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April 19, 2022

IDS #86 - It's Really Hard to Sex a Rabbit

IDS #86 - It's Really Hard to Sex a Rabbit
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#gilbertgottfried #eltonjohn #BenFoster

Mike and Darin talk about the passing of Gilbert Gottfried. 

Mike and his wife went to see The Rocketman Elton John, and came back with a story or two.

Darin went on another podcast, and the show nosedives in a good way when the duo start to talk movies.

Finally - how DO you tell what sex a rabbit is?

All this and more, on a very special episode!


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00:00:00Phone phone. Phone. Phone. Phone phone.
00:00:24I will try again.
00:01:01Here Comes television's, most exciting hour of cash and prizes The Fabulous. Irritable dead syndrome. Now give it up for your host. Mike and Erin. Hay en my time Finnegan. Welcome to ear. Biscuits episode 86 86. Holy crap. How you doing? I this going to be a weird one. Okay, tired compared to other ones or my body chemistry is Shifting because I'm cutting up a bunch of stuff that I used to eat. Ya and buy used to, I mean, a few days ago, so I'm readjusting and I'm going to be pretty pissy, you know, what years ago, my wife and I we did the whole forty and I turned into just an absolute madman. I want to adjust throttle. People who is driving me crazy now, but we are going to talk about the famous. The gray to the hilarious Gilbert Gottfried.
00:02:01Yesterday, the day that we were courting the show, very sad. We have to go see, Elton John. I have a few stories that have an altercation that he had a slight altercation. He struck someone leave it at that. I cheated on you. I went on another pot. We'll talk about that and I loved it. I had a good time. I'm sorry and whether or not figgy is a boy or me could be both in. What does identify a lie? He have a very long suffering illness. From you know, what? I remember listening to Bob and Tom and they were talking about him last year or the year before something he was out of
00:03:01I remember like the last few times I saw him. He was really hunched over almost almost like osteoporosis or something, right? I thought, the guy was hilarious. Yeah, and he was in Aladdin, one of The Great Gatsby movies, because I remember, you know, seeing a believe they got foul mouth. Always happen to look at me. I'm bolting. You know, it's not, it's just like he was absolutely hysterical. My favorite joke of his, it's a weird one. It's an unusual one, but he was doing his routine. It may have been on HBO. Add a know where he disses. Ben gazzara is a good actor. Why doesn't he have his own show? And often hears? Every time I saw mangas are I'm like, you know what, he is a good actor, but doesn't he have the Ben gazzara show? My favorite Gilbert Gottfried moment.
00:04:01Is he was on, that was on the Howard Stern or Opie? And Anthony old Lord. I don't want to take off one of those groups. He was on a radiation. Right? And they had him pranking, like people were calling. He was pranking and he was being Andrew Dice, Clay. He was doing, he had him on their soundboard, doing Andrew Dice, Clay impressions. They were using that to prank people.
00:04:33I can't imagine Gilbert godfried. Imagine Gilbert. Gottfried being is Gilbert Gottfried. His he can be doing an impression of Andrew Dice. Clay vs. Andrew Dice. Clay. Is it going to be classy? All my Lord? It was hilarious from the Hollywood Squares back when Whoopi Goldberg was Center Square and it was four to four four x has four rows. The last person was Gilbert Gottfried. Whoever won the Gilbert Godfrey square one, the the round, right? And it went back and forth and back and forth, and back and forth, a like 5 or 6 times. And each time. I know the answer, it's cheese. It's cheese. I said he yelled you for every single time. So if you get an opportunity to go on the YouTube and look up Hollywood Squares, you fool.
00:05:33But, you know, something that is really sad in this picture has been spreading all over the internet, yet. I was about to be posted the picture of him with Louie Anderson, and Bob, Saget Full House sad. This picture was now, he's gone. Yes, three of them gone. It's in like 3 months, God. Love them. He was hilarious. Yeah, he was and we're never going to see another comedic Talent like him. He was certainly unique and, you know, it's like, yeah, he had a unique voice. Some people would think maybe, you know, call him a gimmicky comic, I don't care. He had no legitimate least one of those guys. One of those shows, had him on all the time. And he was just absolutely hilarious. Just hearing is take normal the day and all the sudden you here and you just eat girl. Laugh, yourself, silly. Whatever this portion of our show is brought to you by the B for, retractable pen. Hi. I'm Dave way and I love to sign autographs.
00:06:33Whenever I greet my adoring fans, I'm never without my bic. Four-color retractable pen. I actually feel naked without it. This pain is the greatest thing since individually, sliced cheese. It was how I use it. I righton black whenever I sign my checks blue for autographs for the guys red, whenever I sign stuff for the ladies and green, whenever all the other colors dry up the Big Four Color retractable pen available, wherever quality office supplies are. So now back to the show.
00:07:03Nobody. I know it was slap this week. That's good.
00:07:09Will Smith has been, you know, he's stayed at his house. He has a suspect, anybody else, but I'll tell you what's exciting that you know how last week we were talking about how people were like complaining. Stop talking about Will Smith and Will the headline that's replaced that the slap was Zooey. Deschanel doesn't have bangs anymore.
00:07:33Earth shattering news break. I woke up out of bed, honey. Any more and she can't believe that people don't recognize her.
00:07:44I have been, I have been an adamant opponent of bangs off my entire life, of opponent antiban. So anyone, listen to the show right now, I'll look in a mirror. Yeah, if you have bangs, shaved your head and you're doing it wrong. You need to.
