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Nov. 23, 2021

IDS #65 - Zelda the Chick Elf

IDS #65 - Zelda the Chick Elf
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Mike should be fired from the show, and the controversy surrounding Big Blankets.  Best in Show vs. Best in Doge.  Hang out with the dads while they (try to) review The Eternals.  Mike's wife ruined dinner by eating a raw tomato.  Darin's kid kicked ass in a play!

All this and MORE!!

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00:00:00I'm going to be very mature this episode. No, you're not. I don't believe that for one second. Welcome to irritable. Dad syndrome. I'm your host Mike and I am your co-host. This is episode 65. We will be talking about the eternals will also be talking about Kroger, and other both.
00:00:24Like this.
00:00:36Welcome to irritable dead syndrome. The podcast, that's perfect for the whole family. Sometimes your your host Mike. And Darren, you know, that was a funny that was funny. Last week this time. You'd like, mind control your name to come out of my mouth. That was Eerie, man. Yes, we were just wondering, if anybody and don't correct it. Yeah, I had to cut out all the way. You're like, I'm actually there in the next actually. Michael I call who farted? Let's cut that out. Let's keep people confuse. If you don't know who we are by now go, home blankety-blank episode. Wow. Yeah. Yeah, and we started a new thing, it relatively new but no one else is doing. We review things right movies and stuff. We're on The Cutting Edge.
00:01:36Another podcast where they review things. But here's the cool thing is to do it. You have the first movie we were food was one from over 20 years ago. Haha. Well, that was the second of that. No one saw, what was the first one June? Hello. Call Dan's Mamaw. And yes, but we're going to review the eternals, but I want to get into the first thing. The first topic on the run. Now, I need a break cited. I need to be fired fired. I am destroying the show. Mike like to talk about what your problem is. I am a burden. Okay, so you guys didn't hear this, but we always do what we typically do a close at the end of the episode like a little Stinger that comes out on the Marvel. Marvel Marvel. Can I brought that into whatever? It's something that pops up after the credit? Yeah, so don't have credit. So I brought to you by Mike and the letter t s building to the letter.
00:02:36Betty White will forth for like Darren Tia. Exactly. I know what s building means not and I just did a freaking Wayne's World joke. Okay, I'm back. I I captured a selection where you were talking about something, and I sneezed. Yes, and we had to start the whole thing over, right by grab that little nugget. Not only did you sneeze, you sneeze so hard, the barn doors flew up, and they did. And we don't even have a bar. Now. That's how hard I sneeze. And so, I collected that to the end. I was like, I'll put that at the end and then not, not 30 seconds later. I did something else and interrupted you and then stop. And as the I collect, I start collecting, I got to feel like three or four and you started to get audibly irritated.
00:03:24Does Darren comes into most of the shows? Like I just put all this run-down together? The guy probably hasn't even read it. He's sitting in here. He thinks he's hot cuz all he does is press record on the one doing all the work and then he's sneezing. And he can't remember his own damn name and blah blah, blah. So I'm going, I'm doing this all through the episode. And finally, you admit, you've had in the past as I'm editing. I took your side. I like cheese. Mike, what the hell, get your stuff together when you kept interrupting me when text Will tension, run the show. Listen to it. I thought you were edited out all the interruptions, right? Like I did you interrupted him a lot. And then another thing I asked you, if you want me to pick up commercials for the show, Absolutely. I'll do it. And I sent you an email.
00:04:24Appreciate it. Love you, Mike. You don't use any of the things that I picked out and I'm like, I'm set up there. Pissed off that you didn't send me a picture. I could have swore. I told him and then they don't put them into things different and you brought up something very simple that I could have done text you. I will text you about things. Like I think the guy in a turtle's. Looks like the other guy from Fargo and right. Okay, whatever. I text, you stupid things like that. I sent you guys a link to Star Wars videos from a video game. And I do you guys play video game, right? But I've sent it to you when you need me for something for the podcast. I don't know. I don't know. I'm incompetent for this podcast. I am detrimental to The Ficus and I deserve to be fired. You're a risk to yourself and others literally. Yeah, Chris Michael
00:05:16Listen to this podcast. He looks forward to it. Yeah, and I hate to say, I don't know why I hate to think when he hears. My voice is like, oh, what you going to do now was Waylon Jennings boys? Going to do this week? Darren got a ride when I'm on his hands, this time.
00:05:38My just won't shut the fuck up there. Anyway, there's a lot of quacks in here. A lot of them. Sorry.
00:05:47Anyway, when you do get fired, I ran into Greg botas last weekend. And he was telling me there is a great thing to put on the podcast. So he's some ready to ready to roll. To get in. There are doubled and send them with Darren Cox and Greg botas. Muesli. Jason was stacking. Did you guys get after we cut down the trees? We had a bunch of logs that were stacked. Am I? She said they had that. They were supposed to have one in there, but they did. They had the one that I wanted and
00:06:26This is a stupid story. I'm about to tell the story. Never mind. Let's roll. And now they won't say anymore. I lost it. So, what the hell is that? My friend, the vibrator on, hello thing for s.
