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March 29, 2022

IDS #83 - Can I See Your Donut?

IDS #83 - Can I See Your Donut?
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Darin returns from Universal Studios in Florida!

Also... we welcome two new patron members!

Plus tips on how not to order fast food, surviving airport check lines, cleaning blood off a drum set, people with bad breath who should still wear masks, reading redacted fan mail and the glorious acting career of Harold Manchini.

You will be an absolute idiot if you don't listen to this episode!

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00:00:00Hey kid, just got back from vacation.
00:00:17I'm going to not like this one.
00:00:28Ororo home.
00:00:30Welcome to irritable dad syndrome, 100% certified, fresh your, your host. Mike and Darren.
00:00:39Hey everybody.
00:00:40Welcome to.
00:00:42This is episode. 83. We are going to be talking about your vacation. Yes. Well and then you took some time off and went around you at the Indiana, right? Yeah, that's not a vacation. That's more like a sentence in for a half-day but it gives it gives a preview you how ya real vacation is going to go later in the Years. I'll mention something about that. But I know exactly driving and some comments were made to that brought me, paused giant laundry list of things to talk about tonight. So we're going to get right to it before. We talk about my vacation. I wanted to mention that we have new patrons to the show, me whole. And Craig whole, there is just a crack. Ho let's Go.
00:01:32Stop that. He can't help his. That's his last name. Just like I can't help my last night. So I take offense when you make a fence at his stupid name. That's okay. They are. What was Leslie? Maiden name, Kali, Kali whole, yes.
00:01:50The name of my band in college.
00:01:56So we're not going to do that. Holly got colic in a day. Do you connect at all? That I can say like this show so much that they said we're going to financially contribute to the success of the show, and they have decided to send us money. Would you have fantastic and thank you so much, and if you want to become a patron, you can do that and go to irritable Down syndrome. Calm. Go to the section called patreon. There are several different plans. The summer are inexpensive and some are a little pricey here and the price. You're going to get more stuff. If you want to do that. I fully welcome you to do that. Anyway, Craig and Leslie are new patrons and with that they get a voicemail message from Dave way. So we're going to listen now to Leslie's voice mail message.
00:02:56You've reached the voicemail of Leslie. Whole she can come to the phone right now. She's too busy plotting. Revenge against Darren, Cox for a prank. That was flooded more than 30 years ago. Leave a message and she'll call you back. This message has been brought to you by irritable dead syndrome.
00:03:14That was awesome. And now we're going to listen to Craig's and ask if Frank gets 12.
00:03:24You've reached the voicemail of Craig whole great then answer the phone right now. As you may know, Craig is a bad ass truck driver, traveling. The roads all over the Great Southern portion of these United States. Are you a message and he'll call you back. This message is brought to you by irritable. Dad syndrome.
00:03:42So then we could go if you want to become a patron if you want Dave, Lay to record a voicemail message for you. You can. Now here's the cool things you can do with school that they sent us something. Oh, yeah. Yeah, they said that. So if you're watching on stream and it's a cardboard vs burn in hell, if you're not set last, seen in 7 with Brendan opening tool and I'm thinking the first cut be careful, cut away from the body. Good God that knife isn't sharp enough to cut butter. Okay, so he's okay. There's one pet and he's going down the middle. Hello.
00:04:40Where's my? That's why I wanted to open the box. We're already out of time. I want an open the box. I got it. I got it. I love you. Put the knife away at the last away safely. Okay? Okay, we got these little peanuts is bubble. Wrap bubble wrap. Papa.
00:05:12I'm editing this week. Please don't say. Okay. Here's the item. However, I think there's multiple items and hear their personal one. That looks from. What I understand. They are personal personalized. Oh wait, there's more. Okay, I'll wait around some of the holes. Was it bubbles up the fun. You have this. OK, Google. Okay. One and then look at the back and then yeah, so Mike is opening the bubble wrap right now. I can has holy crap. What is this? I don't know. It's a car. It's a van. Yeah, it has our logo on. It has multiple logos on it. No kidding. Yeah.
00:06:07That's awesome. I am sure that to the people watching this on streamer actually getting a better view of it right now than you are and you're in the same room. So I know they're supposed to be personalized with a Hot Wheels. Okay. Okay. How cool is that? Me to hear some blotter acid? This one must be for me is the tool fan.
00:06:37Thank you. I'll get one. If you like to send us a gift. Feel free to do that. Send it to our post office box, which is what Mike PO Box PO Box 1414. 72 all. Look at Scott Steelers on the back. Things got. That is very cool. Craig hardly. Thank you so much. As. Very thoughtful of you. They aren't our newest patrons, they sent us gifts. And if you want to send this again, by all means, please do it. You'll get Commission on me. Let me see if this one's any different.
00:07:20Call this one. This one's mine. Okay, this one is yours. Okay, what mine is the same and then it has U2 360 on the back with that nice. That's awesome. That's very cool. Dude. Even do that. I don't know. That's really cool.
