So, I'm on it and a lot of it is like, boy. I don't like their new song. It boy. I really like that new song and who here has all that? You can't leave behind if it would link it would have listened to. This is really stupid.
00:15:48And I'm probably going to get out of it. Anyway, I was bored really bored and I. So what do you guys think about you, too? And it pissed a lot of people. Well, let me know. This is a fan page. What do you think? We think about you, too. So when are you serious? Yeah, let me help you out with some contacts. So, I belong to at least one U2 group at our school group, a rush group. And I think I'm going to go see or a group. I'm not sure. I'm not entirely sure, but I know I'm a brush, you two, and Tool you to the U2 group is exhausting.
00:16:42Your opinion, man. Because there are so many posts of all my Lord, Banos saved my life and I was, I thought that I knew what beauty was until I heard beautiful day. And now my life complete and in blah blah blah, when you go to the tool group, there's a nun. Renders a few running jokes. And then right now every time I talk to Danny careywood, we'll talk about here in a minute. There's one of the running jokes. Is that a tool fan. This is a couple years ago. Got a very, very embarrassing tattoo of Maynard the lead singer and it looks like a potato. They call a potato Maynard. And every time talk about tattoos or anyting, potato Manor to pop up and the old school fans like me. And it's just, it's stupid funny. Yeah. People get excited in the rush. Fam group. Doesn't say for months and months. You'll forget you're in it and then all the sudden, one of them a pipe up and say, hey Getty put out a new thing or hey, here's a new
00:17:42Jacket on the store chain, group is actually the most mature and useful one because they don't say anything. Unless something new happens with Rush, right? Okay. So, in all the groups, probably about a month ago, Facebook went through something. Where the prior to this event, you had to be a member of the group to post in the group. Facebook did something to where anyone can post anything in any of the groups. And I got to see the reactions from each of the different groups. So the YouTube group, got whiny, why are you people here? What are you doing? Remember? I remember all group got militarized. I've never seen so many f-bombs and I'm going to find you. And if this group and I'm done with this and the rush group dead, there's like, whatever. Yeah, but what cracks me up about your little infiltration. Is that the, the YouTube group. So,
00:18:42Baby 5 about these people. There were tons of people coming in sand. Is it borrow? Or is it boner, you know, the right things like that and if you come and say, hey, what are you guys think of you? It's even worse. It's like you were planning on sleep. Like you did the equivalent of flick in the nerdy kid in the back of the head in school.
00:19:19Of all the groups you could have. Like I said the rush you wouldn't it wouldn't have paid off. The U2 is the perfect room for you to do that too. And I love it. But I did mention in this is next to nothing. Danny Carey got arrested. I don't know, a whole lot of stuff about it. I just know that it's it's like a new story that has something to do with one of my favorite band and I'm going to see them again in March, and I don't need Danny Carey in jail, but apparently, a fan did something or said something to him. He got up in the fans face and said, some very unfortunate comments and of all groups to be nearby when this happened TMZ show those guys, so now there's video him in the internet being handcuffed and he's a pretty sizable dude. He's an easy-going dude, for the most part with the exception of the sense of that and you know, I ain't no one got hurt. I'm sure some feelings got hurt, but I very selfishly want to wish him luck so that they are not in jail. I want to see the show in March.
00:20:19Columbus, okay, March 6th, I believe. Yeah, I'm Dave and I want to be your TV friends.
00:20:40Oh, no. I'm I'm thinking of the CBS Evening News. I'm sorry.
00:20:45I am in a letterman fan page. Okay, on Facebook and it's a pretty cool group. I mean, pretty much every person in the group and has been to his show. Okay, we're nother. There's one guy in the group who his name is, Don Giller. Okay, and he has familiar. He has recorded every episode of The Morning Show. Okay, the Late Night Show and The Late Show. Okay, so everything from NBC and CBS, he has on BHS and he has converted everything from VHS to DVD dissing in digital copies. Whenever somebody dies, Mike Nesmith, just like that. Don Giller has the collection of how many appearances he made all wow, on Letterman. That's where I heard Mike Nesmith died on the Lettermen page right now. So yeah, but whenever like Conan does something to do
00:21:45People getting their people to be with bunny. I mean, someone could jump on there. So, hey, what do you think of Letterman, and everyone to be fine? We wouldn't get our nose out of joint about it.
