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Jan. 12, 2021

IDS #20 - Made with Real Ingredients

IDS #20 - Made with Real Ingredients
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You don't put syrup on a salad - yep, that argument starts up again briefly.  The duo talk about cereal combinations, bands of the 80's (including Billy Idol, Phil Collins, Genesis, Paul Simon, Rush, and - uh - of course, U2).  Darin tells a story of a fan coming up to him after a show, and talks about meeting Jeff Foxworthy and The Monkees.  Darin and his mullet look like they should be selling encyclopedias - and Mike tells a story of just how far a salesman can push somebody before a friendly visit turns into a Tarantino scene.  Just Stop includes Frosted Mini-Wheats - and Match.com's commercial where Satan gets a date! 

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