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May 9, 2023

IDS #145 - The Patreon One

IDS #145 - The Patreon One
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A special episode going through some of our favorite clips from the Patreon bonus audio/video snips of the show.  There's a little bit of everything in here, including The Walking Dead, Yellowstone, Q-Tips, dudes with chains, road rage, and more!

Interested in supporting the show through Patreon?  Come visit us at www.irritabledadsyndrome.com for uncensored access to all the clips in this episode plus tons more - including streaming video of episode recording, uncensored audio, behind the scenes stuff, and more!!


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Episode 145 - Transcript

Darin: [00:00:00] Do you need to get that? 

Mike: No. Okay. No, that, that's letting me know that someone posted a TikTok video. Oh. Because I need to know that in the middle of my podcast. And now since I picked up the phone, Uhhuh, it's gonna go crazy. Okay. I'm gonna turn all little notifications off. Okay. Which is what most professional podcasters do.

Okay. Before they start recording. 

Darin: Well, do we wanna start over again? Because, no, let's roll for it, because I've already skipped over the first thing that I was gonna talk about. 

Mike: We can come back. We can come back to it. We can come back to it. 

Darin: And I was just talking about, oh, you know what? We're getting a lot better at this podcast.

Dave: Welcome to a very special episode of Irritable Dad Syndrome. It's our 2023 Patreon clip Festival. Now here are your hosts, Mike and Darren. 

Mike: Hey, I'm Mike and this is Irritable Dad syndrome. This is a special episode for a couple reasons, one of which is Darren is not in this episode with me, and the main reason for that is that I have [00:01:00] had a massive stomach flu and we've had some scheduling problems in, in getting together for this week to get the episodes recorded.

We had already planned on at some point doing a. Patreon clip show, and that's what this is. I was updating the Patreon page about a week or two ago, and I'm looking at it, and besides the fact that we have all of our episodes up there ad free, or at least a, a good portion of 'em, we've got uncut videos, full episode videos of all the recording, all the false stops and weird starts.

We have hours and hours of bonus audio. I thought it would be fun to go through and just handpick some things. Put together a little half hour clip show. I got a little carried away, and now we're sitting here with about an hour's worth of clips from Patreon. You listen to the normal show, you hear, we quack things out.

We keep things as clean as we can. Patreon. We kind of take the gloves off. So I've gone through and I've quacked some things. I've made this family friendly. But [00:02:00] it still is a little bit more raw than regular show. And like I said, we had plans for about a half hour. I got carried away. Um, so there's about an hour here and there's tons more left on the patron page.

Darren and I would not be able to do this show without the support of our patrons. They helped keep the lights on, so to speak. The software costs money, the hosting costs, money. All these things cost. And that is our main source, uh, for this show. So if you're listening to this, It is because of the support of our patrons and we truly do appreciate them all.

Patrons, past and present, we have Thomas and Courtney Jorgen, ed Jones, Rob Wetter. Eddie Pennington, Leslie and Craig Hole, Jason Durbin, Chris Michael, Chris Hughes, Lisa Ferguson, and Greg Boks. We thank you. Thank you, thank you. You all are helping keep this thing going and we do appreciate it. So for this episode, because these clips come from all throughout irritable dad syndrome, from the beginning, uh, up [00:03:00] until our most recent episodes, uh, they are clips before, during, and after the episodes that never made it to the air before this.

They are, like I said, they are all over the place. So we're using the little tape, re windy sound, this sound in between each clip so you'll know when, when clips are, are switching. And with that, we hope you enjoy. Episode 1 46, the Patreon clip show. Yeah, because other than that, we're, I mean, without that, we're just two bald weirdos.

Couple of nut jobs sitting in the basement with Star Wars guys, compassion figures, freaking Darth Vader wearing a chain like he's a fricking middle-aged. Well, look at this guy. Soccer pro. He looks like he lives in Seattle.

Darin: And I don't even know what that 

Mike: means. Yeah, yeah. You don't wear a chain, do you? I should have. We, I, no, I don't. Okay. Yeah. 

Darin: All right. Good. It would, it kept pulling all the hair outta my chest. Okay. 

Mike: Yeah. Yeah. I used can't. I can't stand. I [00:04:00] can't stand. Yeah. I wouldn't have been, we wouldn't be friends if you ever really, if I had a necklace.

I, I'm petty. I'm, I don't know if you've noticed this. I'm a petty person. You don't hang 

Darin: out with people who wear chains 

Mike: over burn their neck? No. No. Okay. I judge them. I mean, I, I do, I have, I know people uhhuh like that, but I judge them secretly. And they're no longer in your life? Nah, I mean, some I can't remove, they're there.

I mean, legally I can't remove them. But I ain't got no time for '

Darin: em. I never knew you had a problem with people 

Mike: wearing necklaces. I have a real, not people, dudes. Men. Oh, men, okay. Men. Men, yeah. With necklaces. I don't, and I, I did when I was in my twenties for like a couple of months. Yeah. Cuz everybody, you go to the beach, you get the thing with the stuff and you wear it.

Darin: Oh. You know, I think you and I had the same necklace. Oh, you might, man. Yeah. Yeah. Now I never wore Like the big chain. No, the big the the big linked one. No. You know like the Mr. 

Mike: T starter? Yeah. You're like Flava Flav. Yeah, exactly. Yeah. Yeah. 

Darin: It's a 

Dave: clock.[00:05:00] 

Mike: No, the cute little like, oh, I think it's cute little chain. Little just makes me think you're buying a used car to hide bodies with. It's like if you're gonna wear the 

Darin: necklace, get the pinky 

Mike: ring to go with it. Probably if you're wearing that chain, you'll probably wear brute cologne, you know? Did you wear fruit back in 

Darin: the day?

No, but I have a friend of the family, we were really close with them and they would always buy, uh, my mom would always buy their kids Christmas presents. Mm-hmm. And they would always buy me a Christmas present. And one year, I honest to God, got a bottle 

Mike: of hi karate cologne, which is like the biggest joke of, of, of all time.

You know, 

Darin: it's like getting that. Well, it, it's, I think it might be more popular than Old Spice as far as, you know, the joke 

Mike: gift. Yeah. Yeah. Um, but I got a bottle of that and Woo. Man, I could still smell it. Woo. Sex Panther. I got zero ladies with that 60% of the time. It works every time. Time.[00:06:00] 

Oh, you're 

Darin: ready to start this man. 

Mike: Chama. Yeah. Yep.

Hi, I'm Darren. I snorted. Let me, I gotta, okay. 

Darin: You, you need to snort. 

Dave: Okay.

