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April 13, 2023

IDS #139 - Keeping Up with the Carcinogens

IDS #139 - Keeping Up with the Carcinogens
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On this week's episode, find out how you can win some free merch with our new logo!

Plus, Mike and Darin go to church together, a review of the Dungeons and Dragons movie, two Kroger stories of the week, and Darin got a senior citizens discount because he looks so damn old.

This episode is fun sized for people with short attention spans so there's no excuse for not listening to it!


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IDS 139 Keeping Up with the Carcinogens

Mike: [00:00:00] So Hobbits for their birthday, they give everyone else presents. Oh, I was gonna say,

Darin: if you're a hobbitt having a birthday, you get a free T-shirt and you

Mike: can't give away hobbits. That's illegal. No. Yeah. In Ohio we could go to Covington, give away. Yeah.

Darin: Say just hop across the river.

Darin: Hey, I'm Darren. I am Mike. Welcome to Irritable Dad Syndrome.

This is episode 1 39. This is gonna be an

Mike: awesome one. It was gonna be a really good one. So I wanna talk about the fact that I saw what is my. Favorite movie of the past few years. Okay. Dungeons and Dragons. Okay, cool.

Darin: Yeah. I recently got a Senior citizen's discount, so I'm not that old, but apparently I'm old enough to pass for somebody.

That old.

Mike: Yeah. Yeah. So some things about the show really [00:01:00] quick. We do this show, uh, and now a couple times a week. We've changed the format of that. We

Darin: did. We we're, we're mixing things up. Yeah.


Mike: doing multiple episodes a week, typically Tuesdays and Thursdays. Yeah. We are irritable dad syndrome. Darren and Mike.

I'm Darren. And I'm Mike. Yeah. Uh, you can find out more about us@irritabledadsyndrome.com. Mm-hmm. You can subscribe to our podcast. You can watch us on YouTube. Yeah. All these other things. Yeah. One of the things that we are going to do is a hobbit. Birthday giveaway. We do not

Darin: stop till night four. What about

Mike: breakfast?

You've already had it.

Darin: What about second breakfast?

Mike: Mm-hmm. So Darren, how much do you know about Hobbits?

Darin: I know almost everything there is to know about Hobbits. Exactly. I know they live in the Shire. Okay. I know they don't wear shoes. Yeah. They have a huge feat. Mm-hmm. Okay. They love to drink. Yeah. They love to dance and be

Mike: merry.

And they also love to have birthdays. Yes. And on a Hobbit's birthday, a Hobbit gives presents to all the friends. Yes. As opposed to the friends coming by. So we're gonna do the same thing here. Okay. So, My [00:02:00] birthday is on May the eighth.

Darin: Okay. All right. Well, my birthday's on the 10th. Is it? Really? Well, of June.

Mike: Okay. Yeah. So from now until May 8th. Yes. If you are a current patron or become a patron, then you will be entered into a giveaway. Yeah. For a piece of merch with, mm-hmm. With our new logo. New logo. Long time listeners have noticed that we have a new logo. Yes. So you get that. Mm-hmm. If you're chosen in the giveaway winner, and if I do say what winner.

Our new logo is badass.

Darin: It is pretty badass. Jeff Brown

Mike: designed that for us. Okay. The other giveaway, same timeframe from now until May 8th. If you put a good review or any type of review. Really? Yeah. Uh, on Apple Podcasts, you will be entered. You don't have to let us know that you gave a review, cuz every time a review goes up there, we, we see it, we get a, I get an email, we get the ding.

Yeah. It says, Hey, you got a review. Yeah. And I will choose from those people. One winner. On my birthday. Yeah. So we'll have two items that get given away. [00:03:00] One, if you become a patron or are currently a patron. Yeah. So Chris Hughes, calm the Flip Down. And two, if you leave a review on Apple Podcast for So I'm gonna have fun.

It's gonna be, it's gonna be fun.

Darin: Yeah, it's gonna be fun. And it'll be exciting to give away some stuff. Yeah. So yeah, this portion of our show is brought to you by Peeps, the official candy of Easter, now half off at your local grocery store. How you doing? I'm okay.

