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April 12, 2022

IDS #85 - The Donut Nazi

IDS #85 - The Donut Nazi

This week, the boys discuss how so many people lost their minds not caring about the infamous slap Will Smith delivered to Chris Rock.

Darin met the meanest woman in Florida, a dog named Kaboom and our newest patron... and put him to work! 

Mike has decided to start a lifestyle change, we have a brand new sponsor and Quacker gets an assist from one of the world's most popular movie stars to deal with this week's censorship duties

All this plus a traumatic Disney World flashback and an emotional tribute to George Carlin.

If you miss this episode you're crazier than an outhouse rat!

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00:00:00What's new pussycat? Hey, I'm Darren Tom, Mike. Welcome to that came on. That's going to slap your mama. I'm nervous. Oh my gosh. What if this is bad, then it'll be just like every other one will come to irritable dead syndrome. The only podcast with a cursing duck. Now, please welcome your host. Mike and Darren.
00:00:46Hey, I'm there. Not much. Welcome to this is episode 85. We've got a really good episode for you this week. We're happy that you're here. Whatever time you listen to it. I know you're sick of hearing about it because that the day that we're recording this and then there's going to be the date of this ere's. It's going to be probably 3 weeks after it happened, but we haven't had an opportunity to talk about the infamous Will Smith Chris Rock slap. We're going to talk about that, not so much what actually happened but a bunch of crap that happened after it. Yeah, and I'm going to talk about the fact that I have finally decided to keep less of me in this world. I've started a diet, a lifestyle change, every one knows that diets don't work and put in the work. I did. Alright, here we go. So what and what happened new on TV 3 weeks ago.
00:01:39Okay, I've always watched the Oscars going to have all ways watch them. I've always enjoyed them. They used to be so much better and I'm kind of like I equated to being a Cleveland Browns fan. Yeah, I keep going. I keep watching. I keep hoping that they're going to get better. Like they kind of used to be. Are they still awarding Lord of the Rings stuff? Or is that over? If only if only last year was the worst Oscars ever? Okay. It was absolutely horrible and I blame it on the fact that almost every single movie was on a streaming Channel. If you didn't have Amazon Plus then you missed the movie that won best picture of the year. I think, when I was a kid, I remember when I was a kid, I watch the Oscars. And then with the Advent of the internet, I watched I just watched the highlights. I would look up when I want to see. But yeah, like when everything hit streaming I just you know, I know it's like it's impossible to watch and then they they changed it to 10 movies that are nominated and so maybe three of them you saw.
00:02:39I don't know, man. They would have, like, they would give away some of the awards in an alley behind the show, the night before, and he should be the ones I want to see. Actually, I'm kind of four of them, giving some of the awards at another time short, and every now and then you and I have kids. So, every now and then you'll see the animated short cuz it'll go before Pixar film cello in a porno. Nobody cares about that has Billy Crystal hosted hosted. I thought it was funny to hear the years. Ellen hosted a good. Okay, they were actually entertaining shows. I don't know what they got to do to fix it to make these.
00:03:39Entertaining anymore. But this one was dull as hell until it guide entertaining. When Will Smith walked up on stage and smack that, okay. What happened in the hell is that? I was like, really, you know, you do what you saw it. Like I did. All right, you know, I've always liked Will Smith that I always come off as, like a really nice guy, every time he would be on Letterman or another talk show. He was funny and just your laid-back and easygoing and when he went up, it did that it was almost like watching. Tom, Hanks, go up and smack somebody. Yeah. Really? Yeah. Yeah, and this is my take on it. When I saw Jada Pinkett Smith. I thought her head was shaved because of a movie role. I'm about to come over there and smash that. I thought she shaved her head for a movie. Now. I didn't think anything about it. When Chris Rock said, g.i. Jane 2.
00:04:39Compared her to GG. Bad Ass. By the way more, you know, a lot of people think she's hot badass. Where's the install site that you're on our side of beliefs? I know, did you see? And I remember they had like the she was in that was at the Navy. Seals, who think they had some brutal dudes in there with her and she was holding her. I mean, I know it's your fiction fiction Hollywood over there that but still just the actress next to the actor. I'm sure they can get the donut break. She could beat that dude to death. It was a powerful strong role for a walk and he was laughing at it. I mean, I just been gone and all of her over and even looked over and she's and she was an amused, right?
00:05:39Cuz they were in the Madagascar movies together. These to promote the movies together. They're friends look like, oh hell no, we like if I were up there giving an award and you're like that would probably roll her eyes. And then then Libby would come up and smack an ass out of you or me or whatever you act like, we're not here to talk about that. I thought will was out of line when I want to talk about because the next day, I posted a joke on my personal Facebook page, two jobs. I said hard to believe that Ricky gervase, when all those years without getting slapped. You remember that time, Clint Eastwood walked up on stage and smack Billy Crystal, right? I don't remember that as a joke.
00:06:39Exactly friend of mine who I've known forever and is upset. She's upset at my joke, because anytime somebody physically harm, somebody else. It's not funny. And she said that, anytime you make fun of someone's medical problems. That's also an excusable unforgivable. I can agree with that. I will say that you can make fun of the medical condition. I have. I didn't mention this before, but let's go here very quickly. I think that humor has the ability to destroy anything bad or I could use it as a weapon against anything. So if you're afraid to make fun of something then you're giving it power. Now, I agree. I don't walk into a children's hospital. Start making jokes, all the kids, right? But you know, there's something core. I'm there, right? But I mean you you have to allow for the the fact that you should be able to laugh at everything.