Darin: Yep. Slurp. Slurp. That coffee slurp it slurp like there's no tomorrow. Slrp pluck. A five year 

Mike: old slur boat. So since we're now visible mm-hmm. To more people. We've got a viewer, Uhhuh. Uh, and who is that viewer? I don't know. Okay. We've gotta address. Mm-hmm. The fact that I'm wearing a dragon shirt. Nice. And the reason, I mean, people wear shirts.

That's what people do. Yeah. Yeah. This is a shirt from Trader's World. There's a, there's a, there's a, okay, there's a t-shirt store there that sells shirts of like wolves. Braying, did they bra howling at the [00:07:00] moon. Bray. I don't know what that means. Howling at the moon. Braying. Horses bra. What the hell are you talking about?

You always do this. You always think that. I'm not saying a word no, I, but I've never heard, I said Crypted and I listened to it. You, you put doubt in my head that crypted didn't mean what I thought it meant three episodes ago and I looked it up and it absolutely means what I said it meant. Okay. I don't remember anything about that.

Darin: I'm not saying it didn't happen last Monster. 

Mike: The luck. Okay. Yeah. Episode 71. I said a few episodes, but 12. Good God, but I don't know what braying is. Me like a donkey donkey's going, that's braining, that's brain, that's 

Darin: braining. Yeah. I You learn something new 

Mike: every day. Hold on. I'm I, I said I told everyone that I was gonna learn a new word.

Okay? Every, yeah. Bray of a donkey or mule, utter a bray. 

Darin: Okay. You know what I learned about donkeys? Or is it mules? A female donkey is called a Ginny, and a male donkey is called [00:08:00] a Jesse. Oh, Craig.

Dave: Sorry, 

Mike: that's not where Gin Craig. 

Darin: No, no, no, no, no. And I, I learned that. Mm-hmm. Uh uh, when I was playing Scrabble, I used to play Scrabble online all the time. Okay. And I would cheat because I would go to a word builder. Okay. A website at the same, yeah. Okay. You've already lost all interest in what I have to say.


Mike: he, and we haven't even started, we've lost 50% of your audience. Like, I'm not even listening to you anymore. Um, all right. I'm gonna, I'm gonna take a, I think you're gonna be talking, did you notice this? Did you notice the No. Yeah. Cool. Yeah. Also, Uh, so the, we, I should tell you this, we sent a gift to our top two patrons because we have been neglectful in the posters situation.

Okay? Yeah. So I think you noticed that Chris Hughes posted a picture of him drinking a whiskey, one of those whiskey, and there was, [00:09:00] there was like a dead rat in the background. The picture, if you look at it, who year.

Darin: That's, that's slurping water right there, 

Mike: my friend. Mm. Did I tell you we got a new filter in our fridge? No, we did. Okay. 

Darin: Maybe you did for the, if anybody I didn't do out there ever comes to Mike's house, drink the water. The water is absolutely delicious. Thank you. 

Mike: You're welcome. And the ice comes from the same source?

It goes through the same filter. I did. I changed the freaking filter. Right, right, right. Okay. Okay. Alright. This is that thing that Mike 

Dave: keeps posting about. This isn't funny, stupid. He's just 

Mike: drinking water 

Darin: is, yeah. Talking about 

Mike: mules. Yeah. Aw. Um, okay. We have, and we'll, when we, I, I want more people than whoever this viewer is, which I'm pretty sure is one of us.

We got a package. I think it's me. Yeah, I think it's me. Are you on the phone? 

Darin: We're watching. I, I turned it off. Okay. So that's probably, if you don't see anything. 

Mike: So we got a package [00:10:00] from Craig 

Darin: Hole. Go ahead and give it a street 

Mike: address.

And he, he, he, he misspelled our title. Oh boy. But it's in a way that caused me concern. Okay. Because Okay. He wrote irritable dad syndrome. Mm-hmm. Our title is Irritable Dad syndrome. Yes. So if you break it down, irritable, we are irritable. Dad. Dad syndrome. Syndrome. Mm-hmm. He wrote Irritable dad's syndrome.

Oh, okay. Like, it's our problem. It's not our problem. Well, no. If if it's, there's no apostrophe 

Darin: in there. If it's apostrophe, then it's like, it's our problem. It shows possession since there's, since a dad, that means that there's two of 

Mike: us. Okay. So Irritable Dads Syndrome. 

Darin: Syndrome. We, he assumes that we are both irritable.

Which we are. Yeah. And so, uh, it, it, okay, he's wrong. But not to the point where you're mocking him. So 

Mike: shame on you. Okay. I'm gonna continue to mock him. That's fine. He broke C I think he likes it. C o, [00:11:00] Mike and Darren. Like Car of Mike and Darren, like who else is gonna, Frick else was. And then Po. That 

Darin: lady that we said was gonna get 

Mike: fired.

Yeah, we fired her. Like, and he put a, he put a little period after the P and after the O. Like the post office doesn't know what PO means. Well, that now that's what you're supposed to, to do. They would say like, oh, Poe box, why are 

Darin: you bitching? Because he's doing what you're supposed to do. Okay. He's probably, he stands for post O stands for office.

Mike: I'm just saying the post office knows that he's not sending it to Portland. You don't have to tell the military that arms means guns and not arms. 

Darin: We're not talking to the military. I we're talking to Craig Hole. 

Mike: Is that how you actually say Yeah. Hole. Yeah. We've been through this. My nickname in college was whole.

Yeah, I know. I'm Mike. Yeah, I think he screwed up his zip code, Uhhuh. I think he wrote something and then, and then what's her, what's her name? Gen Jenny Leslie Harold? Uh, yeah, Leslie scratch it out and you can just look in the scratch. He's like, you dumb ass. That's the [00:12:00] actual zip code there. The hell's wrong with you.

Right, right, right. Okay. And here. 

Darin: All right. All right. You ready to start this damn thing? Okay.

Mike: I've missed you. I've missed it. Like it was weird this past week. Yeah.

Darin: Hmm. I know in my heart that you know how to drink and that you're doing that on purpose. I know 

Mike: that I'm doing about 30% that on purpose. I know you're doing that on purpose. Now, this, I, uh, hold on. Let me see if I can do it without slurping. Okay. Let's pretend we're at a business meeting and I care. Okay.

What you think. So Mike, what do you think we 

Darin: can do to improve our fiscal 

Mike: year?

Nevermind. Gary, what do you think?

It's a nightmare. We're in, we, the show went on for about 10, 12 [00:13:00] minutes. Yeah. Uh, before I realized we weren't recording anything at all. The look. 

Darin: On Mike's space that actually happened with, uh, an episode of To Tell The Truth, they start the 

Mike: show with the host Gary Moore, walking on stage and explaining, we're not going to be playing a game on this episode, or tell to tell the truth because we already played it.

And he proceeds to explain that the NBC technicians forgot to hit the record button at the start of the show. So they pretty much burned an entire episode. 