00:08:06You need to shave those or grow them out. And if you're going to grow them out and get a hat and keep that hat on until they're grown-ups, don't have your mind because you know what happen when people have bangs. Now, everybody look at your forehead and they're either seen your forehead between your bags cuz you don't have enough bags that cover your forehead or you've got too much bangs are thinking I can't see their forehead the whole time. They're not listening to what you're saying. They're looking at your bangs and thinking where's their forehead? Or there's too much wherever there's not enough for head. Haha. And where does the bank starting? Where's the rest of hair started? How do you do that? And name one person, who has discovered something invented, something written a piece of literature, anything like that in my polka.bag Moe from The Three Stooges.
00:08:52I stand corrected.
00:08:54I wish I wish. I had said Three Stooges, instead of freeze, do. I don't see him and I don't see men with that. Is that am I being offensive by saying that, like you're being sexist? And you're just another guy, a nice bangs, the guys version of bangs at the mullet. Yes. You see a guy with the mullet. You like? Okay, unless you are things aren't that bad?
00:09:35Things are that bad things are as bad as it is a guy having a mullet. Well, there's times when the mall it's fine. Obi-Wan Kenobi in Attack of the Clones. Yes. We're going back through the Star Wars. Me and Charlie are walking to Obi-Wan. Kenobi has a sweet ass mullet in Attack of the Clones. See, I shave my head. I think your buddy knows I shave my head and I'm not allowed to unshaved my head, but unshaved, there are some people I see with their hair and I think man, I went in and told me I could Rock a. No, be 1 mole at right now. Right. Grade pepper. Dad wear robe. Get a lifesaver. Yeah. Yeah. Yeahs. Get away from me. I'm married. So yeah.
00:10:30If that's what it was, you said you didn't know who Zoe Deschanel is, how do you know who is Zooey? Deschanel is think, I have a picture in elf.
00:10:41Yeah, let's go in love with an elf. She's singing in the shower singing and she's a good girl TV show on Fox for Katy Perry. Okay. Okay. Yeah.
00:11:08And that's the Zooey Deschanel updated.
00:11:13You would see the rocket, man. I went to go see Elton, John. I've never seen him before.
00:11:28Would you think it was awesome? It was great. And doesn't let me tell you something. I've seen a couple of old people in concert, right? I've seen. Mr. William, Joel. I've seen Philip Collins. And I've seen now altony's, John all within the past few years and they're all old like Phil Collins had to be practically helped out onto the stage, and he sat in the chair, but man, when he's, in my first thought was here, and when he went going, man, he was like singing like a freak. Like getting down. Billy Joel was banging, the piano and going out and he was funny. Yeah, Mountain John. Same thing, man. He was voice went plants because you can see pictures of him from the 80s. Balding. He was, he was, he was bald in the seventies, so I came really close to 1.
00:12:28The shirts I came really close to buy and was him in the balding thing. But I had like a bunch of gold and stuff on it. That's like I can't see you wearing that shirt. Nothing. I can totally see me wearing that shirt, but you're right. There's only certain times you can wear that shirt. Anyway, we go to the show, we had the nosebleed seats up on the side which, you know, to me is I don't normally do that knows or what 284 you paid some money. Yeah, but we got them from like scalpers at like StubHub we can get the face value. Yeah. We noticed that there were other nosebleeds where people were sitting on a bench. We actually had seats. Okay, and we were on the edge. I will not get seats in the middle of an aisle. I need to be on the end of the aisle. So we're like that. We're going through the show. It's awesome. If you I mean, I really recommend if anybody's going to see it. If I mean, he's still on tour, obviously if you haven't seen the movie Rocketman, I mean, there's actual Snippets from the movie there. There's a v.
00:13:28We saw the U2 Joshua Tree to work. There was a video that went with each song where there was a video when everything that he played a couple of them or just straight-up scenes. From the movie is really cool. I went and got checked out the set list and I'm surprised didn't play. I'm going to love me again, which is the theme from the Elton, John movie, that he won an Academy Award for that. He won his second Academy Award for it. I was really surprised that he didn't, I was shocked that he played wynona's Big Brown Beaver. So anyway, we're going through the show. We're having a great time. Best dropped, something, haha and standing and then people kind of sit down and she dropped something behind her seat. She turns around
00:14:18And she bends over to get the thing that she dropped and her ass.
00:14:27Yeah, I don't know how else to say. I have struck the woman's head in front of us. Feel like not to drink out of her mouth or dude. It was like that. It was like, okay, it's loud. And I heard
00:14:45Did stars and little bro, do. But I saw there was some of these are a hobby. If you strike it, the haircut move in moves like you like from inertia of these beer forces. I saw that happened and yeah, the Pythagorean theorem was full force. So anyway, and I'm thinking this that, she hit her too hard for this not to be addressed.
00:15:25You know, occasionally you can hit someone in the head with your ass. Hahaha and it just be a shrug off. Right? Right. This was an asset that requires attention, the lady turned around. Luckily. I had begun to turn around but in the other direction if she was turn around to tell me I found it and the lady was turning around to face. What it just hit her. Haha. Luckily for Bess and luckily for the lady be that which had struck her was not still there when she turned around or that would have been exceptionally uncomfortable for everyone involved that's like common law marriage in Kentucky when that happened.
00:16:10And you guys were in a relationship. So I, I was just, I know the color just completed. Ran out of my face because I didn't know how to address this situation. The lady, turn back around. I guess, she figured, you know, I'm not going to say anything and best realize what she did and then in case she didn't realize what she did. I leaned over and I said, you totally hit that woman in the head with your ass and I don't know what Elton John played for that. I don't know what he was playing then and I don't know what the next song was because we were both laughing our asses off through that entire thing. So which is fun for the people around you but I've seen Elton John 3 times. Why I didn't go on the fair cuz I mean, it's like I would have loved to have seen him again. I couldn't afford it and he was amazing. You every single time I saw him. One thing. I really liked it. They had the merch that was a merchant bus like out in front.
