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Feb. 16, 2021

IDS #25 - Gut Your Pop-Tart

IDS #25 - Gut Your Pop-Tart
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We welcome our first guest to the show, actor/comedian and host of The Life Radio Show  - Don Smith!
We talk about the Paris Hilton podcast, get our first virtual cursing by the (banned) Christ Hughes, and talk about Don's past and future projects - including "Six Feet Below Hell", "The  Goocher", "Buttons", and more!
Random news stories come up - World of Warcraft makes an appearance (Darfin was so happy about this), and we wind up getting into Pop Tarts and how many cacti you can strap to your body before you being to question your choices.

Find out more about Don's show, "The Life Radio Show", at www.thelife1069.com,  on Facebook, and Twitter

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Don SmithProfile Photo

Don Smith

Actor / Comedian / Radio Personality

Don Smith has been acting in local theatre and film for several years and has recently branched into stand-up comedy.