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Nov. 16, 2021

IDS #64 - Just the Right Amount of Shabby

IDS #64 - Just the Right Amount of Shabby
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After decades of waiting, Mike and Darin FINALLY review a movie from the 90's - Waiting for Guffman (and, of course, end up talking about other Christopher Guest movies along the way).  Also - Darin tries to buy an axe, the entirety of his neighborhood attacks his tree, and he ticks off a cop!  Also, Darin's wife made a splint, there's new Wompers stuff on our site, and Mike and Darin are in awe of the fact that they haven't seen Eternals yet!

All this and MORE!!

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00:00:00I just dropped my phone in the toilet.
00:00:13Welcome home. Now with more laps in the first two minutes than ever before. Your host, Mike and Darren. Hey everybody. I'm bike. I'm Derek, welcome dear. This is episode 64 squares. We're going to be funny with in the first hundred 22nd, and we're 17 seconds in coming at you live on tape from the basement of Mike Studio, B. We have a lot to talk to you about, we do. I hope we do as usual. Those who are longtime listener is Mark, this down in the books as soon as yet, another one that Mike did not prepare. However, however, I am, I defense, I added a few things at the very end. Yes, one of which is something that would naturally happen. Anyways, so let's roll successful are movie review. We're going to review another movie.
00:01:12Tonight. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I loved it actually something with a point for you guys to talk about and, you know, it took the place of like the cabbage in the Kroger produce department, but I was going to talk about right, right, right.
00:01:28Before we move on, we talked about Dune. Yeah. I read one of the worst Dune reviews ever and I had to share part of the new movie. Not the front end for a while. Kyle MacLachlan. Exactly. So there's a guy who I'm Facebook friends with his name is Adam. He is a Adam West. No. No, he's not at his last name is and he is a gameshow historian. He's also a David Letterman historian. Okay, and he posted this scalding horrible review and I'm just going to fast forward to the end. He says. Hold on. I'm not done yet. Yes. I'm sure names like Han Solo and Darth Vader. Rang oddly. The first time. Theatregoers heard them in 1977, but no movie has ever had a character named as distractingly awful as Duncan, Idaho.
00:02:17Jason Momoa honest-to-god is playing the role of Duncan, Idaho. It's a sci-fi film about characters with magical powers. Flying spaceships to a dystopian hellscape and they named a character Duncan, Idaho. I like that name.
00:02:33Me and mr. Native. We're going to have words.
00:02:38I need that went that Windows. Yeah, that was sick. I can tell you, though. That Idaho is something that I love about doing though. And here is the names like, at Rady's that sounds like right. That's like, yes. Yes. That's the name. It reminds. I am not going to draw too many comparisons, Lord of the Rings, but I always love the names in the world of the Rings, even though you needed a guide, you know, family tree.
00:03:03Lincoln was a republican, Idaho.
00:03:08So the last two or three episodes that I have opened with, either a correction or an apology for something. I said the week and I'm doing this episode again the same way last week. I talked about the Halloween party to you and I went to after we got back from Cleveland. Yes, and our new Patron, Chris Michael dressed as an irritable Down syndrome host and he was alternate you need to learn more words t-shirt as you left them off. So most of the night he was dressed as you that picture, you can see come on, if you go to Gallery, you get the picture of him and his lovely wife Mary. So the only thing separating us is a pair of glasses were like Superman and Clark Kent. We're like the character and then the evil twin character P. I have the glasses in the goatee, a typically, the evil character has a goatee and goatee ever since Heisenberg.
00:04:08Which means I'm good. Yes to Corrections from last week. You had mentioned that Phil Collins was in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame twice as a solo artist, and a member of Genesis. He is not because you didn't do your research, know, I screwed up because I said Bob Dylan's album was Highway 51 Revisited and it's Highway 61 Revisited. So my apologies to any people who are fans of Bob Dylan, Phil Collins or Chris Michael. I screwed those things, we screwed those things. Here's the thing stick with this is I make so many mistakes while I'm talking on this thing and I hear them later when I'm editing, or if you had it, when I'm mowing the lawn and listen to this thing. I think that's not right. Right. For what was it? Like three or four episodes? I was my favorite. Stephen King novel is the shining and I miss quoted you like three or four episodes.
00:05:08The room and I still don't know the actual number of the ribs and it was 227. Yeah, I was looking Marla Gibbs jokes. Yeah, and I wasn't getting any of it building myself as the lord of the shiny knowledge and making mistakes left. And right. I've caught myself, misquoting. People. I've caught myself talking about the wrong person. I have never corrected it. Well, I did correct the room because I thought it would be a flood of comment about that. But nobody nobody care. Nobody listens of a carrot. We are in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame to stickers of what was upside down, and it's probably been covered.
00:05:51Hey, I mention Chris Michael you did, and I wanted to say Chris Michael's, our news Patron. We mentioned that last week and one of the cool things that happens when you become a patron. Is our announcer, Dave Lay record the voice mail message. So if you become a patron on the show or announcer will record a voicemail message. You can put on your phone. So you've got your phone. Go ahead and give Chris a call. Okay, and we can listen to his voice mail message.
