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April 27, 2023

IDS #143 - Gene Hackman vs. Dabney Coleman

IDS #143 - Gene Hackman vs. Dabney Coleman
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On this week's show the boys talk about a lady who wanted Darin's Wompers T-Shirt. If Gene Hackman and Dabney Coleman got in a fight, who would win? And Mike gives a review of Rabbit Hole that you'll be talking about for years. Being totally honest... this isn't our best episode but you definitely wanna fast forward to around 18:17 and listen there. 

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Darin: [00:00:00] Yeah, it's awesome that you said all that funny stuff before you

Mike: hit record. It's on the stream, br. Okay, I'll Alright, I'll send you the audio. Oh, okay. Al, are you gonna

Darin: mispronounce every word tonight?

Mike: What is wrong with you? I'm on jack up on Matthew. I love that. Welcome to Irritable dad syndrome. We don't know what we're doing, but we do it anyway. Give it up for your hosts, Mike and Darren. Hey, I'm Mike. I'm Darren. You're listening to Irritable Dad Syndrome. This is episode 1 43. We're glad you're here.

Yeah. Welcome to the show. If you like what we do. Mm-hmm. Come to our website, www dot irritable wait for the boomers http backslash, www period dot irritable dad syndrome. No spaces in any of that. Dot com now does, is it all caps, uh, or upper, lower. Uh, [00:01:00] lowercase. Okay. All lowercase. All lowercase. But if it's caps, it's fine.

It just, it means we can hear you better when you type it. Go there and when you go there, there's links to follow us on Facebook. Follow us on the tweeter. Yeah. Follow us on Instagram. Every episode we've ever done, all of those things that you, all of it. We tape this live. Mm-hmm. We record this live. I'm sorry.

It goes, we switch back and millennial tape side goes on. Yeah. And you can be a part of that. You can follow our Twitch channel. Um, if you follow our Facebook tweeter, any of those things, you get the live announcements. So when we go live, you'll get a link, boop, right there on your phone, ba boom, put a, put a sound in there, Uhhuh, and you click it and here you are.

Yeah. You can type things. It shows up on the screen. Yeah. It causes consternation cuz it's like, ah, should we leave that in? The video causes what? Consternation. Okay. That's, um, uh, it's like a constellation, but there's more arguing involved. How you doing? I'm great. That's awesome. Yeah. Uh, long time.

Listeners should know. The past month I gave up Monster Energy drinks. Uhhuh take take till tonight. Tonight am Good Lord. Knee deepen. One Uhhuh. [00:02:00] Ooh. Yeah. Ultra peachy king. Mm-hmm. God bless America. Yeah. And I, part of the reason I did that Uhhuh is because I've had, uh, one hell of a day. Yeah. And I didn't eat lunch Oh.

Until maybe an hour before you came in. Just, yeah. That screws me up. Messes me all up. So I thought, what better way to enter into this podcast than with super high blood sugar? Cuz I also got one of them Long John Donuts. Ooh. Snf that down. Snf, you know, the udf. Uh, yeah, I got it there. Okay. I had it eaten before I got to the red light.

I, I

Darin: did. You couldn't. That's like 10 feet away. Yeah.

Mike: Turn out of it. Oh. Because, because one of the things that makes a donut last longer uhhuh, and you enjoy it longer, is you, you take a bite and you take a drink of something. You take a bite. Yeah. I literally, just as soon as the first bite was mashed up enough to go to the.

Back of my mouth, not swallowed to the back. Yeah. I'm eating the next bite and it was literally all

Darin: gone. So you're chewing in the front while you're swallowing in the back. That's what she said.

Mike: Welcome to the show.

Darin: Yeah. [00:03:00] Tonight I have a couple of corrections to make for an episode we did a couple of weeks ago.

I'm gonna get into that and my family and I watched at old school Keanu Reeves movie that we're gonna review.

Mike: I'm gonna love this. Good times, good times. Our art department is gnashing at the bit to be able to put together the art for this episode. My

Darin: oldest son went to the prop. Okay. That's awesome.

