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Nov. 2, 2021

IDS #62 - Paul Dune's Mamaw

IDS #62 - Paul Dune's Mamaw
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Mike taught his kid a thing!  We talk DUNE!!!!  Also, what's up with the previews being all stabby right before a PG-13 space movie?  Nose breathers in the theater, and Mike refuses to let a little thing like a traffic accident get in between him and The Hobbit.  Mike's getting into KISS - and Darin talks about Peachoween.  Yet another group screws up Darin's name - and Darin's coworker can't seem to get it together for Breaking Bad.

All this and MORE- on an extra special (and long) IDS!!!

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00:00:001 2, 3 r. 1 2 3 4. Get your woman on the floor. Chickity check, check. Check got to get up to get down the podcast that has a different open every single week, your hosts. Mike and Erin. Hey, everybody on Darren. I'm like, welcome to your double. Dad. Syndrome, episode 62. How's it going? Yes. Okay. I had to do some math in my head. But the last one was 61. +. Yeah, you don't have to do that. That pisses off the people who listen to the show, even talk any other 461 hours and longer than that 10 minute. Wait longer than. Yeah, cuz we got a bunch of abundance episodes. And now, the last episode of Good 2 and 1/2 hours is that to do the outside.
00:01:00Video going to the two people watching before we move on with this. That week's episode. I wanted to apologize for something that I said. Last week. I was talking about water aerobics and my father and then I was talking about the people acting like total idiots out in the pool, doing the water aerobics. Okay, and when I listen to it, I realized it sounds like I'm calling these people a bunch of idiots, doing water aerobics. Yeah, and that was not what I was trying to say. Okay. What I meant to say was my father would have looked at me out there wondering why I was doing that with all of these idiots.
00:01:35That's what my father would have thought. That's not what I think. This is the women doing. The water. Aerobics are exercising their trying to feel better and they're trying to, you know, be better in their lives and there's nothing about doing water. Aerobics is idiotic. And so, if anybody took that the wrong way, I do apologize. If I may, I wouldn't want to say that water aerobics is idiotic. Right? I would say, it's advised, one of the things that I wanted to mention, who can I totally forgot last week when I swing by OSU, the Ohio State University and they did a tribute to rush. I totally forgot to say what size motorcycle, has a fire extinguisher birthday turns on it looks like exhaust coming out of the pipe and they went over like off the field, LOL.
00:02:35We will commence. Here's the funny thing is that since we are streaming and when there is a video component to this, we have the ability to interact with you while you were telling your story about water aerobics. Yeah, and we were talking about how I look like I'm about four or five hundred pounds in the picture, the best ticket me. Haha. One of our fine members of the audience asked if this is the thick dad's podcast with three C's just to just to, I think it's time to get the ban hammer out of mr. Hughes is already banned. I think we need to ban Stumpy. We already been stumped. Okay. I think you quit watching to do something. Amazing happened this week. Yes. Yes, go ahead and tell me like
00:03:31You taught your son? I taught my son, how to ride a bike.
00:03:38We're going there next.
00:03:41The red down in front of me. I thought I was awesome and I'm long overdue Otis way over to my kids were like 10 before. They were, they started, they see what it's like tooth and nail. They did not want to do it. We're not interested had to kicking and screaming, and I just learned how to ride a bike 2 weeks ago. I had to learn so that I could teach Charlie exactly. But here's the deal, is I ordered. So we got him a bike for his birthday and then I ordered training wheels. Okay, they came in and then I saw the online reviews said, you may have to replace the axle. How hard is it to replace the axle on a kid's bike is where I would go. What's the axle turns out? It's kind of hard to replace the kids bike axle because they said you need one's about 1/2 inch longer on each side. Sure to put the training wheels. I said whatever and I tried to put training wheels on a smack Soldier enough. They weren't long enough for the training wheels. I go to a bike store bike store.
00:04:41Boa. You go in there. There's a guy with a vise and a hammer in the back like a. I don't need a bike Smith. And then you've got a sales guy in the front. The guy in the front looks like he's a bike Smith. Mike Smith. Looks like he's a sale Gates, a very strange cuz I go up to the guy that looks like he's smithing bikes.
00:05:04Daddy's, all right. I'm just a sales guy. Go over there too. I guess it. Don't know if his name is, Lance are Craig who look like Ian? Every person who rides a T-shirt and I want to sing and, you know, he had his bike and advise these spin the wheel and he came over and I was like, I need an axle and he's like, he's like what kind of actually need is like, you're going to buy 73 at least. Wow. Yeah. He didn't seem in for his arrest as you are. He went back and looked for it and ordinate. I was playing a lot, look for an inordinate amount of time for this tax certificate. I mean, it's a bolt basically is what it is, right? He says ramp to order one and he said I didn't want to ruin the next one's going to be available in March and I said, March Jesus. God. Yeah. I thought that I didn't say it and he's like, wait, I think I can get one faster than that Marge. So he found one. It was it came in like a week later like 4 to 3 days later.
00:06:04I don't know what it is. A might be some lines are so he comes in. I come home like an idiot. I think you just take the nuts off the side used to shove the other acts when they're no no, there's grease. There's bearings that flew out ball bearings. Numbers is Mike. There's a thing in there that looks like it broke completely. So I started thinking and do we have enough money in our account for me to go to Target and buy another bike this again? Cuz I don't want to tell the family. I just broke my kids bike, right? I wanted to sneak out and go get the same bike. Have this one made an unfortunate accident in the Rumpke container and look what Daddy did. So, anyway, to make a very long boring story short and entertaining. Today. We're going to learn to ride a bike without training wheels. Now, I'm not a maniac. I put a helmet on him. The helmet mostly fit.