Darin: Well, it is like that episode of Game of Thrones. They went in and adjusted the blocking and all the shots, and they left a freaking, uh, Starbucks coffee cup on the tape.

Yeah. Yeah. The director, none of the actors, the lighting guy, the, the person holding the boom mic. Nobody saw it. Nobody. Right. The editor. Didn't 

Mike: catch it. As soon as we get rich and famous in, when we're like 90, the first person we're hiring is an engineer. Yes. Yeah. This stuff was fun. Some guy 

Darin: named Larry who sets up the lights, the mics, the 

Mike: [00:14:00] everything.

I don't know. It, it's something, there's something about like the first time you do it, he is like, oh, I'm in control. I have the videos working, the audio's working. I'm, I'm like a. I can do this stuff. And then on episode one 17, it's like, dude, come on. This is somebody else. Done. Do this. Just let me come down here, tell the story about my and go on with my life.

Yeah, yeah. Wait, what? I what? Sorry, I didn't put that on. 

Darin: I haven't heard this story. One of the 

Mike: biggest surprises when I first moved out to California for the first few years was how often in my day-to-day life without any real effort. I would just see Ed Begley Jr. Yeah. Yeah. It was very, yeah. The guy just walks down Hollywood Boulevard to run his errands or whatever, and it's, it was just very jarring to see him and just, 

Darin: I'm certain that he's one of those people and you're like, I, I swear I, I think I knew him.


Mike: There's an episode of, uh, 

Darin: Saint Elsewhere where they. Dr. Fiscus, uh, Monty's character finds a copy of the video village, home game 

Mike: in his attic. So that ties it into Marty Alt. There you go. The story behind Jean [00:15:00] Jean, the dancing machine was, uh, he was, he was stagehand at nbc and Chuck saw him backstage dancing to some of the music that the band was playing during a, uh, taping break.

And he was like, you know, I'm just gonna put Jean on the show and have him dance. Mm-hmm. And. They had an agreement with, uh, the, uh, the stage hands union about having 

Darin: to pay union members for 

Mike: using them on the show as talent. So 

Darin: Gene had to get a couple hundred dollars extra in his paycheck, 

Mike: uh, ev every time that he was on the show.

And that added up 

Darin: quite a bit. Uh, the story, and I never got confirmation, but a 

Mike: few staffers said they had all heard the same thing, which was Gene put his children through college just from gone show money.

So I made best laugher ass off over a mason jar. How did you do that? This may be bonus. Okay. So I don't know. I don't know if this fits in the whole episode. Okay. So we we're cleaning. Mm-hmm. Okay. And there's a mason jar mm-hmm. That was sitting on our island. Yeah. And going a better thing. I saw the mason jar.

I think [00:16:00] I know what's gonna happen here. I saw the mason jar earlier in the morning, but I didn't. I get in trouble a lot because I will throw things away, Uhhuh that I think nobody's using, or I will put them in the sink to be washed. And I saw this mason jar and I'm like, we don't can, let's go put some green beans in this.

Why, why is there a mason jar here? But I'm not gonna, you know, I go about my thing and then we're, we go about our day, it's there. Mm-hmm. It gets to be like two or three o'clock. No one's, no one's acknowledging the mason jar. I said. What's the deal with the mason jar? And she says, do you want the mason jar?

And I was like, I don't know. I don't, I don't not want the mason jar and I don't want the mason jar. I don't, I don't know why there's a mason jar here. She's like, I put it here. I'm like, why is it here? And she, she said, well, do you want it? And I said, I mean, you can put things in it or not, it's useful. And she just said, she said, do [00:17:00] you want the mason jar?

And I'm like, like we're about to get into an argument Uhhuh, right? And I'm like, I don't, I don't care about that mason jar. I was about to throw away the mason jar. She said, why would you do that? I said, the only reason I didn't throw away the mason jar is cuz I thought it was your mason jar. She said, it is my mason jar.

I was like, well, why are you talking to me about it for? And she says, I'm gonna give this away on the buy nothing group. I've told you before on the podcast to buy nothing group is this, this network of crazy people. Hey, they give things away 

Darin: for free. Hey Sarah. They got a mason jar down the street. Yeah.

Mike: And so she says, I'm gonna give it away on the buy nothing group. She and I was like, you're gonna give this away on the buy nothing group. And she said, yeah, 

Darin: a jar. And I said, you know what this char means to me.

Mike: She almost dropped it. Uhhuh laughing 

Darin: at that. Yeah. Yeah. Now, when you said that you like made her cry, laughing over a mason's yard, thought was, yeah. I thought you were gonna do the trick where you [00:18:00] put your hand in it and then you can't get it out. And then she's like, open your hand, Mike. Op. Open it. Open it.

But I'll let go with the candy that did 

Mike: died. And I'm short-changing this, this, this went on for a long time. Why do you have a mason shower? Why do you have a mason jar? Right. Yeah. Yeah.

Dave: Go 

Darin: hero. Last week I did a Just Stop about Red Lobster. Yeah. And their Cheddar Bay biscuits. Yeah. The Cheddar Bay biscuits are delicious. Okay. But Red Lobster. If there's four people at the table, they'll give you five biscuits. Yeah. Yep. And they need to stop doing that. Mm-hmm. Well, I found out this weekend that O Charlie's does the same damn thing.

Yeah. We went to o Charlie's the four of us after church. Okay. And they gave us five rolls. The rolls are delicious. You bite into it, it, it melts in your mouth. Mm-hmm. But now we're fighting over the fifth one, so O'Charley's. Okay. [00:19:00] Red Lobster both. Yeah. Cut that out. Yeah, stop it. But I got a question. Uhhuh, why do people.

When you go to a restaurant, Uhhuh, why do you ask the waiter or the waitress is this good? It's like you're looking at the menu. It's like, is the, is the shrimp fettuccini? Is it good? Yeah. Like the waiter's gonna go, oh god, no. 

Mike: You don't want to have that at all. Yeah, I do that now to be in, yeah. Right. I used to, cuz I had the same thing for a long time.

I'm like, why? Ask them? They're gonna say everything's good. Well, yeah. It's their job. So what I do now is I ask them and then whatever they recommend mm-hmm. I never get, you never order. When, when I talked about our, uh, the 19th anniversary uhhuh best, we went to the steak thing. Yeah, I did that. And would you like some recommendations?

Yeah. And it was one of those where they like go through Uhhuh, it's cooked in a butter taint and you, you know, spread with marmalade from a, uh, beaver or whatever. And you, you're like, okay, this is wonder, I don't know all this stuff. Uhhuh. And she gets to the end of it and, uh, I'm like, well, what, [00:20:00] what did you recommend?