Yeah, he looked kick ass in his tuxedo. Uh, it was just really, really cool. He went to the prom, had a great time, and was telling us all about it, and the next day I went to return his tuxedo. Okay. Now, something that I've mentioned a couple weeks ago is he broke his wrist. Yeah. So we go to pick up the tuxedo, right?

Mm-hmm. And he can't get his. Uh, arm into the sleeve of the tuxedo because of the cast. Oh, okay. So we're like, what are we gonna do? Yeah. And Rachel, the lady who works there was just fantastic. He goes, okay, let's see what we can find. And so she gets a, a bigger jacket. That's not huge. It's not like he looks like, uh, David Burns from the Talking Heads.

David Burns. [00:04:00] David Burn.

Mike: David Burn. Did he ask, did he start asking, where is his beautiful, same as it ever was. Beautiful.

Darin: Same as it ever was. Yeah. So she, this is not

Mike: my tuxedo top. This is not my prom.

Darin: So she finds him aux, uh, jacket that fits the shirt and all that stuff because we got the obstacle of the broken wrist.

Yeah. We go to pick it up and the jacket, we cannot get the arm in through the sleeve of the jacket. Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm. And another guy is there, so he's working with us and he said, um, he says, well, you know, I mean, What you can do is, uh, you know, you could just like wear the jacket or just kind of carry it over your arm cuz he's gonna be at the problem.

He's not wearing the jacket anyway. Yeah, yeah. And I said, we're paying $250 for this tuxedo. Yes. He's gonna wear the jacket all night. He's gonna sleep in it and he's gonna wear it. And when we drive it back can be like a, like Sunday like

Mike: a thing to drop it off. Yeah. Like a phantom of the opera. Like make it like a cape thing.

Yeah. You know what I mean? But I'm like, he is

Darin: wearing the jacket. Yeah. Yeah. So, and the guy's like, I, you know, there's not really a whole lot we can do. And I was like, yeah, there is. There Ishmm. So I said cuz [00:05:00] when we were here to try it on and get measured. The jacket fit. Yeah. It went over the sleeve. Yeah.

So he goes in the back and he finds the jacket that the people use to try on and we put that on. He goes, tell you what? I'll just, can I let you use this jacket? Absolutely. Mm-hmm. So we use that jacket and he did give us a different shirt because the color on the shirt that he was wearing was just huge.

Mm-hmm. And uh, he found this one with a better color that fit. They, they worked with us. Mm-hmm. Really cool tuxedo. Mm-hmm. So I go and I bring it back on Sunday and I walk in. Mm-hmm. And I handed in and I, and they said, how did everything go? And I was mentioning to the ladies that worked there, the, you know, we had a little bit of difficulty getting the arm through the, uh, jacket.

Mm-hmm. And there was some cross looks like, oh, they should have, they, who, who did, who measured you? And something, the lady who's got somebody. Fire, didn't you? Yeah. Well, the la no, I mean, I didn't, I wasn't dissatisfied at all. Mm-hmm. The lady who worked there, who measured Jacob was there that day. Mm-hmm.

And she was there when I returned it, and she comes over and I'm like, [00:06:00] I, I'm not dissatisfied at all. The other guy. Took care of us. Okay. We got a jacket that fit, we got a shirt that fit. Yeah. I'm not upset, I don't know why you're looking at her like you're upset, but I'm not, I'm

Mike: not upset at all. If I may, if this had, if this took place in Russia Yeah.

This would be around the time that the guy comes into the room Exactly. With the leather jacket and you hear. Yep.

Darin: Exactly. Yeah. Yeah. So I, I'm, I'm not upset. Mm-hmm. I said we were taken care of. We got the tuxedo and we're bringing it back. And this is the Tryon jacket. And this is the other jacket. Yeah. So everything was fine.