00:07:02If he fell down, it would come off but right? As long as he was up, right? And right in the helmet fit perfectly in his head like a hat. So we go do this. I'm so I'm proud of him because he wasn't as scared as he should have been. Your son is fearless fighter of those those watching the podcast now that I'm not in the best of shape. And I was trying to run alongside this bike.
00:07:31And I I made it so I held him. I kept him up right eye. It was, I was doing most of the work and then we do it some more and I'm going to like 90% And 80% and then get to the point where I'm Letting Go. And he's doing it himself without training without training wheels. And finally, he's going up and down the the parking lot. He learned how to turn there. Was one scary moment when he was writing like into a towards an oncoming car. Okay. Was partially my fault cuz I told him go this way. And normal people would have seen that there. Where is point in the opposite way that I was telling him to go and Ciara's like a car, traffic, go this way and I'm having him go the other way. Hahaha a reasonable person would assume that those arrows are for cars to go that way, right? And that's what it was saying. I send my eight year old on a bike going the other way reasonable person and you in the same Niger. Yeah. I did. The point is he's alive and you can ride a bike.
00:08:31He still has a little bit of trouble. Getting started. Who doesn't mean I can't? I was trying to, I was showing him values. It was and I almost broke my neck. I have fell.
00:08:40It was like, this is not a good teacher, or a lazy ass, but he made it awesome. So, yeah, well, when I taught parent achievement very good, very awesome. So when I thought Jacob had a ride, his bike, we would go for a little bit on the training wheels and he was stopping at that. I want to pick that flower, which is in the flowers at Clover. I did get back on the what's that over there in the trees now to get distracted, do, and something something eventually. Finally. He learned how to ride his bike. And then, you know, Cameron comes along for years later. Same thing, does not want to do it. Can we get on the bike, hip go?
00:09:30Half an inch, maybe an inch and teach slam on the brakes. I like you're trying to be positive. You did really good buddy that whole let's try and go to an inch and a half Meet Me Halfway. Listen, you can't ride a bike. If you don't stop stopping the bike. I don't know what else I require continual Forward Motion, not going because you keep stopping and apparently he learned to ride the bike. You never forget to ride a bike. But there's a weird thing with riding a bike, it you go from. This is completely alien and can't work to expert. Like it's like what happened?
00:10:28All sudden you got your like you can barely do anything and then your BMX Bandits. They still call people that. Yes, they do. Rather question those who yet, gnarly bitching. I'm surprised. You still ride their bike because a few years ago when we were on vacation then I think I told the story in the podcast Nia, but Libby had rented one of those double bikes. Okay, cuz this is before Cameron.
00:10:52It's a bike for people like me, the two tires won't support for two people to ride when I guess what I said, so, so she rented that because Cameron was in Hip on riding bikes and didn't want to. And so he was going to ride with me. I have never driven a two-person bike before, so the guy says mr. Cox. Want your help on that drive around. Get used to it. You know, the steering is going to be a little tricky because you got to take the curves much sooner and if and got to go further out to it went. So I'm riding this bike and I go to the end of the road and I turn around and yeah, it's a little bit different. Making strong purse with little longer by and and it's an electronic bike. Okay, so it has some power to it. Okay, if it doesn't like post to Twitter while you're riding and it won't admit a small shock. It has its own power so you don't have to Pedal so far. Anyway, I get to where everybody is.
00:11:52Heat of the Moment, whatever. I hit the brake and the gas at the same time, went down. I'm on this bike less than a minute. Okay. Sorry to put that anywhere on the bicycle pedal had like some metal type of clause on it so that when your shoes are on it, they tell me I scratched up my leg big time and I'm bleeding profusely and I went to a clinic and I thought for sure that I was going to get stitches and said they just taped it up. But hey, it was a second day. We were at the beach and I've got this massive leg wound. I can't go at the beach. I can't go in the pool. Yeah, happy vacation. Dad. I stand on the side of the beach. Hey kids, who have to stand over here.
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00:13:39Dune, the planet is arrakis.
00:13:45Also known as a lot of anxiety by the same reason, Lord of the Rings did and dude has a lot in common with my should feel. Okay, but there's a lot to learn. If you haven't all the new Dune movie. We will spoil it for you. Spoil the piss out of it. It's only been a book since the 60s and if you don't read, there was a movie in the 80s, made it in 74 for the book before either of us were born cared. Playbook wrote a book Road on Jose JRR Tolkien wrote a book. Lord of the Rings several roadblocks. There's books of Dune is, okay. Yeah. Okay, son continued writing Middle-earth books, Frank, Herbert's son, continued writing, Dune books, right?
00:14:45Both had movies that came out in the 80s that some people think are wonderful. And some people think are like, oh my Lord, I do remember. Lord of the Rings. Making an 80s movie, The Animated a backseat, right? I don't know unless you watch it and you think I don't ever want to read this book ahead and do this for their smile. Anyway, the point is in Lord of the Rings, had a Resurgence. Some would say better movies came out. And now this, that's so dude, had a lot to live up to like it your lord of rings in my opinion or the Rings, which is staying over here, like bring you said before, you couldn't do it, the raid you wanted to do it because you didn't have the special effects should have all this money. Look what we did. So I can bring it.