00:22:10Hi, I'm Dave way. And now it's time for Dave's Comedy Corner.
00:22:15So, what is the deal with everything Bagels? If they really are made from everything then? I can't eat them because I'm allergic to strawberries. Get it.
00:22:25This has been Dave's Comedy Corner.
00:22:35Okay, so this this Thursday, I'm having a colonoscopy. You know what that is. I do, I've had one that is an extreme selfie.
00:22:46Basically, okay your wait. No, it's not because if you were doing it to yourself that's been in that would be true. So I've been through a couple of these. I've got it all planned out. I'm excited about the weight. I'm going to lose tomorrow when I'm not allowed to eat anything after breakfast. Tomorrow's the the clan of it. It's going to have already. Told everyone that I know that I'm going to be cold tomorrow. Okay, and I'm going to be even worse the next day and then so I got a call from them with the information that I need. So I've already got my little kit by the way, the first one that I had I had a liquid that I had to drink that tasted like Pine saw which that wasn't the worst part. The worst part was that it was all oily and that took me.
00:23:29An ungodly amount of time to get down because I thought you just drove me nuts. So, this now is tablets that I put in water and I are, I drink them. I don't know what it's like different each time. I wish they would just like, land on something right. Not to do all these things. I have to have someone drive me there, remain there you have to and then take me home right now. You're going to be coming off of sedation or whatever the hell they call that if your unsedated you wouldn't let someone who's a fake iPhone up your ass. Right? Right, boys. We it's the date of that thing. We would have gotten away. That would have been a lot fewer find. The problem is is that we have children at home and we can't leave them alone both my wife and I can't go through this. So I was going to call them to say, can she drop me off and then come pick me up. They won't let you do. That. Won't let me do that.
00:24:33Or nah.
00:24:35What's wrong with that? Could be anything. There's no need to put a towel or you completely cleaned out my friend. But I mean, I thought I had everything ready to go. I'm not even ready to. I've got all my jokes lined up for the farting room. You don't care that you're laying there and you fart for a while. I'm going to. I mean, there's a few that involve me yelling out turlet. Haha. There's a few me saying what you say you say? I did. That's a colonoscopy joke. I'm going to lay in there.
00:25:21That's a California barking spider. That's going to be. That's one.
00:25:30Are monkey loose in here? Did you see that you're in there? I don't, you know, you're usually in there with a couple of people like the where I've been and your your your are. Are you getting your colonoscopy? That's a weird way. I was in a room by myself and I would agree that what is a table bed in between there's like three or four of us in there and we were separated by sheets and Bess was sitting in there while I was farting and I could not stop laughing in the harder. I left the latter. I farted 100 up sound like a trombone at one point.
00:26:06So I got all these comment for everyone else's enjoyment in there. Oh, they're going to love that. Did you honey? Did you see how the sheets flew off of me? Put that back on?
00:26:17Heard all that looks important. Put that back in a way to go. But now I have to worry about this thing. Like, how I'm going to get there and how I'm going to get back, right? I'm just saying, this is America. I have health insurance, right? I'm paying you people. And the insurance company is paying you people to shove an iPhone up. My keester. Take some pictures, come back. Tell me what you found, bring back any jewelry or gold or anything left up there and then let me go home my own way. Why can't you just walk home from the Flames? How we might get lost? You can't walk home. Mike. Thank you. I just don't see why I can't get an Uber have to have somebody there because the Uber is unreliable.
00:27:01What if you got the Uber that we got in Cleveland and you waited, waited, waited. And then they just left, I wouldn't be halfway home from the colonoscopy talkin about road construction and end up in Uber guy. Super Guy. The one that ditched us. Oh, yeah, I can just hitch a ride. Anyway, so now we got to do so we can find something to do. We've got to like drop my kid off with another parent which means we have to talk to people. Now do a favor. So then what do we have to do next for them that whenever they have a colonoscopy that we have to have their kid, It's like this weird thing. I don't want. I don't want to tell people. That's why we need to have you here. Take my kids cuz I'm going to go have a colonoscopy, right. Private.
