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Aug. 9, 2022

IDS #102 - A Trash Bag Diaper

IDS #102 - A Trash Bag Diaper
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#rogerwaters #thewall #roadhouse #robocop #clashofthetitans #theylive

The duo discuss the Roger Waters (This Is Not a Drill) concert, a gender reveal party, and Darin completely missing another concert.

All this plus Darin's odd wallet habits, McDonald's drive-through adventures, trash bag underwear, movie remakes, and more!

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Strip Trivia
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We should make people do the pledge before listening to the podcast. We should . I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the Republic, to the Republic, for which it stands, stands one nation under God, indivisible with Liberty and justice for all. Yeah.

It's submissive from mark Zuckerberg. To me right. Arrived this morning with an offer of a huge, huge amount of money. And the answer is, QUACK you. No QUACKing way. Welcome to irritable dead syndrome with two scoops of raisins in every box. Please welcome your hosts, Mike and Darren. Hey everybody. I'm Mike and I'm Darren.

Welcome to irritable dad syndrome. This is episode 102 in 2002. You two played the super bowl Uhhuh that's right. The, all that you can't lead behind. Yeah. Songs from 2000 mm-hmm were played in the 2002 super bowl. It was the who cares versus the, I don't give a yeah. Uh, and YouTube play. Yeah. And we, uh, and we were at the rock and roll hall of fame.

They had Bono's jacket on. Oh, yeah, yeah. On a thing. Yeah. Uh, what's it called a dummy, uh, a mannequin. A mannequin. Thank you. Yeah. And you were pissed because his jacket wasn't yeah, the whole thing, the big, the big C crescendo of the show exactly. Was like, he threw a thing and it had, he had a Merca in there.

Yeah. Merck and flag and pride in the name of love. A paper clip is all they needed exactly. To make it look like it should look. And they didn't. Yeah, they just didn't. We're happy. You're here. This is episode 102. I said that coming up on tonight's show. Uh, Mike and I went to see Roger Waters in concert last night.

We're gonna give you a thorough review. Of that show. Yes. And, uh, last week I went to a gender reveal party. Yeah. I don't know if you've went to one of those recently, but I've got some fun stories from the father-in-law don't of, uh, I don't think I've ever been to one of those  oh, they're a hoo. Yeah.

Before we go, before we get everything started, I wanted to mention, I wanted to apologize. So many of these episodes, I started with an apology over something that I have forgotten to do something that I have forgotten to say something that I said that was, uh, incorrect. Last week, we teased that I was gonna talk about a concert that I forgot to go to.

And what did I do? I forgot to talk about the show. I was excited that I forgot to go to here's the here, can I say I'm gonna quit saying here's the thing. Okay. I'm gonna do account and then yeah. So here's the point. Okay.   I. I re-listened to the show on the day that it comes out. Yeah. I don't know if you know this.

I do too. I'm part of the show. I help create the show sometimes. Yeah. And  so on the day that it comes out, I like to try to hear it. I want to hear it. As people are being exposed, it makes you feel like you're part of it. I feel like I'm part of the audience and I heard you say that I'm like, oh, I missed that part.

I don't remember talking about that. Go through the whole, cause didn't talk about it. The whole. You've done that once before you've done that once before you mentioned something about George Carlin, but it was in the stinger. It was in the, was like way at the end. And it was awesome. Cuz the whole time I'm thinking where's George Carlin, where's George and then exactly you did it.

And then we threw it in there this time. It wasn't there. I know. So you've got a bunch of people excited and then I know and I let 'em down nothing and I'm sorry to every person who I let down, but yeah. Uh, you had mentioned going to see the, uh, the flaming, uh, faster pussy cat  I mean, I didn't wanna brag.

It was a few weeks ago where you asked me if I wanted to go to that show. Yeah. And I'm like, nah, I'm not gonna be able to go. Cuz my son's birthday was that day and I wasn't, I just wasn't gonna be able to, and you don't like to see bands named after genitalia. That's right. Inflamed genitalia.  that's exactly right.

That's where I draw a line. It's where I draw a line. I think it's a great place to draw a lot. And so I was like, yeah, you know, that stinks. And cuz I, I like going to concerts and Hey, I've got a concert coming up that I was gonna go to. Yeah. And that's uh, Uh, wait a minute. Ooh. Ooh.  I got on the internet real quick and looked up big, bad voodoo daddy.

Mm-hmm  they're a swing band.


Yeah, they were on the soundtrack to one of my favorite movies starting John fro swingers. Swingers. Yep. Holy crap. What a fun movie that was. So they were coming to the TAF theater. Yeah. In, in July. Yeah. You just, no, no. June 30th. Okay. Was the day they were supposed to be at the TAF theater. I realized on July 18  I was like, huh, I bought tickets for the show.

and I didn't go to the. Yeah. And the tickets were like $45 a piece. Oh my Lord.  didn't go. You paid nine times more than I paid to see the flaming P God. I know. I know. And I was just sick about it. Yeah. Cause I have never in my life forgotten to go to a concert. Yeah. But here here's the thing. Here's the point.

Yeah. So get, get this here's the deal. So I was talking about it on the Facebook Uhhuh because whenever I forget, I love going on there. And then it gets the, my nobody ever ridicules you for things about that. Do you think I have a lot of fans on this podcast? You should see how many fans I have on my Facebook page.

So adoring fans are all over it talking about, you know, Darren and his wacky memory loss turns out big, bad. Voodoo. Daddy are doing a free show. Okay. In Dayton. Okay. In September. Oh, okay. So, okay. I'm like the, the concert God said, okay, Darren, you screwed this up. You forgot the show. You didn't go. Yeah. You can see 'em for free.

Yeah. So it's like a make good. Yeah. The show may be horrible. Cuz you gotta bring a lawn chair and it's outside. Oh, there may be a tornado. I don't know. I hope not. But anyway, so I'm gonna see him in September. Yeah. But I've never that's. That's how it was. When I saw volcanic snatch was you had to bring a lawn chair if you wanted to sit down volcanic snatch.

Yeah.  their album. Was I lava you? Oh man.  yeah. A concert that I did not forget to go to was Roger Waters. Oh, he came to Cincinnati. Yeah he did. And what an incredible show that was. Yeah. Yes. Yeah.

I don't need no arms around me

and I don't need no drugs to call me. Yeah. That was one of the, one of the top tier shows that I've seen. Yeah, because I, I, well, I, we talked about it. Um, I've seen pink Floyd, which is pink. Floyd's sand's Roger Waters. Exactly. Now how many original members are in the pink Floyd lineup? Well, now there's only, was it just Gilmore and Gilmore?

Well, Gilmore, wasn't an original member. So really Nick Mason is the only original member in pink Floyd. Okay. But the version of pink Floyd that you saw was Gilmore Mason, Richard Wright. Okay. Um, and were they in the band with Roger water?  who's the other guy. Oh, Roger Waters. Sid. Well, Sid, but he's dead.

Yeah. Sid and Roger rods. Yeah. No, so yeah, Roger water was, was not there. This, this was Gilmore Floyd. Right. And I was talking about the imagery. So the imagery we saw in Roger Waters, um, he is in a word opinionated. Really? He has points yeah. To his songs Uhhuh. And it was hilarious. I mean, it's, it's a pure British show.

I loved the, the type, my favorite. And I've spoil part of the show. If you guys haven't seen it, but he does the, in the flesh, um, the wall part comes in with the leather thing mm-hmm and the shades and the, um, the 1984, you know, military police following or William Orwellian. Yeah, flags are coming down and everything's on fire and everything's red and he changes from the nice, gracious Roger Waters to the there's all.

Yeah. And that ends, and then on the screen, right after that, it just says, what the QUACK was that? Exactly? Well, I. At the beginning of the show. Yeah. That there was a disclaimer that the show will start in 10 minutes. Yeah. The show will start in five minutes. Yes. And then it said, uh, for people attending the show tonight.

Yeah. Who are fans of pink? Floyd. Uhhuh. Who? Aren't fans of Roger water's politics. Yeah. Can right off . I'm like, this is okay. This is the show a good, this is what we're in for. This is what you get. When you get a, you can say a lot of things about Roger Waters, but he has integrity. Yeah. He left the band for specific reasons.

Mm-hmm  and stayed out. And you I've watched interviews with him. He always shows up with the t-shirt and jeans. That's just him. Yeah. And he just tells him what he thinks. He told mark Zuckerberg to spread off. He did Zuckerberg offered. Stupid amount of money to use another brick in the wall for a, a Facebook ad, right?

