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Dec. 15, 2020

IDS #16 - How Did They Build the Death Star?

IDS #16 - How Did They Build the Death Star?
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This one's a doozy.  Mike and Darin start off arguing like a pair of old codgers, and lead into Mike's rant about EVERYTHING on the internet needing to be a video these days.   Once hopped up on a Monster energy drink, the show shifts into high gear and tackles such topics as dog-poo flinging etiquette, the physics and science of Star Wars:  how to build a Death Star, Cantina music, AT-AT's  (also known as giant camel tanks), each planet's "theme", and WTF is up with Bespin?!?  A few customer service stories, listener Just Stops, and Mike's family's new obsession with Lord of the Rings.  Finally - we end the show with a taste test of a flippin' Zero bar.  

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