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May 16, 2023

IDS #146 - Darin's Tips for Travel Planning, Eerie House Sounds, and Mike's Stuff

IDS #146 - Darin's Tips for Travel Planning, Eerie House Sounds, and Mike's Stuff
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Join us on this episode as Darin takes you through the adventure of a lifetime, trying to convince the most evil person on the planet to modify a hotel reservation.

Plus... what's that mysterious noise coming from upstairs? And Mike says a lot of things about stuff he went through.

You're out of your mind if you miss this episode!


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Episode 146 - Transcript 3

Darin: [00:00:00] Hey, I'm Mike. I'm

Mike: Darren. We are listening to Irritable Dad syndrome, a Mike Chisholm production.

Darin: Um, and oh, Mike Chisholm is now a producer of this. He's a producer, yeah. Okay.

Mike: We should call it a Mike and Darren Joint.

Darin: A Mike and Darren Joint. Okay. Yeah. Yeah. Great.

Mike: Mm. Yeah.

Darin: Guess what? I got a fever and the only prescriptions is my cowbell.

Dave: Welcome to Irritable dad syndrome. If Buddy Hackett was alive, he would totally love this podcast. Please welcome your hosts, Mike and Darren.

Darin: Hey, I'm

Mike: Mike. I'm Darren. You're listening to Irritable Dad syndrome. This is episode 1 46.

Darin: Yeah. We took a week off last week.


Mike: Uh, daddy was pooping and puking a lot. Okay. A whole lot. Okay. I thought I was dying. Uhhuh. The only reason I didn't go to the hospital is because I didn't feel like it. [00:01:00] Right. Well, there you go. So I'm gonna, I'm gonna update

Darin: everyone on that. Yeah. Last week was crazy cuz Jacob had a band concert on Monday.

He had something else on Tuesday. Mm-hmm. And then Cameron had something on Wednesday, so we were going to record on Thursday. Yeah. And then you're like, Nope. Nope. No, not doing it. We didn't even bother trying for Friday. Yeah. And then I thought, well, let's do something over the weekend, maybe. And then you just went ahead and like, you know what?

I'll just do this episode without Darren. So the last episode, which by the way, I listened to it and I thought, Mike doesn't even need me. Ah, no, no, no, no. And I was like, huh. Huh? Come. Yeah. Yeah. Uh, so the last episode, what we did was we took almost every single week, Mike and I, we talk and talk and talk and talk.

And a lot of times we have either we go over time or we screw things up, or sometimes, sometimes we just shoot the. There's also a lot of times what we, what we do is we will take a segment of the show and we hold it aside and we save it for our loyal [00:02:00] patrons. Yes. Well, last week's episode, if you haven't had a chance to listen to it yet, it's amazing.

Mike took a best of our stuff that we held back, that we pushed aside for our patrons and put it into one glorious episode, and that's what was last week. So if you haven't heard that yet, go back

Mike: and check it out. So let me, I, I don't want to toot. The horn of the show too much. Mm-hmm. I will stop short of saying it.

It's the best up, right? And I started having so much fun. I grab more stuff, bring it up to

Darin: an hour. So if you wanna become a patron, what I'm saying is you go to irritable dad center.com and you sign up for Patreon. You know, we. Put a lot of bonus stuff on there. Yeah. And we just, we put that last week's episode out as a little sample of some things that you might have been missing.

So if you want to hear more of irritable dad syndrome, you can't. And that's what we have on Irritable Dad syndrome. And it's a little, it's a little,

Mike: it's more raw. Yeah. A little bit If you like it when things go off the rails, that is an entire episode of going off the

Darin: rails. Well, speaking of off, going off the rails.

Woo. Oh my God. I am going to Chicago. Yeah. Here in a couple weeks. Yeah. Okay. [00:03:00] And I had what's known as a debacle. Okay. In planning my trip. Okay. So I was supposed to be there this week. Mm-hmm. And there's two or three people on my team in Chicago who are not going to be there. And my boss said, Hey, let's reschedule this.

For another time so that when you come up here, you will see all the people, you know? Mm-hmm. Everyone here wants to meet you and we'll do a, we're gonna do a thing a, a big dinner and that type of thing. Yeah. I said, okay. Well, the soonest I can come is after my son graduates, which is the week of the 29th.