Yeah. Or was it Twitter? No. Yeah. For, or for a movie about Instagram. Yeah. They wanted to use another brick in the wall. Which, what do you, I mean, why, how are you  I mean, we've talked about it before, when they tried to use born of the USA for campaign, uh, videos. Have you heard the song? Do you know what he's saying?

There? Yes.  and you brought up little pink houses. Mm-hmm  uh, but yeah, so Roger Waters is very opinionated. He's been that way the whole time. Now you've got that guy in his seventies, on a world tour. Yeah. I mean, I would completely expect that. Yeah. Uh, start the show. Hey, this is how it's gonna be. If you don't like it, the bar is right there.

Exactly. Yeah. It's off  but it was a really good show. Yeah. And I was, my mind was blown because, well, I don't know, 20 some episodes ago, I was talking about how for years, I thought the song was called dark side of the moon Uhhuh, but it's actually a two parter brainwashed. Brain damage and eclipse. Yeah.

Okay. So he does brain damage, eclipse Uhhuh, holy crap. Yeah. Tore the place apart. And then he starts talking and he does two more songs. Yeah. And he, once he says, yeah, we're gonna do another song or so I was like, how do you follow? How do you follow that? It was pretty good. You, you just, it was a song from the final cut.

Yeah. It was amazing. So it was really cool. So anyway, going back, the reason I mentioned seeing pink Floyd before is when I saw pink Floyd, they are all about imagery and they had a video going through the show. They got a lot of them lasers, too. They got them lasers, Uhhuh , uh, but their video is very, um,  what's that called abstract.

Yeah. Very abstract and artistic done. And as are his videos mm-hmm  but his are very, to the point mm-hmm  Hey, this is a song about oppression. So here's gonna be a bunch of cartoon police beating cartoon people until with Billy clubs, Billy clubs and red blood, like shooting everywhere, blood coming outta their head.

Yeah. Like, okay. Okay. There. And then you look at the pink Floyd video for the same song. And it's like a guy with holding a cantaloupe and a field with flowers  and a lady with a dress walking to the background, waving cantaloupe and a fish flying through the screen. You know, it's like, what the hell? It's like, it's like two different type.

What, what type of drugs do you like? Which one you wanna take float with money Python, but maybe, yeah. Yeah. They're very, I mean, they're all kind. They welcome the same circles. They're from England. But, yeah, so it was really, really cool, especially when he did the, in the flesh and the wall stuff with the hammers, walking imagery.

Mm-hmm , that was very striking a, because I completely forgot about the fricking walking hammers from the wall. Very striking. So when that, when that hit, yes, very good choice of words when that hit, it was not only very on the head. Yeah. Not only is this happening, but this is the dude, the literal dude that wrote that, that mm-hmm  it is doing this and he's acting the character for a bit for that song.

He's acting the character of pink. Yeah. And it was like blew my mind. Yeah, really cool. This portion of our show was brought to you by DY legs. Hey ladies, I'm Dave lay a smooth look is a sexy look and that look is yours with new DY legs, the only panty hose with the stay put panty DY legs go under the cleanest of clothes, erasing wrinkly, panty lines forever.

All that's left is you. So whether you're stretching, sitting, standing, or sitting, there's only one panty hose. That's always fitting nothing, beats a great pair of legs. Now back to the show. So it was a great concert before the show, uh, you and I were there and your lovely wife best was there. And, uh, our friend Matt box was there and we went to a restaurant in Cincinnati called the more line house.

Yeah. And I don't think I've ever eaten at the more line house, but the food was delicious. Yeah. Yeah. Service was really good Uhhuh. And I learned that you eat sandwiches with a, for kind a night. They do. Which not all the time, but those I do. Okay. What, what do you mean those? Which ones? Which sandwiches do you eat with fork and knife?

A sandwich at a restaurant that is like, they, that one was very clearly cooked in butter and it was greasy. Right. I don't touch that. Okay. And burgers fall apart. So I use a fork and knife, cuz we've talked about in previous episodes. You don't like, I don't like to touch greasy stuff and I don't want food touching my face.

Okay. If I use the fork in knife, I can control whether the food touches my face. Okay. How much of my fingers are touching the food. Okay. You know? Yeah. Yeah. So  and then yeah, so best. And Matt were sitting there watching you and I go at each other, like a married couple because I didn't feel like bringing my wallet to a concert, but I had my ID and my credit card on me in a, this fricking Ziploc bag in again in a Ziploc bag.

And you asked me why I'm like, I don't want it to get wet. What? I don't have to explain to you why I haven't, it they're plastic.  no. You could soak your credit cards in a glass of water every night. And they would be the same in the morning. When you wake up, it'd be a little wet. I have a thing. Okay. Where?

Hello.  here's the thing. Here's your thing. Here's the thing. Yeah. And this is, I don't know that it's an O C D thing Uhhuh, but if I'm at a public place, like when we go to Kings island. Yeah. I'm constantly checking my pockets. Okay. Not because I'm in fear that somebody has robbed me, but you've, I've dropped INED in, I've reached in, grabbed something, pulled it out and then something falls out.

Mm-hmm  okay. So I'm constantly checking my wallet. I'm checking my phone. Yeah. I'm checking my keys and I have keys, wallet, phone, keys, wallet, phone, keys, wallet, phone. I'm a freak. Yeah, no, I do the same thing. I did see that. Yeah. So when I went to the concert, I didn't feel like carrying my. Because I have so much cash mm-hmm  right.

So I just left that at home. Yeah. And I put the credit card and the ID in a Ziploc bag so that they always stay together so that I don't re and then one of 'em falls out. Yeah. That that's, that's why I'm a freak. Yeah. , I'm just keeping them together is a better explanation than I don't want them to get wet.

Right. Because I thought when you said, I don't want them to get wet. That wasn't joke. Yeah. I thought you were messing with me and you were

There are times Darren mm-hmm  when I'm an idiot. Okay. There are times where my mind is not on point there's other times where. I'm a couple steps down the road. I feel from the conversation Uhhuh and I can, I can, I'm like right on top of it. Right? The problem is I can never predict which of those two mics is in the conversation.

Gotcha. And sometimes they swap out and you can see that happen when I completely lose track of what I'm saying mid sentence. Right. That's when smart Mike has left the building. And idiot, Mike, it's like a, co-pilot a pilot and a co-pilot in my head Uhhuh. And every once in a while the pilot just says, I, I gotta go take a yeah.

And leaves. And then the co-pilot's like, oh, it's like the blow up doll in airplanes. It's exactly. It's like that guy. The auto pilot is autopilot in Mike for five to 10 minutes while smart mic is back there playing candy crush on the can. I love when Julie Haggerty comes out, does anybody in here know how to fly a plane?

everything was fine until they were outta coffee. And then you, what the hell are we supposed to talk about now? I against my better judgment. I went to McDonald's. Okay. I went to the drive through, right? Okay. I'm ordering it's breakfast. Okay. I enjoy McDonald's sausage biscuits. I do too. They give me a headache.

Every time I eat. They just do. Okay. I accept that. I'm going to get a headache and I decide and it's worth the headache. It is. Okay. So I, I feel like a McDonald's sausage biscuit and a McDonald's hash brown is an acceptable breakfast for somebody who's given up on the day.  like, you're gonna, you said today's done.

I you've given up on the day before it's even started. Yeah. That's in the beginning. You're just checking out on that day. Now it screwed this. Screw it. Yeah. So then I'm like, what's better than one sausage biscuit and a hash brown. It's two sausage biscuits and two hash Browns. Ooh. So, okay. I ordered three.

Now. One of them was for, uh, Charlie in case he wanted one because there's always a chance I'm gonna bring something home. It doesn't matter what it is. I could bring home. Oh, I totally envisioned you eating in the car with your kids in the backseat. Daddy, can I have something nor world I could bring home live sushi, which I don't even know if that's possible.

It's it's not. It's called a fish, a fish. Can bring home a fish Uhhuh. And, and he, if I don't bring enough for him, he'll want it. And if I do bring enough, he won't want it. So I bring enough going to Vegas and I'm live sushi.  big flashy lights. It's just an aquarium. Yeah. Yeah. It's just an aquarium. So I order and, you know, McDonald's has entered into the matrix age.