Well the lady Rachel, she looks at my T-shirt. I'm wearing a Whoppers, albe foot long hot dog T-shirt. Mm-hmm. And she, not only does she say, I like that shirt, she says, I want that shirt. I want that shirt. I said, well, you can get one. Yeah. At irritable dad syndrome.com, unlike you who go, Hey, it's just a shirt that I said, yeah, you can get one.

And she goes, what is it? And I told her all about the podcast, and it's the main sponsor for our show. Yeah. And you know, you can get all the merch and everything. And she says, I'm buying one. I said, [00:07:00] I, I really don't think you are. She goes, no, no, I will. I said,

Mike: prove me wrong. Our market research shows. Yeah.

Yeah. And I have the numbers to prove it. We had 980 something people commented, excited, I love this shirt. Mm-hmm. Calling their friends over, look at this shirt. This is amazing shirt. Yeah. And I was watching the numbers of people. Yeah. They would go view the shirt. Yeah. No one ever bought the shirt. And then I got excited.

I got excited because we got a sale. Right, and I called you Darren. Somebody just bought the shirt and you're like, I totally just bought the,

Darin: it was me, the shirt. Yeah, it was me. I bought one. Yeah. So on Wednesday? Yeah. She told me I on Wednesday, that's my day off. Mm-hmm. I don't know why she has to wait for her day off buying a shirt to, to buy something on the internet.

It's, um, but so Wednesday Uhhuh, Mike, I want you to look and tomorrow and let Yeah. And let me know. Yeah. If she in fact bought one. Okay. So a whoppers t-shirt. Okay. Should be, uh, sold on Wednesday. Okay. Yeah. I'm so sorry. [00:08:00] And by the way, if, if you would like a Whoppers, albe long hotdog T-shirt, you can get1@irritabledadsyndrome.com.

Just go to where it says shop. Yeah. And they have 'em in all different sizes and all different colors. Yeah. And it's a good thing.

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Dabney Coleman should have had a band. Is he

Darin: still alive? Is he still with us? I think so, yeah. I think Dabney

Mike: Coleman is still, I love Dabney Coleman [00:09:00] so much. Yeah. One of the reasons that I want this to take off and for us to get famous, so Dabney Coleman will be on the show. Yeah. I wanna have, I wanna have Dabney Coleman.

We want to get

Darin: Dabney Coleman's attention. Dude,

Mike: it doesn't get much better than the days when he was in um, nine to five. Nine to five, and then also Cloak and Dagger. You remember Cloak and Dagger? He was Jack Flack. I don't.

Darin: But I do remember that night it was, uh, on Jeopardy. Mm-hmm. Uh, celebrities named Dabney.

Yeah. And I swept that category. Ah,

Mike: Waka. Waka. Waka. That's back when men were men. Oh yeah. Dabney. Dabney.

Darin: And there were men named Dabney Walking. Yeah. Can you, his dammit. Dabney, get in this house.

Mike: But that's the thing, like, uh, so I grew up in a super redneck, super masculine area, Uhhuh, and someone, you, you're all we're watching a new Rambo movie tonight and we're, yeah.

Was Dabney Coleman in there? No. No. Oh, that was Stallone. No, but this is the crew, Dabney Sloan. Oh, gotcha. This is, that's the type of crew. And then a Dabney Coleman movie would come on, and those guys would say, there's Dabney

Darin: Coleman.

Mike: Here's a real [00:10:00] man. Like Dabney. No, they wouldn't. They wouldn't. Nobody.

That's because a Dabney Coleman movie never came on this, I

Darin: mean channels. I mean, no. Nobody ever thought like, what that sissy, but nobody ever, it's like Dabney Coleman was never in contention for. You know, they didn't like Who's gonna be a star and die hard? Let me ask you

Mike: this. What about Dabney Coleman?

Let me ask you this, okay? Fight Dabney Coleman versus Gene Hackman. Who wins? Oh, gene Hackman beat the fuck Dabney. Coleman Dabney would

Darin: fight dirty. Yeah, yeah. Gene Hackman would sweep the floor

Mike: with him. He would snarl, he'd give that snarl like the one in Hoosiers, like right when he is about to go off on the, the alcohol.