00:07:02This portion of our show is brought to you by certs the only breath mint with r exit. Whatever the hell that means. Now back to you fucking Dusty.
00:07:12I think we need to retreat. Most companies have like a, they take it, they take a moment to reflect on the year. We don't have a chance to do that or take like vacation or something. Well, don't do that. What was Cleveland. Was that like a retreat for us? Yeah. Okay. Okay. We need to have slides focus on us, have a presentation. I feel like we should be presenting, slides each. Other graphs on. What's what works. And what doesn't Dave Lay should have to present something. Okay.
00:07:44Well, they're in here. I can here's a commercial where I can talk about my do something like that, Michael Jason Durbin. They sit together present something. By the way. We record the show in advance. Today is Jason Durbin's, birthday. No. When he hears it, it'll be a week late, but Jason. Happy birthday. Happy birthday, Jesse or Frank is Mike likes to call you, but I think Frances Durbin sounds very Frank.
00:08:19Francine is the feminine version of Francis. Francis is the male and female is you can have a female named Frances name one, and uncle is a male. Francis Ford Coppola Francis Ford Coppola Francis Ford Coppola still in my job, mail name, and it's a female named Frances Fisher. She used to be frencheska. Isn't it? Now Frances Fisher used to be Clint Eastwood's girlfriend. He seems like he would date a, my name, Francis.
00:09:07Makes you think you can cut that out. I'm totally going to cut that out and you left it in there.
00:09:22If you break the What's called the fourth wall, you need to put me on a performance Improvement plan. Okay. Okay. We need to, we need to outline some, you've told me by Tyrion told me things you want me to stop doing. I don't remember any of them. I've told you things that you stop doing if you think you should stop doing and you flat-out said, yeah, right, you're not going to listen. I'm going to stop saying like, Okay, I would be interested and I don't want to ask you to do this because editing is hard work. I know that I know. Yeah, it's hard work, it is. But I think it would be interesting if you edited out the word, like, no matter. Whether it was in context right now, in Woodlawn Street, like like, like like like like like like like, I don't know if you put that on the on the patreon page, for our people who get down as content as a few weeks ago, bike did the sound effect of the Atari 2600 version of Pac-Man and I edited together like 90 seconds.
00:10:22Backpack backpack backpack. On the thing I will do is fired and you just ignore it. I care more about our people who get bonus content than you. Do your real. Dad syndrome is looking for a replacement dad.
00:10:43Mike is just not cutting. I'm like, I'm like Scott Weiland in Stone Temple Pilots likes. Yeah. We just entered in the doctor's office. Everybody's freaking out somebody step on a duck. I want to apologize. It's it's November. I think we should have I don't know. Well if you want to be a guest on the air.
00:11:24A month ago, a month ago. I invited Kevin Trooper comedian friend of mine who performs a lot in the Dayton area. If he's very well, known amongst the comedy circuit. He's has absolutely, I'll be a guest on your show.
00:11:43We put, so we both saw. This is the worst podcast ever. It is, man. I don't know why. I'm glad they did if you want, and you can give us money and we may upload. If we remember what? We probably won't, you can financially support this podcast. I see, I looked at I looked at some things on how to improve your patreon, right? Whatever. In one of the things I saw was, you know, don't promise things that you do you upload people should be supporting you because they want us for you. I was like, aw, thank God cuz we don't upload.
00:12:21You should do regardless, don't promise things. You can't keep, don't write checks your ass can't cash.
00:12:35This portion of irritable dead syndrome is brought to you by Otis elevators. I I'm Dave Lay in as you know, I'm brand-loyal the only hot dogs. I eat are Whoppers. The only wallpaper stripper I use is dipped and the only elevator I step foot in isn't Otis. You know, I once met the bass player for Lynyrd Skynyrd in an elevator, but but that's a whole different story right there. Any, who there's nothing like the feel the smell and the comfort of an Otis Elevator. The next time, you're in a multi-level building, check out the elevator and make sure to notice. If not, you should take the stairs. Now back to the show.
00:13:16The last few weeks. I have opened the show with an apology or a correction. And this week is going to be exactly the same a few weeks ago. Mike and I went to Cleveland and one of the funniest things that happened on our trip. I completely forgot to talk about, we were at our hotel and we got an Uber 6 minutes away. And so we're standing outside the hotel waiting on, Uber and bikes looking at the phone, like, oh, he's 3 minutes away. He's 2 minutes away. And then why do you turn around now? He's he's eight minutes away now, he's 10 minutes away. What's going on? He's he's coming back. Okay, he should be here in 5 minutes 4 minutes. Now. Where is he going? And the guy just kept going all the way and then the dude, just canceled the right. Well, cuz I texted it to text Barber.
