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April 18, 2023

IDS #140 - You Don't Want to Mess With Kenny

IDS #140 - You Don't Want to Mess With Kenny
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On this glorious episode, the boys discuss once again how Darin is losing his mind. Yup... he forgot to take his kid to yet another doctor appointment. Plus the Super Mario Brothers movie, Yellowstone, The Wire and a local record store whose employees really don't understand how to sell music.

Listen this episode or something terrible will happen to your neighbor's cat.

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IDS 140 – You Don’t Wanna Mess with Kenny

Darin: [00:00:00] Yeah. If I don't get my, uh, four hours of sleep, I'm a worthless. Whoa. What happened? Hey, you, you unplugged me. Did I? Yeah.

Mike: Oh, damn. You're just barely hanging on there. Hold on.

Darin: You just keep me hanging on. While you're under the table, man. Yeah. Kiss my ass. You know what? Uhhuh, hello?

Mike: You beating yourself up with like Woody Allen

Darin: clarinet. I don't wanna hear it. Welcome to Irritable Dad syndrome. Didn't we just do that a couple days ago? Any who? Give it up for your hosts. Mike and Darren. Hey, I'm Mike. I'm Darren.

Mike: You are listening to Irritable dad syndrome, Cincinnati's Comedy podcast.

Oh yeah.

Darin: Welcome to the show.

Mike: This is episode one 40. Mm-hmm. I'm going to be talking about the fact that I tried to watch Yellowstone and can't really get into it. I like the show Yellowstone. I know, that's right. We'll get into that.

Darin: It'll be a [00:01:00] conflict. Yeah. Mm. And, uh, my youngest son Cameron, has been for months, just almost every day bringing up the fact that we get to go see the Mario Brothers movie.

We went to the Mario Brothers movie, and I'm gonna give a full, uh, review. Yeah. Uh, super. Uh, spoiler alert. I liked it. Yeah.

Mike: Uh, before Welcome to the show. Yeah. Welcome to the show. Before we actually begin, we wanna point out, uh, you may be surprised that you're hearing us right now. You're like, my God, why did these guys only release a half hour episode?

Well, we're we're splitting things up a little bit. We're we're mixing it up. We're mixing it up. We're making the episodes a little bit smaller, but we're releasing. Uh, more often that gives us a chance to be mm-hmm. More concise with what we're saying. More to the point

Darin: also will, we've learned that not everybody has time to listen to the whole album, a lengthy, uh, episode.

Mike: Especially when it's two blathering idiots who are just as likely to talk about a new movie as they are a pile of dog that's been in a tree for five years. Exactly. So

Darin: here we [00:02:00] are many times on this podcast I have talked about how I'm losing my mind, losing my memory. I'm forgetting right and left.

Mm-hmm. So yesterday, okay. Uh, I get up at five 30 and I get my youngest son Cameron, out of bed so that he can get his breakfast, he can get his teeth brushed, he can get his hair combed, he can feed our rabbit and he can get his saxophone and his book bag and his shoes and so dead up for, and he can get on the school bus at six 30.

Okay. To go get the learning done ex Exactly. So does he need an hour? No, but he doesn't like to rush. I don't like to rush. I, so yeah, that's why I get up a little bit earlier than I need to so that I can casually mm-hmm. Get my day started. Yeah. So I get Cameron outta bed. He comes downstairs, he is eating his.

His, uh, honey Nut Cheerios. I'm eating my Frosted Flakes with a banana in it. We're having a good time talking about what's going on to the day. Mm-hmm. Everything's fine, blah, blah, blah. He gets his stuff, he gets his hair combed, he gets his to brushed, you know, all the [00:03:00] things that he needs to do. And, uh, it's like, oh dad, I've gotta go out.

The bus is coming. Okay. Give him a hug. Love you buddy. Have a great day. I love you too, dad. Cool. He gets out there. I hear that's the sound of the bus. That's, yeah. Very good. He gets on the bus. P and it leaves like, cool. Yeah. He got on the bus. Yeah. Everything's great. Mm-hmm. Uh, I go into the kitchen and I put the water in the coffee maker.

The phone buzzes. The Foley

Mike: work on this episode is I, I know, right?

Darin: Amazing. I look at my phone and I get the reminder that Cameron has a dentist appointment in 10 minutes.

Mike: Let's see, what do you chase down the bus?