00:07:39Michael j.fox was talking about how someone was. I don't know if they were trolling him on Twitter or something and his kids at Dad. What you do is you respond with your whatever you want to say, and then use put SMH and Michael j.fox has, what does that mean? Is it shake my head? And you did that? And that's funny. That was very funny. Comedians with disabilities. And I've mentioned this before in the show. It's get. That's their act, is is costly and it gets old after about 15-20 minutes, but I get it. I know it's funny. There's something funny about watching, somebody make fun of something that's affecting them. Exactly, agree with you 100%. I'm totally fine with somebody hopping onto my page. Arguing with me. I've got a friend who got off Facebook all together. Because you would have banned me years ago. He just got off of Facebook because he says,
00:08:39Talk politics, of course until fighting you do all I did was say, you know, Billy Crystal and Clint Eastwood and Ricky gervase, right? Those are my jokes and my friend got on there and she started addressing other friends of mine who would commented directly and one moment, one comment was. She had asked another friend of mine if she ever snacks for kids. That's like, listen, you don't need to talk to my friends about this. Yeah, you know, you want to argue with me, argue with me, but don't question her friend of mine, razor for children, and then my friend said something else about trying to teach me about critically and at our Mike. Listen, you're not also not going to tell my friends how to think and I ended up deleting the jokes because it was just starting up too much problem. I think most everybody on my Facebook page has blocked me or banned me years ago, so I don't really know. I never really have to deal with the
00:09:39Audience in that way. I can say that from my viewpoint. I thought I mentioned, I haven't watched the Oscars and in a while cuz I usually look, I mean YouTube freak out, if something comes on, it's it's actually a problem. I've started at you when I mentioned before, I'm trying to read more. I'm actually trying to watch shows more like actual shows more because I've gotten into this. I need to 5 minute video Here. 7-minute video here right now, but that's kind of how I watch things like the Oscars. I don't care which cello is the best one in the poor know that I do care if like any of the Marvel movies suddenly. Got nominated for anything again, really write the most Spider-Man in the movie. Let's get it. Let's go. So I didn't even so I'm going to say this and then I'm going to talk about how I can't stand people who said this.
00:10:26I didn't even know the Oscars were on until people were talking about it. The next day. I can't stand people who say that because the next day, my Facebook page was filled with, you know, I didn't even know the Oscars were on until this thing with Will Smith and I don't see why we should even care about it. Right? And I'm like what happened with Will Smith and then I looked at the next bus. It's like why is everybody give so much of a crap about Chris Rock and Will Smith is Hollywood Elite, right? And I look on Twitter and it's like I'm sick and tired of hearing about the Hollywood and there are problems on and on and on I saw note post that said wasn't what it was. It was like a couple hours later. I think I mentioned to you about Will Smith. Ya know what the
00:11:16And then. So if it weren't for all the people rushing to social media, say, hello me how little they cared about this event. I wouldn't have even known it happened. Right? So we sat down for the podcast and wouldn't that be a moment for the podcast? Where you say, what you think about, Will Smith says smoke. So it's, it's annoying. I know people rushing to, to say, they don't care and that we were told about this earlier, huge. I remember. There's a handful people in the same tired of hearing and I refuse to watch. It was pretty funny, but refusing to ever watch it. I just, I've just never seen it.
00:12:17Good for you. Again. Bird Box was actually, pretty entertaining was only something that we're both into or the Marvel movies and it became of thing. I'd like, I would talk to people, I would mention a Marvel movie.
00:12:38There's like 50 of them now. I mean, how you feel, if you walked into a movie theater, like surely you've seen one by accident. You're not that busy. Jeff Bezos. What do you work in an Amazon warehouse? You don't have time to have to choose. I'm either going to run me to watch Ironman multiple times in my life. I have encountered people who had no title have time to read. I don't have time to watch, nothing nothing or they'll post about. They watch this game and they watch this game and watching these games. Yeah. Time for pro. Do I get it? I get it, you know, each movies. What a couple hours. So you watch one this weekend. Okay. Next weekend. I don't know.
00:13:38Crazy. Watch another one. We watch movies and shots now and it's it's kind of it. So we had bro, weekend this past weekend. I'm off in a little tangent. You and the boys. Yeah, and we've decided, you know, we're going on a trip later. On this year. We're going out west, and we're hitting a bunch of different places. In one of the places were going to hit Las Vegas. So I grabbed a bunch of movies that we have.
00:14:01Are you I grabbed a bunch of movies of westerns and stuff. Cuz I told that has like none of the kids. Really have no context about the West other than it's that direction. You know, like I've seen tons of Western. So when we go over like we're going to go to Monument Valley. A lot of questions were filling the air, like I'm going to look at that. Say, oh my God, that was in this movie in that movie in Dalton's. It's right there. Back to the Future. 3 was filmed. We're going to be walking through that area. We're going to be in Vegas. We see the Hoover Dam to be thinking of are there was some kind of hero movie of Beavis and Butt-head was at the Hoover Dam or they have not sown like this, which of these movies the one everyone wanted to watch first was Ocean's 11. That's the one I felt was safe to represent Vegas. Okay, cuz one of the places I want to go and see the fountains, now, they go look at the Falmouth Ace 11, and they
00:15:01Half hour, the movie is then putting together the crew. The next half-hour is their plan and the last half hours in executing the plan. So we sent we watch them getting all the people together. Then we watched them, figuring out the plan and then they're walking in the casino. And then there's like, okay, that's enough watch rest tomorrow.
