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Oct. 26, 2021

IDS #61 - Why Is Our Stepdad Carrying This Shield?

IDS #61 - Why Is Our Stepdad Carrying This Shield?
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This week on IDS - Carol (from finance) is doomed unless you help!  OSU band did an awesome tribute to RUSH!  We've got a new product to sponsor on the show - and it's.....well.  Hmm.  Water aerobics almost killed Darin, plus a visit Scrubs and Beyond!  Darin's on a Halloween Special (in Dayton) - and his Alexa is possessed!  Random observations (including the return of Breaking Bad to the show!)

All this and MORE- on an extra special (and long) IDS!!!

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00:00:00I had a really good feeling about this until I got here. I'm fine. Welcome to irritable dead Sandro. The number one choice for Quality entertainment. Since 2014. Are your hosts Mike and Darren? Darren Mike. How's it going? Hey, buddy, this is episode 61 of irritable bowel syndrome. Yes, one year away from early, retirement to what you were thinking. He's going to have me know since you two weeks 62 weeks. Yeah. That's how many episodes. How stupid are you? Well, today, we've got an awesome show. Got a Big Show, and I'm very excited about it. I can't wait to get to it. We we have a potential new sponsor. Look at it. I'm going to talk about. You might meaning of potential spots. But yeah, I did some television acting that. I'm very proud of.
00:00:59And at the end of the show, we're going to play a song. I guarantee you will never forget. And I am reluctantly allowing that to happen. Cuz I have fought this for quite some time, and I own 50% of the stock in this company. That's true. Yeah, so there's some bits that we do that. I listen to, and they get funnier and funnier to me the more I hear ya. Okay. This is one of them.
00:01:26I want to get down to brass tacks here. And I want to talk about the podcast as a business. No, we're not doing well as a business. We're in the red, so to speak. And we've been asking every week for people to become Patriots or Patriot pay the money. Yes, to the podcast and finance came up and talked to her. She showed us the numbers and sadly. I think we're going to let Carol go. We can't afford Carol. We can afford the bullet to put Carol out of her Misery. We can't afford the heating bill, increase it would eat. If we open the door to get Carol out. What I'm asking. Our fans are loyal listeners like a hundred. Sixty two hundred people downloaded I think episode 59.
00:02:21I don't trust people gave us a dollar a week. We could keep Carol. She could, you know, she has two, children need to be fed. Bernie and David, if you had men named after day play. Exactly. We're not going to get into that. Really going to tell you right now, that Carol is fake. I'm making this all up. I was going to dive deep into that. I love her and she keeps coming into work every day. This person who does our finances, we haven't paid her, dad ever.
00:02:56But here's the thing, if we had a finance person, if we had an employee, we would have to let them go. So we have multiple ways in which people can contribute to the show. My favorite is the merchandise, but then also there's patreon and we have exclusive content on the patreon. We do talk to one of our to tell you on the level that they get the stuff yet. The other guy gets a little are there. So there's there's all these different ways. We move to a different place and I said, I'm going to tell you something right now. I guess I can let the cat out of the bag is that we are very, very close. The fine folks at Whoppers footlong hot dogs are going to start selling their merchandise as part of a riddle.
00:03:56Dot-com. Can I listen you're going to be able to get Whoppers t-shirts and Whoppers coffee. Mugs, Mike. Thank you. I was concerned because I've seen a me a map of the Whoppers logo. Yes. I've heard the Whoppers commercials. I was concerned as to what merchandise from Whoppers would be available. Right? Because we've also talked about Mike and Erin plushies. That's true. And I was afraid you were going to say that there would be a wompers plushie and it's getting dangerously close to
00:04:32I don't know why we couldn't but we haven't discussed that. Anyway, go to our merchandising section buy, some stuff every month. Thank you. You buy Whoppers all beef footlong hot dogs. I'm Dave Lay. And there is never a time when you'll hear me say no to a Whoppers. All beef, footlong hot dog. There's a perfect meal for any occasion. And guess what, the fine folks at Whoppers are now making your eating experience. Even better with their brand-new foot long hot dog, buns. Holy crap. These buns are delicious. They're easy to open and they don't tear down in the middle like some other crappy brats right now. If you buy a pack of hotdogs, they'll throw in a pack of buns for free. And as always, get a ruler and measure it yourself. If you're a hot dog, is in a footlong. They'll refund your money, guaranteed. Now, back to you in the studio.
00:05:32I want to talk about a loyal fan, our fan, Robert Hill, Robert Hill. He won the Weird Al DVD contest. He has in a review and we signed we will you autograph the DVD and send it to him and he sent us a nice little letter Cindy riddle. Dad syndrome. Thank you for the DVD. I'm a big fan of Weird. Al I already have the DVD but this one is better because you guys signed in there. Any soccer Saints. Favorite part of the show is how we use the duct to clock out so quacker. Let's listen to backup. Let's play, Let's back up. Yeah. Oh my God. We're on episode 661, we've put 61 Plus hours in the best. We've got. There's a lot of work that goes behind-the-scenes. Look at it. And tell me we joke about it, but it's, it's a lot. I spent 4 hours at it. In the last episode this weekend. I partially cuz I wasn't working on the point is we put a lot of
00:06:32A lot of stuff into this and the thing that our biggest fan likes isn't.