00:14:16For a while, but I think, you know, where, what? Yeah, what's your ETA? And then drop the right then we got an Uber driver and things are going nice and Darren out-of-the-blue. Okay. Hey, is there seems to be a lot of construction is whatever you ready? Whenever you said, it was going to take us somewhere or some hold you many, many times it if I'm in a room or environment some place, and there's no conversation going to have an extrovert and I feel like I'm not doing my job and I get uncomfortable if people aren't talking. So, our driver, our Uber driver was listening to Bob Marley. I think our Uber driver was also from Jamaica. Okay? Okay, so, you and, I are sitting there and you're not talking cuz you're like, so I try to strike up a conversation with our Uber driver. And I said, hey, the last time I was in Cleveland, the whole city was under construction, is it still under construction now? And he says, what was we want to know?
00:15:16The route, is it still under construction now and he starts getting on his computer about to take us to freaking New Jersey. I'm like, I just shut the fuk up going to drive us there. Let him drive us there. Here. I am, I started out and it's so I think I agree with you. You're an extrovert. Okay. I am an introvert. Primarily since when I am, I can sit in total Silence with somebody to be one hundred percent comfortable. Okay. They speak.
00:15:53I've I've become I think I've become an extrovert but I don't think you ever get away from your core. I have that. It's like a natural innate power that I have and there should be a contact picture by Verte by versus. This is the, this is the part where we should have the video because I swear there's to be a contest where I sit in a room with somebody else ever speaks first loses because the entire time, every time they look at me like that. I was just sit there for. I'd start reading a book and it was driving crazy. Good. They be thinking is you really going to read the whole book and I would get like through the end of it and then I would sit down with Shirley is going to talk about it, and I just
00:16:42Yeah, I would lose that contest mainly because I would want to annoy you because if you're reading a book, if you don't want to talk then I'm going to keep talking to you, the newly, the newly-acquired extrovert. What's your book about? How is there any robots in that book? What do you know? I don't know who I am. The new extrovert part of me would start to make like barnyard animal noises.
00:17:08Just a force the other person to talk. Why are you buying a bag behind? But I'm bleeding. Why are you bleeding? Isn't that what they bleat bleat? Bleat? Bleat. What the hell is bleat bleat? What's a word? Well, I don't think so, but I don't think so. I got will wed wagon. All right. Do you remember when Conant unicorn O'Brien? Is Right? Remember when Connor Brian, Brian and m b l of a sheep goat or cat make a characteristic wavering cry as in the lamb was bleeding bleeding weekly that's disturbing.
00:17:55Father said that they could pick the lamb was bleeding weekly. Yeah, I think it is said, the, the Lamb bleeded with wild abandon or how about the lamb was bleeding. So when Conan O'Brien hosted, Late Night with Conan O'Brien during that time in DC, but TBS was it TBS? TBS and Konan realize that since NBC on TV s they had the rights to Walker Texas Ranger. I could play Clips anytime they want it and it was the greatest thing ever on Conan O'Brien, when he would constantly pull the lever. And I do remember, then you with the Fred Willard.
00:18:40That's what we started. Our dead in the last episode with that. I can't get enough of it finished up. It's annoying because she's like, what happened thing is getting a little old to my, I don't care. That's what my kids look at me. Like, I'm nuts anyway, so that was a lot of fun in Cleveland for not taking us. Could I wonder where he would have taken us. If you would have kept talking to Detroit, hang a left. We probably could have still heard the concert in Detroit. Yes. We absolutely Good. Fortune of irritable Down syndrome is brought to you by Kenner toys. They made the Star Wars figures. Now, back to the show.
00:19:39I've got an update on a story, Mike. Okay, you talked about big blankets, a few weeks ago or so you talked about the big blankets and how you get so pissed when people ask, what how do you clean up and other so easy to clean and yet which they're not, whatever he saw the picture. I did a few days ago. I'm on the Facebook and I find an ad for the big blanket and holy crap that big blanket is the size of a football field. Laughably large. It's if you walk in somebody's house and they had that you'll be like I'm back in or out of this house and I'm out. So that's a blanket. You buy for an orgy, right? Not one of you just have randomly in your house.
00:20:23So I copied your name on it. And I said, hey Mike, will they responded? Hey, Darren, we know that the big blankets Ultra comfy. Hugs are perfect for you. And Mike, I've heard that both of you can get $40 up with our referral program. This is perfect for both of you were an item for a couple via under that blanket, like Bert and Ernie.
00:20:53They were never, they were never under a blanket that aren't they had separate beds for their whole life. Perfect. Ernie. And Bert are like the best roommate ever because, you know, they didn't get along all the time. They got along well, enough. Can I give her just a tad on this topic down the front of Burton Ernie. One of my favorite things that the internet has afforded Me Engelbert, will that the Bert and Ernie memes where they are or the Sesame Street memes as a whole, to have a picture and innocent picture from the show. And then I'll have just a horrible quote at the bottom. That puts in an entirely different context that, and then they also have the scenes. Usually, it's Burton Ernie, like singing, but it's like death metal or something. The music. I, there was a night. There's been, I'm not going to lie. There's been many nights where I've gone down the pit of the Burton, Ernie, and the Elmo, and the Big Bird memes, and I've gone
00:21:53I'll do it during the morning cackling like an idiot. Will my favorite name is Ernie and he has socks on both of his ears and he's just sitting there just shaking his head back and forth. Strumming his hands on the table. There's no words underneath it. I have sent that name to my wife easily a hundred times and she'll say, hey, can you run by Kroger and pick up something? For sure. And then I send Ernie and I will laugh until tears come to my eyes watching. This meme, ever need with the socks on his ears. And then one day out of nowhere, Libby sends it to me and I'm sitting at work laughing, like they're about the haul, me away. And I have a stretcher with a straight jacket, so I can't stop laughing at it. Will something to be in best. Do randomly is just throw away your mom out, haha.