00:15:43Things to all, who you going to see? Who you going to have me that? I was right. Ralph bakshi. I've tried to force my family, to watch the ATM, Dan, a certain means, a lot to me, and nobody can be the first one to admit. I've never sat through it. In one sitting, I've seen chunks of it. I've seen the entire thing to the point where I can quote it. Okay. Multiple times. I can lip-synch through parts of its awesome. You must be so proud. They are
00:16:16Sleeper has awakened. I have it on DVD and just before the podcast, you asked, if you could borrow it and I refuse to watch it just everywhere. Okay, I'll probably watch it as soon as you leave out. Right? The point is I was very excited about this movie. Yeah, and he was so loud. It was the loudest movie I've ever seen. It woke, it is like when they made it. They thought, you know, people going to fall asleep. We need to have these copters. Go randomly, things will be quiet and all sudden.
00:17:00Thank you. Mike. Yeah, I thought we were under attack. Hears, you refuse to see this. No, I refuse to see the movie with you because then you're going to throw a fit about whatever. This is what was confusing for me. Because right when it's just as loud as can possibly be in, everybody's shooting each other area and explosions and and and whatever year.
00:17:24Why don't remember the whispering spring? I don't remember his mother starts with my dude. Mama June. I couldn't understand anything. She was saying, I literally
00:17:44It's not the voice. It's not that I can't. Can you, can you turn on the subtitles, please? Can I tell you something subtitles? So bad. I love her so much. The way they did the voice in this one. And the thing I love the most and it's a small thing. You saw the original Dune, even the most Ardent defender of the original. The 80s movie Dune gets squirms, a little bit in their seat when they start whispering what they're thinking because it's weird, you have Kyle MacLachlan staring and then you have it. Like, I wonder if, you know,
00:18:29Just got to want to hear what you're thinking, right? Left it over there and things, right? You know, I have been Jesuit. Lady would look at him. He's with the black stuff and his mom call, Jesse, call Dunes mamaw, the future, and they can see that they can see stuff, and they could read my mind again. Who was the enormous fat bald? Dude, me know, in the movie in the movies.
00:19:17I thought they were reincarnated Marlon Brando. I knew you're in a good mood looked. He sounded he it was like everything. Did you expect when it came out of the oil that I was going to say or?
00:19:34Do you mean because just a couple weeks ago, I had watch the Val Kilmer documentary and there were clips of Marlon Brando from the island of doctor Moreau. Okay, where he was just that fat affect? 412 lb, just like Stone. Skarsgard was no idea what a sign so that went over like a lead pipe, but it was a badass movie. I really liked it. I love how they made the harkonnens brutal. I mean, the original movie. I love the original movie, but they look kind of goofy. If you look at the, the Beast ribbon is played by Drax, in this one. There's a picture of me on the back of this. He looks like a goofball. Does not look like a goofball for the
00:20:34Star Wars in it. Then you got Drax. Yeah. Aquaman from Spider-Man candy. The candy taytum taytum taytum, the girl who lies and the lady the one where they said turn around and say, this is only the beginning to let people know that. Right. So, you know, there's not a riot like at the end of Fellowship of the Ring when Sam and Frodo or like what, we got to go and then it's over and there's a bunch of idiots including me like what the book coco or what's his face is a Aquaman No Country for Old Men. Are there gun? Does he know he does. What he does not have a pretty cool. There are other people in the movie.
00:21:34Which one is Spanos. And I'm trying to explain Kyle of things. So I didn't get a dad laugh in the movie that one of these like me, I didn't want to wait and it was something from the trailer but I love the line so much. We're at Poe Dameron. So smile Gurnee. I am smiling. I just did a dad. Cackle. I can help it was American treasure at the. He was all that worm, 10 and talked about being in Dana in the he was in The Goonies.
00:22:21Blows my mind. Anyway, so if you haven't seen doing yet, we just hold it for you. Yeah, bring earplugs. I can just my grandmother. She would tell people at the movie theater, all the time, should go out to the lobby and turn that down. I can just hear Nana, telling them bitching, turn that music. I usually love it when things, that's why I go to the movies. I had the thopter for shaking the Seas. They had that thing on, but I usually love that stuff. But there is a few points Road, like enough honest God. We went to the theater where we always go down in Hamilton. Yeah, cuz that place is rocking. Like, this isn't even a Dolby Theater. We were in the Dolby. Yeah, this time. I mean it was as long as you could have always been going to the IMAX because, well, when it's $175 for a family of four and it makes you have flashbacks, we went and we saw something one of the Avengers movies in the IMAX and I had flashbacks of loud firecrackers in my ear canal.
00:23:21Like I had ear pain at the end of it and then we with the door be a few times. It was like, okay, but this one was blew me away. The lady would think I just stopped and on that. So anyway, the next part's going to come out at some point and the thing that I need and want you to text me about the green eyes thing, didn't have the green eyes live out there cuz I kept telling Libby that's like Mike won't stop losing his mind over someone changing, their eyes to green and me going to see how come his eyes are green and it never happened in the parking lot. And I know they turn blue. So you didn't understand the thing that you did not see any eyes are green ball, Paul. Paul. David's eyes are green. When the whole blanket movie. His eyes are green. I didn't say, turn blue, you cuz you saw Spider-Man lady's eyes are blue and No Country for Old Men, size are blue eyes, turn that when he trips in the desert.
