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Oct. 12, 2021

IDS #59 - There's Cheese on a Cheese Coney

IDS #59 - There's Cheese on a Cheese Coney
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Darin discusses Alan Kalter - and Dave makes a tribute!  Also, those big blankets on Facebook annoy the snot out of Mike.  Kroger story of the week is derailed when Darin discusses how nonchalantly he disrespects his Blue Bunny Ice Cream Sandwiches in order to have a conversation that totally could have been done without putting the ice cream sandwiches in danger, but whatever.  Cashier is excited to talk about football, until she's not.  Darin's son test food storage limits at ambient temperatures.  Darin's got his picture in pizza places, and he's all full of himself about it.  Darin's wife yells an unyellable word - and, finally, Walmart would like you do something in a kind manner.

All this and more!!

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00:00:00I like meatloaf until I found out ketchup. Wasn't it? You like ketchup? You can.
00:00:06I'm a weirdo, but you don't like the fact that it's in meatloaf.
00:00:11That doesn't make any sense. It just, it doesn't, it doesn't. Okay.
00:00:28Whoops, wrong theme song. Sorry about that.
00:00:33You pay for the whole seat. The edge here. Are your hosts Mike and Darren? Hey everybody. I'm welcome to episode 59. Thank you for saying that because I we literally just talked about what number was that and then and then you forgot it. I completely forgot, 59. That's amazing. I know. I mean, I still remember when we were on episode 4 thinking. Wow, we've done a month worth of podcast. I remember being really excited that we had a title that included robokiller, embezzlement and meat sauce, ask why. But man, we've made it, we are huge and you know you were we're still growing. So I'd like to thank everybody for tuning in. I would too. Yeah. We've been told we need to be funny with in the first two minutes.
00:01:33Caracal, my sides hurt already from laughing. Yeah, we just started the dancing. Amazing, this uncredible. I want to thank everyone who's listening. If you go to our website, irritable Dad, center.com, you can go to the patron section or patreon. Either way. I don't know, our very first episode, our team of editors went back and they re-edited it. They did really remastered. They read the date that they made, it sound like a recent episode and a you and I were in on this we were listening to it as our team was editing it and I don't know why I have no idea why people who listen to episode 1, I don't know why they listen to episode to write. I really don't. You mean there's a group of about 50 to 60 monkeys in there. Right? The audio, they managed to eat.
00:02:24He's a stop at they managed. There's a call. Back the Jerky Boys, managed to kick out something of better quality than what to write likely evolved monkeys. Yes created, but man going back to that first one done. Listening to the raw. I would rather do it a couple times. Just like the first minute is going to start doing. So we do a rundown for each show. We're doing the rundown would lie to me. Seriously, the people who have stuck with us. Good Lord. Got a got a group of people who listen to us since episode 1. God bless him. Thank you.
00:03:13What's up? What's new? Well, I'm about to talk about something very sad. That is very sad to me. Alan kalter, passed away. I don't know that he was the announcer for The Late Show with David Letterman Letterman show for 20-year. Okay, big red. He could be extremely inappropriate when he wanted to. He was hilarious. He was up for anything anything that they wanted him to do. He did, he had the golden voice. He was just, he was another reason to watch a show cuz I told you, you know, how much I love David. I do. I remember him. And another, yeah, I remember him on the show. So now that you've got a point that out, as much as I love Dave. I loved Alan just as much and I love Biff and I loved Inky the cute card guy and, and Paul and the whole thing and I was just in for it and every single episode was incredible and Allen passed away. And he really was, I rank him all the way up with Don Pardo from Saturday Night Live as one of the greatest dancers of all time.
00:04:13I'm very sad that he's passed in 78 and he was incredible. And so what I've done as I reached out to our announcer, Dave Lay and Dave is going to do a little tribute to Alan. He's the heir to the Lay's potato chip. Yes. Exactly. Yes, no. Wait. No, not at all. What I wanted to say, was one of the things about Letterman in his show that inspired me on how we do commercials on this show. So David, I want to do a little tribute to Alan kalter. Take it away. Dave.
00:04:46This portion of irritable dad syndrome is brought to you by Crystal Clear party guys. It's not a party without party ice and it's not Crystal Clear party ice unless it's actually Crystal. Clear. The Way party ice is supposed to be at. You been to a party where the ice was cloudy. How did that make you feel like a loser. Crystal Clear party ice is really clear and it comes in the back Crystal Clear party. I still available in crystal clear semi-clear and the all-new opaque, visit our website at www.ge.com and find out how you can win a million dollars worth of crystal. Clear party is for your next party wedding, or get-together party ice back to you duck, lips.
00:05:33Crystal Clear party ice is one of my favorite commercials that they ran on Letterman. So Alan called her to all the people who loved him to his friends and his family. Rest in peace out.
00:05:50I'm annoyed, what? I'm not annoyed anymore. I'm, I'm pensive. Is that word pensive? I don't know the meaning of words, but I say them. Anyway, I use penultimate haha. Legendarily, and there's another one. A few episodes to go in and order something that I actually am. As I said it. I knew what it meant, but I don't care. I really don't. And I've listened to some past episodes. And I've told stories, and I'm like, that's not stories about me. But what I've heard about movies and things, I'm like, I don't know if that's true. I don't think anybody's checking it. I don't think anybody really knows whether or not Kurt Russell was in The Matrix and nobody cares enough to check. IMDb you're not so he probably wasn't Ivy was, I didn't see. I think he was one of the agents. So the reason I'm pensive is because tool these are the days of scalping.