00:07:40That's our first gift. Yeah. Yeah. Suspension on these things kind of sucks. But I mean, I've been wonderful and I got some acid to the case. That's good. Very, very nice. Thank you. So I wasn't expecting to give me cuddle last week as you remember last night because I was at Universal Studios are we couldn't record a podcast. So we did a repeat and we threw some bonus stuff in there through a shout-out to Craig and Leslie and that pissed off Leslie. Because now I get this message saying good Lord. I had no idea. You all would read that. Dang letter word for word. Right? Like I text I'm so ashamed. I literally started out as an English major. Actually. She says, as a English major, whenever we're on it, and here's the thing, if you want to send us a message, let us know. If you do not want us to read it, word for word. We're going to anyway.
00:08:40Highlight what words you want us to say, and what words you don't, if you don't want us to read word for we're going to a movie like rejected.
00:08:51We got the rejected version of our so, thanks.
00:09:02This is going to be the coolest thing. I think anyone is to us. I mean, no offense to the flamingos in the zero bars, but then, you know what? I forgot about the flamingo. Are you going to come get yours, I come over.
00:09:15My car here, that's awesome, dude.
00:09:22It's like a, it's a serial killer van to. It's like a
00:09:30The windowless white van with very very cool. Friendly looking dudes on the back. And apparently Leslie said this is all Craigs idea and he, he made these himself. So cray cray. You're welcome here. Anytime about Craig whole, he makes our other patrons look like garbage. So Chris Hughes Chris Michael, Lisa Coleman, a real name, Gregg botas stuff. If you want to be a chicken, I don't want it. I'm not going to play favorite to your butt. The the picture that Lisa sent of her kissing. The aardvark was really I was really cool. Everyone at Chris's work out in the yard bark. Now.
00:10:24Good, good, good, you know, that's why I wanted to start a podcast is to give people from around the country. Yes. That didn't know me before this portion of our show is brought to you by Tyson nuggets of Love made from 100% white, meat, chicken and no antibiotics ever. These tasty nuggets will bring a spark to any relationship. Hey, fellas, here's what you do. Pre-heat your oven to 400°, place the Frozen nuggets on a baking sheet and heat for 11 to 13 minutes. With these bad boys are heating up for some wine and put on some Peabo Bryson music. Your night is guaranteed to get hotter than these nuggets heating time. They very due to certain appliances. Do not handle baking sheet without proper safety. Oven mitts Tyson nuggets of Love by some today.
00:11:14Were you waiting for me to get to Idaho?
00:11:25So, I don't understand why this people's houses show, get this far. It's just that what she said and sore pain in the neck, by the way.
00:11:40We were watching Wally for the first time in a long time and I forgot about that until you know, it's an opening and an old commercial starts playing and he's in a you know, he's in the commercial and I couldn't help what happened. Everybody in the family is enough already.
00:12:23I went on vacation last week. Where did you go? My wife is like the most badass wife. She planned a trip for us to go to Universal Studios in Orlando. That's awesome. Yeah. Oh my God. It was absolutely amazing. So before, do, you know, there's always a little bit of drama and this time around this vacation. It wasn't family drama weed. It is right. Have a great couple things happen at the airport before we got to Orlando one day, you scanned. My son, Cameron is back. There's something in the back. There's a problem with the back of my phone through the bag and take things out, one by one. And what did they find in the bag? Wouldn't believe the weed at home, but toothpaste and that cost us like 15 minutes at the airport from all the searching and wondering on going on and They confiscated it. They throw it away.
00:13:19You don't want random kids brushing your teeth Over, Georgia, you know, I don't understand. I'm going to tell the people at the airport. Thank you for your diligence. Thank you for doing everything possible for making people safe. I don't mind taking off my shoes. I didn't care that. They search to the bags. Whatever they got to do. I don't understand why they threw the toothpaste away.
00:13:44But they did anyway, so we we lost the tooth face, Cameron was heartbroken so that the two faced with the toothpaste. He just wanted to go back home. He didn't want to go to
00:13:55And another thing at the airport, I noticed, you know, those yellow signs that they put when the floor is wet at the airport. Now, they look like bananas. They made the video. That's cool.
00:14:19Third thing to happen at the airport at this particular time. We had just enough time to get some breakfast at the McDonalds. What do you do at McDonald's? Okay, I love the breakfast burritos. Okay. I haven't got the good got sick. So are you eating at the McDonald's or you eating while you're walking in her? When I we had enough time to eat breakfast at the McDonald's in the airport. If you sit down, I think you should get the sausage biscuit. But you know, I have that problem with food touching my face. I don't know about that many napkins cuz I wipe after every bite, I can't do that. While I'm driving if active list cheese biscuit at the McDonald's. So I ordered my food, my wife ordered her food camera, orders his food, and then my oldest son. Jacob asked the guy.
00:15:19Do you like the breakfast? Burritos?
00:15:22And the guy says yeah. Yeah, they're good. Are they?
00:15:36What are the bacon? Egg and cheese biscuit? I'm just up with you order, something. We miss our flight because you can't the boy. I love him to death, but I do but needs to learn to pre-order figure out what he wants in line cuz we had like 10. People would have us. He had time to figure it out.