00:24:21Troy-Bilt. Lawn tractors have been giving irritable dads and unwarranted sense of masculinity since 1937. When you were neighbors. See you mowing your grass with a Troy-Bilt. They'll know, you're compensating. But who cares with a high-performing Kohler engine and a hydrostatic transmission. You're Troy-Bilt will beat most neighbors, and a childish, lawn mower drag race. And when you heard me mow, your grass is right before a rain storm, because your Apple neighbor quickly mode is just to make you look bad. It's okay. Make your lung look less embarrassing with Troy-Bilt.
00:24:56Before the movie. I like you. I was complaining that they showed a trailer for screen. It's ridiculous that PG-13, movie, Dune, sci-fi sci-fi, and horror film a very stabby horror film in the show. All the stabbies that they showed every stabbing. Let's do the dude with the masks over and over and over and over. And let's show him bring the knife up and swing it. And then you go to another CB, keep that in there and all that stuff. So that's, that's nice. Yeah. I don't know why they did that. Charlie couldn't sleep that night because it reminds me. I took Andrew to see The Hobbit at one of The Hobbit movies and they had a 300 trailer like the the sequel to 308.
00:25:54I need 301 301 Spartans and a girl spotted.
00:26:00301 Electric Boogie, which is good news podcast, right there. This is actually. I was the dude to complain as like, I don't know why. I mean cuz we and we end up leaving because of a spider met the guy. He said it was a different movie. I remember him saying he wanted to leave when it was Spider-Man. So what? Like a note, like a good dad. I raced home.
00:26:30Threw him in the living, room. The best. Here's your kid. And then I rushed back to the movie in time to see the next. Beginning of the next showing by myself of, no, no, no no. Back in the day. Here's your kid. Here's our kid. I wasn't a complete jerk.
00:26:53A car wreck. We were in a car wreck on our way. To see the first David, no weave. And at the stop light up here by the UDF. All our listeners will know exactly where that is,, how excited I am for The Hobbit and a lady. Just ran me in the in the back alley. All my God, cuz we were late, right? I get there. And I wanted to get one of those Hobbit drinks and now you're going to miss the movie, but I got out and I just said, there's nothing here, but there's no damage. Do you, I don't care. Do you want to do insurance or what? You don't look like. You have a damn? It just seems like this young girl. She's like, well, I can't, I don't guess we had a good, I do. Remember, I do remember saying, do you need to call the? I mean, do we need a cop? Do we need a police report? I'm, this is why I'm like, this is fine. Right? Let's just go. Let's call it a day. Right? I stopped short of saying, I got to go see Frodo, or I'm sorry, Bilbo on his amazing journey. I don't have time for this.
00:27:53Cuz we had the kids taken care of. Everything was all plays Molly was dealt with. Everybody was dealt with it and I don't have a window and then some jack why is in a rush to get to whatever she was going to Rams, my hot. It going but I know you're not screwing that up.
00:28:16So she gets skid my Hobbit going but she gets the full jumps my coin. When that happens. I don't know if you know this I go overboard on something. She gets the me jumping out of the car. The bald guy with I think I had a hobbit t-shirt on saying this is fine. We're fine. You're good. I'm good. We're good. She should be happy that you didn't have any ice cream sandwiches in the car.
00:28:43Cuz then all hell would have broken loose, you know, the reason I pause there is because I had a moment I was thinking, man, that would be an idea to bring some ice cream sandwiches to the movie. Haha. I got one more thing to say about doing. Okay. I'm kind of glad that it was so loud because there was a guy sitting directly to my right, so, it's me and then there's Charlie and Andrew in the Best Buy directly to my right with
00:29:12a nose breather.
00:29:15No, I had to pee all times, because I just did and I did you drink an entire gallon of root beer water. How could I had a thing of popcorn? It was bad and I had a monster drink at some point during the day. He was not a good, I didn't plan my intake. Well, and I set myself up to need to pee multiple times. I tried to pee a lot in the beginning, because I haven't read the whole book. I've read a good portion of it. I'm okay. We're a few pages away before they go off into the parts that I haven't read. So, I'm trying to get on my feet done and I just couldn't help it. And I was like, I'm going to hold it till the end of the movie. I'm in Derby Point Bart.
00:29:56Imma, let you know. I'm going to get in front of this guy. I'm going to go pee.
00:30:02He didn't look that unhealthy and he kept checking his phone. Like he kept texting during unless it's like, I think my hearing is being damaged or you're looking up tips to save your hearing for. How can I breathe more annoyingly, a CPAP that he could bring it into the theater.
00:30:23I'm going to be.
00:30:30That would be me. I would bring it to you.
00:30:35Widow, when we went to see Avengers endgame, there's a guy with a CPAP know how long the movie is. Did you wear a diaper? No. Straps to the side of the leg. We went to the whatever show we will show if I stopped eating and drinking at 1. Oh my God, I didn't have a sec. I finished my lunch and I went to the bathroom. I don't know, 3 or 4 times and then get to the theater and we found our seats. And I went, and then I went and I made sure that I went again, leaving this theater to be at least one person in the world. That right before. Captain America, did his thing went to go potty exotic, came back in like, everybody's, there in Issaquah.