They've got those monitors there that have the, the menus on 'em. Right. And they populate with what you're telling the person on the other end. Right. You know, order, I want a sausage biscuit and you see biscuit sausage. Yep. And then two of those one, two mm-hmm  that's happening live. I ordered that and I see it's like, Sticks or French red, whatever, Uhhuh, something.

I'm like, okay. They, they have somebody's they have the French toast sticks. Somebody back there is smoking crack. I just they're they'll they go through the thing and I'm like, she's gonna read the order back to me. So I give the order, it's three sausage biscuits, uh, three hash Browns, best wanted a breakfast burrito.

And I wanted a coffee on top of all that dad, daddy needs coffee to get back home. Yeah. Yeah. And I say all that and I'm expecting her to read the thing back and she doesn't. She says, okay, it's 10 something pull around 10. I'm like the, that can't possibly be the message. The, the thing doesn't read what, what I ordered she's like, what'd you order?

sausage biscuits. Three hash Browns. Oh yeah. I, I got that before I got through it. The question was, what did you order? Mm-hmm  I don't even get through the whole order. And she says, oh yeah, I got it. I got it. You've got the same lady that I had like a month ago. Okay. So I.  I say, okay, Uhhuh. She's got it.

Yeah. Okay. I pull up to the thing and I'm like, they're gonna give me a receipt cuz they always give you a receipt with everything as you ordered. Yeah. And she's she looks at me when I pull up. She's like, did you get the blueberry muffin and the hot cocoa? No, no, I got the, the sausage biscuit. Oh she, you got the sausage biscuit biscuits and the yeah, yeah, yeah.

And I, she, yeah. Yeah. Yame plural. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Yame through the, they get you the burrito Uhhuh. And I said, okay, well, you know, in my head pilot, Mike is in the can back. He's yelling, he's yelling down the thing. You're gonna get a receipt. It's okay. You'll get a receipt. And copilot Mike is up there saying, okay, I don't wanna receipt all food.

I want know I want them, I want them to acknowledge that I'm getting the right thing. Uhhuh, you know, it's a, you'll get her. You can just show the person that gives you the food, the receipt, and they can go get you the right food. Okay. All right. I'll okay. So I, I pay her and I pull up. She opens the, the window, the window, the second lady.

And you remember flow. Was it flow? Kiss my grits. Yeah, poly holiday. Now she didn't tell me to kiss her grits, Uhhuh, but imagine how flow would open the window and drive through when she's tired of mail for the day, y'all get your sausage biscuit. Sh what'd you get, uh, sausage, but yeah. Okay. I'm in, I'm all they've heard me say is sausage BI all, all the way through here.

hands me. The thing gives me the, the bag food Uhhuh, and I'm sitting there. I'm one of those people now that I hate when I'm in line, like get your food, get outta there. Yeah. I'm counting the biscuits. Yeah. I'm counting the burrito and it's okay. It's all in there. And you gotta, and she like hands the coffee out at me and you got me the coffee and I'm like, they got my order.

Right. I don't know how, I don't know how they did that. . That's a miracle and I don't know the French toast sticks person. I don't know if they're ever gonna get their food. I don't know what happened, but that was a very emotionally draining McDonald's visit for the morning. I don't need that drive. Was this the McDonald's across from where Kroger used to be?

Yes. Yeah. It's same. So I probably got the same, like you got the yay. Yay. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Just don't yeah, yeah, yeah. Me through my order. It's like, don't ask me if the order is correct when you're trying to answer. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. I might, I might say I might be ready to say, gimme two sausage biscuits, a sausage burrito and 15,000 packets of picante sauce and a muffin.

Right? I might be ready to say that you don't know. You don't know don't yeah, yeah, yeah. Me through it. No, no. Don't  one of these mornings. When I feel spritely, I'm gonna go down there. I'm gonna keep changing my order Uhhuh every time and see what happens. See what I get at the end. I said I wanted four. So four sausage biscuits.

Yeah. Two ham biscuits. Yeah. Estridge upstairs. Extra gravy. Yeah. Yeah.  so remember when I told you about going. To Olivia. And I went to the bar to eat and we got a burger and a salad, and the lady says, I'm ordering Nu rings. Remember my buddy, my buddy, Jeff. And I went back to that place. Yeah. Uhhuh. And we got that waitress again.

And I leaned over to him. I said, she's the one who says Nu rings. He goes, oh, whoa, whoa. And we were so hoping that, that she would do that. She didn't. Oh, but she's like, she's like, what would you guys like to drink? And she, you know, do, do, do, do a head tilts to the side. You'd say some beer, some and onion drinks is what I want.

You. But, yeah, so I was so excited thinking that we might get something like that. Again, we didn't, but yeah,  a man can dream. Right? I lose track of which McDonald's is the, is the one in our neighborhood. There's that one. And then there's one over by, uh, on union center. The one on the one next to the library.

Yeah. I've had bad experiences in both of them, but I can't remember which one's the bad one. Jacob told me that everyone at the high school says do not go to the one. Do that one irritable dead syndrome is proud to be associated with newly the all in one audio, super app for iOS and Android for the first time ever the entire internet becomes listenable all in one place.

Newly picks up articles about the most trending topics and reads them to you in a natural human voice. Irritable dad syndrome is available there. You can find trending podcasts for more than 80 countries and digital radio as well. So stop scrolling and start listening. Download newly now just go to www.newly.me and use this promo code one R R one T a B L E D a D.

And receive a free one month premium subscription.

There's something I forgot to tell you.  from like a month ago. Okay. When we went to Hilton head Uhhuh, when we were driving through Hilton head, we saw a guy, a grown man walking down the street outdoors, wearing a trash bag  he had cut holes in the trash bag.  and he had tucked it in somehow to his short sweater.

Looked like he had a trash bag diaper. Oh my God. That's me in 10 years. That's me in four . So I, I raise you, but I remember we're driving and I'm just, so what do you think we're gonna do after the

And she's like, she thought I had a stroke.  she's what, what, what is wrong with you?  she's then the boys. What's wrong with mom and dad? Like, are they filming jackass over here's yeah. And we're just, I it's, you can't take your eyes off a guy, a trash. Did, did he have anything else on the shoes? Okay. No shirt, trash bag diaper.

Was it a cinch sack? The hefty cinch sack with the coolest, with the, with the cools, the jewels  yeah, no, he's just walking around and we're like, wow. Okay. Yeah. All right. It's good for him. You may have witnessed someone at their low point. I think so. You may have. Wow. I think I did. Wow.

On the podcast last week, Uhhuh, I mentioned that we wanted to. For a group, what stranger things has done for Kate Bush. And we wanted to help launch somebody back Uhhuh into superstar. Yeah. Back into popularity. Yeah. Mega popularity. Yeah. And we decided to do that for the group to P mm-hmm  with their song, heart and soul mm-hmm  I found out some things about the group to pal, to pal is a Vulcan elder.

It's the name of a Vulcan elder in the star Trek series. Okay. So this song, like I school star Trek where Kurt is like banging green aliens. Well, I, I don't think there were Vulcans. No, no, no. There were Vulcans. Yeah. I'm thinking, I'm thinking. K Clingons. Yeah. Um, yeah. And ed Jones is listening and he's going to ping pop spring.

There were Clingons in the original zoo. Yeah. Just, yeah. I wanna start a fight with you and ed Jones. You're saying that that's the trouble with triples. It's the only episode I remember the group is named after a Vulcan. Which you listen to their music and that, that doesn't sound like a star Trek inspired band.

No, the lead singer, her name is Carol Decker. She's sang the lead and all the background parts. So it basically makes that song impossible to do live all this time. I thought it was a duet. I thought it was like three singers. Yeah, but maybe a, a three singer duet.  well, that's not logical. No, it's not. , it's highly illogical captain.

So we're hoping that the, that, you know, downloads for heart and soul bot to power are through the roof. Yeah. And when they find out they're gonna be like, why are people just automatically, you know, downloading our song like crazy now? Well, you're welcome. It's because of us here at irritable dad syndrome mm-hmm  so it reached number four in the United States and in the UK back in 1987.

And so hopefully it can go number one in 2022 here in the United States. Well, let's, let's make it happen. Let's make it worldwide. When I, when I think of all the things facing us and our children. Yeah.  and what we can do about it. One thing that we can do about it is make Toal Uhhuh have a good week.