Mike: I'm tired of seeing you. Yeah, I,

Darin: I know Mike and I are friends.

In theory, on paper, in theory, we don't hang around much besides the Tuesday nights when we record this show.

Mike: Yeah, because, and I'll tell you why. Yeah. Jesus.

Darin: There's only, okay, there's only so much you could take.

Mike: You people probably don't talk to your wives as much as we talk to each other. Just doing this show.

Darin: You know what, you're actually right. But Sunday, my wife and she didn't tell me this, but she had invited you, Bess and the children of yours over to our house. Yes. For Easter Sunday. And, and so it's like I [00:04:00] got the text that she sent, like the group thing, Hey Bess, would you guys wanna come over? And I was like, Yeah.

What, Hey, what happened? Okay, great. So she invited you over to our house for Easter Sunday. Yeah. Which is, which is fine. But if

Mike: I may, on our side, Beth said we've been invited over to the Coxes. Mm-hmm. And my reply was, we're not going. I thought. Really? And she said, she said, really? Why? Why are you like this?

And I said, I see this dude. Uh, all the time. All the time. Yeah. She said, well, you guys can see each other outside of the podcast, right?

Darin: Yeah. And even when you don't see me here. Mm-hmm. You hear me? Cuz you edit the video. And then I edit the audit. Anyway. So you were invited over to our house Yes. On Easter?

Mm-hmm. So I knew you were coming over for Easter dinner. In theory, yes. Now we went to church. We went to the noon service at our church. And I don't know how this happened, but Libby and I are getting ready to, to go into another area of our church and lo and behold, who walks up behind me. Is this guy who staggeringly looks exactly like Mike, and I'm like, [00:05:00] holy crap, you not, not only do you look like Mike, but you are Mike.

Yeah. You guys surprised us and went

Mike: to our church. Well see here's what happened. Mm-hmm. Uh, we have a thing in our house where nobody starts getting ready until you're going to be at least 20 minutes late. Uhhuh. And I said, we need to get to the church a half hour ahead of time. To which the question came back, why?

To which the answer was, you know, Easter and Christmas. Those are the two home. Those are the two, yeah. The big ones. Everybody goes to church, everybody, you know, you've got your normal churchgoers. Yeah. And then you've got the people that are drug there by the normal churchgoers and you need to go to church.

Those people. Right. And then you got the people that say, well yeah, we're we, uh, we're we go to church? Those people, so. All of them, Uhhuh are crammed into this thing. Uhhuh and you. We always, these churches are huge. They have like other rooms with TVs and I told Best, we're gonna be sitting on a stool in another room next to a guy eating shelled peanuts.

Darin: We could just be sitting, you're not going to Outback Steakhouse. [00:06:00]

Mike: So show enough. Uhhuh when we get a thing. I've told you before, I use Google Maps to go everywhere, right? Even though this is where I know where I'm going because it tells me when I'm going to arrive. It lets me know if there's a traffic incident.

Mm-hmm. Okay. And I'm watching, and it already said we're gonna be 10 minutes late. And as we're driving there, as we're getting closer, the time is getting longer and longer. So finally, she said, you know, we can go to Darren and Libby's church. And I'm like, get out of the freaking car. You're walking home Uhhuh.

But then I. Cooled down a little bit, right? I'm like, okay, we'll go. We'll go try it out. And I was like, where is it? And she said, it's over. She told me where it was and I was like, of course it's there. Yeah. On the other, of course, they would go there, other side of town, 20 minutes away. Yes. But then we'll be a half hour early.

So we sat in the car and then we finally went in and lo and behold, there's Darren.

Darin: He'd walk in right when we're walking. Yeah,

Mike: she told me. Best said, should we call him and let him know that we're coming or just surprise him and make it weird? And of course, Let's make it weird. Let's make it weird. Yeah.

And weird. Yeah, we did.