Darin: Yeah. And so I'm like, well, Ah, that's just perfect. Why did we, uh, why would you put it in the calendar if you don't look at the calendar?

So like, oh my God, and I'm just standing there in the kitchen, like, yeah. Okay. So not only did we miss the appointment, but now I'm gonna have to call the dentist office and explain why, because daddy lost his mind. Yeah. [00:04:00] Okay. And then, then I know I'm gonna get a call from the wife. Did you know that we missed Cameron's appointment today?

Yes. Yes, I do. Because you need teeth. Yes. You need, you need to have your teeth, you gotta have teeth.

Mike: At this point, my teeth don't matter. Right. I would like to have them because I enjoy steak. Right. But, uh, I'm married. Right. Uh, I've had kids. I don't really need to have Right. Fancy teeth, you know what I mean?

But your kid needs to have teeth.

Darin: He's still, he's got his, he needs his teeth. He needs his whole life ahead of him. Yeah. So I called the dentist's office and explained what happened, and they, by the way, they love me. Mm. And my, because they listen to the podcast. They do listen to the podcast. Yeah. And one of the dental hygienists there is the one who recognized me.

Okay. When I worked at Channel five, I was in a promo that we did. Uh, actually it wasn't even a promo, it was the open for the newscast. Okay. That, okay. You're watching W L W T Channel five. And it, and you know, it's like you see the satellite truck Uhhuh drive across the bridge and this and that and whatever.

I [00:05:00] was in this open for the newscast for maybe a second. Okay. Okay. I've got a camera on my shoulder and I have a hat. Okay. And the glasses, whatever. And they silhouetted the out of me and everything else. The dental hygienist is that you? In the, in the open for the newscast for like a second. Wow. And she recognized me.

I said, yeah. So I printed off a copy of that and I autographed it. And I know they don't keep it on the wall all the time, but when I come in there, they get it out the drawer. Oh yeah. And hang it on the wall and they look, look dear. And there's your picture. Yeah. It's got a little

Mike: poster put on the back.

Exactly. Yeah.

Darin: So I called the dentist's office and I said, daddy's lost his mind. I forgot, is in the calendar. Did I look at the calendar? No, I didn't look at the calendar. Why would I look at the calendar? Yeah. I should look at the calendar. But I did look at the calendar. If you wanna know what day it is, right to the calendar.

Right. Reschedule the appointment. Mm-hmm. And uh, and then like an hour or so later, Libby calls and she says, did you know that we missed the appointment? I said, yeah. And she's like, and then she starts apologizing because she should have looked at the calendar. I'm like, I should have looked at the calendar.

Yeah, because I have it on my phone. [00:06:00] That's why it's there. Here's the crazy thing. So later on in the day, I'm talking with my buddy Jeff Brown. Mm-hmm. Okay. And, uh, throughout the conversation, he comes up the song, manic Monday Comes to Mind,

Mike: just another Manic Monday by the Yeah, by the Bengals. By the Bengals

Darin: Football.

Yeah. By the Bengal. Right. Bangal. And he said something about the song and I. Just said, yeah. You know it was written by Prince. What? What? Yeah. Prince wrote that song. Oh, that's right. He goes, I didn't know that. Yeah. He goes, huh, I didn't know that. Well, I wonder why he gave it to, uh, Belinda Carlisle to record.

I said, it wasn't recorded by Belinda Carlisle. It was recorded by the Bengals, so I can remember. Mm-hmm. That Manic Monday was written by Prince, recorded by the Bengals. Yeah. But I can't remember that my son has a dentist appointment at seven o'clock in the morning, even when it's on my calendar. Yeah.

Losing my mind. I hope that all you, uh, fans of the show out there, uh, in a few years, if you're in the Westchester, greater Cincinnati area of Ohio, [00:07:00] I hope you come visit me at the home. Yeah, because it's just, it's inevitable. Yeah, and they're gonna be Darren, Mike is here. Mike used to talk to, to you on.

We'll make it a whole,

Mike: if you guys visit, we'll make it a whole thing. We'll take you down to the Kroger, get your ass engaged. It'll

Darin: be fun.

Mike: We'll make a whole event about it. Visit

Darin: me in the

Mike: home and then, yeah, it would be great. We'll, we'll, uncle Darren down to the Kroger. So

Darin: bang. The bangals, the bangs.