Yeah. Yeah. Good year. Good year. Yeah. They'll be on rolling stone magazine. Yeah. You still, is that still a thing? Rolling stone. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. It sure is. All right. Yeah. We, oh yeah. Maybe irritable dad syndrome can get on the cover of rolling stone magazine. We may  remember Dr. Hook wrote that song on the cover of the rolling stone.

After that they put him on the cover of the rolling stone after that song came off. So yeah. Dreams can come true. Yeah.

So you went to a gender reveal party? I did. Okay. So Chris, Michael Uhhuh is one of our patrons. He's our boss. Essentially. He, he makes this podcast would not air if it were weren't for him. I've got my response to the gender reveal. It's like, , it's on a diving board. I'm either I'm either gonna dive well or I'm gonna body slam I'm I'm waiting to see was it his gender reveal party?

no, we, we know that he, what his gender is. Okay. Yeah. No, no, but, but he, did he have the party for his child? Yes. Okay. I love, I love gender reveal parties. No, I know he, yeah. Hey everybody, watch this zip. No, no, no. Stop. Stop doing that now. No, no. I wanna do a gender reveal party for a 40 something year old, dude.

They have, they already have a little girl, Victoria. Yeah. Okay. Victoria was born and it wasn't for her. We know what she is, right? Yes. Yeah. We know that Victoria is a little girl. Yes, she's adorable. She as cute as the damn, but are they gonna name her Vicky? I think I call her Vicky. Uh, I think, I think they can or Vicky actually they call her V oh yeah.

V V V V. Is the lead in the, uh, hit game? Semi hit cyber punk 2077. Character's name is V V V V. Is that why he named her? V I don't think so. Probably not. Yeah. I think they I'd have to ask. I think they named her after, uh, maybe his grandmother or, or maybe it's just the name they saw or the Victrola on the  the, the shaver  I'm sorry.

What's the, what's the, what's the, what's the, thing's the Victrola. What's the thing. That's like the, the vinyl player with like the big horn coming out that Ben Franklin listened to  what is that? Victor. Victor Rola. Yeah. Victory. I think so, Vic, uh, I don't know. VI VI, Vic, Vic Mason, Vic Vince, Vic, may Vic victorious.

So they have a daughter named Vic. They have a daughter named Vic . She's not named Vince MCMA it would be cool if she was Vince Neal is her daughter. Okay.  they have a daughter named Victoria Uhhuh. Now, when she was born, she was born during the, the thick a C. Okay. Okay. They couldn't have, she was what we refer to as a COVID baby, a COVID baby.

Okay. They couldn't have a gender reveal party because the man said we couldn't have large gatherings. Okay. They weren't going to do that and put people at risk. Yeah. Cause if you remember COVID was really bad. Yeah. Okay. They couldn't have a gender reveal party, so they had good old uncle Darren. Good old buddy next door come over and I photographed their.

Announcement. Hey, we're having a baby. Yeah. Okay. Okay. And then when they were having their gender reveal, I videotaped it for them. Okay. I knew before anybody. Yeah. That Victoria was gonna be a little girl. Okay. And I was like, holy crap. I knew she was a girl before either of them did, which I thought was pretty cool.

Yeah. Now that C's died down, uh, tad mm-hmm  they could have a party and I was invited this time. I got demoted from videographer and social media, master of ceremonies. Exactly. To just attendee yeah. Of the next party. Did they do something? Did they something weird? Like feed the dog, something pink. And then everybody watches a, they waited like, oh girl, they waited for Sadie to poop.

Yeah.  exactly. Boy, we waited hours because that's where all those videos on YouTube of like people blowing off, blowing off their thumbs or their testicles, trying to gender reveal party, nothing caught on fire. Okay. There were no fights. Okay. It didn't go like the floor demand attend. Didn't cut. Open a pig.

And there's a pink,  no bunny in there. No, none of that. Okay. They had just, I don't know, a ton of family members over there and Uhhuh and li and I were there. Their families are, oh my God. Her, her mom and dad are fantastic. Chris's brother and his mom and, and everyone who's there just could not have been, possibly been nice.

Totus and we had a great time. Yeah. Uh, I was talking to Chris's father-in-law that's that would be Mary's dad. Mary's dad. Mary's dad. And he said, Vic control's granddad, grandfather. Yeah. That he didn't quite get.  the, the gender reveal party. Mm-hmm  and he says the gender reveal should take about as long as it takes to make a baby.

About, about two minutes  to which I looked at him and said two minutes. Yeah. Wow. How do you go that long? What do you do? Think about something else. Baseball. He says, yeah, you count to a hundred . Okay. All right. So the we're out, they moved, so they fed us all. Oh my God. There was so much food. It was like Thanksgiving.

They moved it out to the backyard. Where was it? Was it good food or not so much? Oh, you could say just, just us. It was just us here. It's just, just nobody listened. No barbecue sliders. Okay. Okay. Really, really good. All right. There was a Buffalo chicken dip. There's a fruit and a veggie and a cheese tray.

Yeah. And there were cookies and it was, it was yeah. Really, really, really good food. Not many people know this. Yeah. Buffalo chicken. The Buffalo is because the sauce was invented in Buffalo, New York, New York. It's not a hybrid of Buffalo. Didn't they didn't breed a Buffalo in a chicken. No, that poured chicken.

Yeah.  or that he picked Buffalo.

What's my point. I don't know. We moved the party sliders. Yeah. To, to the backyard Uhhuh where they were on their porch. Yeah. They have a, a, um, um, what's it called? A patio vitro. Okay. They what's your deal with the Viro? I know. I gotta look up what it is. It won't beat my head until they were on their patio.

Yeah. Elevated up. And we were all in the yard and they had these two confetti cannons. Okay. Okay. Not really a cannon, but it's a tube. They pull it and it shoots. Confetti. Yeah. So we're all waiting. I was right. That's a vitro. It's a Victrola. Okay. Very good. Very good. We're in the yard, waiting for them to pull the thing in a shoot out a, a color of confetti, either blue or blue, pink.

Blue means it's a boy or a mixture. Pink means it's a girl. Yeah. Okay. They know they're not having twins. So it's one, is that what you do? If it's a, if it's twins, would you do two of 'em? You would. Yeah. Okay. Yeah. That's interesting. So Mary and Chris both had their confetti cannons and they were gonna pull 'em at the same time, but Mary's didn't work, right?

Mm. Chris pulled his yeah. Pink confetti. They're having another girl. Okay. Okay. All right. So confetti, congratulations. Yeah. Congratulations, Chris. Mary. And Victrola mm-hmm  and Sadie. That's their dog. Yeah. You guys are gonna have another little girl in the house. That's gonna be off. Awesome. Was it biodegradable?

Confetti? Absolutely good. Yeah, they wouldn't, they wouldn't use that. Degradable didn't know whether to go protest on their lawn. I'm cause I'm busy tomorrow. I don't have time to do that.  well, they shot the confetti. It's still in the air. Okay. It hasn't even fallen to the ground where someone behind me said, oh, two girls, I guess I'll have to try again for a boy.

Oh,  like the confetti hasn't even, it's still doing the, are we still there? Is this still the 18 hundreds where the king needs a fricking prince to carry on the, carry on the name? Or is that 13 hundreds? Good Lord. And then after that, someone had said, but then they'll have three kids, so they'll have to have a fourth to even things out what the wouldn't  what the hell?

Yeah. Annie, who. But they're having another little girl. Okay. And I refer to the kids as my, uh, God daughters now. Yeah. Which Chris has pulled me aside and said, Darren you're, you've gotta tell me, you know, you're not the godfather. Right.  you know that. Anyway, Chris, Mary Sadie. Yeah. Congratulations. Vicky V.

Congratulations. You got another little girl coming on and that's going to be gonna be awesome. And we're here to help uncle Mike can come over and help anytime you guys need  yeah.

Irritable, dead syndrome was brought to you. Byers all be foot long, hot dogs and listeners like you. I needed some help with my computer the other day. Okay. And our regular it person I've mentioned before I work remotely. Yeah. So what is it like a best buy geek squad dude, drive up in your, they, they drive over.

Yeah. No, they, uh, you know, the, it guy will remote into my computer, take, you know, control over it and look over and then, then we type whatever the problem is. And then they go through and fix it. So the regular it guy who I've worked with for the past six months leaving the company and there's, uh, another guy who I've never worked with before.