00:15:56Get the sausage egg and cheese and bacon, egg and cheese. So, exactly how old we are me and Bess are both in our let's just say mid-40s. Most people start going to McDonald's when they're one. So we have over 40 years of McDonald's experience to this day. If I take her to McDonald's right now, she's going to stare at the menu.
00:16:22And then ask them if they can remove a key ingredient from aha saying and not put this other thing on the thing. And then when I order mine, invariably what happens is they put screw hers up and they screw my. I want it like God intended. It should include a quarter pounder and everything that comes with it plus sorry for slivered onions. Can't order a quarter pounder, but without cheese and can you have the ketchup on the bottom, outside the bun? You know those things right? Libby wants hers of mayonnaise on it and they don't put mayonnaise on their burger. And that's one of the failings of McDonalds because Wendy's does what I started doing was if we're in a hurry. I just ordered like 12 cheese burgers or whatever and then give me four packs of every condiment you have. Okay, and then I just let the kids. If you want ketchup, put ketchup on it. Maybe you can put your mustard in your mayonnaise on it and then cuz
00:17:22We made a decision months ago that I was not going to order at the drive-through anymore because the kids ask me questions, while I'm ordering you to be leaned over you and yell into the sack, what we do, I'm not dealing with it. I'm not dealing with you cuz here's what I do. I would like I said, I order a number one with a Diet Coke Diet Coke. And then, you know, well, what do you want? What what do they have from one side of the thing? What do they have it? And then I want a milkshake, What do you want in addition to? But I just want to know if you going to have more than a milkshake bro. I'll take a fry with a small side. No one fry in induction. Can't do it at the. Meanwhile their life. Can you hurry it up a little bit? Cuz I got people, there's people waiting exactly what I just told Eileen that I literally lean my seat back. I literally over it. Take a nap.
00:18:14And she goes at it like she's doing her taxes. Like so I can pay, she doesn't say, give me a cheeseburger. She's just, I would like one cheeseburger. One medium fry $1 with cheese. Do you want onions and mustard? Know? Did you get no cheese on the one hot dog? I want one small spray. I mean, it's like, very exact distilled in a screwed-up and then she gets whatever he wants and thumb over in my direction. And then I lean up and say a number one with a Diet Coke and maybe a separate bag. If you have it because the apocalypse that you're going to put in that first bag. I don't want my food anywhere near it. Anyway, he finally orders to give me the stuff and I'll go back to the table. I sit down and I realized that are hash browns aren't in the bag. And the
00:19:14The what are the drinks is missing. The milks, the kids milk some missing. So then I just walked past everybody, everybody in line. Like if I'm missing my hash browns and I'm like, I dare you to ask me for my receipt. That's what you hit VIP status. He doesn't matter who's in life. Some lady could be giving birth in the line and you can cut right through there. It's not my fault. You got pregnant. I need my hash brown. You'll be careful more. Careful, next time, use protection woman. If you want, preferential treatment in the McDonald's in the worse is if you if they have to make new hash browns for you because then you're getting those little lava cakes with the grease. Just pouring all of us of the best. I can't take it.
00:19:59You know, if I put as much effort into my job as someone who's trying to eat some pomegranate, I could be general manager of the company.
00:20:10This has been Dave's Comedy Corner. And the first day we were, there we go to check into our hotel. We go to the pool and you got to do that. Your first exactly. I'm walking out to the pool. I put one foot into the pool, slipped it on my hip, and my wrist to stop myself. I'm seriously, you're injured now. Well, the last time you talked about a vacation, you injured yourself at the very beginning. I was riding a bicycle and got jacked. So I wiped out landed on my hip and my wrist and was able to get up. I thought for sure that you know, it didn't hurt but I seriously could have broken everything. And I stood up and did a Pee Wee Herman. I meant to do that.
00:21:00So we're in the pool. Yeah. Okay, and we're talkin me Libby. Jacob, and Cameron. The four of us are in the pool and we're talking about tomorrow. Can we meet him or we're going to Universal Studios? What do you want to do first? It's going to be badass. And what do you want to do first while we're going to? We decided we're going to get up at. We got a bed for 30. We got we got everybody. Yes. I'm ready. Now. We got to the park and we were there like a half hour before early admission. Wow, but we're standing in the pool right about what we're going to do at Universal Studios. This kid. Not my kid. I don't know who's Kitty was cuz he's just one around by himself. He could have been, I don't know. He could be an orphan. He walks up to us and funky weird British accent pieces. Well, to be totally honest. The best ride at that Park is Hagrid's. And we're like, okay.
00:22:00That's creepy on so many levels. Some more about other things Simpsons. Alright, okay, take care of that. Other creepy did. He has walking behind us? And he's got his head right above the water and he's like, yeah, I don't know what's going on with these weird kids. But and then we see the bridge could walk over to some other people and he's like going to be totally honest, the best food, you can get at the park, is the psycho body moving, Facebook ad.
00:22:45Will you whatever they happen to be talking about, if it just seasoned advertisers of it the whole time. We were at Universal Studios, give you an erection.