00:15:21Mandy's, and I was like,
00:15:24You got the one guy's already in the ball. You can't leave now, George Clooney. And Brad Pitt are about to drop through the lasers. You can. What are you doing? Yeah, but that's what we did. So, we watch movies. And I'm going to tell you right now, do not let the kids watch Leaving. Las Vegas. That's not a good one for the old, by the way. I'm sorry. Be careful though, cuz PG-13, today's what are was back in the day. Feel like saying, well, you didn't see the face actually explode, you know, but me and and me and Andrew watch The Magnificent Seven. If you seen the remake with Chris Pratt know, all it's very good. It's very good. And I'm sure it's got to be streaming on something sweet. I watched it a couple of times. I'll check it out. But back to the topic Rocket wheels.
00:16:24Target on Howard Stern here in about, this is the people who say well, yeah, we've got a war in Ukraine, but you let's keep talking about Chris Rock and Will Smith that slap at the Academy Awards has not replaced. No war in Ukraine. Rambe didn't replace running, and I'm also tired of hearing people saying, let's move on and stop talking about it. Cuz if I put something on my Facebook page, it's all talk about it. As long as it fits my Facebook page. If I want to talk about Neil Diamond, I will talk about Neil Diamond on the other son. Is there people who listen to this podcast? Heard me tell a story last week about kicking a girl out of my car because she said something untoward, about you, two know, one who listened to that story and got enjoyment out of it can ever say What whose got time to talk about Ukraine, or whatever. I'm sorry. You listen to me a bald, dude. You don't know.
00:17:24Kick someone out for saying something about right.
00:17:31The address that and say, you know, it's like I don't know that we need to apologize about that story, but she was thinking, not metaphorically, but literally yeah, which is like if you can't tell the difference in what someone puts in the song lyrics to I ain't got no time for clarity. I swear if you know, I don't necessarily believe in time travel. Haha, but it's almost like future more mature. Mike sent brain waves back to twenty-something. Idiot. Mike and said, yeah, you're not going to work out with somebody. That is that screwed up and critical thinking can you imagine
00:18:11Someone with that type of thinking being around me for more than 5 minutes. If somebody like that around me for more than 10 minutes when live and I were dating. She was over at my apartment and is it is getting late? I came here if I was making a snack or getting us something to drink. I don't know what. But she's searching through channels on the old TV, and she comes across a limo and and and I walked in and I just
00:18:48and I looked at her, I said,
00:18:50We're not doing this. And she's like, okay, it's like, no. No, we're not watching Leno in this apartment tonight or ever. Do you understand?
00:19:03I still.
00:19:06Okay. Back in the day, when I first saw Jerry Seinfeld as a comedian. I didn't think he was funny.
00:19:18I think he's hilarious now, right? But I didn't think he was funny and then I heard he had a TV show and for a while. I was like, why does that guy have a TV show? That guy's not funny, right? And it wasn't one wasn't. He was not find it hard to watch. It. Got to the point. Now. I can watch any show Seinfeld and it's except for season one and it's one of those things. That's okay, but it's like what? I watch, a, an old office, I'm smiling before it even starts seeing it fifteen times. And I'm already grinning the one that makes me belly laugh. The the one, where Michael Scott and Jan are showing Jim and Pam to her apartment. Yes, and he has the 14-inch. I've seen hundreds of tie all my Lord. So that's where Seinfeld is gone. But I didn't think it was funny. Now, Jay Leno. I put him in the same category as Seinfeld. I still don't think Jay Leno's funny or whatever. What?
00:20:18And I'll see like documentaries. I'll see videos of, you know, comedian, stalking each other. I mean, Joe Rogan will go talk to a different comedian wide about. That was back in the day. They all agree that Jay Leno was extinct was like, super funny was like the man I saw him back then. I didn't, I didn't think it was that funny letter men always says that he's ever known, and let us know when he was just stand up yet. For he took over for, for cars. I saw him. He was, he was like, when he'd be a guest, okay? With other guy, when he was a guest on Letterman, told a story about buying his dad, a new TV. Okay, they had a remote control and he went back to visit him and he says,
00:21:07Where's the remote control in his dances? Like I keep it in a drawer, which of the TV and the remote so that you can change it if he used to be so funny, but I never got him on The Tonight Show. Yeah, and well, I mean we've two here we go tour my Donald. I thought Norm Macdonald was funny on the inside. I saw it, but he has a different kind of funny, but they like he still has the same mannerisms, which was odd, if you watched those appearances at him. He's in his 20s. He still got that. I'm going down the road there and change the oil in the car.