What's good? Or uhhuh, whatever. And they go to the Yeah, blah, blah, blah thing. I was like, Okay, and I'll take this something else I love I something about watching. You can see like a little bit of their soul leave the body when you do that. We've 

Darin: been out and it's like, you know, we've heard the waiter or waitress say, uh, like, what do you think about that sandwich?

And they're like, well, you know what? It has ham and I, I'm not crazy about ham every, but it's a very popular sandwich. Yeah, A lot of people love it, you know, but it's like, I don't know. What's the wait? They're gonna say, yeah, that's the worst thing we have on the menu. You do not want to eat that. 

Mike: I'm, I'm thinking.

Yeah. I, I, I need to think of more like uncomfortable questions to ask 'em back to them. Like, what would Stalin order if you were here, you know, or 

Darin: say you were on death row, you know, and you were gonna get the chair 

Mike: in an hour, what would you eat? Yeah. Yeah. What would Jeffrey Dahmer order here? What tastes the most like human, human.

Speaking of that, speaking of eating people, speaking of cannibalism, I, I [00:21:00] recently, I love that movie Alive Man. That was a great movie. I recently started watching The Walking Dead again. I know everybody quit watching The Walking Dead 15 years ago when it ended. Mm-hmm. But I got to the point where, not 15, but I got to the point where they were on the train tracks and I couldn't take it.

I couldn't take, uh, walking Dead for a lot of reasons because I feel like they, they go to a place Uhhuh. They meet people that are nice. They think they're safe. They find, they think, they think they're safe, and they turns out they're not safe. Either the zombies come or the zombies are always common, right?

Um, or hello, or the somebody in there is like, uh, you know, and, and tries to kill 'em all. Yeah. Or whatever, and then they burn the place down. A main character dies or is born. And then they go on to the next place. It's the same thing happened. Well, there's a period there in season four where they're on train tracks.

Yeah. For episode after episode. Yeah, after episode. And well, it takes them a long time. [00:22:00] I hate Uhhuh Carol, you watched Walking Dead. You, you hate Carol. You hate Carol. I can't stand her. How do you hate Carol? Carol? I, she just pisses me off every time she's on the screen. And I, I was telling Bess about this the other night.

Uh, I had the same situation with Lost. Okay. Okay. You remember the show Lost? I loved. Lost. I 

Darin: did too. Well, I, okay. I watched 

Mike: Lost. Right. We were super into lost. Mm-hmm. But all, what always pissed me off about Lost was you get into Jack's story, Uhhuh, you get into, you know, Desmond is doing his thing with Penny's boat.

Mm-hmm. You know, Locke is turning this evil thing, Hurley's, poor red dressing down his chest. Well, they have all these really cool story lines, Uhhuh, and then you get to, is it the Korean lady and her and her husband? Yeah. It's like back, it goes back in time. She's doing laundry. Uh huh. It's like, what the f You know, I was just watching, Jack was just in a gunfight with somebody or, or trying to be, he was about to be stabbed by somebody.

Yeah. And then he goes to commercial and it comes back. Yeah. And it's like they're doing laundry. Oh, you watched it when it was actually on air fish? Yeah. I, they're [00:23:00] eating a burger or something. Uhhuh. And they're, the dad doesn't approve of the guy for everything. Yeah. And you gotta watch like 15 minutes, 20 minutes of that.

And he goes to commercial again. Comes back, Jack is about to be stabbed again. You're like, oh, okay. We're back in the, in the good story. We're back and he goes, and then it comes back and the guy in the band is about to shoot up a drug. It's like, stop changing on it. Yeah. Yeah. That's the way I feel about Carol.

And then there's a polar bearer. That's the way I feel about Carol On The Walking Dead. They finally made it to this Terminus place, Uhhuh, which I've heard is like the place Uhhuh the big deal. Mm-hmm. Okay. Yeah. They get there. I I, I think everybody here has seen the Walking Dead. If you haven't, don't bother.

Fuller alert eight years ago, whatever, whatever. And things go bad, Uhhuh. Whoa. Who would've seen that coming? Yeah. These people are worse than the zombies. Holy crap. These 

Darin: people happened. Are cannibals. What happened? What the hell? What's with 

Mike: all these people eating? Other people, it's, it's like they telegraphed that they're cannibals.

It's like, oh, there's torsos hanging all over the place. Uhhuh, they're making steak. And Bess was like, you didn't know they were cannibals from the steaks. It's like, [00:24:00] I didn't see a cow. There's not a single cow I saw in that whole episode. Yet they've got all these steaks. They've been telling people to come to Terminus mm-hmm.

For years or months or whatever it is. Right. You get there, there's like 20 people there. Yeah. In a cult cooking steaks. Mm-hmm. They're cannibals, they're cooking up the people that come in. That's telegraphed right there. Yeah. But goes down. They have this big fight. Don't Okay. They, it's like you, you're telling them what it's gonna be before it actually happened.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. So they had this big fight there, AK 47 s grenades shooting, blah, blah, blah, blah. And then it keeps coming back to Carol. Yeah. In woods rubbing zombie guts on her face being like, uh, St. Stallone Stallone first blood. Yeah. Stalking around. And she like shoots a zombie. And then she like stabs the zombie and then it comes back to where it should be with Rick and Glen Uhhuh and Glen, was it Maggie?

They're like going through all this stuff and just blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Yeah. And then it comes back. Here's Carol again. Well, that's tiptoeing through the woods. That's not Carol's fault. It is. They, she [00:25:00] shouldn't be in the show. Shouldn't be in the show. Oh man. No reason for her. None. None. Um, what does she like, turn into like a superhero at the end of one of the things, Carol's a badass.

Dave: Yeah. 

Mike: She, she is. I just don't think that shows for me. She, well, I just don't thinks clearly it's not, I don't, I can't. It, I'll tell you. And then I, so what I, the reason I've been wanting to watch it is because I've heard about the character, Negan Negan, Negan Negan, Negan Negan. He has the, um, the bat. Bad.

The bat with the bird wire. Yeah, so I looked up on Wikipedia. I just like, they're in the middle of finding out the new people that they met. I'm like, okay, here we go again. Yeah, so like, when does Negan come in? It's like at the end of season six, and I'm like, what is this Season five? I was like, oh my God, I can't go through two more seasons.

It was way later than that. Yeah, I can't go through this because what are they, they're gonna leave this place. They're gonna go find more . Mm-hmm. And then they're gonna go and they're gonna find more [00:26:00] jerks. 

Darin: Uh, it, it feels like the Walking Dead has been on for 25 years. Does it 

Mike: ever, it really change from that?

Here's the problem. Mm-hmm. And I didn't mean to go down this rabbit hole. It's fine. I apologize. No. What turned me off from it really? Mm-hmm. Was that the people that made the orig, you know, it's based off of a graphic novel. Yeah. Like a comic thing. Yeah. The people that wrote that, uh, there was an interview with them mm-hmm.