00:23:09So, we had to creep because of the 4th, when we get to the park, we get to the park. And we're there for early. Which one did you start at? Like, the Maine University, white walk-in to okay. I know I'm going to get this wrong. We went to the park that had the Hagrid's ride, which I think is Islands of Adventure. I think. Okay. I'm by think. So, I'm pretty sure it's the one that has the superheroes that has the Marvel, but it's not Marvel. You can't say Marvel cuz Marvel's Disney and I was not disappointed. That you feel weird Marvel all over the place. Did you feel weird? Know, I did however, have Simpsons and Marvel at Universal Studio. How are they able to do Disney owns the rights to air them, but they don't exclusively on the rights. O, yours. Last time we were there. We were at the Marvel places.
00:24:06And then we went to, you know, they have to downtown Disney. There's a Marvel store there. Yeah, that Disney Marvel store over there. Sorry to interrupt your story. One thing. I regret and I can't believe I didn't think of this while you were down there. I should have messaged you. What the hell I wanted a Captain America all over print polyester shirt and they're stupid expensive and I never got one because I'm like, that's too expensive for years now. I think if you still want something for years, after you first saw it, yet probably should have gotten it. Well, they still have the future. They still have back to the future. I really, I know I wish I would have messaged you. I could have been mowed you or something anyway, so our first day at the park,
00:25:0630. Gates, open at 7, p.m. Played mittens voice. Okay, and you run too. We're going to haul ass. We're going to run and velocity Source. Are the two rides that you cannot use an Express. So we're like, we're going to do. We're going to do hackers for a well. They open up the gates. They let people in before you go in and they scan your past. You have to put a fingerprint. Yes. Your fingerprint.
00:25:37Libby's fingerprint didn't work and then they checked your ID and then they get to meet Cameron. Went through fine. Then they get to me. I scan it. Fingerprint didn't work. I did work, scan. It fingerprint didn't work, and I like, is that the same finger you use before it? Finally, the guy checked my ID cuz I did. Like 100 people have went through in the way. We haul ass. We run back, we get to the line for Hagrid's. I have to check our stuff in that a locker. Okay? Okay, and then we get into our line and we're like, oh my God, there's always sit on the damn fingerprint and but once it started, moving if hustled slipping hustled, we were on that, right? In about 20 minutes. Okay? Okay. Okay, and the Hagrid ride is the most the most brutally honest, it was the best beer.
00:26:37Remind I thought it was stupid and then bestest Sister. Laura had one and she got addicted to him and then we just kept stopping and getting better, but they're like $15 a butterbeer. And then they have a Frozen version for like $75. And we do if you put whipped cream on it did the same thing happened to us at Universal that happened at Disney like the first day or two, that you're there. You're like, I'm not spending anything. I'm making a bologna sandwich and I'm drinking water from a puddle. Yeah, and then, by the last day I'm like, yeah wrote the ride and then it's like we went to Jurassic Park. That was awesome. We had over to the Marvel section. That was awesome. How the kids ride the Hulk ride, but the boys wanted to buy a warrant and they had to buy all. Oh, yeah, we have to buy have to buy one.
00:27:37Home, it's been over 10 years or lowlanders over ovary and Cameron and Selene would when he wanted. And Jacob was like, do you like this one? And what does it mean by Lisa? The way we could have written four more rides in the time, it took them to think they wanted one and it's fine. We were there for four days. So I just let them pick out a Wanda. Now they said Dad, if you tell them your birthday, they will go and pick out a special one. And I myself sure they will. My birthday is June 10th.
00:28:37Take back together. So give this to the old guy.
00:28:44This portion of irritable dad syndrome is brought to you buy, chopsticks. Okay. We know it's easier to eat oriental food with a fork, but put a pair of these bad boys in your hand and you're guaranteed to look like the smartest most talented person that the table. Hello. I'm Dave, Lay. I love eating with chopsticks and judging people who are simply too stupid to use them. So feel Superior to others and buy your own pair of Chopsticks available, wherever quality Oriental dinner utensils are so old now back to you losers in the studio.
00:29:23The Simpsons Ride was my second. Favorite. OK. Google part of the thing. Have you written that one? Right? I think we may have I seem to remember Sideshow Bob is trying to kill them at the amusement park. I think I think you wrote it. Are you a big doughnut know you're going to ride you around like a rollercoaster. Are there pink Donuts that come out at you? I do not like we I don't know if we rode that or not, but that leads me into the second half of the story. So The Simpsons. But if you go to Universal, I've been absolutely Go Ride. The Simpsons Ride. It is hysterically funny and so much fun outside of The Simpsons Ride. There's a Kwik-E-Mart. There's a there's a there's cletus's Chicken Shack. There's the beer place, and then there's the lard land Donuts. Okay, so there's the big donut.
