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Nov. 30, 2021

IDS #66 - I Thought Turkeys Could Fly!

IDS #66 - I Thought Turkeys Could Fly!
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(Late) Thanksgiving Greetings from the duo!  Mike complains about dog issues, while Darin reveals an awesome donut story.  Darin discusses someone who has NEVER seen "Planes, Trains, and Automobiles" AND someone who does not like John Candy!  We launch into a Bill Murray / Chevy Chase discussion - and Darin reviews "Ghostbusters:  Afterlife".  Mike's interested in reviving his Southern accent, and we talk the a-judi-chop guy.  Mike missed an opportunity to have someone quote Braveheart, and Darin tells some Australia stories.  Finally - the show nose-dives a few times,  but somehow we manage to get it back on track. 

This one was just fun.   :)

All this and MORE!!

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00:00:00Hey, I'm here. Come on down here. And we got your six days. We got your 61 62, 63 64, 65 and 66.
00:00:11Woke up to irritable bowel syndrome. The only podcast dedicated to leftover turkey sandwiches. Here. Are your host, Mike and Erin. This is episode. 66 66. We are recording on a Monday and then completely thrown in everything. It's messed everything that lie life is off his cycle. I'm off my I want to talk about my dog, okay.
00:00:59Want to talk about my dog. Boo ba, boo ba ha. So I was telling Darren that I my entire life have had smart dogs, intelligent animals. Mostly German Shepherd or shepherd mixes. We were told that she was a Shepherd mix before the longest. Of time. I thought she was a chihuahua mixed with something. Because she look like a chihuahua and she would say your dog is part Airhead. So the cool thing about Molly, our previous Shepherd Lab mixes that she was intelligent. She attached herself to me. She was like she every dog when it comes to a family, it identifies who it thinks the alpha. Yes, and apparently it was me with Molly are rabbit has attached to me. Okay, so she followed me all around.
00:01:59Where we got the point where, when we went out into the field or in the woods, we wouldn't have to use a leased that often because she would want to be around me anyway, so it was kind of cool. I got used to that. I began to believe falsely that all dogs were like that, that you could leave any dog in a room. Haha, and it wouldn't do things to your possessions that it wouldn't bark randomly at closed doors in the middle of the night, but it wouldn't upon hearing you getting ready to sneeze. Jump like a wild freak out of the bed and land in the hallway skid and turn around and bark and scare. The ever-loving piss out of you at 3 in the morning. Let me know how you like the dogs not doing that. You were wrong, right? I was wrong. Haha. There are two toys throughout this house, littered throughout this house. I think I told you, I found one in my pillow in bed, in my pillow right there everywhere, right? She won't chew them. She choose random things around the house.
00:02:59Football's, a hard hat that happened to be in the living room and living room, glass, eating cloth. She ate the buttons off of two of my dress shirts. Just gently pulled them out of the dirty laundry. Walk them into the center of the living room and systematically removed each of the buttons pausing to swallow them and move on to the next button. Mind, you surrounded by 2 toys and I'll pay for we buy her a Bully Sticks which I found out her both penis's. Okay. She's got more bull penis coming to her. Then I'm off in Texas right now. The only thing keeping her from scratching the door and forget. She attacked you when you came in she text me every week when I come every time I come in one of you, usually, your wife as hell.
00:03:59drives the dog outside and then you like,
00:04:10Every week, when I come over to your, welcome back, welcome back. I'm used to a smart dog.
00:04:19What was that song about Aaliyah? See? Yeah, I'm used to a smart animal and now I've got an animal. That let's just say lack critical thinking.
00:04:30Doesn't understand subtlety.
00:04:34Can't manage project. Know it's mine at the drop of a hat.
00:04:48Besides made fun of figis mental capacity. I've said there's not much room in there for brain. No, but there's not much room in boob has had for a brain either.
00:04:57We got to keep the things Biggie and Bubba were on Jeopardy. I bet $1,000 that my rabbit would score more points than your daughter. This dog is driving me crazy. So last night, I'm trying to go to bed. I get up early in the morning. Okay, I went to bed late because I was doing some work. I got finished. I'm like, I get to go to bed. I have to get up at 5, this animal and I'm going through a cold right now. I have a cold. Nothing did any of that stuff, but I will do that. When I do it's like the number of the movie Dragonslayer armor that with the guy with the hair and the dragon was awesome because when it would see it, maybe
00:05:50Such as a dragon with a cc like fire. Yeah, I used to like, fire as belief.
00:05:56And it would positive and just fire. What you got to say.
00:06:09He was the most badass thing. Coolest thing in the 80s is outside of when Conan the Barbarian, when he lifted that pot of heads, and I do like to do things like swing the sword with malaria.
00:06:25What was I talking about? That's, that's what she thinks. The sneezes, like. I'm getting ready to breathe fire on her and she jumps from the bed now into the hallway.
00:06:38I am barks at the doors parks at doors, barks at doors and our house tours that she's been here with all day. I'll be parked at at 3 in the morning. Huh? I got like I said, maybe 2 or 3 hours of sleep last night because of this, dog. I get up. Thank God. I had a relatively easy day at work today. A the talent has been right? And I managed to make it through come home. I'm like, oh I hope boohbahs. Okay today. She's fine up until about 20 minutes before you got here, right? I'm working on the computer for the patreons, the patreon. You'll see that a lot of content within reason went up in the past hour. That's because I was seeing their do that. The reason you'll see like a minute or two Gap in between the uploads. That's because she win.