00:06:50Yeah, and we've talked about this at length before I take ticket-buying very seriously, I take going to concerts and getting placement. We talked about that a couple episode. Yes. I need to be where I want to be on the floor. Specially when you're talking about some of my favorite bands, which pool is in there. They rank up there. If you guys look on the irritable Down syndrome, website in our Gallery, there's a picture of her set up. There's a tool poster that I got from the Cincinnati show that featured off to the left or the way on the wall. So it doesn't matter where it is. We're not going to keep this in so they can see how we really are. Is that I take these things, very seriously. I loved it. But they have an opportunity for VIP section, which are you have the prettiest or you have a chance to meet the band except for Maynard cuz he doesn't do that, right? Get something signed all this stuff. Get pictures. Hang out with all the other people and then see the show.
00:07:50So I jumped on that. As soon as it came up this time around. Will they have it a little bit different? I don't think you get to meet the band now because there's like a pandemic or something's going around called something 19. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, so they only have they have gold, silver and bronze packages and different lengths, really. The big differences in the old, you get the Olympics in the gold itself. To you get something signed. And the other two, you don't need yours like a mystery item in one of those. Anyway, I scored a goal.
00:08:22Magnifying glass. I was on the site. I'm A Tool Army member. Yes, I have the bandana to prove it to lure. Me to alarm me to original Les. Paul Stanley was in the Army but I digress has nothing to do with the story. I got the ticket. I was on there like a ninja hahaha. I was walking around stirring around excited, proud of myself. And then I went around the rest of the rest of my day. I did it within 30 seconds that night around 10 or so. I check my email tickets been cancelled, Money's been refunded. We over like, what the put the but now the problem is, is that initial FreeCell is over. Okay, the next opportunity that I had to buy tickets are the General on sale with with all the police. I can't be by ticket only with the Lord lives. When I know it's not the people buying tickets to the box to get in there, try to scalp. So they'll take a seat normally like 80 bucks and then Jack it up to three or four hundred.
00:09:22They took four seats four seats. If you bought them in the General on sale or normally 125, they're going for a thousand $2,000 right now, in the scouts it? No, thank you. I jump back on the original thing. I'm like, I want to see if there's any other shows. I want to see him in Columbus there. Any other ticket thing bronze was still available. I jumped on a brat. OK Google Rose back. I can deal with that you go on about our lives. Now. The reason I was and still am pensive pensive is that this happened a few days ago, we waited a day. So I'm in this tool group on Facebook. Everybody is to get people bitching, which I get it cuz they thought they had a ticket and now they don't matter in nosebleed seats. We're not getting tickets at all. And then there's people that are still getting tickets canceled. Some people got some tickets canceled this morning and I'm like, holy crap. I thought we were done with this. So now I already have a hotel and things locked up, in case I want to stay there.
00:10:22I don't know if I'm going or not. Right, but I'm still not sure exactly if I even have a ticket and if it turns out that I don't there's no way I can go because there's no way in hell. I'm paying that amount of money that I already paid to be on the floor to be in the nosebleeds, which are the only things that are left right now. He would be inappropriate inappropriate. That means on the storm is one of my favorite bands and that just pisses me off cuz I get Cassie and you can hug nippy hugging in the concert in March. So, maybe things are and you can't hug to Estrella. Yeah, there was it when I saw them in 2019. There was no mud pit at all, which I thought is great.
00:11:22I can't stand much but I mean, I expect when it goes your ya. I may actually go into it. I don't know. I feel you're not to get ready for it. But I want to experience the music and the light show. I don't want to have some dude named Kurt shoving me.
00:11:39Cuz he heard sober on VH1 Classic something. Whatever. I don't need that at all, but I'm excited about the show. Like I said, pensive when I was at The Offspring concert. I got there way early cuz it was general admission. And I'm right up front. Very, very, very I'm closer to the lead singer of Offspring that I am to you right now. And I had no idea that it was going to be a mosh pit show. I've got my elbows out and I'm elbow on people, to get off me and I look behind me. This dude's got his fourteen-year-old, kid with him. Yeah, they're jumping and kicking and flogging and wailing or whatever you do in a mosh pit. And like there's no way I would bring my seventeen-year-old kid or my thirteen-year-old kid, is it?
00:12:39They were having a blast. I love them. I hope nobody got hurt in a fight in Collective Soul. The second row was kind of immune to the mosh pit isn't usually in the middle. That's what I thought. When I saw a Slayer which is the most intense Mosh Pit I've ever seen in my life, but October 29th is coming up. So we'll see, but yeah, it seem like the first two rows. I mean they were banging head up there, but they were on their rail. They were in their respective areas. They were being cognizant. They were not slamming, heads with each other. Look, if you're going to be in a mosh pit be respected and cognizant and I still remember and not be back about. I don't know. 50 Rose, you know, back where we were right, there was a body laying on the floor cuz I told the story where the Medics came in and Slayer just kept rolling.
00:13:42This portion of irritable dead syndrome is brought to you by Chopsticks. Okay. We know it's easier to eat oriental food with a 4 but put a pair of these bad boys in your hand and you're guaranteed to look like the smartest most talented person that the table. Hello. I'm Dave, Lay. I love eating with chopsticks and judging people who are simply too stupid to use them. So feel Superior to others and buy your own pair of Chopsticks available, wherever quality Oriental dinner utensils are sold. Now back to you losers in the studio.
00:14:14So, Facebook went down. Yeah, and here's the deal, is most of our advertising. We do advertise this show. We do a lot of advertisement on Facebook and we appreciate what you do here. And then you come listen to us. Yeah. We thank you for listening. We do if your daddy's how you be nice to people. Thank you. So I get Facebook ads. Now for these huge blankets. I have you seen these things like a blanket that will cover this room.
00:14:43There's a picture of going around of these people. I don't know who these people are. They don't, they're not in the same family. They've got a sectional couch. Like, what you see right there on the blanket covers, the edges of the couch and goes out and covers. Another sofa across the room. It's a, it's an ungodly blanket and if you look at the questions cuz I do on the comments or say how in God's name. Do you want that? There's always the jackass I can't.