00:30:22Large landowners gift. So the boys Libby says, wait a minute. They're not selling Donuts or something. Like one big don't. Yeah, it's just one big box of donuts. I don't know. If I want to waste my money on this or what? Then I realized that doesn't sound right, please, put the donut. Yeah, but
00:31:16While we were at Universal, there's a place called City walk. And on City Walk is a Hard Rock Cafe, Hard Rock Cafe in Orlando is the biggest hard rock and the world. Yet. We went there, normal. Yes. I actually look at we sat in the CBGB section and catches the punk bar in New York page or waitress. I knew everything about. She's like, yeah, Nostrana this Pearl Jam in the Ramones over there and this and that whatever. And she tells us that outside of the Hard Rock, is in piece of the Berlin Wall, was screwing with us. There's, there's a piece of the Berlin wall outside.
00:32:00Why is it that a hard drive work, where you, where would you go? If you want a piece of the Berlin Wall Beatles, record the song, at the Burlington throwing albums and music over the Berlin wall or the parts, but I don't know. So we went we saw a piece of the Berlin wall. And then she starts talking about some of the things that are on display and one of them was a drum set is hanging on the wall. Okay, let me let me find my I'm not I don't have anything to say to these people.
00:32:40She says there's a drum set that's hanging on the wall when we got it. It was covered in blood because I do rumor. Okay, the Tremor was shot one night or one of the band members of sha and they cleaned all that off, but I was thinking leave the blood on there.
00:33:03Yeah, yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.
00:33:13What's a Vinnie? Paul from damageplan? Okay, I'll so I believe he played in Pantera Dimebag Darrell. Yeah. Oh my Lord. That drum set. Drum set, is there.
00:33:35They probably should have kept that on there that be. I'm like they probably should have kept the drumset not on display as evident.
00:33:45Wow, yeah, so that was well, but page. I didn't think that I would actually know who it was that got shot. That then you said that you have any fall. Yeah. Did I mention that when we were at The Simpsons Ride? I'm at Krusty, the Clown.
00:34:02Not on the. Are you mentioned it upstairs. So it's a guy in a Krusty, the Clown, so there's probably like what is just like a fifteen-year-old kids belts in real life. Yes. I do. This is very awesome. So I would assume and whatever I try. You say we don't have time for that. When we were told Libby, honey. I want you to be
00:35:01I just wanted to butt in and I can I can you be a guest on my flight? And there's a woman working the ride. She lost her mind. If she looked at libbie. She says, I think I'm going to hit somebody. Okay, fun. Okay, there was a woman and she looked straight at her husband and she said, you're about to drive me insane. You need to relax and one of the guys working at the hotel, while we were waiting to get our bags checked in. He asked if we were coming from and I said, we live in Cincinnati and it goes I do you guys have as little lady has been out of commission for 12 years. It's not even their family, you know, if they caught on fire.
00:35:55There is a at the hotel. We stayed. It was one of those where you could ride a water taxi. Ethan, the same kid. I know you don't actually ride in a water. Taxi is the professor. So this little kid was crying and his mom is trying everything she could do to calm him down because they missed the the water taxi. Okay, there's one comes like every 10 minutes or so. They thought they were not going to the park and she was trying as hard as she could try to calm him down and his dad had went back to the room to grab something real quick. And that's why they missed the water taxi. So he was mad that his dad wasn't there and then but it in and save the day by. What's the problem I said, are you going to go? You got to go to Universal Studios? Yeah. I said, what kind of wine do you going to get the one? Like the one thing? I like Harry Potter. You going to get one?
00:36:55Noble, noble doesn't have a wine. I like, I'm pretty sure, Bilbo has the one I said, I seen I seen Harry Potter in The Fellowship of the Ring. 20 times. Don't tell me, Bilbo doesn't have one because Bilbo, that's not the right movie. I said, did Bilbo has the green one? And Darth Vader has the red while I'm not going to let some thirteen-year-old tell me.
00:37:22I think your plan and the comedy get down to start a fight with him. And then and then you're confusing me and you and I will agree to disagree. Okay, he looks at his mom and she looks at me and I swear, she was.
00:37:41Thank you. I did. So you became the bad guy for the story about the guy I told you about the problem with the fingerprints. Okay, every time we went to the park, we had to do a fingerprint two or three times and they would check are actual ID. So, it's our last day at the park. Nothing. They check it again. Second time. They let me through and then they live in.
00:38:14We had walked up a little bit and I don't run notice that they're still not in the park and I looked at Livingston, what's going on? She's just that she's like they won't let us end. Yeah, they won't let us in and then she called me. She says, I've got to go to customer service and handled this. So she had to wait in a line had 15 people in it. And Cameron was on that side with her. So the guy sitting like like, on a bench waiting on her and let me see. And she was starving. We hadn't had breakfast yet. She says, tell you what, why don't you run and get you and Jacob, eat a Michael. You haven't eaten. Like okay, so I went and got some croissants at this place with a delightful old man who I want to do adopt as my grandfather. He was so nice and sweet. And it's like, if I live next door to them, I would constantly go and check on him and buy the groceries out shuffle, his driveway and I would read with him every Tuesday.
