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March 8, 2022

IDS #80 - The Chicken Wolf Moose Pig

IDS #80 - The Chicken Wolf Moose Pig
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This week the boys decide to call themselves Skunk and Gator and nobody has a clue why.

The discussion includes Wordle strategies, radio station themed weekends, mashed potatoes, saving bottle caps, everything you need to know about cereal and much, much more.

All this plus Dave is back from a week off! You don't want to miss this episode!!

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Strip Trivia
The self-explanatory podcast where we answer trivia questions and take our pants off.

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00:00:01I'm not I'm not doing the caffeine yet. But look at our level. How long is that going to take chickity? Check, check, check. Check. Check check. Perfect. Let's roll ready to roll. I'm ready to rock her in your funky. I'm skunk skunk skunk and Gator is going to be the one we're going to bring it home tonight. We're going to tear down. The walls were going to kick ass and take names.
00:00:39Welcome to irritable dead syndrome. Yes. I took last week off got a problem. So me hear your hosts, Mike and Darren. Hey, everybody. This is episode 88 80 episodes 80s that I don't know. But now we're in, this is the 80th episode. Yeah, it's crazy and I'm not going to harp on that. I didn't want to say something because we have a loyal fan. His name is Andrew Jackson given and you posted a meme on our Facebook page. It's the the thing from Finding Neverland. What is talking to the kid? And the kid said that he had to go. He listened to that syndrome has started with Episode 1 Episode 1 Episode 1. I wouldn't still be
00:01:39Listening. So Andrew I want to say thank you. Thank you for listening to every episode. Thank you for being a loyal fan. And we really appreciate it. Okay. So here's here's something that I want to do. Where do I owe your Gator Gator? So let's look at what we talked about on episode 1. Okay. This is this is the entirety of the show notes are our first episode to! Shows urgency random. Talk. Colon embarrassing moments. Haha, why we're doing this Rubik's Cubes. You too.
00:02:24Vinyl behind the scenes on commercial shoot, passing out in the fifth grade or eighth grade, and more and more. And I actually had as a backup is my backup plan. I was going to talk about self. Remember, I was going to solve it on an audio-only five gas. Do you remember the the Pod deck? Remember the 5 deck?
00:03:01Your gifts. We got so excited and episode 2. We wrote week, two!! A failed. Hit on a spider. Do you remember that? You tried to kill her story about the spider? Yes, corteen. Pam musical primates, haha, a bad choice for robokiller and quote. My pleasure. Haha.
00:03:37Play Rusty Cage guy in the meat situation. I mean, sometimes I think the title is better than the episodes. Like episode 7 is a bunch of diagonal emoji means you love that title, all these things that I'm doing, you could go to Ariel that soon or not, and there's pictures to help guide you. There are a storybook. So you like I can't read these words, but I can see
00:04:12For example, there's a picture of a man looking at a beer, a tortilla. It was Salsa and two kids attacking each other with loaves of bread and apparently, or something. Remember that story. I don't know what that, that was. All. That was the fight. I had an eighth-grade you can see. Clearly. This one is about my kids. I hate yarkyi dropping salsa in my son's I could and getting into a fight that I lost immediately. What Mike is trying to say is if you go to irritable Dad center.com, you can scroll back and you can listen to previous episodes, and he has put a boatload of work into the website and there are pictures that go coincide with each podcast and that describe a visually what are podcast is about and we're very proud of every episode. This is episode 18. We're happy that you're here. It looks like I do good at a good podcast.
00:05:12Then you play it.
00:05:15And that only confirms your original. This is correct. That's correct.
00:05:22This portion of our show is brought you by where do plus? Yes. America's favorite, five letter word game that took the World by storm is now even better order plus is 5 times more challenging five, times more exciting and five times more exhausting than ever before. But remember, don't reveal the daily word to anybody or you'll be dragged out on the front porch and beaten within an inch of your life. Where do Plus available wherever quality word games or so? Now back to you bucking Dusty.
00:05:54Tell me if you got a Wordle update. I do have a Wordle update because 4 weeks. I've been bitching about people who play world. Where does a stupid game? Is a stupid? I just and I think my complaint really was the people who would post the their score. Where's the squares? And cuz I had no idea what it was like, is that like a heart monitor? Is that a, what is that? Well, I finally tried it. Okay. I decided to stop being the old man who just bitched about things and I tried and I went on my phone. I downloaded what I thought was weird, but I ended up being a knockoff called guess a word. I thought I was playing Wordle and it turns out that this version of this game where you, guess if I go to work yet, so I can play this game all day long. I can guess. Five-letter, words all day on Wordle. You only guess one time a day, which is stupid, right?
00:06:54Doesn't build anything. The whole world people against each other because they mean for this word is it's like, you know, when my buddy Jeff. But hey, look what I get in three words and then people are like jealous cuz they couldn't get in then three words. And now they hate Jeff because he's smarter than them. That's what it's doing. Right? So, anyway, I got this knockoff version of Guess The Word and a crazy thing happened to me and kissed a word. It's really, really unique creative name for a game. It's not Nintendo. It's play things on TV.
