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Oct. 5, 2021

IDS #58 - Don't Mess With Me, I'm on Nasal Spray

IDS #58 - Don't Mess With Me, I'm on Nasal Spray
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Darin's mower gets broked, and later he almost witnesses a hate crime!  Mike has strong feelings about the dog poo collection labor market, and Darin watches a football game with Figgy.  Alanis, somehow, comes up again - and Mike points out how the song Ironic, isn't (dontcha think?).  Surfin' Bird makes an appearance in the only way it ever should, and Darin tells an ominous story.  Finally - Mike gave up on Walking Dead, and went all-in on Better Call Saul.

All this and more!!

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00:00:00We're going to do this the first time we're going to do it. The first time I take one.
00:00:07Bad Sandro. Now in 3D your your host Mike and Darren. Hey, this is Darren. Mike is me. Roll tide roll with me. I realized that the first time of the year voting or streaming or however, you got suckered into listen to this thing. This is a great episode. The new Mike from Apple. We roll a dude. I don't can't. We we were told to be funny within the first 2 minutes.
00:01:08Do. Anyway, when people who listen to the podcast, don't realize is the past 12:14. I don't know. 17 episode. We have recorded it. Took us five times to start the podcast Insight. We're like, what we're doing. We're going in. We're going in dirty word, and we are airborne paratroopers were going in her riding dirty. Bird, Landing in the wrong Zone. Your Rainbow went in with a knife. He was fully, you're able to have her tonight. Part 2. He was fully at all. Those explosive arrows and all the Machine Guns, N Roses night and he made it to Cici rescued, all that man, first first. He completed the mission. He verified that the pows prisoners were there. That's true. Then he tried to rescue them. But the guy who looks like Kris from Karate Kid Kris, the the guy from Cobra Kai was in that movie. He was flying helicopter. He just looked at Rambo.
00:02:08and I got no no, no, no, not part Marita's of the
00:02:13even if their computer, or their car stereo right now, on right in the eye Rambo and flew off and Lambo, the next time you hear him speak was when he's like,
00:02:37I'm coming to get you.
00:02:40Welcome to your head syndrome.
00:02:45First thing I want to say is I want to give a shout out to a listener. Yes. There's a gentleman in South Carolina named Robert Hill from Charleston West, Virginia. He wrote us a letter that said dirigible. Dad syndrome. I love y'all show. There you go. You can tell he's from South Carolina. When I love y'all show. It gets me through the day of delivering auto parts. Thank you for bringing joy and happiness, to podcast. Joy and happiness, or unhappiness, or Robert good.
00:03:15Robert. Thank you. And hey, buddy. Thank you for the hard work that you do delivering Auto Parts. My car drives fine because I had a repair done and you have a little something to do with it. And I appreciate you and I appreciate all our other listeners out there. Yeah, the ones that have opposing viewpoints that tell us that we need to be funny within the first 2 minutes.
00:03:35Robert didn't tell us that start doing something worth listening to that. Be great. Thanks. I wanted to mention. Yeah, are episode, get your meat off. My root beer has climbed up the charts, the irritable bowel syndrome charts and it has become one of the top five most popular episodes of all time. So guys, seriously, we keep getting our top five. Three of them are recorded in the last month. So thank so we're going we're getting more people listening and I'm hoping that they're enjoying it. So thank you very much. This portion of irritable dead syndrome is brought to you by liquid, concentrated wallpaper stripper with its unique enzyme action. Just dissolves old paste and cuts wallpaper removal time in half. That's right half. How many times have you walked by that? Guest bedroom and said, one of these days when I have time I'm going to tear out that nasty, Brady Bunch looking wallpaper and put in something new. So there's no time. Like now to do it. This is fast and easy like,
00:04:35Cheerleader. I knew in high school and did I mention that? No, steamer is needed. You would have to be crazy to use any other products. And if so go down to your corner, hardware store, and buy some dip, and tell them you heard about it on, irritable. Dad syndrome. Now back to you, Matt and Erin.
00:04:52So what happened to you this week? All my God. Are you sitting down? I so my son had a marching band competition. Yes, he did. He was in his field near Columbus, Ohio. When is about an hour and a half an hour, 40 minutes away from where we live now. A couple years ago. He had a competition at Ball, State University going to that. We thought we left in time. We really thought we did. But we got stuck behind an accident on the interstate and we were crawling crawling crawling. And there was only one way to get there. And by the time we get there, we pulled into the parking lot. You step one foot on the parking lot in here. And so there was 20 people in line to get tickets with your old. Was already. There wasn't like you were taking him there. So he was already there yet. OK, Google in one bus with the van. So he was already there and we were missing it. So we knew if we got in line, we weren't going to get through in time. So we ran.