Uh, da, uh uh, Dennis Hopper,

Darin: couple weeks ago, Uhhuh, we had Haywood Banks on the show. We did Haywood Banks. Legendary comedian. Mm-hmm. Singer. Mm-hmm. Songwriter. Mm-hmm. Extraordinaire. He was a fantastic guest. He was, yeah. And I wanted to mention something, and this is how cool the guy was. He recorded an original song for us.

He played it, uh, he was for the interview. He was on his phone. Yeah. [00:11:00] So it's not like he had a, a great setup with the microphone and everything. He was recording on his phone now when he started singing this song. Never pick up a person by the head. And over

Mike: time you're bound to find your friends who wanna hang around as best do just what your mother said.

Never pick up a person by the head. Hysterical. Which

Darin: by the way, I. Still got that song stuck in my head, Uhhuh. He recorded it and the guitar kept dropping out and I told him, mm-hmm. I said, you know, your audio kept cutting in and out. Is there any way we can get a clean recording of the song and we can put it into the show?

Yeah. And he says, I, I will get you something. Okay. So I was looking around. Just in case he wasn't able to. Mm-hmm. And I found a recording of him doing it on the Bob and Tom Show. He was in Cincinnati on opening day. Okay. I reached out to him and I said, listen, I found the version of you singing this on the Bob and Tom show.

Is it okay with you? Do I have permission to use this? Yeah. On our show. Okay. [00:12:00] Because all the other clips that he gave us permission to use Uhhuh were standup routines that he did in clubs. Uh, and something else I didn't use, I wasn't gonna use any Bob and Tom stuff. Yeah. Because I didn't want to infringe on the Bob and Tom show.

Yeah. He says, I will record you a, a clean version. Mm-hmm. And I'll get it to you by this time. Okay. Well, he wasn't able to. All right. And he says, I'm sorry I couldn't do it, but go ahead and use that clip that you found. Okay. So that was very cool. Yeah. For him to do that.

Mike: Bess and I started a new show. It is Rabbit Hole. Oh. With uh, key for Sutherland. Yeah. Yeah. And a couple things I want to, I can't, I don't wanna spoil anything and I can't cuz we've only watched one episode. If anything, all y'all can spoil it for me because there's multiple episodes out. They're only on

Darin: like SU or episode four.

Right. Something like that.

Mike: I don't know. Yeah. But it's on again, we were like, why do we have Paramount Plus? Mm-hmm. So, you know, we talked a couple weeks ago, we've been watching Survivor, the Epi the first season. Mm-hmm. Stop your judgment, Richard Hatch. We [00:13:00] know he wins. We know he goes to prison, but still it's a good show.

Yeah. And we're looking around. He was a good show. Okay. And. We see an ad for Rabbit Hole. Mm-hmm. And I swear, I thought it was 24. Like they're bringing 24 back. Yeah. And, and then it said Rabbit Hole. And me and Bess looked at each other and I'm like, you wanna watch Rabbit Hole? We need to watch Rabbit Hole.

Cause we used to, we, we watched 24 like psychopaths. Yeah. We were Me too. Boot Boot, boot boot. Tony Almas run through the thing. Mm-hmm. Yeah. Mm-hmm. We're all over it. Chloe. Yeah. So a couple of thoughts that ran through my head while watching this show, and this happens. This, the first bit happens every time we watch the first episode of any show is an inordinate amount of time is spent as the episode's going, Hey, isn't that the guy?

That's the guy? No, that guy. Right. And he's talking, he's saying things that are important for the plot, but we don't hear it because you're, that's the guy from Ozark? From Ozark? Yeah. The guy from Ozark. The. The FBI guy? Yeah. Well I don't know cuz that guy had black hair and this guy is [00:14:00] brown. Well they could be dye his hair don't, his facial features are the same.

