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April 25, 2023

IDS #142 - Big Ol' Hot Dog Party

IDS #142 - Big Ol' Hot Dog Party
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This week, the boys discuss pulling weeds in the snow, calling people after 10 pm and what Darin said that got him restricted on the Facebook. All this plus a new segment of Dave's Comedy Corner and a Big Ol' Hot Dog Party! We worked very hard on putting this episode together... and not listening to it... well, that would just be rude!!

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I'm never gonna admit that I'm wrong, even if I'm wrong. You've admitted 

that you're wrong before. 

Have I? Yeah, sure. I must have been drunk.

I mean, I don't got no respect from anyone. Well, last week my house was on fire. My wife told the kids, be quiet. You wake up. Daddy. Welcome to Irritable dad syndrome, the little podcast with lots of heart. Now give it up for your hosts, Mike and Darren. 

Hey, I'm Darren. I'm Mike. Welcome to Irritable Dad Syndrome.

This is episode 1 42 and we are coming off of a high. Our last episode, you may have heard we had an honest to God actual celebrity. Yeah. Mr. Haywood Banks. Yeah. He sat with us for about an hour. That's pretty cool, dude. My god, he was entertaining. Yeah, he was so nice. Cracked me up. He was just as genuine and cool as can be.

Yeah. And uh, you know, we have a mutual friend, Michael Flannery Uhhuh, and he told me that Haywood was just. Perfect and would be great. And he was, he was just really, really, really nice. Cool. And if you haven't listened to episode 1 41, uh, after you listen to this episode, go back and listen to episode 1 

41 with Haywood Banks.

Yeah. Feel free to go back as far as episode 27. Seven. Yeah. 

Yeah. And listen to us from there. Yeah. At, at uh, irritable dad syndrome.com. Yeah. I'm trying. Yeah. Yeah. How you doing, Mike? I'm okay. 

Yeah. I'm a little pissed off. Why? What's going on? I've been pissed off all day. Yeah. I know. Multiple things. Mm-hmm.

Multiple things. Yeah. Uh, we paid some company to spray our lawn. Okay. And before you turn the dial or switch to a different podcast, I get it. I can't stand people that have companies spray on their lawn either. I think it's stupid. Mm-hmm. I think it's a waste of money. I think. Who cares what your lawn looks like In my book?

I think I should be able to bulldoze all that out there. Throw some sand down and call it a desert motif. Thank you. Boom. It works for people in Arizona. Yes, we vacationed to Arizona. Yeah, it's beautiful. 

Everybody's, they, they don't have yards there. It's rock. 

It's beautiful. Yeah. And it's wonderful. And people take pictures, Uhhuh and people have pictures.

Those pictures on calendars and on posters. Yeah. Nobody takes pictures of things they don't want to see. Nobody has, takes a picture of their yard and puts it on a calendar. And if you ever find yourself in someone's house that's done that run. Psycho psychopath. But I, you know, so. I finally, after years, after years of saying, I ain't paying anybody to make our grass look okay.

Mm-hmm. I remember last year walking out in our yard and thinking, this looks like, yeah, this looks like panned handled. By the way, I 

noticed there's still a bag of 

poop still there in New York. Yeah. Never moving it. I am. I am very seriously considering putting some stones and mulch around it. But, okay. So this year, and I told this story on a previous podcast, Uhhuh Bess had that guy came out to, with a chainsaw, showed up to her door at the chainsaw.

Mm-hmm. Cutting limbs off the trees. Yeah. And then before I knew it, we're paying the price of what I paid for my first car. Yeah. To have somebody spray our lawn and all kinds of uhhuh. And I'm looking at it and I'm like, I'm seeing dandy lines, dude. Yeah. I'm seeing some things that ain't grass. Yeah. And I'm seeing all the other lawns look nice.


Hey, what happened? 

Yeah. Did he actually spray 

anything? And, well, they don't just die instantly. It takes time. You'll mow and then apparently they don't regrow because, okay, we 

grew after he sprayed. Mm. 

You may have hired some type of snake 

charmer to come out there. A guy who showed up at our door with a chainsaw.