00:27:51I just think there's better ways for the doctor to handle this. Okay. I'm just all upset and I think I'm opening myself, literally opening myself up to a lot here. I'm putting a lot for I'm allowing this to happen to my ass. I'm going along with all their requirements. I'm not eating for entire day hard. It is for me to not eat for an entire day. It's probably almost as hard as it is for you to not eat for. I would say, yeah. I was Moody. So on top of all that you're going to force this on me. It's right. It's, I don't know. I know, I know I have to do it. I know I'll find a way I know. This is a first world problem. I know there's people that are dying of dysentery. Next city named as one of these before, right? I've had to, okay. You don't have your first one until you're 50. Why have you had an issue? And they had to go in there, and they had to do some work, they had to scoop around and then after you have one, you're just your luck.
00:28:51You're addicted. It's like you're addicted to colonoscopy. Like the first time you pee in a bar. That's it. You're peeing every 20, 30 seconds. Every time she was with me at the bar s time to go break the seal, but I would have went in there to do the door. She's an ex-girlfriend. Okay? I don't know if she had her colonoscopy or colonoscopy, colonoscopy is whatever. That's what they're called in Russia. If you have that helps with viruses, on your previously on irritable dead syndrome. I want to be able to drive myself to my colonoscopy.
00:29:44I'll get into that. We're not allowed to do that either. This is America.
00:29:49Okay, if I want to go right now and drive myself somewhere and have someone steps up into my ass is going to stop me. They won't do it. Unless you have someone waiting there to take you home with someone to take me home. I can have best pick me up. No, they won't do it unless there's somebody there waiting in the waiting room. And then Tire time, I'm being violated on the bus, and then I go to, my kid, has to guess a school because I get him. I am going to have to take
00:30:18What is going to add a whole? Wait? Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. Wait. No, I don't know that. Haha. Cuz listen to break that down at the most. What's going to be better for the podcast? Then Darren takes Mike to his colonoscopy. Are you serious? I'll take you. This is Thursday morning. This Thursday, this Thursday, what time I got to be there at 6:45. I can't do that. So you have to be at the hospital at 630-640-5645. Where would I think it's Mercy? I don't know, the address looks weird. I think they put me somewhere else. The back alley and a third dumpster in the right. Going to Keith discount colonoscopy.
00:31:00So I was at work. I heard somebody talk about the Loch Ness monster, but they pronounce this c h. And I'm like, are you serious? I wanted so bad to jump in, but I just kind of hung around in the background waiting to hear what else they could possibly mispronounce. The Loch, Ness monster and Bigfoot Bigfoot.
00:31:36Are you busy and identified flying objects of the millennial age or they do Millennial age? I love Millennials, but my God, they can't pronounce really.
00:31:48Will the heat as we take it out shot? And it's not like, no excuse for that. It's not like he's not the type of person who would intentionally do that to be funny. I was out there looking for the lotion Ness monster and he's like, yeah, so these people in Scotland or like I can't remember what it never comes up. I don't know why this thing about the Loch Ness monster, right? And yeah, so he's going to need to have some serious. He needs a colonoscopy.
00:32:24I will not abide that I did not spend years of my young life reading. You know, it's interesting. You bring up the load Ness monster the case because Andrew was we were talking about Cryptids. It's a Cryptid at the dinner table the other day. Yeah, I think that's what they're called. What is Ness monster bigfoot? The OB come be all is like Mothman those things like Cryptids.
00:32:55There's another word for it. Saturday. That's okay. I have pointed out that I read everything that I could, when I was a kid in, in junior high about the lightness much. I was obsessed with Loch Ness monster and I thought that was a touching thing to share with my family with Andrew and he just stared at me. He's like that is so sad. I just want to give you a hug.
00:33:25That we were talking about. I was like, you know, I went to the library and I read all these things and I was obsessed with. I thought it was really cool and he just stared at me. Like, that's really sad. You don't have any friends. You just sitting in the library. The Loch Ness monster was like, okay. Yeah. Now that you put it in that perspective. It is pretty sad. Thanks it. What it what do you say to do?
