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Dec. 21, 2021

IDS #69 - Don't Screw Around With Milkshakes

IDS #69 - Don't Screw Around With Milkshakes
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On this week’s episode… a big fan of the show loves when we say “Wha Happened” and another fan does not. Will we stop saying it? Find out!

 Plus… who was your favorite James Bond? We inaccurately discuss our favorite 007 flicks and other moves like Elf, Uncut Gems, Edward Scissorhands and The Godfather. Mike finally gets uncomfortable talking about a certain Pixar movie and shuts down the conversation completely.

 All this plus inappropriate Uncles who dress as Santa while drinking and smoking. And is it safe to give your kids firecrackers at Christmas?

 Oh… and most importantly... everything you need to know about straws!

 We’re not kidding… you don’t want to miss this episode!

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00:00:00Just want to tell you both. Good luck. We're all counting on you. I'm going to bring it to you ready.
00:00:41Welcome to irritable dead Sandro void, where prohibited by law tax title and tags. Not included. Please. Welcome your host, Mike. And Darren ladies and gentlemen, welcome to episode 69 of air. That's how I'm doing. I'm like, we are your host for the evening and we're so excited that you're here. We have recorded one episode already. Tonight. This is the second in a row. Yes, Studies have shown and reviews have shown that. When we know when we do this, second episode may or may not be well received by the audience, but is a very well received by us. We know that in the next hour. We are going to have a hoot. You may or may not your mileage may vary. I have already cleared my mind off of everything. We did the last episode. I don't remember it at all. My sins away. This is going to be a great. It is
00:01:41And I was going to say, we're recording. Actually three episodes tonight, because we're recording 3 episodes, yet. Because December holidays and people taking time off and going off to visit people and whatever and we like to be as timely as possible with this podcast recording Advanced. If Clint Eastwood dies. We're not going be able to talk about it till January 9th. So the question came up. Do we really need to record during breaks? Yeah. Yeah, we do. We do. So. So we suck it up. We're going to double up or going to make these episode. Boom. Boom. Boom boom. And get them out there. I'm paying money to hear that. You better be cranking it out or clanking it out if we can be funny for an hour.
00:02:41We're to split it up and sell it to you. For the same price, has one in one. Welcome. Welcome. If you're an old listener, whatever we have, you know, what, if your new listener, we do want to hear from you. We would love it. If you're brand-new listener, send us a message at Facebook or Instagram or Twitter for the first time and will give you a shout-out, would love to hear from you. We had one listen to reach out to us, and you, you should see whenever somebody, like, likes the Facebook page or makes a comment. Yeah. You are text back forth. Who am I using the last time? Somebody did. It was Robert Hill. He lost his mind. He has exclusive merch. He does signed exactly. Why the duo.
00:03:41How you doing, buddy? Mike, how you been? I've been good. So I don't know if I mentioned this last week, but I'll mention it. Now is my wife is getting tired of what happened. She said she said, yeah, it's kind of funny but it's not really. You did it six times in the first half hour, and I'm surprised me, because I thought we did it at least 12, what happened, what happened? So I refuse to believe. We're going to lose so many lives from. I refuse to believe that people do not enjoy. Hey, what happened? If you don't like Fred Willard, hey, what happened to the wrong with you? Not the podcast, when you enter the door here, you have to enjoy that. You have to enjoy anytime Leslie, Nielsen shows up in Naked Gun play, basketball, one-on-one, and with as little dribbling as possible or airplane. You have to smile. Yes, okay.
00:04:41And Alyssa trip myself up for 3, but I refuse to believe that people don't like, hey, what happened? I saw on the rundown. I think it sounds like Chris, Michael. Enjoys. Hey, where's Michael loves it? Yeah, and that brings me so much joy because in my mind, I imagine him walking into the house. What happened? And then married like hey, what happened? I'll go for a couple of months and then it'll start the great at her branch and he'll say what happened? Stabbed him with a whole work. Not yet. No, no. No, you don't like late at night. She'll think, did I really marry the right guy? And that'll last for a few months and every day.
00:05:37Yourself. And then it'll start slow. She'll spit into his food. When he's not looking, she'll do something to her. She'll take some files out of his, you know what to takes to work. So, take him out and hide him somewhere in the house, is going to pull a better call. Also pull Better Call Saul thing I've ever heard since 7 months, then he's going to see Redrum written in lipstick on one of the doors.
00:06:09You've met Mary right half that she's actually very cool. Anyone can be broken.
00:06:17Anyone can go down a dark Vader. Just saying this for ladies who love to smell their best. Now, back to the show.
00:06:33A way for a new listener, stick with us. We've got other things to talk about, but I actually really good shows are catching Us in December rough. Interesting year since what last year?
00:06:512021 has been an interesting year recorded around this time. Last year, totally flopped. What was the one last year at this time? I don't know, like episode 5 or 6. Yeah, that would suck if you started in.
00:07:17You like Red Robin, Mike. I lost my mind at Red Robin, Robin. Yum. So when you go to Red Robin, you have some choices to make. You can be good. They have salads there. I've heard it's the point that's like going to a hooker and asking for a hug. Wow.
00:07:35And they have some chicken sandwiches and then they have their burgers and then they have their Gourmet Burgers. Some say, Gourmet, but whatever. Who do you think you are? One of the burgers that was noted was the ultimate cheese? Mr. Cheese Captain cheese, something. She had two different types of cheese, whatever. Okay, and then a cheese sauce was so hurt me. When I said that with my family was I ordered a Stella. I think that's what you do. I ordered the small because you can get, you can get the small or you can get the. I don't care about anybody around me. At this moment. They brought me out like a viking, mug styled like it. It had added to it, like, hit the table in the table, kind of slanted towards me a little bit and Beth said,
00:08:35I'll quote. Whoa, and I said, wow, I mean, I was thirsty, but this is takes it to a whole new level, but you never said something like that back and then it came to time to order the mill. So I ordered the mixed cheese or whatever the hell that was the captain sees testic special. Yeah, and then they said, do you want fries? And I said yes.