Okay. So my boss and I were talking, we said, absolutely, let's do it the week of the 29th. Mm-hmm. So I go and I book my flight with United Airlines. Yeah. And I book my hotel. Okay. Okay. And then I'm planning the itinerary for the week. We're gonna do this on this day, this on this day, this on this day. And I'm talking to a guy at my office up in Chicago, and he said, You realize that the 29th is Memorial Day, right?

And we're not here. And I said, no. Yeah, no, I did not. Yeah. And so I'm [00:04:00] talking to my boss and I said, wait, are you just going

Mike: there? You like you're supposed to be meeting with people,

Darin: right? Yeah. I'm going up there. We're going to do, uh, Two shoots. Okay. Okay. And then there's gonna be some training involved.

Okay. And then there's gonna be a team, uh, uh, dinner. Yeah. Uh, celebration because we've had a lot of great accomplishments in the year and a half since I've been there. Mm-hmm. Yeah. And we really don't do anything because there was a couple of us that who worked, uh, uh, offsite. Okay. Annie, who talking to my boss and I said, yeah, Monday's Memorial Day.

She didn't catch that either. So I'm like, this is gonna be a lot of fun trying to reschedule all this. Yeah. I thought that booking the flight again would be the problem. Okay. Yeah. I contacted United Airlines Uhhuh, and I explained to 'em, I booked the wrong day. I need to, instead of leaving on Sunday, I need to leave on Tuesday.

Can I do that? Yeah. And she, she could not have been nicer. And she looked at my, uh, thing and she says, okay, let me see what I can do. And she says, I'm happy to work with you on this. Within 20 minutes I had my flight. Yeah. Uh, changed. Yeah. [00:05:00] Instead of leaving on Sunday, I leave on Tuesday now Uhhuh. And, uh, she even booked, uh, uh, bumped me up and then, uh, got me a window seat.

Do you know what it costs money to pick what CE you want. Oh, okay. Because I'm like, I, I, I can sit anywhere. I'm, I'm, you know what?

Mike: I did notice that when we were putting things together, they, that's new though. That's new.

Darin: Relatively new. I was flying by myself. I'm like, I don't care where I sit. Yeah. Just as long as

Mike: I'm in the plane.

Make sure I'm getting, as long as I'm in the plane. It's the old George Carlin bitch. Yes. Get on, get on the plane. Get on the plane. You I'm

Darin: getting in the plane. In the plane. So I said, not a problem. Yeah. And anyway, and she got me window seats. So United Airlines gets an a plus. They could not have been nicer.

And they changed my flight Uhhuh, the hotel. That was a different story. Yeah. I contacted Do you, do you wanna name the hotel? I'm not going to. Okay. Okay. I'm, I'm really, um, but well cuz it's not the, it wasn't the hotel.

Mike: Does it rhyme with less cistern

or builtin? The, the, the raw, [00:06:00] the the rubble Gree hotel. Yeah, the dead. Poof Glen.

Darin: It was none of the poop pooper late. It was none of those. Okay. It was none of those hotels when I made my reservation at, at the hotel, uh, yeah, uh, I go online and it sent me to the, their website I made the reservation for, to show up on this day and to leave on this day.

And I checked everything and it was fine. And that was the rate, and there's the taxes and the fees and the final thing and, and boom. So I realized, After 5:00 PM the, the mess that I made, and it was an honest mistake. Okay. I We just didn't realize that that was the holiday. Mm-hmm. Yeah. I called him the next day.

This is within 24 hours. That's what you refer to Mike as a grace period. Ah, okay. Yeah. And I'm like, and I thought United Airlines was totally cool with this. This place will be totally caught with it. Oh yeah. Absolutely not. Oh no. They told me there's absolutely nothing you can do. About this. That's what I [00:07:00] said, because really they said, Mike, that there was a no cancellation policy that I agreed to.

Now listen, when I booked my flight mm-hmm. And it said, do you sign here for insurance in case, whatever. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Okay. I've got two kids who go to high school, a wife, a mother, I, myself. Any of us could get sick at any time. Yeah. And something could happen. I would need to cancel. So I bought the insurance on the plane tickets.