00:05:52To the side. And there was a woman this elderly lady sweet as can be. And she was, she says, I need to see your tickets and I said, we don't have them. My son's going on the field now and we got stuck in traffic and we're we're missing at Cheney, and she let us know. So we decided we were going to leave an hour early to get up to this marching band competition at Obits field. Okay, that didn't happen and I'll tell you why. Back up a couple of days. I was mowing my grass and my mower just started rattling and then it shut down. It's like the engine was still going but it wouldn't move and I turned it off and it snapped. Okay. Okay. I've got a neighbor Jason Durbin. Oh Yeah Yeah Yeahs No No, it's Jason from. My other neighbor is Chris my Jason Michael. Michael.
00:06:52Jason Craig girvan. Okay, so I can you look at my mower again? Cuz he's already fixed it once before and we roll it down to his house and he says, I'm pretty sure. You're right. It's a belt. And let me see if I can order it, and I'll fix it. And I'll let you know what to know. What what it cost to repair it so that. Okay. So here it is Saturday morning. We're getting ready to leave and his kid comes up to the door. Evan, but I keep calling him Ethan, cuz I think it's funny. The first time just came and met me. He called me darphin, till I call him. Either his little brother Mel. I don't, I'm not exactly sure what the other Marvin's my name is. Not your name, well-mannered Kill. Ya, Ethan comes over to the house yet, whatever. Whatever.
00:07:52And I'm thinking the keys are with the mower cuz I was keep them in the cup holder of the. No, they're not in the ignition. Are they? They're not. So I'm thinking well crap when we walked the mower to his house.
00:08:13I thought they had the phone on the street cuz I always keep them on the mower, until I start walking up the sidewalk from my house to Jason's house. And Ethan, Evan is following me. He keeps saying, I'm pretty sure they're not on the side where I already looked here and I already looked here in and yeah, we're you're looking at. I look there. I've already looked there and I've looked there and I'm explaining to this nice kid. I said there have been so many times where I've lost things, and I've looked in the same place 20 times, and then it's there, and I found it, like, that's like an anxiety OCD thing of mine. So I'm looking looking looking, we can't find the keys anywhere and I go back and I'm like, well crap. Are the in the garage. They're not on the garage floor. I can't figure out what I would have done with the keys and like, I don't know what to tell, you. Tell your dad. I'll keep looking and then I'll let you know and he's walking to his house and they stopped say turns around and goes.
00:09:11Are they in your pants pocket? Oh my God, and I'm like, no.
00:09:22And I go and I try to find my shorts. I had a couple days there in the laundry and there they are. So I had to call Jason and tell him that his son was smarter than I am. Run the keys over who gets the motor started and brings it back over. So we've already killed a half hour, 40 minutes of are leaving early to the huh, then our rabbit pisses and poops all over his cage. So as rabbits are one entire thing. Before we leave, we finally get that. We get the mower handled.
00:09:58We get my youngest son all settled in and we leave and we have like an hour 45 minutes to get there. We have like 5 minutes leeway. I am driving to Columbus. Okay, I'm driving. Like a madman is hilarious because anytime soon we get in front of us get over there. Okay, honey, you can pass him now and then it's like a similar to get in front of us. She would yell at them and yell at them and then they would move just like I'm going to give him a hard stare at them and shoot them. Look where you've got to see what the the person looks like. Giving you all that crap. So I'm driving. I'm driving on our way. Now. We're about to pass a semi-truck, a different League. I know this semi whips over in front of us, but he does pull out.
00:10:58Have to let you know that. He knows that, you know, that he's there or wait on him. He passes not one, but two, but three.
00:11:08Cars, this is one of those one laying in the other one, is going the other way. So he finally gets back in the right lane. I'm passing him. And Libby says, I'm giving him the heart steer to you and she's ready. She's ready to give him that. Look like. How dare you, we pull up past him. What does he do? He pulls out.
00:11:34I think a nasal spray and shows it like look what I got and I'm confused as hell and when he doesn't know what's going on here and we're laughing like was that sorry. I pulled out in front of you. I'm on nasal spray or is that a don't mess with me. I've got mayonnaise bread.
00:11:58I don't know. I don't know why you're holding up. Okay. Yeah, we finally make it to Columbus. We get there. Plenty of time to watch. Jacob play. The band was fantastic. OK the band van. Jacob. Jacob plays the piccolo. Tennessee play giant four drums of the little while. He plays. What are the Baltic? Why it's okay that they walk around with its really good guy and he was killing it out. The very proud of him. Very proud of the band if they Advanced to the finals. And we now have a little over 2 hours to kill. Okay, so we're looking for a place to eat and there's a place called Pit BBQ. Okay, and we're learning to the point very to the point. And it's about
00:12:585 miles away and the reviews were insane. Okay, but one of the reviews that I wrote down was, if you don't like the food, then what the hell is wrong with you, how can you turn that down and you could get slice of bread $1?