And they said there's two things we'll never do. We'll never explain the origin of why the, the, the zombie virus, the zombies happen. Yeah. And it will never be cured because we feel like the story is the people around it. Mm-hmm. And I'm like, well, okay. Then it literally is just gonna be them going from place to place.

Yeah. Finding out people are jerks. Yeah. Somebody dies. Yeah. And they move on. So this is, I ain't got time for that. 

Darin: This is what God, if you get really serious about it. Okay. My thing about the Walking Dead is, cuz there were a lot of people I know who left the show, uh, after Negan introduced, because I'm not gonna spoil it for [00:27:00] you.

Mm-hmm. Uh, Negan comes on and it was rough. It was very, very, it gets brutal. Very hard. Yeah. It's, it's extremely like, like 20,000 times more brutal than they've ever had it. Okay. On the Walking Dead. Okay. Thing is, despite all of that Uhhuh, the people who are, are not zombies, the people who are remaining still clinging together.

Okay. Okay. And they still. Uh, do whatever it takes to protect each other. Uhhuh, because of their love and their caringness. Yeah. For each other to survive. Okay. And I'm like, despite how dark it gets, there's still hope. Yeah. Amongst the survivors. Okay. And that's what I dig about Walking Dead. 

Mike: Is Carol still with him when he caroling?

Yeah. Oh yeah. God's 

Darin: sakes. Yeah. Carol and Darrell are the only two remaining 

Mike: cast members. Really? Is this on the show? Is the, is the show still on? Yeah. The season 

Darin: premiere was two, 

Mike: uh, a week or two ago. The hell are they doing now? I don't know [00:28:00] that Going to the Pig league wiggly. Exactly. Okay. Exactly. Yeah.

They're all 105 years old. I mean, they're Okay, so they're, yeah. I don't know. I, I, part of what I guess ruined it for me too is the, the zombie thing. I'm a gamer Uhhuh, I play video games. Yeah. And you talk about wearing a storyline out. Mm-hmm. Video games have worn zombies out left, right? Yes. Up, down and center.

Yeah. Uh, and there's, there's a really good, they're, they're planning, uh, there's rumors of a movie being made of the last of us, which is probably one of the better zombie things on PlayStation, which is gonna be really cool. Mm-hmm. But other than that, I'm kind of done with them. Yeah.

Our show is basically, we don't have a theme other than just two dudes talking about stuff. I mean, yeah, we 

Darin: usually just ramble on about things that happen to us throughout the week. Yeah, whether it was a concert or a movie or somebody that we ran into at the grocery store and we somehow get an hour, hour 10 every week [00:29:00] and people listen to it and, and they do.

And they, and they enjoy it. See, here we go. This is exactly what I was gonna send you a text on the way over saying, don't be a and do this on 

Mike: the podcast if I'm not a There you go. Show. Expendables. I hate the expendables. Oh God. The Expendables is a horrible movie. I love the Expendables. Of course you do.

That'd be a good one to fight a movie. No, no, it's not. But is it enjoyable to watch Kind 

Darin: of, I mean, I 

Mike: remember 

Darin: there's like Arnold and Stallone and Dolph Lundgren. Okay. And then they got Chuck Norris, and then, 

Mike: uh, they had Phil Collins. Huh? Phil Collins? No, uh, Phil Collins, Kelsey Grammar. Kelsey Grammar, 

Darin: Kelsey Grammar.

I remember seeing the poster for, was it Expendables 1213? I can't remember which number it was. And it looks like Kelsey Grammar had photoshopped himself into the poster. 

Mike: I'm 

Darin: here 

Mike: guys. Don't worry, I'm walking away from this explosion cuz you've seen Kelsey Graham walking away 

Darin: from how many explosions you've put, I mean, why?

It makes [00:30:00] no sense that they threw Kelsey Grammar in 

Mike: there. Yeah. You know what though? Kelsey Graham is a great actress. I love, I love Kelsey Grammar. Yeah. I 

Darin: think Frazier for sure. Yeah. Walking away from the explosion, Frazier's a of fan of, uh, cheers. But I will tell you this Toy story two, he was miscast.

He did not need to be the voice. Of the cowboy. They should have given that to Waylan Jennings. The pro. The prospector. The prospector. Yeah. Yeah, you're right. You're a hundred percent right. Waylan Jennings would've been a great no no. Which, but what are you gonna do this time? You know? Bam. That's a Duke's a hazard.

Mike: Randy, that's a re hazard. Duke boys been getting up to No good talking about like, uh, music and stuff. Just to let you know, we are actually in. A band together, me and Randy. Oh 

Darin: my God. Okay. Um, so it's about everybody that's on this 

Mike: podcast 

Darin: that we Yeah. Are bas Yeah, it 

Dave: is 

Darin: a musician. Okay. 

Dave: Yeah. 

Mike: That's kind of funny when you think about it.

We're all musicians in this area, which, [00:31:00] the area where where we're in is a pretty very good, like saturated musician. Like Yeah, good musician too. Not like, yeah, I can play wonderwall. No, like everybody around here is pretty good. And there's a pretty good like cover music scene or original scene too. But yeah, we're.

If you want to get into that, we can talk about our band and just like that we are in a cover band for 

Darin: like Yeah. We don't have to focus on just movies. No, no. 

Mike: Yeah. Just to let you know. Yeah. So we're, we're in a cover band that does like, emo and pop punk music. Um, so if you wanna touch on that, we can definitely get into it and, and whatnot.

Okay. Yeah, I'm down with that. I'm down with whatever. So, I mean, um, what, so we had a list. So I listened to most of, and by most of, I mean like the first half hour, your most recent episode. So I got a list of things to talk to you guys about and then Darren, you threw some things on there. Yeah. So I figured we'd just, we'd just go.

So typically, so our, our podcast, we, um, we quack out. The, the [00:32:00] naughty words. Um, but by no means avoid saying naughty words because we, we think the 

Darin: censorship is 

Mike: funny. Yeah. Yeah. And it always plays a good part. Yeah, because I, I couldn't remember the, any example, I couldn't remember the name of the band that I saw.

I called 'em the Fleming and we just ran with it. But, so we have like Little Cat Meowing Red's, like that's the name of our band. Yeah. Is that the name of your band? To Flame Me? That would be, It is now. 

Dave: It is.

Mike: We went on a cruise years 

Darin: and years ago. Kids were little. Yeah. And they're going through and they're seeing all the signs on the wall and things you're not allowed to take. And Jacob's like, what does that mean? I said that, that's a sign for a gun. You can't bring a gun on a plane. And, uh, what's the thing underneath that?

