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Feb. 2, 2021

IDS #23 - Watch for Falling Salsa

IDS #23 - Watch for Falling Salsa
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The duo are gonna "take ya out behind the wood shed", and learn ya what real podcastin' is all about.  Actually, they're just gonna talk about random stuff like always.  Dave, the IDS announcer, gets a little lippy and that leads to talks about fights from the duo's childhood.  Chris Hughes get mentioned again for some odd reason, and we find out a listener's husband has a podcast!  IDS got a donation from a generous listener, and we talk about upcoming premium features (as soon as we figure that stuff out).  Unusual injuries and high school reunion stories lead up to "The Vintage Man" - a horrible idea for a morally bankrupt business plan.  Plenty of disclaimers in this one, folks.  

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