00:31:33Hey, what happened? I hear you want to rock and roll all night and party everyday? I hate that song. I do. I'm the one getting back in the kids, but I've never liked you, so love that song. But if I hear that song, One More Time, I'mma have to just Jam a screwdriver into my ear. I have to apologize for statements. I made about kiss, haha and mini four score and seven episodes ago. I said, I didn't see how kiss could be anyone's favorite band. And I have a friend, whose favorite knife to friends whose favorite band is remember that the session died and I guess it was a bonus. If it came up bonus thing. Yeah.
00:32:25So I want to take that back, I can now see so I, you know, the YouTube every, once while I go down through the YouTube algorithm, things pop up and it it puts things in front of me, for some reason, it put Paul Stanley's autobiography, a hold on me, back up to put in what Paul Stanley, really thinks of Ace Frehley. Let's hear some juicy drama. Yes. I listen to that, and then, I listen to what Gene Simmons thinks about Ace Frehley. And what they think about Peter, by the way, there was a, there was an episode of Donahue where Peter Criss was on there because he there was a mistaken identity. I remember that, that thing, I remember them and there's all these things and then that all led to Paul Stanley's autobiography, not going to start listening this from the beginning and I started, listen for the beginning. It's fascinating. They need to make a biopic. They need to do like a, a Bohemian Rhapsody, all that would be awesome. They had their, there's so much stuff in the beginning like, throwing up at least and Paul Stanley sign.
00:33:25Redbird heard the Gene Simmons, that's after this one, how they grew up and all these things and then the struggling banned in New York, like the first five albums, all the money they made. They put right back in the saying. Yep. Now they came up with the makeup of the stuff that they did go back and forth between just being like, it seems like absolute desperate for anyone to hear anything. And then all the sudden you just a fascinating story. And then on top of that, you got all this drama. That brought me back into it up where they can't say it. It seems like, at one point, I want to say, I want to pull Paul Stanley and Gene. Just call up Jean. And Paul like these guys. I mean, you were in a band with them for a bit and there is a portion. Will they be pulled out all the spicy bits on the YouTube videos, but if you missing the actual autobiography witches on YouTube, by the way, they do pepper in like, while he was an amazing guitar player. Peter Criss was good at
00:34:25And until he just became unreliable. Yeah, just kept showing up late and showing up late. So they really bad hard into the dryer back to listening to Spotify right there. So I go back and listen, any any kiss or whatever. So I did not listen to the song after he just talked about it. It puts a new light, everything's in the New Perspective for me. So I'm like, getting into it. I'm like, am I too old for that? Is it to? Who am I too old? To get into kiss? Okay. I know they're in their nineties now. 95 is a gene, and if all is 93, I mean, I just saw their mother. The, the Ace Frehley impersonator is 30 forever forever. I thought there was a speech impediment that is a hundred ever, heard Paul talk, but he has kind of a thing, like, you know.
00:35:18You know, that thing. But like you. So I saw them on the end of the world, in the world end of the road tour. I've seen it because I was there a couple of my friends favorite band. I've seen them, like four or five times in the course of my life. Stages and I never really appreciated it and then the end of the road I was in full-blown. This is probably the last time I'll ever see this man. This is in theory, their last tour. I mean, but now I'm listen, now I will want to see him again with the aid of his like, knowing what I know about them. They're so, I'm getting into kiss. I mean, the next time I'm going to be in my on the base like 53, haha, coming to an hour and we can party with the demon. You ask am I too old to start getting into kiss and you're never too old to start getting into any type of music. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.
00:36:18Further than in in their album lineup, then probably. I love it loud. Okay, if that was the first album, I like I like revenge like his revenge cuz my buddy really like take it back. And I'm going to piss off all these kiss fans because I like Psycho Circus. I'll say it. I like it. Look it up was awesome. Bless. You. Look it up. Is a great song. I have is on fire was a great song Crazy Nights. I mean, it's got like three lines.
00:36:58She cried for five minutes, but it's awesome. That was the first tour. I saw them was the crazy nights. So do makeup know Bruce kulick. Is there? A guitarist and Eric are as a drummer are car was a phenomenal drummer incredible and I see I saw that to her. I saw hot in the shade three times that totally we saw him in Johnson City. We went to Roanoke and then Murphysboro so we went and it's the same set. They don't mix it up by the third time. We're like, why don't we see them three times? So it wasn't one of my buddies. It's a huge case fan points out. That one of the things that draws him to them is because there's all this stuff about him. Like he's he dives into things. I'd like to do in The Walking Dead. So he saw like all those things. We got him into the Marvel movies. So he's like gone. All he's seen more of that stuff than I have.
00:37:58This point, right? And so now, I look at kiss, as I kind of put them in the same category walk with me down this road as like the Grateful Dead or choose another one rush. You can't just buy one Rush album or one Grateful. Dead album. If there's a whole thing, you know, it's like, okay, 12. Okay. Come back. When you listen to presto and then then go back and listen. The first sound like there's a whole lot going to qualify and then you've got to get a few classes on your belt and come back and do all this stuff. Like, always, I give you listen to him. When they sound like Led Zeppelin, what here, they are in a bunch of kimonos with double-neck guitars and singing about eating honey. Do I'll see you in a couple years when you get done with that. And now here they are singing about technical stuff. The song about the trees kind of lost me. This is kind of the same way. It's like, what do you like, almost like
00:38:58It's got like the snow does Noah.