00:13:17I don't like I'm interested in a place that sells bread by the slice. Yeah, so we drive out to pit barbecue. And even though the website says it's open. It was closed with weary eyes. We got back in the car and we drove off to find another place to eat. Another restaurant that go to the McDonald's movie, did not get this place. Didn't have any Jack's restaurants and fast food chains in the part of town where we were.
00:13:47We go to a place called Thurman's where you can get at Burger the size of your head, sound like a Thurman, sounds like it would have a burger, the size of your head. So apparently everyone who was at the marching band competition have the same idea and they all went to thermos. There was an hour wait. So we're thinking do we? Wait. And we put our name on the list and we're waiting. And then we almost witnessed an extreme hate crime. I can't repeat what the guy said? Okay. And a red truck, and he's not really a gentleman. My air quotes are up yelling obscenities. That you cannot possibly imagine a text to the person. He said I'm coming back and he drove around the corner to say some more and then said to be continued and then cuz he was blocking traffic, but at least I felt very strongly about making sure that this individual
00:14:47Exactly. How is the the derogatory terms for homosexual? The f word, so to speak, and then I don't like using. And I'm going to kick your blank and blank and I'm going to let either of these two seem to know each other. I have no idea. We're not from here. Your mother is at the guy's dad. Okay. I don't know. We could see the guy in the truck. We couldn't see the person. He was we were afraid that someone was going to get out of the truck. Someone is going to approach the truck. Someone might pull out some Gunplay or something and then you get hit by a stray really tensed. Okay? Really tense after he pulled around the second time and said some more things and then drove up with that. Either the third time we left. Yeah. So so we did, we thought I was just still standing there because he kept those stories where I've gotten from, where we were sitting.
00:15:47He was talking to, he may have went the other direction. I don't know, but we weren't going to hang around exactly and find out. So we walked and found another restaurant. In this third place was delightful. It was fantastic. One of the places we passed on, she should was you should leave a Yelp reviews, his very hate crime me.
00:16:07Do you know a gang violence is? What happens when you go to Thurman's? We have a full skin of Burger, King's of hate crimes, against the wall around the block. I know about that was very unfortunate waiting outside to get into Thurman and I'm sorry that I couldn't go in there cuz the burger looked absolutely delicious and maybe that's what the competition. Maybe that's the guys from the Gulf at this is
00:16:36They're going out to Thurman's and be hate crime. Me. Now. We decided we're going to go to another place were on the phone. We're looking at going to restaurants near me and there was a Possum Holler Pizza. There, you go,. Come on, honey. When do we get a chance to go to Possum Holler? Dad said to me, that's a place that goes to a gas station in the desert. Are you get grits? No. Black. Eyed peas and fried chicken fried possum. I don't know when they're in there and they've got a old menu on the wall that has yellowed with age. It has about four or five things and you don't order anything off that menu. If you're a townie that Possum Holler Pizza, so we went to another restaurant, The Waitresses, very nice, guys seated. I ordered, the Cuban sandwich would be ordered. Burger Herberger was to die for my Cuban sandwich.
00:17:36Sandwich. I've had one once. If I remember your messy in the wrong Cuban sandwich on Cuban sloppy. Joe is Lady the other night. We did a second. I gave her a few people wanting to know if you know what I mean. So we're sitting there eating and a bunch of random things happen. Some person walked by outside. Had a Yorkie and a stroller. What's that about?
00:18:15The guy in the guy sitting at the table behind us. He was everything was all of this is exquisite and this is delightful know why my phone and write down. He was looking at the menu and there was a certain thing on the mini that served it with provolone and he said, you know, provolone is the most mild of all the cheeses in this portion of irritable. Dead Syndrome has brought you by International Delight. Almond Joy, flavored coffee creamer. I'm Dave Les and I love coffee. Now used to drink it black, but I was a different man back. Then. I was Reckless and on a dangerous path, to destruction, International Delight, Almond Joy, flavored coffee creamer, help, turn my life around. Listen to what other satisfied customers have to say, about
00:19:15International Delight. Almond Joy, flavored coffee creamer.
00:19:18Hi, this is Darren. And I love International Delight. Almond Joy, flavored coffee creamer. And if I'm at a restaurant, that doesn't serve International Delight. Almond Joy, flavored coffee creamer. I say screw it and I go get my coffee somewhere else.
00:19:31Hey, I'm Mike. When did we start doing our own commercials like the deception? You know, I got the thing inside of thing. But yeah International Delight Almond Joy, flavored coffee creamer is the bomb International Delight Almond Joy, flavored coffee creamer available. Wherever quality coffee creamer is sold now back to the show.