00:06:21You've reached the voicemail of Chris Michael. Chris can't come to the phone right now. He's either taking care of his daughter or doing important accounting work, or he might be next door. Helping his neighbor. Darren, who doesn't know how to do a damn thing. Leave him a message and this message brought to you by irritable Down syndrome. I have a request. Okay. I'm a co-host of the show. I would like Dale. A to record a voicemail message for me saying that I dropped my phone in the toilet.
00:06:59Okay, and I'll use it. Maybe I'll tell you what. I will call Dave up. Thank you, and he likes me more than he likes you. So I will see that. He does become a patron on the show. Go to irritable Down syndrome. Cam, go to patreon, take the plan that you want to sign up and then you can get a voicemail message from Dave. Yeah, you can get access to all kinds of bonus audio. One thing that we've added is the video component of the show that we broadcast live on Twitch. If you came here from the tweet that came out. If you follow us or Facebook whenever he goes out, we will find out everything we were going to live but then what I do is immediately after that, I'd I take the video, I download it and I put it up for our patrons to view whenever they want added thing because they get the episode unedited raw. So back off lawyers.
00:07:56Bad thing about it. You don't get any of the production from Dave Lane. Oh, but you do get the riveting 7 to 8 minutes where we're sitting looking each other, I don't know that. Funny. What is a dirty fart joke in there. I don't know. Going to add a note should be fart warts and all man.
00:08:36This portion of irritable dead Syndrome has brought you by planking with Jim join gym. Monday through Friday on the Facebook. Is he brings you the most entertaining, live, planking available anywhere on the internet, watch. Jim plank, here is amusing stories. And every day one of those cats walks right in front of the damn camera. Now, that's funny. So what are you waiting for? Get planking today on planking with Jim, Jim Timmerman is not a license fitness instructor. Please play at your own risk and always consult your doctor before beginning any exercise routine.
00:09:17Well, I wanted to mention that I have extremely cool, awesome Neighbors.
00:09:26So, I've had dead trees in my backyard, over the past year for trees have died. Okay, we called somebody cuz we got a couple estimates. One person were to charge over, $2,000 to cut down, trees to haul off wood 24in, inject are other trees to make sure that they don't get the the creeping, crud to the bed. So we're like that's a lot of money for trays. Yeah, and so, I called somebody else and they and they gave us an estimate that was like a little bit less and still lot more than we wanted to pay. My neighbor. Gary God love him. Gary is awesome. Jerry was talking to me one day and he says I'll come over cut them down for free. Are you serious? And he said yeah, so Gary comes over Chris. Michael comes over. Yeah.
00:10:21I will cut down these trees and then I sent a text to Jason and Aaron Durbin. Told them to hate Sunday. We're going to be up around 10:30. We're going to be cutting trees. I hope that I don't make too much noise and do did he drag his talents are down inside. He's going to shoot the trees down. Is that how he did it. Jason said he could kick the tree, he was going to, but I'm like, I don't want you to make me look bad yet. So no, thank you. Jason says, I can come over because of Jason comes over, brings his kids, Marvin and Ethan and your tree cutting parties. That we had a bunch of people cutting down trees and then I'm standing there.
00:10:59And I'm getting ready to go over and start. I've got another buddy Bill who loan me? Loaned me a wood. Chipper who has a wood chipper. No one will ever build. I would stay on bills. Good sign. I've seen Fargo, you don't want to mess with the guy with no chipper. So I'm getting ready to go over to the wood chipper and there's another guy standing in my yard surprises. Me. It's the neighbor on the other side who comes over and I met him, but it's been months since I've ever talked to him. Like people didn't have anything to do that day today. He's cutting down the trees and cutting them in that log. Is he climbing up the tree and cut in the top off? And I don't have these trees are in my backyard. I don't remember anyting. Okay, there are big. Okay. Okay, direct them somewhere so they don't fall in somebody's house right on the side that you wanted to fall and then he
00:11:59Cartoon with a rope, they were holding it and so you cut it. And then you kind of pull with the direction that you wanted to go to see. That's how I would die for it towards me in, right. Last second. Somebody would yell, but I and then he cut them into logs. Jason was stacking wood and then my neighbors Greg, and his kids, and my kid, they were with Branch Cutters, cutting off branches. And everyone is bringing the stuff over to me, and I'm stuff in it, like, a madman into the wood chipper, and we got to ginormous trees that we did to last weekend to this weekend. We got these trees, cut and mulched, and stacked in under three hours isn't saying? I'm really insane and I just can't thank my neighbor's enough for being so cool to come over on their Sunday and they help the guy out. And I'm just blessed with, very good neighbors. And so I want to say, thank you.
00:12:59And thank you again. These guys. I didn't know that you were having a party.
00:13:08But if I did, I would not have come.
00:13:13I just want to drop something off to the side here. One of our fine patrons, who's been banned. Yes. Once us to discuss whether or not he has a soul.
00:13:24Well, he doesn't he says he doesn't drive a Kia Soul.
00:13:32See, this is why we can't have him on the show. This will say things like the right. Take your Captain America pajamas and go back to your Solace house.
00:13:44I want to hear about the ax after we cut down the trees in the, the big logs are stacked. I'm like, I'm going to have to bust those up somehow so I can use them in my fire pit. Okay, so I don't have a tax, I go to Home Depot to buy one. And the people are always so awesome because they're always, very nice are always very knowledgeable. I'm looking and looking looking, and I can't find an ax because the one Home Depot, I usually go to is laid out differently than the one that my son Cameron. I went to, OK, and I go to where it's supposed to be and it's not there lady, who works her. I said, excuse me. I'm I want to buy an Axe and I'm looking to buy one and she said, okay.
