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Sept. 13, 2022

IDS #107 - Apologies to All You Swedes

IDS #107 - Apologies to All You Swedes
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#sweden #ringsofpower #ozark
Have you ever seen a dog that's so ugly it's cute? Well, that's what you get with episode 107. Mike and Darin talk about crickets... yes crickets. Darin had a cyst removed from his ear. Exhilarating right?
Oh, then Mike tells you about everything that ever happened in the Lord of the Rings. Fast forward to around 37 minutes and you'll hear an amusing story about marbles.
Good Lord! 
All this plus insults to the Swedes, Ozark, hospital elevators and a venomous beaver fail. Look... we tried on this one ok? There's bonus stuff at the end so... hang around for the whole thing.. or not. Sorry. Thanks for listening, we're glad you're here.

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