Darin: So, yeah. You [00:07:00] guys, uh, sat with us and, uh, you said you enjoyed the service. We enjoyed the service. I did. So we went to church together. We, you and I have never done that. We rarely ever, we don't talk about church. Yeah. On this podcast. We've talked about it twice. I think we

Mike: praised Jesus and then we broke bread on Easter Sy.

But you got the hell outta there. Yeah, we got outta

Darin: there. I looked to my left and I saw smoke. You left. So fa I was like, Hey, because I was gonna, cuz I was gonna confirm that you knew what time we were having lunch.

Mike: Usually Uhhuh. Usually when Bess and I are somewhere Uhhuh, I'm the one saying, get the hell outta here.

We gotta get outta here. Yeah. I turned to her, the reason I was going so fast is she was shooting out of there like a dart. I think she saw her exit and got out and then the kids were, oh, I thought you guys said

Darin: she saw her ex.

Mike: No, that would, that would make it weird. It would be interesting. Yeah. And then we ended up at your house, right?

Well, no, but before that. Good, good, good. Yeah. Yep. It's time.

Darin: Now for the Kroger story of the week, you shop at Kroger? I shop at [00:08:00] Kroger. There have been a few times where we've mentioned that, how do we never run into each other at Kroger? It's weird. On the way home from church I stopped by mm-hmm. To get some lemonade.

Yeah. And to get some macaroni and cheese. Mm-hmm. Because we realize there's gonna be a lot of kids who may not want to eat what we have. The falafel. Yeah. I walked in there and who do I bump into you. Yeah. For the first time ever in the years we've done this podcast, we ran into through that. And what do you do?

You duck your head. Yes. And you covered the side of your face, like, I don't want

Mike: Darren to see me. So people who've been listening to this podcast for years have been knowing that eventually this would happen. What is it gonna be like when Mike and Darren rendezvous at the Kroger? How is this going to go down?

And I, it goes down by me. Putting my head down Uhhuh and saying to Charlie, don't, don't look, don't look, don't, don't look, don't look. Just walk. Just go. We gotta get these peeps and get outta here. And then, uh, Darren punched me in the arm as hard as he could and said, Hey, he

Darin: had just come from church. I, I did not call you that.

And, and I said, finally, [00:09:00] we run into each other. And I, it was a friendly arm

Mike: pack. Okay. Yeah. I elaborated, I exuberated, yeah, I exuberated, aviated, aviated, aviated a bit. And then, so then we went to his house. And we had a lovely dinner. Had a nice dinner. Yeah. Yeah. We hung out and we talked to everybody.


Darin: This has been the Kroger story of the week on Easter. Uh, we, we do this at Christmas, we do it at Thanksgiving. I make deviled eggs. Our house is a house divided on deviled eggs. Okay. So when I grew up, yeah. My grandmother who lived in Lafayette, Indiana, she always made Devil Egg. The holidays. Mm-hmm.

Now she made, and actually my dad and his side of the family mm-hmm. In Virginia, made deviled eggs this way. Mm-hmm. With deviled ham, you boil the eggs, you take the yellow out the yolk. Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm. You put the yolk in the bowl mm-hmm. With mayonnaise and deviled ham. Mm-hmm. And you mix it up and then you put that in.

Now sometimes you can sprinkle paprika on it. Ain't nobody liking the paprika, so I stopped doing that years ago. Be

Mike: little, the little red stuff. Yeah. I mean, I like it. I was annoyed that it wasn't there, quite [00:10:00] frankly. But

Darin: yeah, you're always annoyed, so whatever. But Libby can't stand ham, and the thought of having deviled ham in the eggs was almost like, Hey, I'm gonna cut off my toe and I'm going to put it in the tags.

Mm-hmm. And then I'm going to poop on it. No, God, please. No, no. The look that she gives me when she, eh, no. Mm-hmm. Because her family. Mm-hmm. When they make deviled eggs, they put mustard. Mm. Vinegar. Mm. More mustard. Mm. And more vinegar. Okay. My uncle Roger. Yeah. When he bites into a devil day, if he doesn't instantly start crying, he says, Hmm.

