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Nov. 9, 2021

IDS #63 - A Cat Walking a Pig on a Leash

IDS #63 - A Cat Walking a Pig on a Leash
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The Cleveland trip!!  Featuring Gojira, Star Wars, Muppets, Mr. Zubs, Alien Weaponry, Knocked Loose, The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame!  Plus - a tale of consuming contact lenses, and a Halloween party with a special gift for Mike!  Finally - Wompers merch is available!  OMG!

All this and MORE!!

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00:00:00We're having a morning meeting my manager, always plays the song Live on YouTube, like 5 till the meeting starts to the song. Okay, and this week's song was Taylor Swift. You need to calm down. So while listening to Taylor Swift, the song is my manager can turn off the song on the YouTube. It goes to the next video and we hear welcome to my vagina. How do you follow that? Can't
00:00:42Welcome to irritable dead center of the podcast that has a different open. Every single. We are your hosts. Mike, and Darren, they welcome. Their, I might can, I'm Darren. This is episode number 63, start your timer supposed to be funny within the first 2 minutes.
00:01:04What we, we've talked about this and we've talked about this for months and months that Mike and I were going to go to Cleveland. We went to the land to the Gojira concert. We went to the land of Cleves. Yeah, and I personally would like to thank all of the great people in the city of Cleveland, who came out to cuz we have said it for months, we have to be there. We're going to be at the concert going to be at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and how many people came up to to meet us Dan Dan? So nobody. So, thanks. Anyways. Nobody said he knew we were coming at all these jackalopes. We've been telling for 2 months to you mother scratchers.
00:01:51I walked around the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame with my irritable Down syndrome to waiting to be mauled. Nice enough. Yeah, it's angular, guys complain about driving around it. You know, if you're not careful, you'll run into a building or a pedestrian. Yeah, but yeah, we we visited and we saw his Star Wars collection at the sky. Has the most awesome collection of Star Wars memorabilia of anybody that I know personally. So Netflix has the toys that made us series. And the first episode was talking about Kenner toys, Cincinnati. Alright, and all the, the billions of dollars that were generated because of the Star Wars figures in the spaceships and everything. And Dan's got a whole entire Flippin room full.
00:02:42Star Wars in their set up in Steam, like, you've got the next week with the Moss and cramp on it and the upside down, Luke and the Jonas and over there, making his stew and Luke's trying to lift that thing. You've got hot sauce. Yes. I got the rancor. The Ewoks are in the everything, bespin ghost Obi-Wan. Yeah. It was, it was amazing. So I'm going to take pictures if you're ever up in the Cleveland area, run by Dad's house and he will gladly show you his very, very close. The best thing about Dance Collection is the fact that he let me take pictures of it and I will use those. Yes, because I am a gamer. Yeah, as some may, some may know and I have some of my things on display. I've been allowed a small area to display them like a four-by-four area in the basement of our house.
00:03:42Dan has a whole room up on the upstairs. I don't have a whole lot which is how the conversation is going to start. And then we're going to I'm putting my stuff out man, and then they're going to be holes and I'm going to fill it with stuff and I just was going to have. I think I can predict how this conversation is going to get that. May I best I want a whole room full of my stuff yet you're going to say and am I sent Dan has a whole room of his stuff and Bess is going to say, well, why don't you marry Dan? Oh, yeah. Well, that's possible. Great. So went when things very helpful about Dan is he has the best memory of all time and we talked to him about being irritable, dad historian, fact-checker. Yes, cuz he does listen to the show and I listen to the idiotic as I am. I listen to the show and find mistakes all the time. But then when we talked to Dan, he gets like deep into the lure of me and then
00:04:42Now you eat. So at some point he knows you at some point way off in the future. When you're 70, right? You'll say no. When you came to visit, you had this is what this is the sandwich that you had at that sub Place, seems like my God, and this is the first word heat. That's the level of his knowledge. Yeah. Okay. So, yeah. Yeah. Before we get any more involved into our Cleveland trip, we talked about what we have a brand new Patron. Chris Michelle Michael. Congratulations, Chris Michael Christopher, Michael Patron, and he he loves the show so much that he said, I want to financially contribute to the show because I enjoy it. It makes me happy listening to it and I want to help you guys. Keep it going. Because not only does he listen, he's listen to every single episode. Yeah. It's going back to like the weekend in November the week in October that we are a year ago.
00:05:42Listening to those again. Yes. There's a mega fan. He's saying he's saying he's comparing how he sounded then like dog crap. Right to how we sound now. Just like or some crap. Yeah. I heard they're hiring, they erased yet. So Chris, thank you so much for having a patron. We sincerely. Appreciate everything you do and we will not take this for granted, the right. So now the top two patrons are named are named Chris. Yes, and lo and behold, Chris just popped up the aside. Something that we've started doing again is streaming the video here. If there was a cage match versus Chris, you think we went well Chris Hughes has the Captain America shield, right? So haha, and he has no conscious. Chris Michael has that arm length.