Well, actually, actually it was a different guy. So that 

cause the chainsaw and wants to spray your lawn. It was a 

different guy. Oh, okay. It was two different guys. Well that makes all the sense then because I, I thought I spent all the money for the chainsaw mulch. The chainsaw guy. Mulched. Yeah. I spent all the money for him.

Mm-hmm. I'm not gonna just let this go to again this year. Right. So I'll, I'll pay this other guy to come by and spray it. That's why we, we 

keep doing it. But 

it's cuz you gotta keep doing it. Yeah. I was pissed because the, um, YouTube album. The songs of surrender. Yeah. Yeah. We're talking about YouTube. Next 20 seconds.

Suck it. Uh, I got the super duper version because I'm legally, contractually it has to do with your yard. How it doesn't, I'm just talking about things that pissed me off recently. You asked. Oh. Oh, you asked Mike, how are you? And I'm telling you how well 

I had something to add about the yard. Okay. Because a few years ago at our old house, I'm not gonna tell you when this happened until later in the story.

Okay. Somebody rang the doorbell. Yeah. And it was, uh, nighttime. Oh, 

okay. Well, it was after, what kind of nighttime? Is it get the gun nighttime or No, no, it was after 

Sundown. Oh, okay. All right. And, uh, I'm there and o only one kid is with me. Mm-hmm. And I said, hang on a second buddy. I go and answer the door and there's a gentleman there and he says, uh, excuse me, sir, I was wanting to check out your yard and give you an estimate on what it would take to, uh, to get rid of all your weeds.

Mm-hmm. And I looked at him and said two things. One, it's nighttime. Also there's snow on the ground. I don't think so. Okay. Actual snow on the ground, hard ice covered snow on the ground. He goes, oh, so you're not interested? No, I'm not interested. Yeah. And he Okay. And he leaves. Yeah. I called the cops.

Normally, I don't care. No, but I'm thinking, who knows if this jackass, he's casing the joint. He, yeah. Yeah. Is he casing My house? Is someone in the backyard while he's at the At the front door? Yeah. Because ain't nobody pulling weeds. Yeah. In December. Yeah. Yeah. And I called the cops and I said, yeah, there's a guy who came to my house, uh, he wanted to, to evaluate our yard for weeds on a scotch.

She said, ain't nothing weird about that. Said, no, there's not. She goes, okay. And they sent a car. Yeah. And, uh, I called my, uh, other nearby neighbors, shut them some texts. Yeah. Like, Hey, there's some guy. And then, okay. Yeah. So it's part of our, uh, uh, not, not a neighborhood watch, but you know, our buddy system 

that we have.

Yeah, yeah. Yeah. So, well, you talked about this, this late night stuff. Mm-hmm. Uh, I remember back in the day, I'm gonna piggyback off of this, then I'll get back to my own story that we at this point have both interrupted. Yes. Uh, I was talking to someone, um, this is pre, um, This is way, this is a long, long time ago.

Okay. Uh, it was a girl and I was talking to her on the phone. Mm-hmm. One night, and then the next night I called to talk to her again. Yeah. And I called it, I called at 10 30 at night. This was 

before Bess, I assume? 

Yes. Yes, yes. Okay. Okay. I called 

the, the word you couldn't think of was wife or your wife's name.


I was trying, it's pre, I was thinking, how do I phrase this? I was like, I'll just go right past it. Okay. Um, I was like, I'll call, and it was like, it was like at 10 30 at night that I was gonna call Uhhuh and I called and her dad answered Hello? And he said, who is this? I'm going like, I told him who I am, like an idiot.

Yeah. Uh, and he's like, do you know what time it is? And I like an idiot said, oh, that's 10 30. Uh, and then he's like, we don't accept calls at this house after 9:00 PM And so you're like, well, why did you answer my,

my, my idiot? My idiot response to him was, uh, well, your daughter said that I could call. Oh, so, and he's like, well, we'll be having a conversation about that Click. Okay. And I thought about that. I, every couple years I think about that conversation. Uhhuh, I think of it in terms of would I get as pissed as he did?