Yeah. Okay. Susanna Hoffs. Exactly. Jim Fancher has like the, the biggest crush on Susanna Hoffs. So

Mike: the thing with their name. Mm-hmm. Forever. Mm-hmm. And I don't know what this says about me, but forever I thought it was because they had bangs. The bangs. Yeah. But now I'm wondering, does it ha, is it like the Beatles?

Like bang, like bang a drum,

Darin: the bangers? I don't know the origin of their name. I have that. You know what? That's a good question. Yeah. Let's call up Susanna Hoffs and see if we can get her on the show. Yeah, yeah. You know, we, [00:08:00]

Mike: that would be the most awesome interview. Mm-hmm. We could ever have. Mm, yeah. Is we get a, a name like that to come on the show.

Mm-hmm. We ask them one question, they answer it and they leave. Thanks. The one question interview I'm putting that's in the ideal pool. Now, the one question, the one question interview, it doesn't matter who you get, it doesn't matter if you get, if we get David Letterman or Bono to come on, you get one question, get the

Darin: Pope.

We, when I worked, uh, at Channel five Uhhuh, there was a time where, Well, years ago, you know, the Pope did come to Cincinnati Uhhuh and I said, would it be awesome if you got, actually got the Pope to come and do, you know, be on your show, on your new show Uhhuh, and then just have 'em do a cooking segment.

Yeah, George has your sports report, but before that, the Pope has a great recipe for a nice summer salad that'll make you say, oh, it's so good. I,

Mike: I swear. Yeah. I. I've sent out requests for some relatively famous people. Sometimes they get responses from their team, sometimes nothing. Yeah. But I've [00:09:00] never, I, it always felt weird saying, hi, I am gonna make a podcast to make funny.

And it was like, oh, there's only about 15 millions of those I know. I know, but I'd like to send out a thing saying, we're gonna ask you one question. Yeah. If you're on, if you, it takes you 15 seconds to answer whatever. Yeah. I'll give if it's a yes or no question, and it's

Darin: Yes. Okay. Yeah. See you, I'll give you an update on guests.

So there was a person, uh, a comedian. Mm-hmm. Okay. Who I've reached out to several times. Yeah. Not a lot. Not enough to make it like, Hey, back off restraining order. Mm. Uh, three times I've actually reached out to this comedian. The comedian finally replied and said, Sure. Huh? When do you want me to be on the show?

Uhhuh? I replied with a date. I haven't heard back. Yeah. So we may have soon. Yeah. A very, very popular comedian on this podcast. That'd be really cool.

Mike: That's right. It'd be awesome to have something funny on here after 139 hours. I know,

Darin: right? I, uh, I reached out to another famous celebrity and I got a thanks for the offer.

[00:10:00] Reply. Ah, that's not a no. It's not a yes. Yeah, it's a thanks for the offer. Okay. I'm not gonna jinx who these people are. Now it's time for a special message dedicated to Nick Offerman. Nick, on behalf of all of us at Irritable Dad syndrome, we'd love to have you be a guest on this podcast. Please check your calendar and let us know what time works best for you.

We will gladly work around your busy schedule. Thanks, and we hope to chat with you in the weeks to come now back to the show.

Mike: So, have you heard about the podcast that got Tom Hanks to come on? Cause they sent him a typewriter. Yes. Did you hear about that? Yes. And they, they typed out the

Darin: request. Yeah. He collects those.

He loves typewriters. Yes.

Mike: See, that's what you gotta do. Okay. I feel like the guy in office space, you know? Yeah. That's what you need to do, is we need to have something. Mm-hmm. The, the, the one question interview. Yeah.

Darin: Yeah. So what was your, would be your one question for Tom Hanks, you're an actor. Is, is that hard?

Yeah. Are you crying? Why [00:11:00] you crying? Let's stop crying. There's no crying in baseball. I think

Mike: I, I would ask him if anybody ever calls him Tom. Hank. Hank. Because I, cuz I have, I have friends with an S on the end. Right. And sometimes we use the s and sometimes we don't. Yeah. And it,

Darin: it confuses people, you know.

No, I don't know if I had one question that, you know, what? Then you'd really have to put a lot of time and effort into that one question. Well, it could

Mike: be a thing. Cause the first few, you know, people wouldn't know what it was and they wouldn't take it seriously and they'd answer and they wouldn't think that we're really gonna hang up on 'em.

Right. Um, but we would, and then as that gains popularity, yeah. It would become a How long can you be on the show? How long can you make your answer to be? Like, make it into an actual, but tell

Darin: me more about Yeah. Yeah. Don't quite understand. That's

Mike: not, that's not a, that's not a question. Yeah. Please elaborate, please.