00:06:33He does. But did I mention a Chris? Use has no conscience. May not have a soul know, right? She's going to make it interesting and I'm going to say, Chris Michael weekend with just Pummel him cuz he was in a cage. So we need to have a irritable that's in a ravent where the to Chris's a row down there. Just did you see that episode where they did this one of them. One of them. Climb the tree out front of my yard and get some food down. That'll be the number one fan is. The one that brings me the food on the DMV to my two diet, major disappointment, Chris meets. Chris. Chris Michael. Thank you so much. It's becoming our Patron. Thank you to our other patrons. And if you would like to become a patron, it's easy, go to patreon and then look at which
00:07:33Do you want to become a part of it? There's, there's a bonus. There's bonus episodes of photos audio. We're in the process. I was just telling there in about this before we started one of the process of making the video that we shoot for. You know, we're on Twitch live making that video available to patrons on the on the side. I love because love watching it. You do get to see some of her out of the sauces made I would ever because, you know, that's because we ran out of time to talk about. So we grab that weird stuff. We said the beginning and said well now that our standards are lower. It's in the middle name.
00:08:22Go to airvol, Dad, says merchandise. I'm sorry, there's merchandise involved in that part of the reason why the to Chris's are in the upper echelon on that Top Line is because there is Mercy comes along with it right now. There's a mug. There's a poster scooters going to be a hoodie and we need to send by the way. We need to send art to Patron. These things done. Otherwise, they're going to get a blank. Wouldn't that be the envelope of white sheet of paper? Here's your producer for this year at Christmas card. And this is the last thing I'll say about patreon. I love it so much because there's so many things that have to be remembered yet about this podcast. When this needs to go up when this needs to happen, patreon is wonderful in. Send a note cuz I can't remember, but they need the art and they need stuff like that. So don't send it on a pleasant note up first aid.
00:09:22A monk is going out to these guys here, in the next month. You have to give us some art to put on it. Yeah, and then a couple weeks from it. It's like you're going to lose people. If you don't start sending this art to put on a new wife. Yeah, I told you to do that. Will you said that? I didn't say that, right. But you agreed. It was a nervous yet.
00:09:43This portion of irritable Down syndrome is brought you by Tif liquid. Concentrated wallpaper stripper. Let me tell you something. The fine folks at diff. Well, they don't screw around. Death has a unique enzyme action formula. That is also old paste and Cubs wallpaper removal time in half. Do you like to fuss around and spend all day doing stupid home repairs? I didn't think so, you know, a few years ago. I was helping my buddy, Rodger do some stuff around his house and he needed some food. If so, I went to the bar at a few drinks and then rode to the local hardware store and you know what? They didn't have it. But we got on our horse and got the hell out of there and went some place that did then. We went back to the bar for some more drinks boy. Are we glad we made that decision dip. It's the only one that really works. Now back to you bucking Dusty.
00:10:31On our way up to Cleveland. We stopped at a convenience store and we met a very interesting gentleman to work there. Indian gentleman and he 90 91 years old. How old is he? I didn't see him. I saw his hair. He had the brightest unnatural reddish-orange hair, kind of like the dude in the Christmas song. The the, what's the hell's the name of that dentist. I want to be a dentist. When we say red. I mean, on fire red, orange hair. If you go to our website and you see that you're double dead syndrome logo, that red was the color of his hair redder.
00:11:31Looks like I'm like a balding. Ronald McDonald. He did. I went to a different person. I thought I was concerned. I didn't know that he work there. I thought he was just a good guy. That jumped across something nice to have company. Look like a muppet. Are you biting my nuts? Cuz they aren't they. All everyone at a convenience store. Knows other people who work at convenience stores. That's true. It is true.
00:12:06So we didn't go to Cleveland just to meet Dan. No, we did not. It was a highlight of the trip. It was, but we went there for the Gojira concert. I have become a large because you're a fan in every concept of that. I've become large and I'm a good you're a fan and I also dig them very much. So, I've been getting more and more excited about the show. What, I'm not a fan of are the opening acts. A lot of times. The opening act will match the quality or be. You don't want your opening act to blow you away. If we were going to go do a stage show. We're not going to ask Bill Burr to open for us, know where to ask the Muppet at the gas station. Yeah, we will do that.
00:12:57So, when we saw you to Republic open. They were great. They were insane. They were amazing. They were really, really good. Augusta was amazing. And I really love them. They, they were really good. Not as good as Barenaked Ladies, but very close when I went to see Pink. Floyd. No one open for them. If no one can open with Rolling Stones. He was like, hey where the Rolling Stones and 2015, Do, you know, I'm still a little Stuart that's back. When they still needed an opener. Billy Joel. Nobody. So the thing with Gojira is that is heavier metal than I typically, listen to weigh heavier than I like. Listen to. I like heavy metal. And the first time I was
00:13:57Does your I started laughing? Cuz I was like, this is I mean, we're in the land of hear what he's saying. I know you're you're looking at me, like, I'm crazy. But if you listen to it enough, give me like, okay, I get a good asset. And so that's the type of band that's going to open for him. But open for him like, Mister Randy, Randy and I can Randy goes here. So, the two openers were alien weaponry and knocked and knocked loose. Oh my God, we had talked about doing the mosh pit, know you. I'd said I'm going to do it and you would said you're absolutely not going to do it and neither am I. But we got too close to the stage, We got in there. One person back down here. We were right there at the perfect, and knocking or ever, a perfect position. As you can see, how close we are on the website. Alien Weaponry came out. They, they had the guy Slater from Saved by the Bell on base and he came over all his shirtless.