Yeah. That said, oh, reach out to him. And he'll, he'll take care of you. So I sent him an email, he gets back to me, asked what the problem is. I explained to him kind of what it was. Yeah. I said, can we get on teams? Cuz if you get on teams and then you can share your screen and yeah. And talk through it or whatever, whatever.

So we do that. Yeah, Andy, uh, and he kind of talks like this, you know? So, uh, so what's your problem here? And we go through all the problems. Yeah. And he fixes it like super fast. I'm like, how'd you do that? Oh, it's pretty simple. Really? And did he have a, was he eating a Hogan? Tell me he was eating a hokey and he had a big mustache.

I sounded like one of the Mario brothers. You said, I, I predicted he has a big mustache. You got there, you got a bunch of turtles. See, they took the princess, they got her up there in this castle. Now what you gotta do? You gotta go jump onto his turtles. Yeah. He got toad stools, man. You jump on those you'll slip.

You'll fall. You bust your ass right there. My, yeah, my, uh, cousin there. He had to jump over all these barrels. Yeah.  once the problem was resolved as like, thank you so much. I really appreciate it. And uh, uh, I'll talk to you later. Have a good day. He says, okay. See you Pally. Pally. P . I love it. Yeah. I have a Pally chief, a it called dude.

All right. Yeah, buddy Pally. All right. Pally. You know, it's like Dean Martin with a, you know, a Southern comfort, not a Southern comfort. What's a, what, what was the drink that he always had? Uh VMU yeah, he had a vermouth, a cigarette. Okay. Pally. I'll talk to you later. You know, that's like the thing, if somebody comes there and says, Hey, bud, I'm not your buddy friend.

I'm not your friend pal. Like  it seems like if somebody says Pally would like drop it, you'd be like, wait there's no, nobody says Pally, but you got, you got called Pally in the wild naturally. I love it. I was just like, never been called Pally before I thought it was great. Another nickname I got was tonight, Uhhuh.

Before I came over to your house, I was craving something sweet. I ran by a convenient store and I got it. Paid cash. Okay. Okay. So it's to get like 17, almost 18 bucks back in cash. And I'm looking at my cha do you count your change cuz I know you don't look at your, I don't use cash. Okay. Unless I'm, IFM use you use cash.

Count your change. Yeah. Good lesson that I learned from my mom always count your change and I'm looking and I had 12 bucks. I'm like this doesn't look right. I know I'm not a genius at math, but I thought I was supposed to get 18. Did you, was it outside your Ziploc bag? Maybe it fell outta your pocket. I, I didn't have time to put it in the Ziploc bag.

Okay. All right. The dude working the register here. It's like 92 degrees Uhhuh. He's wearing a, a stocking cat. Oh, no, not he's a sore.  yes. He's wearing a sombrero. Oh, Hey, he's wearing a, a, a Nick cat, a kni cat. What is that? Why do people do that in the heat? I don't know. And then, uh, while I'm driving there, there was a kid on a skateboard wearing a hoodie sweatshirt.

Ugh. 92 degrees. See, Jesse wore both those Jesse was in the, it was in New Mexico. Albuquerque. Yeah. He had like with a hoodie and a Nick cap and the whole thing, a three X. Yeah. Ugh. Which I, I don't get, but. I'm looking at my thing. And he says, uh, is there a problem bossman  boss, man. Cause I'm like, uh, yeah, I think he shorted me five bucks.

Yeah. And I'm looking, he goes, oh, sorry, bossman. Here you go. Sorry about that. And he gives me another five. Yeah. And I'm like, if you're calling me bossman, does that mean I get to fire you  but honest. What you know, was it honest? Was it an honest mistake? Was he acting stupid? I don't know. I mean, before you were called bossman, I would say yes.

Yeah. But after they call you a boss or bossman, because I've been called Bo that way, like gets my hackles up.  I hate when something gets my hackles up, gets my ass up on my back, says they say

I heard today. They're remaking Roadhouse. How do you do that? Man? Roadhouse is like freaking classic. You can't remake Roadhouse. It's like remaking Terminator. Like the first Terminator. You don't do that. No, you don't do that. You just make sequels until people want to kill themselves, but you don't fricking nobody replaces Arnold.

Nobody replaces Patrick Swayze. Yeah. Roadhouse you can't. Yeah, Roadhouse. You're gonna be, you're gonna be nice Uhhuh until it's time to not be nice.  be nice. Come on. If somebody gets in your face and calls you a,

I want you to be nice. Okay. Ask him to walk. Be nice. If you won't walk, walk him, but be nice. If you can't walk him, one of the others will help you and you'll both be nice. I want you to remember that it's a job. It's nothing personal mm-hmm  and caught a

written personal. No, it's two nouns combined to elicit a prescribed response. I wonder if somebody calls my mama,

I need about tree. Is she?

I want you to be nice until it's time to not be nice. Well, uh, how are we supposed to know when that. You won't, I'll let you know exactly so classic and then you've gotta bring in Sam Elliot. Oh yeah. One of those days. Yeah. Well, a wiser fellow and myself once said, sometimes you eat the bar and much of blood, sometimes the bar while eats you that some kind of Eastern thing far from it.

That's a movie Roadhouse. Here's how good Patrick Swayze is in Roadhouse. Uhhuh is that you forget Sam Elliot is in it until the next time you watch Roadhouse. Yeah. You're like, I'm gonna watch this and you see Sam Elliott and you just like flip. Oh my God. He's in it too. Yep. That's how good. Yeah. Patrick Swayze is.

Yep. In the thing. It's just, it's the. Mm. Well, I still can't and it's not a problem with Patrick Swayze. Yeah. Anytime I see a Patrick Swayze movie, I keep going back to ghost. Yeah. And he could walk through walls, but he never fell through the floor. Yeah. And I'm never gonna understand that Uhhuh, no matter how hard I tried, no matter how hard, you know, scholars and clergy and whoever tried to explain it to me.

Yeah. Why wouldn't he fall through the floor? Mm-hmm  when he could walk through a wall. Yeah. He could. Threw one subway into another subway. Yeah, actually that was the other ghost. Get off my train. Yeah. Do give some, an onion rings. Yeah. The guy who jumped through one train and landed another and then landed on the floor.

Yeah. I've got a problem with that, but that has nothing to do with Roadhouse. Yeah. I like Jake Joann hall. Yeah. I think Jake GELN Hall's a financeer. He's awesome. Yeah, he's really cool. Uh, but leave it alone, dude. Make your own thing. Make a new movie. See you don't miss, but I'm changing this to a, just stop.

Make a new damn movie. Yeah. Yeah. Don't see. Okay. So let's go back through some remakes that have not worked out so well. They had the balls to remake Robocop. Did you see the remake of Robocop? No, I did not. I did not. I read all the reviews that said, this is an abomination. This is a crime against God humanity and the United nations.

and I still, I love Robocop so much and I'm like, I gotta see it. I just wanna see. Because you watch the original Robocop. It's got so much style to it. It's really, it's got a lot of style. Okay. Okay. It's got style. I haven't seen it since it first came out, but I'm gonna, I remember enjoying the movie. It, I, in my head, it's in the same classification as like evil, dead too.

It's got that style. Yeah. Like it's like, it's, it's like a really good B movie. Mm-hmm  um, and I was like, when I rewatch it, the effects are good, but I've always thought, man, if they made it now and they had current effects mm-hmm  it would really be awesome. No, no, no, no. You need Peter Weller and you need those janky effects.

You need ed 2 0 9 to move like a stop motion clay thing. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Cause the ed 2 0 9 or ed 40, 83 or whatever he is and the remake looks awesome. The rest of the movie just sucks. Now does your. What you say about this? Does that also apply to, did you see the old clash of the Titans compared to the new?

I never watched the new Titan clash of the Titans and we I've never seen it. Okay. I, to me, to me, explain to me why clash of the Titans is Harry Hamlin and his pepperoni tits fighting with the robot owl with the robot L Hey, pepperoni tits. Hey, Pally fighting, uh, James K Sinta guy and James ADU. James Kahn.

Wasn't in no, but the guy look, I always thought he was, I thought it was the same act actor as a kid. I was like, that's that guy from godfather  pepper. It's Notts. Or what about, uh, Dune. Okay. Or, or you, because I know you're a fan of the re rebate, so I am a fan. Now that's one, I am two. Now I'm a fan of the original dune.

