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Sept. 21, 2021

IDS #56 - Get Your Meat Off My Root Beer!

IDS #56 - Get Your Meat Off My Root Beer!
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Darin discusses the passing of a great friend.  Also, we discuss the legacy of Norm MacDonald.  Darfin got a bunny, and knows someone who worked on The Beastmaster!!  There's new stuff abound on the IDS website, and Mike's got the Kroger story of the week with.....root beer!  Mike started a fire in his backyard......again.  Billy Joel concert talk, and Darin's kid flipped cheese on a lady.  Darin and Mike talk a little Pink Floyd - and we talk about the mysterious yard de-pooper story.

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00:00:00And I took the psychopath test too and it was like, ridiculous ID. Yeah, and it said, I don't even think we talked to have. Yeah, did you answer yes to any of them? The one about bugs, you dream in black and white, you dream in black and white, I think so, apparently show me my comedy. I was the hottest thing to hit the planet since the Pontiac Vibe. Now here are your host, Mike and Darren. Hey, everybody, and welcome to episode 56, we're recording the show. It is September 14th, and we've mentioned this several times. On this podcast. We always record the show a week in advance. Sometimes two weeks in advance, if one of us has a vacation. But today,
00:00:59Is I want to talk about something very near and dear to my heart on September 12th. One of my very good friends. In this world, Tim cable. He passed away from Co-op mentioned, this on my Facebook page, and on my Twitter. He was just one of the best friends I've ever had. He was one of the greatest storytellers somebody could ever ever. Hope to know. We're going to post a link to his, to his obit to the video that they made for my, my old TV station wwhl.com. There was a, there was a, like, a point. Like he was somebody was leaving her. He was leaving or something. You made a 1-minute video. You have a mullet seem like a funny guy. He was a very funny guy Seattle for five years ago. He left my TV station guy, and everybody was sending in going away messages for him and I sent that and I brought that back out and showed it again. He looked very familiar. Like, I don't know if I might have. I don't think I would know if I knew him, but he seemed very familiar and your mullet seems very familiar.
00:01:59I have a great moment. So I come from an area with a lot of mullets. Yeah. Okay. Yours look like a 50 year. Old woman. Mullet did not did not. You did now. You you like a cross between that and like a horse's mane where it flows like it flutters on the side, but the back looks like it space to download. Are you okay. You guys you guys when you watch the video there's a part where Darren is running away from the camera and I challenge you.
00:02:33Do not think of a horse Galloping away.
00:02:37I'm just saying, I'm just saying turning this way from what I was talking about, what I'm here for.
00:02:45So one of the things I wanted to talk about was there was one night where Tim cable was on Letterman no reached out to news anchors across the Great United States of ours, and the category was top 10 least popular news. Anchor sign-offs did was they got 10 anchors and that one of Virginia and then Tim and Johnson City and someone in Hawaii whatever and here's the audio around the country, your anchor team like Don and Debbie Larry and Susie or whatever, they happen to be late when they sign off of the 11 news. They have a little little, little catchphrase.
00:03:35But I have a little catchphrase at and it makes the home viewer, feel better because it's a connection. It's like part of the family. Are you getting ready to go to a lot going to bed? Of course? God, forbid, you'd stay up to watch this show, but you're getting ready to go to bed. And so here, we have the top 10 least popular, a news anchor, sign of Affiliates, all over the country, in Johnson City, Tennessee. Let's take a few moments to notice. Just how handsome I am.
00:04:03I really have good looking. Is he? My favorite part was, when David's, not that good looking is, Tim love that. And I wanted to tell a story about him. Not a lot of people know, and it's not like it's a secret story, but I was in Tim's wedding and Tim was at our wedding. When we got married. We gave trophies out to our parents into, you know, certain friends in best man than that type of thing. So, and Lisa Kaplan who are co-anchors at the time, they came up and my mother-in-law, she was never really like, Starstruck with people who wasn't a thing that she really seemed to care about you. She saw Tim cable there and she's like, oh my goodness. I know him. I've watched him on TV for years, and she was talking to my uncle Rodger. And she said, I would love to go over there and and I'd like to go over there. Talk to me. Okay, talk to him. So let me know and we
00:05:03My mother-in-law Joyce, walk across the room. I mean, she would never walk across the room to meet anybody. So we're watching this and she walks across and we see her talking to Tim at my Uncle. Rodger starts laughing so hard, he's about to fall out of the chair because we see Tim start laughing and I wasn't Rodger and I said, what's going on? What's so funny? If he said, she couldn't remember his name. So I told her that his name was Dave, Dirkson competitor, walks over and she introduces himself to Tammy's, start smiling and laughing. He sees Uncle Rodger laughing. He knows exactly what's going on. And what are you doing? And he talked and talked and talked and she came back and found out what Rodger did. I was she was so mad.
00:06:03Absolutely, one of the greatest nicest kindest people and I miss him horribly. And so, for Christina, moon for his son's Trevor, Adrian and Andrea are all my love to you, and all the fans out there who enjoyed Tim cable and his series cable country. My love goes out to you, something else that happened today. Yeah, Norm Macdonald died cable was 60. So tomorrow, somebody famous, who's 62. I just passed away. I feel like we should put a put a very special episode of irritable Down syndrome. Donald hit me because as a kid, remember watching him in the 80s, they had those comedian like that there half hour show or whatever. I want to self. Remember, seeing him. And he was a new comic when he was young. I said, I posted on Facebook. I said, he's right one of the funniest people.