00:06:39Curse is every time somebody says or the hard-working Ducks. You've got Howard. The Duck. Donald Duck Daffy Duck, which is my favorite done. You've got that, that Mallards that people weird people have on the wall in their office. Right now. You've got the Aflac all of those ducks have done more than quacker all quack or does is sit over there and keep us from getting sued one. And sometimes, you know, you drop words that are so bad that we have to use the sound fact. I have to be true to what the story is and I have to repeat the word that I use right to elicit, the proper response. We're glad that you like the duck.
00:07:39My son, Jacob had another marching band competition and this one was up in Columbus, Ohio. Okay, you'll remember a feel bad, though. That's filled a few weeks ago. We went to Obetz field. This time. We went to the Ohio State University ginormous. I mean, I haven't been to OSU Stadium since the 90s when I saw Billy, Joel and Elton John perform together for the first time. This place is awesome. And it was incredible. And my wife and I were driving up there to Columbus. And now, the last time we were running very late, this time, we were not, we had plenty of time, we're making great time and we decided to stop and get something to eat. And why were inside of Wendy's?
00:08:28My wife has her band shirt on and are you a band? Mom and I are talking mom things band. Yes, and something else. It was two minutes. Three minutes where the lady were talking to start talking about at her school, how she got fired for having an affair with somebody. Tell him this and that something else. And I'm like, okay. I know I know.
00:09:06That was, that was weird. Yeah, that was totally on my phone. Listen, work. We've got to go by the way, my son, their team. They did not win at a 44 bands that came in third place. Wow, pretty exciting. The coolest thing of the night outside watching. My son's band play was the OSU Marching Band came out and they did a tribute to rush. Have you ever seen no issues? Marching band know? Okay, if you go to the same Rush, okay, this is the band that did a tribute to Michael Jackson wants and they form the shape over doing the moonwalk. Okay? Okay, so they're doing this tribute to rush. They're playing songs in 2112. They spell 2112 on the field. They spell 2112. They formed the numbers.
00:09:56Members of the t w o e plus year old bald fat man stand up screaming and everybody else. So they look anything like what the hell was full of all these dads and you know, that we're losing her mind and then they then they did a thing where they form the shape of Geddy Lee holding his bag while on the field. Okay. That was cool. Then they made a thing where there's a Kick Drum in the middle of a field formed by Oak and Embers and then someone's that shaped in the body and someone hit the hi hat and then there's like the right and they played XYZ for 6 Rush songs and all these dads are losing their absolute mind. Wow. It is very, very, very, very cool. And I can't recommend enough if you get an opportunity.
00:10:56Even if you don't like football or college football, you do do su and watch the Ohio State marching band. It's insane podcast. All believe you're not welcome here. Let me about some nachos and there was a little kid sitting in front of us.
00:11:16She wiped cheese on him like your kid did old lady in, Florida.
00:11:23Daddy nacho cheese. If you drop his head in his eyes will go up. As she gets her mouth and a pretzel and cotton. Candy. What are you doing? Did it. Did a lady with attachment issues, put her arm pit on your legs. There's no contact. So you're talking about band people. I've got that want to talk about band people, real quick fuse, left, a comment on us about our on one of our things on Twitter as yet. I haven't listened to this episode yet, but I'm sure it's good. Well, he's all there other episodes are good. Yeah, that's why I want to see. How have you heard any of our other episodes? Except for that. That weird week. And I week w e a k, right? We had a weak moment will be unbanned and we felt sorry for like 3 episode 4 3, episode of sorry for him, but then he screwed it up and he got banned.
00:12:23We still accept his money, gladly. I'm going to keep taking his money. We are, that's how we keep Carol on the right on the payroll. Ya Ramen. So, we can it's up to her, how much of the Brahmin cake and her, she get her some money for that operation.
00:12:46He's probably listening right now and he's probably eating this up cuz you said he likes it when we do this, so.
00:12:54Yeah, what's that got to do with the band? He was band.
00:13:01P. A n d. A v a n. N 3, 1/3 revolutions per monkee is brought to you tonight by the makers of Arawak for a kind of hard as nails.
00:13:15Warning, the following segments contains language that may sound inappropriate or offensive. You were discretion is advised by now. Folks. This is Darren driving. This is our neighbor. She's a big fan of the show. And so she was doing my wife's hair. She does hair professional. She has a salon in the bottom of her house or that's what she claims that yet. And I don't know if she did this because she thought it was funny if she's just craving attention like Chris Hughes either way.
00:13:58I can't deny that. This is a great product so that you gave me a box of
00:14:04Memaw's Country Kitchen, she used to it. He's now. Let me see. How can i t? I d, d, i e s. Apparently, when you call something titty with two D's, Double Dee Double Di.
00:14:31That's Southern for cookie. Yeah, I never met anyone who called a cookie a titty and i d d. I e in England if they have like a speckled play speckled dick, speckled dick, but they have at it over there to, okay. It was something on it in something. Well, you don't have to question. It needs to be said, he's going to see it right there. There's four of them which is disturbing right now. There's one on the box are made. Okay. Okay, and there's a phone number on the back. I don't know if we want to call or not. So we don't want to call the police and ask them about their. Do they have a safeties. Do they have a safety? You got?