00:07:29So I'm playing Guess The Word and my first guess was Smoke. Okay, and that was wrong. I don't I don't know what the second word was at the third. Well, yeah, but I got it on the 4th and it ended up being water. So my furnace was smoke. The actual word was water. And then I had Deep Purple on the head. I had this song going through my head.
00:08:03Welcome back.
00:08:06I thought you had an aneurysm better person, and I'm wondering how many times people have had a situation like that happened? Like if you guests brain, okay, but the actual word was drugs. Hey, this is your brain on drugs. Now, you know, bacon and then the word is really gravy. Bacon, gravy. Let me ask you this. Now. I'm hungry. So I've gotten on the world train play it when I poop. Okay, thank you. I just a couple things about it. One is, I the first time I played it. I thought all your limited to five letter words with this game is going to last, maybe a couple of weeks and then I'll be out of five letter words, if it turns out there's like a lot of fun.
00:08:54Do you have if there were only six five letter words, which one is it? This time is a guy, the guy that were delink who's in charge of picking. How many letters go in the world is like me and you had one job to fix that. Exactly. Do you have a word? You start every word oil with which your word. Raze r a r r a i s e e - speak and it like I was on a 17 streak on this with speak. Are you going to ask, you know, you either go s or U goatee on a word if it's not as it's a t word, that's true. Ours go both ways.
00:09:42And I can usually get to where I need to be. I found out something very disturbing about where do is you will lose your streak if you miss the word coming around, not if you missed the word. So like on the weekend, I was like, okay I played where do I pooped on Friday? I don't like Wordle. You better day comes. Sunday, Come Monday. I'm pooping again. I'm play worldwide. So you didn't poop Saturday or Sunday. I poop alone. And in silence on the weekends without wurtele, okay.
00:10:15I often feel alone and in silence.
00:10:19You can have the thing up.
00:10:21My point is, when I came back on Monday now, I got the word on Friday. When I come back on Monday. It says your current streak is 0 might want my streak was 5:00 and I got five legit. One of those was a second-guess hit. Those are the ones people go to Facebook and they start slamming. There's green squares. Yeah, so that's one thing. But then there's another thing around word, all day and your crazy friend Kate happened. The one that that, yes, stalks you at Kroger? She does. And I've talked to her about that. So, she posted this thing this
00:11:01You can you play wordle.on 8 things at once. Did you do that? Now? There's it's for theirs theirs quadword or five-letter word, where you miss 100 five-letter words at the same time, but I didn't see you can't see them all on your screen at the same time. The one that I was playing, and I scrolled down, and I had a mini panic attack. I've been playing on multiple screens this whole time and I had no, I didn't sign up for that. I was proud of the fact that I got three or four of them, just buy forever, but people need to calm down. I know, I think, once you once were. Wasn't Benedict, buddy else should just go away. It's like, Candy, Crush once Candy Crush came out. I still love can't sit for Match 3, take care of other weird Match, 3 games and go away. Better than Candy Crush. I said it. Repeat it.
00:12:01When you start it up, yeah, you're done same day with, where do you do the one where do thing? You've done? Don't keep making New Classic Coke or Crystal, Pepsi or major melon mounting, a major Malin out and he's pretty good. No, it's not. That's what we tried here on the podcast. So I have a confession to make ya like watermelon. Just dropped it in a bag and then you threw up in it. I find that I enjoy that. So you started drinking major my life started. Drinking major Mill. Okay, I pass it off as buying it for the kids and you didn't tell me this isn't something unique about. You should let me know occasionally there would be the podcast. I have a right. I've been drinking the sugar-free major mouth. Sugar-free everything tastes like crap. Happened on the on the guess a word.
00:13:01I have gotten it on the second try and I'm going to show you this and we can post this picture on our Facebook page. I guessed range e a n g e l o. Okay, so then I thought, oh, well, it's anger, bam, bam. Yeah, I guess it on the second try. Okay, I guessed braids braids. My top letter all gray road. So I said, well, it's got to be sheep. She see. So let me ask you this. The last time when we talked about this, the last episode The just about this was you were using this to unlock your creativity. Were you trying to learn new words or just break? Open the creativity? I heard that like there's a lot of people who do Sudoku and that helps them, they say it helps him.
00:14:01Screw that. Okay. I know you like there's no way in hell. I'm going to start doing math. I think Bell is nothing but this long division math problems. Okay. I have a job where I write and edit promos for antenna TV and Rewind TV, and I need to be creative. And so sometimes, you know, the fun is not there. And sometimes they need to come up with a new idea. And, and I had actually read somewhere that word, problems, Scrabble, those type of things will help unlock creative juices. That's why I started doing that, started playing Guess The Word, so, I started reading, I've been reading about a chapter a night. Okay? Now, okay, there's some judgmental people out there right now. A good day, whatever. I have to poop and play Wordle. I don't have time to read a book a day.
00:14:56But I've been aiming for a chapter a night. Okay, and I've learned at least one new word. And what, what is that word litter? Okay, now, listen, listen to me, I said, I know that word.