00:15:11Let me slow down. Let me let me take this topic at a topic at a time.
00:15:18I don't want to share a blanket with anyone, right? Not even best you invest on curl up under a blanket snuggle and watch God. Not down here. Now that we have our separate. First of all, I'm always hot. She's always cold. Okay, so I can't we can't do that. Okay, if we had a big blanket like that it just where to get. I like I like to scrunch some around me and under me and I can't do that with a big bike if somebody moves over here Yanks over there. It's like it just I can't handle that and ammonium second needs that. Second. Somebody always ask. How do you wash these damn things off? And there's always a comment and this is on every Facebook ad and it pisses me off.
00:15:57There's always old are extremely easy to wash just put in the washing machine and sell them is cycle. Like you are clearly a planted comment cuz I'm looking at that blanket. There's no way that you filled that water and made those people move around. Maybe maybe you'd wash it, but you ain't fit. In that thing. You're not even fit in the room. That the washing machine is in that thing in the car, you driving to drape it over your house, right in the summer. I can't do that now. So you telling me that you can put that big blanket in your washing machine every little thing. You see at 4 on Facebook. There's always you'll see a product you say what years are? Clear problem. I see it's a wallet that has a Howitzer in it and someone will say, is at the house or dangerous, when it go off in your pants and blow off your Johnson and somebody else to say, obviously not, it has a safety on the side and it would never ever do that. That's crazy. That you would think that you have ice cream, that has a hot coal to comes in the middle of the month.
00:16:57Do you have that shipped to your house? It's easy. You have a little of the thing in the thing ad for Wonder products like the blanket that will cover a house, right? With stupid answers to questions. I was put in your washing machine, but the safety on the Howitzer. Don't put your dick in, there is always that saying there's always ask a comment, is always the first one. So, you know, it's a problem with that product. It's like when we went through the ziplock thing, aha, here's the ziplock medical hotline. Why is that who's hurting themselves? Right? Somebody did you don't waste advertisement space for like that? You don't waste your first comment on. It won't happen. Right? I'm really upset, but I'm really upset about it. Everything. Yeah. Yeah. So what I like to do on those, especially when people start getting heated like back in my day, we will everybody had their own blanket. We didn't have to
00:17:57Are because of these blah blah blah blah as in these people and kids and they don't know how good they had it and I didn't have a blanket when I whatever and then people start arguing with each other over every mile or so. What I like to do is I get right in the middle of it and I make a comment and I said, I used to love watching Picket Fences. That was a great show. Send.
00:18:26I think you're on the wrong page, but I like to mix things up.
00:18:34You're here. You have a live example. I got it. I'm looking here. We are live and add for Nick's ice cream. Ice cream. Ice cream. Before couple episodes. You need to put a mortgage on your house to afford it. But when you get it, it's great. They look at the comments. Just 5 comments on X ice creams. What's the first,? I placed an order for the new snack bars, no reviews yet. But I love your chocolate. Peanut snack bars and ice cream. I imagine all of these as well. What's the point of that comment? Why is that? They're nothing? Nothing. There's no point. I've never had this. This guy is in bed with big ice cream. I've never had this, but I've had another thing that you made and I'm sure this will be great to. Okay. I don't know if I'm going to vote or not. Hey, Mike. Hey Mike,. If that's a non,. How is Avengers endgame? I don't know. I haven't seen it. But I like Iron Man, so I assume it will be pretty good, right? Now.
00:19:34Your comment. But you don't know that until you don't get stolen on comment. Comment is exactly right? Right about The Walking Dead. I like the first three or four episodes of The Walking Dead. So I can tell, I started noticing that they repeating the same three or four episode, right? For the next five hundred episode. There's a new Guns N Roses album called. Are you sitting down hard school? School? Spelled s. K o. O l and I said, I'm sorry, but hard School. Sounds like the name of a Cinemax after dark movie Nobody commented on it because everyone was sitting there given Axl Rose, like putting him up on Mount Rushmore of all the heavy metal guides. Like textiles is so amazing and and these guys are great together and and I could care less, but you're hard school, please.
00:20:30Come on stupid name for now. There's some bands. Were you like man? I hope they never stopped. Like, when Charlie Watts die, the Rolling Stones on my fan. Okay. I'm never going to see the Rolling Stones again, you know, as they were there. I can't believe Keith is still alive. But here we are. We live in that world and it's fine. It's great. But they're a band. I want to see. Keep going something with AC DC. Yes, they're still in my bucket list to see but there's a point where certain bands have just just enough and I love /. I'll say this. I'll say this Bon Jovi approach, that point and then somehow came back from it. Like I like I would love to see Bon Jovi now. Where I didn't, I didn't care one way or the other guy came back from that break. Yeah. That's the Roses. Can you tell you what, any given Guns? N Roses album, I'll find two or three songs that I love like over and over and over the rest of them. I'll be like, okay, but actually it's like boring to me.
00:21:30I don't think I can ever listen to Paradise City again. I mean, they had was so so much and to the ground, Sweet Child of Mine. Welcome to the Jungle. I don't know. No one at the Brownstones. The thing is that you could be mine from Terminator 2.
00:21:50I can't listen to that by itself. But if it's not in Terminator 2, it pisses me off like it goes right there with Terminator 2. Haha, but I can't look at the Sun.
00:22:01This portion of irritable, dad Syndrome has brought you by death liquid. Concentrated wallpaper stripper with its unique enzyme action. Just dissolves old paste and cuts wallpaper removal time in half. That's right half. How many times have you walked by that? Guest bedroom and said, one of these days when I have time, I'm going to tear out that nasty, Brady Bunch looking wallpaper and put in something new while there's no time. Like, now to do it. If is fast and easy like that cheerleader. I knew in high school and did I mention that? No, steamer is needed. You would have to be crazy to use any other product than this. So go down to your corner, hardware store, and buy some dip and tell them you heard about it on here, Double Dead syndrome. Now back to you, Matt and Erin.