00:15:31Be safe with cheese titties. You know, what, if you have an unrestrained cheese titty out to exactly is, is that because of the plural, would it be tiddy? Cheese pizza?
00:15:56I doubt it. They may say teets and, you know, only. So anyway, the Memaw's Country Kitchen also has Blueberry Lemon coolers and chocolate chip. Cookie titties tiddies. So Aaron, I want to thank you for giving me these nice box of titties titties. But anyway, so we're going to give this a go and I'm going to throw it over to Dave J. Do your magic. And let's have this as our new sponsor for our show. Take away Dave, this portion of here to Rome is brought you by Memaw's Country Kitchen cheese titties, the crispy cheesy treats, you'll crave. Hi. I'm Dave way and I love titties. Especially Memaw's Country. Kitchen cheese titties, baked with a rich, sweet and cheesy flavor. You'll taste the difference. When you bite into these titties. These snacks are so good. If you put one titty in your mouth, I'll guarantee you want more Memaw's Country, Kitchen, cheese titties.
00:16:56Ask for them by name now, back to you. Mike and Devin.
00:17:01There you go. Memaw's Country Kitchen. Cheese titties, man, titties, Dave. Okay, that's a lawsuit. Have you ever tried water? Aerobics? You know what? No. I haven't. I always think I hurt my foot couple years ago. I don't remember. I couldn't do anything. And I was, I'd like to run and that's how I kept from this happening. Look like now, and the doctor recommend me. Why don't you just try swimming?
00:17:30In the doctor's office. I thought I had this thought. Well, that's that's kind of taking the easy way out and then I went to the pool and I tried swimming and I made it about 4 or 5 ft before I was out of breath and blood. Yeah, it's hard. I can't imagine and that's just me trying to stay afloat. In Reverse feat. I can't imagine trying to do any type of a Robux in that that would try to do that. Okay. So my youngest son Cameron. Yes, he swims on Tuesday and Thursday nights and I was taking them and I noticed that they do aerobics at the same time that he has his swimming lesson. Okay. And so I thought I'm just sitting here. Yeah. Why don't I don't you go do some water or get off my ass going to do some water, get it fat pig sleep. So that's what I did. I brought my swim trunks, my sexy one.
00:18:25Shave my back. So I get to the pool would make yourself more cuz it, I just, I drove through the water, like a dolphin. And I'm waiting for the aerobics class to start. Okay, and I'm waiting to take off my shirt, cuz nobody needs to see this right in front of Canada. Except for a long-term exposure. So a couple minutes before class I go, when I go get my towel and take off my glasses, cuz I can't see anything without my glasses. Okay, so I go out there and I see the instructor and or the person who I think is the instructor and I said, are you the water? Aerobics instructor says, yes, so, okay. I'm knew I was going to sit in on classes. I think if she got a fantastic, welcome and this is what we're going to do, what she said.
00:19:16Okay. Now it's like the lady. If it was at the lady from the Crowbar we were like you're just walk around this morning. I don't care. I didn't think it would be easy but I had no idea. It would be as hard as it was because we went into the deep end of the pool and they gave us these weights. Okay. Well, then they look like weights full noodles in shape of weights and oh my God, it's like your arm or your right arm is upper left. Arm is down in your. Your, your like you're running out of the jet to synchronize with other people. Well, because I was in marching band and then I'm also trying to keep up with these. There's three ladies and me. And there's listen, my father, Marvin Cox.
00:20:16Would have spun in his grave. If he saw me in a pool doing this idiotic Behavior with these three ladies, right? I don't have any shame or whatever cuz I can go and act like an idiot and look like a boob job or whatever. Also, invited other people, in my mind. You've got water wings in a snorkel. Really. Not that strong a swimmer. You know, I thought it was tough. It was a really, really tough and the lady leading the class. She's like, okay, we're going to run in place and she goes
00:20:53Remember, Florida, do that for 20 and then we're going to go 10 slow. So she's like,
00:21:03Did you delete touch the bottom when you know, so you're right. I don't like that. I didn't water. Basically. I'm trying to run but I mean torture last an hour goodnight. Yeah, okay. Okay, you're not being shape. I'm not losing any weight doing this podcast. So anyway, I'm going to go back. Okay, so I've been I've been going to the gym pretty regularly regularly regularly.
00:21:42Just say that word. It's a hard word saying that I mean, for the past couple of weeks frequently frequently. Yeah, and I typically have ultimately 10 ultimate typically have earbuds and I'm listening to something very loud and angry today. I forgot them and I'm in there and I realize just how pathetic I sound because I could hear it said of just hearing, you know main or somebody screaming in my ears. Now, I hear myself one.
00:22:13Yeah, haha, like a like a dog. He's over there. And every once awhile a little comes out and I see people looking at me before. And in my mind, I thought all they're admiring how awesome I am.