00:08:59If you ask me any more stupid questions, the tip is going out the window, right? The kids ordered, whatever they ordered, right? And then vests ordered something with a burger and then they brought that and then halfway through the burger with Burger in my mouth. I said I'm getting milkshake today, but I'm the one they're okay. Okay. Okay, so we get done at now. My stomach and my body is saying, you need to calm down and we cannot take a milkshake and then the lady came around and I said, what do I need to do to get a milkshake?
00:09:32I got a strawberry milkshake. And you said that sounds good. I get a strawberry milkshake and then that's got two. Cookies and cream. And Charlie got two cookies and cream. And she said this is going to be like a little kids version for him. And I looked at him and said, Charlie. Do you want to little kids version? Do you want the adult manly version? I want the big milkshake. I said, he'll have the big milkshake. She looked at me as, though, to say, are you sure? And I looked at her, sternly you watch tread lightly Lee is a future cage fighter here, at school around here. He ordered an adult Oreo shake, you will come back with an adult Oreo shake. You will place it in front of him and you will hope that that's enough to stay his hand.
00:10:15So she brought him back. I need to go mugs because we're not crazy.
00:10:25And we walked out slurping the milkshakes and my family had the gall. So this is Red Robin. So, you know the geography that by the time we merged on the 75, I was almost done. I was going to say, you know, like the end like there's nothing left. They were like, while you're through that already and you're still going. I thought about getting too cuz I wouldn't have won the last the whole ride so we came home the milkshake. Now the worst thing that you can do after having a red robin make cheese super flurry Burger. It's kind of like if you get a head injury, you don't lay down. Yeah. I got that. You get that you can fries and you get a milkshake. You do not want to go to bed immediately know. So I went straight to bed.
00:11:14I didn't even have a glass of water by the bed. I just, I just went in because I couldn't say, I couldn't hear anything. I'm just like, I need to go upstairs and go to bed. I think I slept about 16 hours. I don't know what happened. I don't know what happened. I felt great. I haven't felt better than that. In a long time. The next morning. I was expecting to feel horrible, but I felt refreshed rejuvenated.
00:11:40When's the my toxins? So what you're trying to say is just go Gorge yourself and you'll love yourself in a mess today. Once the next, the next time we do this and we've got the six planning is I want to do all of what I just said, but I want to add a movie onto the end of it and eat a very large popcorn. God. Yeah, I mean, they'll be taking me to the emergency room about 3 in the morning. Yeah, it'll be worth it. Did you get the like the Red Robin seasoning on the fries? Any more? They have ketchup salt. The hell, why you keep asking me? At least it wasn't available to us. I looked around the other tables. I know exactly what you're talkin about. We have seasoned salt here because of Red Robin. I thought. Wow, this is tasty salt. Did you get refills on your fries? Cuz they
00:12:40Play unlimited fries know, the one time I did that, I very much regretted it. I did too. I think and it plus. So once I am going to fall face-first in the Turley, once I made the decision to get a milkshake, which was three hours before we went to Red Robin. I decided if I I have enough in me enough willpower to make it through a burger fries and their milkshake. I had any more to that. I could do that and go watch a Musical. Musical take me to Red Robin, get me hyped up on all that something while watching I'll go watch cats and then will we watch the greatest showman twice.
00:13:23Okay twice and I'll review it. Okay. Yeah, I'll give a review of it and talk about how much it's awesome. I actually feel bad for your wife. Well, I always feel better. But when we were moving stuff into her mom's assisted living facility. Yes. We were talking about movies, that show in the theater there. At the nursing home. Assisted living facilities. Just a living.
00:13:55I would love to watch that movie. I want to see you. Like no, no, no, no, no. Not going to happen. No, no hands up. No way out of here. No, she's like
00:14:09Watch a movie. I want to watch them thinking best come over to the house and I'll watch it with you. But then I think that's crossing a line and podcast don't break the musical. It's great is what I'm saying. You liked the Elton, John one I did and I didn't like the old me in Rhapsody. Is that considered a Musical 2? Or is that like a rock Rocky mentary? Absolutely. I got about halfway through it and it dawned on me my God. I'm watching a music on the Alley like it so I can I can like musicals. It's like best your hand. Like she had to sit through it. I think she had to find something in that the Chi-Lites. Yeah, and when we came out of it, she said I really liked the part where they took when they push the the wall of dead bodies over on the other Army. I like,
00:15:13Hi, I'm Dave way. And now it's time for Dave's Comedy Corner.
00:15:18So what's the deal with these Marvel characters? You know, if you think Thor had a big hammer, you should see a socket set.
00:15:26This has been Dave's Comedy Corner.
00:15:31Speaking of movies. There's two things. I want to talk about that are not on the rundown. Okay? In one of our interactions, we I came across on the Tweeter, another podcast and I sent them a message cuz I really dig their food. Okay, what they do, they have to host and if I were more prepared, I be able to tell you the name of the podcast. I can't tell you the name of it and every week, bring up a movie that one loves and one can't stand. And the person that loves it has to defend, its kind of CounterPoint. Yeah, that's a really cool. Flea market. A host of a podcast with an individual that can't stand Keanu, Reeves and anything like Keanu Reeves.
00:16:31Coldest and the Matrix volume up like you say you do hate, don't hate The Beatles what you do? I don't hit the field that you do and learn to hate Art, Garfunkel. Well, you know, that's just like your opinion man. They said was outside of Roy Orbison and Ronnie James Dio, okay.
00:16:55Tom Jones and Chris Cornell. Those are the top five male. Vocal Art, Garfunkel. Roy Orbison, Ronnie James, Dio, Cornell. Who was it? That was in a movie like a James Bond movie. Was it? Tom Jones, or was it the other guy? Who's the other guy? That's like, Tom Jones name guys. Like Tom lives in Vegas. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. That guy. Vern Gosdin. He was the only he was in a movie in, like a James by like he was in one of those like serious movies, but he was a dude. Haha. Like I think I use a serious movie that dude. He was a thing.