00:17:10And we I got a I got a note from Ticketmaster that said hey, you haven't given us all your money yet.
00:17:19Would you like to spend $26 for a parking pass? Now twenty-something-year-old? My could be like no. I'm going to find a place. I'm going to walk for 5 miles to get to the concert. 46 year-old. Mike said, yes, I will throw money at this problem because I will be right next. And we were like practically right next to the door and we were in the same parking lot as the merch bus. Now, we went up to the merchant bus. We ordered our merch like you do and he has the total.
00:17:48And Bess, and I cursed at the same time or like when we can't, like, how much were those glasses, glasses that light up boxcar? How much was your mud? That's 20. You got a mug about a mug. Why I've noticed this. I've noticed this when I went to Phil Collins, he sold mugs. Okay, and I thought that's weird for a concert to sell mugs and then tool. No mugs, mugs. You two don't sell mine now and no one else. I've seen sells mugs, Elton, John mugs.
00:18:32I'm pretty sure. Billy Joel had bugs. I think if you're over a certain age, you required to sell mugs at your show. Okay, I don't guess. I had in mind. It was a big one. It's a nice mug, much better than feel, cutting out. Phil Collins's mug. I'm more of a. Phil Collins band, The Night Man, Elton John fan. And Phil Collins's mug has like, like pieces of his album covers all the way around. Its really cool. Okay. It's a tiny mug. It's like he would hold like a regular cup of coffee. I need a big ass cup of coffee mug that event. Exactly. Okay. That's a Mother exactly. So anyway, we got all of her stuff. We panicked for a bit more like my father more money in our account. Before we remind me gas on the way home. We took it back to the car and then we went in and we were able to enjoy the show like a pretzel have ever eaten in my life. I mean it was
00:19:32Soft and buttery for a Doritos, mac and cheese.
00:19:37Add concert. Let me repeat that Doritos. Mac and cheese. You know what? That is. It's mac and cheese with Doritos in it. Yeah. Okay. Okay. Yeah, 12 12 11:11, and she got the yellow brick, road drink, and it ended like vodka and pineapple juice and a chariot. Made it sound like a fancy martini, right? And then you realize there's like this with a vat of liquid. They have their theirs. Oh my God.
00:20:12That's looks like day-old Gatorade. It's a
00:20:20Not the three times. I saw Elton two of them were with Billy Joel. Okay, and that was just an insane concert was amazing. Absolutely amazing. And then the one time I saw him by himself was in Knoxville at Thompson-Boling Arena and it just isn't saying that he did kind of a different set. The one time they did with Billy Joel. So I think what school was after seeing him three times. I think I've seen all the songs that I want to hear him. Do a lot of, ya know, cuz usually, the guy who sits in the show and you can play 40 songs and then he walks off stage and like I can't believe you didn't play Tiny Dancer and I've got to stop doing that. I got to be appreciative of what I hear and not what, I don't hear you. But there are some artists who have seen multiple times who still don't play the song that I'm going to come on. I got I got a kick out of seeing him and I mean, I'm sorry, I put the old rockers all into one category but him and
00:21:20Billy Joel and Phil Collins were so appreciative of the audience. At first, it was annoying like every time, Elton John would finish the song, he stands up and it does this and this thing and it's like I want to do. I'm so happy. I saw a rocket man before seeing this like John is going to be alive. He's lucky to be alive, but you talk about hardcore. Rock star Ozzy. Osbourne has said that he would have died. Has he parted with Elton? John with Elton John.
00:22:04Remember, I don't remember the number. Don't quote me on this cuz I'm certain that I'm wrong. This is in the 80s. And someone hit was talking about his insane amount of his wardrobe and his shoes. And all the sudden, the hundreds of pairs of sunglasses. He says I finally went back in and counted and I had 7800. What is it from Yankee Stadium and it was that when he was in the Donald Duck costume. Yeah. Yeah. I don't think I would have enjoyed that show. That would have ruined it for me. Yeah. I just, I mean, I like seeing that it was the same thing. I mean, I already knew that Freddie Mercury was like the way he was like, the ultimate frontman.
00:23:04So when I saw Bohemian Rhapsody, it was more like seeing the other you know, how they became. I love seeing how bands form and making it. You know what I mean? Like, yeah, I like going from nothing to do. It's also awesome and kind of like what we saw at the you to exhibit at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Was the people who told them that this thing at work. We're not interested in you being Rhapsody. Yeah, you know, letters in their exhibit at all yet. Bottle of how much people hate it. And I mean, we start I'm not going to go in the big you to sing, but you did bring them up. They have the biopic series that's going to be coming out like in five years. One thing that I'm excited and I really hope they do is point out that they really, only let mono stay in the band because he was their friend, he told him, he could play guitar and then like they handed him a guitar and
00:24:04Play the guitar. And and he just, he was basically, well, I guess I'll just I'll sing. Can I sing? And I'm okay. All right, my name to Bono and why Bono is there was a hearing aid company or something called Bono Vox and somehow it came from, his is his friends. They just they saw a billboard. I thought it was cool. Huh? And they that was a cool name. They called him but no box and then box just dropped off at just stuck with Bona his buddies, their whole life. That's one of the reasons. I really, really like them cuz one of the reasons I love Rush is bands that, like our true friends are like for life and that they're buddies and even if the band doesn't work, they're going to stay together. So they were buddies from high school and they just kind of been an all their friends around them. All the crew have been there all, but he's our family and everything and it's just they all say it. So there it needs to say, hilarious stuff like with
00:25:04Rush, they called Neil Peart the years later the door for him when they inducted and did their speech at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. They think the new guy is so Larry, Larry, put the ad up in high school for the band and they still call Larry their boss like that. You started like that. You're talking about how Elton, you know, would think people would graciously. Thank people. There's some acts who I love who, I think they think prematurely is like, as soon as as soon as they finish the song. Thanks. Okay, and then I went to see the Indigo Girls. This is back in the, in the 90s. And after every song
00:25:56Every song next song, closer. And I love love love, Chris Cornell. And after every song he would do, the time. I saw my ex you just wrap it up with things and I'm like and maybe a little, I don't know. Do I doubt that? He was thankful for the audience know? I just, I don't know. Here I am. Have you ever seen a have you ever had a band that you really like and then you see them in concert. You kind of see how they are and it changes your opinion of them. They're four For Better or Worse, REM. Okay, I went to see REM in Knoxville. And one of the worst shows I've ever seen and every person, I tell this to that, he didn't think every
00:26:56You got to be crazy, right? And apparently I saw them on the one night. They sucked because everybody else. I know you've seen REM loved and I just liked, but I was okay. One of the greatest shows I've ever seen the night. I saw him. Michael Stipe was in a mood. He was not having a good time and it showed a friend of his and author or poet or somebody had passed away. And I'm, you know, I hate that that happened and I'm sorry that it happened. I get it that he felt he wanted to read a poem that his friend had written until he's like three lines for lines, five lines of the poem. If you were talking, he does, okay.