00:14:29I wish you just looked at me.
00:14:34Do you want a prize? She caught me off-guard cuz that's really okay. And another gentleman walks up and he's like, I can take you to where they were the actors are you thank you. How is that? You know, the customer service level at Home Depot is gone in the Turley. Okay. I hope you enjoy your axe sir. And we thought an ax and next week. I should have a story about throwing my back out her hand. This portion of irritable dead since I was brought you by Whoppers all beef footlong hot dogs pee. It's your old buddy, Dave. And I'm telling you right now. There are no better. Hot dogs out there. Then, Whoppers Whoppers are packed full of flavor with no fillers and no preservatives. They're perfect for every party unless you're a vegan. Anywho. Get a ruler and measure it yourself. If you are hot dog, isn't 1 ft long. They'll refund your money.
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00:15:52Thanks, Dave and Dave, serious. Go to fastenal.com. There's all kinds of crazy. Really cool merch for Whoppers. All beef, footlong hot dogs, explain this to the folks. I was designing the merch last night, and the fine folks at Whoppers have designed. Yes. And when I have to edit the story, I believe the fine folks at Whoppers, it had a couple of drinks and they noticed that you can get a beach towel and I thought you wouldn't want to feed staff crazy to not want to watch a beach towel and then I saw blanket. I would like a blanket and that can get matching pillows to go along with it. And here's a fun fact about our merch store. Is that you to the iPic, I'm sorry are March people. Pics, Colours that
00:16:47They would buy, but most of these things are in a wide array of colors. And I'm not saying the mustard colored hot dog, beach towel is the best, I, but I am saying is pretty damn good. Pretty cool. And what better way cuz winter is coming. Yeah. Can you reach Town? Don't get your fleece blanket, you and your little snuggle buddy roll up on the couch and cuddle up under a Whoppers. Aldi, footlong hot dog, fleece blanket. So one item that's in there that you can design quote, wall art. And I thought while now that that's available I can come up with some great wall. I'm sorry our merch. People can come up with some great wall art. And please buy some Whoppers merch. Pretty cool. Help us. Stay in business.
00:17:47Hello, Jack. What the hell is? Hello, Jack?
00:17:53Your watch 30 Rock scene like 1 or 2 episode 6. There's a character on 30 Rock Kenneth play by Jack McBrayer. Okay. Okay. He's the really nice, guys, the page. Okay. On the show me a time. There was an episode where Conan was live in Chicago and they went to this hot dog place where it was a hot dog place where the waitresses are famous for being rude to you. They yell at you like. Thanks. Okay. Yeah, so they send Triumph the insult comic dog to make it even better. They sent Jack McBrayer. Okay, how long will go to the YouTube? Jack McBrayer has a new show on Apple Plus called. Hello Jack. It's the kindness show. Okay.
00:18:53It's for families to watch. It's a kid-friendly show. There's a character on the show, one of the kids. His name is Tegan, okay?
00:19:04After juggling me and my buddy are and where they're and arms friend was there and he was talking about his business and he could really use some help making a video for his company. In my, I can do that for you. So we're talkin. He's on board with me, making a commercial for his company and he says, my kids are professional actors. They can come in and do it. And I said, really both been in the old man & The Gun, starring Robert Redford, really? So these kids are there on IMDb? Okay. Okay. They're very, very cool. And just a lot of fun, really sweet kids. And I had a lot of fun working with them. Well, a week or two ago. I get an email from their mom saying that Tegan is in this hellojack show. Okay, and she sent me a picture of Jack with the cast and his kids in and everything like that. She was talking about and I said, hey we can absolutely promoted on our podcast. So yeah.
00:20:04So she said, cuz I was talking about how I'm a fan of Jack McBrayer and she said that if we were shooting, I could give Jack the phone and he would send a personalized message to you. So I asked if she could get Jack to do something for the podcast. Okay, so we'll see what's up with the kids. Okay, let's all go to the shelter. This is the movie review part of the show this week. We're going to review the movie from 1996.
00:20:50Waiting for guffman. Okay. So I put a pole up on our on a tweaker. Haha. I don't know how painful that there was a lot of love for waiting for gas. And I asked a question, which is best waiting for guffman Best in Show or a mighty mighty when and overwhelmingly Gatlin. But I will add that the people that voted for Best in Show were very passionate about their vote. It was interesting. Yeah, they were more votes for guffman, but there was a passion was with Best in Show and every once in a while, A Mighty Wind would fly through. I think Best in Show was probably more successful than the other two, but okay, so I had never seen waiting for guffman, and I have say, I love A Mighty Wind. I've seen that many many times. It's amazing. And then I've seen Best in Show. I did that. I've only seen that, like, two or three times at this point, but I never seen waiting for guffman. I didn't even remember that. That was, I didn't even know what not a lot of people know about it before I met
00:21:50The Cincinnati I moved here in October of 99 my buddy Dawn and I had come up to Cincinnati to visit our friend Jodi in 10 and Jody was dating this guy. And we were at their apartment having dinner. And he mentioned this little odd movie that he had heard of, and we watched it with him. And we felt like we were the only people who had seen this movie cuz nobody I'd ever talk to and seen waiting for guffman. And I was trying to spread like wildfire, like you guys got to watch this movie right now. So couple years later living. I are dating. We've moved to Cincinnati and we go to a movie theater.