00:19:53When we got back home, the next day. Jason Durbin asked if I could. He calls me up. He went to the Renaissance Festival. You ever go to the Renaissance Festival. I've heard of them taking the kids to the time. We almost went a couple weeks ago and played Dungeons & Dragons. Game of Thrones, are these really shocked that I am not that excited about going because it seems like, I mean, look behind you. Look around you. It seems like it'd be right up my alley. I don't know. I'm a nerd that doesn't like to be around other words. He was at Renaissance Festival.
00:20:31And while he was there, he calls me and says, hey, can you let out our dogs? We've been gone for a long time. Then I said, absolutely. And I walked over to his house and I let the dogs out.
00:20:43Stop. It happened. Don't do that again, but I'm thinking I let his dogs out. Okay, so
00:20:55Here's what I am thinking about doing that Durbin's, and you tell me if this is over the line.
00:21:01I'm willing to say yes thinking about bringing some dog. Haha from our yard has he talked to you? No, no, no cell phone. Haha. And then I'm going to place it in his yard and then I'm going to step in it. Haha, and I'm going to yell a bunch of profanities and say my guy only there was someone in this neighborhood Jake could have picked up this dog for a moderate fee. It would certainly be worth it. If it was your son, who had the dog poop business. I would understand your being so upset about this.
00:21:42If you know what it annoys me to pick it up. This is why I don't know. It's because this is America. This is America and he's got a yard with too easily as two dogs, two dogs walking around his yard a kid who's just trying to make it in the world. And how many houses away do you live from the, from the turbines? At two houses, with five sides will be two, houses could be there before then before he knows it. Back up there. At least one of those dogs right now. He's just not supporting the local economy. And it's selfish near be ashamed of himself.
00:22:25It's all. So I thought I would help things along. Haha. It's free advertisement. Okay, and I, you talk about a guy that get throwing a good kush Show. When he steps in some self planning, you know, he contributes financially to this podcast. What has he done for me lately?
00:22:46You have no idea what you're doing right now. Okay, I'm just going to say, I have knowledge for said exactly exact. All I'm saying, look for the tree with the, with the blue poop bag on your front of it. But I just just so, you know, I haven't even I didn't even I haven't even offered up to let you know that Cameron Dietz. Our yard. Now, you know, you can come over, but you might step in will take a pass for that. I've got my own kid.
00:23:46Jason Durbin. I think he's just using that as an excuse, not to be ashamed of himself. Now. He said he's all beef footlong hot dogs. Hey there it's day and it's never too early to get started on your holiday shopping and there's no better gift than Whoppers. All beef hot dogs. That's right. Get that special someone in your life, a gift of all beef footlong hot dogs. So, what are you waiting for pre-order a package or to wherever quality meat products or so? What your local grocery doesn't sell Whopper. No problem Whoppers delivers. Just go online and place your order today. Merry Christmas from all of us at irritable dead syndrome and the fine folks and Whoppers all beef footlong hot dogs.
00:24:35Every week we mentioned that we record the show in advance. So this particular podcast follows. We record the show on a Tuesday Sunday. My Pittsburgh Steelers played the area NFL Daniels, the Cincinnati Bengals and got their asses at an angle suck. Haven't they always try for the longest time? Yeah, and they got rid of the guy with the hair and the quarterback, the red-haired guy, Dalton, Andy, Dalton. He's playing for the Carolina Buccaneers. So we're watching the game. And when I say we, I mean, you we started out the four of us Libby, went read a book Jacob. When did homework and Cameron went and played video games? So I like Cameron already?
00:25:35Okay, me and the rabbit. Okay, me and figure the bunny or watching. The Steelers is figgy rooting for the bengals-steelers, does rabbits ever watched and I'm trying to explain to the rabbit. This isn't how it normally go. Usually when Ben Roethlisberger that that guy though, usually when he throws it and somebody catches it they run it into and make it a touchdown. Damn, if the Bengals just didn't stop us and stop us and stop us. Us. It was ugly, and I'm trying so hard to cuz I don't want Vicky. The bunny to think that this happens all the time. This is unused scar him for life. It could. Well, I don't know. And then like the next time he watches that he's God forbid. He starts rooting for the Cincinnati Bengals and then I've got to give away the
00:26:35And I know you're tired. Probably already tired of talking about the rabbit, but I got us a couple more things out this route.
00:26:43Did you tell him to Fig Newtons are made from bunnies? Talk to you?
00:26:47I'm about to it's almost Halloween. I'm about something or somebody bought a leash for the rabbit harness for the rabbit and it has a carrot on it. Okay, so I'm going to tell you right now. It is impossible to look like a badass when you're standing there with a rabbit on a leash that has a carrot on okay are neighbors. You don't know them there like three or four houses down the other way walk out and it got really little kids in the ones like is that a dog? I said you had the perfect on Sunday.