Not sour enough. Let's put some lemon in there. Yeah. I mean, my God, I can't stand her deviled eggs and she hates my deviled

Mike: eggs. The deviled eggs that my mom makes, of course has paprika on the top because this is America. Yeah. But she also puts pickle relish in there. Yeah.

Darin: I've put pickle. Yeah. I've put pickle

Mike: relish in before.

Now. One thing I didn't, I will say between the two deviled eggs. Mm-hmm. I didn't like yours because of [00:11:00] the, it was the oatmeal that you put in. There was no oatmeal

Darin: in the egg. It was consistency for the 100th. Time it was. Yeah. They could have used a little more mayonnaise. Yeah. After eating mine, I realized I could have put more Manny's a little bit, but here this is Mike.

Okay. So we tell the story of why there's two sets of deviled eggs. Mm-hmm. And Mike. Takes what? By to one. He takes by another. He goes, oh, I like lips, deviled eggs. And he looks at me like, screw you Darren. Mm-hmm. Yeah. It's, it's not a contest. It absolutely is a contest. It's not a contest.

Mike: And she won so

Darin: well.

There's leftover for me, the of with the deviled Hammond. So that's why we had that. But yeah, it was fun. It was a good time. It's time again for America's favorite game. The Irritable Dad syndrome Winning numbers challenge. That's right. Get out your ticket and see if you are a winner here at today's Lucky Numbers 2 13 30 41 44, 47 59, 70 72.

80, 85, [00:12:00] 93, 100, 113 and 144. Thanks for playing. Now back to you guys in the studio.

Mike: So I wanna talk about Dungeons and Dragons. Okay. You need to go see this movie. Okay. It is the best of these type of movies that I've seen, I swear, uh, since end game. It is Really? Yes. No, you're They're lying. They, so I know already it's been put out there that they are making a series Uhhuh of Dragon Lance.

So when I was a kid, I think we've established that I was a nerd and I still am a nerd. Still are. Yeah. I read the majority of the Dragon Lance books. They were, it was Dungeons and Dragons. Okay. Dragon Lance was a world within Dungeons and Dragons. Okay. And they had a series of books. Yeah. There's forgotten realms.

There's all these different groups. I love those. So they're making a, a TV series of that, and I think it was based on whether or not this movie became a success. Mm-hmm. You can tell by the end of this movie that they're planning on making some more, and I [00:13:00] really, really hope they do because Walk with me down this lane here.

Okay. I really, really like the Princess Bride. Oh my God. It's, it's one of my, yeah. Okay. Yeah. That type of humor is a lot of the humor in this. There were a couple of times. Uh, I was in tears and Charlie was going back and forth between laughing himself silly, and this is so awesome. Really? Yes. Okay. It is truly funny, and it's even funnier if you're a dork like me.

Okay. Uh, because I can take the whole family, right? You don't, yeah. The whole family. You don't have to know. Anything about Dungeons and Dragons, but the more you do know about it, there's some inside jokes that make it just a tad

Darin: more funny. Okay, so I don't need to know about 12 sided

Mike: dice and No, no, no.

Okay. But you know, you get the sense, like when you're watching it, you know, Dungeons and Dragons is like a collaborative game. You're with a group of. People and you're going through a story. Right? Right. If you have friends, there's a bunch of times where they stop and they're talking about ways they could get around something, which is a, some of the best, uh, Avengers back and forth and quips and, and [00:14:00] Guardians of the Galaxy.

It reminded me of that as well, where they're just going off of each other. Yeah. Those are some of the best parts of the

Darin: movie. Is there anybody in the movie that I know, any famous actor?

Mike: Chris Pine is the main guy. Oh, okay. Okay. He's the, they're a group of thieves. Uh, Hugh Grant. His one hella. He hasn't been in a movie in the past, I think 50 years.