00:22:27And I start showing previews for Best in Show on my likes. Macron had no no, no, no. Okay. I know this is that the same caste was in this movie called Waiting for God. And I rented it and we watched it together. She loved it. And it's hysterical. Catherine, O'Hara, Fred Willard. Oh my God, love ya, the comedian Larry Miller Miller Bob Balaban. I mean the cast is amazing and the cool thing about Best in Show. Waiting For guffman, A Mighty Wind. They were all. There was no script. It's like a mockumentary. Like absolutely I'm talking and it's a they had a storyline like spinal. Tap out the same way and they knew where they were going, but they didn't have the
00:23:27The specific lines. So they were winging it every single episode which you can't help but think about when you're watching it because some of the most golden comedy moments, you know, are being figured out on the Fly. I wonder if anybody knew.
00:23:40When Fred Willard and Catherine O'Hara, but spoiler alert. If you haven't seen waiting for guffman, it's only been out since 96 and Fred Willard play travel agents who've never left the City of Blaine and then Katherine Harris, is well. We went to Jefferson City. Yeah, why don't you tell him why we went to Jefferson City and then Fred Willard gets. So uncomfortable is not want to talk about why he was getting annoyed. And I wonder if, if Eugene and Chris do about that, when he started that none, like I've got just go with the, let him do it and then there's a scene where they're at the table, the dinner table, the Chinese restaurant, guess it's drunk and she's like what they like to be with a circumcised may have you. So, so what I did, I tried to get I tried to get into it.
00:24:40And Charlie was with us when we watch it cuz I'm just determined to watch the movie. It is rated R. Yes. I told her I watched the entire thing. I don't remember anything. I don't tell you exactly why. It's alright. Okay, why isn't the penis? So, it was a guy at the auditions. Who said for my audition. I would like to do a scene from Raging Bull call Bob bailen. That's why it's okay. That's that's that fits in with what I was thinking because it was weird. I was just when I, when I was like, I think it might be Planes Trains and Automobiles because that entire movie is fine. Except for the part where Steve Martin, yes, it at the car inside said, there's probably something like that, that I don't remember cuz I just don't, I don't sense these things and we couldn't get Charlie the
00:25:40So let's just start watching at 7 minutes and both best of Charlie. Like this is the worst movie I've ever seen in my life. This is terrible. And what drives me crazy is that she, I will quote, like she thinks what happened is hilarious. And I played that Fred Willard clip for her. I don't know how many times and then what happened. She laughs and she laughed when we will put it in the show and then has the show as the clip goes on, was I started this job. It's just
00:26:20It drives me nuts because she will quote, these movies, too. Like Big Lebowski show quote. The Big Lebowski guy doesn't like that movie at all. But randomly, she'll be like, yeah. Well, that's just like your opinion, man. I like you cuz you're not allowed to do that. You are not. That's like somebody you hate sci-fi. Walk around. Say May the force be with you. You can't do that. You can't dip your toe in that end in. Take it on your own. But I, so, I was waiting for guffman, literally raw, first time watching it. And, you know it. So I'd already seen that number of the movies. Like I said, Mighty Wind in Best in Show. So, I knew what I was getting into the instant waiting for guffman was over. I turn on Best in Show, and I got to say that, if you've not seen waiting for guffman, that's the best way to watch it is watch that one in the garage, in the desk and shelves, but they're what they are with a completely different. Yes. Yeah, Michael bikini.
00:27:20And A Mighty Wind. And then I'm watching waiting for guffman again. And it's almost like, Catherine. O'Hara is cheating on you Jean by because she's married to Fred Willard in this movie and she's with Eugene Levy in Best in Show, Mighty Wind shifts. It's like they add an actor over. Which one, you know, the guy that did you see Over the Hedge, the animated movie? Okay. Yeah, Eugene Levy and Catherine, O'Hara are porcupines, and that movie too. So anyway, I enjoyed, I like waiting for guffman. I see why people like it. I still think Best in Show is a better movie and I seen where you went so many times. I think of the three that that's got to be my favorite just because I think so. I might have to watch it again with Best in Show down here. Cackling It Best in Show. And what I was cackling that was Fred Willard and the end, the English guy, with the common.
00:28:20And it just kept going on. And I'll do you think when they're walking like that. Do you think it's you. I can't remember what he was saying, and you could see you. You told me, you told me something about the movie, didn't know on the DVD. There's an audio commentary by Christopher Gaston Eugene Levy, and they're talking about Fred Willard in the English guy who are the judges for The, not the judges of the commentator commentator guy. They said, we want you to learn everything, you can possibly learn about every breed. We want to know what they eat, where they're from when they first originated and how long their hair is with? The did every single thing. I'd like to Fred Willard do nothing, how they got that little hint of annoyance in the English guy, say, he just ate just gives up there. So many times, he begins to open his mouth and say something and he just dies a little on camera. Do you remember when we had text Will tension on the?