00:07:03Riverwalk, the plan is true. But at the time, what was funny to me was that I couldn't tell whether he was bombing or killing it. But people were laughing. It was really hard to tell whether they were laughing with you anymore at him. And what made, you know, what was really cool about him is I don't think he cared. No, I don't think all these people were laughing. There's a great video on YouTube of him dealing with a Heckler and he just spent, like, 10 minutes. Then how come you don't think I find you. If you didn't, like, the look of the Ya-Ya did not think he was one of my favorite things that he did was his final, his show on his last appearance on David Letterman the country, the country that he was most scared of his Germany. And then he says, I don't know if there's any
00:08:03StoryBots, I still lose it. Every time they started the war with the world and it was closed.
00:08:21And then, there's going to be a country no more anymore on account of. You tried to fight the world. Oh my God, so funny. He's gone or what? Before it before we move on from Norman,, Okay, if if you out there and irritable dad land have not watched his podcast, his video podcast that he did, some of the funniest stuff you will ever see on YouTube, the one of the funniest things and you have to, I don't want to offend anyone. So if you're easily offended, first of all, welcome. You're clearly not but go in. He did a thing where he would make the most horrible joke jokes that were so any everything bad. Cancel culture, each one of these jokes would end a career, he wrote tons of them and he would give them on cards to his guests to read the guests included, Gilbert Gottfried and I think Seinfeld was on there.
00:09:21Most famous one that you probably have seen, even if you're not looking for, it is super Dave, super day was on the first episode and super Dave lost it that combined with his co-host who was intentionally not funny and asked every single comedian-actor or anyone that came in the show. You ask them all the same question. So, where do you get your ideas?
00:09:44It's you can watch these kids are all over YouTube. I think it's a good way to Tribute him out their fingernail clippers. Since 1947. The trim brand has provided quality Clippers to help, make your fingernails. Look their absolute best whole, but here's a fun fact that you know, that the trim brand was founded in Shelton. Connecticut. It's true. Just one more reason to visit the Show-Me State or is it the Nutmeg State that doesn't matter. Now, back to the show.
00:10:20We got a rabbit.
00:10:25Or do you call a rabbit and a bunny bunny bunny? And we got one because for the longest time, the boys to hopping wrote, it is what it is. It's a cute little bunny with sewage little. Wiggly knows. Okay, Dora Bowl Jay wouldn't when I go over your house is going to jump and scratch me like Dakota does no, it's not. Okay. Do you want somebody? Actually you can walk the moon?
00:10:55I got home today and then my wife spent, like, $80 on stuff for the bunny rabbit. She's losing her mind with the bunny rabbit, and it's adorable. So cute. So we are the boys wanted a job. They wanted a dog for the longest time, and I like guys, we're not going to get a dog. We're not home enough to have a dog to properly. Take care of a dog is a responsible. And so when we had Conrad, yeah, the last however, many years we had him. He was home by himself 9, or yeah, that's unfair to the dog. And I feel guilty, and they go right out and you can do whatever you want and come back and wow. Smelling salts. And there's bugs. Yeah. Yeah. Reading data.
00:11:51Libby. One of the boys have a pet guinea pig or what if we get a gerbil or a ferret, and I didn't want to fair cuz I hear they stink and I hear. They're crazy how you are one of Beast Masters uses it a ferret. Oh, oh, go on. Pogo, evil guy. I know you. How have we been friends? The song that you haven't told me that really, she with the zoo school? And Shih Tzu school, new school school, to learn how to work in a zoo. She's studied The Beastmaster. Everything about all the animals. She's trained otters. Okay. She's going to ask you how much rain for otters in Delight, Cresskill. Sellable trade, and dolphins will get her as a guest on the show sometime and then we'll talk.
00:12:51Cuz we she also juggles. So we were juggling Wednesday night and she went to have a beer with us. Ok, Google just sitting there talking and shaving Jacqueline ferrets. And she said, yeah, I mean, back in the day when I work on The Beastmaster weed that's like, it's like, so you vicariously through me, know someone who has worked slick marketing or separation and the the ferrets over on the Beast. And realize you're sitting next to the guy that Arnold Schwarzenegger took the clothes from its beginning to Terminator 2. Exactly. Like what the hell, I want your clothes and they were like cut.
00:13:37Any way back to the wrap-up Beastmaster that I brought up the point. The finger at me. There's three fingers pointing back you can I say something. Yeah, you're going to do a few movies in the 80s that have a more awesome title that Beastmaster with RoboCop as much as I love beer answer. I need to watch it again. I don't really see the seams now, so we didn't want a ferret. We didn't want a gerbil we talked about getting a guinea pig and this and that and then let me know if what if I grab it and then it was like then I'm like, okay we bought the rabbit on the same day that I found that my friend Tim K. Okay. That's right. You post when we went to church and we had lunch with my son's girl.