00:17:43Wayne Newton? Okay, Wayne Newton. Now. I'm going to look him up on IMDb to see which movie. I have to see. Okay, and we're going to come back and everybody on the podcasting to be amazed that I can recall. This way to kill. He was the bad guy in license to Kill. Okay. Hopefully, I was actually right about some weight and he was also a license to Kill everything. What my point is is that I remembered something I asked, I'm usually so wrong about these. They know. I remember that he was at. I said he was in a James Bond movie. Remember, I couldn't remember his name right or the movie, but I knew that an actor with the hair and sings as in a movie with the gun in James Bond Clark, Griswold's wife had the hots for him. Okay. So now I'm over here.
00:18:43More joint.
00:18:48Let me ask you this. This is going off the rails here. Join. What? Who is your, who's your favorite? Who's your favorite? James Bond? What you got to say? Sean Connery? You don't necessarily have to say you're in a safe Zone here. You're in a safety tree here. I really like Rodger Moore. A lot of people say that I really wanted. People say that Rodger Moore was the first one that I saw your eyes doesn't mean that's a reason a lot of people say that was a first one. I saw I always like Rodger Moore was cooler. But yeah, if you go back and watch the older one chunk out of his back when you can just back into a woman and it was like it's uncomfortable watching the first couple cuz I'm like, I'm going to watch the first couple again and it's like a laser say something is like whatever and he just waved his hand and walks out. Like whoa, dude, what are you?
00:19:48Hands are all the show. Whatever. What did I say to my redneck accent? So it's going to be. So for me, my favorite for a long time and walk with me down the slide. Okay. I was a Remington Steele fan. Okay, and when he was announced as the next James Bond, I was like, yes. Now I dug Rodger Moore, the Rodger Moore for me like you was the first James Bond that I saw and it made me think that James Bond was like, kind of camping thing. There's Brosnan was the guy that kind of brought it back to you. It's not that campy. It's kind of more serious. And then Daniel, Craig just went full serious and I, I lost my mind with Daniel Craig. I love Daniel Craig. Took it more serious than any of the other ones yet. It's almost like he. Like let's turn these into real movies. Okay. Movies, make a real spy movie have. So it was your grandpa's
00:20:48James Bond, like, what's that woman doing there? She shouldn't be doing anything. But, you know, he's like what you'd like his sex system as weird as you can get Rodger Moore was the kind of funny one. Yes. Can't be one for us Pierce. Bronson. As we get older and it gets it more serious, but he still had some quips and he was in mrs. Doubtfire. So, we had some, and then finally, when we're all growed up, and we've seen Bourne Supremacy, and those kind of weird debates happen, Welborn could totally kick James Bond's ass. Then that's when they say. Okay was bringing Daniel Craig, Timothy, Dalton.
00:21:26I was just do you think it was a title? The Living Daylights? Do you think that's what made it bother me? I mean, I have it over there. I don't know if I'll ever watching The Living Daylights in for your money out. Something ultimatum. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, they did all six James Bonds at the Oscars. Sean Connery's like he'll now. Pierce Brosnan was no, I'm not going to do that at all. I don't know if the plan is screwed. Is if one of them says no. Cuz you know, what's the point? It was cold and no one has seen. What's the other guy? Who's in one movie Brice Johnson?
00:22:26Johnson. Yeah, who was my third? Favorite James Bond. Bronson Brosnan. I say Bryson in cuz I just do he's him and Sean Connery. The only ones are really ever had a career outside of James Bond. I mean, once Rodger Moore was in James Bond. That was what he did Pierce Bronson had other stuff. Brosnan George Lazenby, keep saying that George Lazenby smart phone line of cologne did the gorilla
00:23:06Is that what that thing says that he started?
00:23:14Long way to go for that one. But, hey, what happened? You don't want that in your on your neck?
00:23:21What happens?
00:23:24This portion of irritable dad syndrome is brought you by Kenner toys. They made the Star Wars figures. Now, back to the show.
00:23:34So Christmas is coming up. Okay, it's coming up this actually baby. Today for all this is your last chance to order stuff for your loved one. Exactly. If you want to get it by January 14th, you can order it now at irritable Down syndrome., go to armored section and 5 p.m., But I want to tell a Christmas story when I was a kid. We went to Lafayette Indiana to visit my grandparents and I've talked about my uncle Fran before my uncle Fran dressed up as Santa Claus one year. I kind of cousins. Donnie and Dustin were so little and they believed it was Santa Claus mind. They did not pay attention at all to the fact that Santa Claus was Dripping with sweat.
00:24:24They didn't pay attention to the fact that Santa Claus had a smoke in one hand, and a Budweiser in the other one up there. And I'm crying because I was just just, just covered, just dripping, and the boys sat on his lap. And what do you want for Christmas? It's somewhere. And I don't have a picture. I wish I did. I've got to reach out to my aunt and see if she's got a copy. But there's a picture, my friend, the smoking, one hand, a beer in the other dressed as Santa Claus. It was the best Christmas ever. And then you go. I have an uncle on my other side of the family who on Christmas Eve. We would go to my Granny's house. He would give all the kids fireworks.
00:25:21Okay, so all the kids are out there in the snow, risking death, and pneumonia, and losing a finger, burning themselves lighting off, firecrackers out in the snow. Merry Christmas. So when we visited, we visit the best of sisters, a couple years ago, kids were younger and more impressionable and and much more gullible than they are now, right. I was telling them, I'll give you $0.50 if you take off your shoes and socks.
00:25:52Run out into the snow and stand there for 30 seconds and then run back in 50 cents. It was entertaining. I felt like it, I was stretching my entertainment value entertainment dollar, they did it, which I was cracking up. I thought this was hilarious. So then I said go out there and do it for a minute and then it did it longer. These, your kids, my kids and their kids. By the time this is over their feet were like red slightly blue. I thought it was funny.
00:26:25And nobody else stopped it with the funniest part to me. Can I tell you this? I don't think that's what we're here for. Like, I don't know how I feel about this. The funnest and funniest part for me was the fact that they were doing it for $56. You're risking your feet. Right? Like your your feet can get frostbite. You may lose a toe even as an ankle, you lose your whole foot and you're excited over fifty cents and that's what and what's hilarious is me to keep you on your way. Like, you know what? I actually don't have any change. I don't think I actually paid them. I doubt seriously you did all that was a hoot.