That means any type of explosive, a bomb. You can't take those on planes either. And there's, they've, they're very strict about that. So we get up to the ticket counter. It's frow. It's frizzled upon it's, yeah. You can't do it, you know. We'll get arrested, right? Yeah. And so we get up to the thing and the lady's like, hi, may [00:33:00] I help you?

And here, let me check you in. And Jacob says, we don't have any guns or bombs 

Mike: on us. 

Darin: Shh. He's like, what? We don't have any guns or bombs. I knew we don't have any guns. Or we can't say, why can't we say what? You can't say guns or bombs or wrong. Why can't I say guns or bombs? Shoot. 

Dave: You shut off like. We're not 

Mike: gonna get on the cruise.

Uh, I don't wish this, but I think it would be funny, Uhhuh as a, as a social experiment. Remember they used to, there, there was a show where they would swap moms. Yes. Between two families. Wife swap, wife swap, Uhhuh. I think it would be funny. I used to do, I used to beg Libby to go on that show. Please. Let's 

Darin: go on.

Wife swap. She didn't think it was funny. No, no, no. 

Mike: Not at all. I think it would be funny if there was a husband swap because you, you like, I know there's things about my kids that would send you into a, the shining rage. Like you wouldn't be able to handle it. You'd be sitting over there and all of a sudden it would just walk in and start rummaging through your snacks.

Yeah. No. And sit down and eat an ice cream sandwich next to you and talk about how much it sucks. Uhhuh. Yeah. And then what you [00:34:00] just told me, like if there're, why can't I talk about, would you shut the ever love, I will beat you. In this airport.

The older I get, the more I sound like a tanton. Yeah. He's snotting everywhere. Only 

Darin: thought they smelled bad on 

Mike: the outside, by the way. Yeah. Gollum. Yeah. Andy Circus. Yeah. Would drink a cup of, I think it was lemonade. Mixed with honey. Mm-hmm. And something else and gargle it so that he'd be all goy for his hands.

Well, yeah. I mean, 

Darin: he would have to, yeah. I don't 

Mike: know how he did that voice. Um, I mean, I 

Darin: can . 

Mike: Yeah. Precious. Oh, I, I learned that they picked for the uric high, the extras, they just picked the people that were taller than six feet. The Uchi uric high uric high. Uaii. Oh, the uai. I 

Darin: [00:35:00] uai sounded like it was a, like a, the oii.

The Oii Indians, sorry. The Native Americans excuse. 

Mike: Yes. Excuse me. Okay. 

Darin: By the way, I'm almost done with 

Mike: 1883. I started watching Holy, I started watching Yellowstone and I can't, I didn't even finish the first episode. I might have to go, I might have to start with 1883. You couldn't get, you didn't like it.

It's okay. Yeah, it's just they, there's a character that I just rolled my, my eyes rolled so far back. Yeah. I almost fell out of the couch, so that's what that noise was from my house. Yeah. Um, it's the fem fatal. I'm, I'm, I'm, um, I'm hot and I'm gonna bang you to get what I want. 

Darin: Oh, yeah. That, that type of, and Kevin Costner's always been like 

Mike: that.

Darin: have trust issues where Q-Tips are concerned. Okay. The box says 375 Q-tips. It does, I don't think there's 375 

Mike: Q-tips in there. I think there are, 

Darin: but I'm not Rain Man, and I'm not gonna open 'em up and, and, and count 'em. Yeah. Because I'm not a [00:36:00] freak. Yeah. But I'm also not at the point where it's like, it would totally not surprise me at all to find out that they're, they're, they're throwing 360 8 in there.

Yeah. Because who's gonna check? Yeah. 3 74. You sa tell you save one Q-tip. Per box uhhuh. And then what you're doing is every 375, you got an 

Mike: extra box. But think of, think of the political fallout. Darren. Oh, big Q-tip. Big tip. Big tip. Big tip. Would never, would never recover from that. They wouldn't. Yeah.

Yeah. And then Continental would come in on there. Their thing and it just wouldn't work out. 

Darin: Well. I mean, one of these days I'm gonna buy a new box and I'm gonna count 'em. Yeah. I might count it on the podcast. Yeah. When we run completely out of 


Mike: to talk about. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Um, so I was a victim of road rage this morning.

Okay. I know I'm throwing all kinds of stuff in there. That's fine. This is the stuff that I was gonna put on. That's fine. Uh, I'm driving mm-hmm. To work. Okay. And I'm in one of those situations where I need to be in the [00:37:00] lane that is to my right. I'm getting in the slower lane. Gotcha. I look back and you know how we're old?

Mm-hmm. We've been driving a long time. Few years. Yeah. So just, I want you to, to get up in the trust tree with me here on this and trust what I'm saying, that there was at least five to six car lengths. Distance between the back of my car and the front of this truck. Okay. That I was gonna pull over into.

Okay. So as I'm pulling over, I see the headlights go like, like really clo. Like he was speeding up to stop me. Gotcha. Begin in there and like slammed on his brakes. Right. There. Yeah. Almost hitting me. Then got up even further and was like, has the brights, and this is a semi tra? Mm-hmm. This is a large right truck.

I found out later it was a tanker carrying like, I don't know, diesel or some sort of petroleum vibranium. Thank you. Yeah, and he was on my ass. And this is on 75. Okay. This is near, this is [00:38:00] a while from 2 75. Yeah. So I get on 2 75, he gets on my ass at 2 75 all the way up until I get off on my exit. He is right on me.

I stuck my hand. I didn't flip him off, right? No, but I gave the international, what the fuck? Symbol. No, I didn't say go on. Right. I was like, thi this thing like. The Oh, the what? The, what are you doing? What are you I, I'm driving here. I don't, 

Darin: I I don't know what you're doing. I 

Mike: know what you mean. Yeah. Uh, Dustin Hoffman slammed the thing.

Hey, I'm walking here. I got the, I'm driving here thing. Yeah. 

Darin: Um, and it, it, 

Mike: it clumped me. Yeah. Uh, and as I was going off the exit, I was looking for a license plate. Uh, is the deuce driving this dial one, 800, whatever. Right. And I was gonna call and say something that you, excuse me, refer to as evidence.

Darin: Yeah, yeah. Yeah. 

Mike: It's annoying. God. Years ago I remember 

Darin: I pulled off onto the, uh, I was on the interstate, pulled off onto my exit. Yeah. Where my house is. Mm-hmm. And I'm there at the stop sign and this dude is laying on his horn, just laying on it just like he has auto [00:39:00] honk. Yeah. Okay. Completely just laying on it.