00:14:57Sticking their tongue out licking their guitar. That's the guy. The bass player kept doing that. They were fine until he stuck his tongue out and it was it wasn't like. Yeah. I'm looking this guitar. What year was licking? The guitar wasn't Gene Simmons know how to look cool. It wasn't. He was like he surprised while he's done with that way. Only my tongue is out.
00:15:28So the drummer did that a little bit when he first came out but it was it look like he was trying to be funny. I know he ate was just, it was like you would start to get into the music a little bit. I thought that they were okay, but then they would do something like that. I'll be like, oh my God, these guys just stopped in there was there was a small mosh pit that opened up maybe 10 ft in diameter. Not that big. And I've made it this all that's going to happen up here. Then we're fine. Right. The next Band came out knocked loose. Oh my God, they're not singing English. No, I mean you cuz you were trying to figure out what they were saying. Speaking. They were doing that weird, something weird. I think that's part of their Spiel. That's kind of what they do. They don't really have lyrics except for like one song. It's not to lose it with the guy was just screaming. The guys is like, you're going to a Sam Kinison.
00:16:28Now, listen to me, I can deal with screaming. I like screaming. And some, I'm a Nine Inch Nails, fan and back in the day. Mr. Reznor would get up in that Mike and scream like a muddy. Okay, like I'm lucky. I have heard bands and I've dug man's ice cream. Nobody can scream like Chris Cornell. Know he did have a long drawn-out. I'm a tool fan Maynard, early Maynard has some screams to go on forever, but when it's all screen, when it's all scream know, it gets boring and they weren't even date. They weren't even if they seem like they were just that I know they're probably excited cuz they're opening for goes year of their game. Like more recognition. The bass player is the guy that pissed me off in that band because he's the one that kept stopping and in telling people to start washing, it gets to the mosh pit got bigger and bigger.
00:17:28Yeah, and then they knocked into you and I was like, why are they not going to be hearing? What do you do? And every battle has collateral damage, right? I'm still, okay, and then they kept knocking into you. It started getting out really out of control. The little bald-headed guy that kept asking people to kill him now kept running into the powder. Yeah. I was standing there with my arms crossed and I was waiting for them to end. I was hoping praying that they were on their last song and and then they just kept doing another song. Another Song About. He's got the rock and roll. So what bothered me about all this is the reason we left it while I was peeing. What's that about? Don't ask me to kill you while my penis is in my hand.
00:18:25You know.
00:18:27That's the goal. Don't ask me to kill you kids at all, but certainly not when so
00:18:37Let me go further with that. I don't want to talk to anyone when my penis is in my Bible. I don't either know what there's not a conversation. I need to know want to or should have been in that situation.
00:18:51Certainly, not to a Golem cuz that's basically what he was. He was the Golem of the show, asking me to kill him.
00:19:00So what made me upset about all this is that I wanted to be close to. See goes you're at like them, right? I like that band. I wanted to be right up in there and the Machine kind of stopped with them. I mean there was a little bit here and there there were pockets of it, but it was about like how it was with alien Weaponry. It was what I wanted to see where I wanted to be couldn't be there because not to lose. We made it through the show, but I had to go to the bathroom and you know Dan showed up and we went to go back there and see Dan. I was going to go to the bathroom anyway about going to pee on myself up there and just gotten to the point where once you leave the spots going on. And then we were back there. I was, I was just annoyed. I thought that was your was great, but it was like, I was bothering because I was like, we were right there. There's no danger down there that we can't handle right now, but here's my thing. It was I had fun. I had a fun at the guys. You're all I have fun hanging out with you and dance.
00:20:00Alien, Weaponry study, shut knocked loose and then go see right between the three of them. Might say 26 songs. Lyric not one. Not one word came out of any of the, three of them out there. Any flipping sense whatsoever? Okay. I'm too old to be doing that. Why am I here? So, I've listened to enough Goodyear where I can understand most of what they were saying, but yeah alien weaponry and not not to lose knocked loose. They their music to me, didn't warrant the level of response that they got, that's what bothers me. The most that response that I saw to knock loose was what we should have seen from 4 Gojira lead, singer knocked loose.
00:20:54Does not look like someone who would just come out and scream. He looks like you know, you go to your boss's house and his little brother is there. Yeah, this is this is Billy and I think he's going to the whole the whole the whole new metal thing was kind of that. I mean, Fred Durst of Limp Bizkit. That was at, consider do Bettas like rap metal. Kind of, I don't know what, there was a spattering of bands there. That didn't look like they thought they sounded know what I mean. Yeah and goes here. It's kind of in that weird. I mean, they look like that but they don't look like someone to row or Slayer concert like you'd like you said I had seen it with you and Dad was fun. I enjoyed that. I'm just annoyed that. I feel like knocked loose and the crowd fit some people there in order to hear the music. A lot of people there were not there to hear know that we were there just run into each other or like Gollum find somebody to murder them at a better Metal Show.
00:21:54So some tips from Uncle Mike and Uncle Darren for a metal show one, don't eat or drink anything for about five hours before you go, because you want to be able to stand in your spot and not move. That's what I did. It, you two to talk to people large people. There were two very large people, we met we we've been friends with them very quickly, and I've got your back and you got mine.