00:22:53I'll say I'm getting Chicken on the way. Home should be like your mom gets chicken and there won't be another one. Hit for three or four months. Sometimes a year goes by your mom picked up Charlie just randomly, huh? I can't imagine best doing that. I instigator to. I mean, it's just it's
00:23:13We've lived together for so long that we have. I don't know if this is happened with you and Libby. We've started to take on the attributes of the other like things things that she thought was annoying. Yes, things that she thought were annoying about me when we got together in the beginning. She now does. And I do the same thing, right? So, something that really annoy her about me early on, is that I refuse to answer the question. So, an example would be, she would say, do you want some? I don't know. Do you want some Pepsi? Haha. I mean, like, I don't really, I don't really like, Pepsi. I know I'm not going to answer the question. Do you want Pepsi and I meant to me so tight, I think I've had a really like this and I know that I'm taking that as saying no, you're implying know if you wanted me to specifically answer the question and then go on with my full crap, so,
00:24:03Years of that. And now she just randomly, does that? I'll ask a question. What time are you going? Well, I got to do this and I got to do. What time are we to question? Well, one of the things that living I have done is whenever we watch a movie, if it's an action movie and this started with the second Hobbit, okay, when the elves were running down the river on top of the barrels. Yeah. Last jump in and shoot people. There isn't kicking and biting and Libby's like I can do that.
00:24:46And then after that, every way every move Marvel movie mood, why can't, you know, a black widows out there kicking ass losing. I can do that. I can do that and my joke. Whenever we watch a movie. It's like we're watching Jurassic world and the dinosaur burst through the wall and runs on. Look at the kids in like, you guys know that dinosaurs. Now, we know we know, okay, and look when we have a lot of fun with that and if their friends come over and watch a movie with us, I'll just be sitting there like that. Please let me say it so I can do that. She'll finally do it. And then I'll look at one of Jacob's friend says, you know, that spaceships not real right? And then Libby will start doing the, you know, that centipedes not real. So we have a lot of fun with that one that I will, never let go and it's room.
00:25:46Change. My favorite line from the movie. I don't, I still don't know who said it. And I've talked about it here before, but when talking about again, is in Groundhog Day, a waitress drops, a bunch of glasses and knives and forks, and somebody else anywhere. And I
00:26:05Cackle, every time we watch, that's one of my favorite things. So anytime anyone drops and it doesn't have to be just here. I'll give you a shout in the world at work. I do it. Somebody drops of the thing is like I just put that anywhere. I think that's got the perfect measure of dad and in annoying. I'm from Groundhog Day. Every time we go to a bar I get two or three and me and I look at the hay has got a hankering for some Flapjacks. If I said it once, I said it a thousand times.
00:26:39Before we talk about the internals and we talked about Best in Show last week. Yes, Libby wanted to watch Best in Show and it just like you. And I were talking about it out of nowhere. Libby's starts wanting to talk about it and want to watch it. So we watched it with the kids, the kids loved it. We loved it. They love Fred Willard. They have everything even the really inappropriate stuff. I don't know if I want her grabbing me like that. I'd be a have a date with that lady.
00:27:09What do you think she can tell from that when she does that right there, wanting to ruin Best in Show. Those Jane Lynch. Have you seen that? She's wanting to do best in Doge? I knew it's like a reality show like a dog show. Okay, it'll be Jane Lynch. It'll be the chick that she was handling the dog for Alabama. The lady with the big lips and then stuff. Yeah. Yeah, Michael mckeon's husband also have the actual people from the ship now granett. They're not the main stars. But Parker Posey is not in it and apparently they couldn't afford Christopher Guest or Eugene Levy or Catherine O'Hara in or he's dead. So what am I don't do this, please don't do this, but they're wanting to do a reality show like a dog show thing. Could be fun. I hope it is. Yeah. I mean I but things are better left.
00:28:09Alone like The Big Lebowski is one of my favorite movies of all time. I spend all day that listen Super Bowl commercial with him. Oh, I remember that. Okay, so he could have never made a sequel to the, that's what I'm saying. That they're made another. One of those is famous for drinking a certain type of Martini on Sex In The City. The TV show was hysterical. I know you like absolutely Circle Miranda. Hobbes is my favorite character on always drank a certain type of martini. And then the dude always drank a White, Russian White Russian, so he runs and then they both drink of a type of beer is a different drink than what I'm used to or something.