Darin: He, he was in the, he was in Glass

Mike: Onion. Yeah. He, I don't know about that. He, uh, that that's a good movie. He is really good in this one. Okay. So, I mean, some of his lines, he reminded me so much of the villain and the Princess Bride. I, I think they patterned him after him because, okay, there's one, it's in the trailer where Chris Pine is being strangled by a, a tentacle, and he says, I don't wanna watch you die, so I'm gonna leave the room.

And he walks out. It's that kind of humor all through the thing for you, Dungeons and Dragons fanatics, and I see somebody on the chat is excited about the Dragon Land series. Something that had me giggling and laughing through the whole thing. Yeah. Is in Dungeons and Dragons. You can be super goody two shoes all the way over to what they call chaotic evil.

You can be [00:15:00] lawful good to chaotic evil. They're your classic character and everything in between. Yeah. It's basically how your character, how you're gonna roll. Play them. If you're gonna be like follow every role and be super lawful, or if you're just gonna be a son of a bitch. Yeah. You know, you can decide what you're gonna be.

You have to be lawful good. The goodies of the Goodie two shoes to be a Paladin. So there's a Paladin in the movie. Okay. And he's with a bunch of thieves. Chris Pine and the whole crew. Yeah. And it is hilarious the interactions between them because he always wants to do the absolute right thing, and he is like, we have to fight this thing with honor.

He's like, no, we d just stab it in the back and go just, and the the dude runs in there. It's, it's almost like drax. But like, uh Oh, okay. You know what I mean? Like Yeah, yeah. Like one focus. Yeah. Um, it is, uh, there's a fat dragon because Does

Darin: he get winded? Yeah, he does. He

Mike: can't breathe fire. Oh, he can't. He rolls around.

He's got like a raspy. He does. He keeps rolling in the treasure cuz he can't run after him and he keeps sliding down after him. And they're running. And it can't get away [00:16:00] from you. A fat dragon. A fat dragon, because nobody has come, nobody has dared to go into this place for so long. He just laid in there and just ate himself silly.

And they, okay. They come in and he, you see the dragon look over and he goes, and a spark goes and Chris Pine's like, there's, I think that's a dragon. And they're like, no, that's not a drag. And it starts, cha, it's, it's, uh, there's some, another piece of humor that I really like this. Piece of, uh, the movie, I think sums it up in one scene.

Okay. They have to find this helmet that's gonna help save everything. All right? Okay. One of the, the magician or the sorcerer has this amulet that will allow you to revive a corpse. Mm-hmm. You can ask it five questions and then it dies again. Yeah. Okay. So this helmet was apparently won on a battlefield.

So they go to the battlefield where all these corpses are. Yeah. And they start waking them up. They wake up one and Chris Pine gets down in there. He is like, So I can ask this guy a question and the corpse goes, yes. He's like, what? Did that count as one of the questions? Yes. And they're like, stop doing it.

He's like, why? It's a corpse. It's because I'm going to [00:17:00] answer your que. They're like, you're down to, so he goes through it and they keep going through all the sounds. Very Monty Python ish. Yes. They keep going through the corpse. They'll get through one. Yeah. And he's like, he's on the second question and.

As they're answering questions about what happened to the battle, it's showing it reenacted like all Lord of the Ring style. Yeah. And you see the character about to be killed and you're all into the action. But in the background you hear Chris Pango, ah, and then what he, he killed you and then Yes.

Uh, yeah. Okay.

Darin: Well, Libby was wanting to see it. It's really

Mike: fun. Okay. I'll have to check that. It's very, it's thing I, I would say probably the most, the modern movie that's most like it, like I said, is like Guardians of the Galaxy. Mm-hmm. Princess Bride, Monty Python type humor, I think. Yeah. Right. With the Monty Python.

Yeah. It has one middle credits scene. Uh, like after, you know what I mean? Like the way Marvel does their things mm-hmm. There's not one after 15, after the 15 minutes of credits. There's not one there. Yeah. There's one right in the middle and it ties up one loose end that was left. It was almost like hue and breaking bad.