00:27:06Marvel, I read this is bringing back Daredevil. Did you ever watch daredevil on Netflix? I did not know that the TV show. Did Ben Affleck. Forget he exists. Okay, forget that. They tried to make it. So I tried to make it kind of funny. It's, and it's not the TV show with, I forgot. Yes. Okay, and the guy was she in the TV show, was she in the movie. I don't know if she's even in any of it. Anyway, the TV show. They're also making blade. I've heard that as well. You should watch Daredevil at least the first two episodes. Okay, there's a scene. I think it's in the second episode. It's a single shot. Okay.
00:27:54The reason I'm excited about them. Bringing this back is because I felt like it apparently, it was, like, stopped it fed into the Punisher and that James Bernthal guy. That was big and Walking. Dead. Rick's friend in the beginning. Shane Shane. He's the Punisher. So he comes in Daredevil season 2, the Daredevil and Punisher kind of go at each other and then the Punisher went off on his on his own series. Okay, but if you watch the Daredevil episodes, you watch episode 2, there's a scene where he goes into a place of facility and I'm not really spoiling anything. It's, it's like a Kroger or library or no. It's like an underground like they're, they're capturing kids. That's like some kind of weird thing or a bad thing or a bad thing bad. It's okay. And he goes in to rescue this kid. So there's a shot down the hallway and there's like three or four doors on either side of the hallway. Now, the kid is in the door at the very end of the hallway.
00:28:54This camera is facing. He doesn't know that yet. He's going to go door-to-door looking for this kid. It's a single shot. There's no Cuts. There's no breaks the camera never moves. He goes into each room and it gets more more amazing. The choreographing of the fight because they're breaking the walls. They're slamming stuff. There's some gunshots, that happened. It's amazing. It's a good, I don't know, a couple minutes, 3 or 4 minutes just straight shot before he gets the end and rescues the kid, bring him out. So I mean Daredevil in the comics and in the show, he's blind. Okay. And he fights with like he listens for where the sound is, he could protect her people as he uses radar laser straightener and what makes it even better? Is that at this point? He's he's new in the series. He doesn't have his costume yet. He is like a red costume. But at this point all he has is a bandana. Not a tool. Bandana. He's not that cold, but a bandana
00:29:54And the size and he's walking looking like a pirate and he's destroying all these people. So it's worth watching, just for the first two episodes to get that scene in your head, to see why I'm so excited that he's going to be joining them. See you, and be in the movies that dude nailed that character to see him. Be Daredevil as I am for, you know, like when for changed and Ragnarok levels for guy, every human male over the age of 30 loves Captain America in the similar vein, their super powers people with his fists, right blind.
00:30:46By the way, I'm a light license to Kill is Timothy Dalton? Not Rushmore. I guess I have seen it with you Dalton. Yeah, some of that. And that's what we did. We went to see him at the movie theater, because I know, but I went to me, there's something to do. I didn't dislike him deserve that or Toy Story.
00:31:12No, man, what the hell you talking about? I never disliked James Bond, but it just wasn't my oh my God. I got to rush out and see the new one. I'm of the opinion that they need to stop because they've made how many James Bond movies were sixth guy. Okay? Death people want to see that thing. I know but if you want to see that thing. Hello.
00:31:46That's what they did with the Bourne Identity. The Bourne Ultimatum. Okay, Jason Bourne came out, and I might finally someone proved that you can make a type of movie like this. Yeah, James Bond, I think they've done it. And so, yeah, I think they need to let it go. There's something to be said for every few years, seen a trailer come out, and it looks like nothing you've ever seen. All the sudden, the Dude Looks of the cameras is Bond. James, buy a nearby and loses their mind. I don't care. I don't really have a car that drops still playing, but she's shaved, my paint job. Now. What the hell? I like the closest thing I ever did, like, black James Bond was, you know, you put a bunch of helium balloons in
00:32:46Trunk when you're driving, you pop the thing in the trunk opens up on its own and all the balloons come out and you like the guy in up exactly steer this into Pixar and I'm not trying to talk about Pixar. I just whip that out like it was nothing Disney. Plus they made a five little half-hour episodes with mr. Fredrickson and Doug the dog, and they're all fantastic view. Yeah. They're really good. We've been to watching a really good cuz I love the movie up. Yeah, don't don't act like I'm crazy cuz I enjoy fixing. I am just uncomfortable with this conversation. Now, you're fine talking about Daredevil busting through walls of people who are selling kids into whatever but mr. Fredrickson and a bunch of balloons makes you uncomfortable me.
00:33:45This portion of irritable, dad syndrome is brought to you by Memaw's Country Kitchen, cheese titties. The crispy cheesy treats. You'll crave, I gave way and I love titties, especially meatballs Country. Kitchen cheese, titties baked with a rich sweet and cheesy flavor. You'll taste the difference. When you bite into these titties. These snacks are so good. If you put one titty in your mouth, I'll guarantee you for meatballs Country. Kitchen, cheese titties asked for them by name.
00:34:22It's time now for the Kroger story of the week. I think there's something wrong with my Kroger, which one the one, the new one, the one that I shop at. Every time I go, nothing happens. Yeah. Last like 5 times. I went, I haven't ran into anybody free on the cashiers, don't have anything to do, or say there's nobody at the Crowbar. I mean, it's like 1 in the afternoon. Of course, there's nothing wacky where the serial is. It's nothing in the parking lot and it's really starting to bother me because we used to have the Kroger story of the week. Yeah, we don't have that. We haven't had it, cuz nothing happens. Nothing happened. And I get out of my car and I'm walking down and there's a guy and he's holding the stogie.