00:14:37Friend and her mom and we were talking about it and I was having a horrible day. I was having a rotten day and I was very, very upset, and depressed, you and Libby said, well, what do you want to go to the store? And look at the bunny? Rabbits and see what they have. And I'm like, yes, I need to do something uplifting and we went just to look. Yeah, that's how that happened to look at the rabbits. And so we're looking at this cute little caramel and white bunny rabbit and and they liked you want to pick it up. I'm like, yeah, I want to pick it up cuz I don't I don't want to Holy Grail. Monty Python, Holy Grail, rip your throat out of the solid white one that we weren't about to do that. And I'm like, okay, let's get the rabbit. I made it by decision as we were walking in, when you feed a rabbit, you feed it.
00:15:37Hey, hey, yeah, it's called it's called Timothy Hay. It's it's named after somebody, it's special. So we feed hay. And then a little bit of anybody of people purchasing the pallet. So they like Steven flash compressor the brains. Okay, and yeah, okay. So, okay. So dogs will piss all over the house, right? Shoot right. Julie like your furniture, your shoes, your kids, your guests. Yes. What city. I am in my ribcage. So what are rabbits do there in the wind? Is it going, is it in there like that drink in the toilet water? Nothing. I mean, he fine in the shower this rabbit. It's like you can
00:16:37Litter box, trained them. They will accept apparently go in their litter box and it's where they poopy and make their pee pees him, two days Vicky his, I also goes by and figs in fig figler or the Fig, man, that's coincidence. That we bought the bunny on the same day that my friend. Tim cable died. Yes, how we got him home and I realized something Tim cables nickname for Libby. My wife was funny. He was they were coming over to our house one day and he's a bunny that we're on our way. And then he had a big laugh about it. Like I don't know why, I couldn't remember Olivia's name and I don't know why I called her bunny, but then he called her bunny all the time all the time. After that was funny.
00:17:37The connection with a bunny on the data temp table. So I like to think that Tim had something to do with me the rabbit. Another coincidence died on the day, Johnny Cash died, the same, the anniversary of Johnny Cash death. My old TV station w h. L they ran a video about him and they showed a clip and the first clip, they showed his him singing cry cry. Cry with this little boy, who had a guitar and he sing along in the boy. Finally stops. A guitarist is Tim. If you don't stop singing, I'm going to cry cry. Cry. That's a Johnny Cash song with its unique enzyme action. Deaf dissolves, old paste and cuts wallpaper removal time and a half. That's right. Half. Imagine all the free time. You'll have after. Stripping wallpaper with diff tell, you can take a walk, go to a movie or shoot pool with your own.
00:18:37Buddy. That just got out of prison. Your options are unlimited with diff. Oh, and did I mention that? No Steamers needed. It may sound crazy but it's true. No, steamer is needed. When removing wallpaper with this death is the only one that really works. Look for death, wherever quality. Wallpaper stripper is sold with the official, wallpaper stripper of the 2021 Summer Olympic Games, paint with you. I wanted to mention something what episode 54? Yeah, truck nuts. Troy is slowly. It's about to become our second. Most popular episode of all time are listeners out. There were downloading it for listening to it. Hopefully, they enjoyed. I'd like to ask them. Why they chose that when it's xecular everytime. I listen to the, no, no, no, no. No, I got all these different titles. We got one that mentions truck nuts and it shoots up cuz you and I got discussion about the alliteration in it.
00:19:37Yeah, yeah, that's why. That's why they didn't to be my new gamertag. Well, thank you doll. The people have downloaded. Thank you for listening to it. And we hope that you subscribe to you on our website. You can listen to previous episodes and you can buy new merchandise. Oh, yeah, we changed up the merch. Dorsey. We had some complaints about the previous merch store. Most of them coming from us cuz we both thought I wanted to buy a T-shirt and unfortunately, my kids can't go to college now, but it was really expensive. I'm there and got a few things and I'll be the first to admit it at the best quality. I wasn't that excited. Right to T spring and the cool thing about Teespring is I can link right to it. Yeah, it's got all of our stuff and it was really easy to recreate the merch. We've done it with some of the new artwork and some of the older artwork. Little cartoon dads is drawn by my younger Son. Charlie.
00:20:37I don't think he realized that I was serious. When I told him, I want you to draw something for the show. I think he thought that I met, I'm going to post it on Facebook, a few people to see it. That'll be enough. I didn't think he would realize that people are now going to potentially have water bottles with the his drawing. He's going to want to do you have the big bunny ears, you know, I've been waiting to talk to you about this because that was what we that's you.
00:21:02I'm the tall one for the tall when I'm the little guy in the back than I am cuz we asked, we asked Charlie Who's Who? And he pointed? He said, this Darren, that's you. And I was like, why does Darren because best was started laughing? She's like, why does Darren have things coming out of his head? Those are your glasses? Those are the, you're with her holding your glasses to your head? Yeah, but we're both wearing glasses this whole time. I thought, since you were taller than I am. I thought I was wrong with me. I thought I was the one with the stuff coming out of my head blown. Well, that changes are hilarious because he said he could draw a better picture on my buddy. This picture is perfect. Yeah. This this just
00:21:46You scroll and you'll see that you're like, what is this? So, I thought it was great. Yeah, I'm getting a pint Glass. By the way. Was it with the dad? With the two dads are going to fight class and I'm just a little bit pretty soon. We're going to have some merchandise from one of the most popular sponsors on the show. Yes. So stay tuned for us to be some cool stuff. There's going to be more cool stuff,, Here's the deal. I went to Kroger to get some my normal stuff. Alright. Blue Bunny. Ice cream sandwiches and some popcorn spicy Lay's Flamin. Dill chips and diet A&W Root Beer because I like Diet A&W Root. How you do a whole 12 pack and a 12 pack in the bottom of the cart, a lot of meat, like a man, chicken and sauce.