00:39:05Did I ever tell you that my babysitter Christy new Navy? I said rockabilly not meant something else. Sounds like old rock and roll would go over all these Kiss albums with okay. I don't never how old I was over like she was like this is spaced out and he's a cat and Mom and Dad would come home and relax.
00:39:32My dad's got the hell's going on here. So from that point on it, it's nice and pretty little kids. And, you know, whatever. They would come on. The, the TV that I would watch them.
00:40:04Is in the drum stopped because Peter Criss forgets what he's doing. Okay, this is let's let's go see if this really depressed, Secada. If you go on to YouTube and look up, Peter Chris's last live performance, is it? It is sad. Yeah, and it's just like it just looks so sad.
00:40:49So he's doing this show now, Granite Peter Criss doesn't pull in, but the amount of people that do they kiss? Fortune. Ran out a long time ago. Very small venue. Okay, and there's a couple hundred people. There is a bigger audience. It's a bigger audience than we have now. He's singing.
00:41:22That looks like a hooligan A Hard Luck Woman. Okay, and he's not even singing background vocals. Someone else in the band is singing, Hard Luck Woman. And Peter. Chris is just like playing a tambourine. What's going on here? What happened? Okay, kiss used to be my favorite looking for a very, very long time. Kiss my favorite band. I think I must have 30 maybe more kiss posters. Okay. I mean I had a huge ones like 8 ft wide by 4 ft tall and I got enough. Yes. I don't talk to me about. Can't let me tell you about your that guy at the point was like, okay, so they reunited and that was awesome. I saw the reunions to her.
00:42:23And then I started doing the same, the days did the first time and then left. The room was afraid. I might have seen it. It was no. Is this like a United after kiss unplugged? And then they reunited and did a tour, and then they did Psycho Circus. Peter are barely on that even though they're on the cover. So, and Psycho Circus is not a, in my pin, not a great album and then Ace, you know, was doing the same thing. He was on the first time, he was showing up late for shows, and then even later for shows, and if we don't know, if Ace is even going to be here, I saw him shoot both of his guitar. I was Atticus show and I think I saw a switch on this finger.
00:43:23But I wasn't doing this and be ahead. So and then they split again. Will they replace them? And Eric singer came back? Cuz there, a singer was the guy who replaced your car? Okay, and so they're like, hey, you know what, this makeup thing. This training thing is going really good. So then they put Tommy Thayer and Aces makeup and they put Eric singer and Peters makeup and they're pretending to be a kiss. So it's like, Kiss are a tribute band and a band and I'm just like, you know, I wish that they had just did what they did for crazy nights and hot in the shade and the revenge tour, whatever. Just go out there and your damn leather pants and and whatever your t-shirts and play music. You don't have to cuss at me jeans, still spit blood and she'll head explosions. They still had the show. They just didn't have the makeup and soul. And now if you go on the YouTubes,
00:44:21Kiss. Do I sound checks? I saw one. Like, I don't know what it is. To get the soundcheck Fan Experience, Gene, Simmons X, like he would rather be anywhere else. And I'm like, probably will probably isn't happy being that? He's like, I'm so ready for this day to be over with. I I mean, I have a list of the entire autobiography, but I can tell that the big push behind the band is Paul Stanley and Gene is marketing, jeans, the marketing, but as far as the heart and yet you don't know when, when they're in the home, in the 90, in their 90's, all's going to be the one to will over.
00:45:11Deer hunt or its signal beaches.
00:45:18So this portion of irritable dead syndrome is brought you by Whoppers all beef, footlong hot dogs. I'm Dave, Lay and there is never a time when you'll hear me say no to a Whoppers. All beef, footlong hot dog. There's a perfect meal for any occasion. And guess what, the fine folks at Whoppers are now making your eating experience. Even better with her brand new foot long hot dog buns. Holy crap. These funds are delicious. They're easy to open. And they don't tear down in the middle like some other crappy Branch right now. If you buy a pack of hotdogs, they'll throw in a pack of buns for free. And as always, get a ruler and measure it yourself. If you're a hot dog, is in a footlong. They'll refund your money, guaranteed. Now, back to you in the studio.
00:46:07We say it every week. We record the show in advance and I know this show is going to air after Halloween. Haha. Yeah. Yeah, but I went to episode 1st November show last week. I went to Kroger and I was talking about the graves that were spooky Licious, which is ridiculous because nobody is afraid of grapes. Now. I went back to Kroger and in their produce section. They have a peach a ween that just does not sound like really, really, really stretching, it hard trying to untie and pizza and Halloween, and it just doesn't work and the American and I think it's bad for kids, they want.
00:47:01People to actually give peaches as treats.
00:47:06On Halloween, and I think it's bull crap. You can't do that. Are you Kroger Halloween? But I'm pointing my finger to Kroger. If that, again, next year, if you or your kid got a peach for Halloween. I want to go to a settlement number now. Get are those weird candies that your grandma had like top with a peach thing in the middle orange. Do I clean? The racks racks racks Brock's, the people that only make those foil still in business. I do rocks. Can I went out of business in 1218? I was thought they were in cahoots with the Dental Association of America. Yeah, because the dentist all over like Pimpin, these candies out and in the kids are coming in their teeth were coming out here and they were putting back in.
00:48:06You think sproxton get a 2 lb bag of candy corn at Walgreens? I asked you why, right? You don't like that. You don't like candy corn. No candy corn is one of those things. I like to eat it and pretend I'm eating plastic.