00:35:10And I look at his car and I think it home. There's gasoline coming out of the bottom of his. Yeah. It's like he's standing and there's gasoline all coming up from the bottom of his car and he's holding a cigar, a lit cigar can wait and I'm thinking no and then I realized he's got a cooler. He's emptying the water out of his cooler. So I thought we were going to have an explosion. This is how you were. So you were thinking, I hope that's gasoline. I hope the guy standing there with a stogie standing over a thing of gasoline. I want to get someone to die horribly for my comedy podcast. I don't want him to die. Well, I get one of those damned if it explodes. He has knocked back 20 or 30 feet. Now that any son of mine, that's funny. And no one else standing there with a stogie over gasoline Christmas. He could have fallen into a bunch of trees, been fun. But as soon as I realized,
00:36:10Biome. Like you mean nothing? To me. This isn't going to go on the pot. Will it snow in the podcast now, but anyways, so something's got to happen. Cuz we did last week. I think wrapped up from 52 minutes. We would have been a solid hour long. If we can I tell you something about Kroger. I'm tired of their grapes that are amazing. You got me excited because they have grapes in the Box. They don't have them in the order. They, they still have them in that zip lock bag. They leave open for weirdos to go in and grab an exact work. Exactly, but they had them in the box and I got some black grapes. Those are my favorite, get your black, your red, and your green green, or the least Reds middle black or awesome. Okay, so I got some black grapes in the box like they just that's more gravy to me.
00:37:03All Renditions of grapes. You see that our gravy are the black or very dark. I called black. They're very dark purple, right? So I love those guys. I got those dark purple and they were great. You can cut that out. They were, they were wonderful. I love them. That was like, eating candy, and then I go back, and he's like, spooky Licious.
00:37:30Mike, please cut that out of pocket. I come back and I go to buy those boxes and I noticed something very vexing to me cuz it's not a lot of boxes. Which can mean are these the same boxes from the last time I was here like a week and a half ago and they're just they haven't sold them yet. These are the ones that didn't sell one about the other one and I picked one of them up and I looked and there was mold growing on the grapes. So I had to go and I already had a hankering for grapes at that point. So I had to go over to Ziploc Slurpee land and get green grapes.
00:38:11Some weirdos been smurfit on some jack whole, taking the Slurpee grapes, back to his assisted living facility in reading about war planes. Yeah. I didn't like, it didn't like it at all. You know, what I worked at the grocery store for five and a half years, and I'll be going and getting my back in, or gets worse. If I go to the dairy cuz I, I have a certificate in Derry and frozen food distribution. I do. I'm a certified to sell that to sell, like, in my profit from it. But to work in those two departments. Thank you very much, but I'll go through. And if I notice that there is something with a later date, and it's in front of something. That's the wrong date. I'll move it around. I intentionally put the product works where you sell the oldest stuff. See, I have I have an associate's degree in facing. Okay. So when I
00:39:11Worked at Kroger in the college days. I worked in the pharmacy slash drug area and I had to face the aisles which way is, right? Yeah. We called that blind. I was doing that and I think we're past the statute of limitations on this story. It's a good twenty years past. I had a boss who was of questionable moral character. What did Mel Brooks now? Well, I only say that because she was complaining about it. So, you know, put two and two together is complain. Anyway, I was yes, and I was facing. I was facing the Tylenol.
00:40:04And he came over.
00:40:09And I was working one way, down the aisle to the section that I hadn't done yet. I was on my way there, like mowing the lawn, you ready to go over to the section. We haven't mowed yet. You can't blame the guy for not having that part. Not mowed. He blamed me for not having this face and he's like, let's let's talk about your facing. Okay? Okay, so I went over to see what he had to say about facing and he said, does this look acceptable to you? And I'm like, well, I haven't. This is kind of guy. I haven't gotten to this party started. I'm talking and he says, now you pay attention. You don't know what I said. Excuse me. I'm talking, that's what he said to me. And what I've been doing down the aisle and then I like an idiot think that he's actually here for a conversation.
00:41:04I said, but sir, and I called him, sir right down here. You see, I've done exactly that is like, excuse me. Are you saying that? I can't tell what's Ben faist and what's not been faced, and it's like, when something clicked in my head, like you, it doesn't matter what you say. He's going to disagree with it because he came over here with that thing. Haha. So I took all that. So now every time I do something off and I I think somebody came through and face that and it's been unfaced. And now some manager make him I say this. I don't even know if they do that anymore, cuz where they have the automatic sings. This is they didn't have a lot. You know what, I'd like the spring-loaded like you the Africans in the thing and he told me, yes. Yes.
00:42:04I didn't have that literally just shelves, right? So anytime some jack wad, some Karen as they're called when come through a certain man, handling all the children's Afrin. I hate when they do that. I had to go back through and reface. All those things. This has been the Kroger story of the week.
00:42:24I was trying to think of my days at Winn-Dixie when I would but we called, it blocking your block, the stuff you blocking. Okay, we block the shelves, a couple things that we did. Whenever somebody knew was on the stockroom. We would tell them if they work the salad dressing. I'll send you put it on the I'll put it on there and me and there's a got bull. There's no, I don't even remember. Okay, so long, I don't know the guys name and there was a guy Mark and then there is and I can't really look at David and we would get a new person on there. And then that's what we would do. Usually our boss. Mr. Wilcox. Okay, he usually did not work overnight Stocker. One of the other assistant managers would do the overnight. Okay, we have the guys cuz you can't leave a bunch of
00:43:24Teenagers in a store, right? Got to have a manager there. Yeah, so he's picking up another, he's like, oh God damn it.
00:43:46Fat Albert.
00:43:48Swallowed his face, but it's like, come on. We've got stuff to. Okay, you remind me of another story. Now, this is much later in my life. So what I told you there was when I was in college, I had a brief stint at Kroger much later in my life after I'm out of college. I'm at like an actual quote on quote real job and it was my first day one of the people that work there was taking me a much war and said when he hears the water fountain and and there was a bucket right next to it. I'm like, What's the fucking 40? You need to. One of the things you need to do everyday, is refill the water fountain. You take the bucket in the bathroom. We fill it up with water, and you come out and you and I'm I'm staring at him.
00:44:39And I think he thinks that I buy it, it.
00:44:42And I'm trying to decide. Does he really should I laugh? Or does he really think that I'm this stupid and I just like to come on you like you'd be surprised how many people we get with that one? Fast forward a few months later. We hired a few more engineers and I was walking down the hall.
00:45:04And I see one of the new Engineers up ending a bucket into the water fountain and I couldn't help because I'm walking to the lab, which is right next to it. I just like she says, and they look at me and and they said, am I doing it wrong?