I have my reasons. And I'll go into 'em a little bit here. Mm-hmm  I had a really rough time. The first time that I saw dune, I had some stuff going on the original one or the, the original rule was Kyle McLaughlin and all that stuff. And that was kind of an escape for me, like seeing that movie Uhhuh really rough day and seeing that like took me to a different place and it was nice.

And it's the, at the time, in those days, those sand worms looked awesome. Uhhuh that all that stuff looked awesome. And I dug. The artistry, Ry of it. And I thought it was cool. That sting was in it. You look at it now, sting cannot act his way out of a right Ziploc bag, full of credit cards. And he hasn't   but, and he hasn't like, he was on only murders in the building.

Okay. On Hulu. Okay. He hasn't learned to act no, since then. No, but I still, in my, the original, he played himself, the dunes  he's so bad. He can't play himself. He plays sting. Okay.  it has a special place in my heart, but I always wanted to see dune done. Right. And I think the new version of dune is Doune done.

Right. Okay. Okay. I I'll, uh, what are other remakes? What are, I know the couple was terrible. The, uh, coan brothers remade, um, the John Wayne, true grit, coan brothers with Jeff Bridges. The coan brothers can do no wrong if the coan brothers came out and they usually, I would agree with that, but they're, they've lost their edge cuz the last.

Two or three movies of theirs that they made. I was like, I don't, if they came out tomorrow and said, we're gonna remake you two Uhhuh and we're firing her and here's the new YouTube band I would be like, well, let's give it a try. John Goodman is gonna be bono. Yeah. John Goodman make the best Bon Peewee, Herman be the edge.

It'd be great. No, they would put. Oh, uh, the regular cast in there, you know? Yeah. Yeah. They'd throw Jeff Bridges in there somewhere. Oh yeah. Jeff Bridges would be a roadie. George Clooney. Yeah. Jeff Bridges would be the roadie in the back smoking a cigars and there he goes. Climbing up stage again. Tim Blake Nelson.

Well, I'm with you. You fellers. Steve Bohemi would show up at some point. Exactly. What the heck do you mean? What the heck do you mean?

Hey everybody. Mike's back. Hey Mike headset set. Hey, so remakes one, we interrupt this podcast or we now returned another podcast already in progress. So one amazing remake Lord of the rings is remake. Does that count? Because they made, it was a cartoon. Okay. I'm counting it. Okay. Okay. Maybe not the Ralph BHE.

Yeah. Was it Ralph BHE? I don't know who it was. Think at. Yeah. I think it was. Uh, koan and the barbarian, the remake was not good with Jason Mao. It had such potential to be so good. Right. And I walked into it expecting I'm. This is gonna suck mm-hmm  but I just wanna see him be koan. I wanna see Jason Mamoa be koan.

Yeah. If you watch the original Conan, all he has to do is have muscles and swing a sword. Yeah. And say, um, cross your enemies, see them driven before you and hear the lamentation of the women. That's his line, right? The whole movie. Everything else is LA LA that's that's it? Yeah. And, and maybe every once in Whiler nothing else,  all he has to do.

Vic throw law. So if you read the, the Ko in comic books, which I did, cuz I'm was a loser kid. Okay. And I read one of the, the, the novel by Robert E. Howard. Um, Something of the dragon year of the dragon or something of the dragon. It's like the Conan book he's supposed to be smart Conan. Yeah. Yeah. Believe it or not.

He's supposed to be relatively intelligent. Okay. They left that out of the movie.  they left that out of the movie. Do you remember years ago? I think it was at the golden Globes, Arnold S Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone presented an award together. And Arnold's up there, the nominees for outstanding directing, you know, documenting Stallone.

Like when are you ever gonna learn to talk?  he says, how long have you lived here? It's embarrassing is, and it was hilarious. It was the highlight of the night. Yeah. So it should, it should have been so good and it just wasn't and I walked into it, expecting it to be cheesy as all hell, watching it as a free streaming thing.

And I don't even think I made it through the whole movie. I think bef like the last half hour. I'm like, I, I get it. Yeah. He's gonna kill that guy with this sword. I'm done. I'm going on with my life. So disappointing. Yeah. Cause I like the original Kuna and the barbarian mm-hmm  but the effects are like, you can see the string holding the thing , you know, it's like, man, this would be so good if they, if they could redo those effects, I'm like, they're gonna do it with Jason Mamoa and he can act he's like an actual actor.

Well didn't they remake American werewolf in London. I never saw the original of that. Oh God. Okay. I've heard. It's amazing. Okay. The original American werewolf in London was absolutely amazing, but the, it doesn't hold. Yeah. It, it doesn't last what's what am I trying to say? Um, it doesn't hold up. Yeah, it doesn't hold up.

Thank you. At the time it freaked me out Uhhuh as a kid. Yeah. Watching him turn into a WOL. And then the dude, uh, Rick baker did the makeup for okay. One of his, I don't know, 30 academy awards for makeup Uhhuh truly well deserved. Yeah. But yeah, it doesn't hold up even. So the new one that they made. Yeah.

Yeah. And then they remade God, they remade like Halloween. Yeah. Horror. Like the Halloween remake. I was excited. Texas saw massacre. I, I didn't mind the remake of that. I thought the, the originals got that seventies. Yeah. Look to it like really grainy film and that it neat. I think the Texas chainsaw massacre needs that the remake of Friday, 13th, I thought was gonna be amazing.

Mm-hmm  because the original Friday, 13th, I think it was just a guy smoking pot and they were trying to copy Halloween. We talked about this on the Halloween. They were trying to copy Halloween. They were like, hold on. He kills them with a knife, but then he.  runs away, right. Instead of walks away. Oh, oh, oh, well, here we go.

You know, damnit, Ted. I love you. That's a great idea. So, so I thought now they've got hindsight. They have all this like lore of Jason vorge yeah. They can like completely copy Halloween and all these things. They can make this, they can do this upright with new effects. It's not it's. It's okay. There are some really cool scenes.

Mm-hmm  of him looking super scary. And that's it. Yeah. I'll tell you one movie and granted it, you really can't call it a remake because it was based on a, uh, an old TV show. Space balls. No, the fugitive. Okay. Oh my God. The fugitive is an absolute masterpiece. Yeah. And I ranked that as one of the. Three Harrison Ford films.

I didn't Harrison do it Harrison for I don't don't care. Yeah. Yeah. Tommy Lee Jones at his absolute finest Harrison Ford at his best. I mean the, the acting, the directing, the cinematography, the music, everything edge your seat. And is one of those really cool things as a father. Because when Jacob was old enough and he watched it and experiencing it with someone who's watching it for the first time.

Yeah. He's on the edge of his seat. Yeah. When he gets in the elevator and the door shut and there's like, I don't know, eight police officers and everyone's up, I, their pants. Yeah. You know, and he is like, dad, what's gonna happen. I'm like keep watching. Well, and just a rollercoaster ride, man. It is in the same vein as the mission.

Impossible. That was TV show that became like a movie remakes with, um, Tom signed. We tried the mission. Impossible movies are on the Netflix now Uhhuh. Oh, okay. We tried watching the original mission. Impossible. It doesn't hold up boring as hell. Yeah. It doesn't. We stopped. We got about 20 minutes into it and I was like, do you guys wanna watch something else?

And Jake was like, oh, I thought you'd never ask. Yeah. Nobody doesn't hold up that well. And I remember seeing it in a theater thinking, oh, pretty good movie. Yeah. But my God is so boring. Yeah. I can't remember who direct. But he tried to make it kinda like what ley did with the, when he made his Hulk movie, he tried to make a real, tried to make Hulk sexy.

He tried to make a real Hulk, like a real drama. Yeah. Like a real story. It's like, I just want Hulk to just break and throw things and Ugh. And turn, just go Hulk out. You know? So, but the mission impossible was so boring. Yeah. So, so, so boring. No offense, Tom cruise. We still want you to be a guest on the show.

Yeah. I mean the mission impossible series is, is awesome. And they, the part of the reason is it ratchets itself up Uhhuh each, each movie it's like, okay, he jumped from the moon. He was on the moon. Yes. And he jump. With nothing. Right. Landed on the earth and shot this guy. Yeah. In point. Okay. What's he gonna do next?

It's like, well, wait till the next one. We're gonna, yes. What, um, he, he wasn't on the moon. I know, but he, he almost went out of our atmosphere, right. There was wasn't there a James Bond, moon, moon. Yeah.  it was Octopussy. Octopussy where he stood mood break on top of a plane flying. Okay. In the air, he fought somebody on top of a plane.