There was like, I wonder [00:18:00] what happened to that. Yeah. And then it shows and it's like, oh, okay. Yeah. And then we're all laughing when that happened. So, you

Darin: know that guy on Saturday Night Live? Who's the Trump impersonator now? Uh, I don't, no, I haven't watched. He was on Seth Meyers. Okay. Uh, last year. And he was doing his Trump impression, and he was doing his Trump impression, like if he was in a dungeon in the dragons or type of thing, you know,

Mike: the, you know what the king is doing?

Nothing about the gigantic dragon. We've got this giant dragon that nobody's doing anything about. And you know, the guy who comes through in the morning, he does the swords and he's, he's banging the hammer. And I said, you know what? If I could just believe me, this is true. Only I can get the ambulance.

Only I could get the alet and that wizard is, we are gonna make that wizard's head spin when I have the ejected sword. We're gonna plunge at anted sore straight

Darin: into the dragon.

Mike: Soft thunder. Me

Darin: hysterical. Absolutely hysterical. And so now that I know this movie is a comedy, I thought he was, I thought they were trying to do a serious no dungeon or dragon story.

Well, they, yeah. I, and. I, I don't know why, but [00:19:00] normally I'm in the mood for that. But with, I was like, I don't think I am because yeah, I, I don't know. It's like after seeing the Hobbit and the Lord of Ring rings. The rings. Yeah. I'm like, who, who, how

Mike: can you, the, the time is good luck. I think this is the perfect time for this, right at the right moment.

They, they're making fun of, of that kind of stuff. Okay. But they're doing it with love. Yeah.

Darin: There's a lot of, well, if they're doing it with love, then count me in. Yeah,

Mike: go see it. I, I will give, I wanna start rating these damn things. Uh, yeah. I'll, I'll give it a, um, five dog poops in a tree out out of five dog poops in a tree.

Darin: Do we need to update that

Mike: story? Yeah. Okay. So today, today is a sad day. Today. Very sad. The day of recording, this is April 11th, 2023. Yeah. Uh, in 2018. I flung a bag of dog poop uhhuh across our yard, uhhuh, and it landed in one of the middle branches of the tree. Mm-hmm. And I proceeded to laugh. And laugh.

And laugh. Mm-hmm. And it [00:20:00] has been there for five years. For five years. And we talk about that original story in this podcast. Yeah. We talked about it

Darin: last week. Okay. Last week you gave an up had storms. We had like, yeah, we had the major windstorms and you go, Hey everybody, if you're worried about the dog, it's still there.

Yeah. And then there's with no nothing, nothing. It just flopped. But what I love so much is because I saw that and my heart was broken and I drove over to your house to record this podcast that I did. You look at it, it's, it's still in the yard. It is. It's, so that's my question. How long is it gonna stay in the yard?

I, it

Mike: seems sacrilegious. Are you gonna mow around it? I don't,

Darin: yeah. Might. Just what you do is you just come around, put some mos around it, put a, put a little shrine, little ear lies, Molly's. Yeah. Just leave it in the yard. Well, you so

Mike: best texted me while I was at work, Uhhuh to let me know about this. I, you know, she's like, oh my god.

And, and, and then she sent me a picture of the, that the picture that I put up on her social media is the picture that she sent me. Yeah. Of our, of the dog poop that's finally [00:21:00] fell. Mm-hmm. And I sent it to you and your, your friend, you said, don't worry about it. We'll, I'll come over and we'll throw some of Mar we'll get up in the tree.

Yeah. Yeah. So maybe we'll do that. I'll just, but I tell you what, for such a small dog, Uhhuh, he's like a horse. Yeah. I mean, he, he puts out large. Mm-hmm. Like multiple times. Boobah has nothing on him as far as poops. Yeah. My rabbit can poop a lot too. Yeah. Yeah. So it's an, it's the end of the air, uh, an era.

Yeah. The, the poop is on the ground. The poop is down. The poop has

Darin: landed, the poop is down. It's time now for the Kroger's story of the week. Libby's always trying to be the time saver. Okay. Okay. She's always trying to think of ways to where can we conserve, uh, trips? Can we, if we run errands, can we do all these at the same time?