00:34:08He tricked me once a year, a once-a-year II? Should I watch it back to back over and over again? I'm cackling and cried. Laughing.
00:34:33We have to admit. How much is it for the box of cookies?
00:34:55How much do you stop? Bugging my children. Now? We work for a money and if we don't give money or what. It's the funniest thing since the Great Cornholio. Oh my God, it's the best episode of so far. I'm going to throw up. It is absolutely.
00:35:24There was a Loch Ness monster. That's right. I said, I ain't giving you no tree Fiddy or not. Oh my God. I'm going to throw up. Okay.
00:35:45I'm seriously, I can't take that with coffee on. I should not drink coffee. I'm going to throw up.
00:35:56I didn't know you're going through a Pity. I suppose I should have seen that coming. I need about tree. Fiddy. Do I do? I do. I do at least once a year. It's like die hard a Christmas. I watch the loves Nest monster and I will bring Besson with it will lock the door. Won't let the kids in and we're in there, cackling and howl and it looks this monster.
00:36:22It's for people who are new to the bypass welcome. I have to apologize because for some reason, when I start laughing really hard, I go into a coughing fit and this is something that I inherited from my grandmother.
00:36:42I've got a headache now if I sound like, I'm going to die. I'm not stressing.
00:37:05How old is God? Oh my God.
00:37:14This portion of our show is brought you by one person all beef footlong hot dogs. Hi. I'm Dave way. And I don't know about you. But as soon as the holidays are over, I'm ready to get back to grilling and take it from me. Nothing tastes better off the grill. Then Whoppers all beef footlong, hot dogs are made of 100% pure beef with no fillers and no preservatives. There's a perfect meal for whenever your brother-in-law comes over or when you're fixing that motorcycle in the garage that your wife has been nagging about for the past two years, get off my ass woman. I'm going to fix the damn bike a all beef, footlong hot dogs available. Wherever quality meat products are sold now back to you, Matt and Erin.
00:38:00Let me know. We're on Netflix the other day looking around, trying to find something to watch. Nah, and we came across this movie called The Power of the dog. That's got Benedict Cumberbatch and it is a game just like Rodney Dangerfield and he needs to prove to me, that, that is his god-given, the name. I want to see his driver's license. I want a reason and for some reason I want to see his vaccine card. That's neither here. Nor there. Anyway, we're watching.
00:38:31The power of the tongue.
00:38:34I'm sorry.
00:38:42What happened?
00:38:46I saw how did they get through recorded? Because I've seen the behind the scenes of them recording to seeing and they couldn't stop laughing. They couldn't stop cracking up. Brokers. Love to hear about the time. We saw the Loch Ness Monster.
00:39:16Living that were on Netflix in the day and we came across a movie called The Power of the dog. What kind of movie is it? Like what genre is? Okay, it's okay. I think we'll be good enough. Western him and his brother. Who's mother Jesse plemons? Who played Todd, Breaking Bad? Okay, and I hate this guy cuz every movie he's in. He is slimy and weasel Friday Night Lights to did, you know that? I did not know that he is. Okay. So those two are brothers and their, on their Montana, okay? And 19 and 10, or something a long time ago. Okay. Okay. And Todd.
00:40:16Benedict meets up with Kirsten Dunst. She has a son who we believe is homosexual. Okay? And Benedict, Cumberbatch keeps giving this kid, Doctor Strange kid. A lot of you. Kids are born kid, the kid who's a homosexual? Okay. No, but it just, it's implied. Okay. It's very much.
00:40:51And he keeps giving Kirsten Dunst all kinds of crap. If he got to do with anybody know, where his brother, you said. Yeah, he just keeps going and going and going and it goes nowhere and then they have the subplot where Todd buys his wife a piano. And she keeps saying, I only play a little bit ago. So we're going to buy this piano and you can play when company comes over. But I only played the piano a little bit like when the movies playing like that. So he buys are piano and invites, the mayor and the his parents over, and then she can't play. And she's got all this performance anxiety, and she's crying. It has the movies horrible. Okay, absolutely. Wow. Okay, worse than a spoiler, it.