His eyes, cuz I remember his eyes were like a certain distance apart. Do you remember his eyes? It looked weird cuz he could look around to think, oh yeah, I remember that. And his, and you would like see his ear. And that one scene, his ear was sticking out Uhhuh. And then that's when Marty, Marty was complaining.

The FBI's gonna take him down. It's like, yeah, there's the FBI guy. And then he had that affair with the other guy. Right. And you didn't even know that they went that way. But they did. But they did. And then Ozark went crazy. Yeah. And then somebody shot somebody. You're You're like that guy, is that him?

Yeah. And then she's like, I don't think, no. Yeah, because he, well he, he doesn't look like him because he was tall. Now this guy's sitting behind his desk and then he stands up. It show's half over. He shows half over. Yeah. He stands up like see that's, he's the tall guy. He's the tall, his eyes hits everything.

He's a little less hair. Cuz that was Ozark was a while ago. A long time ago. Yeah. This was a new sh. Show. Yeah. I think that's him. Yeah. And then the next time he shows up, I'm like, I, I don't know if that's him. I don't know if that's that guy. Do you not

Darin: keep I mdb on your phone? I, you know, I, because I've

Mike: started doing that, I've stopped doing that.

Yeah. And I'll tell you why. Okay. Because I would, instead of [00:15:00] interrupting the show for myself mm-hmm. And looking at I mdb and getting lost, I wanna get everybody in the room lost with me. And I, I think it's better for family conversation, right. If you have those conversations. So that's one thing that happened.

Okay. The other thing that happened is I remember thinking, man, Donald Sutherland must be very proud of Keifer. I would think so. He'd be so proud of it. Yeah, because Donald Sutherland, I don't know if you know this. Yeah. He's an actor. Yes, he is. He's in such things as the Hunger Games. He was in mash, uh, was he in Mash?

He was in the movie Mash. Yeah. Uh, he was in, um, The Hunger Games. Hunger Games. Mm-hmm. And Mash. Yeah. And then that other movie where he kind of whispers while he talks, he was in back draft. Okay.

Darin: Where he did the, he, he was the guy who burned things, right? Mm-hmm. He was the power maniac. Yeah. And he was up for roll.

Yeah. And so they're talking to 'em like, have you rehabilitated yourself? Yes, I have. I totally, yeah. And I feel like I'm not gonna commit any of those crimes anymore. Yeah. And, uh, and I'm a much better person now. Okay. And then Robert De Niro says, [00:16:00] um, What do you wanna do with the world? And sibling says,

Mike: I wanna watch it burn.

Darin: What? Okay. So enough questions. Yeah. And he's like, damnit. Yeah. Which, you know, it was cool. Yeah. But I'm like, it is. Okay. Yeah. Little,

Mike: so little forced on the script. Yeah. Yeah. Donald Sutherland has that look about him. Kind of like Christopher Walken, like the character when they come on the screen, you're thinking.

That guy's seen some Uhhuh. That guy's been through some stuff. I think he must be proud of Keifer cuz Keifer now looks like Donald Sutherland did back in the day. Yes. And it's like, I wonder if they sit around and they compare movies if he's like, Hey dad. I was in 24 and it was like super popular. Now I'm in Rabbit hole.

I was a young gun. I was in Flatliners. Mm-hmm. Uh, and you were the guy in Hunger Games. Yeah. With the hair. And all you had to do is look mad at the camera every once in a while. Yeah. And he is like, oh, I was in Mash. And then Keifer's, like, nobody watched Mash.

Darin: I, I doubt [00:17:00] seriously that they're in competition with each other.

Probably not Keer. I, I would imagine. And Keefer Sutherland, if you ever want to be a guest on this show, feel free to, we would love to talk to you about this.

Mike: You could tell how wonderful it would be be to, but I imagine

Darin: that he's like, hell, I'm never gonna do anything half as good as what my father did.