Mm-hmm. If you do this, can I do that? Well, she got this idea in her head that she's gonna start ordering groceries online. Okay. Okay. She wants to use to get the Kroger app. She wants to do this, and my first question was, well, How am I gonna get the Kroger story of the [00:22:00] week? And she said, well, Darren, maybe you could do a story about, you know, the groceries being delivered.

Like there's nothing funny in that. That's not gonna happen. And so in her effort to save time, she thought it's like, well, I could kill all this time in order the groceries online. She realized it takes about an hour to order all the groceries that we want. So she finds like, Just go to the store and get your damn Kroger story the week, so, okay.

So that's what I do. Okay. When I was at Kroger, I'm walking down in the aisle. Mm-hmm. And there's a man. Okay. Okay. And he's got the, the cart or the buggy as we called it. Mm-hmm. When I lived in Tennessee and he's got two little girls on it. They're like five, maybe five years old. Okay. This girl, she looked at her dad, she goes, daddy, I'm ready to rock and roll.

Mike: Oh my God.

Darin: And I started laughing so hard and I said, you, sir. Yeah. Our dad [00:23:00] of the year and, and we high-fived. Yeah. And, and I applauded him. That was absolutely awesome. So you, sir, congratulations. You're raising your daughter. Right? This has been the Kroger story of the week. We just had Easter. Uh huh. Your favorite Easter candy is peeps.

Am I right?

Mike: It is, but Okay. News has come out about there being a carcinogen thing in the peeps. I think it's the eyeballs. So I'm car

Darin: concerned carcinogen. Yeah.

Mike: In the peeps. A known carcinogen in peeps.

Darin: Okay. I don't know any of the carcinogens.

Mike: Yeah. Okay. There's, uh, Kylie Carcinogen, Klee Carcinogen. Molly, Molly Carcinogens.

Darin: Keep it up with the carcinogens. My favorite Uhhuh is the Reese's peanut butter eggs. Okay.

Mike: Very close.

Darin: My God, I, as much as I love Reese's peanut butter cups. Yeah, the eggs. There's something about the eggs. The eggs have like crack cocaine in 'em. It's got like the extra, they're extra peanut [00:24:00] buttery.

They're extra chocolatey. They're extra creamy. They're, oh my God. Yeah, just

Mike: shut up. Okay. They're, I, I had a, a pile Yeah. Of Reese's eggs. Yeah. I bought some at the store and I've stashed some in the garage. It's to hide 'em from Best and the kids. Okay. I don't want the kids eating my candy. I hear you. And I brought a couple down here and I'm like, I was, I was laughing.

I was ching, Darren. Oh. As I put the first one in my mouth, I thought, you know, Reese is, Reese is really, they. They had a peanut butter cup and all they did was make an egg mold and make the same candy. It's the same thing. Yeah. Uh, and then I've been into it and I'm like, no, this is something, yeah, this is something different.

This is the Infinity stones? Yeah. To the, yeah. Well, what

Darin: I normally get the package of four. Mm-hmm. Okay. Uh, and those are really, really, no, I'm sorry. The package of six, I get the package of six. Yeah. Mm-hmm. Libby came home one night and she bought the bag that had the smaller eggs. That's when you give up.

There's about 20 of 'em in there, I think. Right? Yeah, that's, well, I, and she, you know what she did. [00:25:00] I found out she had hid them from me. Hey, what happened? I was like, what the hell? That's we're really, we hide them from the kids. Yeah. We don't hide them from each other. I hide from best. I have food from best.

Yeah. And, and she doesn't know that I sometimes hide things from her, but she doesn't hide things from me. Yeah. She says, I was going to tell you about 'em. I'm like, right. So those are for us to share and I accidentally ate, uh, them all.

It was, I wasn't counting. Yeah. And then, you know, you do that and you just grab one, then you grab another one and the next thing you know, there's not any left, like son of a bitch that I ate all of 'em well, so I ate all of 'em. Yeah. I've got some making up to do with li Yeah. On this. I went by Walgreens.

