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Oct. 20, 2020

IDS #8 - Flummoxed by the Falcon

IDS #8 - Flummoxed by the Falcon
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The Irritable Dad Syndrome Podcast returns!!  After the 7th (and final) episode, Mike and Darin decide to mount an impressively ridiculous comeback (one week later).  Mike loses it over the need to constantly change passwords, and is shocked by Darin's news that his wife doesn't understand the basic layout of the Millennium friggin' Falcon.  The Official Keanu Reeves Fight (TM) takes place, as Mike struggles to understand how he can continue with a co-host who doesn't appreciate John Wick or Neo.  Darin is sick of hearing "the book is better than the movie" - and Mike dampens the mood considerably to bring this week's Down the Tubes funfest:  Ted the Caver.  Finally, the duo relay some particularly embarrassing stories involving Phil Collins and Blazing Saddles.

And - yes - Mike is (now) aware that the infamous room in The Shining is 237, not 227.   

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