00:22:07Oil changed and it didn't matter what he was talking about. But then he morphed into, he would show up on Conan and could hate it. Every time you shop on cutting. He would spend the entire segment telling setting up a date, setting up a dad joke and it would weaken their names. How did we get here? What has brought you? Buy liquid, concentrated wallpaper stripper with its unique enzyme, action results, old, paste and cut wallpaper removal time and a half. That's right, half. I I'm Dave way. And I've said this many times before I am nothing, if not brand loyal and the only wallpaper stripper I ever use is dif. I love this product so much. Sometimes. I hang wallpaper just so I can go back in a couple weeks at strip. It off with dip. My wife says, I have a problem.
00:23:07What the hell does she know? This is the only one that really works. Did I mention that? No, steamer is needed. Anybody who uses anything? Besides? Dif is a deadbeat loser. So what are you waiting for run by your corner hardware store and grab a cart full of dip and tell him. You heard about it on here, double bed syndrome. Now back to the show.
00:23:32I meant a patron. Okay, and this Patron is this is the first time I've met a patron who I didn't already know. Okay, you run down the list of people who are patrons of our shelter are very first. Patron, is Greg botas. Okay, he has my son's drum teacher to refer to them. As people who care was Greg bonus. Chris Hughes jumped on board. Okay, and he, and I went to college together cuz I know I have not met. Lisa, Coleman Ferguson, go to my knowledge has Michael. She's the one, kissing the aardvark, in the Chrisman. They care so much about this podcast that they donate financially to the success of our show. My mom moved to Cincinnati, Ohio from Jonesborough Tennessee and live. And I went down to help her out the last day and to get some stuff to us.
00:24:32Exactly. We went down there to assist and a couple weeks ago. I'd gotten a message from Leslie, Kali whole, she is one of our patrons. Okay. Craig play to this party. Right? So Leslie said, if you're ever in town, give us a call. We love to get together and where? Cuz Leslie went to high school with me. Okay, and she's as if you need anyting you cuz I told her my mom is moving. She said, do you need help? I said, I know she's hiring movers as well. If you do need anything. Give me a call. I'm happy to help. And it's like, my car was packed with stuff. My Mom's van was packed with stuff and then the truck was packed with stuff. Something. We didn't realize, was that mom had a bunch of stuff to throw away. Got to pee. And we're a drug paraphernalia. Throw out all the old expired. We don't need those in Tennessee.
00:25:32Throughput in Ohio. So we cleaned out our freezer and then she had a bunch of just you know, when you move I don't need those broken coat hangers up like 20 some bags and we didn't know what to do with it cuz you can't leave it on the side of the street because the garbage people there and you're leaving. Yeah, you can. But they won't pick it up. And then then you're just going to leave that mess for the next person and we didn't want to do that. Okay, so I'm like wow, holy crap. What am I going to do? I don't have any way to haul this stuff off an area where to take it, you know, so I called some people that I knew and another buddy of mine doesn't have a truck couldn't help. Not that. Well shoot. Let's call let's call the whole thing. Absolutely. Craig will be out there after he gets out of work. That's awesome. And so this guy who I've never met shows up your problem.
00:26:32And oh my gosh, I like Harvey Keitel in Pulp Fiction, didn't walk in and say I'll need a jacket. It's 7 minutes away. I'll be there in exactly the wolf the wolf to take care of our trash problem. So did she contact him before? She told you he was coming over to help? Yes. Okay, and then she got back with me in like a minute. Okay, I will be there after he gets out of work, yet. I feel better now cuz for a moment there I felt like you said, we'll be there.
00:27:08So he shows up. He says, I'm here about your trash problem. Never met the guy. Oh my God. I think he's the nicest person I've ever met. And, you know, this is the guy who made us asking about those, like, how he talked all about it. He had had a boy and Craig, forgive me because I'm going to forget a lot of the story that he had fallen off a roof. Okay, he had broken some ribs, broken, an arm sounds like the hard way to make those guards. He was in a bad way and he didn't feel good for a very long time. Okay, and while he was recovering he had started doing this. Oh, wow, that was one of the ways that he got through. It is something to help pass the time and then he enjoyed it so much that it affected his positive mental state. And so that's why he did it. And I don't know how this is going to like hundreds of Hot Wheels cars what he enjoys doing. Okay, so but this is really was the first time I met somebody who enjoys the podcast, who I never met.
00:28:08I cannot believe a guy who has never met me before shows up to haul off my trash and Craig. I honestly can't. Thank you so much. And honestly if anybody ever get the chance to meet him, what we're going to do you and I will have a meet and greet will bring the Craig and Craig will be there because no one wants to see what are the things that we have in our patreon is a ask me anything. We've got it at some point for this. Ain't nobody ever doing or where on Facebook or something if we just be on a video there for an hour and then come in here and asked us whatever.
00:29:08It's now time for Dave's Comedy Corner, you know, there was a time when Adam and Eve held the world record for everything. The world's oldest man. The world's tallest woman that I think you get the idea.
00:29:22I want to watch on workout. This has Ben Davis Comedy Corner.
00:29:30So I mentioned that Mom moved. Yeah, okay, we went down there and I was driving back with Mom and Libby and my youngest son Cameron were in Libby's car. Yeah, he left a few hours before we did while Mom and I cleaned up got rid of the last remaining as everything else in the house. Okay. Mom and I are driving up and we get through we get all the way to Tennessee. Do you know, where some where in Kentucky where we stopped to get gas, something to drink, use the bathroom and I am Mom is walking her dogs while they're going potty. And I'm sitting there by the car and I hear this woman.