00:07:27And freaked me out. I screwed up. I turn around. And will you shut your? I get back into that tried and I tried to be fun. They said, I try to be funny on the patreon. I feel like I don't have a dark offering funds and I want to give them their value. I don't want to be a thing ever wear a thing thing. You get a shame, you get a thing. Look at Ray. Look under your seat. You got a thing. So thing on the thing, best told me the greatest thing that she's told me in the past, three months, which was we are boarding booba. I was dreading leaving here because I don't want to deal with you managing her and other places is ten times worse than managing her here. And we found out that the place where we board, her will allow us a spot opened for the boohbah. So I can and then I ask can I take her there tomorrow? I just want a knife.
00:08:27And I told Andrew that at dinner that we're probably going to take booba a night earlier and he can't had the gall to ask, why.
00:08:42Because daddy wants her to make it to Christmas. And if I have to spend another night, like I did last night. She might not make it to campus. Yeah, we used to board Conrad whenever we would go visit my mom and Tennessee, and the dog would literally pull me into the place where we would bore him. Couldn't wait and he stink when we came back a few days to get them even though they had bathed him. But still that's another story. But yes, it was awesome to board the dog to come home as like, I'm going to go to bed before I go to bed. I don't have to let the dog out or, or you can go to a restaurant. And after you're done with restaurant, you say, hey, let's go to a movie, and you go to the movie. We need to go home and let out the door, right? That's all. We have a rabbit. You don't have to go home and let out the rabbit. That's you don't have to do anything as a relic at well. Yeah, but they're not demonic. Despite the one in Monty Python.
00:09:42The Holy Grail in Watership Down. Did you ever see Watership Down? I have not seen Watership Down. I'm going to post something about Watership Down on the thing. It is in theory. It's a kids movie similar to how The Exorcist could in theory. Be a kids movie. It's animated kids. It says there's been articles written about it.
00:10:07I'm psychology websites ever. I saw one psychology website said something like the most said something like did year. Was your childhood ruined by this movie? Because in one of the scenes of the movie you watch a bunch of rabbit drowned to death there all animated so it's not really but they're screaming, there's blood coming from their eyes. It's as a small kid like Charlie's age. I was watching this and just like, oh my God, what was the documentary that Watership Down? Know it wasn't Watership Down, but I've heard of that movie. I heard about it a couple minutes ago, night of the lupus know there's a documentary where we see the interview with woman and her job as she raises, rabbits and Rodger, Rodger and Rodger, and me fluffy bunny, rabbits honk.
00:11:03This portion of irritable dead syndrome is brought you by a all beef footlong hot dogs. Hey there it's day and it's never too early to get started on your holiday shopping and there's no better gift than Whoppers. All beef hot dogs. That's right. Give that special someone in your life, the gift of all beef footlong hot dogs. So, what are you waiting for pre-order a package or to wherever quality? Meat products are sold? What your local. Grocery doesn't sell Whoppers. No problem. Whoppers delivers. Just go online and place your order today. Merry Christmas from all of us at irritable dead syndrome in the fine folks and Whoppers all beef footlong hot dogs.
00:11:46Over the weekend. We volunteered at church. We were putting boxes together. Know you did nice things. So it was fast and a bunch of people together and we were putting boxes together, filling it with food for people in the area who can afford. They don't have Thanksgiving dinner, Donuts out. There was some free coffee and I told my old to send Jacob no more Donuts cuz he already had three. So what did he do? He got two more ran to the bathroom, Okay. In one of the Stalls and ate two more units, so he's one, he's definitely my kid into I swore but this is going on the podcast. I'm going to humiliate you in front of tens of people.
00:12:42This episode airs after Thanksgiving. Yeah, last week. We totally forgot to wish people. Happy Thanksgiving Happy. Belated just in case. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. I hope you guys have a great day. Was that April? I don't know. I don't know. Swedish day.
00:13:13One of those episodes that that we enjoy, and then no one else does nobody else. Now, speaking of Thanksgiving. This is the day after Thanksgiving, steamed podcast. Did you listen to Alice's Restaurant? Growing up? Know have you met? You've never heard Alice's Restaurant? I know Alice with Mel and kiss, my grandma Alice's Restaurant by Arlo Guthrie. Woody Guthrie, my ass. That's Arlo son Carlo is Woody's son. Okay. Okay. Until Alice's Restaurant is a song about Alice but the restaurant was she doesn't live at the restaurant. She lives in a church nearby the restaurant, okay? With her husband Reigns punches a dog. That's why they call it Alice's Restaurant.
00:14:13My mom had the cassette Arlo Guthrie. Greatest Hits. We would listen to Alice's Restaurant all the time till 10 if I had the damn thing memorized. Anyway, we would listen to it every year on Thanksgiving and here in Cincinnati. 925 the fox the classic rock radio station, plays Alice's Restaurant, two times a day in its entirety. And how long is the song, 27 minutes long so I can paint using, it's incredible. It's just anyway, so what concerns me is you've never heard of it and there's people made their people way younger than me. Who've never heard of it in this tradition is going away. And that makes me sad. What does it have to do with Thanksgiving? Cuz it was two years ago or two thanksgivings ago or 2 years ago on Thanksgiving. When the story happened that he's talking about. It's a it's like Planes Trains and Automobiles. It takes place during Thanksgiving. Amazing is going away.
