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Jan. 26, 2021

IDS #22 - Freebasing Brownie Heaven

IDS #22 - Freebasing Brownie Heaven
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Buckle up, punks, and stow away the kids.  The quacker gets a work-out on this one:  Darin's quitting Orange Theory because of the music, and Mike's annoyed at needing a reason to exercise.  Discussions of salsa-mixing, over-salting oneself, and general gluttony ensues - culminating in Klondike bar fantasies, horse attacks, and Tums abuse.  Mike's theory on treating your body like a trash compactor before a doctor tells you not to and Darin unveils a terrifyingly amazing way to eat cookies late at night with milk from the freezer.  Darin's friend broke his foot - and it's flippin' hilarious.  Finally, the duo once again gets weepy and nostalgic about Captain America's "on your left" moment in Endgame - and Darin is spittin' mad about Mountain Dew flavors.

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