00:30:07Turbo dog.
00:30:19That's the title and I said, okay? And so the door was open to Moms fan dog. Jumps in the car. Like I got to ask for my mental. What is a dog with Kaboom Sheepdogs? Like the ones with the little Barrel around their neck. They say people no no, no. No. No, that's a that's a Saint Bernard with blue eyes. So jump in the van. I grabbed hold of the dog by the collar and kaboom.
00:31:00She was scared, but I'll never forget, my God, everybody. We're in for a wild ride. That's what she said. So we may not have y'all used to be my boss. I told several stories about him. Jim thinks he's funny. Okay? Okay. So Jim sent us a couple of pictures from where he went to Universal Studios with a show there apparently exactly how I thought that he and I would cross paths. But yeah, he sent us this picture and we're going to post these on her Facebook page, but he's pointing at this wall and on the sign there is
00:32:00Irritable, dad syndrome the ride. Anyway, we need to get our legal at the end of a bad syndrome ride, and we're probably one of those rides is always broken down.
00:32:21And then the the picture that follows is him in line for the ride. And there's nobody on the look at the end of the ride. Thanks, Jim. Yeah, so I mentioned a couple weeks ago. I was at Universal Studios in Florida something that I didn't mention as while I was there is there's a place it's on CityWalk. Okay, is that at where you come in right down the middle, there's all the restaurants and all the gift shops and then you can go to Universal Studios on one side and the Hard Rock Cafe. No, the other Park the Islands of Adventure on the other and it is all the restaurants in the Hard Rock and yet. So there's a place around 5th or every 6 person has got a giant box of Voodoo Doughnuts, and I've got the kids.
00:33:21Like mom does not listen to, we get donuts, small donuts. Mom. Mom. Mom will go to Voodoo, Doughnuts. Will we get to Voodoo Doughnuts? And the line is down, like, 30 people deep around the corner because it's a Voodoo Doughnut and there's a woman outside and Libby, walked up to ask is, is this a logical Alliance back there? It's back there. It's all way back there. You can't stand here at the back there. He's like, okay. Alright, everything's cool. Then I don't feel the grenade was good. Okay, you know we didn't have time to stand thirty feet deep for don't come back. When people be in the same woman. Everybody back there.
00:34:21So we'll try this again cuz we were trying to go at the end of the night, right. Let's just go during the middle of the day. So we get there. And there's only like a dozen people. So this worth the time to get in line and it will draw in line and one of us will go up to the wall. And look at all that the menu of all the different Donuts had like 40 different types of donuts. And then we would go back and get in line cuz God forbid, we give the impression that we're cutting looks. So.
00:34:55God is my witness. The lady looked at the next person in life, Alemany, and the person said three, she was 33. Don't Tell Me 3 and then send 5, or I'll get you out of here. Don't Tell Me 3 and 75.
00:35:17South Seas, sail mess around and do right now. They don't sell. We went in there and just like we told the kids, you can get two donuts and Lady got her face ripped off and I were walking around with this giant box of donuts. You got a big box if we can't put in a locker, we can't do anything with. And then we're just walking around like well, I guess I'll hold the donuts. What you fried, right? We didn't think this through as we were going to go home. We're going to go out to the hotel. So the hotel we can visit them. Yeah. Yeah, but we would have to have gotten on the Water Taxi, didn't back to the hotel, and that's going to feel like an hour. So we could ride some of the ride to see you, right? After you reminded me of a story. When we took a medicine for Charlie was born. We went to Disney with Bess, has family.
00:36:17Those were some hilarious and fun. Disney trips went a couple times with them. So when we went when Andrew was I want to see. He was three. I think we were getting on a dumbo ride. I think it was Dumbo. Is that the one that goes up and down and just in a circle. Maybe it wasn't Dumbo. I'm going to say it. Anyway, we're in line. Okay, now we're in Disney. So we've already paid. The what is a $800 at an hour, a ticket to get in there everything. And once, once you pay the amount of money and you give the appendage to get in through the gate, the the deal is you could do anything in there within reason, but you can ride, you can kill a man. You could ride all the rides sings.
00:37:08So we get in line for the Dumbo ride. This is for The Fray, the middle towards the end of the day and aligned with my brother-in-law and his kids. And then we got, I got Andrew and me and AJ are going to go to the Dumbo ride and best is not. She's going to be on the outside. We wait in line with us when Charlie was little Charlie, wasn't born yet and it was an hour typical Disney line and we get in somewhere in the middle. I hear boarding pass.
00:37:42And I'm like, I didn't and Jim, we're with Jim, my brother-in-law and he gets a high in basom. Like I went to boarding, but we're in line to get on those stupid, little elephant boarding pass. So I just figured it would go through the whole group. Apparently, every person gets a boarding pass. So we've been in line. Like I said, in our everyone has seen us being line. We've been waiting our turn. Will they let us in? We go up when you get into the little thing. I'm strapped. Andrew. And I struck myself in there and they're walking around.
00:38:16Boarding. Pass 45.
00:38:22Put it back in the lady comes up, says, sorry to have your boarding pass. No, I don't have a time with him. I went, we just, we were in line.