00:15:11But have you heard it used this way? Litter is another word for a stretcher. That you carry a purse on my kind of him on a litter and dragged him through the woods, where in England. Well, I don't know, I guess the guy that wrote the book is English. So I'm reading Robert Jordan died of the world. The first in the Willows apartment. Exactly. And no lift. Yeah. Okay. Yeah, you may approach the bench. I've been in London once, okay. Okay, and I was right in the bus and you know, the bus is cool because you're sitting there and you're not know drove through Harry Potter, doesn't matter. I'm sitting on the bus in England. They stay right on the wrong side of the road or they ride on the other side of the road. Then what we do, I got
00:16:11Judgmental, the point is I grew up knowing that I know that is an adult. I went over there knowing that I got on the bus, on the other side of the street knowing that I sat down and for the first 30 seconds of the ride, I knew that and was in awe of that. I look down at my phone cuz I had to had a reservation. I had to make sure that I had I looked up and the bus driver was making a left hand turn, and I actually almost had a heart attack. I stood up.
00:16:46What are you doing? I was like, I thought we were going to die. And then it took me a few seconds to say. Oh, oh! Oh, oh.
00:16:58Melis flashback to me reading the book. I am cheating a little bit. I read on Kindle. Now. I just do. I understand people like to have paper books. I've injured myself enough time. I have in the book fall on my face. I'm also at the age where you need reading glasses, and those type of thing. And one thing with the Kindle is you just in this individual 212, another fun thing from someone like one word for scream. Another fun thing for people like me, who have mental issues. I don't know many words. If I see a word that looks odd, I can touch it and the dictionary pops up and defines that words. Also, it has a link to Wikipedia. Okay, if I link to something that's not in the dictionary, like
00:17:50Harry Potter ride reading. Harry Potter and I forgot who Harry Potter is. I'll touch that and it'll explain what only person in the movie who I know who he is.
00:18:02I'm just saying that if you out there in podcast land feel like you need to learn more words, get yourself a candle and start weeding things will. Now, I've told you what my problem. I have many problems with reading. Okay, I'm pretty sure I have attention deficit disorder because I'll be at 10:15 pages into the volcano, start talking about Kevin and Kevin doing this thing. And Kevin was remorseful for what happened. I'm thinking on the hell is Kevin, and I have to go back three or four pages or whatever for the introduce Kevin. And Kevin is Sarah's friend, and she brought him into the grocery store and he started liking Jill or whatever. I tell Kaya, I look for your reading to do your own adventure thing.
00:18:55But no, so I'll be reading and then they will introduce his character and I don't have a clue what's going on. So, I have to go back in and it, literally, it can take me. I read The Stand by Stephen King in months, is a lot of names in there. So there's one thing you forgetting. Who's who and what and I lose power over the Rings would destroy. You was hard enough for me to fall my wife. I thought was going to divorce me because I kept asking questions. Who is this? What is that? What? Because I wanted to know, and then I thought that's what happened with the Golem and Smith are the same person. So and then there's a sore on Saruman. Is it in person? It's going to be Ginger there yet. I am. So there's that. I can never get Ginger and Fred Jordan.
00:19:55The book, if I'm, if I'm setting up my neck hurts, if I'm laying down. I can't see I can't get the right light and then I'm trying to hold the page after page keeps closing or whatever. And then I have had the book fall on my face, get Cheeto dust on the pages because you'll take it back to the library and then they're pissed at you cuz the corners are all orange. Yeah, that's another thing with the Kindle is that you can have light in it. It has its own light. I will walk around there with my Kindle B&B. Sanctimonious is that I'm just going to use that word. I don't think that's what that means, and I'll hold it. And it has like
00:20:39My candle has about 80 books on it right now and I'll just be like, I have 80 books with me. And then another part of my brain says, you're not going to read those books. I've read the first chapter of most of them, and for a guy who hates reading I own every book by David Sedaris on his new, one comes out to get me to buy it and I will eventually read it. I love you his books. It takes me forever to get through them, but I do. But I hate reading and I just, I just don't enjoy it. I get no pleasure and you talk about people, judging someone, tell you right now, reading books. Yeah, two or three weeks ago. I was on the Facebook. My friend Lindsay who I graduated high-school with it, almost word-for-word that she does not enjoy reading book. She gets no pleasure out of the actual.
00:21:39Reading of the book. She know we could have we could have buried had. She not met her husband and I'm not solely up now and I can read it. I don't want to do it. I'm sorry. And people and I've bitched about this on this podcast with you. I can't possibly. However, I don't think I would have ever enjoyed reading the Lord of the Rings. My favorite thing to do, one of my favorite things. My favorite thing. I like to do, right? I'm trying to be less hyperbolic. There's another one.
00:22:19I like to when a movie is made of a book. I like to watch the trailer and then read the book and then use the visuals Care on the trailer, you know, because otherwise if I hadn't done that with Dune, I would imagine Duke Leto as being like Robert De Niro. The guy that floats Robert De Niro, Robert De Niro and then Al Pacino would be like the worm and visualize people's faces.
00:22:53Ameripak Game of Thrones Game of Thrones is a perfect example. I've read the first book of Game of Thrones, right? I got most of the way through it and then, the series started on HBO and that catapulted me through the rest of the, the first book is on like, oh, that's what they do is stay with them. It's okay. I'm sorry, but you can describe a dragon, right? If you have an imagination. I'm sorry that dragon in Game of Thrones was Kick-Ass as cool as a thing, as I've seen on TV and a hundred years and you can't tell me that my imagination. Darren Cox is imagination. Is going to be a better looking Dragon than what they put on the HBO. Let me counter that.