00:22:46All this stuff and I don't want that much in my root beer. Okay, I just don't get your meat off. My root beer, root beer. So I had it on the bottom of the car. All right, I put all my stuff from the top up on the thing. And I always put my root beer at the end. It's like an end cap because sometimes they don't have those little divider, you know, the little did this is my that your fighter plastic. So they got rid of that because they have it. So I put it back by my end of you, get all goes through the stuff and I'm looking and I don't see a bagger and I'm like, well, this is going to be one of those Kroger transfer. I got a bag, my own groceries, which annoys the piss out of me.
00:23:28Annoys me but can't cuz I used to work at work, or did you know this? I used to work at Kroger. I don't want to get too far into this. Hotel is story of different time when we were in, when we were told you. I worked at the Kroger there for awhile. And I know some things about how the cheer stuff works. I know that they're well-paid and they should be right there back in that stuff. So, when I get to Elaine, and I don't see a bagger, I just, it's just like, yeah, you know, it's just annoying bugs me because I'm not good at it. And then I feel guilty when it's piled up liking stuff, you had a bag. I have one bag and Son of a, I don't want to learn this one of those. Like you have them mow the lawn, but I want to but as they're going a badger shows up. Okay. Now I don't like to put my milk in a bag and I don't like my interview. Can't put my A&W Root Beer in a bag.
00:24:28It's in a little carrying case. So it comes through the scanner. The guy scanned it. I put it on the bottom of the card. Okay, the guy is backing up all the stuff and he says, is there anything else in the bottom of your car that you missed? I'm like no. And the back door says there's root beer down there.
00:24:46As if there's the the other root beer that you use canned is down there. Goes through the remainder of the transaction. The guys just standing it hasn't gone over to another bag in area because they have like one bag or that handles multiple Lanes. Now, he's like, did you get his root beer has root beer on the bottom.
00:25:07And I look at it. And I know that it's technically the cashier's place to say something to the guy and I but I just looking like he scanned the root beer. Haha. He knows about the root beer.
00:25:19We're going to take what's next. Are we going to go? Do we have to go out in the parking lot. Now, I got to go right now. I have a moderate Kroger story, might take this to the Epic store on the way to the park and the cashier just said I got his, I got a root beer and the the bag or looked at me and said, all right thing.
00:25:43Where to buy call Mike, $187 of groceries and think I'm stealing the brute beer leaving root. Beer, diet root beer.
00:26:03I could just see you walking into prison. What did he do? I still know the whole way back to the car. I'm like, you under my breath. I do the under my breath cussing, you know, you know, it makes me feel better. I'm like, what the hell root beer root beer. I'm still in the real stuff. I'm going in a full four. I'm going to I'm not going to NW. I'm going to steal it better than I know. That's why I, cuz I wouldn't pay for barks. Okay. I feel like Bart should be free.
00:26:45Fox is what they give you in the waiting room to hell. That's what they give you is Barq's root beer, root beer or A&W IBC. Irritable bowel colostomies in the glass bottle. IBC, root beer or IBC cream soda. Well, let me shoot this one in the head first cuz the only to have had her A&W and Barks. Okay. I love you better. I don't even know what the A&W stand for Alfred and Weinstein, Harvey, Weinstein, Root, Beer, Company.
00:27:22This has been the Kroger story of the week. I almost burned her house down this week. I can. Yeah, so, okay, so burning grass. So here's the thing. All right, we've got a place that that is very dangerous. Okay. I don't know if you've been out and looking at our place at lately, but it's tilted. It's been storming. Playset of Mike. Yeah for like a year. It's been leaning in in me and Beth will see the kids get out there on it. Especially when other neighborhood come out at the other neighborhood kids and we're like
00:27:58You know, that thing, how many how many kids do you think could be on that thing before it just completely falls out of line. And what's the chances that a kid will fall under it? And then we've got and we we got to go to court to Bryce. People are identifying body. Have kids signed waivers little monster house. So we decided over dinner and we get to talk to each other. One on one is when we leave the kids home and go to dinner for anniversary, whenever I can't remember, when we had this discussion, but you just randomly best said, I think we should replace the place that would like to know. How do we do that? She could, we had pay somebody to come and take it away on my God. I think there was a hammer take it down, but I don't know what to do with the wood. And I think she said will Darren said they were there so we burned ours yet. So that's where the Story begins. Okay. It's my fault. It is I think it was Saturday or whatever. I just get a wild hair at my ass, and I'm just I'm just weed.