00:22:29I've got their back to talk to anyone in the bathroom. Maybe as you're walking in. Do you know that was a great song and then once you pass, the threshold of the doorway and don't say anything to anyone. Now, you do not speak to the person to your left or your right. If I don't sleep in their penises in their hand, write wear cargo shorts so that you can stuff a t-shirt that you bought a ghost and enjoy the show. I broke all those rules or had those rules broke. And I was, I got a couple beers there. That was a mistake. Go see a Golem Golem trying to talk to you. They were $14 a piece. But this in layman's terms, if you were there by yourself and you bought a beer, just one, it would cost $14 and their defense, it was beer. I'm sorry.
00:23:29Dollar in a can, and it was like, 3 beers. So it was it was a big Camp has began. Might have been too. Yeah, but it's not a $14 beer, right? But I had fun. Did the next day we go to work after the show, all my God as Mike is want to do or take us to the McDonald's. We found something better. I know what better than a McDonald's. What happened. We went to a place called sheets. Now, I have experience with sheets. I have never heard of sheets before. It's for those of you who replaces the sheets. So for those of you not familiar with the Sheets, if you see one near you go. Yes, they have. It's a gas station, but they say they sell food. Now you're thinking okay, food at the gas station. What does it does a little hot dog Cheetos or hot dogs on a roll? No, they have all the food.
00:24:29All of it. They have burritos. They are hot dogs. They have cheeseburgers. They have salads. They have wraps, you get a breakfast sandwich. And it's all on one menu to the family to talk to anybody. Right? And you push the picture of the food that you want in your belly. Me a picture. That looks like a freaking milkshakes. Yeah, and you just do that and you just wait and then it comes to you and it's good. Delicious. I didn't have the burritos when we were there. But I've had to breathe before, if you're a Chipotle fan that what they are, right? I had the breakfast, everything bagel with the scrambled egg, and then a sausage patty, and then American cheese and a tomato.
00:25:21Oh my God, unbelievable. Midnight. So yeah, thank you for taking me to see if that was cool that and while we were in Cleveland, we went to Mr. Zubs Subs, which is in Akron, right? Yes, is that okay? So, Mr. Zubs has all these sandwiches named after movie characters. You can get the jerk the dude. Yeah, the jerk was a ham and swiss the, the Fletcher Irwin in Fletcher from the movie was in the ER, Frank the Tank. Holy crap. That was finds grilled cheese sandwiches with a double bacon, cheeseburger in the middle, and I wanted to try it at one or two so bad, but I'm like I was with the appointment for the cardiologist.
00:26:21You know, what do, what? Do you want Golem to crawl? Another self? I mean, I could have just sat in there all through knocked loose and it would have been better. Yeah, it might have knocked it loose.
00:26:41Hey, you know what? Another problem with the concert? This is what sucks is getting old. Is I have plantars fasciitis in my feet were killing me all night long. My leg's been going at it all. I don't think that's good. But it happened. Anyway, if you're in Akron, Ohio, go to Dan's house. Look at the Star Wars collection. He has to end up, and then go to mister sub sandwich shop, and we saw a cat walking a pig on a leash.
00:27:07Was sitting there, and this is ABS, and there's TVs behind me and Dan, and there's TVs behind you. We're just sitting there talking and eating, like, I don't know what you guys are singing on TV, but I see a cat walking a pig on a leash or sports behind you guys. Yeah, it was a special on pigs. I was a cat while playing a pig on a leash. What the hell is that metal? Rock your world? The Dave light jumbo-sized, hard, boiled egg slicer. That's right. George Foreman. Has a grill and now I have a hard boiled egg slicer. Don't you hate it? When you have to slice hard boiled eggs that are too big for standard sized. Egg slicers will now your troubles are over the Dave light jumbo-sized hard boiled. Egg slicer is guaranteed to slice in the egg at anytime. It's perfect for salad.
00:28:07And it's fun for the whole family. Go to the website and buy one now and I'll throw in a second one for free. Why do you need two jumbo size? Hard boiled? Egg slicer? I don't have a clue. I just read what they put in front of me. Now, back to the show.
00:28:23So the day after the Gojira concert, we're in Cleveland and we went to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. I've been to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame before, and you've been to the Rock has been there. A couple of times yet is my second time. One of the things I really wanted to do, which I wasn't able to do what I wanted to go on the Johnny Cash tour bus, but it's close to me. Open the door on one of the time. Walk Off The Fan in there and some Purell. Exactly. So I didn't get to go on the tour bus but one of the things that they took down the giant W as soon as you walk in for Weezer, I was bitching about that. Apparently, apparently they listen to our episode where they still have the turbines, from the zoo TV tour, since the thing open and they still have the giant wall from Pink Floyd, The Wall as cool as the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is
00:29:21It's missing some things, what it's missing, a lot of things, and here's my gripe. I understand that it's been going now for 30. How many years has the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame? Been putting members in 30 years now, I think and I know they can't have one giant wall dedicated to every single artist. There were like, there's a Taylor Swift outfits. Taylor Swift is not in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Is a Billie eilish outfit in there and she is not in the rock and roll fence and then there's something from Seether. I don't know why there's something for seed in. There is the whole room dedicated to artists who are from Cleveland. Okay. These are artists who are not in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame with all my heart and soul. And when I become a member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, I'm going to write a Stern letter. Yeah, I was, in the listen, if you have been in the industry for over 25 years.