00:22:46And we're back. I had a fun time. Going to Kroger this week. What you doing? Dave. It's time now for the Kroger story of the week.
00:22:58I've been going to the Kroger Marketplace a lot more often. What the hell? What do you have a choice? I've just been like I was at the YMCA. Okay, and then I had to run and grab something. So there's a Kroger marketplace right up the street, from the YMCA. So, that's where I went. You went all the way there. So why? I like right down the road. I'm not a member of that. Why? I'm a member of the Y. That's near the Kroger Marketplace wrong dumbass. Now know they don't, they do know. They don't remember that one down there when you give you the one that one. So that, the kids could go there before school. And that's where they would drop off after school. That was the plan. Kids, go to school, to go to the wife,, but your kids interest above your own everyday. Oh, and you don't okay. I am going to sit downstairs with my ice cream sandwiches dripping all over when my kids are asleep. But yeah, come on, please. Anyway, I ran into the Kroger Marketplace.
00:23:57And I had to get a couple things for the wife. And while I was in there. I remembered that you said the Kroger Marketplace has the best ice cream sandwiches. They have blue, Bonnie, Blue, Bunny, Ice cream sandwiches or stick. My first problem with the blue bunny ice cream sandwiches with the two Seas. There's a there's nine of them in the box. Yes, four of us. So that that's going to be a problem. Anyway, I guess ice cream sandwiches. I'm going down the zooming. You share their currently hidden sandwiches are currently hidden under some frozen fish place. They will now if they listen to. So I got my ice cream sandwiches. I'm walking down the back. I'll come to the meet parvat, Jessie and and Dave Wiseman.
00:24:56Everything going, how are the kids and school? And yeah, and they asked about the podcast and then I started chuckling giggling inside thinking if Mike was having this conversation, he would be in his pants are melting. I have anxiety right now when you're telling me the story, I can't believe you got ice cream sandwiches. I would avoid them. If I would have seen, I know you would not have. I will put it in my face. That's how important they are to me. I will talk to them and I spoke to him for maybe 10 minutes, you okay? Are you sure it's more important than your ice cream sandwich? Told them that I'm looking forward to when they can get out and about we would hang out together. All things that can be emailed or talk about on the phone. With the wrong with you. You've got ice cream sandwiches that are melting in Your Bass cuz you were stupid enough to get them while you're not even done with your trip. This is what I'm talking about. Yeah. This is why I had to cuss you out when we were at the Lost.
00:25:56Cuz you were going to allow me to have melted, blue bunnies. What happens if you have? What happened to me a couple episodes to go, where there's a wreck on the interstate. You're not going to have to. You have to go back and wasted all that money and you deserve it. I had my conversation. I even went by the produce their big fat you say they're big fans of the show and Dave if ya Ana Dave, I swear to God if you see me at Kroger, if you see me at Kroger I go from the fruit Department over to the other side towards the toys and that's my Pat. If you see me after the ice cream, haha. Don't talk to me. Don't look at me.
00:26:38I don't want to see you because I don't want to feel guilt that I'm ignoring you, but I'm choosing my ice cream. Same as I will choose my ice cream sandwiches over you, and I'll feel the guilt and I'll drown that guilt and ice cream sandwich. I'm sorry. Can you got me? Fired up on my way out? I bought some bananas cuz they're produced from. It's on the other side. I got bananas. I checked out and actually something happened at checkout. You wouldn't have even spoken with the cashier. I've got my squad. I've got my Steeler shirt on and she says, she, the cashier asked me. Did they win today? And I said, actually, they're playing right now. When she goes, oh, well, I don't even follow football and really, I don't really why did you say hey, go with you and then go I don't want to talk about football. All my God, and I wanted to ask her then. Why did you even ask me that? Oh my God. Over, as I have ice cream sandwiches. I took the ice cream sandwich.
00:27:38You know what? They were perfectly fine. Perfectly fine. Bouquet. Yeah, I think the
00:27:47For the record. I have a situation like that. I don't want to risk talking to anybody past year. I go to the automated check out and I did that the other day and I swear, I swear the self-checkout said, I swear, I'm not kidding. I know it didn't. I know it. Probably said, thank you, but it was, it shocked me enough to where I went in and the guy at the checkout. Next, to me looked over like, excuse me.
00:28:15Oh damn it. Mike are the empty. Yes.
00:28:21Yes, they're empty. The box is empty. Jason Durbin, told me. He said, if you go up and get an ice cream sandwich and eat it. I will become a patreon member.
00:28:39All right. Hold on, I'm talking. But I'm way out of this week. I came in here and I, when I got my ice water and open the refrigerator, like the one week, and he doesn't have ice cream sandwiches and he always, you didn't have them upstairs. So I had to the planned, abort abort Mission. We couldn't do it because it's okay. It's okay. It's okay. So this way I get my eyes water.
00:29:13Jason, the box is empty. I failed you. Again, you did because you're stupid because you don't realize how crafty I am. Haha. That's a decoy box. Haha. That's not my ice cream sandwiches. That's the Decoy for these kids. Haha. And this wife of mine would love to grab those sandwiches. Stand in the middle of kitchen, looked me dead in the eye, and tell me how much they suck. Will, they know I'm down because of your decoy. We lost a patreon number. Well, he needs to listen to show or closely and know how devious I am on level, if I allowed you a sandwich from the secret. I don't know. I think he wanted me to steal one from you. That would have got him off. Will it? Will it help if I could plant one for you next time?
00:30:00It would think you would he pay more? If I have one of my kids actively getting ready to eat one and you go up and snatch out their hand while. If I'm down at the end of the young one, if I took it out of Charlie, yeah, if Charlie had taken, I want it. I want it to be unwrapped. Haha. I'm headed for his mouth. And I want you like would like night not to me. It's like the sort a to like he falls on the couch when I take it. So forcefully. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I don't know what that look of shock.