00:15:13At which I think is sad. And so I want to encourage everybody. I know this is the week after Thanksgiving. Still. Give Alice's Restaurant a chance. Go on YouTube. What post, a link to it on our website and on our Facebook page because it's incredible. It's alive in 2002 or 3 and he played it at one of the biggest standing ovations, you've ever seen ever? And that's the truth.
00:15:41This portion of irritable dad syndrome is brought you by trim fingernail clippers. Since 1947. The trim brand has provided quality Clippers to help, make your fingernails. Look, their absolute best. Here's a fun fact that you know, that the trim brand was founded in Shelton, Connecticut. It's true. Just one more reason to visit the Show-Me State or is it the Nutmeg State doesn't matter. Now, back to the show.
00:16:09And you mentioned Planes Trains and Automobiles my office buddy, the woman who I share an office with no, tell me this. She's never seen it. She's never seen it and I meant, I know, I know it came out before she was born. I know that. But still, there's lots of things that came out before. I was born that I've The Beatles came out before I was born, but I know who they are around the clock by Bill, Haley & the Comets. It was at least 25 years. Before I was. I've heard of Jesus, that was way way before me.
00:16:44Don't give me this. I wasn't alive with, before I was born, She looks to me like whatever. And then another girl who were at my apartment. I mention I'm like she's never seen Planes Trains and Automobiles. I wouldn't The Other Woman in our department. Do she does? Yeah, I'm like, please tell me he was a little respect. All that crazy about John Candy bread or you hate this breathing, You can't not like John Candy. If you don't like John Candy, there's something inherently wrong with you. Yeah, you have some form of social dysmorphia. I don't know what that reads that, but you got
00:17:44Nothing, that's disgusting. How can you not like John Candy anyway, so I've got her a bad person if you don't like junk and anyway it just let me guess. They like Bill Murray side step on Bill Murray and I know I'm not going to mess with Bill Murray at your mouth. I'm not going to miss Randall. I love Bill Murray, but back in the 80s. I was I didn't like Bill Murray. I did it's not that. I didn't like at 12. It's not that. I didn't like him. I just like to Chevy Chase more. When ghosts, when the original Ghostbusters come out. I'd like Dan Aykroyd. The most, as I was going on. I like him. The least in the, in the theory is that weird that I can Bill Murray? The most I think as I've gotten older Bill Bill and Dan have kind of done this for people listening to the audio. He's raising one hand, LOL. Yeah, if you want to see what I'm doing. Follow us on Twitter, the scales have tipped. Yeah. To another favor. Now, I didn't know this Chevy Chase was like the Golden Boy.
00:18:44Of that group in the, the SNL group. Yeah. Yeah, but he was the guy like when when he came on set like everybody's like, what do you think? That's funny? Chinese, this money. So I don't know if you're not on the show. TV doesn't think it's funny. It's not to show he was that guy in the Bill Murray and all the rest of them are just like a step lower than in the eyes of of people there that he left. He replaced. He was on the same time. This is been another example of Mike talking about things. He has no idea what he's talking about. You know, there's a great hurry. Someone is talking trash, same to Bill, Murray Chevy saying this and Chevy saying that. And then someone is telling me the same thing till they got into a fist fight. The two of them both pissed off because he was coming back to host Saturday Night Live. While bill was a cast member and then they talk to each other and I found out that it was just a bunch of
00:19:44Free with Stern about that, that's awesome. Yeah. Back in the day. She now now I can see if Bill Murray movie old new whatever, and when he walks on the screen, I start to chuckle a little bit. I just start to I feel nice, you know where that's how I used to feel, I still feel that way about Chevy Chase but back in the eighties and nineties, whenever he will walk in on the movie. I was just for that. All, this is going to be good at the look on. His face would crack me up and happen to chivvy. Yeah. I can't exactly explain it. Like, he's stopped. He lost that bloom all. He lost his glare, you know, he did a video you posted when he's holding up the paper. And then he drops the back page and then I'm like, okay, that was funny. That was really, really rude that Bob Dylan in the base and fix up the medicine. I'm in the payment thing with the government, managed, like a hawk and whatever the new videos of the people is like I'm going to make scratches.
00:20:44I don't think he cares that. I think he's kind of done with like I he just like if you think something funny like that, he'll come out and do it. Other than that. I'm on the 40th anniversary of Saturday Night, Live for people who hosted weekend update today wasn't one of them. Okay? Okay. All wasn't one of the people of this planet come out and talk and he just really had nothing to say you could go check in the night tonight. I mean part of me thinks that he would do that just to be just for that to be that way. You know what I mean? But yeah, I mean, there's so many classic things with like what I think of classic SNL moments.
00:21:44Dan Aykroyd is the best of Matick Chevy Chase is him and Richard Pryor with the word association. Oh, my Lord was, well, does the Landshark? New Shimmer floor wax? So, it does, it's a floor wax know, it's a dessert topping and it was perfect.