00:29:20And I was trying to talk about the book by David Sedaris here and you wouldn't stop you. If you can't get the die-hard where they drop Alan Rickman off and you know, there's a story I think you're my nose by now. They did a countdown but they they dropped Alan Rickman before he was ready to be dropped. Yes, so they would get that real. Look aside. That is the same thing as if you can't fake that look on that announcers face, on Fred Willard is just asking the stupidest. What would you think if they made a calendar of these ladies washing their dogs asked about that last year? So if you haven't watched waiting for guffman stop the podcast now go watch it and then come back, come back.
00:30:11And start this episode from the beginning. Download it again. We love Aldi.
00:30:21I haven't had a just stopped in weeks and I've got one tonight. Okay, I'm begging.
00:30:28And not only it's like, okay, the problem can be easily solved. If I would just like block this commercial played on Facebook. I want them to stop doing it completely. Okay, there's a commercial for this thing that you use to clean out earwax. Okay. I don't know what it's called. But the people in the spot, they're pulling like two and a half years. Were the wagon out of there. Is none. Like you can't be serious. What are you guys? No way. You have that much damn ear wax in your ear. Okay. There's a couple of things about this Facebook ads are based on what it hears, you talking about. Right? What kind of conversations are going on in your house? I don't know why I've how I falling into this algorithm, but there's also this great and I'll have to look it up and I'll have to put it on our website. There's one of those.
00:31:28I hear they have that much ear wax in your ears discuss. And when I get sick of people poo, poo, in all of her Q-tips, I don't care how many videos, I see how many Public Service Announcement by Dan can get on the TV, Obama, all of them, can anybody can get on TV and tell me how horrible it is for me, the Surgeon General, by the way, for the past 20 years. I don't know who this have no idea or a Surgeon General is. Anyway, the point is Dolly, Parton. You couldn't go more than 5 minutes without them telling you something earwax. It's not a global pandemic. Like they claim it or whatever. You called the near Waxhaw. No problem infestation, but I see there's the thing where they have like a tube in they put in there and they called K.
00:32:28Abilene, have you heard of that? That's nobody's going to do that. This is where I was going to go to cares that much about your wax. Why is I don't understand the physics. You shove a Q-tip in and you can potentially shove it for the back of your ear canal. I'm fine with that. I'm fine with them, every couple of years. I'll do one of those ear wax removal where you put the stuff in and you turn your head and it does absolutely nothing, right? And then you go in there with a Q-tip and you do the real work. I'm going to say something that no one on this podcast is ever. Heard me say that I put a Q-tip in my ear every day I do too. And here's the thing. I think, if people would just wash their ears daily walking around when I walk with me down this Lane. Okay, the person who has two and a half inch of sarcophagi wax coming out of their ear off. Probably not the type of person that really
00:33:28Cares about that much wax beans if they would, they would have washed their ear wax in the Yankee Candle. You don't, you don't care enough about their ear wax to buy something to help them with it, but not enough to watch their damn near every every day. Just stop with the ear wax. Other just stop is some there's a guy I know his name is Mike hinojos the podcast and every week when when it's my turn to do you connect a 5, you can I'm terrified that you're going to take some of that stuff is good and it's just I've noticed sometimes when you edit you, leave my likes in there and I have to petition to you again on behalf of me. Hahaha and the audience.
00:34:28I say, like way way too much. I think I've been taking, I've been take cuz you and I both the Raw Feed. Haha, and I don't hear them until I'm editing. I don't like you, edited last episode. I listen to it. I didn't hear any likes, right, but that terrifies me because I think I don't hear them like they're there. And I don't hear, I just did it. I just did like mine through there and I don't hear them. Let me say something to her people who've been listening to our show. I went back last week. I've listened to probably eight or nine, previous episode. If I go back to the real, real early ones. Yeah, I noticed I stammered a lot. I would say, I would, I mean, I would, I would say I would start a sentence like five times before I said anything, and I never knew that I did that. Yeah. I'm like, oh my God, Daren. Do you do that all the time? And it's made me try to be a better speaker. I've noticed. I've noticed that I have a
00:35:28In general speaking, since doing this because like you I identified. I must have been a major pick. And I'm not saying I'm a joy to talk to you now, but my God, I want to apologize to. Everybody has known me for the past 45 years, before we started this good Lord, you guys, and I'm little bit mad at you. You should have told me, I said like that much. I'd like a valley girl on the same. Like you just did this. He said like that and they're like this. They're like that. It's like this, and like that. Like this saying, something else I've noticed is that I am a lot and I'm still trying to work on it. So for the people who have listened to our show every episode, thank you. I don't know why you stayed with it. But thank you. And those are you doing to those of you watching the video, you know, everything we talked about right now because we are doing it live and in all this stuff going to be edited out. One thing that I do, that really annoys myself when I'm editing and I'm sure this annoys you is all get a good 30.
00:36:28440 seconds down the road in a story. No, I'm not doing it cuz you look at me, like, I just killed your dog like black. I got to go back to the thing and it's even worse. When there's been a couple times where I've, cuz you'll say something hilarious in that 30 to 40 seconds. And I abandon the store. I abandoned ship was like why can't lose there and comment, right? There's no end to this. And then I think there's any way just leave it in there. It'll be fine. Just fine. I'm talking about something or somebody and it's going somewhere than what do you what is it that part out when he did his podcast, he started the show, he went through in the end of the show and the only added he made was when he put a musical number in the middle. I think we'll get close to that because I'm headed.