00:29:09Commercial. I don't mind having the dude just show up. Yeah, but you know, they ruined it by him changing drinks. Like I wanted to see more the dude not like that. Yeah. Do you remember when Bo and Luke Duke, we're in the CarMax commercial and they auctioned off the generally. They stole their car. What, what happened? They sold the generally like, ba baracus selling the van. You can't do that.
00:29:42This portion of irritable dead syndrome is brought you buy one a all beef footlong hot dogs by I'm Dave. Lay and there is never a time, when you'll hear me say no to a all beef, footlong hot dog. There's a perfect meal for any occasion. And guess what? The fine folks at wompers are now making your eating experience. Even better with her brand new foot long hot dog buns. Holy crap. These funds are delicious. They're easy to open. And they don't tear down in the middle like some other crappy Branch right now. If you buy a pack of hotdogs, they'll throw in a pack of buns for free. And as always, get a ruler and measure it yourself. If you're a hot dog, is in a footlong. They'll refund your money guarantee. Now. Back to you in the studio.
00:30:28Let's talk about the eternals. I liked it. I did too. I thought it right now. See, I was excited about it. I will, I can say I walk with me down this way. Okay, I can see how some people wouldn't like it. If the thing had a lot of exposition, it had a lot of talking it did. And I want to know Charlie was afraid cuz he got a couple times. You said I'm bored. I'm bored. And then all of a sudden, one of those things where they called The Remnant, the recyclables would come out there be this huge battle and a couple of times. I did, it took me on the movie a little bit cuz I just, I was thinking they have to do this cuz they've been talking about this other thing for 20 minutes, you know, those deviants aren't real right. Have a suggestion that we talked about the movie without spoilers and then we talked about spoilers and we can put those at the end of the episode, Maybe.
00:31:29So I really liked the Superman guy and I love the fact that they just flat-out the kids that you're totally Superman. Yeah, I know, right. You have a cape and he's like I don't have a cable, right? So this is my issue with the movie. Okay, that's so much. Even really an issue. I knew. Absolutely nothing about the eternals going into it. Yeah. Okay. Iron Man, I'd heard of him and Thor and Captain America. Everybody knows Spider-Man, right? Yeah. It was some familiarity every American? No Spider-Man. Yes, so I didn't have that going in to the eternals. Yeah. I like the eternals. They all had different characteristics somewhere like that. One guy was a douche and other one was kind of an ass and Angelina Jolie needs to get over herself.
00:32:20So whatever but it's like I didn't get that fun. Vibe, see watching them as I did. From. What's his name? The guy that strong guy Gryffindor. I know Bill to match their professional movie is on the screen guy. And then machine Guy, the one that says, I know what to say. The world your sarcasm, right? Those two guys. I was cracking up every time they were on. Yeah, you know Superman guy. Tell Chris. Hey, Chris movie. Is he been in? I don't like really familiar. I don't know. Anyway, so they're they're trying to set up a new like super villain and I had read some weird fan thing a long time ago that there was a villain called Galactus or something. Okay, and I'm messing this up because that's not the name. That's totally not the name of
00:33:20Dude, but it look like the dude that the big red guys. They keep going to talk to you with the six. I thing, the celestial Celestial, Armistice Armie Hammer.
00:33:36They keep going to talk to Armie Hammer himself, go sit on the plan, but some of those visuals do I mean you look at that in your like Santos, whatever. I mean Thanos would be like a lily. Just like them, you know, but I don't know where they're going to go after I know because what I'm saying is Thor crossed over with the Guardians of the Galaxy F and Spider-Man, Crossover with Doctor Strange, and they all interact really well, but budding up with that man, Captain Marvel eternals will buddy up with Captain Marvel. I guarantee it. I mean, I guess they could with the Guardians of the Galaxy man would work with some of them that take themselves too. Seriously. He would be a good oil for them. Kind of like hell for was cut Unifour. Kind of became the guy that would make fun of everybody else. Yes, as it hasn't went especially after Ragnarok, you know, you would have like a character like thinking that they are full of whatever.
00:34:36Wild health or was so badass in the first couple of movies in their automatically becomes comic relief. I love that. And I could, I did not like the first Thor movie when I first thought. I remember you saying that and then after after seeing him in the Avengers, I thought well, he's a character that has to play out the other characters, but Ragnarok is still one of my favorite. Marvel movies of all time. I can work anytime in most of it is because of the way he is. He's just a Larry. So I could see, I could see Ant-Man those type of characters are required when you have characters and take themselves too. Seriously, which this movie is full of, I think the so seriously and put them together and Chris Pratt. Why do my God? Who is that going to out? Alpha the other? Yeah. Oh, yeah.