It's somebody calling my house at 10 30 at night. Yeah. And you know, when I get, and when I was through my twenties, I was like, no, I wouldn't care that much. Right. And I get into my thirties and I'm like, eh, it's kind of weird. You know? Mm-hmm. Since I've hit my forties, especially, I thought about it just two nights ago.

I thought I would kill somebody. You call me after. If anybody calls this house ever after, if anybody calls the house, period, uhhuh, it better be really, really important. Yeah. If anybody calls after eight, someone needs to be actively bleeding. Dead. Dead, or both off On fire. On fire, yeah. But 10 30. Yeah.

I'll cut you. Yeah, I will. Find you and cut you. So I don't even know if, if the, if her, if her father is still alive. I don't even remember her name. Right. I don't know how to get in touch with him. If by chance it's a colored Janet, if by chance Uhhuh, this show ever gets stupid popular to the point where this dude, if he's still alive and not in the throes of dementia.

Yeah. Actually listens to it and remembers, Hey, you're the jackass to call at 10 30. Mm-hmm. Hey man, I'm with you now. Okay. I will. You and I or we, we see eye to eye on this one. 

I am past the point of getting grounded. Uh, uh, nothing. I can't get in trouble for this. It's been, uh, 40 years or hour long since, yeah.

Almost the statute of limitations has passed. This passed. So when I was in high school, yeah. I wasn't supposed to call my girlfriend after 10 o'clock. Okay. Yeah. And she wasn't supposed to call me after 10 o'clock. Okay. So how did we get around that? Hmm. I would call at ten oh five. Okay. The movie theater.

Okay. That had the recording. Thank you for calling AMC Theaters. Okay. Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Here's nice showings. The Dances with Fools at seven. Yeah. 10, 15, 1 o'clock, you know? Yeah. That 

thing. Yes. Kids were boomers. Yes. That's how worked when we were kids. Yes. Sorry, we 

you, you did that or you looked in the newspaper.

Yeah. We couldn't go online to. See what time the 

movie started and by the way, the newspaper, you could barely see what the thing was rated. That's how I ended up seeing Robocop when I was like 12. 

We had call waiting Uhhuh, so I would call the recording at ten oh five and you've got like a four minute window.

She would call in beep, beep over. Hello dude, that is some Jack Bauer. Yes, some Jack Bower, sh and I would talk to her for Ethan Hunt. 20, 20, 30 minutes. Or Ethan Hawk. I don't know who Ethan Hunt is. 

Uh, mission 

Impossible. Oh, okay. I thought, uh, um, I thought Tommy Cruise 

was a mission impossible. He is, but his character's, Ethan Hunt.

You know, Tom Cruise is not actually an agent really. Right. He does his own stunts. He does, yeah. Mm-hmm. Okay. Never heard that before. 

So you mentioned I will cut you. Okay. Yeah. Yeah. That, that actually throws into the first thing on the list that I was going 

to, we haven't even gotten past. Okay. Let's go back to the story that you interrupted then I interrupted.

Okay. Okay. My U2 album. Yes, the super, the sounds of surrender. The sounds of surrender. Yeah. Songs of, songs of surrender, songs of summer. Um, 

you too. I got this is where Steve Ferrell and Shannon Brown turn off 

the podcast. Well, we don't need that. Come back in five minutes. I. Was looking at them. Mm-hmm. I was admiring my trophies.

Mm-hmm. As if I don't have enough U2 vinyls. Mm-hmm. I was admiring these and I pulled it out and I'll show it to you later. The, uh, you, you, I won't, cuz you don't care, but the label on the album, how dare you, the label on the album was blistered and bumpy. 

That's what she said. Oh, hell no. 

No. To the point where it, it kind of wobbled a little bit on the, the turntable?

No, no, no. Uhuh. Uhuh. The Adam disk. Just three? Uh, no, the good one. The one that's the good one. The one that has until the end of the world, which by, by the way, is probably the best track on there. Uhhuh in this terms of been redone. Yeah. And I'll argue with myself later when I listen back to this, but at, right as I say to right now, is invisible on that one.

Yes. It all hell now is that one. Yeah. So I messaged, uh, the group and not Bono. Right, right. But the, the group that I bought it from Uhhuh and they came back and said, we will replace it or. You can keep it and we'll give you 15% back. And I thought about it, I actually pondered it for about a week. Yeah. I pondered it long enough for them to say, uh, are you, are you still pondering?