00:41:50Cumberbatch has a banjo. He can't play the banjo, like my God. I'll show you who can play this song to do it, but it ain't hurting hurting hurting and I can't say enough of why people should not watch this movie. Where does the homosexual kid come in just he's giving them and then and tries to help him out. Okay, and so he's picking on there for the longest time. And then he's like, hey, I will show you the ropes or whatever. I don't know to 15 minutes or however, long on this movie. I mean, sometimes we agree on movies. A lot of times with your grandbabies must be like, grossly disagree. So you hate Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. I think that's an amazing movie.
00:42:50So that makes me think. Well, maybe I should check this one out to see. Check it out. Prove me wrong. I dare you to watch it. It doesn't sound interesting for my television. It really. I'm doing you a favor. I'm really doing I need to hear you describe a movie that I really like. Okay, and then I'll judge your description. Okay of that. You don't describe describe a Once Upon a Time in Hollywood to me.
00:43:16Again, another movie. Where nothing happened. Okay. See, I disagree with you. Nothing happened. So, I may need to watch this movie. I just, I don't Benedict Cumberbatch, unless he's rest of those. Like, my friend. Sean is Sean fights with me to email and I can tell him, I love drinking water and he'll tell me that water tastes like kerosene, because he has to be the exact opposite and you're like that cuz you are and you have to be. I might agree with you cuz I know if if Benedict Cumberbatch Benedict, Robert Magill if Rodney Dangerfield is not wearing a cape Moore dressed as a dragon. I usually don't like what I mean. It's not that I don't like what he's in. He's just like, right? I like Doctor Strange in and Smile Dog.
00:44:01Oh, he was insane. Good in The Hobbit voice. Yeah. Yeah, it was because he was bragging in there with you do a voice in Star Wars 2. He was no, no. Okay. I'm maybe he. What's his face? Call. Him did these days if there's a humanoid CGI character ninety-nine percent chance, it's Andy Serkis even all the CGI characters in the movie. Could be him and Academy Awards in the special achievement category for the motion-capture technology. Acting ability that he has demonstration. Also deserves a reward. I don't think they have. This is most looks like a badass now, compared to how it was. Cuz if you see the documentaries from Lord of the Rings, he's like this spindly little dude who almost gets into a fight with the, with the Sam.
00:45:01Cuz he accidentally punched him and then Sam's like getting all up in his face. And now it's in one of the by to tell me that you have thought that little bit around and he doesn't, he doesn't know how far you is from Sam's fat face and I could say that cuz I have a fat face, but then you see him. He's in. Is it black panther yet? He's a, he's like a brute. Like you were like 130 lb almost got your ass kicked by a hobbit. And now you're like up against black panther. He turned them down. Yeah. Yeah. I know he was he was awesome in Planet of the Apes 20. Yeah. He was the ape smiley. Smiley.
00:45:50I do killing people that I snort when I left and I can't help it.
00:46:24And I'm wondering if pigs if that's if pigs do that because there cuz it's like once you get past a certain BMI. Do you just start snorting when you laugh? Like if I were still in like 12 weigh 140? I don't think I ever swing over to 12 East High School in like Wednesday. I was excited when I hit 150 is like a man that lasted when I laughed. Then I didn't snorting now man, if you get me rollin, if somebody says walk North Worcester tomorrow at work, I'm going to snort like a family, honkin everywhere.
00:46:59I can't help it.
00:47:01Oh, this is going to last. This is the time of the last all three 2020 to the Loch Ness monster and feeling it's going to happen. Hey kids. Are you looking for a pet ferret and see our wide selection of new and used ferrets. We have ferrets in all colors, size isn't sex. It's their fun for the whole family right now by for ferrets and get the 5th one. Free order online and will ship them anywhere in the US. Don't be a good home today. Farrow's parents asked us by name or going to fail spirits.com.