00:37:28Already, then it'll be years before we get to that point but were so horrible when you get in there. If you compare how we are now to how we were when we began. Yeah. Yeah, but I would like to offer a not a contest cuz you're not going to get anything other than congratulation our respect. And I respect your undying love but there has been in a continuity mistake in our episodes in the recent episode. So you don't have to go all the way back to the beginning. It's an episode in the 60s. Okay, where am I to something at refer to a conversation? That as far as you people are concerned never happened and you may have no, you may have been driving a seat. I don't know what he's talking about. I don't even know which one cuz I've listened to this episode a couple times. It makes me giggle, every time it's like I reference a conversation that these people never knew happened. Haha. So have fun. If any of you people you people out there.
00:38:25You feed any, you people can identify that come back, tell me what the episode is, and tell me. The thing that I reference, that is just out of the blue to be fun. We'd have more contests on this, where people can win. Robert Hill was very happy with the prize. Anyone. He's our first and only contest winner. So, here's the thing. I want to go here real quick, some of our trip. Since we've opened up the twitch again. Everybody knows that we usually record on Tuesday or Wednesday, sometimes Wednesday if we have is like life jumps in and it you know, we've made the video part of the patron. Things. I'm trying to force us to get into this and continue to do this, you will notice at other times randomly. You'll get a notification that the inner ear will that syndrome has on Twitch and you look. And there's like people getting shot in Call of Duty's happening, Doom, all. That. Think you texted me? When I like, umm,
00:39:25I got a message him so quickly. So, yes, occasionally Michael get on there because a couple a couple reasons one. It's literally the click of a button and your life and I got a headset where I can speak into the thing and I think it's absolutely hilarious. That someone would come to irritable bowel syndrome and just see this thing going on and not know what the hell's happening opportunity to interact with a part of the show, right. And I thought about walk with me than laying here. If any of you are Gamers out there, we can have a game together, maybe, or maybe I'll just ignore you. Maybe I'm guessing, that's probably what's going to happen. But anyway, we're let you guys know that. If case, you do come to the site, and there is a game going on there. That's probably what's going on. I'm probably playing my buddy, Jeff Brown photographer and I can't remember the app. He had an app on his phone. Where he could go live yet. He was washing dishes and he thought
00:40:25Why not? He puts the camera there and goes live with washing dishes. He gets like 12. People hopped on and watched him the entire time washing dishes. Then somebody pops on and likes it. He looks he recognizes the name. It was an announcer that we've used. Really? Yeah. So 11. Why would you just like, oh my God, this guy's washing dishes. I got to watch that and then you just stay with it. Yeah. I don't know. Part of the reason I have some of this is somebody watching what we're doing. Now, some of the, some of the reasons I have some of this setup is because I was starting a streaming Channel. I have a different Channel and I've just combined it all. I don't want to make things easier, but I was going down that road. I'm in some of the weirdest Community you'll ever see is the streamer Community because they will be playing and I will run into I ran into one last night while I was playing.
00:41:25The guy is broadcast, everything is doing and said, thanks for the follow. Hey, man, how you doing? I just got shot in the face right there. Did you see that? And I felt like having us it would you shut the fuck up, you know, but then I thought just a click of a button and I'll be the same way and I are going to talk to people but yeah, I tell you that. Yeah, that that's it. Just range is strange community. And if you look at, if you go to Twitch, you look at just chatting. There are channels devoted to people who are eating set up a camera to sit down and I'll start eating and the view is from you sitting across the table. They don't talk to you, you just watch him eat like a cheeseburger and fries and I have hundreds of viewers watching right now. And then and then I would like to eat a frying Tomatoes. They dip it in the ketchup or dip it in the mayonnaise. Oh, yeah, but I'm still owe. Ya do it.
00:42:24This portion of irritable dead syndrome is brought to you by Otis elevators. Hi, this is your announcer, Dave, Lay. And if there's one word that describes me, it's brand-loyal. I've been writing Otis elevators all my life. And if I'm ever in a building, that doesn't have a notice, I say screw it. I'm taking the stairs. I know those other brands are fine, but take it from me, riding and another brand of elevator. Well, it's just not the same. There's nothing like the feel the smell in the comfort of an Otis Elevator. The next time you are in an elevator look up, and make sure it's a notice. If it's not, well, then you should take the stairs. Now, back to the show.
00:43:05I was driving home from work the other day, and I forgot one of the rules of driving apparently. Okay. I just think I would lie. Zoned out now and I'm at a stop sign, and I wasn't even paying attention to who went first and who goes next and I start going. And it's not my turn on whose turn. Was it? A sheriff, black car, Sheriff written, big as hell on the hood, on the door, got the flashy lights on. They're not flashing and the guy driving. The sheriff looks at me and he throws his arms up in the air like really and and I throw my arms are pretty like, don't shoot me. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I was just like Darren, how many stop signs?