00:30:33If he does that then then we got to up the level of patronage.
00:30:38I thought you were going to come put a horse head in my bed because of the whole bag in the tree. Know he was going to have Cameron, come to his house and pick up dog, food, but he wanted put it in a brown bag. Then he's going to bring the bag to your house. And then last week. Did you guys do this? And then I'm them. You think there's some kind of, like, poop conspiracy theory, coact, the conspiracy because we could record Syrian something conversion, and I forget what else is Scott? This has been
00:31:23My son, Jacob, my oldest son is in marching band. He is, he did very well and Son. Jacob had a jazz band concert. Why you couldn't record last year. He had a drum solo. He killed it. I'm going to play the audio for you guys right now. Here's my son, Jacobs drum solo.
00:32:10That was really bad ass. And what was so cool about this. I know we call ourselves irritable. Dad syndrome after he did his solo at the council was trying to set up there. Yeah, he plays the drums, you know, he was obnoxious. That's my kid up there. And then the lady behind me. She was smiling ear-to-ear and she said he was great. I'm like, what does Roy like when he loves playing drums, this is one of those moments where it's like proud dad. Syndrome. My kids. Are you. I'm proud of my kids. I admire your kids. I'm proud of my kids and admire. My kid has a lot of what I did just offer to. Have you abused one of my children.
00:33:10To get money for a trip picture. Now, that I mentioned something about my son about how great he was. I'm going to say something that wasn't. So they had marching band and they had pizzas ordered in the band. Director didn't realize it pizzas were already ordered. And so he orders and pizzas. There's like double the pizza. Okay? Okay, there's so much pizza. They can't do enough with usually that's not a problem. Right? Right. Usually it's not nature will find a way. So that was the night. The next morning, Jacobs, getting ready to go to marching band practice and it's going to be all day and got before he goes off to a competition. And in the email, it says, pack a lunch to pack a lunch because I've got food already. I said you do cuz you have got that leftover pizza.
00:33:57That's what leftover pizza goes. To the leftover pizza from last night that they brought in all that cheese pizza. There's no pizza in the refrigerator. I said, chicken for you talking about, we have no pizza in the refrigerator. It's in the car. It didn't fit in the car all night. Yeah. He had three entire large boxes of cheese pizza, and you opened up one.
00:34:28It's stuck.
00:34:30After I ended it looked worse than any cafeteria, you can't tell me that you haven't eaten, a pizza that has been out for an extended. Of time over 10 hours, okay.
00:34:52This portion of irritable dad syndrome is brought you by trim fingernail clippers. Since 1947. The trim brand has provided quality Clippers to help, make your fingernails. Look their absolute best. Oh, here's a fun fact that, you know, that the trim brand was founded in Shelton, Connecticut. It's true. Just one more reason to visit the Show-Me State or is it the Nutmeg State that doesn't matter. Now, back to the show.
00:35:22Making a pizza. Ever tell you that I'm Pizza famous, you know, this seems somewhat familiar, but I want to hear it again. A big deal at to count them, to pizza restaurants, something to be around. There's a Marco's Pizza up here in, not a service. Customer and no, no no, no, no, no. No, I've been there at least once a week for probably four years. Okay. So cheers, when Norwood walk-in, that's what it's like. And I'm not kidding. When I walk in tomorrow's high supposed to be in there was a new person there and I walk up to her and she says, what's the name for the order? Call Lee Lord?
00:36:14How dare you? I was getting ready to leave someone in the back, runs up to the front of store. Have a great night. Mr. Cox will see you next time cuz my name is on the cork board. Okay, I'm mr. Cox is on the court. Wow, so that's that's how famous I am at. Marco's Pizza. Okay, there's one time there's been a few times for Libby has gotten the pizza. And she always says, they don't make a big deal. When I walk in a Michael won. They probably don't know you or two. They probably don't like you. It's possible. One of the two as possible. I'm pretty sure. It's they don't know who she is. So cuz everybody likes my wife. So she goes up and they say what's the name on the order and he says, Cox and the guy turns around and you could see the light bulb over said he turned on cuz you know, we've got a guy in here all the time. Wait a minute and all my Lord.
00:37:14My wife is a nurse who saves people's lives, a living be. Okay,. TX wife over the past three years, stand up comedy. She's been lowered to the comedian.
00:37:34There's also a pizza place called Terry's Pizza. Okay, and Lynchburg, Ohio. Okay. This is a destination. It's out in the middle of nowhere. So you got to really know what you like in terms of pizza before you do something like that. Well, you can order the, you can look at the menu online and figure out what you want to go. I'm saying, you're going to go out this far. You really like that pizza cuz you got pizza all around here. It's not like we're starving for pizza. That's the one of the amazing things about Terry's Pizza is not only can you get really, and it's really good pizza. You can also get milkshakes the size of a small child. I mean these milkshakes are about 2 ft tall, right? And if you get the coffee milkshake, it's coffee flavored ice cream. And two, sprinkle Donuts. Stuck to the side with all the whipped cream and everything on it. It takes about 20 minutes to go through this. Sprinkle Donuts on a top of a milkshake, a milkshake, haha.
00:38:34Donuts on it and you can dip your milkshake into the year. You can you can dip your donut into the coffee flavored milkshake. If you want. She says, it's I know, right. Where is this place Lynchburg, Ohio got the near here, know it takes an hour or so, to get there from here. But my TV station, we did this thing on our website. We did once, like where's the best place in the tri-state area to get a taco and then we went and we interview them then where where's the best place to get wings and who has the best pizza? Okay, so we went out there to do a story on Terry's Pizza and he was thrilled, Terry was just ecstatic and couldn't believe that people had picked him and we took a group photo of the entire creative Services team, who went out there to shoot the video with Terry his family frame that picture and put it up on the wall along, with all the reviews that they
00:39:34Got mine from this competition. So my pictures framed, LOL. Wow.