And then I, I sent back because what I was thinking was, I don't want to deal with shipping this back and then waiting. It's a numbered edition. There's only so many of them out there. Right. And then maybe they'll come back and say, oh, we don't have any, I will deal with a blistered and bubbled one. In.

Does it still play? It's It still plays. Okay. But it will, it'll bother me. I won't be able to sleep at night. That wouldn't bother me knowing that that's in my basement. Yeah. So

I finally said, you know what, I'm not a pushover, Uhhuh. I'm not just some guy that's gonna lay down and take it. Get your hands off me. I'm gonna get, I'm gonna go and I'm gonna get what I paid for. Yeah. I paid for an unadulterated unb blistered un tarnished un tarnished. Album Unclamped, and by God I'm getting it.

So I sent back a thing, I was like, how does this work? You give, you, send me a thing. They sent back a very nice email that said, we will send you out a replacement immediately. Mm-hmm. And then once you receive it, place your bad one in the box, put the new label on it and goes right back to us. No charge and cool.

Everything's wonderful and customer service is awesome. Yeah. The question is, what if one of those discs is blistered? Then we've got. Do I, I reserve the right to take to transition disks in between and out, and then they get back. Mm-hmm. 

As long as they're all the same, as long as they're the same color.

Yeah. Exactly. Yeah. Oh yeah. 

Yeah. We don't have enough money to go through the freaking Crayola rainbow of albums. Now it's time for Dave's Comedy Corner. I played so much Mrs. Pacman when I was a kid. I actually thought the pretzel 

was a fruit. Ah, Waco. Waco Waka. 

This has been Dave's Comedy Corner brought to you this week by Zipper Lu.

Let Zipper Lube create a life of smooth and easy zipping and unzipping. Now, back to the show 

you mentioned. I will cut you. Okay. 

Yes. We haven't even actually began the episode yet. 

Sure. We have. Have we? Okay. Yeah. You introduced yourself and I said hi and Yeah, yeah, yeah. Um, I got restricted. What? On Facebook?

What? I got restricted on Facebook. I got put in, uh, quote, Facebook jail. Did you put a picture of your No. No, Mike. Sorry. 

God, you know, I Please edit that out. See, you got restricted. You got Facebook 

jail? I got restricted. Yeah. Yeah. You put a bunch of 

Trump memes up, didn't you? 

No. You did. No, I did not.


me. This is true. Only I can get the ambulance. Only I could get the Alet and that wizard is, we're gonna make that wizard's head spent 

on St. Patrick's Day. Oh, I was looking at Letterman's, the the AFL fan page that I'm on. Okay. Okay. And someone had posted an old top 10 list. Okay. Top 10 things overheard on St.

Patrick's Day at the parade or something. And one of 'em was, he's not wearing green. Kill him. Right. And so where I put, he's not wearing green Kill him, sent, got flagged, and I thought, mm-hmm. 

Oh yeah, A little red dot appeared on your chest. Yes. You're, yeah. So I shouldn't even have you in this household 

right now.

So that just they, they said, that doesn't meet our, our standards. Mm-hmm. Okay. Mm-hmm. Then when I was talking about Third Eye blind Yeah. And you started. Pissing over a, a band that I really like. Yeah. I wrote, bitch, I will cut you. That added to I'm threatening to kill people and cut you. And I called you a bitch.

I got restricted on Facebook, Darren, and I thought I, I was, I was, um, yeah, I understand that. And to, to all the, to the Facebook. Uh, I apologize. I'm sorry. I didn't mean it. I'm not really gonna cut anybody and I'm not going to kill anybody. And I, from the bottom of my heart, I apologize. Please lift the restriction so that I can Facebook to my 

heart's content.

Thank you. Facebook. We, we are media personalities at this at this point. Yes. We're a we're a big deal. Facebook shut. Shut your mouth. We're at Facebook. Shut it. We interviewed Haywood Banks. Shut it. Facebook and Megan Mitchell. Facebook is where, for some reason, that's the only place our fans seem to go to talk about anything.