Yeah. I didn't see anything about a no cancellation policy at a hotel. I've booked hotels many times in my life. Mm-hmm. And I've never had a problem changing a. A reservation. Yeah. Or if you have to cancel a reservation. Yeah. They were being, they would not budge. And the guy finally said, I'm like, well, look, I said I can't leave on that day.

I have to change it from Sunday to Tuesday. Yeah. He says, let hold on. So he puts me on hold. About five minutes later, he says, I have reached out to the hotel. They're willing to change the reservation for an additional fee. Are you sitting down? [00:08:00] Okay, of I think $933. What in the hell? 900. Additional wait dollars.

Did you book this through

Mike: like Priceline or something like that? No, not Priceline. Okay. But one of those things that you don't look directly

Darin: it, it was the third party. I didn't

Mike: realize. Yeah. You gotta go directly to the hotel. Yeah. Well, but you thought you were Yeah, I know what you're saying because I

Darin: went to the hotel's website.

Yeah. But it sold you to a third party reservation place. Mm-hmm. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. And he says, will you agree to that price? And I said, no, I can't agree to that price. Now I could have agreed to that price and told my company that this is what's happening, but I'm not gonna do that. No, no. Because I, I grew up poor Uhhuh.

Okay. I'm not frivolous. Yeah. And it's stupid uhhuh and out of just, just the principle of the thing. Out of the principle. Yeah, exactly. What the hell? And I said, no, I can't do that. So I need you. To, I'm gonna have to cancel this reservation. Ah-huh. And he says, well, I don't think you're not gonna be able to do that either because of your, because of this agreement that you made.

And I said, look, I, are they

Mike: gonna come to your house and drag you [00:09:00] there and make you stay in that room? Yeah. I told

Darin: him, I said, look, I've got to, I have to, I, I'm canceling this reservation, uhhuh. He says, well, I'm going to put in the request to cancel it. And you'll know within seven to 10 business days.

Oh, if it's been approved cough. Yeah, they can't. Mm. So that was on a Friday. Yeah, Sunday night. I get the email from them saying, unfortunately we regret to inform you that we cannot cancel this reservation. I mean, I am, I am hot. I'm livid. I'm like, I was like, I'm first than Ticketmaster. Yeah, yeah. I'm like, I'm gonna call my credit card company uhhuh.

I'm going to, I'm gonna have to dispute the charges. I actually did call my credit card company Uhhuh to see what I had to do to dis to dispute the charges, and that would've taken 30 to 60 days. Okay, I need this resolved

Mike: now. Now they took your money. Now why can't they change it now?

Darin: I've been in a dispute situation before.

It does no offense to my credit card company. It does take a lot of time to dispute a charge. Okay. So I, I can't be upset with my credit card company. Yeah, yeah. I'm like at [00:10:00] loss, I'm hot. Okay. I am just like really getting more and more pissed and then I realize, I'm like, Darren, you haven't spoken actually with the hotel.

So I went online. You've been talking to the third party? Party? I've been talking to the third party. Ah, I called the hotel. Yeah. And I spoke with a woman named Linda Powell. Who in Chicago. Okay. Okay. Is she

Mike: okay with you telling her name


Darin: the i? I don't care. Linda, welcome to the share. Linda Powell gets the gold star for customer service excellence Uhhuh, uh, this week on irritable dad syndrome.

Okay. I explained to her what was going on and I said, they are not budging. They won't reschedule my reservation without a $933 fee and they won't cancel my reservation. Yeah. Can you help me? And she said, Yes. Uh, yeah, I can, in her exact words, that doesn't make any sense. I said, no, it doesn't. And she, and so I'm, I'm giving her all the codes that they gave me and everything.

She says, let's, um, let's give 'em a call. Oh, [00:11:00] so I have never done this. Okay. You were on the, the line with them yesterday. I've, I've never done this. Uh, I called them Uhhuh and then conferenced her in. I merged calls. Okay. Oh, no. I don't technically know how to do this. And so they're like, you know, good evening, whatever.

Yeah. And I'd already talked to 'em. Yeah. Like earlier that day, Uhhuh, and I'm talking to them again. I'm like, hi, this is Darren Cox again asking you one more time, can you change this? Unfortunately we can't. And she goes, um, yeah, you can.