00:22:27But now, I know they're looking at me because they're wondering whether they need to call 911 now in earlier episodes of this podcast. I talked about when I joined Orangetheory. Yeah, and I thought I was going to die. Yeah, 20 minutes that they put us on the treadmill honest to God. I'm like what in the hell is their problem? Why do they hate me so much? And there's a thing. I mean I needed something to ease me into the what they did to me at Orangetheory. They were mean to me or just one of the things I like to do is they were very nice stand the music at Orangetheory. I go to Sharon Woods to run on other days I loved and I have this route that I go in. There were a bunch of people. I always see all through the season every season. There's some Jack White out there with the camera taking pictures of somebody with a baby or with a grandma or with somebody there about the merry whatever.
00:23:27Lackawanna. There are the camera and usually has to get in the backdrop of their photos and I don't know not. If not, I'm very respectful. I go behind them because they're so the bridges, there's always Bridges. But then there was this lady that was set up on the path. And the way the photographer was set up the jackpot was aiming down the path that I was coming up and I got the night in this is a Audio Only podcast but the exasperated hand that goes out and and just staring at me while I'm running up to run here in your. It's a park in, running past. People are going to be running on the running path, right? Maybe maybe more walking, maybe take your fake nature picture to the whole point is to make it look like you go outside every once in a while. It was the grass is damp or muddy. Okay, then you can put your
00:24:27Other people doing it. There was some weird thing. There was a guy with the Captain America shield. I thought that was kind of cool. I don't know why he's posing with it. His fiance or whoever that was did not look amused and so I couldn't help it. Think I could have it. It's not like you. Cuz you know, I just saw them and he hasn't gotten. It was a nice one. It's like the leather buckle. You were ruined in Indian. Belief Titans. Yeah. Yeah, it looked heavy because his wife was holding it with two hands. I was surprised that he was letting her carry and I would carry my own. Captain America shield. Let her know. You don't get to touch this Shield, but what cracked me up and giggled. Gave me to give us all the way through the rest of my jaunt through the park. Jaunt was the look of annoyance on her face that she was holding that. And then I thought, they drove in the car with that.
00:25:17And he probably didn't let her put that in the trunk. She probably had to carry that in her lap, the hallway. Haha. It's probably in a place of honor in their, how it would be here. It would be over the Firefly hates that shield and I'm thinking this the whole way around. I'm thinking of the conversation that he had with her when he wanted to ask her if it would be okay. If they get pictures with the Captain America's shield. Look like they're going through the divorce.
00:25:46Poop. What I thought was is it that he was like, sheepishly saying, you know, I really I really would like the cap, you know that? I know what, you know, what cat means to me. Yeah, and yeah, they do with the Falcon, whatever, but it is in my heart and if she's like, okay, honey, we'll bring the the Captain America, or was it? They were leaving that morning and he's like get the Captain America shield. We're really were taking the captain back yet. We're taking the Captain America shield. What are you? Put it in the car? It's in our family photos. If you need to be five years from now, the kids are going to look through the photo album, like in the bag, off of her paw, paw bears.
00:26:42When you go to the park with stuff like that, and I'll run by, I'm going to judge you. And I'm going to come up with my own story and I'm going to tell it on the podcast and I hope I hope that's okay. Listen, and they realize how weird smile and he was grinning if she was doing the exact exact opposite of smiling in Trinity. Dave way and I'm proud to announce a new product that will rock your world. The Dave light jumbo-sized, hard, boiled egg slicer. That's right. George Foreman. Has a grill. And now I have a hard boiled egg slicer. Don't you hate it? When you have to slice hard boiled eggs that are too big for standard sized. Egg slicers will now your troubles are over the Dave light jumbo-sized, hard boiled. Egg slicer is guaranteed to slice in the egg at any time. It's perfect for salads and it's fun for the whole family. Go to the website and buy one now, and I'll throw in a second one for free. Why do you need to jumbo size hard? Boiled egg slicer, I do.
00:27:42I have a clue. I just read what they put in front of me now, back to the show.
00:27:47I told you last week that it was my wife's birthday and one of the things that she wanted for her birthday was a new pair of Dansko shoes are extremely comfortable, very durable, a little pricey. Nursing shoes. Okay. And so she said, she would like to have a pair, and she told me a place here in town, where I can get them in. The place is called Scrubs & Beyond by Target. So Scrubs & Beyond, I'm thinking about 95% of it is scrubs. The Beyond is shoes. Okay, and then, there were those little things that you hang on your, on your Smock underscrub, to know, to hang your ID, badge, lanyard.
00:28:47Bath & Beyond, and they really got a lot of stuff in bed that go beyond age. Certainly. Do you get a room that was wrong with me? I'll just keep talking while you drink. He had a good that was me tapping out.
00:29:06Set. That's all I got.
00:29:11Speaking of Sean Connery.
00:29:15Another joke.
00:29:18He has nothing to do with William Shatner William Shatner going to space with Jeff Bezos. So I saw the video on Jimmy Kimmel and I know Jimmy Kimmel will occasionally like edit video to make it look more funny. Right. But he really liked the affected by what happened to him. And it's it's been it's been a like CNN. They've they've had interviews with him. Like why you really been one of your seeing him foxy, but he said, I looked out and I saw death. Okay. Well that 9:30 is not surprised. They didn't kill him. And anyway, so I love them and wear heels up things that suck at the car. That's Captain Kirk to space comes down. Jeff Bezos pulled up in a truck or whatever with a bunch of other people. You can hear off in the background these people going
00:30:18And in.