00:35:36I would tell people that if you screwed up, like, I did with the, the other one, dude, I had to go pee a few times. If you screw up like I did any time, there's a fight scene, go pee, or go. Take a crap, or go warm up your car, whatever you need to do and then come back and you need to listen to what they're, they're explaining things. Cuz that's basically what this movie is huge blowout fight scene and then everybody talks about stuff for about 15 or 20 minutes to get you caught up on where they're going, what they're doing with. What's his deal. What's her deal? Was her deal. And yeah, I know it's all over the place. I don't get the sense that I'd they kind of bring the potential. Newville. You kind of see it. Yeah. No way. Yeah. I don't know if that's, you know, I don't know if things are going to happen, but I don't see the eternals carrying that and this is kind of a spoiler. You saw shang-chi and the legend of the ten rings. I did. So Wong from Doctor. Strange is in that other Marvel.
00:36:36The other Marvel characters sky in one of the closes. We hadn't watch the clothes. I know, but we don't get that. They tease the head to somebody else who's coming.
00:36:49When we turn off the microphone, okay, so I had a thought the other day. No, I have, I have one a week. Okay, but my concern is, is that Marvel are not dumb and Disney are not dumb. I ain't done. I noticed with this next so they got through with Santos and all that stuff their fans. Okay. Did they make the kind of clothes that Lube in theory? And now they know that everyone they got then the older the adults are the adult but there are kids now that are becoming adults in more mature and all that kind of stuff. Newer movies like Black Widow and stuff have, darker tent to them a little more mature thing to them. The eternals was a lot more. Hey, this is happening to this is happening with Miss Peak will this happen as opposed to just flat-out fighting and then all this stuff, so, I'm wondering if I'm wondering where these movies are going to go in terms of being,
00:37:49Fun. Are they going to get to the point where they get so far up their own ass? I'm just saying it's possible that this happens to get so far up there and ask that they quit being fun. That's what I'm saying. Because the eternals stood out so much a, to the Marvel characters who are left for. This may be like, the last Thor movie. Ya love and thunder black panther. That's the one that's left. And in Captain Marvel. Captain. Marvel movie, just make her an eternal cuz it's basically what she is. I heard today that they will not recast the role of t'challa.
00:38:41Because dudes Dad. Yeah, but they're not going to recast Bill have a black panther but they're not. Not him. It's not right. Well that the other black panther thing was it kind of pass to the next. I think you should be Winston Duke. I don't know who that is. He was the number one, black panther fought the first guy. So yeah, I don't know wherever you like us on the wrong syllable.
00:39:17Can I tell you something? I don't want. It's why we're here. I don't want to see. I've never been able to remember people's names because I'm so anxious about what that stupid thing. I may say, I don't pay attention when they do, you know their say, hey, I'm Cornelius. And I'm like, I okay. I'm Mike and I'm busy thinking, cuz I'm sitting there the entire time I've swear, this is what I do. That's what happens in my brain. I'm thinking about Fred Willard or some joke. What's the guy Chris Farley? I'll be thinking of the van down by the river. And I'm afraid that instead of saying I'm Mike nice to meet you. I'll say it over there and then everyone to look at me to say, you know, Speaking of Chris Farley. I was at work and I'm talking to one of the producers in my creative services department. And I told her
00:40:17We've got to get you on the right track. And I'm doing the thing right now, and she just looks at me like, I've grown an extra had, and I like Chris Farley, Matt Foley, motivational speaker Saturday Night, Live. Nothing, nothing. She's never heard of it. Never seen it, you know, there's so many things that the Youth of America. I don't get to experience, like, Eddie Murphy Gumby. You know, that thing. I know it's, that's comedy gold. George Burns to remember all of George Burns. The old God, movies to, I don't love those Denver. Even the real. Well, there was the one with the guy that wanted to be a rockstar and that look like real Romano with his mullet, was that he played cuz he was the devil on one of them and Satan the same movie. I'm still trying to get the family to watch Brewster's. I just one of my favorite movies of all time.
00:41:17Vote for somebody else for none of the above.
00:41:29Just across the river, Avenue side, Easton with the founder downtown. There's a spot that always has been.
00:41:42Your special place where mr. Miller helps to put a smile on your face. He says, if you got the time.
00:41:53We've got the beer last week, you were talking about our patrons. Yes, and when you become a patron of the show, Dave label record a voicemail message that you can put on your phone and you were saying you're all pissed off. Like I'm a co-host around the host of the show and Davis recorded a voicemail message for you to call your own phone right now, and then we'll listen to, okay.
00:42:30Hi, you've reached the voicemail of my total, my can't come to the call right now because he dropped his phone in the toilet. It's very unlikely. He'll ever call you back. If this is an emergency. You should probably call his wife Bess. She's the smart one of the bunch, so it's probably best you deal with her moving forward. Thank you.
00:42:49There you go. Are you happy? You got your own voicemail, but it will let you know. What the hell is. Get on it, get on it. Doggone it.
00:43:04That's a catch phrase. I got to get out and that's it yet. So, YouTuber, catchphrase. I can't help it. I think it's cool. You didn't I didn't make that out. No, it's not a guy named Camelot. He's pretty cool. I've mentioned many times that I work at a TV station last week, Carey and Christina and I were in a marked car marked car. Meaning that the station identification, our call letters and everything is all over the car. You're not a cop. So we're going to a grocery store where we're going to shoot some scenes for a promo about saving money. This holiday season, we pull into this grocery store, parking lot and there's a guy walking to his car and he sees us, he starts Milling around, like I could tell, he had something to say then, okay, I get out of the car.