Mike: Her

Darin: exact words did he say, oh, you got your mom on the phone to help you out?

He did ask what her name was in her position. She's like, I'm Linda Powell. I work the front desk in, in charge of customer service, and this is something else you, oh, and, and he said, there's, there's no way we can. She goes, yes you can. She said, There's a grace period, and he didn't cancel his reservation.

Uhhuh, if you cancel a reservation within 20 days of your stay Uhhuh, then there's a charge Uhhuh. Okay. [00:12:00] But he's not canceling it. He's modifying it. You can modify a reservation. Yeah, yeah, yeah. And he's just, and he's like, I, there's nothing

Mike: magical about the first time you talked to him.

Darin: Yeah. And he's like, well, we have a no problem.

She goes, she goes, no, that doesn't apply. Yeah. At all. And then, hang on. We'll, uh, we need to put you on hold. And she says, Mr. Cox, well, while we're on hold, she goes, if they won't do this, I'm gonna handle it over here. I will, I will. She, she says, I'm going to make you a new reservation, and uh, we will, we'll cancel this all out.

Yeah. And then so then they come back after five minutes of having me on hold. Yeah. And they said, well, we need to contact the hotel. She goes, you're talking to the people at the hotel? I'm, I am literally at the hotel now. And, and, and she's like, you can do this. He's not gonna get a fee. And he will, you can change his reservation.

Yeah. Yeah. And I'm like, Ben Affleck in Goodwill Hunting instead of How you like me now? You know? Yeah. [00:13:00] You tell 'em, Linda? Yeah. Yeah. I just, I just wanted so bad to go booya in your face. Suck it, you know? Um, so they finally put me on hold again, and then Linda was on hold. Yeah. And they did reach out and speak to her, which she told them, yeah, yes you can.

Yeah. This date, blah, blah, blah. And, and my God, it was an hour. Wow. I was on the phone. Wow. She was on the phone. Yeah. And they were on the phone for an hour. Oh my God. And I told her, I said, Linda, you get absolutely the customer service award of of the year. Yeah. I mean, my God. She was absolutely amazing.

And so That's awesome. I've got one PE one on one line, people being Yeah. And then she couldn't be possibly be nicer. Mm-hmm. And helping out whatever. Not only did she change my reservation, I saved $200. Ooh. It was less than what had had been, had I booked it originally and stayed. Yeah. So the moral of this story is, and [00:14:00] when I was talking to these people earlier on the phone, Uhhuh Uhhuh, they said, there's nothing we can do.

I said, uh, I think you can. Yeah. Yeah. I'm certain that you can, there is something you can do, but these are things that, that you're not doing Uhhuh. Now, I didn't yell, I didn't, uh, cuss. I didn't call anybody names. Yeah, yeah. But I, at one point I did go vice president on them because I'm talking, they interrupted me and I said, I'm talking, I'm talking, I'm speaking right now.

Yeah. Yeah. And I pulled the, you know, and I turned into the element. There used to be a time when we had customer service and people seem to care about people and their problems and Yeah. Yeah. And. Anyway, but, uh, Linda was just like, you know, when we want you to enjoy your stay here. Yeah. And when you come back to Chicago, we want you to stay with us again.

Yeah. She gave me a drink voucher tag on breakfast. Yeah. Yeah. Br br amazing. Awesome. Absolutely amazing. That's awesome. So, kudos to my best friend Linda, who uh Oh wow. Helped me out when nobody else would. The moral of this story is booked directly with, uh, [00:15:00] booked directly. Yes. Yeah. So, and when they tried to charge you an exorbitant, a preposterous, a penultimate fee, yeah, no.

Mike: So I've had, yeah, I've had a long standing, um, Thing that I live by, which is always direct book. Directly. Yeah. I did today book with one of those places that you're talking about right now. Mm-hmm. So I kind of broke my own thing. Yeah. But I, I did the, I hate when I break my own thing.

Darin: Yeah, that's what

Mike: she said.

Um, because we're going to Vegas later in the year and I did a thing where, Everything's gonna jump up in price. I'm going to grab something right now. Right. And then I'm gonna look for something better while I'm, when I have some breathing room. So I know that we have someplace to sleep and now I'm gonna scout things out.