00:28:58Do a normal breakfast thing. I come down here and play some video games that kids play some video games. We hang out with boo ba and then we all start just doing their own things like Android. Go play some basketball. Charlie may go over to his friends house. I got a hammer and screwdriver in a drill and went out and like I'm going to take apart the place that we've got one of those fire pit things. So I put that that's out in the yard surrounded by grass dead grass. That's important to the story later. Okay, and we have one of those transports shadowing. So I go out there and I have Rush playing really loud on my little my speaker it slowly fills up the garbage sound at working man going. Okay, I'm working. Yeah, and I'm tearing this thing that I'm feeling. I'm feeling pretty manly cuz I'm destroying this like this in the wood off. You know, I got to take screws out of some
00:29:58Some other ones I'm like yanking them with the claw. Hammer Sun, building up a pile of wood and I'm going to start putting the wood on the fire thing burning this all at once. Walk with me down this Lane. Okay, we burned our slowly over a. Of 3 months. I've learned that. That's what you have to do. So so I put I built you blame this on me. You didn't consult me yet, but you never consult me frame. I made a Jenga Tower of death on top of this fire starter log. There's no and my
00:30:35The wet got me. What? Led to what happens? Next? Is there is a rope. There was a rope thing that on on one of the pieces of wood connection between no no no. Like a like a freaking rope that was used to climb up the wall climbing wall road. I don't know if you know this but those are like Niall are like plastic or or whatever and that tends to burn like gasoline tank. All right. So I put that on the Raging Fire. Well, the fire wasn't raging yet. It was a Ginga style of death with flames licking around. It was relatively well controlled and I had a naked unburned piece of wood that I was using to catch every once awhile, something would fall out and I put it back on, I was making so that it would all stay within the fire area. Sure doing a pretty good job as a responsible as a responsible for, I bring over this 10-foot length of a nylon mesh plastic rope.
00:31:35Everything and everything. Yeah. Yeah, he went up like he was in a room or a Roman Candle when it really takes off this. These Flames got high at that exact moment at that exact moment. It decided to start blowing wind. Okay, thank God. I'm, I'm hoping that they just watched from the corners of their windows and thought, what is that guy out there doing? I remember watching Liquid Fire pour out of the side of the the fire pit on to the dead grass. And for a brief second. I thought it was so cool. How fast that grass caught fire flames. Just started going towards our deck like
00:32:23I'm talking a couple of feet a second. I mean it was amazing. And then I snapped out of it and like oh, I got to I got to stop. This is going to be bad so I ran over. There's a hose there. Haha. I unhook the hose months ago.
00:32:44So now, so now I need to connect the hose again, and it doesn't quite and I look back behind me. There's a lot of fire back there. Now heading towards our house and I am in, with the hose to get another thing. I finally get it on like an idiot. I make sure it gets all the way Tight cuz I want all the water comes out of the water on and then I take the hose out. Luckily. There was some live grass that made a little barrier. It takes longer to burn that, that doesn't spread as fast as like, The Tender Box that I put this fire pit and I was able to spray it down. So when I sprayed it down your member, I I had a fire pit story from a few months ago. Where is burning smoke? Yeah. I was burning grass and smoke in developed our neighborhood. It look like something horrible happened. Well, when you spray fire on this type of spray water on this large of a fire.
00:33:44Smoke comes all over the place. He went over our house and around it. And for another insane second. I thought I bet from the other side of the street. It looks like our house is burning down five. I mean it has to do much smoke and then it shifted to go to one there and then it shipped to go to the other neighbor. You could smell the smoke inside her house. So I know you can probably smell the smoke. Inside their house is why why I think that they were probably watching me thinking what empty house. Right. By the way, this entire time Geddy Lee is screaming and the guitars are going to Neil. It's just hang in there. It was loud as hell. I forgot that music was on. So I had a moment where I was laughing at myself as I'm holding the hose flames and smoke shooting everywhere. Having just come really close to ending up on the news for burning my own house down with a self-correcting. There be no way around that.
00:34:40There was a cure at least you did. What will tried to burn a playset in a fire? Pit 6 feet from your wooden deck and and you put a nylon rope in there. I wouldn't you didn't have your house connected and you were playing rush and your kids were inside of the story continues. I would say, how stupid you are but many years ago. Living and I had an apartment in Kentucky in right outside of Florence, Kentucky, and it was
00:35:18January, we had a, we had a fireplace in this apartment. Well, instead of throwing away our Christmas tree, but we thought it'd be a good idea to cut Branch after Branch. Okay, and you sit down our fireplace? Okay, okay. That I bought at the grocery store and then I put some pieces of Pine Key before mine. January. So this dead tree keeps getting drier, and drier, and drier, Sterno can in their Lititz. You and I also forgot to mention that the flu was closed. So Not only was there. Smoke coming through our apartment, good.
00:36:08I'm going to say 223 ft right-to-left not up and down and they were giving up over like the mantle and I am oh my God trying to get your attention. Yes, it does. Fire alarms going off yet. I had the daughter our patio open and I opened the door to the purpose of the smoke to get out and get landlord comes up. I got it. I've got it with the flu is of God. Yes. I put it out and are white mantle was gray, a nice charcoal gray, and I had to have ever known unless you could smell the smoke so I can't call you an idiot. For not only did I almost burned down my apartment. My Apartments connected to other apartment on the top floor.