00:22:25This portion of irritable, dad Syndrome has brought you by Tif liquid, concentrated wallpaper stripper with its unique enzyme action. Just dissolves old paste and cuts wallpaper removal time in half. That's right half. How many times have you walked by that? Guest bedroom and said, one of these days when I have time, I'm going to tear out that nasty, Brady Bunch looking wallpaper and put in something new while there's no time. Like, now to do it. This is fast and easy like that cheerleader. I knew in high school and did I mention that? No, steamer is needed. You'd have to be crazy to use any other products. And if so go down to your corner, hardware store, and buy some dip, and tell them you heard about it on here, Double Dead syndrome. Now back to you, Matt and Erin, you were talking about Ghostbusters. Yes. I I really want to see, ghosts got to go through. This would have been great. If we both seen what I was thinking of taking Andrew, like, forcing him against his will, but has lost the desire to see movies cuz he doesn't and I partially agree with him.
00:23:25I want to go somewhere and sit for 2 hours and then come back here. Haha, but I thought about either forcing him to go tonight or just going myself rather than we can talk about it tomorrow because I am going to see the movie but I don't want to miss the opportunity for it to be on the show. And the last time, when we did Gusman and mama doing through the roof of our ratings were like exploded people went men's, there's a spot review thing. Yeah, we were able to do it without. What do you call that? I figured you and you were concerned about that. Greatly. I'm just too much of a sociopath is where I'm not necessarily concerned about that. I'll say this about the movie Bill Murray's in it. I heard that the original Ghostbusters make a cameo. Okay? Okay. I didn't know to what extent the original Ghostbusters would be in, if I don't want, I really don't want to spoil things. There was part of the movie where I got kind of teary-eyed. Okay. It was very very
00:24:25Cool, very nostalgic made me feel like a kid again. Okay. Yes. He is older. Brother was in. Stranger things in this movie has one will see in stranger things with the black curly hair, who kissed 11:00 that her house. Mike, Mike. Yeah, but we also in it. Okay, I'd like when he auditioned for it, they like, can you ride a bicycle? Yeah, haven't you seen? Stranger things all? That's right. You're in the movie Paranormal Activity, in stranger things, Paranormal Activity, and it, Paranormal, Activity and Ghostbusters. There's a part where I just got really emotional teared up. Is it because it reminded you of the original? I remember seeing the original Ghostbusters in the
00:25:25Are in. That was the guy. I don't want to be a weirdo, but it was a magical moment for me cuz I had no idea what it was. I didn't know anyting. I didn't realize I was an idiot kid. I guess I didn't. I thought it was all. Here's a movie. Me and my mom went to the movies. A lot. Will you just like, hey, let's go see Ghostbusters. Okay, we'll go see Ghostbusters and I remember the entire town of those few movies. I remember that was Empire Strikes Back. Return of the Jedi? These two movies. I remember every bit of seeing them in the theater. Was a t, a batteries, not included, little robots to fly route from 11 to
00:26:00With Regan cocoon with Driving Miss Daisy and Hume. Cronyn heiress to the Tandy computer Corporation and Hume, Cronyn inventor of chrome. Haha Hume Cronyn. It sounds like, I don't know, like a gangster. It sounds like a Greek like, like a lesser Greek. God you've got
00:26:31Devil at 6. But no, I remember it. You going to see Ghostbusters as a kid? It was awesome. And it was the funny parts to me the parts of had me laughing where what's the guy's blubber? The green slimer, and the Stay Puft. Marshmallow Man, the one of the most Dan Aykroyd. You said, New York.
00:26:54But Dan Aykroyd is, I've never, I've, I liked Dan Aykroyd. I do like Dan Aykroyd, the ultimate. His ultimate level of acting was when everything's quiet and they're in. He just has that look on his face and you like Ray. What did you do ray. He's like, you just, I don't know. It just popped in my head. It's just the Stay Puft. Marshmallow Man. He should have gotten an Oscar for that should have said those parts stuck out to me as a kid. I thought the Giant Marshmallow guy has got a green flower guy as an adult. I see all the other jokes and undertones and stuff that I completely missed. And I saw that when we were watching the dogs sleeping together. This man is a dick.
00:27:44All he was was just over here in the tunnel. And then airport says, what do you think that is a dickfer? What's the differ to pee with classic? I highly recommend goes, but okay. Alright, I need I need to go see I will probably go see it over the holiday if I don't see it. While we were away. I'll see you. When I come back. We going to start program for an important Public Service. Announcement. Cranberries are disgusting. This has been an important public service announcement.
00:28:29So I hear you're trying to work on your southern accent. OK, Google. I used to have and when I say, I don't mean southern accent, their Southern Accents. And then there's hardcore redneck exit. I used to have a hardcore redneck accent. It'll come out, periodically. It came out last night at 3 in the morning at boo-boos didn't get to your house. So I've had some situations where I've had conversations with people. That have the accent. What, what do you automatically assume? When you hear someone that has a car horn, you assume that there's an intelligent issue intelligence issue. I don't because you're from that area. If you come out come out at with a with a Southern accent Than People automatically assume that your intelligence is less than most as true incorrectly assumed that that is so,
00:29:29Old Bess. I want to have, I want to use the redneck exit when I think I'm near someone like that. And then just wow, say something smart in the redneck accent and then they won't know how to deal with me. You said, hey, is that the ultimate edition of that? So, that's the things you have to be smart for that to work. That's, I don't know. So, I'm going to have to get my learner's in on. You. Got to be smart. You got to be smart to fool people, and that's a shame. I wish you could fool people and be an idiot. I mean, boohbah. I told my wife.