Bloviate, please elucidate

Darin: your voice if you would. Yeah. So at the top of the show I mentioned that I went to see the Mario Brothers. Yeah, yeah.

Mike: Super [00:12:00] Mario Brothers. Super Mario Brothers. It's not just a stupid Mario

Darin: Brothers. It's, I know it's a super. Oh my God. Cameron's been out of his mind excited. Yeah.

And we're like, okay, we're gonna go. And we went and oh my God. It is so much fun. Okay. It is a lot of fun. So I want to question

Mike: Right, right out the gate, I have a question. Okay. Um, there was controversy about Chris Pratt being cast as Mario. Dude,

Darin: you can make Chris Pratt anything. Well,

Mike: the thing the controversy is, is that he's not, you know, an Italian.

He's not Italian thing. Yeah. But if you listen to Mario Yeah. It's amazing the way he is. Yeah. You can't have a character. Talk like that. Yeah. Everything, it would drive you crazy. Right. Well,

Darin: it reminded me, but,

Mike: but the question I have, I'm sorry. The question I have Okay. Is does he, when he does, does he does do things like, get to me, Mario.

Yeah. And, and that, and he does it in the, whoa.

Darin: Yeah. Yeah. Okay. Yes. All right. Yeah. He does exactly what you would expect. Yeah. Well, you would hope. Yes. For Mario. Yeah. To, to do. He was great. And again, Chris Pratt is just fantastic. And I was thinking about that because so many people were like, oh my God, I can't believe they casted [00:13:00] him.

Why didn't they cast like Al Pacino? Like, because he's Italian. It's a me. Yeah, yeah. Uh, once with all these turtles around him. Whoah. Hi Charlie. Yeah. So. When I worked at W J H O, I did a commercial for this Italian restaurant, okay? And the guys who worked their words Italian as they come, the script was written, but neither of them wanted to do the voice for the, oh, no, no, no, I don't wanna do that.

Don't, don't do it. The voice. And they, and they sounded like that's how they talked, right? And so, Rachel was there, she's my boss, and I was talking to her and they're like, you know, uh, neither of 'em were comfortable at all. They didn't want to be vo Yeah. To do the voice for it. And I said, so, I mean, you're basically like a pasta.

So fresh and so juicy. And you know, and we're like, and you'll say, Mamamia, what a pizza. And they're like, pizza, we love you. We love that. We love, they're like, yes, absolutely. And so I recorded it. Okay. And for years after that, [00:14:00] I mean, everyone was making fun of me. Mamamia, what a pizza, you know? And they, they loved it.

Yeah. But I mean, I was definitely worse than Chris Pratt was at, uh, an Italian accent. And Atta Italians loved me doing that. So. But yeah, go see the Super Mario Brothers movie Bowser. Oh my God. Jack Black is perfect. Oh, yeah. As Bowser Anya Taylor Joy was great as Princess Peach. Stay to the end. Okay.

There's a mid credit scene. Marvel is, is making everybody do this. There's a mid credit scene and then there's a credit at At the very, very end. Yeah. Which leads to, oh my God. Sequel. Yeah. Okay. There's gonna, yeah.

Mike: Something else. I like the mid credited scene. Mm-hmm. I want 'em to get rid of the end credit scene.

Yeah. Because I don't wanna watch everybody that knew somebody that brought the donuts on every day of production. You know what I mean? I was so happy. Like when we were in Dungeons and Dragons, I talked about, mm-hmm. A couple days ago, I actually looked it up on the Google. Yeah. I pulled, I was the guy that [00:15:00] pulled out my phone in the middle.

I was like, I need to, I. Because I know this is gonna have 15 minutes of credits. Mm-hmm. And I saw it said there is a mid credits and there's nothing after that. It's

Darin: like, okay, cool. That was awesome. I know. Yeah. But you know what? I have friends who work in the film industry. Yeah. What's that like

Mike: having friends?

Darin: Is that, well, it's kinda like us, but, but better. Okay. Yeah. All right. Yeah, so I get it. It gives them a reason to keep people in the seats a little bit longer. I, yeah. And it's like, okay, it's a great idea, but it's like there's 400 names in the credits. Yeah. We put stuff at the end of our credits. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

For what people? We give people reason to stay to the end. Something that I did. That we put on our patron site that I also put on a couple weeks ago, we had a repeat, uh mm-hmm. Uh, Kenny Reeves says, is a parvo re rejiggered? Yeah. At the end of that episode, Uhhuh, what I did was, while I was going through the episode, every time you and I said, uh, or, uh, uh, uh, yeah, whatever.