00:37:08Well, don't do not come in at 8 yet, because the story continues. So, the next day, I point out to the kids. By the way, Andrew came by, when I was doing that originally and said, what are you doing? And I said, I'm, I'm burning down your place that we realize we had not talked to the kids about that and they thought that was hilarious. Andrew thought it was hilarious. Charlie wanted to know what we were going to put up in its place. He's already looking towards the future. Right? So later. I'm liking. I really want to get rid of that. Would I think I've learned my lesson. I want to get at least get rid of the Burntwood. So I went back out there with another Fire Starter log. I set it up and I started going again. But before I let it I doused the entire area around the fire pit with water.
00:38:00Somewhere in those old pieces of wood is where the melted rope landed because then I started to watch it drip again, but it was inside the fire pit and I was marveling at my own intellect because I had managed to contain it and then it caught again and then the Flames started shooting up again. And for a brief moment, I thought my God, you've done it again again. No one's going to believe that you did this twice. But in my defense, I had the hose running. Ready to go. Just water going all over the place and I managed to hide. I didn't panic, I let some of it burn down, the kids had been out in the yard with me, and when they saw me doing another fire, they went back in the house as part of the least safe place. They could have gone.
00:38:56I had to put the fire out again. I had to fill the neighborhood with smoke again and I decided Indian best help me with this decision. She gently offered. Hey, we could probably just put that wood out with the trash stowed away in and they'll take it as opposed to you. Coming out here every day with a fire starter log and stupidity and risking Our Lives. We burned a lot of the play set and that to my mistake, we were on, we had the fire pit on our back concrete slab, you know, the, the handles were kids like, don't burn that. It's the same thing will happen is that we'll get on the concrete. Yeah, and then I borrowed, my neighbor, Chris. I borrowed his power, while your power washer, and Lily, and I kind of got into it.
00:39:56That's not going to take it off. I'm like, I'm pretty sure it will. It will it did in for like the first time and only time I was right and I'm proud to brag on that cuz I was I was actually write this portion of irritable dead. Syndrome is brought you by Whoppers all beef? Footlong hot dogs, everybody. It's your best friend. Dave people often. Ask me. Dave. Do you really enjoy Whoppers? OB footlong hot dogs and I say you're damn right? I do wonders, are made from 100% pure beef with no fillers and no preservatives. They're packed full of flavor and perfect for parties. Your ruler and measure yourself. If you are a hot dog, is it a foot long? They'll refund your money, guaranteed. So, what are you waiting for? Get a pack of Whoppers. All beef. Footlong hot dogs today, available. Wherever quality meat products are sold. Now back to the show.
00:40:48Speaking of fire, we saw Billy Joel concert. He came to the Queen City or the great Queen to the Queen City. Ave. Really good shop. It was a really good. You're the reason I say speaking of fires because he did Play, We Didn't Start the Fire. He was an awesome. Show me to buy something off of his latest album. I don't know. What is latest. I don't know. Play The Devil's River of Dreams play, River of Dreams of bess's. Dad with his mannerisms yet. We talked since it's a humor. We were cracking. I we both pointed that out to each other, as we were walking away. But one thing that was cracking us up, was he had a flyswatter with him now on the piano and in between he would be talking about stuff and he just started a second. Somebody up here and you start swatting bugs and it was just, it was for some reason. It was just hilarious that he would be talking.
00:41:48Listen to stop at start swatting bugs. He forgot. He's like, I'm going to sing this song or such as I don't know what happens from this from one of them. You did something really cool that I wish more bands would do. So he would give options for song and I thought that is that's really cool. Cuz we can pick like, you go buy a place. I'm going to play. I go to extremes. I go to extremes or goodbye Hollywood, right now. I love I go to extremes and they did Good by Hollywood, but I really wanted to hear. I go to extremes. They did that for a couple songs, but I thought that is, if I ever become a piano playing rock star,
00:42:35This portion of irritable dead syndrome is Raju Bhai sweet delicious apples. I'm Dave Les and I love apples. Honeycrisps are my favorite. But I also enjoy Golden, Delicious, Fuji and Cameo apples. I'll eat anything except for Granny Smith apples. What the hell were they thinking? When they made those? Am I right? Apples are healthy and they're perfect with peanut butter. Remember an apple a day keeps the doctor away. But if you're not feeling well or have symptoms, please contact your primary care physician or called 911. Apples. America's favorite snack. Now, back to the show.
00:43:13Well, you went to see Billy Joel and I'm pretty sure that the same amount of people who are at the Great American Ballpark. We're at my son's High School football game. OK Google people. We went in first quarter to go get drinks and pretzels and Cameron. And I going, we're waiting in line to get the stuff we get it. I would go back where in the middle of the second quarter and apparently I missed a lot of Lakota West killed that night on my God. They beat them.
00:43:59We're eating giant pretzel. It has enough salt on it. You could put it on the road and, you know, there's a cheese. So Libby's sharing it with Cameron and Cameron takes the container and he dumps the pretzel in it. And when he pulls the pretzel out instead of just pointed straight, he kind of flips it. Oh, yeah. The side and cheese Flix On to the shirt of the woman sitting in front of us, to every aspect of the story is worse and worse than what I imagined. And so be careful. You got cheeks on this, one's sure. She's at the worst thing to happen on you. If so, I don't want to say it loud enough for the woman to hear that we got cheese on her shirt and Libby leaves in, what's going on. What is what do you mean? What's going on?