00:30:22William Shatner is his, his voice is shaking. He said that the most profound thing when I was talking to check a roller coaster, * a gazillion him, a hug and then he's listening to him and then he keeps turning and looking over his shoulder at all, that mean, while Captain Kirk is about spilling out, TJ hooker in his life, profound thing happened to him and pesos yells out. I want some and goes off the thing leaves. William Shatner there by himself goes over brings over champagne bottle and they're pouring out, champagne and William Sanders just kind of standing there for a very long. Season. I think Jimmy Kimmel edited it cuz he's doing it for a very long time and then they they just beamed in there.
00:31:07I've seen the entire video. It's, he does eventually get to say what he wanted to say, today's us. But I mean, I'm not one to like I'm not to eat the rich type person, just because somebody like super rich. I'm not like, all the hell. I understand. I'm not that person. But I mean, come on, man. It doesn't, it's not a good look. When you've got James T. Kirk's came down. 90 year old dude, wants to say something and you're distracted by the champagne. After the site. Listen to Captain Kirk.
00:31:45Last week you were talking about walking dead. Was it last week or the week before a week before? I was thinking, and I are completely up to speed on Walking Dead. Now. I'm invested in it. I've watched it after this long. There's characters that I can't stand that, I want to die Harrell. And then there's contestants. Carol is Carol, the lady Carol, the lady that Heralds, the lady that you can't stand people who I like, who I want to live like Rick exactly. A lot of people who I hate and there's people who I like and I'm invested. I've watched it now for the past twenty-three years or however long, it feels like it's been on 434 in the current cycle. Are they on their way to The Farmhouse? Are they they're waiting to see who's the jerk or have. They figured out who the trick is. One of them? Got infected had to be killed, probably buy their daughter, or their uncle, right?
00:32:45Now, they're leaving to go to the next farmhouse, on a train track. It has been on for so long that I honestly, and every week. Let me send him out. What did he do? I don't know. I don't know, didn't they? I don't know. And then I just like Libby. I don't know. I don't remember. It's been on for 34 years. Every season four people died, five people join, and the end of the next season. Six people died, eight, people join, and then seven of those died and then one of them disappears and comes back for years later. I realized what would be good for the show that would help you enjoy it. A plot where the Dukes of Hazzard if Waylon Jennings were alive.
00:33:38Or if we had somebody like Waylon Jennings to do, boys are on their way to your house. Every time we have them boys, going to get out of this one with the Hee Haw every. Once while somebody jumping up with a straw hat.
00:34:07This portion of irritable bowel syndrome is a Clippers since 1947. The trim brand has provided quality Clippers to help make your fingernails. Look, their absolute best is a fun fact that, you know, that the trim brand was founded in Shelton, Connecticut. It's true. Just one more reason to visit the Show-Me State or is it the Nutmeg State and it doesn't matter. Now, back to the show.
00:34:34Guess what? I just started two nights ago, Breaking Bad back. I'm on episode 2 and I thought I would get maybe 10 minutes into the first episode. I'm all I'm full of years old. If you go back about the the woman who shares the office with me, my coworker. Yeah, the one that gets to me, it's Aunt, be happy when she's not happy. She's 20g crochets while you're in there. Does not crochet doilies. A kid practically a kid compared to me if you want. I think she's maybe you want to get on a pillow because of the
00:35:21Did you talk to her about Rush? She started? Yeah, I told her about. Did you know what that was? She knew who Rush was, because I knew more about Ohio State University than she did Rush. Damn shame. He started watching squid game. Okay. Okay. Okay. Have you watched an episode of quick? And I've seen a few minutes here and there and I don't have any, I don't we watch the whole thing. Is it just happens when season 9 episodes? Yeah. She's like six or seven episodes into it and she's really digging it and she's hooked on and I told her I said, is it like saw plus the Hunger Games?
00:35:58Kind of okay. Yeah. Alright. I'm sorry. I keep interrupting. I don't want to spoil it for you to know, I will eventually but my question for her is, so you won't watch Breaking Bad, but you'll watch squid game. And she says, what sport game is Nine episodes. Breaking Bad is six season 2 like it doesn't matter. Reason. It's the Breaking Bad will fly through because it's so addicted. It's more addictive than the method they sell. We're talking about TV today. And then she starts talking about The Good Wife, starring Julianne Margulies and Chris Noth. And Michael j.fox is on and this and that. She said she would really watch you really enjoy that if you watch it. I said, I'll tell you what, I will watch The Good Wife, if you watch Breaking Bad and I think she's finally broke down. She's going to go on a trip. She. All right. I think I'll download it and watch it on the plane. I said, okay. Yeah, so I'm thinking if she watches that and enjoy that, I'm going to stop giving her.
00:36:57That's a good plan good day, too. So it led to some issues, but with us and we got into it. And then, usually every night since covid, hit bit before covid. Best would have a week off. If she would go visit her family and then come back and she did that, while we were going through Breaking Bad and it was it was a thing is like what we have to watch it together, right? I'm not going. Yeah, and I'm not going to not watch it. Right. So what we did was we texted back and forth what episode we were on in and she would watch it with that guy. By the way her sister and husband had already watched some of that but they were flying to just start back over with the episode that we were on. It was a whole thing. I'm going to start it over. It's fun. It's fun. Every time I watch a few of Hank gets more and more ideas. I want him to have his own series along with Spa.