I took all those and I put 'em in one big chunk and it ended up being like three minutes, four minutes of [00:16:00] uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, Endlessly entertaining. But that's at the end of Kenny Reeves. That's the parvo. So go check that out. Rejiggered that the original. Yeah. Re rejiggered. This portion of our show is brought to you by helmets.

If you ride a motorcycle, bicycle, rip stick, roller blades or a skateboard, it's essential that you wear a helmet. They can help you reduce head injuries. And ladies think they're sexy. If you don't wear a helmet, you'll be grounded for the rest of your life. You know who you are. Now back to the show. I work from home.

Mm-hmm. And one of the disadvantages of working from home is I don't get to be part of the in-office, uh, chatter.

Mike: Yeah. Okay. I saw your office for the first time this weekend. Yeah. Yeah. And you got, you're right next

Darin: to a rodent. Yeah. I'm, it's a rabbit. Well, he's, he's not a, they're of the rodent family. I mean, they're close.

Yeah. But no. Okay. Uh, so yeah, I work from home. Mm-hmm. And when, uh, March Madness came out, that's the basketball tournament. Yeah. [00:17:00] NCAA as the kids call. Yeah. Uh, my boss, Jonathan gets on and he says, Hey, everybody, for $10, you get in on the, on the ncaa, uh, thing on the, the pool. Mm-hmm. The office pool. Mm-hmm.

You know, whatever. And get your money in now before the thing starts. And remember, the goal is to beat Darren. Yeah. Hash hashtag beat Darren. And I'm like, These people, they don't even know me. Yeah, yeah. Okay. Jonathan and one other guy there, I'm sorry, two other people, uh, have actually met me in person, so I thought, okay, ha ha ha.

So a week or so goes by and the tournament is over with, and, and there's like, Hey, congratulations to, to Joe who won, and, uh, Joe click your prize money and this and that. Mm-hmm. This, uh, woman named Savannah Hops on there, and she says, um, how did Darren do, did we all beat Darren? I, I thought the goal was to beat Darren.

Yeah. And then hashtag beat Darren. She doesn't even know me. Yeah. Yeah. And so I [00:18:00] reached out to her and I said, that's hilarious, by the way. Yeah. That's very funny. Yeah. I'm wondering if I beat Darren. Yeah. Hashtag beat Darren. Hey, what happened? You can't get into Yellowstone. Is that what you're, you're trying to, I love,

Mike: I love these episodes where we don't have much and then I assure you, yeah, we'll be fine.

Darin: And then I tune out halfway through. So you bought, show you, you bought stamps at the post office. Okay. Is that right, Mike? So you, you've

Mike: been yammering on for months now about 18, 18 83.

Darin: 1883 and 1923. 23. Oh my God. Okay. Yeah.

Mike: Amazing. Uh, and but, but you pointed out that dozer, spinoffs are, Prequels or whatever, those pre to those, those two.

Yellowstone. Yellowstone

Darin: with, uh, Kevin Costner,

Mike: and those are on Paramount, which we already have. Right. And then Yellowstone is on Peacock, which nobody has. Yeah. And nobody wants,

Darin: that's.

Mike: I think you're right. And so I like, I'm not gonna pay for a new spree streaming service, but, or also, or

Darin: Peacock, they, [00:19:00] they hung their hat on the fact that they had every episode of the office.

Okay. When, okay. Everyone has already watched it seven times on Netflix. Yes. Yeah. Hated that it was leaving Netflix, Uhhuh. It's like I really wanted to watch it an eighth time. Yeah. But is it worth paying for Peacock to watch at an eight time? Yeah, I dunno.

Mike: So I have a problem in that I can't start on a spinoff.

I just can't, there's something in my DNA that won't allow me to do that. Right. So I did the thing where you get a free trial with Peacock. Mm-hmm. I was like, Ugh. I downloaded it, put it on the thing, and I sat here. Right. And I started watching Yellowstone, and I will say in the first five to 10 minutes, I'm like, okay, yeah.