00:45:20My God, oh my Lord. At my first TV station. The I heard a prank that they would pull on new production assistant. Okay, so at TV stations, the weatherman, the meteorologist, it's not a weatherman because women do the weather also weather person meteorologist, stand in front of the chroma key wall used to be blue. It's now green and and Superman. That's how he flew. And Peter Jackson did Lord of the Rings in front of green screen. Technology what they caught. So it's the chroma key wall.
00:45:54My boss.
00:45:59Two guys were in on it Rusty lock the door on someone else who is in a closet and he's banging on the closet on the inside.
00:46:13What are the production assistants runs? This is someone tell me where to find the chroma key and the engineers are real. Like I do. Yeah, it's, it's over in the back room. Whatever they would be grateful. You're double dead syndrome is probably brought to buy this liquid concentrated, wallpaper stripper Otis elevators, and bone-sucking mustard, please use their products whenever possible, and help them make a boatload of money. Thank you. Now, back to our program. I coined the phrase that our house, a new, a new phrase. I did this, after Thanksgiving, you know, we had leftover turkey and leftover ham and had a bunch of leftovers and everything. And so it was two or three nights afterwards.
00:46:57I didn't feel like, cooking and Libby didn't feel like cooking. And so, we decided it's left overnight. And we told the boys, good luck. Good luck. Finding what you want to find, but it's in there. Go get it. I were so happy. Now that we have good luck dinner night. So I can't wait till we get to that point was really the only person we have to really feed here is Charlie Andrews. Reach the point. Like cat level, you can leave a cat alone and it'll find a way. A dog is just going to start eating majors and trees and everything else. So Charlie still needs to have people to make him something for food, and then give him a cup that he can, you know, cuz he can't reach the cupboard of once he reaches that level with Andrew and it's like, just off the hands that we parented, we parented to the best of our ability. We got an email.
00:47:57Sorta, okay, from your wife.
00:48:02Tell Mike to kick me a message. Hey, hey, can you quit saying it will happen. I know she wants you and I to figure out why Chipotle has run out of straw. That is weird because I don't know if it's just a Chipotle thing because I was driving home from work. I was downtown and I'm running late and I've got to get the camera to know. I was running late and I got to get over here to do this damn thing. So I ran through Wendy's and they didn't give me a straw straws. Who Chick-fil-A is throwing straws at me while she tell me, you're done, you're done. I have some dinner there. So so there's two Chipotle Chipotle here by the house and there's one near where I work and the one near where I work is incompetent. Okay, they have they do online ordering and then you get there and they never have your food. Sometimes. It's a good 30 minute. Wait for your food. You could have just
00:49:02The aisle. You would like. Yeah, what's the point? Right? So it's a crapshoot but I love me some Chipotle and so when they didn't have straws at that, will this just in confidence? They just have a problem with the supply chain issue. They can't get their stuff there. So one day for lunch I had I had some time I came out to this one and the same thing and that's when I started say, wow. There's some kind of weird straw shortage. This one for those of you who don't know, shares a parking lot with Kroger. If you go into Kroger, you can walk in and buy some straws which is what best mentioned to me. Why don't they just send somebody over there to go buy some straws? Not and then she made the statement to me which brought us into conversation. I I know she didn't expect to have aren't all straws the same to which me being Captain. Know-it-all was like actually no. No, they're not Chick-fil-A. Has red straws Chipotle has black straws Wendy's has normal straws with a stripe down it.
00:50:02McDonald's has offensive straws. McDonald's has like a manhole cover on what? They're so huge. Like you can drink. It's ungodly. Can you find that offensive?
00:50:15It's it, you'll drown. If you are used to the thin, tell you what, okay. OK, Google a four-month. Just get Chick-fil-A size drawers for a month don't have McDonald's and then go to McDonald's and get one of those drawers like drinking out of a garden. Hose. You need to have a buddy have a swim buddy with you. Get some water wings cuz it is it's like drinking out of a water hose that those times when we went to Billy Billy Idol and we saw the McDonald's at the first time. I've been to McDonald's and months and months and I got that straw and it was like Lord would like 12 oz in this straw, you know more about straws and anybody I've ever talked to I think the ones that expand, you know, Bob Evans used to have those. A lot of those used to be really then I miss the curly straws. Yeah. I know. Those are fun.
00:51:26We watched a few Christmas movies. Okay, doodoo and join Chris and I know you've got a black heart. Why do you do you don't? You don't like I love and I'm surprised that you had your Christmas tree up because I know you hate Christmas song by slotted as much as I could. I know you ain't Christmas music. I don't hate you. I just over it. Now. I do love, I do love the Paul McCartney. Wonderful. Christmastime could be mainly cuz of the meme that I posted that. You saw that I laughed way too much of that over the weekend. When I saw that Christmas movies, we watch that just yesterday. I like Christmas story but enough I love Christmas Story and once a year is all I need and die hard. Like, okay. Here's the thing. The whole Die Hard. Is a Christmas movie thing. I've been watching. Die Hard.
00:52:17During Christmas since I was in college, so now everybody's on the diet and I hate, I know, I'm not trying to be one of those guys is, like, now that everybody's doing it. I'm annoyed with it. I'm just, I'm seriously. It's been 20 plus years. Yeah. I'm like a couple of years ago, like best came down. Typically what we do is we wrap presents while we're watching Die Hard, that's been my tradition forever and Bess has gotten into or she can cut the movie and she came down last year and I had Lethal Weapon on Chic Boutique. What are you doing? I mean, it's it's a Christmas program on. I'm kind of, you know, I'm like I'm getting to the point where literally the Christmas before the whole time. I'm wrapping. I'm melting the movie it because I am a mother and I'm doing this with your toes, you know, the whole thing, right? All the Die Hard quotes, you know, you
00:53:17Couldn't take it anymore. We tried to move die, hard to. It's not the same. No, not the same know. I love die hard. It's one of my favorite all-time movies where I actually read most of the books, you know, it's based on a book. Okay, I forget the name of the book, but something weird happens at the end. It's different than how it is in the movie cuz I ain't wanted to be all weird, right? It is what I had a hood last week. Last year. I had a hoot watching Lethal Weapon while wrapping presents. And then there was a another gentleman that I used to work with when we were talking about Christmas movies like that. He said his go-to was last kiss. Good night long. The Long Kiss. Goodnight. OK. Google Freeman and what's-her-face Ashley Judd. No Winona Ryder. That lady. Some lady Kyra Sedgwick. I don't know who this is, but it's
00:54:17Don't listen blond. Oh, okay. We're here. She's at she's an assassin like born. She was an assassin but she forgot about it Mira Sorvino. No. Okay. We'll look it up later. My point is, is that
00:54:37Try to help you out here. I don't every time I hear that name, I think of paper mache and moved on to Lethal Weapon and I'm looking for other pictures. Did the question was about Christmas movie? Christmas Vacation DieHard. Lethal Weapon. Elf is my favorite. We watch Elf. Every Thanksgiving turkey is done. We're all for, we had our pie with, put everything away, and then we sit on our asses down and we watch Elf. And I, swear this year. I think I laughed harder this year than I have in the years past and I've seen it. I've seen it 25 times, probably. I don't know how many times I've seen it. Let me know, I would see it at the theater. We oughta and owned it before we had kids. It's just the perfect movie for me, and Will Ferrell. Oh my God. I don't even like his other movies. I love Will Ferrell. Yeah. I hate the movie Anchorman. You can hate me all you want.