00:43:54He walks over and says, hey, do you know the Communist Manifesto front and back? Excuse me. Question, that's surprising. Thank you so much for the media. So, clearly on the table.
00:44:20Good Lord. Thank you for thank you.
00:44:24Wow, that's a long walk to take to try to insult. You know what I mean? When somebody try so hard that you're like, okay. I'm trying to play along with your Karl Marx.
00:44:40I know you were the topic that night at the bar, one of them.
00:44:47But I could tell his ass. I looked into his soul. He went home to his mom's house in the basement. Can you make me another sandwich? He logged onto Call of Duty good to Karl Marx. 69. He just starts blowing away. 12 year, olds a thing cursing. Out kids on the internet. God. Love him. You were listening.
00:45:20So we have a ninja foodi Grill. I was making cheeseburgers. Okay. I'm not a big tomato fan, as matter. Fact. I hate Tomatoes, but in select instances, I need to have a tomato. One of them is on a cheeseburger. I enjoy them there. I like ketchup. I don't like the fact that ketchup comes from tomatoes.
00:45:41But before I will allow that to happen, so I'm slicing to like stop it. So I slice the tomato and I put it on a plate and a sliced onion to put on the play cuz I like onions on my burgers. Do I get all this setup? We have our burgers and it's fine. Everything's fine. If the evening had ended right there. I wouldn't have a problem.
00:46:07She walks over and gets the salt. Yeah, and then walks over to the remaining tomato. It begins to shake the salt of a tomato, and I look her dead in the eye. And are you doing?
00:46:24If she doesn't stop, she just looks at me like I'm crazy but you are and she took that piece of tomato raw tomato. It's a bite of it. Like the guy in Return of the King, when faramir is riding to his Doom. He's got tomato drip, another phone and The Hobbit is singing in you and through partially masticated tomato. Raw Tomatoes, says what happened? I almost had a heart attack. I almost dropped out of my kitchen right there. It's a tomato. When was like watching someone eat a slug, a just ate. Just, I was like, you can't do the, why would you do that? I'm salivating thinking about it in the South. We ruined dinner, tomato, sandwiches white bread. It has a mic.
00:47:24You can have the Tomato juices, all the old pink, and stuff. In the Soggy bread. It has to be white bread. If you're in the South and you make a tomato sandwich on wheat bread, they will kick your ass in town. So they're not here yet. I'll tell you how far I go. Shut up. I'm talking to some white bread and then you cut the huge. I'm literally like the thickest. You can get your lab a tomato. We just left the, the, the leaves up the top and a little weird thing on the bottom and a little sooner than that. Okay, mayonnaise. That she was your man. Is that is your tomato sandwich now? Okay. I was in North Carolina. We were visiting. My sister-in-law Peggy.
00:48:10Peggy has a roommate named Wanda and Wanda says, hey, does anybody want a tomato sandwich, Ulysses? Yeah. Absolutely. I made the mistake of putting a piece of cheese on my tomato sandwich and everybody lost their ever-loving mind. It was kicked out of the family that night because that's how the Hatfields and McCoys happened. Here's the thing, which I that may not be true. This is how much how deeply I feel about this. Okay. I cut the tomato. Remember I went to Kroger and bought the tomato and brought her home and sliced it to put on my burger, right? If I happen to, and I don't know why this would happen. But if I put it on my burger, I want it there and when I take a bike, I want it in that b, however, if the Tomato happens to fall out of the burger it instantly becomes on Edibles. Trash. It's yes, trash. You can't do anything with it. If someone picked that up and started to eat it. I would look at them with the same horror, and she just
00:49:10Minute and sticking around. I can't.
00:49:13I'm getting nauseous right now. Just talking about it. I can't imagine anybody eating a raw tomato. I can't imagine anyone eating a cooked tomato Tomatoes belong in ketchup, and they belong in Burgers. You and my wife would have made excellent pizza sauce. She was at my apartment, and I had some leftover biscuits, and I took one and put a piece of cheese on it and ate it and you would have thought I'd eaten slugs right off the sidewalk sidewalk. Are you doing? I'm eating a biscuit. She's like that is disgusting and she's still stands to that. I'm with you the leftover biscuit. Yeah. Okay. No you microwave that. Don't walk around eating a cold biscuit. I'm on Libby side with this, when I was about to take your side with the kitties. If you pay attention, that's why I'm saying you would live.
00:50:13Would have made great while I can't. You break you break a tooth off doing that but no with the Tomato. I like to take a big slice of tomato and eat it with my scrambled eggs noelicious. Well, I will and you saw the breakfast sandwich. I made. You got your scrambled egg. Now thing you got cheese and you have a big ass slice of tomato punch you dead in your stupid face, but I want to see. Here's the thing is when I eat scrambled eggs, and I liked it, use hot sauce. Now, when I was a child and I heard of people did that, I thought that was insane. That's what I did wrong with you.