00:30:21And your vote it in and you were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Then your leather jacket is hanging in there. And only the album you're signed lyric sheet. That's when you put it in there. While they had. The the one room that had the plaques on the wall of the artists with the signatures under the year that they were inducted. And I think it's not that much to ask because there's you went through you would see the the plaques got bigger for the band's. They would have liked a lot like so they would have a year and then we have a larger plaque like Pink Floyd had a beautiful and you too and kiss and some of them had like very large black. I think the size of your exhibit should be comprable to the size of your plaque, or the number of times. You're actually in there like David Grohl is in there twice. Now, for Nirvana, and for the Foo Fighters, and you've used, listen to a whole bunch of like Phil Collins Genesis and out, has Phil Collins, so
00:31:21About as we walk through the whole thing and it's amazing. It's beautiful. And they've got a really cool stuff in there. ZZ Top guitar in Guns, N Roses pinball game, but they used to have Michael Jackson's Thriller out there. And Michael Jackson's Beat It. I'll figure it out by side, and that's not there anymore. They used to have the ZZ Top car from the give me all your Lovin video. Alex Van Halen full drum kit, and those, aren't there anymore. I don't know what they do. They travel. If they, if they move them into Like A Hard Rock Cafe or something area. Yeah. I remember, I was there in 2017 or less bass has been Andrew. We're going to see the Joshua trees. I took Charlie to the Rock Hall of Fame and I believe by Pearl Jam was being inducted that year and in front like before you go in in front, there was a mock-up of a stage setup and it had their drums had their guitars. Yeah, I had and it mannequins wearing their outfit. So if you know, your Gen X and you know what, the everybody knows the Eddie Vedder,
00:32:21The Green Jacket. Yeah. Flannel and yeah sorts. Yeah, they had all that. I mean I was leaving. This is how much of a nerd I am. I could pinpoint which ones they were without reading them. Exactly. And that wasn't the end. It was nothing that I saw a Pearl Jam there and the end it was looking in the garage section. Like where did that stuff go? I know because they had it just four years ago. Cuz we were looking there was I didn't see anything from you. That's weird. I didn't see anything from Metallica. Yeah, I might have seen something from the Eagles so they can like a giant saying, just a lot of stuff. I thought I would have seen, but I did. They have like the super super stars, or whatever. And then, the very top we saw, you know, the Eddie Van Halen Eddie Van Halen, tribute Burrell. They used to have date when the who was put in or where they had a who exhibit and they had tons of stuff from The Who,
00:33:21None of that. Now now when I was there the first time that big upstairs room was the Grateful Dead exhibit dedicated to deadhead to follow them for years and I thought it was pretty cool. That wall for Jerry Garcia's computer art and I thought it was funny that they had like a display of an Apple computer and as I'm walking towards it and thought oh, wow, that's a computer that we used to do the stuff when you get closer and you read the fine print. This is similar to the computer. It was you. You just found an Apple computer and you put it behind a glass kick. You can't do that. Like I can and I did the same thing with the Eddie Van Halen guitar. If you look good in the video that he talks about how he created that guitar and you see it right there and then you can close the fine print. This is a representation, wasn't it? Wasn't that was, they they create a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in the basement. I've got a guitar case.
00:34:21Guitar caged, but it's really close to Bob. Dylan thought about the on Highway 51. That drum sit right there and look like that. It's not really did not know. I thought that was the one that you met our historian. Yeah. I took a picture. He's like, yeah, it's not really a guitar and he's like, look at the blueprint. Like, oh my God. Yeah, and then he added insult to it. He kicked me while I was down. He's like, none of this. No, this stuff is from them. Any harm to every one of those had that little fine for a thing on there. Even Tom Morello guitar. I didn't look it. I didn't listen to, I'm seeing everyone in the Eddie Van Halen as much as I think they screwed up some things like night, not having rushed. I haven't Queen, I didn't catch what you doing. I'm annoyed that you two still has that small area. You choose a huge band. They should have more, they are there, but I really enjoyed their other things in there. That if your
00:35:21Iraq and other stuff you got, you know, that the Beatles And The Rolling Stones had kind of a feud going on, right? So when you go into the Beatles And The Rolling Stones Harry, it's they're on opposite. Walls are facing each other. I love that Jagger inducted The Beatles into the Rock and I didn't know that he's up there and he could not have been cooler. And I still like to consider them my friend. And he was just so thrilled to be there to induct them. And, you know, that they were pretty cool about it too. That's awesome. Something else they had, but they had one giant room dedicated to Super Bowl halftime show. Yes, which was cool, but it took away from exhibit space for people who are in the Hall of Fame, because the left shark
00:36:14From that stood. Next to Katy Perry is on display in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Are you kidding me left shark next to her cute little bread or whatever. She was wearing left shark. So they had weakened red suits with the masks with the whatever the weekend. So is has an exhibit in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. So I know, I know that I am biased. That's why they had you to. They had the jacket, anybody who watched the issue halftime show and it even, it has a picture of Bono doing it with the jacket. It, they had the names from the 9/11 people. He opens an elk hunting jacket American flag, and it was a big moment. And in the little description there at the display. It talks about how moving that was that. He open the jacket. They have, the jacket there. It's closed up. Get yourself a thumbtack, something to open the thing.