00:27:41I'll start over and he's all over again and everybody just shut up. Okay, we're not going to get to this concert yet until Michael Reeves, you know, what they would do? If they would do a song and then they would stop cold and look at each other until okay. So we're going to do losing my room and then they would like you don't you don't you know, what the hell we know that it's so but anyway, it was just one of the worst I've ever seen it. I was so disappointed and I still love their music and it just cuz you're a big fan of Stone Temple Pilots of the worst shows I've ever seen. See, I've heard the one night that they were horrible.
00:28:41They gave phoning it in a new name. So, I have a couple and one of them was actually in the same, cause I saw that the opener and the main band, both hit me differently, but outside of them. I'll tell him in a second. When was Smashing Pumpkins? Okay. It was actually my first concert ever see his dream. It's when you know alternative was at for the Millennials. There was a thing called alternative music, gets everything that's not rat or poison right now and he has matching pumpkins. They just there was an air about them. If you saw the videos, they always looked depressed and sad. Well, yeah, cuz they were so I was expecting them to be depressed and sad when I saw and dude he was doing like jumping in the air and doing
00:29:41And I don't need to see people do that. But it was just like it was completely night and day for what I was expecting to do to put in a night's work. You sweating. They were all like going nuts. That's one. The other two are Van, Halen and Collective, Soul Collective, Soul for Van, Halen in 97. And it was me. I think one of my buddies and two other people in the arena knew who Collective Soul was and wanted to see them. Everyone else that the Van Halen fans were being doing every time they would start a new song. They wouldn't, you agree. I was impressed by how they sold her through it. And Reyna were only four people like them and they were just powering through it. They look like they're having a great time. It got weird towards the end because I'm like not even realize that nobody here.
00:30:41Once I mean, I do. Yeah, but bath without you were you managed to be that excited? So then fast forward, I saw them me and that's all them at Bogart's. Haha. They did a reassurance that dosage. They did their every man did this thing where they cannot do. So they're going to play there there. One album, you know, basically if that was them and they act weird now, like a troll, like the main thing I was like like D&D. I wanted to have a conversation with him. I wanted to say okay, here's a few things. You're tired of minutes before he was like popular. Here's a few things you need to know. One is you have probably one of the most unique voices, he does have her, you can go up and down. You got range. You can go. You know, he does that. And then he does that thing. He doesn't like every other song.
00:31:51Hey, hey.
00:31:57It never leaves your face.
00:32:02You brought the sunshine.
00:32:18They blew my mind cuz I was at their last album. They had a song on it called. Are you the answer? And I'm listen to that in my car. This song is just as good as anything that they put on the 1st 2nd 3rd, 4th or 5th. Album. What are all these years later? They're still able to do that. So I think that Ed Roland saw Charlie and the Chocolate Factory with Johnny Depp one too many times and he was acting just a bit to get out here. Like you're being a little too odd, men, like you, and you look at their website. Now, I just look at pictures. You like taking you back up. Where's the 90s rock star that we want to see? You know, you've gone off. Yeah. The other way, the first time I saw Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers Lenny Kravitz opened up for okay, and I think I was like you I was one of the four people who knew Lenny. Kravitz. Okay, and people are just
00:33:15Stop walking around getting a beer and scuse me in and just relax.
00:33:24He was all my God. It was and he's just he's putting out like 4 a.m. Get you beat. Yeah, I don't understand you. You are witnessing somebody who's going to be in saying, amazing. You are, if you could, if there was a way to go back and see your favorite bands when they were open and four others. I'm sure those were their best shows because that's when they're hungry, and they're really pushing for it. Is that the Van Halen? I guess, just one last one is going to collect us all opened for Van Halen Van Halen blew my mind, because I did not know that Eddie Van Halen was that freaking happy.
00:34:08Dude was grinning the entire mine could have shot him because I was up there. Right in the front thing. It is pointed it just he was so damn happy, my face hurt cuz you know when somebody's bringing all the time, you just kind of smiled at him the whole time because he's at the Grand, it was as great as they are, what they are and where and always will be amazing. If you need help me mention concerts. It's like an automatic 20-minute diversion.
00:34:43Hey, what happened?