00:39:43Where you're at? You're coming up in the world there, a Hollywood Walk of Fame and it was Charlie's birthday things. He wanted to do was go to Skyline. He likes Skyline. I've got the point where I'm just ideas. I'll I'm like maybe once a year twice a year and I'm good. I'm done. I can't stand the smell of it. It it's just there. I'm sorry. Living I moved up to Cincinnati from Tennessee. We don't get it. I don't best as I get it. There's people who won of the commercials if they run for Skyline is when we go on vacation and we drive the nine and a half hours back. We stopped at Skyline and eat before we go home and unpack our luggage and like, those people need their intervention, the County's. Okay. Here's the deal. I'm not a, not a fan of the, of the Chilean and the top of the spaghetti. So we've talked about anxiety that I get in a Drive-Thru before I like to order.
00:40:43Items on the menu. I'm weird that way. If I'm going through the McDonald's I want to get a number to. I'll probably get it. Large make it a Diet Cokes. I feel better about myself right now with my life. Haha. Maybe they'll ask me if I want ketchup. Maybe I'll tell him. Yes. Maybe I'll tell him. No, that's it. That's all the conversation. I want to have. I don't want to talk about. No pickles. I don't want to talk about, no, mustard, any of that stuff. I take everything that comes on it, that take what's given to me? Okay, if other people are in the car ordering, I get annoyed. If they want to change the order because what happens is, they will mix up which order doesn't get the thing. Haha, and I want all the things on mine, and I'll end up getting mine, messed up, and then I'll be sitting next to or in front of someone who had their order not come out the way they wanted and I say it all the time. Just order it. Like it is on the menu will be fine right now, but no, they can't do that. So this is a tale of two, skylines of the fight, that kid that happened. Okay.
00:41:43Tuesday, me the game. We had two games. Okay, had a game and then we had some time to eat and then there was another game because he's in the blankety-blank basketball league of America again, and that's how they do it. Thankfully. He did he's doing he's doing great and I still have practice that's where he's at right now. I'll be there till 9. They're still doing that stuff. For they have practice is until 9 on a school night. Yeah, they have games at 9 on Friday and Saturdays. They just do whatever they want to do. But he loves it. It's great and he's good at it. So we go to Skyline. All right. Now I have taken him to Skyline. I've taken my family to Skyline multiple times. My kids Order, special items. Charlie wants a cheese. Coney with no cheese. No onions. No mustard. He literally just wants the hot dog with a bun and the chili on it. Okay. Okay. They always say we can give you cheese on the side. I'll text you some aside. Whatever has happened a couple of times I go through the drive-thru. I get that thing Andrew, of course.
00:42:43Once the cheese on it, but he wants to cheat on his three on the side. So they have theirs only special instructions have to go through which part of the reason why I don't order anything from there because I don't want to order messed up, right? You look at the menu. There's a regular County and a cheese. Coney. The regular Tony says, regular Coney, print the Seas. No cheese for cheese coneys. Says cheese. Coney to be sure. I'm actually understanding what you're saying. I had to be sure and to allay any concern in the car. I always say olay Olay. I always say I would like a cheese Coney with the cheese on the side and then they repeat back to me. Sounds like you want a regular, Coney that come with no cheese, or do you want a cheese? Tray with the cheese on the side? I'll say I'll just take a regular. Coney. I don't need the cheese on the side. We go to the conversation, multiple times. I've had this conversation a couple times.
00:43:43With me, but you can sense a pension, has a terseness and their voice. Yes, every time a penultimate anytime, a regular county has no cheese. So we are on the other side. We're over near the blankety-blank basketball league of America. We're going to a different Skyline. Yeah, I go through that thing. I've learned my lesson from our local Skyline when I go over there. I know exactly when I order Charlie's, the only one I want to order Andrews, not ordering his crazy stuff cuz we took him to Chipotle because we take our kids where they want to go. We we all eat it, like, multiple restaurant or insane. We're going through the drive-through. I'm excited because I order
00:44:23Two regular counties and then I get Whispers.
00:44:29And I am I to say there's there's no cheese and regular honey. And it certainly would just regular regular County and I think you have the same kids that I had. Don't want to I don't want to it's already confusing to me. Anyway, we come around we pay and I explained to them. If you look at them in your right there. It says regular Coke. No cheese cheese, cheese. I've been taught this at the other Skyline. They're all the same franchise go around there. We pay for him. What he thinks on the Chinese. Do you say? Cheese cheese for miles at least 4 days.
00:45:09There's crying, there's, there's all this stuff will and then it, and then veces like a ha, ha ha. And I'm like, they broke their own rule. They didn't give us, what was on the menu, you know, and then anytime anybody from our generation goes through this. You always think of Lethal Weapon 2 with Joe Pesci, that a blanket.
00:45:33But if I put a quack in just so, can you move the cheese off now? I can't because he had came with the cheese off, cuz there's so now we went to this whole thing just to get him too. Haha, and I get tired of the complaining. So I raced back to come into work, still in the parking lot. I zoom back around and say, I need two regular companies. I don't want any cheese on them. Come back around. The guys, looks at me.
00:46:03A sense of his recognition because I was literally there 30 seconds ago or a minute ago. And he says, didn't you just come through here and psyche? Yeah, I ordered regular Coney's, I didn't want any cheese on them and it says, okay, that's if they'll be for something. And I'm sitting here thinking, what shouldn't you just give these me beat could because you, you gave me the wrong order. I'm thinking that, but I didn't say it, but why didn't you some? But I don't know when somebody in the car. I can't remember. It was Bess or Andrew. Somebody said, why are we paying? Well, what are we paying this for this again? And he seemed unsure of taking my money and they gave me the counties and I took them but I was so annoyed with the whole situation. It's like I rage paid for torrent 442 new Coney's.
