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Aug. 16, 2022

IDS #103 - A Zebra is a Sexy Horse (w/ The Decision Reel)

IDS #103 - A Zebra is a Sexy Horse (w/ The Decision Reel)
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#thedecisionreel #starwars #donknotts

Mike and Darin welcome Steve and Randy from The Decision Reel to the show to discuss some of the best and worst movies of all time. 

Spoiler Alert: Steve knows his stuff but Randy hasn't seen Star Wars and doesn't know who Don Knotts is... so this is gonna be a real treat!

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The Decision Reel

The Decision Reel is a weekly podcast that takes random movies chosen by a host or special guest each week and breaks them down into deep discussions that almost always go off the rails into hilarious ramblings.
Join Hosts, Brent, Wally and Steve, as they try to stick to the script and give their knowledge on all things entertainment.
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