00:30:07But now that's yeah. I'm I'm working on cultivating that I think it's useful, it can be very threatening in the right circumstances. Somebody breaks out the redneck accent, Deliverance that seen that scene if they have like a New York accident or accident or an English, if they sound like Monty Python, you would laugh your way through that through that. See, you know what I mean, but it's the redneck accent and the guy are there.
00:30:41Does it work? I think he killed him. Them panties in the Judy Chop. Ninja. No, I'm going to post a link Judy Judy Japan famous for about 3 or 4 minutes. He was on Jerry Springer OK and he had a VHS video. He wore a red cape and he who did Judy, Chop instructional videos, your woman sprays, trying to get your britches off and you cuz he wants to do something on there. And then you and Judy Chop.
00:31:33Some of the greatest stuff ever seen. Her life and a proper Come Sailing In. All right, you got you and you got your beauty shop cuz I can be a Judy choppin in a Kung food chicken and I'll go as you like and I'll bet it if I just some nights of pocket, don't go ninja. Nobody don't need ninjas.
00:32:19if he had any accent,
00:32:21If you had any accent other than his redneck accent, he would be, would be one of them said something. It's, it's like a seasoning and you can't fake. You can kind of fake, Larry, the Cable Guy, fix it, a redneck exit. But yeah, but I think he's heard enough for meu. You can take it to a degree because he did an interview and he was like, why don't you know, a pot of gold is this. It's a seasoning, you know, it is you can have your cheeseburger or you have a cheeseburger with redneck attached.
00:33:12Somebody brought up a good point on the, on the thing. Which tonight we were talking about Alice's Restaurant and another huge thing that happens at Thanksgiving WKRP in Cincinnati, in the turkey ground turkey, greatest episode of a comedy. Television of all the time that show cuz we know we live in Cincinnati. What we live in a suburb of Cincinnati. We live close enough to sense of legendary. I mean that show was filmed in Los Angeles and actual WKRP. Know everyone. I was moving to Cincinnati hilarious. We're going to come into work Thanksgiving episode.
00:34:12That show shot on location in Cincinnati really. Now when you look at it, you could have shot that anywhere cuz it doesn't really look like he's in Fountain Square in Fountain Square on location. And now it was two thousand one or two. When I met Gordon jump, the big man. Mr. Carlson has work in the morning show and I'm looking through the run down and like holy are you kidding me? And I ran to the producer is coming to the show today. And she said, who's going to jump through the show so far? Did he used to have a gig as the Maytag repairman? Mister Lonely, you know, the maytags never break. So he had nothing to do. He was sitting in our studio.
00:35:08Just there by himself like he's waiting on a train and I approached him and I said you may hear this all the time, but maybe carapuce. One of my favorite shows of all time. He says you're my kind of guy nice as can be and I like a year ago or sometime shortly before he came in TV Guide had put out the 50 greatest episodes of all time and in the mid-teens or something was the turkey drop WKRP. And he said the line will you say it?
00:35:47Yeah, he said, can you believe that a line like that? As God is my witness. I thought turkeys could fly. I mean, nobody thought that would be monumental.
00:36:00As God is my witness.
00:36:03I thought turkeys could fly.
00:36:08He was such a nice guy and it's funny because it brings to mind a story that I've had. I travel to Europe a lot in the previous years, maybe previous 10 years of my life. And one thing that I noticed there and I it's this is not all throughout Europe. So don't come for me. You don't don't come at me, bro. Come to call you but they've got the same. We're at least a place that I stayed quite a bit there in Germany. If you're sitting by yourself, they just assumed you needed. Someone to come sit with you. You want some of that, come sit with you there, my Kindle, my phone, haha, and my food and my beer. Be I don't want to be disturbed kit the way I, when I caught
00:36:53Literally, I mean, it's it's the modern version of since I'm sitting here at the book and I went by and the lady comes by and says, you know, and I'm not I can't do a German accent but she's like what? You can join you and I look and there's this dude and I'm like, yeah, I mean what am I going to do? Say? No, I'm going to sit here with the excuse me. So he sat down. It was a Scottish guy and we just week we hit it off in the end. We were in a one of these days on this on this show. I'll talk about what we talked about cuz that's a whole nother epic story that. But I do want to point out that while I was talking to him. He had a Scottish accent and I don't know if it's the American in me or what it was. But I was dying to say
00:37:37There's got to be a way I can get him bring up the right part yet. It just got to be a way I can have they can take our lives or they'll never take our freedom. If I get beers and then I can get him to scream it across the bar. That's one of my life. Regrets is that it could we move from the restaurant where we and there was a bar enjoying it. We went to the bar. We were just haven't you know, that is it called him beers. Is that what they call them? And I mean we were way past the point where I could say we went we went from the part where I could say, excuse me. I really could you say the slide from Big Brother likes, but no, I never did. I never to do it.
00:38:26He probably would have done if he probably would have done. He was a nice guy. He was a regret. If mine of how they do things over there. I wonder I think I'll be cool. There's a number of things that happened over there that I think would be really cool if they happened over here. And that's one of them if you're at a restaurant in your by yourself, just think they'd just like you're somebody to sit with you. It's like, what has an American? I was like, what? Excuse me? This is my table. This is the freedom table. This is where I am. I, you can't come to my table. You can't login to Myspace. My only experience with what you're talkin about was when living I got married, we honeymooned in Australia, we were there for two weeks and we get off the plane and when they are poor and there was someone standing there with mr. You know. Miss. Mr. And mrs. Cox, I'm waiting for us and then there was a car to take us to the hotel. We went through a travel agent. They booked all of our trips and transportation.