I've done the Twitter, I've done the Instagram. Nobody gives a hoot. Mm-hmm. I still put things up there. Seems like everybody in this crew hangs out on the Facebook. Yes. We can't afford to lose. No, we cannot. Darren, because of his idiocy. I am sorry. Yeah. I'm very sorry. He is an idiot. Look at him. But I am too.

Yeah. That's why we're, we're here. Wait. That's coming from you. That's why we're doing this. What happened? Hey. Hey. What? 

Hey, what happened? 

It's time now for the Kroger's 

story of the week. For the first time ever, you know, uh, there's a grocery store called Kroger. You and i s shop there and we frequently do what's called the Kroger's story of the week.

Yeah. This week for the first time ever. Okay. A listener. Has given us our Kroger story of the week. Oh really? And this is a good one. Okay. This is one of those, oh God, I wish this had happened to me. Yeah. So I'm on the phone with Steve Ferrell Uhhuh. Okay. Steve Ferrell, I've known from college. Okay. He's a great friend of mine.

He has listened to us since episode one. Mm-hmm. I'm talking to him on the phone and he says, Hey, do you have a story of the week for Kroger for this week? And I said, no. He goes, well, you do now. And, and with permission. He was at 

Kroger's. Do you have his 

permission to I do. I do have his permission to tell this story.

Okay. So he's at Kroger and he's going up to the line and he puts two packs of hotdog on the conveyor belt with a, a handful of other things. Okay. Two, two packs of hot dogs. I asked, were they womps? He says, so, yes, of course they were womps, yeah. Two packs. Okay. Okay. The cashier is ringing up. Somebody and, and then like, Hey, did you find everything, whatever.

Mm-hmm. There's a man and a woman standing behind Steve. Okay. And they start eyeballing the stuff that he has on the belt, checking out his wieners. They 


Yes. Effectively. Yeah. The husband looks at the conveyor belt and he says to his wife, it looks like someone's having a hot dog party. Oh no. To which the wife said a big old hotdog party.


wow. Wow. And Steve, I would call home Homeland Security immediately. He just 

wanted to look at them and say, really? Two packs of hotdogs. Yeah. If I was having a hotdog party, do you really think I would bring two packs? Invite all your friends. Yeah. It's like, how many hotdogs can we have? Half of one each?

Yeah. Yeah. A big old hotdog party. They were impressed. Yeah. With two packs of hotdogs. Yeah. 

So, so you know, it doesn't take much. For some people, this has been the Kroger story of the week. This portion of our show is brought to you by Whomper's All Beef Footlong Hotdogs. Hi, I'm Dave Le having a party.

Well nothing livens up a get together like some ice cold beer bunky tunes, and a couple of packs of WOS all beef footlong hotdog. Swampers are packed full of flavor and have no fillers or preservatives. There's no doubt about it. Swampers will turn your hotdog party into a big old hotdog party and remember, get a ruler and measure it yourself.

If your hotdog isn't a foot long, you'll get your money back guaranteed. That's right back to you fellas in the studio.

You have been watching all of Yellowstone except for Yellowstone. I think you just started watching Yellowstone 

itself. I, we finished season one of Yellowstone. Okay. We just started season two of Yellowstone. Okay. So it's only 10 episodes of season, so you can burn through it pretty quick. Okay. So I was looking 


It's worth watching. I was looking, I was taking a real, I was taking inventory of what? Streaming services we have Uhhuh, because I don't even know at this point. Do you have, apparently, apparently we have, I've told you for years we don't have Hulu. Mm-hmm. We, we've had it. Yeah. We we've had it forever. Yeah.

I've just never signed on. I, I didn't know how. And I realized that I'm the tech guy of this whole damn podcast. Uhhuh. I realized that you're the tech guy in this house stuff. Yeah, I get that Uhhuh somehow. I've had a subscription to them. It was bundled up with Disney. Same thing with espn. Yeah, because I got pissed off.

Yeah. I wanted to watch Vikings. And it's on Hulu. Yeah. And then I looked at my bill from Disney and it said Hulu's in there. Well, you have to go to the Disney app. Mm-hmm. And from the Disney app, say activate Hulu and then you can't go to Hulu. So I figured that out yesterday. Yeah. Uh, but then I started taking inventory of all of our streaming services and I was like, do I really need Paramount plus?