00:27:25Yeah, you want to see if it's a mini. It's a mini Shetland. Just hold it, and squeeze it. It's a labrador Saint Bernard Chihuahua. Beagle. Mix Latin Benny Goodman in the reveler Doodles man, those teeth. Well, they constantly chew, that's why you have to keep hey and you put things in its own words. Exactly exactly. What is in the rabbit sleeps in a cage? We don't let him have full rein and cut the house. When he's a teenager. They're going to keep him in the cage.
00:28:25Can you put like his Slayer posters on the wall? Inside the Cage? A black light, Bugs, Bunny in a piece shirt. Smoking a doobie? Yeah. Yeah. There's a little rabbit bong in there.
00:28:45Libby comes home. He's like, okay. Now I got to ask cuz I had to I had gerbils when I was growing up. Does he have does he drink water out like one of those old medicine bottles? It's upside down with a steel tube. That comes like that. Well, we had that but he doesn't really like that. Okay, something else at the water comes out differently. Okay, hoping that he'll take to that because we were putting a little bowl in there, that he would just step in and a wall around his own crap. Yeah, we talked last last time I I mentioned there's not much room in that skull for brains, but he's not a smart rabbit adorable. He's the cutest damn thing you've ever seen and then Libby's, I called not how I talk about helpful. Let me tell you something that happened today. Pissed me off with this rabbit. Okay, I get down. I'm looking at the Big E in the Cajun. Okay, buddy. Good morning. What's going on? I'm looking as I did. You did you pee pee in your cage? I was looking like, I don't think he did.
00:29:45And he jumps and his feet are wet. And he flicks.
00:29:51Flix it some type of liquid. I don't know why. I know he was probably right in my face. So I had to wash my face. You didn't okay, if anybody wants a rabbit, just come to West Chester, Ohio. I like sticky, better already. I'll have, you know, I've had hand in my pocket going through my head all week long. And I went home and I was sitting in the micros. Ml Libby has your version of hand in my pocket. It was better if I agree.
00:30:34Add Stevens to shut you off a text saying dammit, my idea now. I've got ham hanging.
00:30:46Be quiet. I hate that. She said quite alright.
00:30:54And I dug out my CD, Jagged Little Pill, but in the car, and I have listen to hand in my pocket.
00:31:0730 times this week. Probably, I listen to it four times on the way home. So I was listening to the song. I listened to the episode. I glossed over a you laughed at it. But I I you said something about ironic cuz I know that's on pisses me off. I meant to tell you I was looking at the setlist to see what I was going to miss by leaving an ironic was at the thing. And I remember saying off and that's when I was leaving. I bet song really pisses me off. I was in the crowd. I was in the group me and Mia best that was one of our early fights are like nothing in this song as ironic. It's all just bad circumstances. It's not irony Ryan, look and see if she was in school to be an English. Teacher said no, it's irony. But I know it's not. And you need to listen to class is more because that's not irony. She's like, yes it is. It's like you got you as a fork and you've got a spoon. I like that sucks. You brought the wrong. Answer me that you have a spoon. It's like rain on your wedding day. It's just a bad weather. That's not irony.
00:32:07Kind of is not like how is it English teacher? How is that irony?
00:32:12This is my major. I know you need to explain it. If it's your major. I'm in chemistry. I'm in chemistry. I can explain the fact that I do kind of have a way into a C+ level, you need to explain irony. If you're going to stand here and say that Atlantis is correct or ironical an English major part. I used to work with an anchor and she did a tease for the 5:00 news and she said joined Jill and I know it's me. Jill Jill, Jill. And I I worked in Detroit. Can I ask you another English literature? Can I say I don't care if you worked Cucamonga. It's not grammatically, correct? And she wouldn't stop sound like, you know, what? And I was going to be.
00:33:12Dude, has it. We're going to agree to disagree again, and I walked upstairs and my boss had just gotten a phone call from a viewer calling as they can. Someone tell her, it's join Jill and me.
00:33:26We stopped at a Bob Evans wants because they misspelled Caesar salad.
00:33:35We pulled in and she went in to tell him and I thought it was hilarious. I'm like, you're really going to. She's like, yeah, they need to know, this is embarrassing. Their advertising, their stupidity. We're going in there in a minute. As I know you're going in your until she told him. How did it go? She's like, just they said, okay.
00:33:54Longtime listeners have probably already identified. This is one where Mike prepared. Nothing. Darren came up with the entire run down and Mike's just they're just this morning. I'm looking over at the the run down here and I've been waiting for this when Cameron playing this. Orphan Cameron is grounded. He is grounded so hard because this morning I wake up at 6. Can I get both boys out of bed and I am. Sometimes it takes a crane to get the oldest one out of bed because he is 17 years old and he he got in late last night be a marching band and he's probably he's probably up at doing god-knows-what on the internet plotting against us an uprising. I have no idea. I don't know what my kid does.