00:39:26Everywhere everything we did. We had somebody taking us to. And from where in the car we're going on. A tour of the three sisters. It's a mountain range outside of Sydney Australia. They let themselves go. Yes, they did in the car and somebody hit sarkar. Okay. Now in America, so I would have got out of Chris's what you just hit my car right yet. They would have whoever. And the driver says, oh, looks like we had a bit of a scuffle. I know good good day today.
00:40:13Fort Wayne to S my supposed to sue somebody that may be a fist fight here. Supposed to be pissed off because I supposed to brandish a gun or attack, somebody verbally upset because one car hit the Yeah. Yeah. Yeahs the next day. It happened again. The car we were in got rear-ended and it was a woman driver who was driving our car back in a second.
00:40:39We must teach that in the driver's, ed over there on a bus. We are going out to Ayers, Rock that giant red rock on the middle of nowhere, right? Okay. I'm going to pretend that you all show you a picture of a new, we'll all that rock. It's only been in a thousand. Okay, so we're driving out to Ayers Rock and there are two kangaroo standing in the road. There's the yellow line and they're standing on opposite sides of the yellow line and they're just looking at each other about to go down. Like we got to get out of here. Craziest thing you've ever seen that wonder what they're talking about. It's like so what's it like on your side of the line?
00:41:39But I do have a lot. Another aspect of Europe that I really, really liked and was really weird for me. The first few times that I was there. They love to talk about politics in and we don't talk about politics on the show. And I'm not about to, I'm not about to go into that, right? But it is, as a, as a American when politics comes up. I mean, immediately. It's like what side are you on? It was a good. We're getting ready to go. Last person I voted for is Pat Paulsen. So they talked about, like, the actual pot, like the policies. And, you know, how do you feel about this issue to drunker and drunker, and I'm waiting for the point where somebody is up and slammed their fists, but no, they just keep talking about the, the policies and it's, it's
00:42:39Have another 10% don't want. Another extra tip is one of making an extra 10% but I can spend 5% of the pothole. Another 5% of my boys are going. Are you at least go on and on and on about the actual out of here? Supposed to pick somebody up a color here? It's red and blue and hate the other one. You know, what the hell do they program?
00:43:39Will you shut up?
00:44:08And we're back. Okay, we have a new Patron.
00:44:19Frank Durbin said something back that we all have. Sorry. I started watching the show. Instead of being on the show it again. We have a new Patron, Frank Durbin, Jason Jason, Frank, Jason, Jason Durbin. He's become a patron of the show. He likes the show so much. He had to financially contribute to the show because I want to keep it going. That's that's the kind of guy, Frank, Jason Charles as Durban is awesome. Thank you so much. Now what I've said before Chris Hughes is a patron. He got a voicemail message from Dave light. So, did Chris Michael and you did and just needs to get one, because he is also a patron has recorded a voicemail message. For you, might go ahead and call him up, and let's listen to it.
00:45:22You've reached the voice mail of Jason Durbin. Jason can't come to the phone right now. He's busy brewing. His own beer, or he might be fixing something over at his neighbor. Darren's house is. As you may have heard, Darren can't do a damn thing, leave a message and I'll get back to you. This message is brought to you by irritable. Dad syndrome.
00:45:56I tried.
00:46:03I don't think we should ever record on a Monday again.
00:46:10I don't know what to do. I literally just said that was like a deer in headlights.
00:46:15My ears feel hot.
00:46:19That was a great message.
00:46:27Oh boy, howdy. This one's going to have a lot of exclusive to go up on patreon or Patron, broadcasted on Twitch is the watch, people play video games or potentially see and all their seed.
00:46:51Cartoon in a basement will happen. If you're just now watching twitch for the first time you went over laughing about, there's a whole 65 episodes where they you need to go through first, listen now. And then you can find previous episodes of our podcast and you could listen to all of them. Which one? Yes, it is good as the next, as long as you listen to the last 40. They made the Star Wars figures. Now, back to the show. It happened again. What was that?
00:47:35Hey, what happened? I'm trying to set up this thing for my kid is going on a trip to Washington, d.c. Washington DC. Our nation's capital District of Columbia, exactly. I filled out all the paper forms and I put all my stuff on it, the liquid form Zach. Okay, I'm just curious. How much is it to go to send your kid to wash Washington? That trip with the insurance. Everything cost like $807.
00:48:11So I said all the forms. I got an email that said that my son is not registered for this trip. They have no record of him being on this trip. So I called customer service and I'm trying to talk to them and they said, yeah, we don't have him down here at all. They said, you know, there's, there's still room on the trip. Why don't we just register you now? I'm like, okay. So I asked, you know, name. I said, Darren Darin, and then they last name and do what your street address. Now, my street address is where people, all the people think I live on Atlanta Street, but it's not Atlanta. And so I give them my street address and I'm giving them what, you know, it's like the phone number and they wanted the credit card information. I'm giving them all that stuff. I said, okay, we've got you set. What's your email? And I gave him the email Jesus. I know.
00:49:11Confirmation email right now. On some waiting waiting and there's no email. They misspelled. Your email name's Max. Do you know another person go through the whole thing again? And then I get to the email part and the guy says the same thing verbatim. Yeah. You should have a confirmation email. I don't have a confirmation email. He says I've got it. Is darenc like no no, no. No, I spelled it for you. Five times d. A r. I a n.