00:48:26Cuz I think it's fun to eat things. You can't eat you like to pretend that you're eating plant. I will, I will look at a candy corn and that the Dunkin ones but, you know, I'll stare at it. If you ever see me looking at a candy corner, but this is what I'm doing. In my head. I keep looking at, this is wax or plastic, this hot. I can't eat this, and then I eat it, and it's like, got a little bit of the forbidden fruit guy who use a plastic yet.
00:48:55I'm just figuring this out now. So but anyway, Kroger stop doing that. You cannot do that. If using stupid.
00:49:13I've been married now for 20 assume. We got married in 2002. So 19 years will be 20 years and you never find out about your wife. Oh, yeah, that you never knew all the time. I found out my wife and I were in a car. We're driving back home from a marching band competition. I found out that my wife really likes the song. 500 Miles by The Proclaimers. Everybody likes that song, but I didn't think she did cuz it Doesn't strike me as the type of thing that she would like to sing along to it and it scared you. What else, whatever. I'm going to be about a hundred miles in that little guy took a big with a kraken.
00:50:08That's what the kids cop is a big with a cracked, but it would happen. It was a highlight of our drive home because it comes on and I start singalong and usually that annoys her and she's like you going to do that, but she was totally fine with it. And I said do you want to sing the first part of the course, or do you want to do the second part she was?
00:50:36Do the second, somebody's got to be the one the back on?
00:50:40What the hell?
00:50:52And that it would want to make a snowmobile.
00:51:04The Magic Kingdom. So Ireland's exports are Irish Spring, Lucky Charms, that one song by The Proclaimers send you two more. I'm sure I wait, he did. Is he the one that got Into the Mystic about that? He did. He sang Comfortably Numb with Pink Floyd. Okay. Okay. Yeah, I like that.
00:51:49So, I am before you weirdos, right in and call in. I know it was David Gilmour, the original. I'm talking about. Rodger Waters, went out and did the wall on his own right. Better. Suck it and it dumped it happened again, you know, the the story about my name.
00:52:09People call me, Derek Darrell, Dewayne Damon. Damien darphin was the best of all time. So let me know. I have had a lot of appointments at the bank. Trying. Okay, we refinance our home. Okay? Okay, that was an ordeal worth it several times. He's going to say, yes, so we refinanced. We got all of our investing stuff from work. We Consolidated, my 401k or 403b R C-3PO in or WD-40. We got all those together. Okay into one and we invested some here and we invested some Bear. Yeah, we invested some somewhere else that took some stuff. We've set up a home equity line of credit and took that still gone going. Now. We, we really enjoy these two women who we've been working with. There's Susan and then there's Sarah and they've been so
00:53:09How much fun points were thinking? We would like to hang out with these two after we're done, giving them all of our money. So I'm telling Sara the story of me going to the cable place and then calling me darphin. And as she had a big laugh about that and she leave do this and set up that we signed this and looked at this number here, in decided that if this percent was higher or lower, it could be whatever in in 20 years or less than 50. I don't have a number number number number number. Anyways, she says, I'll be back in one second. Let me get something. She comes back and she goes. Okay, Darvin, let's sign here on. Darvin. You can't even get the screwed-up name, right? Sorry to be funny. Yeah. She's trying to be funny and she made it on it podcast exactly where to go.
00:54:12The Sarah with like an H on the end or like that loan a loan at the end. Where did you get the nerve? Taking the edge off of your like John without the h? J. O n.
00:54:33I mentioned last week, my coworker who you think is Auntie and I keep saying, but she's not like Aunt Bee. She's in her early twenties and I'm picturing it be sitting right now, but still she's had a long trip like an old-school type things that she and I had reached an agreement to download some episodes and give Breaking Bad a try because we share an office yet. And this is our biggest problem. This is the wall that's between us. Okay. She know, if she could get on this Breaking, Bad kick, it will be so much happier working together. You have something to talk about, besides. What did you do over the weekend? That's great. What we going to do the rest of the 7 hours. 58 minutes. Do we have in our day together?
00:55:34That she didn't agree to do it by Mike you implied. You implied that you were going to give it a try and uncertain and gentlemen's agreement to watch. Some other show is on Netflix called Bond sport, Bond sports bar on sport. I don't even know that sports for Bonbon. I don't know. I don't know. Chuck bonbons, and I looked around and all I heard was work. Work, work work, work, work, work work. And this is like, I don't know,, I lost track of how many times I've gone through the series. I'll admit it at best. Even said Are you seriously watching this again? Yeah, I'm seriously watching this again. And here's the weird thing is, every time I watch it. I see new things now, right? And I'm going to spoil it. So everybody can suck it. You should have. You should have seen it already, Huh. Now I literally see cuz the first time you watch it's Kyler gets on your nerves.
00:56:33Right? Right minute. You were all terrible people. You don't like, Skyler, right? That much, she gets on your nerves because Waltz just trying to cook meth and she's getting all moral, right? And I can I see had a baby. I know he wasn't there a hold on. Now, in and I thought Hank was kind of a douche. Never listen to me. Listen to me. Listen to me. I'm on my 5th or 6th, hundredths run through. Now as I'm watching, it won't annoys me Skylar. I'm on her side. Yeah, badass Tango me every time does to run screen. I'm laughing. You know, what, you forget all the, you know, it's like you get involved with every episode in the neck.