00:34:53Bunny recipes, I get them out of bed. Okay, if I get ready, I'm going to get in the shower. Okay. I've got the shower water running and then I hear Libby, got a camera camera. What's going on here in the kitchen? Everybody heard about the bird bird bird.
00:35:27Brenna and I rent and I unplug Alexa and like that. What are you doing? I said, mom is still asleep.
00:35:41Even if she was awake, nobody wants to hear about my barber.
00:35:49Okay, she has had yesomni in for, like, the past five or six weeks off and she hasn't been like she can't fall asleep till three 4 in the morning to sleep. Before she got woken up, to a Bar. Bar, Bar Bar Bar Barbara. Okay, one of the greatest moments of discovery that I had that you have, you say, Alexis Amazon. We use the Google lady. By the way, we call the car. So we call our dog booba, and we'll yell out. Hey, booba. It sounds a lot like, Hey, Google, which is a thing that brings are. So every, once while I was there. I love my boobs. And then the Google lady was like, I love you too. So I learned very quickly. We have the little Google, medical, Google nests like a little extra thing that you can remotely play, whatever you want from anywhere in the world.
00:36:49At any time in your house, and I do know whatever that when I was on a I discovered that when I was on a tool kick, haha, and I tested it on my way to work. One morning. I played tool while I was driving down the road and then my phone rang with an out of breath desk. Are you, are you playing cool as hell in the background? I did that one or two more times until I prove my point. I'm just saying, if you had if Cameron, if you got an app, you can do that right? Have fun. I'm begging you, please don't do that. If you love your wife, you care for your husband, or you your children, and you do that. They're going to think your house is possessed Alexa, cuz they didn't even think about just playing a podcast in the middle. Like one of these scary True Crime podcasts in the middle of the night.
00:37:49Fire rescue with Ronnie James Dio in it.
00:37:56God, I wish I could sing like Ronnie James, Dio, Rainbow in the Dark every day of the week. All my God, Right? Said Fred at 3 in the morning. Everything is quiet in the house.
00:38:09Do the podcast like this?
00:38:11Alec Baldwin was really good. I'm thinking of all kinds of stuff. And yeah, we should we should discuss our voices. Sometimes, when I talk about doing that.
00:38:22Show me Super Dave, Osborne. I want to make some audio clips and have them ready like the Terminator and just have that just have that happened in the house at 2 in the morning for that. Be awesome.
00:38:39Are you ready for the Kroger store the week? Oh my God. It's time. Now for the Kroger story of the week. This is a quickie, but it's a good one. That's what she said. Damn my progress through the week. I didn't even make it into the store. So I'm pulling into the parking lot.
00:39:00And right, when I see his face, and right when I pull it into my space, some guy is walking through it with this cart, you know, sometimes a mother of one eye on you while I do my car's over here. Do you cut between card? I overreacted and we make from Saturday till he walks through with his car. He looks at me. Like I'm sorry I park and he is already put the two or three things in his trunk. He's putting the cart way as I walk past and he looks at me and he said
00:39:40and the worst part is over with
00:39:43That's all it is. And then he looks at the store and he looks at me like he's sizing me up because I think you're going to be okay.
00:39:57So, you know if this were a movie or a TV show at that moment the Kroger would have exploded and he would walk away the Shelf, you know, our people climbing over each other. Are they fighting over toilet paper or they want to go to sleep music? Stand it. Perfect. Level friendly and everything. I could possibly fight was there. Wow. In every slasher movie or like every Friday, the 13th in the 80s. There was a crazy old guy. That's like what? This guy you ran into a guy like that in Krogers, or do you know or whatever the hell?
00:40:55Don't do shit. Register 3, stay away from the tile floors. Got the demo volume up.
00:41:05How old is Gruber? I have absolutely no idea what he was talking about, but I will be okay. Like, I can handle myself. I don't know.
00:41:24You never know. Maybe he's got some Kroger War Stories may be. Maybe I miss the guy that would fit you in at the old Kroger's. This is not good for people who listen to Spot gas and don't live in this area. But man, that guy with that guy, make a Kroger in. So we used to have four people unfamiliar with this area. We live in West Chester, Ohio, and there used to be an older Kroger store down the street. And the manager of that store, this this African American Gentleman on Sundays. He would always wear his Cowboys jersey. When I saw it, is his favorite football team. Jersey is the Dallas Cowboys and I can't hold that against the Steelers, hate the Cowboys, but whatever he was standing at the front of the store, you walk in, he would fist-bump, every single person they have been how you doing. What's going on? My man? Or the kids would come in there.
00:42:24Fist bump them. Big ass. Smells that had earrings in both ears and a big old ring. He was a great guy.
00:42:38Where does nowhere? It's just yeah. Yeah, I do too.