00:37:14Stand there in, and hold the jacket. And so, I'm even annoyed. I'm annoyed with the room that had Cleveland and people from the Midwest in Cleveland on one side and then all other people from the Midwest. I guess they can do that. Cuz the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is in Cleveland Hopkins cuz they were in Chicago and Maynard are not in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. But Maynard is the frontman for three bands, will perfect, circle and Puscifer. Okay. He's from the Midwest. How long? How long have they been out tool? That was like 90 or 91? A kind of Puscifer was like just a few years after they had 25 years. Perfect Circle wasn't. So there may be some reason but I get it if they're not inducted but neither is Taylor Swift and Seether, may call me Grandpa for saying is I think Maynard
00:38:14And Tool have done more for music. Rock band Seether. I agree 100%. It was Swift and the shark that was next to Katy Perry and I'll tell you something else. I told you the Giants play with the three costumes that the background dancers for the weekend from the Superbowl or stand there, giant 3 mannequins. Yes, side by side by side and the only thing I could find from Bob Seger. Bob, Seger was handwritten lyrics to Like a Rock way, back in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. The only thing I saw there was the handwritten lyrics to Enter Sandman, which is great. So, it's just like, when you see that it's annoying, but it gets personal when you also see. Yes. I think that Jerry Garcia's are should be displayed. It was cool. I spent a lot of time in that room. I didn't need to see an apple.
00:39:14If it was the apple or the Macintosh that he used to put it right there. So don't show me. This is what happens when a computer and I know there's more things they could put in there, you know, it's it's like, there's definitely, they're things that I saw the first time that wasn't in there. The second I get rid of them. And where the hell are they? Where is that Frozen? Pearl? Jam setup was really cool. Where the hell is it? They used to have the fly outfit from Badoo. I believe. I don't know where that is. But cool things that I did see was the guitar that Bill Haley, a Bill Haley &, the Comets played the first ever known rock and roll song on the guitar from the very first rock and roll song. Ya damn, right. I said has to be Elvis section was cool that they should had of The Beatles was cool. I want to see stuff that they went through with the, you know, rock is evil. Rock is the Devil with the same.
00:40:14Sing wall was crazy. Yeah. Yeah. And as you go along that wall and I love the rolling Sky's been a lot of time at the Rolling Stones area. I feel bad. I didn't spend a lot of time at the Beatles area, but I've just never really cared about him. I don't know how you can't lie. I told you we were there. It's not that. I don't like them. It's just, I don't care. And I I feel like a bag. I asked best, as I get my that make me not a rock fan that I don't like the Beatles Galaxy awful if it does, but I really last night, we're going to talk about this all night. That's the last thing I want to say it, and I do have a picture of this. They showed outfits of each person in the Rolling Stones, what they wore the most conservative least, drug. You looking one was Keith Richards. Everybody else's outfit was bombed out. Crazy, Mick Jagger's. I mean, everybody expects him to be look like he was like a bunch of sunglasses and like a sleeveless thing. Haha. The they had one that would look like just like a doily.
00:41:14What Charlie wants is Charlie's W. Charlie Watts was a pinstripe mirror suit like reflective and then black in the who's the other guy, the other guitar player. Ron Wood that was wearing basically a doily with his new everybody, sing and everything because who cares and then you look at Elena Keith Richards and it has like a mortician suit and now they should video of them in these outfits and Keith Richards. Look awesome. Yeah, but just to close hang in there. It just didn't work. So if you do, go to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, bitched about it, it's still really cool there. Still a lot of great things to see and irritable Down Syndrome has something on display now or exhibit is in there. If there's a section where you can go and you can make we have a bigger exhibit than kiss does. Yeah.
00:42:14With your band name. So Mike had one bad ass irritable. Dad syndrome sticker built or printed out or whatever. We stuck it right there, right? Where everybody can see it. It's right here in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
00:42:30Hey everybody, it's your old buddy. Dave lay on behalf of Darren and Mike. We would like to congratulate Chris Michael. I'm becoming irritable. Dad syndromes, greatest fan of all time. You see, I'm like some listeners who claimed to be super fans of the show. Chris doesn't pull a bunch of stupid crap to get his ass banned from the show. He doesn't threaten to put bags of dog poop and Mike's yard, Chris, Michael sets, the bar high on how true fans are supposed to act. Thank you, Chris. We love you now, back to the show.
00:43:02You mentioned mortician. He's Richards. Yeah, when we got back from Cleveland. Yeah, Mike and I drove back from Cleveland and we had a couple hours before we went to a Halloween party in my neighborhood, where they knocked it, out of the park, might guy blew that puppy out has Jason and Aaron Durbin through one killer Halloween party. And this is what was literally been friend, who's a mortician parked outside of the garage and they had and they go all out. So if you've been paying attention to the podcast, you know that Mike and Jason Durbin are are at odds over have been at odds with each other. And so we were afraid that something was going to go down when they were in our face-to-face. Cuz Mike's been running his mouth for weeks. Now, all I've been doing is trying to support local business. When we were there. I didn't notice Jason for a while because I have mined the name.
00:44:02My costume. I was Magnum p.i. On glasses. I couldn't see very well. Right? And Jason was dressed as an underachieving Tron.
00:44:10I had no idea what he just, he was a guy in front. That just didn't quite cut, the mustard, at least. That's what I said is, I don't know what he planned on me. But yeah, so, I learned a lot of things at that party. I learned that Jason bruised. His own pumpkin beer, Jason through some really, really good pie learned that he knows how to put a awesome party together. If he does, I learned that he has amazing cabs. You can fix your car and you can fix my car. My lawn mower a couple of times. He you can eat off of his garage yet or yes.