00:35:01This portion of our show is brought to you by this liquid, concentrated wallpaper stripper with its unique enzyme action, diff dissolves, old, paste, and cut wallpaper removal time and half. That's right. I gave way. And I've said this many times before I am nothing, if not brand loyal and the only wallpaper stripper I ever use is dif. I love this product so much. Sometimes I hang wallpaper just so I can go back in a couple weeks and strip it off with. Diff. My wife says I have a problem. But what the hell does she know? This is the only one that really works. Did I mention that? No, steamer is needed. Anybody who uses anything besides diff is a deadbeat loser. So what are you waiting for run by your corner hardware store, and grab a cart full of death and tell him you heard about it on here, Double Dead syndrome. Now, back to the show.
00:35:51So you cheated on me, what? I did, not cheated on you. I went on another podcast. There's an, It's a Brand New Start. Did it suck actually know. I was on it. No, there is a guy, his name is also Mike. He is a member of the Letterman fan club on Facebook, where I also am a proud member for five or six years and we were talking about something else on their the board podcast came up and we're practically Blood Brothers.
00:36:29And so he does hit, you want to be a guest on my Letterman podcast. He's starting a letterman podcast. Okay, and the podcast is, he is been in contact with some staffers who works. Yeah. Just two jackasses in a basement talking about Van Halen. Exactly. And he also has a men's mental health podcast. So he's not just, don't want to do a podcast. What do you talk about it? I don't know. Now, you know, the guy has structure so he not only wants to talk to people who have worked with David and he's hoping to get possible gas and that type of thing, he reached out to me because you know, I've talked to many many many times on the Lettermen fan page about my experience of going and seeing the show went in and I've won the top 10 contest several times over. So he's wanting to talk to fans who have had a bad experience with the show that has changed their lives. So I went on and I'm talking about everything I know about Lettermen in the
00:37:29Time that I went to the show. And anyway, it's a great episode. He's really good. His name is, Mike Shows them and his podcast is going to be available on April 20th. I know I'm on his own actually today, yesterday, whatever tomorrow, tomorrow tomorrow. So we'll post a link to his podcast and I also want to have him as a guest on this show and he said that I can be a guest on his show any other time that I want. So it was very good and it was fun though. It's the Letterman podcast and I will post a link when it's ready. That's awesome. Now, we were talking and we ran out of time because one of the stories I was going to tell and I can't remember if I told it on this show or not. But when I went to see Letterman afterwards, we would hang around the Ed Sullivan Theater and when the celebrities will come out and get in the limos.
00:38:29Sometimes they would stop and sign autographs. Okay? Okay. So the night, we went out to McPherson David Spade and D'Angelo where the gas and we met them. The second night. We were in New York. I went back to the theater and we're hanging out and Cybill. Shepherd was the guest, the cast of Cybill? Shepherd comes out and she's signing autographs if she was very, very nice. And there was a big crowd around her. I was like, right next to where am I? But he Don was behind me. You guys have to sign an autograph for me. And I said, great. Thank you. And then Don slid something to me and said, can you sign this for my friend who's back there? I will. Absolutely. So, she signs it and I get back to docs, so she needs everybody. And, and then gets in her limousine and we're all just a dream is nice. This guy comes up.
00:39:24Out of breath. If you okay.
00:39:30I just ran.
00:39:32I just ran from that, stop sign, four blocks down the street. You usually if you can't get an autograph here. If you're at that, stop sign the roll down the window sign when they're bitching, will Shepard. Wooden sign an autograph for me that I can't believe her. You said she was just like, oh, I hate that woman that. And I'm just thinking, what about a survey has really nice, you know, and so I'm like, I'm not going to provoke it. Would you sound so we're standing there and everybody is liable to slap. You a taxi cab pulls up the door opens. Its Al Roker from The Today Show, with Al Roker walks up and starts waving and everybody hate while he's doing that.
00:40:32Al Franken comes out. I'm okay, like a clown car gets in his car and Dodges everybody. And this guy who was so pissed at Cybill, Shepherd, setting.
00:40:46We fell for the old owl. Switcher Ruth. I can't believe we fell for the hell else. It's a real stupid. Are we that we fell for the hell else would I did want to tell him, that's actually pretty funny. Anyway, I'm hoping when I go back on the Letterman podcast. I'll tell that story.
00:41:13You mentioned Johnny Depp Johnny Depp never watches any of his movies as heard that he doesn't watch any. And I don't understand that because even if I edit this podcast me and I will go back and listen to it, the day it dropped. I couldn't listen to this guy for a long time. I didn't until we got to the twenties. I didn't really listen to it. But it just I don't know. I don't know how he can't watch any of his movies cuz I can't wait to listen or put it back in maybe because I can't now but back in the day when I screw up so many times we are do it live. And then when it's clean and nice and Polished was going to mention, while I was on the Letterman podcast dude starts talking about fly fishing.
00:41:54Why are you bringing up fly fishing and Mike? Did you did you listen to us five last week? Yeah, and then we were watching episode of The Simpsons and fly fishing, Everybody knows. Well, everybody knows now that I'm trying to lose weight in one of the things I've been doing is running and I like to run at Sharon Woods and I occasionally, listen to music. Sometimes I listen to podcast. I just happen to be listen to our last podcast where I was complaining about the fly fishing. Yeah. And at first, I started thinking, well, maybe a little bit too harsh.
00:42:38I want to double down and Alliance. You're going to double down on the other side. Fly-fishing. I don't like 150 K movie. I did see a great movie. Okay, past week. I've seen hell or high water. I seen this movie scene that. Yeah. Okay. It's couple things. I want to say about it. I love Jeff Bridges. Jeff Bridges is the man could do anything at this point. We weave joke, me and my friends have joked that Bono could put out an album where he's just farting for 40 minutes and I would think and pray Jeff. Bridges is in that class with me. He couldn't do anything and I would think it's awesome that movie, Chris Pine. The only problem I have with the movies. I had trouble seeing Chris Pine has, is not kept the Ben Foster, the, the brother, so he was in six feet under, do you remember that?