00:50:57I don't do that anymore, cuz it looks like Cheerios. No, you stand back. You don't mess with cereal. Love me. Some cereal. Tomatoes, are delicious agree to disagree.
00:51:25My son Cameron was in a play. What's the name of the play? It's a Wonderful Life. Okay, Clarence Famous by, Jimmy Stewart ever seen. What it is? Whenever I've never seen it like me and the Beatles. I know what they are. I don't need to listen to him. Right? But you've heard them, you've heard there's no I have not seen, It's a Wonderful Life and Cameron wants to watch it. So will probably watch it this year. He's in this play. Select few who just saying the highlight of the play for me and I'm going to play the audio for you, Cameron.
00:52:19Improvised, there's a scene in the play where George starts losing it because he's like worst marrying and what's going on. How come?
00:52:30And grabs hold of Clarence by the shirt collar, right? And Cameron through in this line.
00:52:42Hey, man, this is tailored by guns self.
00:52:48Lay off me, man. I'm so glad he didn't go with you because I gave your mother, when I say I was up there talking to him, like you nobody. I don't remember that. We were very good job on the pie. Buddy. Absolutely. Awesome. Did you know that they made a director's cut of Rocky 4. There was something about the fighters like a little documentary about the actual fight Sylvester. Stallone has re-edited Rocky 4 for the greatest movies of all time. I'm not going to put it on and no, I'm not going to disrupt he. Okay. I love Rocky. I'm never going to diss your my house or in my house.
00:53:48Absolute when I'm not you may not know this by looking at me, but I do go to the gym from time to time when I'm having a rough time. And I don't think I'm going to make it. The the guy that was a Polish trainer that becomes Rocky's trainer. Haha, is when he's face-to-face with Rocky. No pain, no pain. No pain. I think of that, every time I lift my 3:20, what I'm exercising and I think a Mickey you not that bad guy, but apparently they've added was, there's no apparently about it that he is real attitude that school for gas and some people are saying that he removed like the birthday party scenes with with Paulie at the beginning with the real but I guess and then it's I can see that cuz those kind of fit that's make it a teaser.
00:54:49Like really hard core 80s, that's true. So, what did he said it is, I mean, what about Paulie's robot? The fighting scene is different. I don't know that it's longer or it's more intense, but you're going to disagree with Stallone because it was many episodes of go on this podcast where you said that movie was one giant music video. That's one of the things that they loaned the musical problem with it. Okay.
00:55:35Somebody said that, they watched it and they noticed that Dolph Lundgren is so much taller than Sylvia. So, did Stallone get taller or did Dolph Lundgren? Get shorter. That's a good question that anyway, we should watch it together is on Amazon Prime, at least. Okay, we'll watch it together. I have seen the rocky Series so many times. I am one of the few people I guess while I was at one of the many people that would probably notice the changes. I'm excited about this.
00:56:16I mentioned earlier that it was Jason Durbin's birthday. Happy birthday, Jason birthday. Jason.
00:56:24Francis Key Durbin, Francis, Francis Key Durbin, wrote The Star-Spangled Banner.
00:56:34That worried me to talk to the sousaphone and makes you sound like dr. Susan Durbin at the Durban phone. Another friend of mine. Who's having a birthday today? Is a woman named Charlene. Okay, and Charlene, and I have a legendary story where she went to a Halloween party. She was dressed as Pat from Saturday Night Live. She had the black curly hair. She had the glasses. I don't know where she found the shirt with the Cowboys Insignia on their shoulders, the padded everywhere. She had. She looked exactly. And I mean exactly like that. So she's at this party and she's dancing and she's having a good time with her friends and then I walk in dressed as Ed Grimley. Give me a break. This is like a joke, I Can't Believe It's Pat.
00:57:30And she's like, you have got to come and dance with me. I'm like, okay, like I'm not going to do that exciting thing ever, unless that, so I go out and I've got my pants pulled all the way up, to my way, past my ribs, and there was a time where I used to have a mullet before. I had a mullet. I had growing my bangs out long. There was a time in the in the late eighties, early nineties. You lost your way. You know, I'm out there on the dance floor dancing and she's, she's Pat and I made G league, and this is giant ring, a people for most people losing their minds. That's awesome. If I could go back in time. I would have taken video of this. I would show you a picture of this and I just, I wish so bad.
00:58:30I had something to remember that by cuz all I have is my memories. And next year. I'm probably going to completely from kids. Happy birthday. The next time I see you, let's dance together as patented.
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01:00:21And I still haven't, no one has messaged us or emailed us on the continuity error in a week and out two episodes ago out of two or three episodes. I don't think anybody ever will. I don't know. I'm just waiting for the first, it'll be something out of the blue. Somebody else. I don't get this. You weren't talking about something. Nobody has heard it. Which tells me one or two things. Nobody's listening or nobody cares. Thanks a lot for will see you next week on your dad syndrome.
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