00:39:14Breakfast and then I go back. Now. I don't leave the park because I'm afraid I won't get back in. Yeah, so sliding food through the gate. I'm sliding it over to Cameron Sousa thing in the Heat and runs it over to Libby. Isn't he sitting there eating while she's waiting in line meeting minutes for her to figure out for them? To let her back in the park. They gave her a comp pass and I like we lost an hour of parked.
00:39:51But anyway, she finally gets her compact her comp past. And when she walks across I swear it was like, I got her across the border, brought her into it and I was like, that was our experience. Wow. Wow, I give the park. I'll give it a 5-star rating was with the other people, man. It was absolutely amazing. And anybody who so I'm not going to say how much we paid to go, but Jacob didn't go to college. And so the amount of money we spent on that wasn't even close to what we spend on food. Oh, yeah.
00:40:39$17 for a turkey leg $7 for a churro. Yeah. Yeah, but like I was saying earlier, I don't know how you are, but I get numb to it. I mean, I mean, Thrifty the first day or two and then it's just like, yeah, was I need a piece of gum? How much is gum? 50 bucks, a piece? Okay, give you three pieces cuz I might get bored. Exactly. We have, we just booked everything for our vacation in June. So I'm getting the benefit of I'm doing it that way. So like I see all this money leave now and I'm like, oh my God, but hopefully by June. I'll forget about it. And then I'll be okay to spend money on food. And yeah, things water, you know, who else has expensive food the airport. Yeah, when we were for the hell, you can't go anywhere else. I know we were flying home and we got to the airport.
00:41:33And the airport was just absolute Insanity are millions of people at the airport. We didn't have any problem with our bags to do is like, take off your hat. But okay, I'll take off my hat. They just weren't very nice at the airport. And we finally get through. And then we find our terminal and I was like, okay, you guys sit here. I'm going to find me something to eat. There was a Burger King within Thirty people in line, and I got in line. And we had I think we had 40 minutes for the flight. You were, is enough time. I waited for 10 minutes and this guy Gordon, the first person in line still hadn't completed his order yet. So I'm like, we ain't getting anything here. So I go back and I tell Libby, I said there it's not going to happen to Burger King. She goes, okay, and she's starving. And she says here, you sit in and let me see if I can find something else because we're absolutely starving. And
00:42:33Jacobs, watch and kamryn. She went One Direction. I want another Direction. I did find a place that sold candy bars and some Doritos thirty bucks. I bought a bag of bugles, twenty bucks and some Reese's cups, to put your car up because I found a place that had we can't find any drinks. So she bought two apple juices for the kids. We spent $40 on junk food and it was our dinner. Biscotti cookies would be starting today. We've had those situations on road trips where it's like, it becomes very clear that this bag of Doritos and Snickers bar and not do that. You're getting in the BP is your dinner. I'm going to feel horrible for the next eighteen to 20 hours.
00:43:26We we get to our terminal and, you know, we've had just a day. It was just really, we were absolutely exhausted and there's I don't know if you're like this, in an airport is part of you like or we in the right place is this? And I was supposed to be where I'm supposed to be, cuz I always move in. And I asked the guy said, I just checking. Can you tell me if the flight to Cincinnati is on time? And he said, and I quote, it's supposed to be, I don't know. Okay. Yeah. Yeah.
00:43:59Mike, my biggest fear. And so I've had just the only fear I've had with regards to fly and that hasn't been realized is I'm a crashed. So, I've got that going for me, but just about every other nightmare, that happens in the airport. I've dealt with that. I have to say, the most annoying is there's two annoying. Things one is when they switch, where the flight is at the last minute, and sometimes when they do the connecting flights, there's just not enough time, and if a flight is late, now, you can't doubt. There are some Airlines where they will put you don't the other flight. We'll wait. Yes. Specially if it's a big fly like everyone across the country. Are you going to Europe or something? It'll, it'll wait the most time they don't. If it's a little puddle-jumper thing, they won't. So like when I would come, you know, into Atlanta and then I have to go to Cincinnati. They consider that
00:44:59Add to Cincinnati trip. A little one if you miss it. It's like okay. Well, we got another one going tomorrow morning at 8 a.m.
00:45:08I need I not supposed to be here in the morrow morning at 8 a.m. I'm supposed to be there right now is why I bought that ticket. Well, we had to go cuz these people that needed to go from Atlanta to Cincinnati tonight. I need to get there at 9, not 8:55, or we know not 9:05 right now. Anyway.
00:45:29This portion of irritable, dad Syndrome has brought you by Tif liquid, concentrated wallpaper stripper with its unique enzyme, action, diff dissolves, old paste and cuts wallpaper removal time in half. That's right half. How many times have you walked by that? Guest bedroom and said, one of these days when I have time, I'm going to tear out that nasty, Brady Bunch looking wallpaper and put in something new. So there's no time. Like now to do it. This is fast and easy. And did I mention that new steamer is needed, you'd have to be crazy to use any other products. And if so go down to your corner, hardware store, and buy some dip, and tell them you heard about it on irritable dead syndrome. Now back to you, Matt and Erin.