00:44:47So I'm happy to say that. I kind of thought that there was somebody was going to do people go to the party. One person believes. This was not the situation because Jason had a peace offering for you, which was awesome. When you showed up. He brought you a Blue Bunny Ice Cream Sandwich and the look on your face. The man knows me. Yeah, he knows me very well. That was awesome and their friend after you guys left and that party, when I said I was dead. I understand, let me know. I stayed until 2 in the morning by Lorde, the music cranked. Even our other neighbors Weber's game. There was a conga line in a garage. So you go over here.
00:45:474K TVs. Good.
00:45:51It was a great party. That was awesome. And something else will happen errands over. And I had our picture taken together. And you can see your titties hurt. Her cheese titties kitchen. Tri-Cities kiddies yet. They're in a box, and she gave me a box. And she also has some and take a picture and I'll show everybody my titties. This portion of irritable dad syndrome is brought you by Memaw's Country Kitchen cheese titties. The crispy cheesy treats, you'll crave. Hi, I'm Dave Les and I love titties, especially meatballs Country. Kitchen cheese, titties baked with a rich sweet and cheesy flavor. You'll taste the difference. When you bite into these titties. These snacks are so good. If you put one titty in your mouth, I'll guarantee you one more meatballs Country. Kitchen cheese titties asked for them by name.
00:46:43And now an important announcement from Dish Network in The Late Show House on Dave. And I want to be your TV friend, same, Dave better time and station. It's time. Now for the Kroger story of the week. You met a Kroger manager at the party. I wanted to get to this one. It is. The what is this? Can we do? We have an in now? Can we do my tell him that we talked about Kroger all the time? Yeah. I asked her. And this lady, she's a program manager. She was dressed up as the red light, green light thing, from squid game. What you haven't seen. So you have no idea what I'm doing errands. Like, this is my friend and she's the manager of program like
00:47:24Look what we have to do to get a sponsorship from Kroger and she said she going to do look it up on the Google and then send it to me. Or does she going to give you is like an inside? I think she has it. Been you say manager? See a store manager resume in or manager. Okay, perfect. If the Shah, but I told her, I said you said I don't know if Aaron's told you or not, but we speak favorably. Yeah. Kroger every single episode and it's just as easy for us to go, unfavorable start making threats. I'm not making threats. I'm just saying, shut up. It's a free country. Not how we? You catch more flies with honey than vinegar. Are you don't be a douche? Are you denying me? My first amendment rights? Okay. Look, if you don't want Kroger's, the sponsors and keep, right. I do want to shut up. I'm just saying, it's a nice reputation to have it be a shame to ruin it.
00:48:23I'm sad. What have they done for me, lately. Are you sure? There's a rat has given them. We've given them. A lot of press be, there is a lot of business is going to Kroger because of this show, and it's all over with that, Blue Bunny. Ice Cream Sandwich would not have been purchased by the Durbin's. Had I not talked about it on this show. Fact.
00:48:53I thought we had it in a fairly we know. So my apologies to the fine folks at Kroger. Thank you for considering us new your new sponsors. It's just a matter of when you think. So. OK. Google work. Something out and we can make an appearance at the Crowbar. Yeah. I asked her if she knew my favorite cashier. I know the guy who I told her I said he is my absolute favorite. I said, if I see him working, I'll get in line and I don't care how many people are alive doll. Get in his life to see if I can hear a history lesson because I eat it up but it's not like he waste my time. No, he doesn't. He talks while he's working. I can give you your change, your your receipt and the story ends perfectly when it's, and thank you very much. And thank you for shopping. Told her. I said, you know whether it's Macho, Man, Randy Savage, Jimmy Buffett, or when they coined, or the first nickel. I mean, it's, he's fascinating. She says, yeah, I know.
00:49:53She's going to pass along that I enjoy because I think everybody needs to know if they're doing a good job. This has been.
00:50:05I told you a story on the way to Cleveland cuz I've shocked. I haven't told here.
00:50:14I had an earache once. Yeah, okay. That's when your ear hurts. Yes. It's ear. Ache earache.
00:50:23It's, I usually ignore them, you know, they'll go away because your body fights, back, whatever it is. This one lasted for a number of days and I like, I I just want to get some antibiotics. I'm tired of my ear hurting. So I went to an urgent care near here and the doctor comes in and he's like, how old are you? And I was 41, 42. Something when I went there and I told him he s
00:50:48Too old to have an earache and he left.
00:50:53You left me with that knowledge is I'm sitting in there. Right? And he comes back and he looks in my ears and he says you need absolutely half and infection. You may have a brain tumor.
00:51:09Hey, what happened to let? That was sit there, and I'm like, why do you cuz he hadn't do? You know, usually I I'm not a doctor. No, I'm not. I've never claimed to be, but I've seen them on TV and I've seen them in movies. And a lot of episodes of, ER. I know a couple of doctors if I put all my combined knowledge together. What I do, know, is typically, before being told that you have a brain tumor. Someone doesn't x-ray or what's that called when it was, none of these things happen.