00:49:50Where did you get the E. He misspelled it. The person who I was on the phone with earlier. Thought I had two r's in it. No one. If you pronounce a differently, can you start pronouncing it? Like so, you word R&R in De R&H? They took Tyler. I mean, I don't understand why people can't spell my name. And by the way, I signed darphin.
00:50:29When little got lost track of the damn run down.
00:50:34I forgot, I forgot. We had a plan for this. I thought we were, you never look at it and I want to just turned into D-Day. We just laid it somewhere else or we're going through the French Countryside trying to find our way back to run down the whole time and you thought we were just winging it. I did I thought you saw a couple weeks ago. I told you that my wife went on a trip with my oldest son to Utah. Yes or marching band, the price Canyon and then somebody had a dislocated, their knee and my wife made a splint. Okay. We're on the zoom call with your brother-in-law and his wife Eddie and and Gina. And then my sister-in-law Peggy and we're talkin about the trip and Libby's talking about all the things that happened. She said somebody broke the leg from a dislocated or need some kid. Got bit by a chipmunk. He was crazy, and I thought she was kidding.
00:51:34Got bit by a chipmunk and you didn't tell me this. You didn't call me that day. Hey, honey. This kid got bit by a chipmunk chipmunk chipmunk, chipmunk chipmunks are natural, Predators know, they hate humans. They are naturally. They will jump and they'll bite your neck and Chipmunks naturally terrified of human. If you ever see a chipmunk run? Like hell.
00:52:11Run for the hills folks, they know she's going crazy.
00:52:19I tried to say that but it's gone. Let me do this potatoes. On the back porch. Is she do that of all places? Why would you put him there? Can you look a mess with a girl eyes? We're going to find out. Okay, not a good idea to do that really after they start sprouting. No don't need them. After that. We were winterizing. Our backyard is as we were taking all our lawn furniture. We put it in the shed and I've been raking leaves. My God. I rake like 15. I'm going to mow. Our lawn is exhausting. So we're putting all the, all the furniture, in the shed. How many times. Have you been to my house? I don't know. We have a shed. We have a gaze bow as you like to call it a gazebo. I like you're busy. Thank you. So, we were at, we have a hammock. We put the hammock. I'm not a big fan of that. I hate him.
00:53:13We put the hammock under our porch. Well, the cloth part the thing that you actually lay in the hammock part of it and laid it out to dry. Okay. It was a water hose to clean it. I'm with you.
00:53:36So, she tells Jacob to lay the hammock part, over the porch and let it dry because apparently wind is blowing it off the porch and solidity, put something on it to keep it from blowing away. I didn't know she put the are potatoes, a thing of, for baked potatoes. Yeah, that's wrapped in shrink wrap the russet potatoes. Yeah. Yeah, so I walked out for breakfast the next morning and I'll look out on the porch. Totally forgot that we didn't put the things away. The Hammocks away. I'm like, why are there potatoes out on the back porch? You don't have anything more substantial than potatoes, to hold of, Hannah of all the things to pick, she puts our potatoes out on the back porch. Can you eat potatoes after they're used to weigh down and hoping you would come over for Thanksgiving. We're going to feed you the mashed potatoes. Yeah, but I like how you said mashed potatoes thought about using them to weigh anything bad.
00:54:36No, I weighed something down this weekend with a cinder block. Will. That will do it a tarp? Yeah. I know where years ago when Lydia was pregnant and Jacob was born in July. I was painting his room. The nursery? OK, and it's June. I had the window open. I made a mistake a very big mistake that I'm going to tell anybody who is ever going to paint a room. You have to have a drop cloth, okay, on the floor, so that you don't get paint on the carpet and get an actual cloth. Drop cloth. Don't get a plastic. No, really. Oh, yeah, and I'll tell you what the room and the wind blows and the plastic clock.
00:55:21Start sticking to the walls. Oh my God, my legs sticks to the ladder and we're like putting cans of soup books.
00:55:37On the floor to keep this piece of plastic cloth from raising up to the wall and peel it off in that pulls the paint off the wall. He was just a great time all around it. Got all over the trim. Yeah, so don't do that. Can I tell you, can I tell you something? This is going to be a great episode for Chris, Michael. And I'll tell you why, when we started this thing, we had no idea what we were doing. Right? And it was just us talkin, cuz if you remember haha, we just talked like this at Scouts and stuff. While we're passing time and some they were like, somebody might want to listen to this, right? I'm not getting anything out of it, but maybe someone else would
00:56:18And then we started to get some structure to the show. We start run downtown. We've gone full circle. Now. We are a group of guys at two guys, specifically who come back to the beginning of we're just hanging out and talking. Yeah, I have. Cuz usually, when we're doing these things, and I'm the editor. I'm thinking, okay. Here's a story. Here's the thing. Here's the thing. Dave. Here's the thing. Dave. Here's the thing, hears a thing scratch Dave.
00:56:57Foghorn Leghorn going to make an appearance in this episode. Buford T. Justice is going to show up a few times this.
00:57:15Hell, were you thinking?
00:57:17We have here is a failure.