00:23:40By starting another story Andrew and I started watching the Alien series together. I figure he's at that age. Going to tell you. He's just a couple okay, if you knew how I parent, you would not take a parenting advice for me. Not with what's going on in my house. So in the 80s, my dad died in the 80s, you know, I was a kid and my eating, you didn't know what a movie was about. Then you had like a 30-second trailer and then you had a black and white picture in the newspaper that has the movie times at start. All you knew that's true. In my dad took me and my buddy when we were in seventh and eighth grade, I believe it was to see RoboCop one of the most violent bloody movies ever made. He also took us to see Predator. I believe we saw a rainbow all the Rainbow is practically watching out like a bitch like a G-rated movie.
00:24:40But back then it was like a big do rainbow. First, Blood Part 2. My point is, I figured I'm with Andrew alien is, I can sit with him and will be. Okay. So we're watching it and I'm kind of concerned when the alien is going to burst out of the chest. I didn't tell him that's what's going to happen. And I found out later. He had no idea, right? So I'm sitting there trying to not laugh because if you watch that now, right? It looks so stupid to see the actors in actor, you know, that they left. It was all I could do. I kept thinking of it, put in the hat on and go home. I mean, I don't know how many people know this, probably everyone in the world that alien in, that isn't just a dude in a suit with a long head. Yes, you know, there's a few times where it's a real cheesy. Like he sticks out his hand like
00:25:40I'm going to get her ass, you know.
00:25:47So Andrew was terrified, and I'm thinking. Now in that case, if I read about alien, if I read the alien book right now. I don't know if there is one, there probably is. One thing was there, as just say, there is one thing I read it. Now, I would be Imagining the aliens from your honor. Clearly. He's violating so flaw 1495. So, have you seen Prometheus and the new alien movies? Those are terrifying, are they only gave up on them years ago when the alien comes? The it's it's actually kind of disturbing and terrifying. Now, if I read the alien book, I would be imagining that alien in the alien. I wouldn't be imagining that case. Little movies will be playing in my head is much better than jazz hands, McCreery is coming out of the side of the ship to attack Ripley, haha.
00:26:47No, I did. I gave up on Alien movies so long. When did you when did you three? Got a lien 3 which was weird with the one that had Winona Ryder in it was Alien. Resurrection was the last one I watched. Okay, so then the next is Prometheus and okay. I think those are kind of prequels. Yeah, I think I saw alien 2 Electric Boogaloo. I saw alien 10, so you're out and about and can we watch? Can we watch can we watch that ass? Yes, but the like the original Terminator, the special effects do not hold on. Okay, they just don't they I mean the two think cuz we're at we're actually watching the second one. Now, the two things I remember is like the alien getting really close to Ripley with the water and a
00:27:47And the other one had bad acid reflux. The water that's coming out of space, not its blood. But like I said, they always have it. It's always wet. It's always like the aliens in the shower. No, no. No, it's all inside it. No, cuz otherwise it would be falling through the ship. The asset only comes out when they get shot.
00:28:06You think, you know, everything that I do know you're in my room. Now, you're the nerdy movies, and there's a bunch of video games. Based on this. I know they illegal or the other scene, is the get away from her, you bitch.
00:28:30Get away from her, you bitch.
00:28:35It would happen at my ends movie poster. He would be that seen it would need to be animated and it would need to say that at my old job WLWT. We had a Steadicam and the rig that you mounted on your shoulders and everything to carry it. Every time carrier, Christina. My friends would wear that, I would ask him. Like we will, you say, stay away from her and then I'll be back to my back because it just didn't look so Ripley. Now. I wanted to talk about more bad special effects and a couple weeks ago. I mentioned that I had watched a lot of episodes of My Favorite Martian coming soon to antenna TV come in the spring. There is an episode. Now this move this TV show was made in the 60s OK and they didn't have a lot of special effects back. Then there was an episode where Bill Bixby is outside and the neighbors, rabbit. Cleo is a little white bunny rabbit. He opens the door. The rabbit accidentally gets into
00:29:35His apartment where he and Uncle Martin live. The rabbit ate one of Uncle Martin's vitamins or pills or something. Okay. And turned into a giant 6-foot rabbit. Is it like an Easter Bunny nightmare thing. He look like the bunny from Christmas Story. Have you clearly clearly a guy in a bunny suit, but whenever you see the rabbit, the river
00:30:05I am laughing, my ass off and my wife is upset. She's like is everything. Okay down there like a sterical and Bill Bixby would scream and run Folia and I'm like, oh my God, I just at the time. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Yeah.
00:30:37So I strongly recommend when you watch My Favorite Martian, look for the episode with the bunny rabbit. I don't remember something about Cleo. I don't know where the title of it. Yeah. It's more entertaining than money. Can possibly why we've been going through the X-Files and you look at those early X-Files episode. It's like they had different directors coming into different writers. You would have an episode like that look like Close Encounters of the Third Kind. It was like, oh my God, that's the best show ever made. And then the next one would be like an episode of Southpark like paper. Like what what in the hell are you guys? And, you know, all the sudden Motors Goofy and scully's?