00:46:47And then I get to Coney the cheese coneys just languished. We ended up throwing them away. They like, what they language? I shouldn't have paid. And now that I'm in the store and I'm seeing your reaction. If I had definitely not have paid for those Coney's. The point is they trained me incorrectly at the other Skyline and then I tried to assert myself. I went through the whole. I know what I'm doing. I know how I'm ordering my Coney's. I'm ordering in the right way.
00:47:18MMA stream, they let me know. I've stopped ordering at the drive-thru got living. I made a deal because she hates ordering the pizza and order the pizza because you'll be the guy ordering the pizza. And all that the person at the pizza. I want a large pizza at. What's the number for the order with your phone number? 555-8225?
00:47:42Was it was at 515-555-8258?
00:47:568th and see if she's going to. She's just, she hates ordering the pizza. Yeah, I get that conversation about how we say always and never and we don't use those words in it. Yeah, we we didn't usually order the pizza unless I've got a gaping head wound or if I'm being dragged down the street by a horse, when you're done with the horse. Can you? I ordered the pizza warm at a drive-thru, she orders because her Burger home to have mayonnaise and mustard. Jacobs order can't have, it can't have pickles. Cameron's. Order can only have ketchup.
00:48:48And then Dennis like, did you, did you? And I'll be trying to order. Did you say only ketchup? Did you say no mustard? Did you say without cheese? Did you what happened to the old days when you would get a cheeseburger through the thing? You say don't want pickles in your nasty, Uncle would reach in there and grab them, throw them off and take my uncle never did that. But okay. So there's a there's a Chinese place near us that we order from all the time and they they take for your, they don't take your name. They take your phone number. We used to live in. Dayton. Everyone around here has a 513 area code. We have a Dayton area code on your phone. So here's the deal. When we order from there and we go in, they ask for a phone number, everyone around here, starts with 513. I usually just go in and say, I see one package on the thing and they're looking at it and like, aha, by the thing.
00:49:48How much are on the counter? Where it's supposed to come out there? There's one order. There's one guy walks in, he has a number that starts with 937. One of two people in this entire area and mind you, those two people both have the food going to the same place and they make me go through the entire number every time. So I'll say,
00:50:11I like a high, blah, blah. 5, 5, 5, 5, 5, 5 5.
00:50:21I say, okay. They gave it to me and I don't think I don't think I'm a very generic looking person. I'm overweight. I'm bald.
00:50:35You know, and I'm usually if I'm not wearing like work clothes. I'm wearing a stupid t-shirt, you know, SpongeBob SpongeBob. Once you're a tool, bandana, it's pretty. Obviously me when I walk in. I'm not like a guy with Lego hair and a mustache. You know, I don't I don't I don't like I stand that lived here for years now and I still when I go in,
00:51:03Can I just want to say bald guy? Give me my food. What the hell's wrong with you.
00:51:09But still that place. I would do the same thing. I'll call best if we're going to order out. Haha. I'll have her call it in because I cannot stand to talk at work and I don't know what everybody somebody wants a burrito but they want the tortilla on the inside in the Meatpacking around the outside and it a cheese on the left side of a psychopath. Yeah, I'm a simple man. I make simple order. I feel like everyone should do the same thing. If you're going to make an extensive order order yourself.
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00:52:33I've got some random things. I don't want to talk about you.
00:52:36I'm going to roll tonight and this is a very odd coincidence because I was talking to somebody at work. We were talking to music. OK, Google old days of cassettes. Okay, and I was telling this person at work that my very first rock and roll, cassette was the Rolling Stones tattoo, you. And the second one that I had was Rick Springfield, working class, dog. Now you may not do you like Rick Springfield? Will I have two little 45 vinyls. The very first rock and roll vinyl that I had and I was waiting on a friend from Tattoo, You Rolling Stones and then I have a Rick Springfield, but I think it's Jesse's girl that I was telling somebody about this. The very next day. I'm on the Facebook and I see that the Rolling Stones are reissuing. The 40th anniversary albums.
00:53:36Or a two-cd set, which I think I'm going to get. Because I don't have somehow over the years. I've lost my copy of tattoo, you. Okay? So I'm thinking I'm going to get the 2 CD set with the 9 or bonus songs. That's worth it right there. Same day. I'm in the car and I hear Rick Springfield is coming to Cincinnati on tour promoting 40 years of working class dog. Wow. Holy crap. The same day.
00:54:13Buy a lottery ticket. What's the what are the odds, isn't? He didn't he get into a fight with Scott? Baio on Twitter? Sorry, if there's any of Charles in Charge fans out there, but Old Scotty got spanked marks all, wow. It was bad. So it's speaking of reissues of Metallica's just reissued their blackouts. And there is I got an ad for an ungodly set $500 set that includes a leather jacket. I think there's a limited because
00:54:55Could you just get a leather jacket? Right? I think there's six DVDs in there. Haha. I don't know. How many albums are in there. I mean album, It's a ridiculous amount of tracks. There's a heaven versions of sad, but true on this thing. They also did a a covers which I think is cool. Like they have other pants, do covers of Elton John was doing an interview with Howard Stern and the boys from Metallica and all that. Yeah. He's on the greatest songs of the greatest songs ever written could not believe.
00:55:55John is doing that, but that's not the covers album, isn't part of the bunch. And I know you got to buy that separate. That's the black skull. The Blacklist on Spotify Vive heard, most of it, but I know that I don't know that I would buy it. Another random story. I was going to tell okay with a bunch of people getting sick and there's some people who were coming down with whatever work. I used to work with the girl.