00:45:04Something you can say when the other one needs to just shut the fuk up, you know what I mean?
00:45:23Like, turtle, turtle, turtle wax Turtle, Wax ice you've ever given me. Thank you. We are the next time. We are out. Even that myself to Turtle Wax Turtle Wax when we're out when there's something. Because you know how many times it's like you want to say something to your wife and then your kid walks into the room. Yeah. Yeah. Exactly. Yes. Fantastic. I'm definitely going to start doing that.
00:45:54I thought I knew a lot about Pink Floyd. I'm excited about this one. I have always liked Pink Floyd, but I don't have I mean I have a collection of Great Dance songs cheese, and I have a live albums. There's the Delicate Sound of Thunder, probably saw them on the okay. Yeah, I'm 51. So three days that I was three days ago years old.
00:46:26When I found out that Another Brick in the Wall is 2 songs.
00:46:35The intro part is it is a different song. It's like to be like we will rock you and have you have you seen the wall. It's like a running through the next three or four songs of Another Brick in the Wall.
00:47:00Yeah, I didn't know. It was like a we will rock you. We are the champions that, okay. I thought it was one song. Okay, and then I also found out today brain damage and Eclipse go to songs together or what? I thought were the song Dark Side of the Moon. OK Google Dark Side of the Moon album when you're like, but apparently that's not apparently it's true. That song is called eclipse or brain damage and then Eclipse. So there are a couple things one to listen to the wall. All the way through you need to do that, you need to do that. You'll give you context for that, right to the dark side of the moon. Remember the eclipse. We had just like a few years, couple years back. I want to solar eclipse.
00:48:00A very, very helpful post on when to start playing Dark Side of the Moon. So that when the eclipse hits in your area, it'll be playing eclipse in the whole planet. And we as a family to David Gilmour. Stop stop.
00:48:20We so I actually I was in that day. If we stood out on the back deck with that blaring and did that whole thing. It was really cool. This awkward pause is brought to you by Kenner toys. America's favorite toys are made at dinner, back to you. Mike and Daryl. Nothing. Nothing is as I've gotten older and listen to more more their stuff. My favorite album will always be in continues to be wish you were here. It keeps being a periodical. Another album will jump up like for a long time in college. It was metal is going to have a metal Dark Side of the Moon was never really my fat. I really liked it on when we do the eclipse, but I'm a weirdo. I really, really, really love that album. I really love all the songs. But if I have a choice between Dark Side of the Moon, wish you were here. I'll put on wish you were here.
00:49:20It's never available recent recently. And I don't know if this is 20 20, 20, 20 was not a great year for me. For a lot of people. There's a reminder keishin of my psychopathy. I had a really bad time in 2020. Everybody else seemed to have a really good time for two straight months. Without toilet paper. I really got into animals the album animals that I just listened to that one over and over and over because it seems to fit some berries and things going on at the time, both in the world. And in my life. I still like Pink. Floyd is one of those bands. Where if you talk to someone at different stages of their life, still have a different favorite album in another band like that, for me is Rush, Farewell to Kings of my favorite on, for a long time, then Presto and all these different things. So, I got excited when you saw Pink Floyd cuz I'm like, oh here's an opportunity for me to learn something about Darren.
00:50:18But also just go Whole Hog on Pink. Floyd used to have why I don't have it now. I don't know, but I used to have momentary lapse of reason and I absolutely loved everything about momentary lapse of reason. It's one of those. I understand why people get baked and you just turn the music way up. You Turn All the Lights Off was all the hardcore, Floyd fans are here, and you say that I like, oh my God, he's listening the Gilmore Floyd, Floyd back in the thing. And I'm one of those weirdos at I won't say. Where does I'm one of the people that I can see the benefit of us at David Gilmour, can play. Let me tell you something. That man can play some guitar. Yeah, and he's got some pipes on a good boy and I'll say the same thing about mr. Waters. He's got some pipes on him and he can play the, the base and the work at ass so early.
00:51:18Pink Floyd, but the stuff that deal more did, without Rodger Waters, have I like The Division Bell off The Division, Bell use one of the greatest song ever.
00:51:31This portion of irritable dead syndrome is brought to you by Underoos the underwear. That's fun to wear back to you. Mike and Derrick have told you that my youngest son, Cameron has a dog poop business. Have an eye. He has two houses in our neighborhood. Look, on my face right now is, is me intrigued, as a dog, poop. Kicking Dells. Ducks, two people, press two picks it up out of their yard for him. He charges 10 bucks, a yard. So yeah. Okay. So if you want him to come and pick up after boohbah, I like I would enjoy that ten bucks. The yard he'll come and do it. Okay. So we've been telling him okay to keep track of his business and a notebook or on his phone and a calendar. Whatever. Well, he hasn't been doing that. He's 13. Okay. Yeah. Okay. Yeah, it makes sense. So we're reminding him that he needs to do this. So we're reaching out to us to yard. She does Chris Michael.