00:57:33And you forget because I remember after I watched it all and I can't pick it. Why didn't they stopped like he planned on it again? Yeah, he tried. They did it one more time and then take rolls at the store buying, we did it again and I'm going through it right now. So it's fresh is cancer treatment took all of his might like you do literally have his money. He had to do it again. I was having an affair with ift so I have tea. That's the name of the episode. Yes. Yeah, enter your own word for S. I floundered. I'm trying to limit the amount that I have to use quacker.
00:58:34but another piece that the first time you see to
00:58:39They're in a shack out in the desert. So somehow he's that you the one thing about this series and saw they do a hell of a job in. Connecting the two series. Yes, very, very good. So there's going to be at somehow patio and Tuco are getting up out in the desert at the end of Better Call Saul, because that's where they are. Yeah, and I think it has something to do with smiley. Mick's mileage, but from Better Call Saul this next season.
00:59:12You know who I'm talking to. I don't want to spoil it but Riley, but that you hate me about Better Call. Saul is, you know, that Kim is not in Breaking Bad at all at all. Not even once. So, it's like, does she die? Does she go there with his protection? Go on a cleanse? Does she have vegan and move to Florida? Cuz I can't. I mean, he's got a heart. I can't little kids. Well, I can't see him. Going on to be Saul continuing. We saw them died. Right? I wouldn't mess him up. I mean if she's alive, how do you go for years without any contact with her? Maybe maybe he looks her up. Maybe the black and white future. Those things to me.
01:00:12Who maybe there's episode? Where there's a fly in the donut. Place are the Cinnabon?
01:00:19Can he thinks about Kim? Because I'll find who wrote. Can you get Vince Gilligan on the phone Vince. Gilligan?
01:00:32There's one last thing I want to talk about. I was in a coffee shop. I heard a quote that I could not wait 2 minutes on the bike at Starbucks. This was in the mainstream. Big Shot, big name. It was just a mom-and-pop, coffee shop, Earl's Coffee House, Coffee on the corner of 5th. And yes, and
01:00:56I'm not big on on $8 cups of coffee. So I'm looking at all the danishes and whatever they have in the day in the case there have, and a person sleeps past me. They're going to the bathroom and can the two bathrooms are one seizures. So there's the men's bathroom and then there was a women's bathroom.
01:01:19Women's bathroom or the men's bathroom is locked and it's a dude and he's really he's like really poop. He's like can I know he's occupied? Is it? Okay if I go when the woman's bathroom and the lady working there says yeah. Sure. Go ahead and he goes in there.
01:01:37She says, I hope he locks the door. You know what? It doesn't matter. Eventually. Everyone's going to see your junk anyway.
01:01:46And I said when she was at some point, everybody sees your junk. I'm like, I don't know if that's true after a while. It doesn't matter. Everybody sees wrong with that. Sell my junk and everyone's going to. So I was like, that's the first stage of hell. You walk into a room with everyone that seen your junk and they compare notes, but I don't think you said it, right? Just tell her. I think you need to work on that one. A little, little more curious. Why we haven't mentioned the Gojira concert or our trip to Cleveland and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame because it hasn't happened yet. We record the show and advanced today is October. What day is October 24th?
01:02:46What could whatever if yours its the 24th of may as well. Be the 26th, eventually every day is going to be the 26th and we're all going to see each other next episode. We will we will have pictures and we will talk about it for experience at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and all the fans who have come to greet us. And hopefully, we'll both be alive. I may or may not have, and I may or may not have a tattoo or a new piercing. Hopefully people won't see our junk. I'm thinking of running into the mosh pit know you're not getting your car. I'm not asking you to rescue me. You're my ride home. So I'll yell out, tell my kids and Bess. I love them and I'll just jump in that thing. I'll probably yell something out. Like, I don't know, don't you? Dare? You're not doing it. Now. Who's the Nickelback? I'll yell with play Jackyl back and just jump in there.
01:03:46Feeling the front couple of rows will not be that Rowdy. Okay. I just got a feeling. Okay, whatever. Anyway, we want to encourage you to go to irritable Down syndrome, and Carol. On our finance staff. Is she still of looking for money to save her children? So, send us some money, buy some merchandise. We got some cool merchandise. And if you don't, we'll push off a bridge. Exactly. Asking if there's going to be a live broadcast from the hall of fame, maybe, maybe I guarantee that'll happen near the you to exhibit. You know, I'll have to wear the Pearl Jam. Johnny Cash It, kiss kit has in there to finally in there. Yeah, you know, they put kiss in the year after Randy Newman. Got inducted.
01:04:46I love that lady.
01:04:50As much as I love kiss, I kind of snickered a little bit think of Gene. Simmons is like kicking. His neighbor's dog. Can't believe Randy Newman is abducted. Before somebody that is getting inducted the weekend that were their Fighters Foo Fighters, Randy Rhoads. Yes. Yeah. Yeah. I know, we do not and then the the foods are glowing hole Surfers, or they know now. Now I neither Weezer, Weezer GG Allin. The Thompson Twins are not going to be inducted this year for rambling.
01:05:39We're out of here by and enjoy myself for a bit here.
01:05:46Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Oh my God. I forgot about Disco Duck. How have I not shown my kids?
01:06:00I can't get over to stop. I can't stop my leg.
01:06:09I got a restless leg syndrome.
01:06:16The show's over folks, died to go back to work.
01:06:23You want to get up a little bit. Because Peter Criss forgets what he's doing?
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