00:46:13So we had a slightly different trip. We went to the wonderful state of Indiana. That's where I was born. Were you really locked in Indiana? Okay. So this is going to be awkward. Say what you want about. Okay. So, I've been to Indiana, a couple of times, I went for a job interview in Fort Wayne bouquet about 23 years ago. Hope you didn't get the job, glad and I went to a Pearl Jam concert in Noblesville, Indiana concert in Noblesville. Well, so the The Sting with that story is that Pearl Jam does the thing where they they released bootlegs of all their concert. So I have that concert on CD and I specifically, remember that concert that I drove from about three, three and a half hours away. And I got to my seat with Spencer and Jason and Kevin.
00:47:11I got there right? As Pearl Jam, walked out and played the first Courtyard. Like you saying that, you know, I'm Huggy hug and everybody and then yeah, I was like it was the The Long Road Long Road to see what they start out with. That's a good opening number. Anyway, we decided to go to the Indianapolis Children's Museum. And so we're driving. There are big trip that we're going on. A big vacation that we're spending. Everything on is a trip out west where and we're going to land in Denver. You were supposed to do that. Not last year that but, you know, years ago and covid-19 trip was from Denver to San Francisco. We realize most of the most of Vegas to San Francisco is where no one would ever know that you died or whatever, and it would make it three weeks of the buzzards. We figured, we'll cut that down to Death Valley and then come back to Vegas to fly.
00:48:11So it's a lot of driving in my point. You in the desert. Yeah, I think is going to be awesome and I get corn corn. Corn, corn is a boring trip.
00:48:30And I'm looking back to tell rections in Indiana. If you go straight, 7 Mile and a red barn and you go straight 12 miles. So I'm looking back to tell one of these ungrateful, little kids to shut the hell up. And I realized it was best that said, that 0000 best lobster and then and then I heard ya. This is kind of boring. Haha, and I realized when I was about to tell that ungrateful Punk to shut up that that came from my mouth, haha.
00:49:02And Bess. And I had a moment where we liking and learns, that this is an hour-and-a-half trip and we've already lost it when you can't like 15 hours of this. Let me spread out over a couple of weeks. But right now I'm a little nervous about you Old Trip in June. But anyway, we went to the Indianapolis Children's Museum. There's no mask mandate anymore. Right there needs to be not worried about covid-19 Kur, just worried about just taking a breath, was disgusting.
00:49:34Are you talking about gingervitis vaccine? I got, I got a death is like determine, which has halitosis. Each person had, like, you got some gum issues. Haha. Your esophagus is rotting away or something. It was
00:49:59Aardvarks. Don't be standing waiting for something to happen. I would smell of foul. Are you through? And I look over and there's a mouth breather? You like staying there too far away for
00:50:12Collin CAD
00:50:17It was just packed so they have a dinosaur exhibit. It's really cool. So they have like dinosaurs climbing. Their heads are sticking through the thing but they were opening this thing and there's like all these people and we're trying to figure out where we're going and I'm kind of being a jerk. That's what I know, you know, so, you know, we talked about what next exhibit we're going to unlike all well. Okay. Just went to fight through this Brave more crowded over here to get to. That isn't really do. We really want to do that. We, you know, we went through the whole thing. It was great. We decided to go eat. We went to the website called the food court. The 5th, not the People's Court, and we stood in line for about 10 to 15 minutes before we realized, we weren't in line for the food court. We were in line for the admission ticket for some reason was inside.
00:51:06Hey, what happened inside the museum? So you're saying I can't get a corn dog and then we went to the food court and then by This Time Charlie's in tears because he's so hungry and where all I'm practically in tears on like this, screw that I start looking on my phone, there's places within a mile of us all around for food and I'm like, I would rather go to a sit-down place when we will pay a reasonable amount. Then get a $15 corn dog. Yeah. Made by that guy right there and have to smell halitosis. While I'm eating it together, all packed on top of each other. So we leave and we go to apocalypseburg. ER, apocalypse Burger is a chain of two restaurants in. There's the one in Indy. I know the one where bracelet they had the, the one in Indianapolis that we were at. And then there was one in New York. They were very proud of that and you is one of those, you know, every place now, as the QR card worth.
00:52:06Do your phone and now you have the menu on your phone that thing. So we did that one of these places where everything's got, like, a cute name or a cool name, right? It's not the burger. It's the Terminator meet you or whatever the hell and these pictures are awesome. And I'm like, we picked a really cool place and that, you know, the deserts are root beer floats and stand a ding dong que ya. And then, you know, Charlie on a camera crew is Charlie. I think it was Charlie or Andrew said, what's a ding dong? You have failed as a parent, if they don't know anything. You know what? I mean? Unless I showed a picture of a ding dong. I was very careful. I was very careful when I search Google for ding dong cake. I didn't know what was going to come up. Haha, but thankfully, the hostess, you know, things came up a couple years ago. I was invited to go up on Chris and janeen, their Radio Show in the morning and I was doing stand-up comedy.