Mike: I don't know. That's, that's what I'm, I dunno about that. I would say season three of 24 was, Deep close Uhhuh. Anyway, I thought that, yeah. Uh, the, the, I'm sorry. The show itself, rabbit Hole mm-hmm. Is good. Mm-hmm. Yeah. It's, uh, and Bess and I at the same moment mm-hmm. About two minutes before the episode ends both said, in, in her defense, she said, what the butt?

And I said, what the fuck? At the same time in unison. Okay. And we looked at each other and Do you wanna watch the next episodes? Like

Darin: we've been doing that with Yellowstone. Okay, we are at almost at the end of season two of Yellowstone Uhhuh. And it has got to the point where like, oh my God. Start the next episode.

Start it, start it now.

Mike: It Hmm. What's a whole before, before you go to Yellowstone? Cause I didn't wanna talk about [00:18:00] Yellowstone. Well, that's all I wanted to say.

Darin: It's okay.

Mike: Ridiculously. Intense. So this one we haven't, like, normally what I do, when I get excited for something, I spoil the shit out of it for myself.

Right? Like, I'm the guy that when the show starts, oh yeah, this is the one about the guy that does the thing and the stuff, and I, and here's what he's gonna, oh man, that guy, he's great. Yeah. This one we, we have no idea. When we started, we had no idea what the show's about. Nothing. Mm-hmm. And it starts out with, like this, they're doing a thing, like a heist thing.

They're. I'm renowned for my descriptive abilities. Jesus,

Darin: he's doing a thing they're doing and there's like other people, there's, and they're also doing, uh, things. It's, it's

Mike: a, it's a, wow. It's, they're trying to get something like he's with a group of people, you know? We're like, they're, they're all like looking at each other.

You remember the first mission? Impossible. When a board me to tears when, uh, uh, Tom Cruise is walking around and Amelia is up on the elevator and everybody else is in that dinner party and they're all looking at each other, and you can tell they're on the same team and they're scheming, but you don't know exactly what they're doing.

Yeah. That's how this is. [00:19:00] They're doing a thing. Okay. They're doing a scheme and he gets out of the scheme, a scheme, a scheme. And they go back to the headquarters and all these people that were in that place. Now you see them in that headquarters in his office and you're like, ah, they're a group that does things.

They're, they're a group that does schemes.

Darin: That's

Mike: what this show is. He does think it's like, so I'm thinking now I know what the show, this is kinda like an Ocean's 11 thing and he's the Ocean's 11 crew, Uhhuh, and then something happens and he goes to another group. He goes to another, he goes to another thing and it's like, oh, you're giving away too much.

I know I'm giving away so much, so much. He, and it's like, oh no, that's not, he's, he's a different scheme because this other thing happened with this other guy.

Darin: Right? And then he comes back.

Mike: And something happens to the guy, that's the guy that [00:20:00] we were having the debate about. Something happens to that guy.

And then, hold on. Here's the, here's where the episode ends, here's where it ends. He comes

Darin: back.

Mike: He starts going down into this other room. Oh no. And you see this other guy. No way. And that's when me and be are like, what the fuck? Uhhuh.

Darin: Hey, what happened? He was amazing.

Mike: Best hour of television I've seen since Breaking Bad Bar none. Rabbit hole. Unfair about Plus. He was so good, so good. You'll know exactly you're gonna laugh your way through the episode when you watch it, cuz you're gonna know what I'm, what I'm saying is gonna make sense.

Darin: This

Mike: portion of Irritable Dad syndrome is brought to you by Mi MA's, country Kitchen cheese titties, the crispy cheesy treats you'll crave. Hi, I'm Dave Le and I love titties, especially Mi MA's Country Kitchen Cheese titties baked with a rich, [00:21:00] sweet, and cheesy flavor. You'll taste the difference when

Darin: you bite into these

Mike: titties.

These snacks are so good. If you put one titty in your mouth, I'll guarantee you'll want more. Mi MA's,

Darin: country kitchen, cheese titties. Ask for

Mike: them by name. Now, back to you, Mike and Devin.