00:43:34He was your what was the girl? The redhead girls name? Is it Claire her boyfriend? The long-haired boyfriend, the skinny little boyfriend. That's him. That's him. What? So I forget what we did. He was indirectly. He, he got, he was in a western all my gosh, that with who's the Gladiator, Russell Crowe Crow, and Batman, Joaquin, Phoenix. The other Batman, Michael Keaton know the other Batman.
00:44:12The hell is his name, but I was trying to see if I could guess all the other ones.
00:44:22Main Street, I always always want to call him Patrick. Bateman. Otezla American, Psycho know, all my God. I'm not going to be able to move forward. Crispin Glover Christian, Bale Christian Bale. And Russell Crowe. Ben Foster was a, it was a villain and that movie. Okay. He was a war like a white hat and white leather. He was like an absolute badass. What movie was that? He was still thin 3:10 to Yuma. Okay, I might not have realized that was Ben Foster, and he just shows up randomly and movies, and he's good. And so, I saw it when I saw hell or high water. He's the reason I watch the movie. I was like, what? I had a picture of went. Well, I saw that was a pleasant surprise to me when I watched it. But the reason I like Ben Foster so much as an actor is he's one of those actors. I don't see him at 9 to talk about Ben Foster.
00:45:23It's going to sound weird. I don't see him as Ben Foster. I see him as that character, like he is Father owned the Foster Grants eyeglasses company, right? Directly on the Folgers, Corporation made the change, the name in The Wonder. He becomes that cared like heat. Like when I watch a movie on like I actually thought Manny had such a promising acting career. Now, he's just a loser in Texas being chased by Jeff Bridges and it's like, you know, what? You trying to raise them, you try to make him to make good decisions. He's so good. He can like being scenes. I'm just not say anything he just is and I'm like man, he is so underrated. More people need to be excited about Ben Foster and you're going to get this. But I was disappointed that it just kind of ended hell or high water.
00:46:18Oh, you mean the kind of get okay, spoiler, can we spoil each other? But and they kind of leave it at. Well, yeah, I'm ignoring Steve Farrell.
00:46:35The best scene in three billion was in there. A fly fishing in the Colorado. River. Nice. I don't have a problem. I'm not opposed to what people call a bad and I'm so what was the what was the Tommy Lee Jones? Jeff Bridges movie where Jeff Bridges was the Men in Black, do Blown Away blown away, He's listening to what the fuck you talking about. The back-to-back-to-back of Jeff Bridges, Jeff. So you're thinking of Arlington Road. I don't know what I'm thinking of anyway, in blown away because whoever was in that movie.
00:47:35Talking about you talking about, this is why this is why we're not a movie to be on Tim Robin Robin and Jeff Bridges.
00:47:56Talk Amongst yourselves like a movie. He would be in the bridges is the only thing on this podcast right now, Jeff Bridges as a journalist chasing Tim Robbins. He was in prison and he's trying to escape with. Are you talking about Jeff Bridges? And Tommy Lee Jones? Okay. I was thinking Arlington, Road in Arlington, Road.
00:48:25I just don't know any way the bomber pins at all on the good guy. That happens in Arlington Road. Yeah. Yeah, it's so. But anyway, yeah, you've got me all.
00:48:41Arlington Road and Tim Robbins was the bomber and he blames it on. Jeff Bridges. What was blown away about? I said, I'm looking for an Irish guy right here is amazing in it. And is he in storm? And you were in the movie star names for Matt to get him and him and Kurt Russell, in Harrison Ford. All three of them can go screw themselves. That's right. You thing done? I love and their rugged and their bad ass fries. He'll do so.
00:49:38Go watch.
00:49:40Yo, what's the remake of true dirt? With Jeff Bridges? Have you seen that? Ya like two, two and a half hours. I am going.
00:49:50Horse-drawn water. Not true. Dirt, dirt. Dirt
00:50:02This is why we are having movie podcast episode to be like 20 minutes long, but it ain't mustard unless it's bone-sucking mustard available. Wherever quality condiments are sold. Now, back to you bucking Dusty. There's a song that I've been wanting to talk about for a while. And if you ever heard the song Still the One by Orleans still, the one we're still having fun at your night together from way back when
00:50:42And what is the song called? Still the one who's popular in the 70s? Okay. So it's one of those songs two where you've heard it a thousand times and then you listen to it. One time, you like. Wait a minute. Did he really say what I thought he said cuz this is one of the songs that I never really paid attention to until recently one by Orleans. Okay. We've been together since way back. When. Sometimes I never want to see you again, but I want you to know, after all these years. You're still the one I want whispering in my ear and then, of course, you're still. The one I want to talk to you in bed. Still, the one that turns my head. We're still having fun or you're still the one. He just said, sometimes. I never want to see you. And then the second verse, I looked at your face everyday, but I never saw till it went away. When winter came. I just wanted to go deep in the desert. I long for the snow. You're still the one that makes me.
00:51:42I am still the one my better half we're still cuz I know the person he wrote this for has got to go on. Hold on a second. What do you mean? You never want to see me again? And the rest of the song is just how much he freaking loves this person. So, okay. So you guys could you possibly love someone? If the second lyric in the song is sometimes I never want to see you again. You reminded me of something here.
00:52:07You're still the one. I love to touch still the one. I Can't Get Enough. We're still having fun, and you're still the one. Still the one who can scratch my itch.