00:31:21You look an alien over here. I just
00:31:27So you think it makes it tough for us. Just Mr. Mackey. It makes it tough for us to listen watching with the kids because there was like a we watch there was an alien. They love the alien. So so there was a very alien heavy episode. The next episode was Mulder was for some reason investigating vampires in La. Yeah, and there was like a lot of TV sex and blood sucking and all the sudden he went from you know, they are Mulder and Scully always had that will they won't be a thing going on right now. All the sudden he's like, banging vampires and be like, I'm on vampire. Banger at this dude from by Type O Negative or start walking around. It goes right back to normal.
00:32:21It's time for. Dave's Comedy Corner is going to be a agoraphobic convention last week, then I thought I'll just stay home.
00:32:32This is been Dave's Comedy Corner.
00:32:39For the first time in I don't know, 12 weeks or something. I have a just stop. I am I just stopped is for radio stations. I think they know there's still a lot of radio station and here in town and Cincinnati. There's a handful Ray stations that I need to put a r p. Exactly. That's the one I'm talking about.
00:33:01Eddie WKRP every weekend. WKRP has a theme. Okay, and they're like, it's our special. Last weekend was a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame weekend. Okay, and they played like, I play Paul McCartney and wings for the weekend. The next weekend was like the the left-hander's weekend experience commercial the next weekend comes up and it's songs that are over 3 minutes long and you just heard Paul McCartney and Wings. And here's the Jimi Hendrix experience. It's the same every weekend with the different thing. People who have glasses. Okay, I was joking, but there was a weekend where they had songs over under 3 minutes, long.
00:34:01It's all the Ramones. I wasn't going to listen to the radio this weekend, but they're having a special. You know, what I would love to do. You know, what I would do? In that case. I would make up a theme. If I would say this is all the bands that hate Applebee's and just start playing stuff. What did they ever do? They have?
00:34:28Steve artist. Yeah, but not forgotten weekend. And if it's a classic rock station, all the artists are gone, John Lennon dead. Tom Petty Dead The Grateful Dead. Good job. Picking that theme Carol just stop. You don't need to have a themed weekend. People going to listen to you. Anyway, yeah. Yeah. Yeah.
00:35:05This is your announcer. Dave, Lay With An important announcement. There's never a good time to buy your child. A kazoo. I don't care how many times they ask. Just don't do it. You'll thank me. This has been an important announcement.
00:35:33I am 51 years old and every couple of weeks. I have two with tweezers. Pull, the white hair out of my yours, cuz it drives me absolutely crazy. You use the trimmer things that use the trimmer than you have stubble. And then it's all stubbly. Yeah, and since I can't flipping see, I have bifocals and I'm trying to, and it's like, my cross eye, and I'm trying to I can't stand my white ear hair.
00:36:07I married Libby walked in one day. I just threw the tweezers. Nothing? Nothing. Nothing. Nothing is sexier than a man tweezing ear hair. Yeah, I've had a couple where I would like been able to reach it with my fingers and yanked that puppy out, but I'm afraid it's going to pull my eardrum at
00:36:31turn off balance.
00:36:39But anyway, there's there's just like, there's got to be a a pill vitamin or something that I can take to keep white hair from growing. Whatever it is that happened to our heads. Why can't we injected in her ears do Botox or tell me something you can inject in your ear. I know, right? My ear and get rid of that. We are all together, but if anybody has a solution, let me know. Good earful. Dad center.com. Send us a message. I have a special message for, is it McAfee or McAfee?
00:37:13Okay, you Okay, McAfee, the matter is a
00:37:21I bought a laptop and the people where I bought the laptop, says, you don't want this. And I had heard for many many, many other people to get another ring. Me to get another service to an antiviral deal for your computer, pop-up, blocker, and I bought something else. I eliminated, McAfee McAfee may not be happy. Whatever the hell. It's like the girl from The Ring and keep you coming back. I keep getting emails and phone calls and he's standing outside my house with a boom box. And do you know playing in Your Eyes by Peter Gabriel were not going to be a thing McAfee? Okay, I've moved on. So you got the same laptop that I have a recording this episode on what episode in Eagle earda. Listeners could probably find this where McAfee and then in the background you hear me going
00:38:21The episode stops and then restarts and were a slightly miffed and I have fought them. And you told me that. Oh, yes, but they removed it from my computer. And I remember, right? I listen to that. I looked at you with a skeptical eye because I like, I don't know. It's not on your computer anymore. No, it's it's not on my know, but they're eating email, just keeps emailing. We're talking about it in our phones are listening and it didn't heal, on gates are musty bill, whatever the hell are going to
00:39:05Connect us to the think I uninstalled it because there's to McAfee thinks there's the mack at the thing and then there's a separate program McAfee, that connects to your web. There's make a web server Electric Boogaloo down in from whatever. So I got both of those I got I did that about a week ago and it hasn't popped up yet. I think it's saving. It's waiting until this podcast sounds like it's getting good and then we'll come in and it may not happen this week. We were safe and the problem is with bottle caps, all bottle caps, but my favorite soda is Cheerwine. Okay. I'm wearing underwear at your was very much. Your one t-shirt as we record this broadcast which which is 2 people.