Darin: I mentioned this at the beginning of the show. Mm-hmm. My family and I watched a classic Keona Reeves movie. Mm. Speed.

Ah, okay. Jacob and Cameron had never seen it Uhhuh and uh, it had been probably 20. Or years or more since I

Mike: have seen it. I saw it in college.

Darin: Oh yeah. I, I saw it on my, uh, I think it was released on 94. I, I saw it on my 24th birthday. Okay. Okay. I went to the theater. Okay. So much fun. Yeah. It's it. Good movie.

Yeah. Stupid. It makes

Mike: no sense. No, no. It's just drive this bus and don't go under 55 miles an hour. Well,

Darin: now that part was like the only thing that made sense. Really.

Mike: Yeah.

Darin: But I mean, you know, there are, so, you know how I get like, okay, that is totally impossible. Yeah. Remember when Roger Moore was fighting the guy on top of the [00:22:00] airplane in the air?

Yeah. Yeah. And they're punching each other. He doesn't fall off the plane. Mm-hmm. Well, you know, so Keanu Reeves is, uh, okay. Jumping on the bus made sense. And when they got somebody off the bus that made sense. But when he was in the little cart mm-hmm. That was, that, uh, was under the button. Yeah. Under the bus.

Not, not under the butt, under the bus. And he's trying to disassemble the bomb. Oh. That.

Mike: I'm like, I'm all, I was all in. You can't fit under

Darin: there. There's Yeah. Can't, there's no, the wheels of the bus aren't high enough for you to do that. Yeah. Plus the bus is going 60 miles an hour and you're on a cart with wheels the size

Mike: of Hot Wheels cars.

I don't see a problem with that. And it

Darin: doesn't, it doesn't side to side or wiggle

Mike: or nothing. So, uh, a little known fact about the, the scene and the movie in general mm-hmm. Is that Keanu Reeves had a, uh, work permit. Yeah. He, because at the time he was under 13 and they allowed him I see. They allowed him to work Yeah.

In the movie. Yeah. It's. So we've come a long way. They used to throw, just throw kids in movies and make 'em [00:23:00] work, uh, and not pay 'em or anything. Right. So they gave him some baseball cards and a pat ahead. Good luck. Money's way.

Darin: Anyway, it's on, I think it's on the Netflix

Mike: now we have the dvd.

Darin: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

But if you, if you haven't seen speed, and this is the movie. That my mom, Uhhuh for years said it was her favorite movie and she would call me up at work and she said, honey, my favorite movie's on h b today, and I'm gonna watch it. I'm like, what's that? And she said, bus.

Mike: I'm like,

Darin: mom, it's, it's not bus. It's called

Mike: Speed Now.

I never saw the sequel cuz they switched actors. Oh, it was horrible.

Darin: Robert Patrick, I think was

Mike: really No, no, it was, it was, it was a guy that nobody, that's not around anymore. Uh,

Darin: speed Two. Cruise

Mike: Control. Cruise, geez. Electric Boogaloo.

Darin: Yeah. Jason Patrick. Jason Patrick. Not Robert Patrick. Robert Patrick played Eddie Mun.

Yeah. On the Monsters.

Mike: Really?

Darin: Yeah. I'm sure they get confused all the time. Okay. Yeah. Yeah. So, yeah. Yeah.

Mike: So not a [00:24:00] good movie that was in the boat.

Darin: Yeah, they in a, in a

Mike: cruise ship? Yeah. Oh, it was a cruise ship. It wasn't a boat cruise. Well,

Darin: a cruise ship is a boat. Okay. Yeah. Okay. Yeah.

Mike: Well, okay. I was thinking it was like a speedboat, that's all.

Darin: No, that would make too much sense. That

Mike: doesn't, that sounds like it sucks. It did. Yeah. Uh, you know, another movie that took place on a boat? It's been called Diehard on a Boat, Uhhuh Titanic. Not that one. Uhhuh. Um, the Steven Segal. Also known as Steven Siegel. Oh, oh, oh. Um, um, overboard?