I wasn't impressed. I don't wanna start a fight. Right. But I wasn't impressed with the first half of the first episode of Yellowstone, so I'm like, I don't know. That's on Peacock. I know. Okay. Okay. I got peacock. Okay. For the, for Yellowstone? Yeah. So we still have, um, a few weeks left and I, who's kidding?

Who? I'll keep it for years cause I'll forget about it. Yeah. The point is, The 1883 and 1923. Mm-hmm. Are both on Paramount Plus. Yes. Also on Paramount Plus, and the reason I got Paramount Plus is Halo. The Halo series is pretty damn good. That's what I've heard. It's pretty good. Yeah. We watched two episodes of it.

And then I started watching the office and Breaking bad again, because that's what I do. Yeah. Anyway, I'm sitting down here and I'm like, I'm, I don't think I'm ever gonna go back and watch the rest of Halo because when I start watching it, I just want to play the game and I just don't go back to it. So I'm like, what is, what is that?

Is that the survivor? I was like, like the survivor. I'm like, how? How far back does it go? It all from the beginning. Yeah. So I started watching season one. Of Survivor? With Richard Hatch. With Richard Hatch. Okay. And I got through the first episode. Mm-hmm. And Charlie came down and he was like, he knew what it was.

This kid is nine years old. Yeah. He walked up to, oh, is this survivor? Is this the one where they got it through the Yeah. Yeah, and I mean, I think he thought there was a cage match at the end as opposed to voting out, but still he knew most of what was supposed to happen. Mm-hmm. Then BES got involved. Now we're all an episode, I think three or four, a survivor.

We're in. Yeah. We already know who wins. Yeah. Not only do we know who wins, we know what happens to him with his money and the fact that he went to prison and all that stuff. We get all that. Yeah. It's still, we're still enraptured 

because he didn't pay his taxes on it. He didn't pay his taxes on it. 


Yeah. But we never, because me and me and Bess were 

huge, he walked out on Letterman show naked when Anne 

Heche was the guest. Well, we were huge into Survivor from season two Ford until it became weird. Uh, yeah. There was a year where Ethan, you remember Ethan, the soccer player with the curly hair? Yes. I dressed up as him for the finale.

I he, cuz he had a beard. I made a beard. I had the curly 

hair. Yeah. He had the. The thing with, uh, what's her face? Yeah. He and one of the other survivor castmates. 

Yeah. And he actually were getting it on. He actually lost, but he showed that, I think he lost, I can't remember. He did not win. Yeah. Um, he actually ended up like getting famous from it because he was so nice.

Yeah. Yeah. Like everyone thought you had to be Richard Hatch to win that thing. 


that the year that Jerry was on there? Uh, Jerry Springer, no. 

J j e r I. Oh, she was the, oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Oh my God. I can't believe we're talking about Survivor. Those were the I know, I know. That's, that's the point.

Yeah, that's the point. Yeah. I, we got here because I was taking inventory of the fact that I'm using these, 

so I stopped watching Survivor. Yeah. Because as much as I love the host Uhhuh, uh, Jeff Propst. Yeah. I love Jeff. Props. He's a great guy. Yeah. Every single week, you guys wanna know what you're playing for.

Yeah. It's like, think of a different way to ask that. Yeah. And then once the decision is made, yeah. The, the votes are final. And you'll be asked to leave the tribal council area immediately. Yeah, same thing. Yeah. Every single, 

oh, the first season, everything. He does that. No, no. It's, it's 

every season. No, but I mean not, not season one.

It's all 45. It's 45 seasons of Survivor now. And so I stopped around 27. Because you got sick of him doing that. I, I 

did. I really, really did. And I want his job. I wish I, I, I actually got a little depressed because as we're watching it mm-hmm. I am now I think twice the age that Jeff Propst was when that show started.

Oh yeah. And I'm like, man, Uhhuh, I was such a loser. I was thinking someday I could grow up and be that if I was gonna be that mm-hmm. I would be that at that point, I remember they 

did like the, the final episode Yeah. In Letterman's theater and Rosie O'Donnell hosted it. Yeah. I'm like, Why aren't you getting Jeff props?