00:40:05I just one person that's talking to that one day. You can see that I'm wearing my Cheerwine t-shirt. They're my favorite soda. And when I go to Kroger, they have them in the glass bottle. And whenever I take the bottle cap off my chair, while I save it and I can't seem to throw them away. I have for coffee cups, downstairs in my drum room. With Cheerwine bottle caps. We had a bit of a tip on the counter. I saw that you, why do you, why was there a bottle cap? They're keeping that this is. Why are you keeping that? Because I'm the man, and I'm keeping that that's why. And if I say, I'm keeping a bottle cap. I'm keeping the bottles. Are you going to do it for what you got to do with it? I don't know. I'm going to do something with it. I may make a, I don't know how many make a giant sculpture out of it. I made.
00:41:05Build a guitar and make it a Cheerwine bottle cap guitar. I don't know. But the thing is, I can't get rid of them. And I know we've also talked about untimely, death stuff, one of these days if I kill over there, going to go through my stuff in the kids are going to. Why does Dad have 27 coffee cans full of cheer wine bottle caps. I'm taking your bottle caps. Can you leave him to me? I'm a gamer. Yes. What's this fallout? Fallout Fallout and not be look to your right. There's a Pip-Boy thing that brown big box yet Fallout that is the currency after the apocalypse which work with bottle caps in fallout Fallout, the nuclear Holocaust. What he has no meaning for some reason bottle caps are used as currency and there's actually a heart and resorts in the game Fallout. This is so there's a heartwarming story. So this is Fallout 3. That box next to you is the box for Fallout 4 came in
00:42:05So there was a gamer that wanted Fallout 4, but didn't have any money, but he saved bottle caps like you did. He sent bags of bottle caps to the developers as payment for Fallout 4 and they actually sent him the collectors version of the game. He paid in volcanoes above a certain you're making that up, right? I'm not making it up. You can look it up. Look up, gamer pays for Fallout 4 on Steam, right? Right can do me, good. That's what I'm saying. If you if you leave them to me. Okay, I'll need like when the bombs fly man. I'm going to be if you're hoarding bottle caps, probably a couple hundred bottle caps. I'll be the only guy down at the Piggly Wiggly. They can afford anything cuz I'll have the bottle caps.
00:43:04Los Angeles.
00:43:08Irritable. Dad syndrome is probably brought to you, by this liquid concentrated, wallpaper stripper Otis elevators and bone-sucking mustard, please use their products whenever possible, and help them make a boatload of money. Thank you. Now, back to our program.
00:43:25So typically, I don't look at the rundown until like the day of the show. And today, I looked at the rundown as we were starting to show. And we haven't really had a chance to talk about it. Whenever I eat mashed potatoes. That's not even a sentence. That's a phrase. That's a
00:43:45I think that may be a dangling participle. There are certain things that you do in your house solely because you think they're funny in my right and do other people in the house like that. There's no funnier for me. One of the things I do at my house that I think it's hysterical and I continue to it and I will continue until I'm until I'm dead and then I owe you and hurt. My bottle. Caps do is whenever we have mashed potatoes, I do the Richard Dreyfuss thing where I saw them on the plate and everyone else will be eating. I did, it doesn't matter if it's Thanksgiving and the grandparents are there and everyone's talkin and the cousins or whatever. I'll sit there with my mashed potatoes and I will build a giant volcano, wash, potatoes and chill. And I'll do it until somebody pays attention to whether it's and God love her. It's usually Livi and she does it just to get it over with. He'll be like,
00:44:46Darren, what are you doing? And I say this means something and I I can't help it. I can't help that. I want to save the bottle caps. I can't help that. I do that with the mashed potatoes. And now the kids are starting to do it. So you've reminded me of something that I do with this. Their kids are the kids are making. Yes. I will now make a mashed potato and a volcano that will he go with the B until somebody says something like Cameron? Does that mean something that's just a camera. So you reminded me of an ice cream story and the fact that said ice cream reminds me of another ice cream store. So I have to ice cream stories. I love ice cream. The first one is short. That's what she said.
00:45:37I like to buy vanilla ice cream and then I like to put it in a bowl and I like to swirl it around and mix it and it's hard to do effort. It does especially a man of yours. So and I'll get it to the point where it's like a soft-serve consistency. Okay, and then I'll go around the the inside of the bowl outside, the perimeter of the ice cream, and scoop it into like a, a small cone, make it as high as I can. And then I just off the top. I get a little bit of a spoonful. Now, the entire time I'm doing this, I'll have best for a kid, just staring at me. Like is this through? We need to take him to the farm. What would have
00:46:20And then it'll start to melt and it kind of needs down and I'll come around then I'll make it and it ends up being a cone in the middle and then keep doing that. And that's how I eat ice cream as I eat. Vanilla ice cream.
00:46:34I've always wanted to share that. Now, I have the other thing and I put a picture of this on our Facebook page. We went to Cold Stone Creamery. We actually did that. Instead of eating lunch. We just went to Cold Stone Creamery. And then that was what we eat for lunch. We didn't eat again till later that night. They have Lucky Charms, ice cream, the picture of that. Can I describe the beauty of this. I thought it looked infected. So so you can get just the Lucky Charms ice cream, which is a green ice cream, and I didn't know this at the time after I got. It actually has Lucky Charms, cereal, not the marshmallows, the freaking cereal, cereal cereal, and you can get the marshmallows. They have a Lucky Charms marshmallows. They're at they mix. And if you order ice cream at the end of the rainbow, they mix. Send the Lucky Charms cereal. I screenshot the marshmallows.