Yeah. So I found a better place today. Yeah. And I had to do it through one of these things that, that rhymes with rice time or something. I don't know. I don't know if they're the ones I use, but Right. Um, uh, so then I can then go back and cancel the other one, but in general. Mm-hmm. Um, [00:16:00] you know, that. For the years before I was traveling all the time, I was going to Europe a lot and flying a lot.

Yeah. And I always used Delta. Mm-hmm. And I remember. On personal flights that I was paying for by myself. I would go through these booking places and it's like the cheapest flight or whatever, and they are so restrictive on you have to pay this to you, pick your seed and you, you can't do this. And if you cancel all, my God, if you go directly with Delta, I had multiple situations where I was stuck in this country or over here.

Mm-hmm. And. I called Delta and it's literally you have a, I had an app on my phone. I press it, I'm talking to a person. Yes. Like a person. Yes. And they say, oh, you're in such and such. Yeah. And where do you need, oh, you need to be there. Yeah. You need gonna get there in about four hours. Okay. Well go down to Gate 43.

Mm-hmm. There's somebody named Craig. Yeah. He'll take your ticket. And it's not for that flight. Mm-hmm. But keep me on the phone. Yeah. And I'll talk to, and [00:17:00] like they bend over. Backwards. Yeah. Um, you know, and, and it's amazing. So I, from that, those few experiences, yeah. Going forward for all of our trips, personal, even though it's a little bit more expensive, I always book directly with Delta because some, if something happens, I know that they will work with me on it.


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Darin: So how you feeling?

Mike: I feel Okay, good. I am six pounds lighter. Ooh, okay. Yeah. Daddy went, daddy went to town. Mm-hmm. So here's what happened. Okay.

Darin: So last week now you thought you had food poisoning. Was it food poisoning or? I don. Okay.

Mike: No. Okay. And that's why I'm not even going to say any rhymey things because with the place that I ate, because that's a real quick path to get old IDSS coffers, we have about 30 cents in our account.

They'll take all 30 pennies. So I ain't going there, but [00:19:00] I ate at a place Uhhuh. Okay. And I went through the,

Darin: let's just call it Golden Corral.

Mike: No shit. It was not Golden Corral. They're, they're, they're no longer Oh. Oh, they're not? Yeah. Okay. Yeah. So I ate a Golden Corral. It wasn't gold. No it wasn't Golden Corral.

Um, aren't they really gone? They're gone. Yeah. I'd always planned to have one last meal there before, you know, to send

Darin: them off. Yeah, just stick your head right

Mike: in the chocolate fountain and get some mal liquor and do it upright. Yep. Anyway, so I ate at this place and I go through the rest of my day and I feel okay.

Yeah. And I go to the gym. Mm-hmm. And I get about halfway through my workout and I'm thinking, man, this workout's really hard. Feel like I'm gonna throw up. Yeah. I'm, I need to go home. And I went home in the middle of the workout. Uh, I didn't even take a shower before I got into bed. That's how bad it was.

Uh, because I hate doing that. And I woke up a couple of hours later and I was freezing. I was under the covers in a full sweat and, Freezing. Yep. And I got up and I felt [00:20:00] like I had to, uh, the puss, I had to get, I had to throw up

Darin: the technical yawn. Yeah. And I kissed, shout, shout in Europe at the

Mike: sink. So I'm laying there thinking I haven't been sick like this.

Since Thanksgiving years ago at my mom's house, we ended up in the hospital Ooh. For a night. Or not admitted, just in the emergency room, but uh, that was a horrible three or four days, getting over that. Yeah, I couldn't, I couldn't ingest anything and keep it down, which included caffeine, so I had a horrible headache on top of everything else.

So I'm laying there thinking I, this, I'm, this is my reality right now, and I felt like I had to vomit. I knew that if I went into. The bathroom and started, I would do it. I would feel better, but I was like, that is admitting defeat. I'm not gonna do that. I'm not sick. Uh, I laid there, I woke up again, I was freezing, then hot, all this stuff on and on and on.