It's his show. Yeah. Yeah. Finally on the third season after Outback was so freaking popular. Yeah. Survivor Outback, I still think was the best season. Okay. Well, you know, I met Kentucky Joe one time. Roger Bingham. Okay. Yeah, 

he, yeah, I know. I saw that, but I 

can't remember. Yeah. I mean, I, I was a fan, but then I was like, come on, I'll tell you the show.

That's really, really, really good. That's on Paramount. Every single episode is, uh, a card. No, no, but I've heard that, that was really good. I've heard it's good. The, uh, the Amazing race. I never 

watched the amazing, amazing, holy cow. Hang on to your, that's, that's basically Cannonball run the show, right? Pr Pretty much, yeah.

Yeah. Okay. That 

takes skill, takes talent. Yeah. It's not a, just a bunch of whining and backstabbing. These are, I mean, the amazing race and you can watch it with the whole family. And Phil is, yeah. As much as, again, I like Jeff Props. Phil is like three times 

as good a host. These are the glory days of reality tv.

Yeah. You had the beginning of reality tv, which in my opinion was, um, the real world on M T V. Yeah. Where they were just like, yeah, I'm tired of you leaving the eggs out. Well, you, you leave the peanut butter out. Survivor came along and it was like, Hey, one of y'all could die here. Yeah, you probably will.

One of you probably will die here. Yeah. They almost died in Africa. Yeah. Yeah. Um hmm. And then fear factor was coming around at the same time. 24 was on, man, these 

are the glory days. Yeah. 24 now. You know, 24 was not reality television. Oh. I know I, but 24 was the first TV show that I ever binge watched.

Okay. All dude. Yeah. We uh, uh, we didn't watch season one. We missed it. No, people just would not shut up. About 24. 24. Okay. So we rented the DVDs at Blockbuster. Yeah. And start the next one. 

Start it. So, So Ching ching. So ching ching. So ching ching. So my friend, my friend Kevin, my friend Kevin, who you've met, who got us the tickets, the Metallica, the whole thing.

Yeah. Him and his wife. Lived in Philadelphia for a bit while he was going to school. Mm-hmm. Um, I can't believe we're gonna come back to u2. We went to see U2 with them in Philadelphia, but while we were there, you know, we were talking to 'em and they said, have you seen 24? 24 Had just started the first season.

Yeah. Had just started. And we're like, no, we haven't, we haven't seen it. And they're like, Kevin was like, I thought he was gonna, he was like, locked eyes with me and so does his wife's like, you need to watch 24. Yeah. And I mean to the point where I was like, do I need to go home right now and watch 24? Yes.

Are we gonna skip the show? Yes. And so me and Bess, like when we got home, it was like, we absolutely have to watch 24. So we started, I was so pre, we rarely start shows when you're supposed to start them. Yeah. Same with me And, and case in point, we're watching Survivor season one now. Now we actually did 24.

For the first, I mean seven, I'm gonna say seven seasons cuz the only one we, or I'm sorry, six. The first season we had and didn't watch was seven and then eight I think was the final season. Something like that. But for those first, those first few, I was so disappointed with the final, 


disappointed with how 24 ended and ah, I don't, I don't, don't spoil it for me cuz I don't know how it ended it.

Did you watch 

the reboot? No, they rebooted it with, uh, with somebody else, some other guy That's 

not Jack Bower. Yeah. But he's in, um, uh, Keifer Sutherland Rabbit Hole. Rabbit Hole. Oh. Paramount. And he walks into like a thing and says There's a bomb. And they're like, no, it's not. Yeah. It's a bomb. And I'm gonna walk away and push a button or something.

Yeah. It looks a lot like 24, which is why I wanna watch Rabbit Hole. Yeah. Yeah. And, and Bes called him Jeff Bauer, and I made fun of her all night. Oh, you didn't leave 

her? No. Yeah. No. Okay. Yeah. Jeff Bauer. 

That's Jack power. Yeah, I wanted to be Jack Bauer so bad. Hi, I'm Dave Le, and now it's time for today's picks for the winning number challenge.