You remember when I went on my rant about the flaming, the flaming? Yes. I have very similar feelings about Octopussy. There had to have been somebody in the boardroom, uh, when they were talking about here's the new James Bond movie, Uhhuh octopus is like really Octa pussy, Okta, pussy, Uhhuh. That's what we're calling this movie.

That's what it's gonna be called. Who, where does that name come from? Oh, that's the lady really? That's the lady. That's her name? That's what you're gonna call her. There was Conan did this. Great, great. You know, coan. O'Brien right. Yeah. Yeah. He did this incredible. A bit of, uh, editing. Well, he didn't do the editing, but the bit was he was talking about how, you know, these James Bond movies always have play on words where they're, you know, always close to the edge on being yeah.

Are they dirty? Are they not dirty? And so it was a Remington steel was James Bond. Yeah. And the, uh, the bond girl was, uh, like somebody on a top. And he says on a top, on a top, yeah. On a top, on a top, on a top, on a top, on a top, on a top and then back and forth and back and forth. And I I've got tears coming outta of mind, you know?

And then there's a long pause on a top, on a top, you know, I'm like, oh my God. Very, very, very fine. But yeah. Octopussy yeah, yeah.  cause I, I, I think now don't, don't quote me on this. Yeah. But I think that one came out after for your eyes only, and I was a huge fan of, for your eyes only. It may have been, I don't know if it was the next one in the serial next for your eyes only might have been before that.

I think, I think Octopussy is the last one where they're like, guys.  we need to calm down. Exactly. Steve Ferrell. We need your help on this, actually. I have the, do you, I have the full James Bond. Okay. Ultimate collection here. Okay. Here we go. Good God. But it doesn't have there's one of 'em. It doesn't have, uh, the one with, um, the guy who was only in one movie on your majesty secret services in here.

It isn't though. Okay. Okay. Uh, it's not in the good God.  octopus. Oh, for your eyes only then Octopussy that was right then a view to a kill. Then the living daylights and license to kill. God, bless the dude. Was it Timothy Dalton, Timothy Dalton. I still, to me, he's Robin hood that sticks his hand in the tree in the flash Gordon movie.

Do you know what I'm talking about? Yeah. And then we, Timothy Dalton goes to parties and hi. Hi. Uh, my name is Carol and I work at Sears. Oh, I'm Timothy Dalton. I was James Bond. Know you weren't yeah. Anyway, let me take you on a tour. He's like, uh, no, seriously. I was, I was James Bond. Yeah. Okay. Yeah, no pour Timothy Dalton.

So yeah, for a walk down memory lane, I've only made it to I'm at gold finger. Now I started watching these and so Dr. No, from Russia with love as you get to watch, um, What's his name? Sean con just backhand ladies. Yes. Put cigarettes up money. Pardon? Get that, uh, tight little Ash in here and show me what the next mission is.

Jesus man, come on. Can you calm down?  ish money, penny.  God dude is like, yeah. If you ever want to have, if you were to have a, if when the kids get to the point where they're studying the patriarch or whatever in school,  just watch the first five James mom movies. Everything's in there. Hilarious. He's in there.

Yeah, there there's one. I it's one of the it's either. I think it's Dr. No, I think it's Dr. I think it's the very first one, cuz that's the one where he's like going to the island. He's with uh, a lady, his contact on her own. Uh, no. No. Okay. And she's, he's saying, how do we get in there? And she's like, I think you , I'm thinking, I can't think with all that racket from your, your mouth go big, he, he stopped just sort of go bake me a ham, shut your mouth and get me a sandwich.

Yeah. I don't know how I would love to see them. Re if you talking about remake, I would love to see them remake. These, you can't do it. Remake the original Sean Kari ones. I think you would have to, it would have to be like an Austin Powers. You could not do it serious. You cannot do 'em seriously. I was. I say that's what?

Yeah. International man of mystery was amazing. Who gave you leave to speak? Love  this is, this is real life. Not the kitchen.  like, God, man, what is wrong with you? But then you get to Daniel Craig, Daniel Craig. Yeah. Is like crushing. Trache is yeah. With his fist. Yeah. And then miss money. Penny tells him to quit being a little bitch.

Uhhuh you. He is like, oh, I'm sorry. It's like, whoa, you guys completely flip the other way. You would. The other. I've only seen two of the Craig ones. Uh, I've seen, I, I think, uh, casino Royale is probably one of my favorite James bonds of all time. I love that one. When was the one before that? Uh, well that was the first one with him because casino Royale, uh, board me.

But the one after that, the one after casino Royale was quantum Maas. I only got part of the way through that. Skyfall is amazing. I loved, I loved quantum of solace, but I have not seen Skyfall. Skyfall is probably Uhhuh. I forgot about Skyfall. I have not seen Spector. Did Tom petty do the theme from Skyfall?

Uh, I don't know. No. Anyway, that was free fall. Yeah. Sorry. Uh don't. I thought you were say, did Tom petty play don't even bother putting a, the rim shot on that? That was, yeah. Okay. Yeah. Yeah.  so you're talking about action movies. We watched, uh, the gray man. Okay. On Netflix, which is what the hell is that?

What's hunky Ryan Goling yeah. Who drive? Yeah. He was in drive. Yeah. God, that was a weird movie. I like that movie. Yeah, that sounds about right. So hunky Ryan Gosling. Yeah. They, he was in the, the, uh, the notebook with that lady. Yes. They couldn't stand each other. Did you know that? Oh really? Yeah. In real, in real in Carolyn and the lady, they in real life, they could, they hated each other.

Oh yeah. I did hear that. Uh, so here's my funny notebook story. Years ago, I went to remember blockbuster video. Ah, yeah. I went into blockbuster video and I rented two movies for the weekend. I rented the notebook. Okay. And saw, oh,  and the guy says, whoa, there's  you got a couple of variety of movies there. I said, well, you know, one for me, one for the wife and he's putting 'em in the bag.

I said, yep. She sure does love saw  and he did. So it's Ryan Goling and Chris Evans. Mm-hmm  captain America. Okay. Yeah. Chris Evans has the worst mustache. God bless Chris Evans. And I think he knows that hair haircut is horrible and he keeps wearing these shirts that, that need to be a, just like a half size bigger.

Yeah. Okay. Yeah. And he's an, and it's, I love that he is such, just, he's such a horrible person. You just can't stand him. Yeah. Which I hate because captain America is my favorite. Yeah. Of, you know, it's like, he's my favorite too, but I love when actors play against their title. I do. I do. I love that. Yes.

That's great that you show him your, your diversity, your variety. Yeah. That and all of that, and that you have range and stuff. Cause Tom Hanks said that he'll never play a villain, even though he was Colonel Tom Parker in the Elvis movie. Yeah. And then in road to tradition, he played a gangster with, uh, Paul, Paul Newman.

Yeah. Um, What was my point? This awkward pause is brought to you by Kenner toys. America's favorite toys are made at Kenner back to you, Mike and darl

oh, the gray man. Yeah. Oh my God. The action is what's what's it about? I don't know what it's about. So Ryan hunky, Ryan Gosling is in prison. Okay. For murder. Okay. And Billy Bob Thornton, my favorite comes to get him out and hire him to work for the CIA as a secret, uh, assassin. Essentially, we're gonna hire, you're gonna be off the grid and you're gonna kill people for us.

Okay. For as long. And we basically own you. Yeah. Okay. Okay. So he's on a H is what they call a. Okay. Okay. When an assassin goes, there was a contract put out. Exactly. And then he found his mark. Okay. Okay. And that is the person to hit the person to hit. Is your mark? Yeah. So. He is, uh, hunky Ryan Goling yeah.

Who found his mark? We find out that the mark is also in the same organization that he's in dun dun dun. I know the plot thickens. Yeah. Yeah. And it goes crazy. Yeah. Whatever. And then Chris Evans comes in and he's trying to kill Ryan Goling Ryan is trying to kill Chris Evans. Okay. And they're fighting and stabbing each other in the back.

Yeah. And punch each other in the face and kicking each other and falling off buildings and going through it was so over the top, I expected John WIC to walk in any second now.  and I'm watching, I probably love this. I'm like Mike is gone to love. Absolutely love this movie. We, and we, we did have a good time.