00:55:37Dang it. I kind of actually living. I got up and walked out of the theater. We were done with it cuz we went to see Anchorman. It was the last weekend before Libby was supposed to give birth to Jacob loved our weekends. Are we going to go to sometimes two movies a weekend? We go to Panera, I would get our chicken wild rice soup, and then we go to the movie or vice versa. Anyway, so this is our last weekend and we're sitting there, like, this is our last weekend because we knew that we would never be able to go to a movie again, ever ever. Yeah, cuz kids ruin your life. And we're watching Anchorman and we're like, this is, we're just not into it. So we got up and we left. Yeah, we went to some movie about the Knights of the Round Table, and we watch about 20 minutes of that and it was crap. We have got to see something good for it cuz it's our last weekend ever to see a movie.
00:56:37Brings The Tale of Two. Cities are the third watch, Lord of the Rings, The Return of the King before we had kids, but it was one of those rare moments where we had an opportunity to see a movie and we just picked a random movie. I think we had Andrew, was being babysat in this for Charlie existed. We saw at 21 Jump Street though. The remake with Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum. We laughed so hard at that and in those type of movies. I think the that movie and Anchorman, it's interesting because first off, I can't stand Adam Sandler movies in any capacity. I just can't take it. If I, even if I see a trailer and it looks awesome. If he goes in MCU, I'm done. I'm done. I can't I can't do it. So I just don't see if there's something there that I I look at him as you're either going to
00:57:37Love it or hate it depending on the mood and it it it totally depends on your mood. So I can see Anchorman be in that type of movie. I can see if I'd walked in the Anchorman at the end of different mood. I would absolutely hate it. I happen to be in the right mood for it. So annoyed and I laughed myself. Silly in the same thing with 21 Jump Street. I was I was having trouble breathing. I was laughing. So hard. So is best and I've seen it since. I don't think it's that funny now, but still it's it's it's hilarious. Let me tell you something about Adam, Sandler uncut, Jewels. I kept hearing over and over and over again. Oh my God, Adam Sandler actually delivers a movie and then someone gave a review for it. They said, we know you've seen his other baby, but give this one a try. Okay, cuz he actually asked so it comes out on Netflix and I'm watching it. Oh my God. It is so it's like the most obnoxious annoying movie.
00:58:37Is a comedy know what the hell? It's not to be dramatic. Yeah, I don't mind language. Okay, at the language is off the charts on this one. And Adam Sandler's character keeps getting more and more and more and more deep into the problems that we have here. He's addicted to gambling. Okay, and then he's got an ex-wife who hates him. He's losing his whole family and ate every time he tries to do one thing. It makes it worse and makes it worse. And you have a little anxiety attack as he has an anxiety attack. Yeah, and we stopped it cuz we could, it was just too much. Yeah, there's way too much. So we stopped the movie and then I couldn't sleep. I'm laying there and I'm like, I just can't WhatsApp. And so I went and I finished it out of curiosity to see if it got any better. And then the ending blew my mind, just an absolute getting away in a good one. And I was
00:59:37I appreciate it. And there's one of the worst movies that I ever appreciate it. I just hated the movie. But afterwards, I'm like, damn, she always makes no sense. I've always believed. I think this is true that the best dramatic actors. You'll ever see. Are comedians are people who are people, who can do comedic, Robin named Robin Williams Bryan, Cranston. I'm trying to think of who, I thought Jim Carrey is a very good. Jim Keras of a very good romantic. Comedy is the toughest thing to do in terms of acting. So if you can mail that I, I don't want to say the rest is easy, but I think that transitions easier than going the other way, right? Robert De Niro did drama all his life and then he tried to do, and it's actually pretty funny actually, pretty fun. But yeah, so like but when I see, I don't know what it is. It's something about Adam Sandler. I just can't, I just can't. And I like the guy
01:00:37I probably I probably have a really good time with him. If I ever met him, you know, it'd be like, this is you or your great dude. If I ever met Adam Sandler, I think he was great. I talk to you, I did like pixels the movie pixels. Yeah. My favorite thing was Halloween with Adam Sandler. Take like a magic marker and you can put on your head. Hey, I'm crazy magic Marblehead. Give me some candy and it was every time I got to stay on my head. I'm crazy. But so I'll give you some examples examples of Planes Trains and Automobiles one of the most heart string pulling a couple of them is when John,
01:01:37And he's given the, I'd like me that's Peach. And then at the end of the end when they're carrying to think tears. Yes, like a like a I mean, come on comedians, basically to comedic actors. I mean, it's all over the place in like Cranston with Breaking Bad. I mean,
01:02:00I mean good Lord.
01:02:03Robin Williams Dead Poets Society when he remember when Dead Poets Society, Captain Tom Hanks. Good God Good Will Hunting. Yep. And Tom Hanks was the Bosom Buddies guy. I was in Splash. He was bachelor party. You never find a guy. He was at an award ceremony, and I remember the girl. I was dating. I looked at her, like, oh my God. Tom Hanks. Looks like hell. She says, oh, he's preparing for a role where he plays a man who has AIDS. And I said, Tom Hanks, Tom Hanks, and I love crossovers. The other way. I think personally, that George Clooney is one of the funniest actors. I love George Clooney so much, but he didn't start out that way. He's on a dramatic and when that the other way, I kind of brought them to together. I think Brad Pitt is all my good Lord.