00:53:06And right before I went on the lady who does traffic, and then then it went, it was perfect. It was great. So we were there and so the burgers looked a fantastic, okay, and they had weird stuff like head, white chili or white barbecue sauce with. I don't know what that was white barbecue sauce. I don't know. But I was excited. It was on the apocalypseburg. They bring the burgers out, that it doesn't look like the picture and I'm not coming in, just a sad. Looks like some guy sat on your burger sad drawing of the burger. It's like the things that were in the picture of their supposed to be on the burger and I supposed to be more than meat lettuce and breads. Like you had the burger was like 6 in tall and lots of yellows and reds and things in there. A fact, the kids and best. They got the
00:54:06Sup, it's called like, the the plane something. It's, it's a plain burger. But I promise it's the. I don't want any drama burger or something. It's literally just up an addy and a bun mine. Look like there's but it had a lettuce on it too. And I'm like, well, that kind of sucks, but it was pretty good when I was getting up. This gentleman came over and he was like that and I'm like
00:54:37Am I being recognized? Is this is one of our 10 listeners in the world in this place with me, and then you need to learn more words and put on the back, is our logo, and he said, that's an interesting shirt. Where did you get that shirt as I call? It's a podcast and he looked at me confused. And I think his next line was going to be no, that's a shirt. And I I headed him off at the pass. I said, it's at I have a podcast and then, you know, go to your dad's. And I'm not, and he just looks like, there's that guy's pretty cool. I'm like, okay. Alright, we're done here. I think we're done here. I think I'm never going to see you again. And that works. Or it's I've been looking for Indiana downloads. We have one owner to that happened that day. What about Florida? Because I wore mine like 15 hours of. Yeah. We did. We did have a few from Florida, all kind of a few. We've had a couple of fans in Orlando for a while, but there are from other areas.
00:55:37Yeah, around Florida cuz I'm convinced that I never know cuz like the Indianapolis Dino keep interrupting in the children's museum, like people come from within 10 Mi of that place. You know, where do they come from around the world? Yeah, exactly. You know, we can have a download from Saskatchewan because of your shirt.
00:56:01This portion of our show is brought to you by Sears, you're talkin about driving in Indiana. My grandparents live there. And the first time that I brought Lily to meet them. And she had fallen asleep in the back of the car. My mom and I were going and she was going with us. So she fell asleep in the back and she wakes up and where in Indiana, and this is the time of year where there was no corn, get it all been picked and there was no soy Luna, nothing. It was just absolute flat. It was, you could level use it as a level and so she looks up and she's just as confused as can possibly be and her. Exact words were a Spider-Man Tobey, totally out of luck. Fight the crime of this place schedule buildings.
00:57:01Anything that so you brought up Spider-Man? I got it. I got it through this out to you. That is kick-ass. So
00:57:13You, you have you and your children have a PlayStation. Yes, the Spider-Man game on there. You guys have that, you were watched if you were plated or what some play it, if I don't pay it, pay attention, pay attention when he's swinging because it's not, he's like actually shooting the web out and hitting the building. Haha and it's swinging based on the buildings that he's not just like some random thing like it's going off screen. I was ungodly cuz in the movies, there is some at least one person, probably a team where they were making that game. And like, you know, we want to make this as real as we want to make this superhero swinging through the city as realistic as possible. If he hit the building to the right going to go straight to go to the right straight into the wall, and there's their sections, where the buildings are low, and I was like flying through there. And I'm like what I've seen the moon.
00:58:13And the TV doesn't have to do. No, Dave hold you to it. It's like no, I'm sorry. You went into the low-level housing. You got me swinging in the original Tobey Maguire movies. Did you see where the weapons going? I can't remember. I know when The Amazing Spider-Man you do. I know they were focused on that and that one and I think with the with what's-his-face, the new guy Harold Mancini, what's the weather going? When Kevin Dolan is sitting out there? You see it. By the way, there's a, there's a video out there. There's a video out there of bloopers, from no way home. They are great. All man will. Listen, we mentioned earlier that. We have a lot to talk about and we're almost at our limit here. For this episodes. What we're going to do is we're going to cut this episode off right now. Okay, we're going to play the
00:59:13Music. Dave's going to do an outro and we're going to wrap it up and then a part two of this episode will be next week. In the meantime, we want you to go to irritable, dad, syndrome.com. And I'm going to ask you again become a patron. Okay, seriously, send is my help us. Keep the show upload cuz Mike and I were dying here. We're drinking water. Not because you want to be healthy is because we can't afford anything else and send us a gift like that. Like Craig, hold it. Yeah. He said the bar pretty high here.
00:59:49Thanks to listen. We'll see you next week for part two on earful Dancing. That's the show.
01:00:00Well, to be totally honest, the best ride at that Park is Hagrid's. Give up the day may come. When we'll give up on fruitless Duchess, after a mere 11 minutes, but that day is not today. The day may come when our favorite reptile may be lost for my memories and his enduring love of mushrooms for God, but that day is not today. Today. We searched, we will search for him in the streets. We will search for him in the trenches. We will search for him. In the alley is in the mini mol. I'm a cold-ass X of this. Fair land will search for him in the most. He never caught pasta, Municipal recreational facilities. And we few, we happy few. We small Band of Brothers and Dale from across the street. We shall not see if he is found.
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