I can see why people like this. Mm-hmm. I can get it. And I, Kevin Costner's got that kind of, he's a hard ass. Oh, but then he is also, yep. He's got a soft spot, got a soft spot. Uh, and then they just started introducing some of the extra characters and I started losing interest. And then, I think it's his daughter, Beth.

The, the [00:20:00] redhead, the way they introduce her is, Intense. Oh, yeah. And I'm like, yeah, I, I just don't just say the lead. I just don't like her. Yeah. You know, I just like, uh, that, you know, I


Darin: know. And she is the Joffrey on the show. Yeah. So, okay. I hated Joffrey. Okay. But I still loved watching Game of Thrones.

Yeah. So

Mike: I'm gonna give it another chance. Okay. But I did get halfway through the episode. I'm like, I don't know if I can, if I can do this. Yeah. Uh, it reminded me a lot of the Walking Dead allow me to explain, okay, please. The Walking Dead is another one that. Everybody, their brother, the sister, and their grandma got into mm-hmm.

I did as well. But then as it progressed, I'm like, okay, I can't, we're not walking down a road to another farmhouse, to a thing and a stuff. Yeah. And I, I, Yellowstone looks like walking down a road to a farmhouse, to the thing and the stuff, and I can't do another show like that. But I'm gonna give it a shot.

Uhhuh, I'll give it more of a shot. I mean, I watched it, uh, I watched a couple of episodes of Halo. I'll [00:21:00] watch anything Uhhuh at this point. I mean, I'll watch anything. I will give it a shot. Mm-hmm. But I just have not been overwhelmed. It, it kind of lost me. Yeah. And it bothers me that that happened in the first episode.

Darin: Well, now it sounds like you, you and I might have this in common. Th there are some shows. Like, I remember I watched Mad Men. Okay. Okay. And I loved Mad Men. I loved Mad Men. I finished it though. But the last season, Uhhuh, and I'm not trying to spoil it for you, but I could give it what happened to anybody.

And then Libby and I, once we looked at each said like, why do we keep watching this? Yeah. Because we were so invested in it. Yeah. And you want see like you have to, it's like, I wanna see how. It ends. Okay. Sometimes you watch a show to the end, cuz you just wanna see, does it what happens here? No. Does it, does it make it worth the while Uhhuh, because some movies tend to drag and then holy, did you see the last five minutes?

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Whoa, I didn't see that coming. Yeah. You know, and that's what I was like, Titanic. Yeah. You didn't, who knew? I think Who knew that she would drop the diamond, actually. [00:22:00] Yeah, yeah, yeah. That's what madman was like. But I was watching House of the Dragon. Okay. On HBO Post I I would

Mike: like to watch that.

I haven't watched it yet. Yeah.

Darin: I'm totally into House of the Dragon digging

Mike: it. So you've watched all of Game of Thrones before

Darin: you've Yeah, I've seen all that. I've seen all the Game of Thrones. Yeah. All right. So I'm watching House of the Dragon, and then there's something happened that in episode six, I don't like this show anymore.

Turn off the lights. I just don't like it anymore. What?

Mike: What happened? Well, I don't, it's gonna spoil

Darin: it, so, well, I mean, I can, I'll spoil it for you if you want. No. Okay. I don't cuz I may actually watch it, but yeah, I just, no. And then there was a show on Netflix called Dead to Me with Christina Applegate.

Okay. And I loved it. It was great. And then season two starts a character who had died in season one. Mm-hmm. The same actor comes back as this guy's twin brother. Oh, bolt. I, I don't care how good you say it was, I just didn't like it anymore.

Mike: So, so we have the HBO O Max. Mm-hmm. And they have everything that's ever been happened on [00:23:00] HBO o Yeah.

Like, everything. Yeah. It's, it's pretty

Darin: overwhelming. You can watch, uh, six feet under again. Yeah. But,

Mike: uh, a show that I never watched back in the day, but has been so critically acclaimed, I, I fear that say, ain't on here. That I haven't watched at all may cause people to cancel this podcast. The Sopranos?

Yeah. The wires a super critically acclaimed show. Mm-hmm. It's like everybody loves this show. Like

Darin: Peter Griffith said, breaking Bad is the best show you've ever seen, except maybe The Wire. Breaking Bad is the best show I've ever seen, except maybe The Wire. So

Mike: I sit down, I start watching The Wire, and I made it like again, the first.