00:51:46Why do you think that I have a brain tumor? And he said, it's not normal for someone your age to have an earache. It could be caused by a tumor in your brain. He didn't really, you know, like when you ask someone to explain something and all they do is if they don't really expand on any additional information. He'd already said, I have a brain tumor and then he expanded on that by saying, you may have a tumor in your brain, right? I get one of those two things are kind of equivalent. So that happened and I left. And am I ask some other friends and family that I know? They're doctors. Is this true? You got a second opinion, opinions, were you absolutely can have an earache when you're in your 40s? And it does not automatically mean that you have a brain tumor. I get them all the time and I also will, you may I don't want to, I don't want to scare you.
00:52:46It wouldn't surprise me at all. If I had probably have a brain to someone so and then to add insult to injury. They didn't charge my inter then decide to pay for the entire visit and never got reimbursed for that. Haha. And what I did, I did get an antibiotic out of it. So well that helps la dee frickin da.
00:53:16So that was a story. You told me while we were driving to Cleveland. Tell everyone the story that you told me while we went home. So we were talking about different concerts at we've been to you and I I got your attention because I said, have I ever told you about the time I saw tool and drink my contacts.
00:53:35And to my shock, you said, no, you never told me what a story. I mean, pool and drinking your contacts. So so I need to put a picture of this thing. I put up a picture of the Salem, witch riding with me and my friend, I have as posters that they make, and they have a t-shirt that goes along with it specific for each concert that they go to. So, it's kind of a collector's thing and has the venue in the date and all that stuff, but they go very fast. So me and my friend got there very early and there's more limes. Lager House brewery is right next to or near the arena, that was close enough. So we get there, we get our stuff we put in the car. Now. We're there like 2 hours before the show.
00:54:28He go to the bar, right, and we begin to imbibe as it works. So we get to the show, somehow we get to the show. We get the receipt. Thank God, you're walking. And my friend, just keeps bringing more drinks as we got. So I got a bit knackered as they say, we ended up going out again, after the show was great. What I remember of it. We're not going out after the show again to the Yard House. I know that I am by the more. There we get to the hotel. It's clear at this point that I am going to be very dehydrated and I'm going to regret what has happened previously. So I get all the hotel cups of water within reason. I've let him have one, but I got all the other ones that I could get. I filled him full of water. I also forgot my contact case and my glasses. Okay, so I took my contacts out and I put them in one of the glasses of water.
00:55:27In my state of mind. I thought, well, if I set this one off to the side, I won't have to worry about anything happening to it, and I'll be able to put my contacts in, in the morning when I didn't know, is that at 3 or 4 in the morning, or whenever I would wake up, and I would be completely parched, and I would drink every bit of water. That was anywhere near me. The next morning. I'm looking around for my glasses and remembered, I didn't bring my glasses, my contacts. I looked at all the cups and they were all empty, and then it dawned on me.
00:56:00You drank your contacts. So I did a little bit of for a few seconds. I did what you're doing right now.
00:56:07Now I have a story of going to see tool and drinking my contacts. The problem that's people may have noted in. This, is that I live maybe 20 minutes away from where I was at that point. Yeah. I also can't see without my glasses or my contacts. So I immediately called my wife who couldn't come get me. I didn't even ask her to, I just called her, because it seemed like the thing to do.
00:56:33Don't let her know if my contacts. Yeah, I would just let her know that within the next 10 to 15 minutes. I was going to attempt what is highly in advisable to drive home. And I may be end up on the news. I may need bail money later, helping I managed to make it out of Cincinnati. It was easier than you think to get out of the city because they have traffic lights everywhere. And I use those to guide myself, and I've driven in and out of the city. So many times, I can do it, literally blind, which is what I did. And I go north, it got harder, as I got on 75 North because everything starts to look the same and cars. Don't really stick out to you. When you're blind, right? I could see lights, but I could see other cars around me. So it was very harrowing experience when I when I got here. My wife was both surprised and happy to see me surprised that I was alive.
00:57:33Write a jail and happy that I was alive and not in jail. I proceeded to come down here in the basement and sleep that off. But yeah, that's the story. And I'm assuming I passed my contacts. I hope they're not part of me that. My body doesn't end up being given to science, and I end up on some medical students table and they find contacts in my Lizard. Lick. What's this? Hey, what happened there?
00:58:02Well, guys, were going to wrap up this episode. This is been a fun one before I go. I wanted to say a couple things one Keurig, you know, they make the coffee. They also make sweet tea and you can get Keurig hot iced tea and I don't know how that works. But anyway, what I wanted to say was that you can go to irritable Down, syndrome.com, go to merge. And right now you can buy a one a all beef footlong hot dogs, t-shirt and a coffee mug. It's so cool. I told you I I let the cat out of the bag a week or so ago that wall a world that they reached out to us and they said, hey, you know, we love to sponsoring your show wheel of your podcast and they are so happy to be affiliated with us. And so they are going to start selling their merch on our website. So, if you want a all beef, hot dogs, a t-shirt or a mug, go to our website, get a ruler and measure yourself and you can buy your own Whoppers. All the footlong hot dog.
00:59:02And go to your Evil Dead Center., become a patron. You can listen to previous episodes. You can look at cool pictures of me and Mike thought it was on the Twitter. Yes. Do the most of our stuff on Facebook. So we want to thank all of our listeners and again, we hope we see you next week on herbal dancing.
00:59:24You know what? I'm craving chili, I think I'm going to make a pot right now. We'll see you later.
01:00:01That was disturbing.
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