00:44:05Oh, yeah, there's a first person. Who can we hear best? Does eyes begin to roll her head as I start to give my dissertation on? Why everyone else at this 4-way stop is a dumbass except for me and I will tell you where I'm from. If you did that to a cop, you're likely to get shot. I mean if they if you if you're going 26 in the 25 Mi literally that happen to me. Yeah. I was going 26 in a 25 mile an hour, pull it over. They took my license story on here. I get nervous when I go back to my hometown driving around and I'm hitting 35 miles an hour and I might just go 30 just in case in Cincinnati. I have literally been driving like going through a 65 bad on the highway and I'm going 80 and I look over and there's a cop right there, and I'm not worried because
00:45:05Like two cars passing me while that's happening or I've done like I'm not ran anything but I've got like the red yellow and seen a cop sitting right there and I get have a minor heart attack. And then I remember you can totally go with red yellow. That's legal what I'm from, you know, you might as well. You do need a duck there and shoot.
00:45:23but so for the sheriff,
00:45:27Who didn't arrest me, didn't turn on his lights and a conversation. Thank you honest to God. I just had a brain fart. I don't know what happened just and so I apologize for all the times that I've been about people who can't go through a four-way stop, cuz I completely just zoned out and I love the cops after you guys make the world go around. I say this. And then something will happen the news but I'm telling you, when you come from an area where the cops will arrest you for looking at him the wrong way. And you come up here. This was years ago. I'm driving to Dayton a female police officer. She was hilarious. Yeah, I've had better days too cuz I bet you have where you going in such a hurry. I'm going to work and I knew what you was going to say. Do they pay you enough to?
00:46:27You cuz I've had a police officer say that to me before, where you going. I said, I'm heading to work and she goes, well, you're going a little fast and I said, yes, ma'am. I am. And and yeah, I'm sorry. And she goes, well, you know what? I don't feel like writing no tickets today, but I'm going to give you warning that you hang on. I'm going to go, I'll be right back. So she goes to her car and then I don't know what she does when she does require she for all I know she could have played a couple rounds Candy Crush or whatever was the game with the time she comes back to the car and she said that she didn't have any warnings, like the paper warnings work because I don't have any warnings, but I'm still giving you one. You watch that speed. I said, yes, ma'am, and I learned my lesson. That was the last time I was pulled over for speeding by the way.
00:47:25The pink flamingos.
00:47:29By the way, by the way, and this is exclusively for the video. People. I'm excited about this. I can't believe I didn't talk about this in the open and I said I was going to share 64th episode. So Mike has his Commodore 64 keyboard. It was not an original. This is not a reason. This is the c64. This is the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. It's right. So I was about to say I thought that was in the back for a thumb drive. This this group made the c64 Mini PC. The miniature NES and SNES over there. The little ones. They they went through this thing. They're releasing all the older consoles smaller. They did the same thing for the Commodore 64 and then people went crate that goes with it. That's part of it. You're not allowed to touch that you're not allowed.
00:48:29Well, my Lord did you if your tongue is actually touching that we're going to have? We're at all my God, okay?
00:48:40So they did another one they did. Oh my God, they didn't the c64 Maxi, where they recreated the keyboard. This is the actually, the original keyboard. This is amazing. Amazing.
00:48:54I have this key doesn't, he doesn't appreciate it. Anyways, happy 64th episode when I thought it was the Commodore 64, but it's not the original Converse it before. It's updated. It's a retro thing. My Van Halen's guitar at my, at my dad. My dad. My dad had the original Commodore 64 and he donated it to school and like if you had the Atari 2600 dust on it now today.
00:49:31I like it. Y'all can suck it. Okay. Go back. A friend of mine at work. Brought up a point that you know, when conversation when you say, how you feeling. No, I'm not too shabby, and I'm really feeling shabby today.
00:49:55What is too shabby at what point of shabby necklace? I don't know. I wanted to mention that. My wife is a badass. Okay? Okay. She went to Utah with my oldest son. Jacob. He had a marching band trip. They went out for this recent. Yeah, we record the show a week in advance. So she got home yesterday. She got home yesterday. Yeah. She got home yesterday.
00:50:26Why do they need to check your sources?
00:50:31You know, I think they went hiking at Bryce. Canyon were beautiful. And there was a student and my wife was one of the chaperones this student, her knee, gets dislocated while she can't walk. So, what is my wife do? The nurse? My wife makes a splint with two pieces of two, six, two steps on either side of the leg and then she took off her denim shirt. She had a shirt underneath them, go crazy ties it, and then borrow another man's shirt. She made an actual splint, so that the girl could get up and they could get her out of there. And then while she was there. She also diagnosed a kid with the concussion. Good Lord was just kid hanging out in the woods and like all you've got a concussion. He hit his head, okay.
00:51:28Concussion. Hey, hey, if you want me to check, you see if you have rabies. So she's a badass. I think she's awesome. You didn't really make a split. I did, she acts like, it's nothing. I can't make a splint. I mean, I feel like walking off. Rub some dirt in it. Exactly crying. Don't put any weight on it? On your right foot, Leonardo, DiCaprio was mauled by a bear and crawled. Hundreds of miles yet. You don't hear him bitching about. Yeah. Your little Anki hurts because your shoe Twisted suck. It didn't get on the trail and walk know. I would be like well, I mean I can give it back to you. Take aspirin, is it?