Few minutes. I'm like, this is amazing. And then like a half hour in, I'm like, ah, yeah. And, but then I talk to people who we know. Mm-hmm. Who will tell me. Yeah. I sat down and started watching breaking bed, and I got like, halfway through the first I couldn't do it. And I'm like, what is wrong? What, yeah. What is wrong with you?

Yeah. And I, I tell 'em, I was like, you have [00:24:00] no idea. I can point to specific moments in the first, second, third, fourth, fifth, mm-hmm. Seasons. Mm-hmm. Yeah. Where once you see that, it will blow your mind and you will never be able to not watch the whole thing. So I I, there have to be things like that in the wire.

Yeah. I just need to get

Darin: to 'em. I know. And the reason why I'm surprised I haven't watched The Wire was because the people who created that show mm-hmm. Are the same ones who created homicide life on the street. Okay. Which is, Beyond Doubt, one of the top five greatest shows of all time. Yeah, I was absolutely hooked.

I never watched that. It's, it's so good. I don't know where they stream it, but I have the DVDs if you ever want to borrow. Okay. It was great show. Okay. So in theory, yeah, I should love The Wire, but I tried to watch it and I couldn't get into it. Hmm. And now that I have the HBO Plus, I'm gonna try to watch, uh, the Wire again, because, People

Mike: have to say, how do you know?

I may as well. I may do that as well. Yeah. If you're gonna do it, I may as well get in. We'll do it together. We'll

Darin: do the, yeah. But speaking of Breaking bad, my friend [00:25:00] Sandy, she couldn't watch it after the bathtub scene in episode one. Shit. Nope, Nope. Turned it off. Never watched any more of it. Yeah. Like, oh my God, you have no idea what you're missing.

Oh Lord. And so that's where I am with the wire. I'm,

Mike: I still, I still wish. You ever have those moments where you wish you could go back and see something for the first time again? Yes. Yes. I wish I could go back and watch Breaking Bad from the beginning again. Yes. And not know anything. And not know anything.

The, the Gus reveal. Yes. That is one of the pinnacles of television. Yeah. That he's uhhuh what he

Darin: is. Yeah. Wow. Unbelievable. Yeah. It's just un I don't know how they did it. Mm-hmm. I have no idea how they took the, the main guy who. Doing evil things. Mm-hmm. And yet you didn't want him to get caught. Yeah. And then his brother-in-law.

Yeah. The DEA trying to stop bad things from happening. Mm-hmm. You don't want him to catch him. Yeah. So how do you want the bad guy to win and the good guy to fail? You know this, how, [00:26:00] how do you do that with

Mike: the characters? Yeah. So this reminds me of a, a review. That Quentin Tarantino, he was talking about the Joker, the, have you seen the

Darin: Joker?

I love the Joker. The Joker with Joaquin Phoenix, right? Yes. Yes. So

Mike: he's talking about how he was ingenious, how the movie gets you to the point where you are actually rooting for the psycho to shoot. The, the talk show host, she's like, if you step back from that a minute. Yeah. Talk show host is not really doing anything that they all talk show host too.

He's making jokes. Right. And he's Joaquin Phoenix. The Joker is insane. Yeah. At that moment. But you are in his head. Yeah. It's like, it's the, he's, he mentioned that it was, um, a moment in movies where they. Successfully transplanted a sane audience into an insane character's dead. Mm-hmm. Yeah. And justified the insane character's action.

Yep. And he said that should scare the cut of anybody that like, granted,

Darin: we know more about Yes, the Joker than [00:27:00] he does, but as a talk show host, as a guy who's been in the business mm-hmm. For so long. Mm-hmm. I'd like to think that he should be able to read a crowd. You should read a room. Yeah. You know, no, like,

Mike: Well, it's like when Joaquin Phoenix was on David Letterman's.

Darin: Yes, yes. The same thing. That was all a joke. Yeah. Well, Joaquin, too bad you couldn't be here tonight. Yeah.

Mike: It's one of the greatest all timelines right

Darin: there, which just screamed River Phoenix and not, not uh uh, crisp and Glover. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. It was so,

Mike: so crisp and glovely. Yeah. Yeah.

Darin: That's right. Few weeks ago I was at, I think it's Three Feather Records. It's a Three Feathers. There's a record store. Okay. Uh, a used record store not used, it's a record store in, uh, Fairfield, Ohio. Mm-hmm. Not too far from the house. And I went down there and I'm looking through the CD section as I want to do.