Darin: No, but Dude Overboard.

Yeah. Under Sage. The original Under Siege, but the original Overboard. It's one of the classic Kurt Russell

Mike: Classic in Goldie Han. That's one of my favorite movies. Hysterical. Oh my gosh. Start to finish. Yeah. But yeah, under Siege. Um, I remember watching that. That was when, that's what, that's where his,

Darin: my favorite line of his was, I'm just a

Mike: cook.

Okay. Yeah. Whatever. My, that's when my illusion of Steven Segal Yeah. Started to shatter a little bit. Cause as a, oh, that's when, no, [00:25:00] I mean, I was a kid and I was an idiot kid. Mm-hmm. I, I went to see, well I didn't get to see above the law in theaters we have that. I still think Above the law is a really good movie.

Uhhuh, if you cut out the scenes where he's running Uhhuh, it's a great movie. Uh, hard to Kill when I was a kid. I thought that was amazing. I can't watch more than five minutes of it now without starting to giggle a little bit. Yeah. Marked for death. Same thing. Oh, they're all out for justice as the bad guy has.

William Forsyth, the movie that ruined him for me as far as ever seeing him as a serious bad guy, was raising Arizona. Um, but y'all got them cereal flakes, miss Madonna. That I can't, you never leave a bed behind. Oh, damnit girl. You know, I, yeah, yeah. That wasn't the Cookie monster. That was John Goodman.

That was John Goodman. Cool. They should remake the big or, uh, Rais in Arizona with Good. The, uh, Muppets. Anyway, the point is, the point is the speed's a pretty good movie. I remember seeing it in the theater. Uhhuh, I forgot that. Uh,

Darin: uh, what's his, Sandra J Bull? No, uh uh, Jeff Daniels. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I totally forgot Jeff Daniels

Mike: is in.

Yeah. [00:26:00] That's back in the weird part of his career where nobody knew. Is he gonna be a funny guy? Is he gonna be an action guy? Is be a drama guy. I don't think, don't, I still don't think he knows. He doesn't. Yeah. Because you'll you'll say like, oh, he's, he's in the fu. He's in Dumb and Dumber. And then all of a sudden that one scene that everybody's been passing around for the past few years, he was in some drama where he sends up and he's like, I don't care if America sucks.

This is why

Darin: America's

Mike: not the greatest country world. Yeah. This is why America's not the great country. Right? Yeah. He's like, okay, now he's that guy. And then you look at speed and he's like, what? I don't know what he's doing. He's getting shot. Clip the red wire. Yeah. Yeah. I, they need to, somebody on the Internets needs to edit in Jim Carey, a few on a few of those scenes where he is clipped the red wired.

Yeah, I mean, that would be hilarious. That would

Darin: be awesome. Oh, well listen,

Mike: the answer to the question, what happened to that show? We're is this?

Darin: Yeah, we're gonna go. Yeah. We'll be back though. Yeah, we'll be back. Yeah. For another episode of Irritable Dancing or so, uh, check us out. Take care.[00:27:00]

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Hey, I'm Mike. I'm Darren. This is episode 1 43 of Irritable Dad Syndrome's, Cincinnati's Comedy podcast. That's true. You've come to the right place for Yucks. Yeah. Yeah, and that's where they, I'll turn it off. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Hey, I'm Mike. I'm Darren, and this is Your life. Hey, I'm Mike. I'm Darren. You're listening.

Okay. Hey, I'm Mike. I'm Darren. You're listening to Irritable Dad Syndrome. This is our episode. We're God. Hey, I'm Mike. I'm Darren. You're listening to Irritable. This is Irritable Dad syndrome. I don't

Darin: know if I'm ready for this

Mike: one or not. Oh, I didn't spoil anything.

Darin: You didn't say anything either. [00:28:00] 12 minutes

Mike: of Woo. Such a, such a good show.

Darin: I don't know how to even follow that.

Uh, Hey guys. You left the music on again,

Mike: recording stopped.