00:52:31Store and then miss Jamie who lives in Chris Michael's yard.
00:52:44So Cameron has two yards in a day.
00:52:49Our neighbor. Michael. Yeah, cuz he has a dog is a dog and saving your heart. And now you said that they're not going to what the hell you're talking about.
00:53:05Just go on and then there's a lady on the other side of neighborhood by themselves. Jerks. Yeah.
00:53:20You realize that Jason is contributed financially to this vodka and I appreciate it. And I appreciate that. I would also appreciate it if he would support local, dog, picker, uppers.
00:53:32Yeah, people got to eat. Anyway, Cameron's trying to figure out, he lost track of when he went to what house on what most people would pay him for the week. They did. And then the week coming up. So it got a little confusing and I was helping him out. So I got on the phone to text Chris Michael and I said, hey Cameron, D pooped her yard today. Did you? I can't remember when was last time you paid send you must have the wrong number. So I sent a text about dog. Poop. Somebody.
00:54:19Then to make it more confusing. It's it's not like I accidentally put the wrong phone number in it. When I'm some crazy person, randomly. Someone who I have in my phone. Okay. I have no idea who this person is in my phone and I asked Olivia, my who is this person? You have no clue and I have no clue. And then I went on Facebook and I was looking up. This person don't recognize anybody's face. Yeah. Okay, and then I started looking through of crap was looking through something else. I have a solution for you. If you still have the ticket, you see the text on your phone screen shot? It just and just have your text and post it on Facebook and saying I got this weird texts from a guy and then then you know who it is. Here's the thing as you always say with and I don't know if you invest do this, but have you ever been out and then your kids run in?
00:55:19The other kids I know what the playground and they're having fun. Let's set up a play date. So then you get the phone number for the parents and then you never see the parents ever again, is right. Okay, maybe it's one of those people. I know yours ago. Jacob soccer coach. I had his number in there and I finally decided to leave that of Mike. It's been twelve years. I don't think Jake is going to be playing soccer. I have no idea how I know this person and I'm finding people over and over and over again. I have no idea who they are and why they have my phone. I have another problem. I have the opposite problem. I used to have. I would just like, move contacts from phone to phone. I had a lot of contacts people that I work with friends. All this stuff, Heights, like a ton of people in there. I guess I wanted to get back in touch with some people. They're not in there anymore. I don't have very many contacts at all of my phone. I don't know what happened. So on the one hand disappeared with the snap. Well, here's the okay. That's one possibility.
00:56:17I like how you that's one possibility. Another another possibility. Is that whenever you get a new phone, it says, do you want to store your contacts on the phone? Or do you want to store the contact with the end? We use a TNT with AT&T in their weird cloud and then we use Samsung and they have their own thing to. My belief is that I'm probably picking different options along the way and it's dropping off contacts. As we switch phone. Okay, cuz I'm just as happen over the period of like 11 years or 15 years. Just like contacts of Gone Away. Terrifying option is that I never knew these people to begin with.
00:56:57And I've imagined them all.
00:57:01Which leads me to further. Marvin Lynn better. 513 it leaves me to further problems on, my can die in this time. I watch a lot of debates about the reality of the supernatural, not Supernatural that, the nature of existence, all this kind of stuff. I don't want to get into that, but one of the things, one of the possible things is, I don't know right. Now, if I'm in the basement by myself talkin to like a stuffed teddy bear, or if you're really here doing the podcast with me.
00:57:41Not really. Okay. I'm pretty sure you're here. Okay. Yeah, one of my favorite jokes though. I was at the office one day, this was years ago. And it's it's 6:30 close to 7 at night and a woman, I work with Lux by XI said, are you still here? I know whether she's probably the lady you texted about pooping, you mention the office. I got through this up real quick. Cuz I learned this this week, Jenna Fischer, who played Pam on the office and the lady that played in the podcast. They've had it for like 2 years. Now, the office ladies, I just discovered that this week. Yeah, it's pretty good. After you listen to this podcast. We totally wreck ahead and Lily go there.
00:58:40Get me the ref this damn thing up to lose listeners yet. So thank you for listening episode. 56 is a lot of fun. We want to listen to more episodes. You can go to irritable Down, syndrome. Calm their, all, their 56 episodes are right there on the painters, least, all kinds of stuff, our new to buy anything, but I'm pretty proud of some of the stuff. That's nice. If you did, I'd be pretty cool. While you're on our website, go to the patrion section. It'll help us out and your change changes things. Here's a fun. Here's a fun thing to do, is be bad at transcripts. And let me, let me tell you something about the transcripts people. We don't have the money to hire somebody to actually do the transcripts. So there's a service and I think it's listening. It just automatically does them and it does them as accurately as you.
00:59:39Expect a cheap service to do. If my name is misspelled. Every single name is misspelled every single time there is. I don't think there's some things in there that we've never mentioned. I don't know what the hell that but I thought that was hilarious. Yeah, there's people out there reading this instead of listening to it, and it just feels musically that they are getting a completely different show. Don't we have in here? It shows up as a Blog on our website. You can click show transcripts there. They're ordered by date. You have the titles there. It's just a fun thing to do this on Facebook and come back. Next week. We'll see you.
01:00:25Take care, because I love you. Bye.
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