00:47:36It's time now for the Kroger story of the week living, I were making homemade goodies and we made Oreo balls are delicious. And we made Buckeyes. Which of the peanut butter chocolate. Thanks. I brought you guys some Buckeye. Thank you very much. You're welcome. We were going to make the Oreo balls and the ingredients called for vanilla almond bark to the role. The things in Pacifica vanilla, almond, trees, vanilla almond bark anywhere at Kroger? And then I went to another Kroger, it wasn't at either place and I know Libby's not really a fan of white chocolate. So we were going to use regular chocolate, but it's going to be Oreos, dipped in regular chocolate. And then, let me find exactly a lot of chocolate. Maybe, maybe, maybe, maybe. So I thought, well, I'll try something else. Did you know? There's a third Kroger near us? Okay. There's one here and then there's the marketplace.
00:48:36Turns out. They're all called The Marketplace. Okay. There's a third one, a brand new one. Like a. I've heard tell of this one. Yeah, I went in its likes fancy. Our listeners in England. Really want to know specifics of where this one is.
00:48:54Will you go out of my house? And when you're at the UDF, you hang a, right? And go north? Okay, and then you hang a left on that street and then it winds around and it takes it to there. Okay, you just painted a picture in my head. Anyway, it's a fancy-schmancy like uppity. Happy even more than the one that we you and I go to. Okay, so I'm walking around. They've got their crowbar as soon as you walk in. You hang a left. You know, where ours has the coffee place? Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, that's where they're crowbar in K. Like a wooden wall divider from the walk into a crowbar. So when we make our Tik Tok video of us, ordering a wet brush,
00:49:50Madison is they had a guitar player and they're a guitar player and me, and my guitar on the TV. He was playing Like a Rolling Stone by Bob. Dylan, don't know if you're a fan of Bob, Dylan. I'm a fan of. Okay. I'm a fan of other people doing Bob, Dylan songs. I think, you know what? There's a lot of people just like, you asked Dylan.
00:50:21So he's doing Like a Rolling Stone. Okay, not bad luck. Stone has a lot of lyrics and is remembered all the lyrics, he's doing pretty good. He doesn't even have his lyrics, eat with him, and I'm pretty impressed. If you can do this. I walk up and I'm looking for my white chocolate chips. I found them and then I'm walking back. This guy has went from doing Like a Rolling Stone by Bob Dylan to the way by Fastball, which I thought was very okay.
00:50:53He went from a song from the 60s, never look so nice to a, pretty cool song from the 90's that some people remember. And I was impressed that he transitioned into it pretty well. And that's my story that goes nowhere has been Kroger story of the week.
00:51:12We, we are at 55, but we spent the first six minutes going around.
00:51:24Might actually keep that one in their exhibit, a your honor, if you listen to episode 71, you can feel a few weeks ago. You and I had our safe to say our second fight on the podcast. The first one wasn't exultation. We're here. And you wouldn't interrupt a man. I thought of anything that you really necessarily have to fight that time. It's just you in full Jack Torrance and Shining like you wouldn't violently attacked me Art Garfunkel. Paul Simon was our first actual fight. I think I'm so crazy thing. After we recorded the episode, I get in the car. And on the radio is Bridge Over Troubled Water. Okay, they never play that song on the radio. That's weird. Yeah, that's really weird when they have the opportunity to play Paul Simon and they picked Simon & Garfunkel. Two days later. I'm on the Tweeter. Okay. Garfunkel is trending.
00:52:24He died when I killed him and Art Garfunkel is trending. Okay, it's crazy. White people trimmed. A lot of people have started talking about them for no reason and then they're training because they're trained. Like a Loch Ness Monster is going to Trend after this episode through, trying to find out why. And it turns out that a political candidate who we will, not mention, another person had an event at a stadium. Okay, and when Art Garfunkel, was there, more people showed up to see Art Garfunkel. That's why I already was trending gyal problem to how to speak with Simon and Garfunkel already started. Yeah, I ran out. I didn't expect to have that fight. So I wasn't prepared for it. And then when I
00:53:24Because I edited the episode that that occurred on right, right, right. And I was looking for something. I think I told you I was looking for something on the Internet. I wanted a clip of someone explaining why Paul Simon was so much better than our Garfunkel. I was going to make that tomorrow, will close. You asked why we didn't even more clothes before? I couldn't find that clip. I do what I do because it doesn't exist. What I did find was that Paul Simon was married to Carrie Fisher. Princess Leia game-set-match, you know, she was engaged to Dan Aykroyd. I did not know that proves that she has very weird taste in men. She had some problems if she had an issue. She had a fling with Harrison Ford for. I mean kylo, Ren from that. I mean, everyone knows that was really not really a secret that you didn't come on, who's not going to have sex with Harrison Ford.