Yeah. And I'm, uh, okay. So I haven't been in any interaction with anybody. No. And he's still laying on it. And I thought, what? Who is he honking at? Yeah. And I turned around, turns out he's honking at me. Oh. And he's got both middle fingers up, 

Mike: just like,

yeah. He didn't care for you. I have no 

Darin: idea. What were you doing? I don't know. Huh? Not a clue. 

Mike: Hmm, not a clue. He must have thought you were Daryl Maybe So.

You know what I just realized the other day? What's that? What's that? 100% of our, uh, is it squeaking over there? Is that you? That was me. 100% of our heavy header patrons are named Chris. Yes. 

Darin: Yes. I notice it's gonna be the battle of the Chris's. Mm. Because one Chris already wants to be more popular than the other.

Chris, what happened? Hey, what happened? I got a will wear [00:40:00] wagon. I don't think so. 

Mike: Oh, we had some fun with that. That man, the world lost a treasure. Yeah, they did. Oh my God. 

Darin: Absolutely. Fred Willard was a brilliant 

Mike: comic genius, I would say. He, he was, he was one of 'em that went on the Norm Show. Yeah. 

Darin: Well, those, those movies were all, um, improvd.

I mean, they, I did, they had the story. They knew where they wanted to go with it. Yeah. But they said, you're gonna be this character and you're gonna be this character. And in this scene you go and you rent a goat. Yeah. Or, or whatever. And then they just, yeah. Yeah. And it 

Mike: worked. I don't think so. 

Darin: I don't think so.

Mike: I got a Will we wagon? Not me any who? 

Darin: We had a lot of fun with that back in 19 sevens. 

Mike: What happened? Man, I wish we could I, that's not ours. Hey, what happened? 

Darin: Hey. . 

Mike: I got Woo. Wagon. 

Darin: I don't [00:41:00] think so. 

Mike: Okay. Okay. We kind stop. Don't before he gets, let, get it all before. Lemme get it all up. I feel like I'm ex, I'm, I know.

I'm, I, I feel like a five year old explaining a knock, knock joke to an adult when I say this to you, but. The thing that tickles me most about will wood wagon, besides the way that he says it is, when the hell would you even, where would, why would you ever say that? How was that a catchphrase? I 

Darin: know, and he's like 68 years old when he said it.

You know, I got Will we, wagon 

Mike: Boy, we had some fun with that one. Anywho, 

Darin: Eugene Levy. I literally have two left feet.

Mike: Oh my God, when I retire, if I can retire mm-hmm. When I'm old and I don't have anything that I'm doing other than sitting in a chair and myself, I'm gonna watch those movies. Um, the Big Lebowski Uhhuh Ocean's 11 series, because those may [00:42:00] just, just make me feel good. Yeah. I, they put me in a good mood. Yeah.

I hear you, but I'm probably gonna die of a heart attack from laughing. Mm-hmm. And it'll be, I got will wear wagon. I'm in the pr so I had to go to the doctor Uhhuh and we had to, and obviously you can edit all this stuff into the thing. You, 

Darin: you don't have to keep saying that. Okay. 

Mike: I know that I can, I went to the doctor and it had one of those things.

Um, do you have a living will or what do you do? What do we do with you? Right. Other than throw you out in the street. Right. And I started thinking about what I want to have, and I was thinking about our conversation with the U2 stickers. I really want best to put the U2 stickers on the coffin. On the outside or the inside?

Darin: Yeah, both. Okay. I don't care. 

Mike: I think it would be hilarious to dress me up like Magnum PI in the, in the casket with the shorts, right? Uh, maybe not. Yeah. I do want a motion. Thing Uhhuh, so that when people come up to say their respects mm-hmm. It'll play. Woo. Hey, well 

Darin: I got a will we [00:43:00] wagon anywho. We had some fun with that.

Yeah. We're not gonna do 

Mike: this whole show, are we? No. Please don't. Okay. Cause I, I, I know, I know when I, the first run through in editing, I had five. What happens? I had to go through and cut 'em out. I went, what happened? Crazy. Every time there was a pause, what happened? Some of the, the inner set in like the, the, 

Darin: and they'd be like, be like, Darren, can you take out some of the, uh, of the rim shots?


Mike: Yeah. Yeah. Every, if you listen to, if you ever listen to this one again. Okay. Every time there's a, the rewind mm-hmm. That was a what happened. Okay. That I replaced with the, that it was what happened. I was, I get to the point where I, I like Fred Willard to state is gonna sue us. Yeah. Yeah. They, 

Darin: they're gonna want their money.

Hey, what happened?

And I apologize in advance, I have. Pork chop in my teeth, and so I might Good. Yeah. 

Mike: And I don't mean to my energy levels all gonna floss. Jacked up. Can [00:44:00] you floss? Do you have any floss? Yeah, but it's like in a thing you can't. Oh, 

Darin: it 

Mike: wouldn't, you can't get it out of the thing. No. It's like one of those things that you like holds a picker.

Oh, so that's, I'm not gonna let you use my Yeah, you 

Darin: don't have more than one. You use the same one. Yeah. For how long? 

Mike: For It's a it, it's it reloads at the end. Shut up. Are you serious? Yeah. It's like a stick. It's like a, it's like a stick that reloads, it's like this and then it's got a little flosser thing that goes on the end.

Uhhuh. It snaps in like a Lego and you and it, cuz you don't have to go like, mm. All that uhhuh, you just pick in there and bite it down in between your teeth. Sorcery, pull it up. It's makes flossing. I, I look forward to flossing my teeth every day. No way. I really do. Okay. That's a lie, but I, it makes it better.

It doesn't, like, I don't, I don't dislike flossing my teeth. Uhhuh Uhhuh. We'll just put it that way. Okay. And it's not like they do when the dentist, I don't know if your dentist is, is like mine, but they try to, they it's like they're trying to get down through, under your jaw. Exactly. Exactly. Like they [00:45:00] have a, like Jesus, like they have a rope made of barb wire.

Blood pour out and they're, they're splatter and they're like, oh, your gums look healthy. Like what is compared to like a raw 

Darin: steak. There was somebody on Twitter who once posted, um, go to the dentist and they say, uh, when was the last time you floss? And you said, you know, it should be on your records there.

Dave: It's too 

Mike: much. There's not, there's, you need to get at that ratio. Right. It's not like Oreos. You can't, there rules. I love the double decker. All right, we need to say this. We need save this for the thing. Okay, love it. Um, oh, and then shoot. So you, what if you already got open, then we can't do a cold open like nothing.

Like we do just go, right. You said you had an open. 

Darin: No, I have a a, a Dave Le ah, welcome. Ah, 

Mike: okay. He says, oh, I gotcha, I gotcha, I gotcha. He 

Darin: says, uh, uh, save 20% on the next episode with your Kroger. With your 

Mike: Kroger Plus card. Okay. All [00:46:00] right. Whew. I'm on a diet, right. I'm not, well, Uhhuh, I've lost five pounds.