00:52:20So you've heard back in Ronald Reagan was running when he was running for president. He used born in the u.s.a., So you listen to the lyrics to Born in the u.s.a. It's not a pro Pink Houses before 2. I had an epiphany on on the side that you remember, Rocket Man was used in a airline commercial. It showed a father taking off and he's like looking at pictures of his kids and stuff while it's going to look at the lyrics. I'm not the man. They think I am at home. Oh, no, no, no. Burning up the Rocket Man. Burning out his fuse up here alone. He's basically saying, I'm not who you think I am.
00:53:22That doesn't fit with that the visuals of that commercial. I was going to ask you. When you saw Elton. He do a 20-minute live version of it was I thought it was great that I love that song. I Love the song two, but I say if you need to use the bathroom, if you would like to know what I think, I'm going to go up to the house and get a shirt. I think I'm going to drive home. Let the dog out there was playing Rocket Man. There was one point where they everybody clapped after a few like moments where everybody clapped, we thought it was over and it comes back and then there was one of the time, she's playing the piano and then all the sudden, I'm like, oh, yeah. It is very much is a long, long time.
00:54:15I feel like we've work really nice. I feel like you never ever even a walnut shell to Walnut. I hate, you do all that work. I need to get like a little castle flowers. See your gums out and everything for sunflower seeds.
00:54:34Give me like now in the in the you got all this work. I feel like we've done three hours worth of podcast to get two minutes of. It may be free.
00:54:46Thank God for editing, man. They're good. 3 minutes. I'm going to be a good one. Later.
00:54:55Good God, it's time. Now for the Kroger store that the week. We haven't had a good Kroger Story the week and probably a month. Right? Right, right. I told you my mom moved up here at Mom's house is closer to the Kroger than our house is literally like 2 minutes away from you over. So Mom went shopping. She was going up to the register, one of the cashiers runs over to the other cashier and screams.
00:55:26Baby, yep, I'm in Cincinnati for people who don't know who Eevee is. The zoo in Cincinnati. And there's a hippo who lives in the zoo named Fiona. Baby is Fiona's. Mommy. Okay. Well, she has daddy passed away. Sadly, three or four years ago and they brought in a hippo named Tucker. Tucker Sofi. Tukker Knocked Up BB. Yes Tucker is now Fiona's stepdad.
00:56:02Anyway, the cashiers were losing their mind, over a hippo getting knocked up.
00:56:12And that's the Kroger store in the waiting.
00:56:16This has been the Kroger story of the week. We want to thank you for staying with us. If you're double dead center, in 486 episodes. It's been a great ride, and send this money. Helped make the show better last week. We had a new sponsor on the show. I don't know if you know. I didn't I didn't notice it. It was the a korky beehive Max toilet plunger and there's a story behind. O.k. This portion of our show is brought to you by the the world's most powerful plunger. Hi, I'm Dave, Lay. Are you tired of breaking your back? Trying to unclog and nasty and possibly blocked up. Toilet will stand back to Roy. Do I have a product for you? The Beehive Max toilet plunger fits all toilet Brands, including Kohler with no splash back and tell her full Club removal. Now, I know what you're thinking, why the hell do they call it the Beehive Max? Well,
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00:57:38So when I was helping Mom move, the movers came, they packed up the truck. We had my car packed. We had Mom's van packed all the way to the nine. You couldn't. It's like if she found a nickel on the floor. We have to leave it. We can't possibly put it anywhere else no room. So I'm doing a final, run-through of the she had enough glass to make 3, John Wick, Movie 3, glass tables. And then she has a 23 a giant shelves that have glass.
00:58:15I'm doing a final walk-through of her house. Making sure she didn't forget anything. Granted. We did leave some stuff in the closet. Okay, we do with that looked around whatever I go in her upstairs bathroom. Someone has clogged the toilet, like there's no tomorrow.
00:58:30It is bad. It's like really, really, really disgusting bad. Am. I can know whether to call a plumber Ghostbusters, Jesus. And I like you got a problem up here. She's like what? Somebody and it it had to have been one of the move on the movers man. That is a lot of Monster energy drinks that go up there and throw a jack that toilet though. Tomorrow is your Big Macs in monster, man. It was nasty. I apologize about those things. Have some heft to going to my mom's house and having to run out to Lowe's to get an auger and a hacksaw.
00:59:22So I'm like what? We can't just leave it here and hurry cleanser was packed with everything on the truck. So I run down to a grocery store near our house. It's Food City. I go to Food City and I'm looking looking looking looking. Okay, here's where the and they're completely sold out and they do not have the 599 plunger. Great. Will you got to get? So I'm like, okay, if I go left, I can get to Walmart, but it's like four miles down the road or I could just hit Lowes. Let's just go to a certain that Lowe's has something and the cheapest plans with that they have is 1699 The korky, Beehive Max. So this is a real thing. It's the real thing and I explained the situation. I said, I would love to have you guys as a sponsor on her podcast and they're like, absolutely and it looks like a flipping beehive. It's a giant black beehive, learn toilet plunger.
01:00:22And I didn't move some food. It does the trick. So can I go visit my mom without having to run to Lowe's? Would that be possible? Anytime would be just great if I could do that?
01:00:40So there's a couple things we got to get through before we wrap this Trainwreck up.
01:00:46I I see Craig whole one sister. Do more than one show, we would do more than one podcast episode. We we, we have had moments where I've come close to calling you, insane and going to get posted this.
01:01:06I know and then you know what, what we do every time we record to podcast and then Chris Rock gets slapped for the the moon explode or Williams passes away where you two will show up here. We are in till the story if it was 4 months old. So I'm two episodes. We've not yet. We're doing this full-time and then do whatever the hell. Those cars that Craig sent. The pictures are on our Facebook page. They are on our Facebook page on Facebook. So he took these decals and dressed up. He tricked out these Hot Wheels cars. He's going to make us a couple more and and I mention I said would it be possible if we get truck nuts on them? Know if we gave these cars away, as it's like a prize. He said yeah, that be great.