It was fun watching it. We still need to watch they live. We should have watched it the other day. Yeah. We're gonna find some time to watch they live. Okay. It has. Yeah. And I'm not exaggerating. The movie is maybe an hour and a half long. I think the fight between rowdy, Roddy, Piper, Uhhuh, and the other guy, I think it's 17 minutes long.

It is kinda like Peter Griffin fighting the chicken. It is it's I that's actually a parody of this fight. Really? Yeah. Okay. Yeah. It's it goes on forever cuz you know, rowdy, Roddy, Piper. I don't, I don't know if you know this, but he was a professional professional. So wrestler. Yeah. Yeah. And they, they, oh my God.

It's he? Okay. I'm gonna tell you the premise. I'm gonna, I'm not, I won't spoil anything because it's a really simple premise. It's amazing movie, John. Carpent. Okay. The premise is, is that aliens have been here and they're controlling us. Right. And our media, right. And rowdy Roddy, Piper finds sunglasses that when you put them on, you see the world as it really is.

Mm-hmm  see. He, they did this before the matrix was a thing. He sees like advertisements and he puts it on and it just says, buy deodorant. And you know, this, that, and, and everyone. And he sees like, he's at Joe's. Yeah. And he sees aliens interspersed and they, you know, oh, interspersed. And so he is trying to get his friend to put on these glasses.

That's the, that's how this fight, dude. There's it's gone crazy. Mm-hmm  if you put on these glasses, you'll see it. And his friend's like, I don't need to put on those glasses. You're outta your mind. I don't, he won't put on the glasses, which in and of itself is hilarious because if I came to you and I told you mm-hmm , you would at least just for a goof, put 'em on and be like, what?

Yeah. You know, he refuses to put 'em on. Right. So then they get into a fight and rowdy Roddy. Piper is trying to force the glasses on . And I'm not kidding, man. It's a 17 minute fight. They're punching each other until they're like almost knocked out. They get up Uhhuh and he is like, just put on the glasses and it's like, I ain't putting on those glasses and they get to another, it just keeps going and going.

They're slamming each other into cars. Okay. I've gotta see. It's I've amazing. I've gotta see. At one point, Piper has a brick and he's hitting the other guy put on the fat glasses and he won't do it. And I'm sitting here thinking, how did they make this? At some point, somebody had to come up like a, a, um, an intern Uhhuh had to come.

Mr. Carpenter, Uhhuh. We've we've been talking, we've run out of film. It's it's a 90 minute film Uhhuh and it looks like this. Fight's gonna take about 30 minutes of the right. We, we gotta get to the, the final scene. We gotta get to all these any, no, make him hit him with a brick again. Right, right. It's just, they keep what you know, fighting for every one minute.

That is on screen. Sometimes can take up to an hour. Yeah. To, to shoot at one point. Cause with all the different camera angles and getting the blocking and the lighting. Which they may not have put that much attention into no, no.  to those elements of film. And I've seen the movie recently, like within the past couple years, and it, it's not as cool now, as I remember it being, and I, I have a theory about that.

I, I, I believe when you see things as kids, you like mix things together. Yeah. In my, like, I'm, I'm watching this movie, like, no, no, no. I remember this scene and I remember that's from a different movie or that's from a video game that I was playing and in my head, they're all in, they live, but this fight scene.

The these one of the most epic things, but I, yeah, I firmly believe that the chicken and Peter fight is a parody of this. They just keep coming back at each other. They just keep coming back and all is, this is John wick. It, it, you will be on the edge of your seat, but not for good reasons, you know, the edge of your seat.

And you're just you'll. I was saying when I was down here watching a few years ago, I was like, just put on the glasses. Just he's gonna kill you. Right. Just put on the glasses, just look around for five seconds. Just look there. Fine. Now, gimme some sound rings. Won't do it. There's one. I, I don't know for sure if this is in there or not, but in my head, it's in there, he gets knocked unconscious and Roddy.

Piper has put in the glasses on, you see a hand, go throw him off. And the fight starts all over again. Aw. But it is, it is a beautiful, beautiful. He showed, I mean, and the music is done by, you know, John Carpenter does John Carpenter does his own scoring. It's got that whole thing. It's really cool movie.

Yeah. We'll have to check. Definitely check that out.  Mike and I we've, uh, we, even though we do this podcast together every Tuesday or Wednesday, like we're doing it this week. Uh, we rarely hang out outside of that because that's, Mike's Mike,  Mike to nurture our friendship. I know you invited me over to your house.

Yeah. On Saturday. Yeah. And we watched a, you two documentary and it was enjoyable. I, I liked it. Think, think, I felt like we've reached a point mm-hmm  where. If you don't like that documentary, I think I explained this to you. It's over, it's over  this whole thing.  but I think you have an appreciation. That'd be like you telling me, he is like, you know what?

I really don't care for Shaw anchor.  all right. You could write off. Yeah. Uh, but yeah, best was like, are you really gonna not talk to Darren again? If he doesn't like this thing, I was like, I kicked a girl out of the car. Cuz she said something about bono  I'm not afraid. I'm not afraid. Yeah. No, but it is.

You've heard me go off about UNG baby. I don't know how many times. Yeah. And that to me is the best showing of why that album matters. Yeah. So thank you for watching that with me. You're welcome. Maybe next week. We'll uh, we'll have watched they live. Yeah, we can do a, we can do a review on that. I definitely wanna watch they live with you because it is such a beautiful movie.

And, uh, I it's one of those I watched as a kid and I don't know what happened. It was like, I, I think I told you before I saw Halloween, I came downstairs way too early Uhhuh with my Kool-Aid expecting freckle rock. And then there's Michael Myers slaughtering people. Right. They live as a very similar thing.

I'm like, that's rowdy Roddy, Piper. Yeah. But he does not have his kilt, right? No. And he's, that's, that's not hu Kogan  and this fight, he just put on the glasses, just put 'em on mentioned the Cohen brothers earlier. Uh . Do your kids listen to the podcast? Uh, not they, they used to like periodically, but not, not much.

Now when we were driving to Hilton head, Libby's like, Hey, let's put on the podcast and live. And I listened to, uh, she listened to four or five episodes on the way down. Uhhuh . What's funny was cuz at one point Cameron took off his headset, says, guys, can you turn that off? I'm trying to listen to oh brother where art down.

granted great movie. Yeah. But I'm, you know, glad to know that's where my podcast stands. Yeah. He'd rather listen to a movie he's seen five times. Yeah. Than an episode of daddy's podcast that he hasn't heard yet. Well guys, we're gonna wrap this up. Uh, we want you to go to irritable dad center.com and I, I know I ask every single week, but if you wanna become a patron, you can donate a dollar a month and you can really help us keep this podcast going.

And when you do that, when you do that, you get bonus stuff. You can watch the videos of our live stream on the YouTube. You can listen to bonus audio. Did you put that bonus audio on? I did. Yeah, the there's the, the, the gun and the, yeah, there's a great story that Mike. About, uh, going to the, uh, Coldstone Creamery.

And there's a guy in there with a gun, literally. Yeah.  strapped across his, in be TWIs. His teeths be  his pepperoni tits. Yeah. So there's, there's that, there's all kinds of bonus audio on there from, you know, we've, this is our 102nd episode. Yeah. And we've got a lot of bonus audio yeah. On there. So you can do that and you can go and you can buy merchandise and you can get your girlfriend a irritable dad syndrome, uh, hoodie.

Yeah. You can get a swamp orzo beef foot, long hotdogs, beer mug. Yeah. All kinds of cool stuff on there. Uh, we're gonna have a guest next week. So next week we're gonna have, so all, all you guys to show up in the stream, be on your best behavior. Yes. No, no, no shenanigans, no killing people. No. To Foolery. Yeah.

Yeah. Uh, and then I'm talking to you Robert Hill and then the following episode is our Clipse episode. Yes, best of so if I can't wait for that, any of you guys have, uh, clips from the past year that you thought were awesome. We've got a pretty good list. Yeah, get your request in. Now, if you have any of your favorite episodes and we will, uh, do our best to mention them on our best of yeah.

Season two, uh Calip collection. So, yep. Thank you again for listening and we hope to see you next week on irritable dad syndrome. Hey guys. Hey, somebody, let me outta here guys. Son of a bitch. I think I have my keys here somewhere. No I don't. Well, hello guys. I need someone to unlock this booth.

So here's the quote, as I understand that begins the show, if

you might do well to F off to the bar right now at the outset of the show. Yeah. Because, because it's a really good way to start the show.