00:37:57Speaking of older shows, which I guess Breaking Bad classifieds. Yeah. Well, it's not currently on so it's an older show me up. So we watched The Sopranos movie this past weekend. I think. Yeah, that was just because you can stream it at home. So we watch it at home. I don't have the HBO, we have the HBO Max. It's really, really good. So you don't have to cuz you asked me you don't have to, of Watch The Sopranos, but it makes it really cool. So, there's a stairs, you see? A lot of characters younger. So obviously everybody knows, Tony is, is they in there? Now, I know his Gambino's. What's with the hell is his name sign of any younger people to play the other parts? Or did they all of them? But they did an exceptional job. It almost takes the Marvel people. Let him d a n, just like they did.
00:38:57Almost takes you out of it. It's Michael Douglas like it how well, they like Janice Marie Janice from the show. I've seen six, maybe seven episode his sister. That was like a stoner. Okay, maybe he didn't always fighting with her. The younger version of her is a different actress. Looks exactly like, oh my God, like I know, they got James gandolfini's, son to play, hit play, Tony Yayo. After that has to be related to the original ad. They were all like that. The only one that wasn't in there or I didn't see it. A younger version of Paulie, Walnuts, but they had silver. He's like kind of baldi's. I got a, what about know? Any of that you don't even care. Now. This is a character.
00:39:41I thought you scored big in The Sopranos. He's big in this when he says, I'm having a golden. It's a pretty cool part of the, the movie. They have an opportunity to explain the name and he totally doesn't like he meets. Did they add like a sit-down? They meeting is like, you are. He's like, yeah, and then, one of the leader of the group is, what's his name? The guy from Wise Wise Guy Cabela's Ray, Liotta Ray Liotta Ray Liotta is at the table and then he just, he will not explain his name and the other guy Center like what? I just call him. Yeah, you just calling, you know, it's like
00:40:22They don't explain it all bit late. You see Chris moltisanti his mom and she looks a lot like I mean, it's just Eerie how close these. I would love to see a behind-the-scenes if they actually found these actors that look just like it or if they did a Marvel like let's add the eyes and or let's do something to Brian looks really close, but it's really cool and they did a good job with that Tony's mom. You see how younger version of her? Cuz, you know, in the original series. She was just crazy. Yeah, and so she's crazy. But she's younger. You see his dad, who you just heard them talk about in the series. It's the guy from Walking Dead. The top, the Buddy, the Buddy of Rick and all these. So yeah, you know, the way he walks with his face, like sniffing around, so he's going full blown.
00:41:18Pretty violent. Well, I wouldn't really really violent though. I would totally think so this portion of our show is brought to you by fittings fertilizer. That's right. Rabbit poop. We hear a irritable bowel syndrome are up to our belt loops and rabbit pellets. At first. We thought, what are we going to do with all this? And now we found out we're sitting on a gold. Mine rabbit poop has four times the nutrients of cow or horse manure and it's twice as rich as chicken manure and a smell. Its back with nitrogen phosphates, potassium minerals and micronutrients. And if you buy figis, you'll know exactly where your fertilizer is coming from straight from the butt of Darren's rabbit. So what are you waiting for? Give your garden, the extra help it needs to grow, strong with biggies fertilizer. Now, back to the show.
00:42:14Halloween's coming up and we're not doing a Halloween or not going to do a Halloween episode. Absolutely not, but just leads me into my Kroger store the week. It's time now for the story of the week.
00:42:28Going to the produce department.
00:42:31And have you noticed that they stop selling grapes in the plastic bags that you can reach through and eat there now? And the clear plastic boxes with the pop, really? Yeah. I may actually go back to the group section that I gave up. So I bought a ginormous box of grapes and on the label. It said spooky Licious.
00:43:02Oh my God, I'm like, you know, I don't know what Kroger thinks about me, but I'm going to tell you something, right now. I'm not afraid of grapes. Okay, how dare they say? They're spooky Licious, which means it's scary how good they taste, delicious. They are very Licious. Holy crap. And they're crisp there. Those are the the black grapes, right? They're not know. These are the white Grace but they look green. What's so spooky about? Grapes green. It'd be like it almost like a is easy thing, but they calling white grapes to do. They have the black. They don't have the black grapes as well, but I didn't check that box. So I'm not prepared to answer that question because I don't want to give misinformation me on this podcast. The official colors of Halloween are orange and black. I think everybody knows that right. You can't just make the green grapes. Know you can't mean they're zombie rush. But yes, give the black.
00:44:02Play some love. He'll make them spooky and red. I mean, red, the red grapes gallon. Hello, Kroger. Come on, up your game, dude.