01:02:06The home viewer. If you can write a 30 word or more essay on, why I love your little dad syndrome. We will read your letter on there. Any mail it too, as you can send it to us via email. So you can run it by the house, drop it off, will read that and then you will get one of these gifts. So I'm saying, this for the cars have arrived. After me. He's going to make two more cars or 30 words is about 6. Fortune, cookies, worth of you. Exactly how to make a run down, exactly what your rabbit. What sex is your rabbits? Okay. So what Wheaties this at the beginning of
01:02:52When we bought the Bonnie figure, when we bought this rabbit, we ask the guy at the pet store. Is it a little boy bunny? Or is it a little girl, bunny demanded to know? Why you're assuming this rabbits gender, but we just wanted to know if you could pick the name and that make sense. Sorry. And what's it matter to you? If we want to know if it's a boy or girl's arpad. Yeah, I can ask if I want to so and he says that it's a boy. Okay? Okay. All right. So we've had the money since September March April.
01:03:26We're not noticing any.
01:03:29Fine. That it's a boy. That's on the rabbit. One doesn't want us to hold it. But there have been times when we've had to clean it cuz he's had crap or whatever on a and so when we wash the bunny then we've like notice that we don't really feel like maybe it's a girl bunny. Yeah, it's all reached out to my friend, Lisa who's never had a parent there. There's no The Beastmaster. She's trained daughters and she's worked with me about things that I never knew about a rabbit. But rabbits male rabbits will fight each other and castrate each other.
01:04:29What are you out of your mind? Rabbits will fight and they go for the junk man, and I'm like, so my little rabbit. My figgy is like the victim of a gladiator is is like vicious is like something. Like if there was another boy, but he was going to attack your Johnson. Is that what he likes muscle on that thing? But she said that since rabbits do that. They are prone to sup.
01:05:08Hey, check this out. Parties are a button you press on your right and also there's two big old nuts are going to fall out.
01:05:17But I asked her, I said we'll look, we haven't noticed. You know, he doesn't seem to have a penis and she goes and they don't have that. So I didn't know that all these years of watching Bugs Bunny. You never saw a penis. No y no, so we're assuming that the guy at the pet store is correct when he said that it's a boy funny, but we have found no evidence. You've been observed. You've Disturbed me greatly also. When you're trying to figure out if an animal is a boy or girl that's called sexing. Okay, it's really hard to sex a rabbit.
01:05:51And that's fine. We are saved.
01:05:57We haven't mentioned Donuts this week. Now. We have three episodes were named after do not start telling people. I was out sex in cows.
01:06:08This weekend, we could do a way to update and then we got to, we got to put. All right. So today is okay, and we never really laid, a lot of ground rule has made a lifestyle change. You decided to stop being. So peppy, tell you what, when I, when I talked about, I go for accountability. And I want to, if I have to tell everyone, my weight on this show, it will force me to change my habits work yesterday yesterday at lunch. I went on a bender. Okay. I'm not going to go to details. I just pour it up. Alright, did you, get 12 chicken nuggets and a spicy chicken sandwich, then worse than that. And then I looked on noon and noon, basically said, you can't eat anything, but let us until tomorrow at noon. And I did that I did that because the last thing I wanted to do was wake up this morning. Haha way. And then I've gained weight and this all goes away. So I woke up. I weighed myself. I was at the same way. That was the morning preview. So right now I'm at 22,
01:07:082.7 and 22 lb + 222.7 week before. Okay, cuz you were too. I was going to 24 something. Okay. Well, I told you that that I normally weigh 228 went home.
01:07:31And the day after we had done this podcast, I weighed myself and I was at 217.8 or whatever. Apparently, I've lost some weight, helping Mom move another box yet. I'm already down a little over 2 lb this morning. I weighed myself is at 214.7. So, by portion control, I haven't avoided the snacks and I've cut back seriously on sodas. Yes, and I've had to cut back on sweets, when I went to the grocery store the last time, I didn't buy any.
01:08:08I didn't buy any sweets. So my Bender yesterday, yeah, included, an extra big truck. Stop payday bar. Was it? The chocolate covered ones? I'm not down with that. But I had a Chipotle burrito. I got the chips that you're supposed to share any of them all myself. And then I got at that point. My body just said that I felt guilty and I was like, I got to eat and I literally ate nothing until I had a salad today at lunch and then I you saw, I had spaghetti at dinner and I had a very small portion of its spaghetti and pizza. I didn't ya, ya. I'm trying to keep you honest brother here. If you don't I'm telling them everything going, okay.
01:08:52Alright guys were going to wrap this up. This is been a facility 6, we're happy that you're here. We want you to go to Aerial dance and about, and we say it every week, check out previous episodes. You can go to patreon and you can donate money. You trying to get at you get access to unedited whacked. You don't have to if you want to help us out. That would be fantastic. I mean, it's like, you know, we have a couple hundred people who listen to the show.
01:09:29If they gave us $2 and vinyl, they didn't do it today. It isn't any way you can do that, and you can buy merchandise and you can do all that fun stuff if you want to that, be great, and if you don't, we love you. Anyway, we appreciate you listening. And as always, we hope to see you next week on earlobe at 7.
01:09:59Well, that's it for this week. Keep it real and as always word to your mother. Peace out homes.
01:10:12You're barking up the wrong tree. You Dropped a coin or a really used, don't you? It really irks my coin. What was it?
01:10:26Chris Michael said that like a couple days after they get their, they're really just buy.
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