Ready? Here we go, one 12 and 305. Check your ticket and good luck. 

We got, uh, just a couple more minutes here, but I wanted to mention Jesus. Uh, I was on the Late Show, Uhhuh podcast with Mike Chisholm. Oh. Oh, okay. I was showing all my memorabilia. Okay. And I was going through all the stuff that I had. And one of the things in my collection of Letterman, uh, collectibles is I still have the envelope where they, I sent a tape off to, uh, audition.

It was my, uh, I wanted to be on stupid. Human tricks. Okay. They rejected it. Yeah. They sent me back the tape, uh, in an envelope with the, Hey, thanks for, you know, your interest. Unfortunately, yeah, this doesn't meet our right now, whatever. Mm-hmm. I didn't even realize it's at the time. I'm looking at it now.

It was addressed at Darwin Cox.


Darwin, I didn't, how did I not notice it then? And if I noticed it, then I forgot. But here I was just bitching about Chick-Fil-A like three weeks ago calling me Darwin and the Late Show Beat me to it 

30 years ago. So, well, one more thing I was gonna add on the Survivor, Ben, okay? Is that I actually was, uh, applying to be on Survivor.

Oh, back in the 

day, you're like, wait, hold on. I can't eat that because I don't like food 

touching my mouth. Well, what, what stopped me was, because I actually downloaded the form Uhhuh and it was like a 20 page document and to fill all this stuff, but you had to sign something saying that you would be able to leave your, um, where you are.

Mm-hmm. Your job, all this stuff for eight to 12 weeks or something like that. Yeah. And I was like, I was, I was like, uh, that seems like a lot of paperwork. Well, The paperwork. 


Was the problem. Not the eight to 12 weeks. I don't know that I could leave for eight to 12 weeks and I'm gonna have to eat a bug.

Yeah. Eh, yeah. I'm, they'll lose a little bit more weight and I'll try again. Say, and I was in decent shape then I was in, I was in Survivor, not survivors shape, but I was in, as close as I'll ever get to survivor's shape. Yeah. I probably could have done it. I never did. 

It's, and see, I don't think I would've won any of the physical challenges.

Mm-hmm. But I think I could have. Flown Orli under 

the radar. I don't think you could. I think I could. Yeah. I think you would've pissed somebody off. I, 

I see you underestimate my 

ability to, uh, you would've kept people laughing. Is that what you Oh, yeah. 

They would've loved me. Yeah. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. I, I see.

I don't piss people off. Yeah. People love me. Yeah. They think I'm funny. They think I'm charming. Okay. I'm witty. Yeah. Yeah. Can you have, I've got a great personality. 

Can you tell some of those people to listen to the show? I'm gonna tell everybody Yeah. Because the people that listen to this show do not think we're funny.


do not. No, they don't. Maybe they'll listen to us now that we had Haywood Banks on the show. They may. They may. They might. They 

may. They might. If, if this is your first time listening to Erol dad syndrome, we're sorry. Um. Generally. Mm-hmm. We are very well organized. Mm-hmm. We know what the hell we're gonna be talking about.

Yeah. Um, this one's just kind of like, fly by this gotta run down, you gotta run down. Yeah. That I haven't looked at at all. You never look at the rundowns. 

I mean, I don't know why I look it, I don't know. Why do I do the, 

if you didn't, if you didn't, then I would, it would crash and burn cuz I would get nervous.

Cuz then I would think you don't have anything to go off of. Yeah. I mean, we're screwed. 

Listen guys, we're gonna wrap this up. We thank you so much for listening, and we hope you go to irritable dad syndrome.com and listen to previous episodes. Definitely go and listen to the episode with Haywood Banks if you're new.

If you are new, go to episode 52, which is the best of year one, and then go to 1 0 4, which is the best of year two. 

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And you know what? We just, we'd love to talk. We just wonder if we're doing things that you like. So any feedback would be fantastic. So listen, all right, take care. And we hope to see you next week on Irritable Dad Syndrome. 

Now, that was a podcast. See you guys on the flip side, Dave layout. So Chch, so ching, so ching ching, so ching ching.

So my friend.