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00:43:34Calera. I told you the Cameron will be up this morning with Surfin Bird that was this morning this morning after I got him on the school bus and I packed my lunch and got things ready for work. I went to say goodbye to her and she was asleep. So I let her sleep. Okay, cuz she had today off to do is get in the car. Get it in 40 minutes away.
00:44:07I get to work. I look on our calendar on her phone and I see that she had a physical therapy appointment today. So I call her to make sure she's up. Yeah, that she doesn't miss nice husband and I am, I mean, I'm not the greatest husband in the world. I'm somewhere up there. I'm above I'm above 500. Okay, answer. So I'm afraid that she's still asleep. So, I tried to call her again and she doesn't answer. I get the phone and, and I don't know why this time, I doubt it instead of just hitting her name, which is on my phone and I dial it and then hello, okay, and then she says, hey and I said, I'm just checking to see if you're up and then a man says, Hey, and I'm confused, you know, there's not supposed to be a man at our house.
00:45:01And it really confuse me because sometimes if the kids were home and he would jump in and interrupts the conversation, the kids are at school and I'm really confused now. Okay. I don't think that anytime intrigued. I don't think anything he keeps going on. I love and I trust my wife.
00:45:20Before I can ask what the woman says, I'm sorry, but who is this? I looked and I realize I've called the wrong number.
00:45:29And I said, boy, this is embarrassing. I have dialed the wrong number and I'm going to hang up now. And the man says, well before you go.
00:45:39We're both up. I hope you have a nice day, have a very soon. I'm going to hang up now. I've got their number still think. This is the guy who I thought was in bed with you this morning.
00:46:10If you don't know, they have my number maybe tomorrow, they'll call me. There's a story. I heard about Andrew Dice Clay. Okay. Okay, don't get me started on Anton, The Dice Man. So this is a story I heard on it was some some radio show. I heard a snap of it on on the on a podcast or something and it cracked me up. This is a true story. So he let me see. He did a show and a, a guy wanted his phone or you did something where he gave out his phone number. I just gave it out. Okay, and I was saying, was he Andrew Dice? Clay at the time. This is like this, like, back in the night is this like I'm, he was doing stadiums, but I don't remember the time for him. Somehow. Somebody gets his number and they call him.
00:47:10It's dice, you know, and then they talked for a few minutes and the guys, like I can't believe you answer the phone and talk to him for a bit. We know when you call cell phone, they get your number to send out dice has this guy's number, right? So, he starts calling him everyday like multiple times a day,, I'm at work. Hey, what you doing? You guys like?
00:47:31Is the guy was like that.
00:47:33And then after about a week, he's like I'm at work. I want you doing at work. What are you, what are you in a meeting or something? You can talk to me cuz I can't call you cuz if it's like, 2 in the morning, where you at, buddy, what's up? I was jerking off. I thought I call you.
00:47:5234 weeks until the guy was like, Lissa, you got a quick All of Me.
00:48:00I love that story. So good at that story makes me want to get famous, just so I could do that to somebody who's like, I lost you. If I ever got famous, I would misuse my fame that way.
00:48:12This portion of irritable dad Syndrome has brought you by tell about cheese the tastiest damn cheese. You'll ever eat. It's available in sharp extra-sharp and wow, that's really sure. Tell him who cheats. That's a good cheese back to you. Mike and Erin.
00:48:30But I okay, so I I mentioned, I wanted to talk. I mentioned Better Call Saul, but it's got to start with The Walking Dead. I've tried, I tried to get back into the walking dead. So they just got off the train tracks. I heard it was a big deal for them to get the Terminus, the future mrs. Like the big episode. It was like he was the one where like it's like the equivalent of Captain America toy shield and in-game as, like I got most of weight through that Carol kept popping up and like I can't do, I can't with Carol. I don't care. I just I don't like it. She just something about her. Just pisses me off and
00:49:13I like Daryl. I'm not as much as Everyone likes. I don't like Daryl like as much as everyone else. When I stay with Daryl. Take a bath with the, get in the creek and wash your damn hair. At actor is like, I think a lot of people came like, discovered him through Walking Dead. He's also in all. What the hell's the name? Silver Spoon. What is the Boondock? The Boondock Saints, The Boondock Saints? That's the first time I saw him. There. He doesn't look. I mean, he looks like that but he's like, not as heck. I don't know. It just like iike makes a weird kind of type II, Irish guy like an Irish gangster or something in Boondock Saints. What it is when he's like a hick from Australia, somewhere main dude, from Walking Dead.
00:50:13Read about.
