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Dec. 22, 2020

IDS #17 - You're Bothering People

The Christmas Episode!
Rough start, some merch talk, and a review!  Mike has finally, after 16 episodes, learned a simple editing task that everyone on the planet has known for decades.  We discuss MORE issues with Star Wars, and talk a bit about an aspect of The Mandalorian that flipped Mike out.  We touch on Tom Hanks and Robin Williams doing serious roles.  Someone sent a case of Zero bars to the irritable duo!  Chestnuts come up - and Darin is shocked that this leads to more discussion than it probably should have.  Darin discusses a short story by Dave Sedaris, and Mike talks about getting to Return of the King in the latest Lord of the Rings viewing with the kids - and how that led to about 30 minutes of ugly crying.  We unleash a new segment - "Duh!" - and have a Just Stop about people getting too opinionated about how YOU like your burgers/steak/etc.  Finally, we end with Christmas presents!

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