00:44:11This has been the Kroger story of the week, speaking of Halloween, as I mentioned earlier, in the podcast. I made an appearance on a TV show about a TV show. It's a special, okay, and and buy TV, you can actually use quote marks when you see a TV, cuz it's going to be on cable, access access television in Dayton, Ohio. If you're in the Dayton, Ohio area, this episode of the Halloween Spooktacular, we've missed the 10:23 show, but I'm going to put the link on her podcast. Watch it online. If you're in the greater Miamisburg, Dayton area, you can watch it on October 30th and October 31st, looking at the Halloween Spooktacular. And I've got a buddy Mike soproni. I used to work with him at a TV station in Dayton, and then I work with him at another TV station here in Cincinnati. I don't know.
00:45:11Why. But for 12 13 years in a row, he has asked me to record an intro for this Halloween Spooktacular. I've never been in the Spooktacular. I've always just recorded the intro and then you never see me again. This year, somebody back out. I don't know why, but I got a part after 13 years or 14 or however many of entering this damn thing. And I finally get to act and be in the Halloween Spooktacular, and my family, they could not be more proud. It's awesome.
00:45:49I was on a question. It's it's three movies. Free movies are for movies. There. Run back-to-back. It's a marathon. And then there's a misty at MST K 3000 thing where you talk over them or don't talk over the movie. There's a story that happens in between each move on your part of that store. I'm part of the story that happening as the whole thing ends on October 30th. As one of the show's. That's the same day as that's the same day that you and I are going to be in Cleveland and they have a Halloween party at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. And then we'll come back, come back. We're going to a Halloween party here, which I don't have a costume for it yet. Do you know? Okay. Are you going to get one? Well, as Mike, and you go with me, so best listen to here we go. Here we go in right now is his annoying.
00:46:49Okay. Okay. Yeah, she thought she thought was great. Yeah, she said she laughed many times. I said, are you sure it was our podcast that you were other Pike? And then she got really saw him and she said you need to be nicer to Jason Durbin, you, because she said, you need to be careful. And I remember in the car. Did your due time at like he was like Jason Bourne?
00:47:17Yeah, so I want to know what the hell is going on with Jason Durbin that he's got you and bass spooked.
00:47:26About I just I feel like a feud has been created. He's spooked. Yeah, I'm just trying to protect you cuz this guy has a garage full of tools do before was help your son in his business prospects, right in his business prospects. You would hire him to pick up. Poop in your yard. Don't want to hire him to write. To explain why you're upset because my son doesn't pick up, dog. Poop and Jason Durbin charred. Yeah, right, but none more upset because since I said that multiple people, you and now best of said, you need to watch it with Jason Durbin and I'm like, what is the time? I got to wake up and there's going to be a Jason Durbin in the room with the hockey mask and a chainsaw, a horse head, and John Wicks head is going to be in your bed. So, and there's, this is the last podcast before we go to this Halloween party with Jason. Okay, so I'm going to go in his house.
00:48:26Confront him about this.
00:48:29Yeah, okay. About to poop. Okay. What it is about him. This that I need to be. Okay. Fearful up where the air out our differences. Good luck with. That may be the last time you can drop you like a bad. I don't doubt that. I don't doubt that but I'm lovable. I'm sure. You know, he might if he's drunk enough. Is there going to be alcohol and booze? Ok. So this may be the last episode of The herbal dad syndrome with Mike and Darren and the next episode may be irritable. Bowel syndrome with Darren, Darren and Jason Durbin.
00:49:21This portion of irritable dad syndrome is brought you by diff liquid, concentrated wallpaper stripper.
00:49:28It's time to talk about the song that I was promoting at the beginning of the podcast. This is the song that I came across in the early 90s, and we used to use a song as a prank on you and I had recorded something about this a couple of weeks ago and we haven't used it yet. No, one of those break glass in case of emergency. That is so this segment is a little thing called Darren's CD collection.
00:50:03So they look like they're going to twist. They're like, but they cracked like a Christian, Eagle Eagle.
00:50:26You're going to work. I used to work at a TV station in Johnson City. The CD is called ambivalent and the album is called Straight From the Heart. I worked at the TV station forever. And this CD was sitting on top of the CD player in the audio in the control room. Right? And so we were doing some local commercial production and we need to find some music that to it. And we said, what is this? And we put it in. I mean my buddy, Don were like, oh my God, this is golden. What is this? Right? Have you ever seen Paul Rudd when he's going to come to Brian. I've seen Paul Rudd and I've seen coming over and I don't know that, I've seen him at one Brian. He will talk about the movie he's in and now he will show a clip from Mac and me every single time we used to do this.
00:51:26The station and she would, she would get so mad at us cuz we need music for commercial, who'd Q this up and we would go to do it. We're gonna kick ass, get so pissed. So then we like, okay, we will never do it again. So we went a couple of months, we can trust again.
00:51:52Beyond beyond evil evil. I was trying to do some research on this and there's no record that look like that's the sounds that would come, no picture. We need to put that up on the yeah. There's no record of this CD. On the internet. I tried looking up the songwriter. I tried looking it up by ambivalent, youth by Straight, From the Heart, and whatever, go ahead and read the lyrics to evil. Evil evil. Evil. I want to read this. Yes. I want to give it the proper evil evil. We're going to kick their butts till they look like mutts.
00:52:31We're going to twist their legs. Till they crack like eggs. It turns me on evil evil turns me on. It turns me on evil. Evil turns me on. We're going to kick, kick kick. We're going to chop chop chop, we're going to womp womp womp. We're going to Thump Thump Thump. We're going to chop and whomp and thump, it turns me on.