00:57:20But I'm I'm curious for someone like Chris Michael or Christopher Hughes or some of the people who go around with this from the beginning Stampy with Lee. This is it has the style of us not knowing what the hell we're doing, right? But with 65 episodes, worth of experience of not knowing what we're doing. So, the question is, this is, this is a keystone moment for this podcast. I don't think you're fully
00:57:53And it's not because I'm on my second glass of wine. This is a keystone moment because this tells us whether we can ever do an actual live chat while we're doing a live show. I would literally doing a live show. Can we carry a show with no fuel? Just jump in cold, is jumping cold and roll.
00:58:17Episode 66, you're telling me that 66 we're going to plan. Absolutely nothing. This is episode 66. Your end. I mean, he has some things planned but you skipped half the damn things to things. Okay. I had nothing for this episode other than I want on my redneck accent. One final story and then we're going to get out of here because this is becoming painful. This is this hurts. I've mentioned many times that I make commercials for a living. I work at a TV station and I make local commercials. So we used to have a sales person who didn't plan things, very well constantly. She would come in and say, hey, can you help me do something out? She would agree to something for a client. And then she would come to me and say, hey, I told them that we could do something and it needs to air out of my God. Yeah, one of them, this was constant and this begs the
00:59:17What's the saying I lack of planning on your part? Does not constitute an emergency on my part with all of it that she didn't ask me for in advance. So she wanted me to make this commercial. And I kept telling her, I don't have time to do it. I don't have time and she said that's how she talked. How long does it take? I'm like, it's not a matter of how long it will take to make this. It's how many people I have in line ahead of you who have asked me in advance to Dick these commercial people who planned in advance. Yes and respected my time and respect of that process actually, so I kept telling her I'm not going to be able to do this right now. I can do it and it'll be in whatever time. So she finally comes up and says, okay.
01:00:04What if you just shot the video? Okay, what if you just shot video on somebody else edits? Because we used to have a company who did a lot of stuff for our website and we could use them as a backup. Okay, if we, if we really needed to, they could edit some video for us. I said, okay, I'll shoot video sir. I'm not going to name the company. Okay, but it's a recycling place here in town. I drive all the way out to this recycling company, knowing that I'm going to shoot video, bring the video back and someone else is going to do something with it. Right? So I get to this recycling company. I get out of my car, and I walk up to the person. I introduce myself. I am Darren with the TV station. I'm here to shoot the video. And the first thing this woman says, it's okay. When Mark comes up.
01:00:57Do you want him to wear the cape or not?
01:01:01Are Judy. And I said, I'm sorry. What did you say? Do you want him to wear the cape? He's got like this superhero thing where he's recycle man and real cycle, man. You don't know if it's going to be really silly if you where's the cape, or if he should just wear the rest of his costume. I'm going to go out on a limb and say, it's really silly.
01:01:25If recycle man makes his appearance over this question because I have no idea. What the hell she talking about. It's a one. I don't want to look like an idiot. I'm not going to throw my station under the bus and say, well nobody told me anything about this. So I'm trying to play it cool and saying let's not do the cape. Okay, then I meet the guy and he says, all right, so I'm think I'm going to drive the truck up and then I'm going to open the door jump out and then deliver my line.
01:01:59I don't know that there's any lines. Yeah, I'm trying to do the best I can. I said.
01:02:07You're not going be able to drive the truck because one I didn't bring any microphones and I was planning on shooting video. That's it. I'm going through my bag. I did find some hard wired microphones with a had enough cable. And I said, tell you what, stand in front of the truck and read your line and then I'll shoot you and will be, I don't have all the. Yep. Yep. Got him. He's standing there. He's reading his line. I get him to report his lines. I'm getting ready to wrap something up. Somebody drives over my microphone and breaks it.
01:02:41What are the worst foods ever? Anyway, I wrapped it all up and I drove back to the station. I told this person I said you made me look like an idiot. I've never been more upset in my life, but I did not throw this person under the bottom. That's good.
01:03:07And it could be the wine talking. I thought of Superman 4 with nuclear man. I saw it and I thought I'm good. It ended with Richard Pryor. We're done.
01:03:25This may be the last time you listened to her. So I hope not. I'm going to ask you please to give us another chance. You know you had fun. This is a good time. I think I had a good time. I don't know if anybody else did. I want to wish everybody a happy belated Thanksgiving. Happy. I hope you had a happy Thanksgiving. I hope you're with us that you didn't die on Black Friday for that, Tupperware set toaster. That makes Darth Vader heads on your toes. Exactly what we want to remind you that you can go to irritable Down syndrome. Cam. You can, you can go to patreon on her babe. Pick. There's four different plans, all good stuff. And when you donate money to this podcast one, you helped us advertise. You help us keep the podcast alive. If you, if you join the right plan, you get lots of cool stuff.
01:04:25Some cool stuff out there. Some cool and there's bonus audio that you can't hear just by being willing. Of course, I do. I'm from you. And I are the ones who reported. I wouldn't have put it out there. So thank you for listening and we'll see you next week on irritable. Dad soon. I don't know about you, but I could go for some eggnog about right now.
01:04:51This week on Mike, figure out your own equipment.
01:04:56We learned how to set the audio after do. It's 65 episodes of this freaking thing.
01:05:05You know what? I'm not. I don't want to leave cuz I was 5 minutes. I can with the five minutes and make it sound normal and then slice it in cuz I can't.
01:05:17So you're going to take your razor and you're going to actually cut the film with the gun like a grease pencil.
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