Well, that's awesome. Yesterday to today. Oh, wow. That's mostly, mostly water, right? Liquid. It's mostly Uhhuh water uhhuh, and that, which I did not gorge myself on last night. Okay. I usually eat five to 10 pounds of each night. Not literal Right. Food. I, I think I know what you're talking about. Okay. And I did not do that.

So then I get all that means excrement. I get all proud of myself when I get on the skill, skill in the morning. We've gotta 

Darin: talk about this. I know every e I can't, every episode episode we have, you're, you're talking and you're holding, you're constantly holding 

Mike: back belts is, well, I was gonna say. I had an interview Darren, with one of my interviews.

I kept doing that during the interview, Uhhuh, and there was a point where, you know, you can tell from their eyes Uhhuh, like they're trying to be professional, but they know something's wrong with you and they don't know whether to acknowledge it or just let you go on with yourself, [00:47:00] right? Yeah. Yeah. It was pretty bad.

Darin: So what was it that, did you have a, a Diet Dr. Pepper? I don't know. I don't know, because that'll make you belch like crazy. 

Mike: Eh? I drink, uh, diet Root Beer now. Oh, that's 

Darin: the worst. If you're gonna 

Mike: belch. Root beer, you mean worse in that it helps you belch, or worse in that you can't belch if you want to.

That's true. Yeah. 

Darin: That's the, okay. You, you're drinking root beer. Yeah. You're gonna 

Mike: be belching like crazy A and w. Okay. Diet. Oh, yuck. I'm not barks. I tried barks. Sparks. Right. What? It's okay. Uhhuh. It's just not I, I, after you get down with the a and w. Mm-hmm. 

Darin: My favorite root beer is i b c root beer, 

Mike: and I also like irritable bar.

I also think channel. My teeth are getting in the way of my face. I'm having trouble. Your teeth are 

Darin: getting in the 

Mike: way of your face, so I've noticed something. You occasionally lose control [00:48:00] of your mouth completely in the podcast. Yes. You'll be saying things and you'll say, and then I went to go through the.

And then I went to go see you do that. I do at least two or three times an 

Darin: episode. I, I've told you that like episode 

Mike: six or seven. I've never had problems like that, but now I have, not that I could tell maybe I did. Right. And I just didn't do this and it didn't come out. Mm-hmm. I've been, ha I'm very aware of my front teeth right now, Uhhuh, and I'm talking around, I'm.

Intentionally talking around them, subconsciously choosing words that won't involve my front teeth, and when I screw that up, wait. And every once in a while I do 

Darin: that. What words do not involve your front teeth? 

Mike: Collateral. Juxtaposition? No, that one came close. That came right to the border. Caramel.

Caramel, even car. But it, I, it happened a couple of times with my boss today and it was really embarrassed. It just, [00:49:00] sorry, these teeth are making it hard for me. I'll say something. He was like, did you get the, uh, did you get the, the report from thing? Yeah, I got the uhhuh and it just putter literally like that, like a balloon that goes uhhuh.

My teeth just do the, 

Darin: occasionally I'll be on the phone and I've noticed that I do this over and over again. I'm on, you know, having a conversation and they say, okay, well I'll talk to you later. And I try to say bye and yeah, at the same time. And I was like, yeah, uh, 

Mike: they don't know whether 

Darin: you're having a stroke.

And then I hang up the phone and I'm like, I just hope that they forget that I did it because the older I get, The, you know, you'd think as this is, as long as we've done this podcast Yeah. I, I would be able to talk 

Mike: coherently. Yeah, yeah. I would be 

Darin: able to make a coherent sentence. Yeah. And yet here 

Mike: I am, I'm still, we're on the event horizon of, of dementia.

Like, if, if, if both of us or one of us came down with it, uhhuh, it would [00:50:00] be a tragedy. Right. But it would be like, eh, it's, I knew he was coming. What, how old was he? I could have a stroke and dementia at the same time. I could fall over dead uhhuh. And I mean, I, I would hope that you would freak out or at least call somebody.

Right? But it would be in the paper, 46 year old fat bald podcaster drops dead. And people will be like, okay, right. 

Darin: Yeah. And then if I died, you know Darin Cox is dead. 

Mike: Age 51. Yeah. From a stroke, whatever. Yeah, yeah, 

Darin: yeah. But no, I'm starting to really worry about it. 

Mike: That About dying? No, about your stroke.

Darin: That I can't talk, that I can't make. You're on a podcast. I know that. And. You know, when I edit, I go through and I edit a lot of the double starts. I edit 

Mike: out a lot of the, I got, uh, uh, uh, and the awkward pauses. I got 46 hours and five minutes and 33 seconds of proof that you. Can [00:51:00] speak, right? Somewhat.


Darin: And I have the other eight hours of that I edited 

Mike: out. Let me ask you this. Okay. You're a relatively extroverted person. I'm an extremely 

Darin: extroverted person. Okay. I'm there's, I was gonna talk about this tonight, but we 

Mike: can do it now. Let's talk about it. Let's go. Let's do you wanna start the episode?

I feel like we've already stopped. Started the episode. I thought this was gonna be bonus content. It's bonus content then, or no? Let's start the show. Congratulations, Chris Hughes. Here's some more shit that you bought.

He's paying for it too. Is Lisa, are you letting Lisa listen to this? You need to get some balls, man. Yeah. Tell her to get outta your house right now. Right now. Get out. Is she gone? Welcome back. Welcome back.

We gotta start the show. Let's hit it. Okay. What were we talking about though? See dementia. 

Darin: We were talking 

Dave: about being painful. Okay. Alright. 

Darin: Okay, and we can 

Dave: start.[00:52:00] 


Hey, what


The Zach.[00:54:00] 

It up, up. Stop. Do, do, do. I fell my thrill. 

Mike: Oh. Oh. Blueberry Hill on blueberry. Where I met you. Jimmy. Jimmy. Jimmy Jag. All right. Stop what you're doing cuz I'm about to ruin image in the style that you used to. Heaven. What I'm looking for, I'm looking for it up deep dip. We got your fun games. We got everything you 

Dave: want.

We're the li. We're the real sleeps. 

Mike: Ready? Please stand up. [00:55:00] Please stand up. Please stand up. That girl in yellow, she says, hello. Come sit next to me. I, hello, LA la. That's nice. 

Dave: I'm 

Mike: too sexy for my shirt, too sexy for my shirt. So sexy.

And the time of my name and I never, I never felt this way. But anyway. Whoa.

Dave: You they ages out, going to deck a ride 

Mike: into. The dangerous Earth In the midnight hour, she cried. So, Mo Mo, oh, with the re, [00:56:00] she want mo Mo Mo.