00:38:33We got somebody here without a boarding pass.
00:38:37Why confess is over on the outside of the thing with her camera trying to take getting ready to take pictures and she malves? What the mouse back? I don't want no.
00:38:53And they caught and then this guy comes out. So sermon have to ask you to leave the ride. I'm like dude. I was in line for an hour. I don't know what a boarding pass to get on an elephant. I didn't want to get in a first-class elephant run when I'm going to pass and then and then Frazee and I hear
00:39:22United's best over there. Haha. I heard some lady likes. There's all this like a bubble in the crowd. It's it's embarrassing because now I have to unstrap myself and I have to unstrap me and right now, he is not falling. He's been in line with all of us thinks. I waited an hour. Thank you Disney and we get out. I like to say that. I'm a very nice person. I get to pissed. It's scary. Haha. It's like, Tim Curry in Legend with the ring with the big horns going out scary. It's like, yeah, you better not cross your wife. You've done something to cause this to happen. Right? So some lady said, what happened, some other lazy and Bess, and I'm going to try to mimic her voices as well as I can.
00:40:19Something along those lines, and I will strike figure.
00:40:26And Furious anger.
00:40:30I think I saw you were Ghostbusters when the spirits, what I think, I saw part of that woman's Spirit, leave her body. We got out at best was determined for like the next half hour or so. We were going looking for a Disney Employee and she pointed to tell the whole story and they're like, oh my God, that's terrible. And she gave us fast that the lady that the employees should always give us like 45 fast passes, which we've needed. We went so that was nice but still it didn't, you know, the damage has been done and what doesn't take away the hour that you lost it and it doesn't get doesn't you know, the kid being pulled and screening that young. It's very hard to get a kid that upset. Yes. Out of that because they're kids and that's what they do. Yeah. I kind of don't consider it off and say, you know what? I'm going to, okay. I'm going to enjoy the rest of my day. No, damn, very hard to do because
00:41:30Season passes to Kings Island. So, we went to Universal Studios in the Six Flags. I've been to many many men to Disney World. I have never been on a ride. It's like, when you, when you buy your ticket, you can go in, you get in life, you get on the ride. Yeah. What am I missing here? I thought it was just like one of those Disney's very theatrical about everything. Like, when you're in line, you're not just standing in line for Leah to get our Space Mountain. Adventure on them to say, where is your ID for your alien to Patriot? Okay, dude, I get the story. Let me on the freaking thing. Listen, if you have to have a passport to get on a certain, tell you that before you get in the car. Yes. Something we, hope you enjoy the Disney. The Dumbo ride, make sure you have your boarding pass. It's not like people watching the lines at
00:42:30Disney should be at least as half as attentive as the girl, who is watching who was around us at the, you to show everyone within twenty feet of us and who was supposed to be their boarding passes. As she was watching that thing like a hawk. Yeah. She needs work at Disney for should of our show is brought to you by The korky Beehive Max toilet plunger, the world's most powerful plunger. Hi, I'm Dave Leigh. Are you tired of breaking your back? Trying to unclog a nasty and possibly blocked up. Toilet. And back Troy. Do I have a product for you? The Beehive Max toilet plunger fits all toilet, Brands and food, and colder with no. Splash back and Powerful Club removal. Now, I know what you're thinking. Why the hell do they call it? The Beehive Max? Well, it's because this plunger actually looks like a beehive. It's quite brilliant, really run out and buy one for every bathroom and you
00:43:30Because there's nothing more embarrassing than having company over and having to yell. Hey, honey. Can you bring me the plunger, The korky Beehive Max toilet plunger available everywhere, quality toilet, repair products are sold now, back to the show.
00:43:46My mom is named Dorothy. Okay, and coincidentally Louder Than Life is coming to the Cincinnati area. I don't remember when I got too old to go to afford a concert. There are some apps that I'd like to see, but out of curiosity. I'm looking at the lineup of the Bands. I haven't heard of, but there's one band coming to Louder Than Life and their name is Dorothy. Okay. There's a heavy metal band named Dorothy. Okay with Dorothy did kill a witch with her freaking house. Yes. And installed the witches shoes, but I'm just saying a song about its hard as I try, cuz I'm Cinderella. They took Cinderella and turned it into a name of the heavy metal band. You worked. Ya can't make Dorothy.
00:44:40Even though even Alice in Wonderland. I know you're not a gamer but there's a game Alex that's based on Alice in Wonderland has a butcher knife really good game. But number 80. What was the Super Cobra Cobra and his son? What was his first name? I don't know. But he had, I married a Matchstick in his mouth. All that match. That bothers me. His name is like, Leslie or something. He always wish they had a more masculine name. Alice all you're making me want to watch go over again. Do you know he walked into a supermarket? Then the house starts? He walks into a supermarket. I feel weird. I just remembered he had the match stick.
00:45:23I'm trying to lose weight and I figured I'm going to use the show to help me lose weight because I lose weight through accountability. If I just in a vacuum, try to lose weight, it won't happen right away. Cuz I have things in the house that I can eat to cause me not to lose weight. So I have an app that I use and this is not a commercial. I'm just telling you guys this work for me. No, it's worked before Noom Noom. And the reason it works is cuz it past hers that out of you how much she weigh. I thought you were going to vacation if he knows we're going on vacation. I told it we're going to Vacation. Okay, I told it wait. I want to be when I make a steak when I'm on vacation. I told it what weight ivanson when I get down to. I told it, you know, what? I do during the day, all these things and it just keeps hounding you. I'm sorry. You didn't tell us what you ate for breakfast. Is that there's something you're hiding. So what noon becomes a second wife, watches everything that you do?