00:47:29And whipped cream the mixed up together and then they sprinkle golden sugar flakes on top of it.
00:47:36Oh my God. Now, what are we doing here now?
00:47:41Here's what this does to you going to eat it. And you know how they have the waffle cones. They have green waffle cone. Okay, that's what I thought. I was asking the question that I realize all. Yeah, this is March. So I got this and I was watching the lady, measure out, the marshmallows are going to it and I and I was thinking that is a lot of marshmallows and disgusting and I doubt that. It's already past. I like I remember actually thinking, I don't know if I can eat it with all those marshmallows in it. There's cereal to marshmallow ratios way out of whack. Then I started eating it.
00:48:25Like I was craving more marshmallows. I almost went back in and asked for more information. It was simultaneously amazing and disappointed.
00:48:37Is the ice cream really has no flavor. I don't know what they make it. The flavor of the vanilla ice cream vanilla, but there's so much other going on with whipped cream and marshmallows to hide in this weird golden sugar stuff that vanilla just don't stand out Jack and message me when you got those serial bits in there. I don't have their clothes. Now, we can't going to get it, but one of the jokes that, you know, people say frosted, Lucky Charms for magically delicious. Delicious. Because they're made with three cups of sugar and let's say that it was magic. That's like the lamest magic trick with beekeepers are all the way it is, but keep my ass from growing like three sizes, too big. When I eat it.
00:49:31That's magic. Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, it's magic. That was the deal. Oh my God, for 40 years now. It's like silly rabbit. Trix are for kids. Let the rabbit have some cereal. Stop being a jerk and why can't? He just go in the store and buy his own damn box of cereal? This all over the damn place with the Fruity Pebbles commercial. You can't have my Fruity Pebbles. Barney was always trying to get Fred's Fruity Pebbles can just go to the damn grocery store and buy a box of Fruity Pebbles. It doesn't make any sense and the Trix rabbit Trix rabbit. I'd love him. If I was a cartoon, I would seek him out of here. The pain is over with ya. Come live with me. You can have a bowl of cereal and it's not that good. So it is not that good. The other one that bother
00:50:31He was the Captain Crunch. Whoops. All berries.
00:50:35So they had a accident at the factory. Wrecked as a kid. I'm an idiot. I'm like, oh, well, it was an accident at the factory. It's all berries. We've never done on me that there's an entire different box. There's a marketing campaign. There's a whole different logo and it color scheme, and then, oops, they're all berries are still available. So who's running this Factory together, berries, falling all over the place, either, either it's a new flavor or it's not. But let's drop the poop. So, just call it all berries. You've struck a chord with me because I love it. If they made like it, if Ken Burns did an eight-part series on cereals, I would do my best to get glued to that. Okay, cuz it's all the years. I worked at the grocery store. Like once it seem like once or twice a month. We would get C3PO cereal Stars.
00:51:35Remember the movie Frozen. Yeah, they made a frozen cereal. And I asked the question. I supposed to keep this in the freezer. One-off cereals. Yeah, what would I do with him? Knowing I actually would Donkey Kong had a Serial, which was basically Captain Crunch different in a different box. So, whenever they would do this, I was all over this. When I worked in my very first TV station WJLA on Johnson City, Tennessee. I can't remember why, but a guy from Kelloggs came in and they were doing an interview about some Kellogg was sponsoring some local run thing for charity or whatever and I think is right and oh my God, I was like that at the Star Trek convention asking him all about this cereal and that's it. And that's all you and I asked him about big.
00:52:35Max, which had the chicken wolf moose Pig on it. He goes, look it up big makes I remember it. And he's like, oh my God, that was a disaster. And I knew they had one that you, when you poured the milk into it. It turned orange, like orange hose. And a, my boss is like, Darren we need to, we need to go. Maybe maybe before I die, or before I leave or retire. I'll work at a cereal factory. You'll be like, Clark Griswold. He invented a cereal varnish.
00:53:23Is Captain Crunch? Captain Crunch?
00:53:31You're double dead syndrome is probably brought to you. By this liquid concentrated, wallpaper stripper Otis elevators and bone-sucking mustard, please use their products whenever possible, and help them make a boatload of money. Thank you. Now, back to our program. You mentioned that you have been watching aliens. Yeah, with the boys, the boys, and you're not suck that bad. So we started watching the Harry Potter movies from from the, from the Sorcerer's Stone. Okay, and I want to apologize to j.k. Rowling a man to Harry Potter and to all the fans because it's not like I was bad-mouthing the movie, but it seems like every time we would try to watch one of these movies, I would always fall asleep and it's not because the movies were boring. I'm just, you know, I'm in my fifties now and I fall asleep all the time. So we started watching from the beginning and I'm going to tell you right now, these movies are actually pretty good.
00:54:31I like, I like Daniel Radcliffe. I like Emma Watson, the kid who's Ron Ron Weasley in the Harry Potter drinking game. When Ron Weasley says, bloody hell. You'll be hammered. Absolutely hammered. I like the second Gandalf. I love the first one. Richard Harris. Yeah. Yeah. I love the way you spoke in Harry Potter and it is a new year old drinking stories. Oh my God, I don't know. And they're pretty good. We're almost at the end of the first part 1 of. Was it the Deathly Hallows? Okay.