01:02:58Back to health. Before we wrap this, I'm at. All right. I was talking to the kids about Will Ferrell cuz they didn't know anything else that he had done besides the cowbell skit, but I was telling him, you know, James Caan is also in that movie and my three favorite James, Caan movies are Elf misery. And The Godfather James Caan, Marathon, start with a Godfather, do it doing, in order, start with a God and then going and then wrap it up with elf. Jon Favreau was directing that movie. I was watching a behind-the-scenes stuff. You know, when he grabs, buddy by the, what? Do you want? You and John Farrell. Pulled him aside and talks to him about how he wants him to do this and then he delivers it. And I was like what they tell him. He says you are Sonny Corleone.
01:03:58So, okay. So you bring up The Godfather. I am, I recently started watching a news is one of the greatest Motion Pictures ever. I didn't like all that much. When I first saw that, how old were you too young too? Young to appreciate it because now I watch it. And if there's something happening every 2 seconds, like an, it's an amazing. And I'm losing my mind it and how far it goes and everything that it does. So, yeah, I'm going back through it. I'm watching a new YouTube guy that I've been watching that goes through, he can be Compares like the book in the movie and add different information that you don't get from both sides of it. So, I love it. So yes, Sonny Corleone and James Caan. I love that. He's just hotheaded my mom's and give a crap solutely loved Sunny. She cried honey is a ride when he died.
01:04:54When they gunned him down, she was just in tears. Yes. It'll be the first time that I saw it. Al Pacino. I couldn't see him as what he want. More Michael Corleone. What are you came, now? When I watch them like my God, what a cold-hearted? Like, I see smart. I mean, this dude is an absolute badass, right? Yeah. Yeah. I mean that's what's out over there right now is a Godfather's I'm making my way back through it again. You're just going to watch the first two. Right? Here's the thing. I did watch. I did watch the third one a few years ago, you know, to like because I'm like, I don't remember that in. The only thing I can remember from it is Andy Garcia in an apartment and it's dark and he's trying to find his gun. I don't remember anything about a Napa Chino has gray hair. I've blocked. I remember
01:05:51Just when I think I'm out, pull me back at that thing and that, I remember that mainly, cuz The Sopranos cuz Silvio keep saying that in Sopranos, okay, cuz they quote The Godfather series, Alec Baldwin do that on SNL one time as Al Pacino. He might have feedback yet. He might have in The Sopranos if you want some Silvio. That was one of those things. If they would each, in-person eight different parts of the Godfather and that was one of the newest. Do, you know, you and I have a rabbit inconvenience, not so much. And I don't know what the hell I'm talking about. We can't watch it now because we've seen like 50 other Al Pacino movies and and however many other James Caan, Robert, Duvall movies. Can you imagine seeing it? For the first time when these guys weren't, we didn't know who Al Pacino was in Marlon. Brando hadn't lost his
01:06:51Find yet, you still kind of a river? Like, I have a trouble. It's interesting, you bring that up because we're both huge Breaking Bad fans. Yeah, I never saw Malcolm in the Middle. I never saw. I need to get that he did. I think I may have seen one or two episodes, but I always remembered the mom cuz the mom drove that show. She was a wacky one, of course in the kids, but I did. I did remember cuz people kept saying that Malcolm in the Middle guy. I didn't remember him being in it. You have people that I talked to you, that we're also watching Breaking Bad. They would say I have trouble seeing him as cold-hearted because of Malcolm in the Middle like I never watched it, right. So now I kind of want to watch about going to the middle. Just leave him is as soon as very funny.
01:07:37What, what a great show to have before Christmas.
01:07:44Am I right when you're done with Lethal Weapon? Yeah, fire up. Godfather Gremlin in Gremlins. Is there a never? I never watch the whole day. I saw. Snippets. I just don't Disney. Plus. I saw it. It was on there and I said, we got to watch this. The boys were glued, literally glued to the strength. And so not only is Johnny Depp amazing in it for the longest time. I thought that was Johnny Depp's best movie. Okay, but I'm still thinking. What's Eating? Gilbert? Grape is probably better and it's definitely Tim Burton's best movie Winona Ryder's, fantastic gaming, / Batman, the original Batman. Yeah. I'm a fan of Beetlejuice. I own Beetlejuice. I'm a huge fan of Michael Keaton. I watched it again.
01:08:39It doesn't hold up, as well as Edward Scissorhands. Does, you know, it's coming back? Well, they keep saying that, but I don't think it's actually going to have absolute, and its ties into Christmas. Merry Christmas Amy. I hate to be I hate to be that guy that points out the obvious but has her Edward as well as word hazards. Edward Scissorhands is basically a dude with scissors for hands.
01:09:07Is it was so much more to him than his heart. I know, but I just don't have a heart. That's why you didn't like that movie. Yeah, we want you to go to iridescent. If you go to our patreon section, you can become a patron. You can help us out. You can financially support the show. We would greatly appreciate if you did that. You can buy merchandise. You can go back and listen to previous episodes. We've got a lot of good ones on their start. Go back into the 30s. 1930s, baby dip into the 20s. Leave the teams and Below. Unknown. One of one of Andrew's friends, mom's car at a basketball game. She came up. She's like, I listen to your podcast. I'm on episode 5, and I'm like, oh no, you messed up in the 40s.
01:10:07Really? Cuz I thought it was really good. Thank you, pay. Your bar is really low taking listing and we hope to see you again next week on irritable bowel syndrome.
01:10:23Thanks for listening to irritable, dad syndrome. And hey, if you like the show, tell your friends about it. Tell your family, and tell your co-workers while you're at it. Tell them to tell their friends and their families, and their co-workers. Tell your neighbor, tell the dealer down. The street, walk up to total strangers and tell them about irritable bowel syndrome and help make this show the biggest damn podcast the world has ever seen. So get off your ass and get going.
01:10:59I just want to tell you both. Good luck. We're all counting on you.
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