Uh, finally, uh, had my temperature taken. Let me rephrase that. I took my [00:21:00] temperature. When I say had my temperature taken, it sounds like somebody jammed something up. My Jimmy. No.

Darin: Hey, what happened? Uh,

Mike: I took an oral temperature. Okay. And yeah, it was hot. Yeah, Uhhuh. And so I went ahead and texted, you know, I'm not gonna be in, this is not good.

I have a thing. Yeah. And probably about two or three in the morning I go into the bathroom and I'm like, this is it. I'm, I'm hurling. Mm-hmm. And the meal in question came

Darin: out now. Okay. Listen to me,

Mike: listen to me, cuz I want to paint this picture very clearly

Darin: for you. I don't know that you want to. Okay.

Mike: Now remember I went home.

And in the middle of my workout, I take a pre-workout drink that's very fruity. Okay. Okay. It's a very bad thing to have come back up the other way. Combined with this meal that caused me all this pain. Apologies, which caused me to have some horrible groaning going along with this Uhhuh at two or three in the morning.

Yeah. And um, oh, it was a rough one the whole next day. Kind of the [00:22:00] same thing. Off and on, off and on. Could not keep anything down. Uh, I think it was Friday. I finally got to the point I had to actually go into work. I had to. Do something for a report. I, I, I needed to be in there for 20 minutes. I did that.

The time I came back, I was absolutely exhausted. Still hadn't eaten anything more than like half a cup of rice. Yeah. And went to sleep and slept all through the night. Woke up Saturday morning and felt queasy, but Okay. Yeah. So I had like a salad. You know, just, ugh. And I, I forced, I forced coffee down my throat.

I told Bess, I was like, I'm not dealing with this headache. I don't care. I if I don't care, if I throw it up again, I'm gonna drink the coffee. Yeah. The whole thing. So in the midst of all this, uh, you had messaged me, are you alive? How are you doing? Mm-hmm. Are we doing the show? Yeah. And I'm like, no, no, no, no, no.

And I actually sat down to do some editing. Mm-hmm. I made it about 30 seconds before I started dry heaving again and had to quit. I could not even look at a screen uhhuh until. Late Saturday, [00:23:00] early Sunday. I did all of that stuff Sunday and then I finished it up last night. Yeah. So I didn't touch anything that whole time.

Boy, howdy. Yeah. So the fun thing.

Darin: Oh,

Mike: oh, okay. Because I'm an optimist, I look on the bright side of things. Okay. I'd lost six pounds. And just looking at my favorite snack foods during that whole ordeal mm-hmm. Made me want to fricking hurl even more the idea of buttered popcorn, which is one of my favorite.

Oh yeah. Oh yeah. It made me a little queasy right now. Sounds pretty fricking good. Yeah. Um, I could not eat anything bad for me. The only

Darin: thing I can eat when I get that sick mm-hmm. Is, uh, like, uh, peanut butter crackers. Yeah. Or saltines. Mm-hmm. And, uh, Sprite.

Mike: So, yeah. Another thing that happens to me in the midst of all this is that I, whenever I have a fever, I always get a song stuck in my head.


Darin: me on Evil. Evil turns me on. It turns me on Evil. [00:24:00] Evil turns me. Was it Chills in Fever by Tom Jones? No. Okay.

Mike: No, it's different every time. It's whatever I happen to be listening to. I've been on a kick of that band that shall not be named. Okay. Of a newer album that came out and I've had this song, it's been, it was stuck in my head for three or four days and I, I could not get it out.

I started listening to anything to get that song out, but I'd turn off the sound and that thing would come back, so I can't listen to them now. It, it's the same as like, I can't eat at this place I just ate at. Mm-hmm. I can't listen to these guys. Uh, in that vein. Yeah. I couldn't for a few days. I came back to 'em eventually, but I'm still not going back to eat at the Golden Corral.

Yeah. Sons of

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Darin: You know, that old joke about, you know, men and women want equal rights, except for when there's an invasion in the house, then it's the man who has to go check the noise. It's the bill Burr. Yeah. Bill's there. Yeah. Well, that happened last week. You had to go check a noise. Yeah. It wasn't in the middle of the night though.

