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Jan. 19, 2021

IDS #21 - Standing in Front of the Cheese, Waiting for Something to Happen

Mike kicks off this episode with a story about losing his wallet in France, as well as the difficulties in maintaining proper hygiene on long flights as well as unfortunately sized European garments.  We talk briefly about the Turkish airplane that had a bad tire, and Darin tells a story about Sbarro.  A devoted fan points out that the show has coined the phrase "pulling a Mike" - and Mike is excited about his recent hearing test.  Darin got a prescription ordering his family to bring him grilled cheese on-demand, and waxes poetic about the Animaniacs reboot.  Darin went to Best Buy and entered the queue, and Mike managed to have two Craigslist meetings in one day - one involving a basement - and didn't get stabbed at all!  Finally, we answer listener questions about Sweetest Day and other useless things.

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