00:46:23And you can ignore it. Did it really start the next starts texting you and it called me one time and it was freaky. You ever see the movie like Mike was wondering. Are you going to eat all of the peeps? If you ever seen the movie cat's eye, Stephen, King been forever. I know one of the stories of is James Woods and he's trying to quit smoking and he goes to this quit smoking place and they like if they catch you smoking they like chop off your finger up your wife. It's like that. Okay, cuz they don't chop off your finger, but they just keep hounding you. And you get the first couple of weeks. It's like I don't want to deal with these people texting me. I'm just going to eat the freaking salad. I mean week 2, now. I've lost 6 lb and I'm moving forward. So I'm going to start announcing my weight. Okay. I'm going to be honest where I am and where I want to get to so that
00:47:23One can see what a loser I am or how good I am at losing weight. One of the other there is no in between time black or white. What is your current weight? My current weight? When is my current winning? Its 224.6 lb? Okay, because I was at 2:30 point six $0.24 6 this morning. I'm trying to get down to it. I'm trying to get down to 195. I told Noom 185, but let's be honest. That crazy. So I'm trying to get down to 195 to the BMI index. I am obese to well, you're taller than I am. So I weigh 220. And I am obese. I'm obese. I've got another. I'm technically 30 lb over the way that I shouldn't be on cruises Arby's, you know, but anyway, so that's what I'm telling everyone. What is this episode 85 Mike ways to 24.6?
00:48:23Tell you what, since you're doing this I'm going to do you want to do this to me? I'm going to go. I've been saying forever that I need to lose weight. And what do I do? I don't do anything. That's like, I have a treadmill. Do I get on the treadmill now, I have a treadmill. You, I have a, I have a Navy bench. Do I do sit ups, OAB bench the sweets. If they're in the house. I'm going to eat them. I can't have them in the house and not eat them. Okay, that's yes. I'm sorry. I don't know how else to put it. So I've got to stop the only way I can stop eating this. What is if I stopped buying this week. I'm going to join you on this Quest. Oh boy. This is a big deal. Should we exchange vows or or has it been on your hand?
00:49:17So anyway, that's what it is. So yeah, I'm going to try to lose weight and it comes out. Your part of it is our vacation is going to require a lot of hiking and the last thing I want to have happened is Andrew and his forties. Yeah, I remember when Mom and Dad took us on that vacation and four of us went through.
00:49:39We, we sweet. We went. I can own one day or the next four days. We were just laying in the hotel and I going to yours.
00:49:49Who's hungry? I want to get something to drink now with anti-cavity protection.
00:50:06I don't know why this came up but I haven't talked about my father on the show in a very long time ago. When I was driving home from Tennessee over. Heard a conversation. It wasn't with, but it was, it was at another point. Is that a rest area? And it was two men and they were standing out I guess I don't know if they're waiting on someone to use the restroom or whether but they were talking about where they were going and how they were getting there. Okay, and my dad used to do this all the time, like if I said, hey Mike, I'm going to, I'm going to go to Johnson City. My dad would say, are you going to do what you got to say, 75 down to 4:40, and then to what 81? And then $26 on your trip like it, just like, it doesn't matter. I'm going to Lafayette, Indiana.
00:51:06Long before just like decades before MapQuest. It reminds me of the Observer that Saturday Night Live skit The Californians. Yes, I 95 North
00:51:29Oh my God, get out of car. Take this loss of cut off. Cut off your sauce and get back in the car. I want to apologize in advance because I was ready to fight with you. All right. The power of the dog. Or did you watch it? No, no, you didn't like it so much. I hate. I was determined to like it, right? Cuz I want to argue with you. Okay, I just haven't found the time to watch it and I don't think I will, but then I had an epiphany. Yeah, that's my word of the week. While I've been reading more in college. I took a class. So I'm sure other all colleges do this to try to have to like or many of them well-rounded students. So you don't want to have somebody. Just take all like chemistry classes. You want to take like some literature and stuff cuz I need be able to talk to people and read things when they get out. So I had to take this literature class.
00:52:29And the professor was obsessed with a river runs through it. Be until we are in a fight. We, I think we spent the entire quarter. Talking about that movie. Okay, we all watched it together. We were supposed to read the book. I said, I read the book. I didn't read the book because it was about fly fishing. Can I get it? There's, you know, it's, you know, there's more to things than fly than what the fly fishing, but he was about fly fishing and they were tying everything back to fly fishing. And something horrible would happen. And he's like, all well, this is kind of like when your flying enough to fly across the creek on the thing, and it, and it flies away. And I just want to rolling my eyes were rolling so far back in my head, I couldn't take it. That you said, was great movie. I think it's one of the worst movies of all time and I think it's stupid. Okay, it's terrible. Okay, but hold on.
00:53:29Was Brad Pitt in that Brad Pitt's never look dream here. I love. Brad Pitt. Okay, and I can't stand that movie.