00:53:01We are coming look like on your furnace with bear like, but they cracked Lodge & Beyond evil evil.
00:53:10Because he on Samsung, it turns me, on. We're going to poke their eyes until they're soft as rice.
00:53:33We're going to smash their face. What the hell? It turns me on. We're the only bully. We are. The only believes in town are the baddest guys you've ever did it sound like guys, that somehow, it sounds like some little girl, getting where the baddest guys you've ever seen. We can beat anybody in town. So you beware haha. Cuz we are really mean we're going to correct the ribs until we see what gives
00:54:01We're going to break their jaws until they're wrapped in God and then the thing we're going to crush their hearts until they look like warts. We're going to pull their toes until they're on their nose.
00:54:18Publisher John Gregory company copyright, 1989 bong bong and phone, right? That song.
00:54:35Sonic plush bear fight until they look like, what we're going to pull in their cells until they around their neck.
00:54:49We're going to see if we're going to, we're going to play a little bit more of it.
00:55:04Turn me on Tuesday, on how our director.
00:55:14That was disturbing.
00:55:16And now, is that song stuck in your head? Okay. So I told you the song to get stuck inside your head. So here's the thing and this is true. I'm not lying. When you mentioned that you wanted to use that in. This week's podcast. I got on the internet. And I did a few searches one, how to find a new podcast host, as soon as possible.
00:55:37Batu, I did it a search for the song and one of the things that came up was the top 50, most evil songs of all the 50, most evil song. Where does a buffalo on the list is Dancing. Queen on the list that's down around in the 30s is evil. Evil turns me on on that list? No, No, it should be because if you remember I was looking for any cuz we can I guess it went to discussions. We had as we got to give credit and you do give credit and I can find nothing scares me. A little bit. Bothers me. I'm hoping that if any people who know the song, listen to give me a call here for you. Okay, nothing about this song exist in K-PAX in the ATM over the 80s. When computers were like the, like they were computer games were being born.
00:56:37Screens with green pond. Yeah. Yeah. Now you go to Best Buy actually now, you just stream them off of the internet or whatever, right? You just the Best Buy or Target and you would buy the game a little bit of what I'm back. In the day, you bought computer games at the computer store and they came and Ziploc bags with like a little floppy or you can order them out of the back of computer magazines. Okay, I ordered I ordered some just cracked UK. I ordered I'd ordered a game from the, from the back of a computer, Max stay in the house all day. Nothing nerdy. You have to be in the 80s, reading computer magazine yesterday. It wasn't even a very particularly popular one, and there's a game that they ran out of. So what are they do? They just sent me some other random game that they had that I never heard of fight by a developer that I never heard of Pac-Man's up. Being a pretty cool game. Donkey Kong.
00:57:37There's nothing about evil evil. Haha. There is there's tons of documentation of this game and made by a guy. She was mailed to me in a Ziploc bag was. And I was like, what does that ET game know if they buried it have that. I have that in there. You do not, I do know. Okay, I didn't think it was a pretty cool guy, buried it. I know, I don't there's a lot of games I can buy from better than that. One. Haha. I remember Pac-Man, Pac-Man was what they could. They said that the Pac-Man game led to the crash, the video game Crash of 83 because people were so upset about what the home version of, cuz if you play the Thunder, when it doesn't even look like Pac-Man is a circle. Yes, it needs. So, yeah, and they thought that up.
00:58:37Where is like, Technics? Like Fozzie Bear. If you did, if you like waffles? Yeah, I heard of a good map that of the, the maze is completely different. So that, that was a lot of people like that. So maybe we shouldn't buy every video game that comes out. And she came out around the same time, says, same with Indiana Jones. I have Indiana Jones as well. Could never figure that couldn't get past the first two or three screens. And yeah, it sucks. You needed to be smart to play that game. When does gerhardus cookie? I'm a lot smarter. I'm not smart.
00:59:19We're getting, this is been episode. 61, we are so happy that you sat through it. Apologies. If you have evil evil, it turns me on running through your head for the next 2. 3 4 5 weeks. However, long it sticks in there. Can you ask for it? You're welcome. Visit us on patreon visit, our website, send us some money so that Carol can keep her job and her son, aren't you can get a surgery or not and let him die and we'll tell you about it. You know what it was. It's on you and follow us on Twitter and the Instagram and on Facebook and on Facebook. That way you'll learn about new episode random pictures, exact. We are going to see gozero. Yes, and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, will be at Gojira in Cleveland in October 30th. We will be more than happy to meet you greet. You take autographs. So if you sign autographs,
01:00:19Yeah, just gets here. If you happen to be going to the Gojira concert look for the two fat bald guys. Who look very concerned wearing those at one of us will be saying, I'm going to the mosh pit and they don't be yelling. No, you're not. No, you're not. No, you're not. No, you're not. It'll be a hoot and we'll see you next week on Ariel. Dad syndrome.
01:00:47Is it just me? Or is this show getting more and more, stupid, whatever. We'll see you next time.
01:00:59It was pretty sweet Shield though. That's all I don't blame him. I don't blame him at all.
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