00:52:20I wouldn't know what to do. Anyway, so I think my wife is awesome and I wanted to mention that she didn't want me to. Listen. That's seriously. Cool to go, my wife. I think it's newsworthy. That neither one of us has seen the eternals from Marvel Freaks and you didn't go because I don't know, Harold, add cording to my younger. Son mentioned. Then we may go see it on Sunday. If you're a calendar oriented was a couple days ago and Sunday came and I really didn't feel like going anywhere or doing anything. I can't believe you didn't go see the, we didn't know, I know why do you always buy like the $89 apiece tickets for the Dolby Surround Sound with my birthday?
00:53:19And I feel weird about it. I feel weird that you didn't go, cuz I thought you were just going to be like, okay, believe you didn't go see, I wanted I thought you were going to the whole week because I hear the thing is, I've been cheerleading eternals. Every time we saw the trailer in other movies of like this could be awesome. The kids like I didn't care about Shang Shang Chi and let seven shang-chi and the legend of the ten Rings Legends. I didn't care about seeing that. And then when we went, it was all. I was the one in the family going. This is a great movie. It's awesome. So, I don't know man. The eternals. I really, really want to see it. And then I also, I might, I can't believe I'm about to say this. I may be getting some Marvel burnout.
00:54:06No, I haven't have a fever. Do you have the covid-19 Loki?
00:54:11I'd like black widow, a Honda tide. I didn't like black widow as much as the other things. Okay, my boss thinks that there's something wrong with me because I thought Loki was weird. I haven't finished Loki and he thinks that I'm there's something seriously wrong with me that I haven't that I started it and then and it's awesome. Like I just that I don't love the character. I love the character. Loki is Owen Wilson, isn't it? I think. Yeah. I know everything about that show. Looks like something you can stop at any moment. I want to see it but then I just don't know what if of the one division? No, what if, what if that's the animated one? Good Lord. Now, I don't have time for that.
00:55:11Star Wars. I never once was it, Rebels? And Yoda stories Star Wars bad bitch. If I just walk with a clone, the Clone Wars, I will watch every Star Wars like live-action thing. I like solo. I really like solo. I'm just saying it the first time after watching it again. And I was like, I don't know why I said, I like I'm throwing that out there in The Ether. I like that. But I won't go. I won't watch the Clone Wars. Something about an animated Yoda. Yeah. I know. I said ain't nobody got time for that. And so yeah, there's an ID. So what's the animated? It's a animated Marvel hold. What if there's a Jeffrey Dahmer? No, not end. Jeffrey Tambor.
00:56:11Epstein Jeffrey, somebody is Jeffrey Mussolini. He's The Watcher. Okay, and this, what if dives into the Multiverse? What if dives into the Multiverse? Okay. So the, so, the first episode was What If instead of Captain America get Juiced up with the with the happy Supercenter serum? Peggy, Carter gets jacked up and she becomes Captain, Wonder Woman, whatever. So and then The Shield is got the the the Happy Jack instead of the happy. What is it?
00:57:00You know, Happy Jack's so an empty and it's almost all of the actor's voice their characters. Okay. So you said it's animated black panther, you know, what's his? What if what if he loses the fight and he never becomes no Panther. He's just pissed off. Know that one was what if when the guys came down and got Peter Quill, what's the blue dude? And his Pirates?
00:57:29What if they got black panther a you know, that's the guy from Neverending Story Panther instead of Peter Quill. That was that episode of, what if it's pretty good. It's not amazing. The last episode redeemed. Every one of them that was just kind of, but I really liked Black Widow. Like I said, Loki's weird. I hated hated the first three episodes of wandavision. Yeah, and then after episode 4, it got good, not amazing. If every one of these Marvel series could have been as good as Falcon and the Winter Soldier in the Winter Soldier. I did bad. And yes, I would have been like that. Keep blowing it. Basically, Lethal Weapon, the TV show when it was all my God, the Bucky and Falcon were hilarious. The action was insane.
00:58:29Yeah, you know, it's like, and when one division came out, my buddy. Eric pissed me off because I was talking about how boring it was. He's as old man. You don't understand the Marvel Cinematic Universe and you can understand it is still boring, completely. I've seen every movie Jadoo Kiya. I understand the Marvel Cinematic Universe and I don't have to see explosions and car chases and fire and lasers and me to be involved, but God, good Lord. Wanted something boring as could possibly be even worse, the track on One Division. I just never in your part of me the time. And I don't know if you know this about me, I could be a no. And I sometimes I do it on purpose and sometimes it's just natural. Haha. And I thought here's your everybody's doing everybody. Can't stand the first 3 or 4.
00:59:29Does one division. Write the perfect opportunity for me to switch in the mic mode is to watch the first couple and then sending it out to all you guys. I think he's a great. These are cinematic masterpieces and like it or not just to get a rise out of you guys and then I just never even cared enough to do that. I watched I started watching Better Call Saul again. It's, that's what you did to me because I, hated absolutely hated, the last Quentin, Tarantino movie with Leonardo, DiCaprio, whatever. I've watched it multiple times, good for you and your father, and dig it.
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01:01:28This is the worst episode ever will see you next week.
01:01:34I don't know about you, but I'm going to eat the rest of my kids Halloween candy will see you next week.
01:01:47Jason was stacking.
01:01:53Aren't you going to watch that on the video? That's a quality that you guys did?
01:01:58We have a lot of fun with that allowed. Other catch phrases.
01:02:03And I can't do my work and I believe I was the first one to use the phrase. I don't think so, but it only lasts for the year.
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