00:53:41This professor that I had apparently devoted his life to that movie. Okay, you like this movie but I didn't devote my life to what I'm saying. Right? There's a lot of evidence that this is a great movie. I ain't mine. I like okay. So then I thought that might be what Darrin's going through with power. The dog might be a really good movie and I don't want to be like the professor, and I don't want to watch the movie and then try to come to you to explain why it's a good movie. Because if anybody comes to me, try to tell me how great our river runs through. It is, all I'm going to do is sit there and think it's about Flash and I don't care about fishing. I don't care about flies.
00:54:20Did did you watch the whole movie? It's been 20 years. What was the movie was more about the relationship with Brad Pitt? The Sun and I'm scared though, the father and they were fishing that they were fishing that I don't know what the things that they had in common. Okay, but now it's been a long time since I've seen it but the movie was a lot of what they didn't have it, Okay. Like that fly fishing.
00:54:49My favorite part about that movie was Robert Redford. Did the narration for it? Okay, and I'm like, oh my God. I don't care how much money it takes. One of these days. I'm going to be rich enough to hire Robert Redford to come and talk to me at night while I go to sleep. Not that he's boring. But my God, he was just absolutely and A River Runs Through It.
00:55:13the professor may have ruined the movie for me, because, and I was walking in and I would sit down the class interview like,
00:55:24Let's talk about fly fishing. I be like this whole class about fly fishing and this one movie. This one book. I think you missed the point of the movie. Yes, they fly fish. But the let me go to a different movie. I feel like I need to watch it now. Maybe maybe you'll probably love it cuz you love movies that I hate. Here's a deal. I don't like baseball. I love the movie Moneyball. It was a good movie to all about the baseball, but there's more to it. I think that's a movie about baseball is 2000 times different than watching baseball. I realize that what I'm saying is akin to someone saying to me like an account of someone saying, all Star Wars, it's just about sand.
00:56:20Well, boring, is that Yoda?
00:56:26Yeah, that would for someone, I think John Wick kick him through another window. By the way. I really want you to watch the movie. Nobody Have you seen the movie Nobody now with Bob Odenkirk? Oh, no, but I want to its John Wick for people who don't like John Wick. And I've already ruined a lot of them. I basically told you the equivalent of the Brad Willis is dead. And that's okay. I wait what? Yeah, but I think you should want. It's it's really, it's really good and but I'm interested in seeing if you actually like it because there's a part where it's like I actually thought shooting again. I should have taken through another window and I thought that's what Aaron said that silver.
00:57:11You mentioned, someone Tyrell Star Wars. I remember a year or so ago. I found out that a guy who I used to work with and he's 10 years older than I am. Had never seen Star Wars all. Yeah, you've met someone else who takes pride in it. I kind of see where he's coming from, cuz like, you went this long without seeing Star Wars, go your whole life and then you make it in the can tell you're not allowed to watch it. Exactly. Right? Cuz for the longest time, I think I was only person who'd never seen The Wizard of Oz and then my grandparents may be watching that I enjoyed it. But whatever, you know, it's like people always would have, you know, it's like listen with some movies never seen. Its like I have a friend who has never seen the Back to the Future movies, right? And it's not like, oh my God, how can you not watch that? I could see not seeing Back to the Future 3. How have you not? Because I thought he was legally required. And why am I talking like this?
00:58:15That's good water in this day, the 85th podcast accident.
00:58:22We are wrap this thing up man, that out of times, like a big present under the tree. This one's a big one before we go. I wanted to mention something. I mentioned this 5 or 6 weeks ago. Okay. Bye. Dear friend of mine, Tim cable passed away. And he was one of the greatest reporters who I have ever known. As I've ever had the privilege to work with his family has set up the Tim cables Memorial Scholarship had and what the money is for is for students who are going to dedicate their career to storytelling. Okay. So you go into broadcasting, go into reporting. What, what Tim was best at was storytelling. He did a feature called cable country, where he interviewed the 90 year old man Ducks out of soap. And yeah and everyone of his stories. He's so I'm asking you if you want you could go to Tim cable.org and it will help students become better in their career broadcasting, but I ask that you do that, we have on our website good. It'll dad syndrome.com.
00:59:22Annoying little icon and I love it because Darren has no idea what it is. I don't know what it is. It's called buy me a coffee. Okay, and you can click it and it's basically a way to donate money and it's a cute little. How many copies do you want to buy? You know, it's I think they're like, $0.50, if you buy two copies, so what we'll do for the next two weeks, anybody makes a donation on to buy me a coffee will send that directly. We will donate that into the temp table. Before we go. We want you to go to irritable bowel syndrome. Calm, and you can listen to previous episodes. You can buy merchandise. You can donate money to us via the patreon, do folksy things you can do, you can do all kinds of cool things. You can donate money to get me speech therapy.
01:00:18I haven't been able to say half a sentence this entire podcast and I have no idea. What's wrong.
01:00:26Will talk to you later. See you. Well, it doesn't for us this week. Time to hit the open road and ride off in the sunset. Adios.
01:00:36Get on the plane and get on the plane. Do you, I'm getting in the plane.
01:00:44Remember that one? We just landed another students. Think she's the mayor's wife.
01:00:50What's the to say? Welcome me to a place you haven't even arrived at yet?
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