00:54:17I mean, really? Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Mark Hamill claims that he didn't know about it. At the time that Carrie Fisher. She was married to Paul Simon and Paul Simon still married to Edie Brickell. I don't know. Who does, she do line drawings and the new Bohemians family might really okay. He should have stayed with her. I've got a new thing that I'm doing. Okay, I've begun leaving my car running unattended in parking lots. Okay. Why?
00:54:57I'll tell you what, good, cuz every time I'll tell you why, my my, my phone connect to my car via the Bluetooth, right? That's how I listen to music and they do all the stuff right for some reason, every time I turn my car off my car that I have now, it forgets that phone exists and it tries to connect to something else. And I have to do all kinds of weird things going to connect or not. Sometimes it remembers, sometimes he won't let me listen anything because it says, it has to download contacts. I don't know what it's downloading, my contacts for into my car because I don't use any of those features that will stop me from listening. So I waved for have it, not do that is to leave the car running with the phone connected doesn't happen if you have a CD player now, but you also can't listen to anything you want. If you have a CD player. So the deal is the deal is I there's a Chipotle that I go too often for lunch, right? Where you park is like 20 ft.
00:55:57Where you get your food, this is the gateway drug for me Chipotle. Yeah. Okay, because I know, I'm only going to run in there. I'm going to grab it and I would grab the food and then run back out. I don't stand in line with all the rest of the plebeians. I order online. It's right there. I can see it. I run. I snagged my car's interview at all times. I've been doing this. So when somebody steals that you can recognize the guy, how your honor he was wearing a clear honor, so that I trained. I've been doing that most of this year today. I realize how bad this is gotten because I parked at the end. No one's going to know what this is but in the Target parking lot and I was going to the GNC, I was a good sixty feet away from my running car and it was out of sight for about 5 minutes, running with my phone in it.
00:56:50I have a question. Yes, or why were you at the GNC? I had to get some stuff. Haha. Yeah, some of my stuff. I you don't strike me as the type of person who takes vitamin ever. Have you ever had a vitamin vitamin C? Get some like powder. Some I've slowed down in my later ages, but if I can get away from eating a bunch of crap at night, I'd be wonderful. That's why I'm excited about this. Colonoscopy clear bunch of crap out, literally, right? But yet, so I think that's I don't think it's a good habit that I've gotten it. I can't say to get into because I've already done the most eating or the leaving the car, even the car. Now, the longest I've ever left the car running unattended was 10 hours in the Disney World parking lot.
00:57:41When me and that's when the kids went there and we got a electric like the hybrid Prius thing. Haha, and I wasn't an obviously, I was not sure on how to turn that car or do you think because we get done with the park and those were the days when we got to the park when it opened and we were being chased out of there after the fireworks at night. So it was one of those days, get back in the car. We noticed, it's frigid. It's very cold in the car. And I remember vibrate he remembers that they can gas. I remember it's a white car and I remember thinking how my car is really our cooler when you get inside their method of black cars cuz I've always had black cars and then best that it's really cool in here and we just drove away and we got a good 2 minutes, going back to her the place. And I said, I think this was running all day, literally running all day. So the one time in my life at one time in my life where I've had a hybrid car to say,
00:58:41Energy, I left at 4 run, at least ten hours. At least ten hours. And I'm amazed that there was gas left in it, like, feel the energy to get us where we need to go. And that entire time, the air conditioning was on. It was the door locked. No, no, cuz it was on. Okay, where are the keys? I don't remember had to been in the car. I don't remember. Yeah, that melts saying. Now, I've had car since that when you the keys are away from it, my current car. Like, if you leave the lights on and then you press a lot, going to just turn, all your lights off. We are stupid. Band won't do that. It'll do you have all the lights on everything. Really good now.