Okay. Okay. Yeah. And I looked and I found, and I grabbed, uh, uh, a bag of the, the peanut butter cups. Okay. The peanut butter eggs. Yeah. And it says two for. 10. Okay. Uh, unless you've got the, the rewards thing and then it's, uh, two for eight or something or whatever. So I'm [00:26:00] walking up to the registers. Yeah.

It's a, it's, yeah, it's a sale. Yeah. A gentleman who works there who looks kind of like David Attenborough. Do you know who David Atten? I know who that is

Mike: from the, I don't know what he looks like. The,

Darin: the world winter petro season is amongst us and the elephants come to play. You know that guy from the Planet Earth Series?

He walks up to me. He says, uh, are you ready to check out, sir? I said, yes. His English accent isn't as englishy as I'm making it, but he looks like David Attenborough. Okay. And he says, uh, Uh, might I ask, would you happen to be 55 or older? And I said, uh, no. No, I wouldn't be. Yeah. Yeah. I'm, and I said, I mean, I'm, I'm

Mike: 52.

The Walgreens up here. Okay. Exactly. 52.

Darin: Yeah. I mean, I'm. Oh, I guess in theory on paper I'm close to being 55. Mm-hmm. I thought the senior discount was 65 and older. Yeah. And he looks, and he shakes and says, oh, today it's a senior citizen's discount day. And I said, well, I, I don't qualify. Yeah. And then he looks at me, looks to the right, looks to the [00:27:00] left.

He pulls out his Walgreens card and he gives me the senior citizens. Discount. Wow. I got those two for six bucks

because I look so old. Oh my God. The senior citizen discount.

Mike: They should for, for guys like us, they should have the fat discount. Just take it. Just get outta here. Go home and sit in your basement and. Eat theses while you cry. You fat.

Darin: We're nearly outta time. Yeah. We're closing up. We're running out of time.

I wanted to mention, and I'm not gonna mention by name mm-hmm. But we have, uh, a special guest. Now I've reached out to this person. Mm-hmm. I'm not gonna mention the person's name. Mm-hmm. Uh, because I don't want to jinx it, but I've reached out to this person on three different occasions. Mm-hmm. Yesterday I got a message back saying Sure.

Yeah. When. With a [00:28:00] question mark. Okay. And I said, uh, the time that we could do it. Mm-hmm. Will that work for your schedule? And I haven't heard back so. I'm telling you right now, we may have a very popular, famous, funny person coming on our show in the weeks to come, and I've also reached out to Chris and Janine.

They are radio DJs here in the Cincinnati area. They're married with microphones, Uhhuh. I've reached out to them. They are interested in being on the show too. And that's coming up in a few weeks. Wow. So stay tuned. Yeah. Yeah. We're, uh, we're going places, kid.

Mike: Awesome. Bahoo. Well, I just got a text, uh, marbles somehow got loose and chased the cat into the storm drain.

Okay. Which is interesting. Don't you don't a cat and I don't know where the storm drain is. Perfect time to wrap up the shit. Let's I wrap this up. So thanks for, thanks for, uh,

Darin: go to irritable dad syndrome.com, listen to previous episodes, go to Paton, help us out, send us a couple bucks, and most importantly, check us out next time on irritable dad syndrome.

Oh good. [00:29:00] The show's finally over. I'm going to get a cookie.

You are using coconut. What? You've got two m empty of coconut and you are banging them together so, We have ridden since the snows of winter covered this land through the kingdom of Mercia. Through, where'd you get the coconuts? We found them. Found them in Mercier. The coconuts tropical. What do you mean?

Well, this is a temperate zone. The swallow may fly south with the sun or the house. Martin or the flu may see warmer climbs in winter. Yet these are not strangers to our land. Are you suggesting coconuts migrate? Not at all. They could be carried. What? A swallow carrying a coconut. It could grip it by the husk.

It's not a question of where he grips it. It's a simple question of weight ratios. A five ounce bird could not carry a one pound coconut. Well, it doesn't [00:30:00] matter.