00:56:23She's 40 years old. I used to work with this woman and she was saying that in college. She had a real bad case of Bono and I told her I said well, I've never had Mono but I did once have a bad case of stereo. Oh my God. She didn't get it. I got it. I got it, but I don't want it. Had no idea what stereo she said. No, I don't work in the technical field, working the technical field. After working out.
00:56:54Lyrics to understand. One thing comes out of one speaker with in cuz that have another speakers like I don't know what a leash is. I'm not a veterinarian.
00:57:03Are you talking about? I don't have to take over that Eva least. She didn't get it. So that was one of my jokes that oh, my Lord, on the surface. It's not funny. But the fact that she didn't get all your makes it cuz you water your plants. I've got a botanist.
00:57:23I'm going to start using that excuse when I do something really stupid.
00:57:27What did you take? The last ice cream sandwich? I'm not a mathematician. I don't know. How many are in there. I don't work in the dairy Department. Yeah. Random Story. Number 3. Jacob was supposed to go to bed. I went to bed. I've been going to bed before the kids here, lately. I'm in bed. I'm trying to fall asleep. And I hear Libby, yell upstairs, a Jacob. Would you stop playing that didgeridoo and go to bed?
00:57:58Is TJ Crocodile Dundee moved in which stop playing that didgeridoo. Go to bed? How do you yell didgeridoo effectively? Cuz when we were in Hilton Head, yeah, we went to one of those gift shops. That sells all those things that you're never going to use him. And I want to buy this. Did you mean like, no, this is it in your room to keep everything in your room, but I'll learn how to play it and I told you, it sounds like she Baka play Stairway To Heaven on your didgeridoo. Random Story number for
00:58:56Walking into Walmart and this is the breaking bad Walmart, and I noticed the sign on the door for Walmart. And it said, kindly refrain from openly carrying a firearm. I do say good sir. If you could kindly refrain from carrying a firearm like a kindly rephrase, remove your saber at the door Walmart.
00:59:28Refrain from doing anything. The Breaking Bad Walmart. You walked by about four felonies and 15 misdemeanors. As you get is to walk in the door.
00:59:40If we're going to wrap this up, this is been episode 59. I wanted to mention that a few weeks ago. We mentioned a contest where if you send a review in for the show. Yeah, it would get an autographed copy of UHF. Starring Weird. Al Yankovic is now, it's not autographed by Weird, Al Mike and Erin and the person who won the DVD was Robert Hill, who sent us a great review and how we gave him a shout out last week. So Robert that's going to be put in the mail.
01:00:15I used to get it within four to six weeks.
01:00:20We've got were using the literal Pony Express.
01:00:26Wanted to mention that, at the end of this month, October 29th. We're going to be in Cleveland, Ohio. We're going to the Gojira concert and then on the 30th, we're going to be at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. If you are in the Cleveland area come by, either of these events and you will find this cuz Mike and I are going to be in our irritable Down syndrome t-shirts. We would be more than happy to meet you. To greet you to take pictures and I was going to ask us for an autograph for six months. No one is going to seem to find us. If you're a goes, you're a live out of the two are Dead t-shirt. Look for fat. White guy, salt fat, white guys who were mildly terrified. Yes. And then when you go to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, look for the same, two fat bald guys, we won't be terrified anymore, but will be like you'll be crying at the you too, and I will be, I'll be going nuts over anything that has Johnny Cash on it. Yeah, and I
01:01:26I'll be demanding to know when tool is going to be inducted. I can't wait to see what all I saw the Pearl Jam stuff. I'm really looking forward to the Pearl Jam exhibit. I'm looking forward to seeing the last time I was at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. I couldn't find anything with Bob Seger on it. And I'm hoping that they've changed. That will it? Let me ask you this? Cuz I I don't know if I remember this because I saw it at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame or if I truly remember. Do you remember Eddie Vedder wearing a green like Army jacket, he wore it all the time. They have that there. So they have like the flannels and stuff that they weren't for, he was inducted into the day. Really? Yeah. Okay. That's my only problems with the Hall of Fame. I told you the story we walked in there and there's a giant W on the wall for Weiser. Love. Weezer, but come on. You don't need a w as soon as you walk into the place on exhibit. They had a Lady Gaga. They had something from Katy Perry and Katy Perry.
01:02:26The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Okay. That did the lights for the U2 Zoo TV tour. I think they had those hanging. They're still hanging in the entryway. I think those were up before you two is actually inducted into the Hall of Fame in Cleveland, at the end of my to come by and check us out. We would love to meet you and talk to you. We want you to go to irritable Down, syndrome. Cam. You can listen to old episodes, you can go to the patreon section and you can send us some money and they'll help us keep this podcast going. It'll help us advertised. It will help us pay for the the thing and the other stuff that we like, there's, there's new t-shirts. There's coffee mugs. That have our pictures on it. There's a coffee mug that has a rendition of drawing that your son Charlie date of us. And it's just adorable. I love it and I will say
01:03:26Shirt that you rain in my defense, I thought it was funny. I pointed out a few times and people are like you can't, you know, when you can tell when people are actually reading your shirt and I did it again. Some of their was a lady is like a she mentioned something. She's one of the parents of the other kid that that is on Charlie's team and she's like, have it in my defense. I thought it was funny and then me like typical. Idiot. Hey, this is my podcast and you might want to listen to it. Just like I'm an idiot. I am terrible at it.
01:03:59Anyway, we want to thank you again for listening and we want to see you next week on evil dancing. If you like to show, tell your friends about it. Tell your family, tell your co-workers while you're at it. Tell them to tell their friends and their families and their co-workers. Tell your neighbor, tell the dealer down. The street, walk up the total strangers and tell them about irritable bowel syndrome and help make this show the biggest dam podcast the world has ever seen. So get off your ass and get going. We'll see you next week.
01:05:08Will that be all rested up for episode 59? Thank you for listening. Yeah.
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