But, uh, I was, uh, I was in the bedroom and Libby was outside. She goes, what's that noise? What was that noise? What, what, what? And then she's like, did you hear that? [00:26:00] Did you hear that? You know, and the kids are freaking out. And then I come out and I was like, what noise you talking about? She's like, it's like, shh.

I don't know why. When you hold both hands in the air Yeah. It helps you hear better. Yeah. Yeah. And she's like, listen, yeah. I don't hear anything. I'm like, I'm, I'm going back. Um, back, tell what I was. So Jacob runs in our room and gets the bat and he is, uh, like ready to go. Uhhuh. He is so ready to go. Yeah.

And then she's like, there it is again. I'm like, okay. So I come back out and uh, she goes, it's upstairs and. She says, it sounds like Velcro being ripped. I'm like, what the hell makes a noise like Velcro being ripped. Hmm. That's like a, like a knock can be a bird flying in the window. Bird farting. If a, if a, that means that you might have a bat or a mouse in the ceiling Yeah.

Or something. I don't know. But I'm walking upstairs and I don't hear anything. Mm-hmm. Nothing. And we, we walk up, we look in all the rooms, nothing. I go back downstairs and then [00:27:00] there it is again. That's a bat. Yeah. No. Okay. I, I go back up. And, uh, in our office. Mm-hmm. Cameron had a, a stress ball that was a, basically a balloon filled with rice.

Yeah. I don't know why he has a homemade stress ball, but he had a homemade stress ball. Yeah. That outta nowhere just popped. Oh. And then the rice Oh. Would fall on the floor. Okay. Yeah. So that's what it was. I'm like, why do you have a stress ball? Yeah. Why do you have a homemade stress ball? He's got fidgets galore.

He, you know, he goes, oh, I don't know. And then, how did it pop on its own? It just just popped. Yeah. Yeah. On its own. Yeah. Rice everywhere. Yeah. So we cleaned that all up and uh, so that was the noise. And then you know, Jacob and I, Jacob with bat and hand. We cleaned it up and we vacuumed it, but it reminded me of the story that I know.

I told on the podcast one time of Cameron came downstairs, woke us up, says, I think there's cocaine in my bedroom. Yeah. Yeah. Go upstairs. [00:28:00] That was another thing. He had a balloon. With full, with cocaine, it was full, no full of flour. Okay. All right. Yeah. Why do you have a balloon full of flour? Yeah. How do you fill a balloon full of flour?

I don't know. Mm-hmm. But so we're done with homemade stress balls. We're just done.

That's right. Before we go, I wanted to do a shout out to my mom. My mom lives like 10 minutes down the street from us. Uh, last week it was just pouring down rain. Yeah, just poking buckets. Raining cats and dogs, as they would say. Oh, yeah. I got a text from my mom that said, is it raining at your house? Yeah.

No, mom, it's, it's 80 degrees. Yeah, sunny, like partly cloudy with a nice gentle breeze. Yeah, it's really beautiful up here. You should be here right now. Anyway, guys, we, uh, we thank you for listening. Like we mentioned at the beginning, you know, go to irritable dance syndrome.com and sign up for Patreon and you can listen to tons of bonus stuff.

I mean, we have hours and hours of bonus stuff on [00:29:00] that site. We've been doing this show 146 episodes now. And we throw stuff on there almost every single week. So it's it, I'm telling you, it's worth the time. And all you gotta do is donate a buck, five bucks, whatever all the options are there. You can do that.

You can listen to every episode we have by going to irritable dad center.com. Every damn one of 'em, guys. We'll see you next week on Irritable Dad Center. Thanks.

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Mike: Checky Checky. That's distorted.

Darin: Well, yeah, when you do that, when you eat the microphone that Yeah.

Mike: And then, and then I told her whatever

Darin: as if. Yeah.

Mike: You know, I, I don't even, he's he's always talking about, um, toggling things. Yeah.

Darin: Well, he lives by himself. I don't know if

Mike: you know that they go and move everything around.

They [00:30:00] take all the la, they take all the peaks and lower 'em, and they go,

Darin: yeah. Huh? Yeah. Huh? Yeah.

Dave: Welcome to a very special episode of Irritable Dad Syndrome. I just broke wind.

Sorry guys. I've been up a long time.