Mm-hmm. And on the, [00:28:00] uh, on the speakers, they're playing third eye Blind. Okay. Okay. And I forgot how much I like Third Eye Blind. Okay. And they're playing their, their debut album, self-titled Uhhuh. But it's different. Uh, I was like, they've, what did they, because I, I swear to God, I listen to the, to that album easily start to finish every song.

A thousand times. Okay. Had to have, okay, but this is different. And I asked the guy, I said, what are you playing? Because this isn't the regular album. Did they rerecord it? Oh, I don't know. Didn't know, didn't know you. You don't, you don't know what you're playing in your

Mike: store. You know, one of the tactics of playing music in a music store is so that someone will ask you what it is, so then they go purchase the, exactly.

Darin: The music. Exactly. And he says, uh, uh, uh, Kenny in the back, uh, the, he, he put this on. Okay. But the dude is in the back and it really wasn't worth Yeah. Um, getting Kenny out of the back room. Yeah.

Mike: You don't want to mess

Darin: with Kenny. So I, uh, uh, I found a, a [00:29:00] Melancamp cd and I bought it and I'm getting ready to leave and I walked back into the store and I'm like, because I went on the Google and I'm trying to find.

Yeah. Uh, what is the deal? And I do couldn't find anything about third Eyeland re-releasing Uhhuh this album. So Kenny comes out, oh. And he looks like, uh, the bass player for Blink 180 2. Okay. He's got this wig. The, this blonde hair had to have been, it looked like a wig, Uhhuh, it honestly looked like a wig.

And he had the, the blonde hair with a black mustache. Okay. And he's 20. Okay.

And he, uh, pulls out. It was something that he was playing on Spotify. Oh, and he'd said that Yeah, it was like the 25th anniversary. Okay. Of Third Eye Blind's album. Okay. But it raised the question, like you said, if you're in a record store Yeah. You would play something. That's the intention that I, that, that someone would say, man, I really like this.

And you would buy it. So they're playing something on Spotify that you can't buy. Yeah, yeah. In a record store. It's the musical

Mike: equivalent of that weird lady at [00:30:00] Kroger that's, that's passing out cheese cubes.

Darin: Exactly. Oh, this cheese cube is good. We don't sell it here, but I'm glad you like it. Right. Yeah.

Well listen guys, we're gonna wrap this one up. We're gonna, as Mark would say, we're gonna kick this dog in the nuts and see if it barks. I don't know what we're talking about. So, uh, we want you to go to irritable dance center.com and check out previous episodes and, uh oh,

Mike: gotta talk about the giveaway.

We've got new merch. Yeah, we've got new merch, and we've got a giveaway. So I mentioned it a couple days ago and I'll mention again, get it in your guys' head. Anybody that is a current patron or becomes a patron between now and May 8th. 2023. I don't want some dude coming at me in 2025. Where're my hoodie.

Right. No. Become a, but I'm become a patron in that time. Mm-hmm. And you'll be entered into a drawing for one of the pieces of new merch that did it features our. New logo. Yeah. And then another giveaway, same timeframe. Leave us a review on Apple Podcasts. Mm-hmm. [00:31:00] You can rate the show and leave a review there.

We, it gets sent to us. Like when you do that, we see it. Mm-hmm. Um, so I'm gonna do a drawing from the reviews and then I'm gonna do a drawing for the patrons, uh, a different piece of merch for each group. Please enter, we want to, we wanna see your reviews, we want you to see the bonus stuff that we have on Patron.

Yes. Patreon for you. Yes. There's a lot of good stuff there. And we good some, we have some fun doing it. Yeah.

Darin: So anyway, guys, take care. Thanks for listening and we wanna see you next time on Irritable dancing. Hey kids, I gotta blow this joint. Can you lock it up for me? The engine's running and I'm going to get in line for Guardians of the Galaxy.

Three tickets. Dave, lay out. Many times on this podcast, I have talked about how I'm losing my mind, losing my memory. Hey, what happened? What's that? Losing my sight, losing my mind? What is it? Uh, Seth. Then

Mike: it's all right. I'm, I'm thinking David Byrne and, uh, is it David Byrne? And, um, the Talking Heads. The talking heads, that's not right.

I don't know this. I'm gonna, I'm gonna

Darin: hit it. [00:32:00] Please end an orange. This is gonna be a

Mike: tough episode.

Darin: Minutes.

Mike: This is gonna be three hours of content edited down to 20 minutes.