00:59:24My car will turn off all the lights, this Prius. I don't, I honestly don't remember if that technology was into where it just realized. Hey, the keys are gone, and I'm still running. My mom used to have a Ford Mustang. We went up to Columbus to visit my brother and it was winter. So we're getting ready to leave. We're going to go my mom and I are going to drive back to Tennessee. I go out and I start the car to warm it up. I'm not familiar with the neighborhood but it's a new Ford Mustang. It's like a few months old. I start the car, turn on the heat. I lock the doors. I go in, I get more bags and Luggage to go and take out to the car. I can't open the door. I'm locked out. Okay. I've got a key fob up. Okay, so so I I push that and it doesn't make that sound. It just
01:00:18It was The Sound of Silence car. I don't have a key. All I have is the that doesn't unlock. I know it doesn't so I can have it. Right? Exactly. 7 a.m. I tried to call a locksmith. No one is open. Okay, and then, I know it's not an emergency.
01:00:53But we called the police department and I didn't call 911. I actually look to see if I can get the number for, the police department and to see if they come and unlock the door. And they said, they don't do that. It's not an emergency. And so they said, have you called a locksmith sitting there and it's ran for an hour at 8? I call a locksmith. I find someone that's open. They won't come out because the Ford s or the Ford Mustang doesn't have its lock proof, Death Proof. It doesn't have the thing, the door. You can't show me the game down and unlock it because it's a slim. Jim. Have you called the police on my? Oh my Lord, that's tell me to call somebody want to tell me just call somebody else. And I'm talking to the guy said, he says, how did you lock yourself out? Since I started the car and I lock the doors. I don't have a key. I just have
01:01:53The paper that I said, it won't open it. He said, well it should and I said, well, it doesn't finally. He said, you know, they can't come out to do anything to have you call. The Ford dealership. Okay, and I said, why would I call the Ford dealership? Miss it if you give them the VIN number, they can make a duplicate key. Okay. Okay. All right. The dealership doesn't open till 9 o my Lord. Okay. So my sister-in-law who was supposed to go to work. I stayed home. Okay? At 9. Drove us up to the dealership. We gave them the VIN number and they made us a key. The whole time does Carson. The car is. So after hours and 15 minutes of the car running all, was it toasty?
01:02:50So what did they charge you? That they charge you for that key real down while because my mom phone to Ford Escort ZX2 Ford customer believes in customer service and that's right. That's amazing. Yeah, I know couple weeks ago you and I talked about the Beatles and how much you hate them and I have finished watching, get back the documentary on the Beatles. OK, Google play some. Okay, now I highly recommend people watching this even though there were parts that even I got annoyed with his they play. There's a bunch of azure because you're obsessed with the Beatles. I'm not upset, but I do I think I'm more obsessed with watching documentaries. Cool documentaries, and this one is really good. But there's a lot of songs that they did over and over and over and over and over again, which is cool. Because then you've you get a feel of how many times they do something to get it to sound as good as it does get the final product.
01:03:50Appreciated the most about to get back. Documentary was the rooftop concert Beatles had not performed live in. I don't know. A long time. It stopped touring because the screaming and they couldn't even hear themselves, and they were exhausted. And for a bunch of reasons. This was their last performance together, which almost brings a tear to your eye, watch it. If you killing it and John, and George and Ringo, or just absolutely at the top of their game. The funny part was they have cameras on the streets and a lot of people were like, really cool. Yeah, that's the Beatles. And then there was like, I wish they wouldn't play music that louder and I can't get on along with what I need to do. And where
01:04:34What's funnier than that is there is an old man who they interviewed and they said, what do you think about the Beatles with the Beatles?
01:04:45How did that not take off? And I need to get that going again. We do crack at the Kraken, but the police got involved, the Bobbies in London, or Bobby. Yes, and they're getting really pissed off, and I can't take these police officers seriously. Because a big had, I know it's over. The wind comes by and blows it back. If you freaked because they were making a lot of noise. It's like you're going to need to stop that. I really did. You know who he was? No, did you see him? Now you go to my place.
01:05:48Hey, Dad.
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01:06:27That's good coffee on. My mic is on, will see you on the flip side.
01:06:38What about these stories told him when he was teaching from the pain all night, only to bring it this month?
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