00:55:31The last book was made into two movies. I'm doing the symbol for making more money as they did with Breaking Bad. Did they split up into two seasons? Yeah, I think I got through maybe at the third. I know I've seen the third movie. I think I've watched the 4th and I just, I think Marvel happened. And it's like, I don't have time. I mean for both, you know, but I had to watch an Avengers movie or Harry Potter. I don't think Captain America Civil War any day. Yeah. Absolutely pick the Lord of the Rings. Over Harry Potter, episode of South Park.
00:56:10Kids are out playing Harry Potter and carpet in their plan.
00:56:19Well, I was going to say I'm not on the game of the of the crew. There's a there's to South Park video games. One. Is there basically Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter and the other one is still making fun of the Avengers movies. And then that's a shame. You can't make fun of the Avengers superhero movies in general, right? Are you going to see the Batman? Yes, I want to see the bag. I think you did. That was going to be tough cuz I'm pretty sure I think it's rated R. If it's not it's we definitely can't take Charlie to see it cuz it is brutal. No, I mean, it's like James Bond, you've made enough James Bond movies. There have been enough, people played James Bond, have done bad, man to death, what they're on. Their seventh, Batman, the TV show with Adam West Isle of the TV show, with, Adam. West have been warned, to keep making Batman darker. And it's a Batman is dark.
00:57:19The Dark Knight is when he went dark and I think this is their doing that. Combining that with the detective, the old school, detective back. And so I think I'd like 20 years that meant to be a straight-up serial killer that is going to be like 7 or something. But it's like, I don't know why they're not putting Robin in these movies. And it's probably because of the, George Clooney, won anybody ever liked, Rob. I think the only time I ever saw a robin done halfway. Well, was in the Christopher Nolan Batman and they never really, actually called him Robin until the very end of The Dark Knight of the end of Dark Knight Rises. Why do I not remember Robin being in that movie to see The Dark Knight Rises? Very end. You know that that was the thing at the very end of that. It's not Kevin knowing it's Christopher Nolan's the dark knight Dark Knight with Heath Ledger as the Joker, Dark Knight Rises.
00:58:18With pain in the first one was scared. What was that man's again?
00:58:31They weren't hiding it in Batman Begins, The Dark Knight Rises Against The Dark Knight, and in The Dark Knight Rises Electric Boogaloo. Do I own the one with Joker in it? I bought that it's basically at the police guy that is helping Batman through his thing and he's young and look at one of those things difficult. Christopher Nolan looking back. It was obvious that this is Robyn but throughout the thing is like a cool shot. Kid and he's in a Batman. Everyone thinks spoiler for a ten-year-old movie or whatever it is. It's older than everyone thinks Batman's dad, you know, at the end of of Dark Knight Rises and this guy is going to collect something and he's giving his name and they said if you don't say that too often Robin and it's like you get here a minute ago.
00:59:31Then he goes in the Batcave, and it's like, all the stuff is there. And then he stand on a pedestal and it goes and Rises a mop, and it's like this. And then all the Batman nerds all the DC Comic Robin Nightwing. Because, if you look at them more music. From the Nerf bike for, like I, have you ever kissed a girl and find a girl to kiss. I look it up. I like you'll, thank me. I look like that. We're like dirt bikes. We're like sea level student nerds. Like we know who Robin is and where the crew that's in the movie.
01:00:31Birds go off and fight over Nightwing will enjoy this little thing.
01:00:36We're the ones that are watching Fellowship of the Ring halfway through pausing. It look like the facts called the dog.
01:00:53When was the elf Tyler Steven Tyler's daughter? When was Steven Tyler's daughter? The Kal-El? When was the, I'm no man.
01:01:15My body is broken by the wayside. Not your honor. I was bought something. It would have been a diversity in a divorce. I came close to doing it with that. There's a fire pit made by this guy. That makes metal art in the witch king's head. So when you put a fire in the fire pit, it has the Flames coming up around the, the witch Kings hat. Nice. Nice. I can close to buy. I can't put that my backyard. The neighbors will rise up and the pitchforks and torches and run me out of the neighborhood. It looks like smoke. They won't be able to see it anyway.
01:01:54Let's go back to.
01:01:58Mike, Dusty, Buck, whatever your name is, been a good one Gators, fun gator.
01:02:05We want to thank you for listening. We hope that you go to your Double Down syndrome and listen to previous episodes. Donate money. Mike is still hoping that people will hear in this by now. It's too damn late. Thanks a lot. By the way. Yeah. I'm going to be talking about the tool concert next episode. It will have happened in the past. All right. So if you if you don't hate it, if you donated and the next episode you hear me jumping around bun. Thank you. Yeah, you also see deer in the background and I can't believe you didn't put that in the fall I guess. And will also get a picture of the kid that we saved from starving. So we'll do that. And we hope to see you next week on your double dad syndrome.
01:02:49Well, the show's over folks. You don't have to go home, but you can't stay here. We'll see you on the flip side.
01:03:42Yeah, yeah. Yeah.
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