00:50:14Where does not look like Slim Goodbody? Anyway, here's here's the deal. Is I just, I can't with Walking Dead anymore. I can't take the. We're going to go to a new place. And I've talked about this multiple times. So I was like Better Call. Saul Better Call Saul filled filled with anxiety because at some other show would come along and it would draw me away from it. And then I try to get back to it. I'd end up watching the season over. I think I've seen season 2 of Better Call Saul 15 times because I keep is Chuck, you know, and there's spoilers for Better Call Saul. If there's a main character, that is no more at one point, right? In the series bright. And I mean, for a show like Breaking Bad of Better Call Saul, that could be hundreds of people. Like a main person is like, a key person is just not there anymore. And I knew that the
00:51:14Episode I'd seen he wasn't there but I wasn't sure how he exited the pictures. I'd kept watching things over tonight. I don't mind watching it over, like I think we've talked before Breaking Bad. I've seen the entire series with commentary. I'm completely caught up by the way, but I hit the point where there's a point where it just basically becomes Breaking Bad again, like a lot of the characters are back. That's true. There's a few that aren't, but it's like folded. Like, if somebody came down and in didn't know what you're watching TV, like, is there a new season of Breaking Bad, right? It's really getting there. And well, you know, Bryan, Cranston and Aaron. Paul both said that, they would love to be on Better Call Saul. Well, there's one more season. I know. And I'm saying that when this season ends, that's where we meet.
00:52:14Here's the deal. Okay, I got into we got into Breaking Bad here when it was still kind of on, but most of the seasons were on Netflix. So we binged on Netflix. Yeah, but like season 5 and 6, I'd get to come out. And if you remember season 5, think they would in their season on the most Cliffhangers Cliffhanger is Hank, pulling out his gun and shoot into the desert. And you're like, what you can't? You can't end there, right? You know what I'm talking about? Oh, yeah, it goes,. That's a cliffhanger. That was the season. Yeah. Yeah. There was a, there was a cliffhanger at the end of an episode. And then there's one in the season where he figures it out and then they took like a six or eight months. I ate up and screamed at the TV. I screamed as well. Okay.
00:53:09So I'm sitting here doing my normal thing, a big bowl of popcorn. Drenched in butter with multiple ice cream sandwiches. Okay. I know I'm at the end of season 5 season 5 of the last season that was on the final season of season 6. It's coming out in 2022. Wikipedia completely caught up, correct. I am so you know how the season ends. Yes. I do get another Cliff anchor with a, I guess, this guy still around, and going to be causing all kinds of stuff. Right? I said here now when breaking bad, did it, I stood up like you and I screamed this one. I had a mouth full of ice cream sandwich, and I just said your moth.
00:54:02And then I looked on my phone to stand when the next season was coming out and saw that it was next year and I was like a shovel and I swallowed the rest of the sandwich went upstairs to bed cussing like they did it. They got me again. This is how much I love Better Call Saul. Not as much as Breaking Bad. No way. You could love a show as much as Breaking. Bad is perfect. In my Breaking Bad little brother. Okay that you didn't think you still love. Okay. Libby doesn't get into a Better Call Saul as best. She wasn't and she started to watch Better Call Saul and my buddy Steve. He has friends who tell him the same thing has been living in that shadow. It's still a great show. But when Bob Odenkirk had his heart attack, I was like, oh crap how we going to watch Better Call Saul?
00:55:02I really want him to be. Okay, I do very much like him have him over for dinner. Will grow some Whoppers. I'll be long. I'll have him over, have some beer, which I don't know after the heart attack. He might want to have a salad or something. My favorite thing about Bob Odenkirk and it's not Better. Call Saul. She wrote The Skit. Matt Foley motivational speaker. Yes, he did. He didn't like my friend will live in infamy. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. The Seroquel.
00:55:55I was trying to wrap this thing up and forget the clothes. I mean, we're going to, yeah, yeah, yeah.
00:56:05This one's what's going to be called a date. I have a feeling. I have a feeling this was the episode but if you just send me you usually send me for three. Three commercials us this make this little four banger. And again, I want to say our last three or four episodes. They have been just, oh my God. So many people are downloading the show at work. Thank you for the support. You have been to our website lately. Please go there. You can listen to all the new episodes. We've we've launched a new store with more affordable and stuff that I think. Like, I actually it's actually good quality cuz I have some of it here at work is really cool. We got new coffee, mugs coffee mugs with you. And I are gorgeous face again with the cartoon characters that
00:57:05Yeah, and all and all proceeds go towards keeping this damn thing running. Yeah, and you can get some stuff there. Then as soon as we start putting some worse than that. You can get some cool stuff there. Exact like bonus things. I feel good that you're supporting to bald fat guys, they talk about stuff. But again, thank you so much, and we'll see you next week on a turtle dancing. We'll meet again. I don't know where and I don't know when but we will meet again some sunny day. Goodbye everybody. I love you.
00:59:08Oh, cocoon. I can you own cocoon. How can you not know you own cocoon? That's I don't know about the Chuck Norris American Hero Collection.
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