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April 26, 2022

IDS #87 - Venomous Beaver

IDS #87 - Venomous Beaver
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#easterbunny #levitating #sonicthehedgehog 

This week's show goes completely off the rails! 

Mike's wife took the law into her own hands and Mr. Police Officer didn't care too much about it. 

Also... Darin tells a classic story of drunken mistaken identity

And Mike's kid tried to get video of the Easter Bunny

 All this plus a venomous beaver, opossums having sex, death metal cookie recipes and can somebody get us some throat lozenges?

Stay until the end... you don't want to miss a second of this episode!


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00:00:01Are you done clearing your throat? Let Me Clear My Throat?
00:00:26Welcome to irritable dead syndrome, save your receipt for a full, refund your, your host. Mike and Erin.
00:00:34Hey everybody. I'm here and I'm Mike. Welcome to Ariel. Dad sooner. This is episode. 87 1987 was the year that the Joshua Tree was released through all the math. I'm doing. Okay, and that's all you to talk. We're going to have to know exactly for people who are anti YouTube my case you going to do it.
00:00:51Yeah, we've got a big show for you tonight. Didn't your wife get a ticket? She stopped, She talked about that, and I have a classic drinking story that happened back in the 90s. I wasn't the one who got drunk, but it's just, it's, you do not want to miss it. How you doing? I'm okay. I'm okay. Good before we start. I want to apologize for last week's episode for all our loyal listeners Mike and I something was wrong. Neither of us, could talk.
00:01:30Save our life. I mean, I kept talking about I was supposed to be talking about the movie Arlington Road, but I kept thinking that it was blown away. Yeah, I realized I'm in the car on my way. Back to my house. I might guarantee you. I hated the movie Blown Away, but I can't talk about how great the movie was. It had that ended. The more you described of it and what clued me in this because I haven't seen blown away. I was cuz you were describing a movie that I've seen. I was convinced it was and it wasn't and then you were convinced it. True Grit was called true. Yeah. I can't call him. Billy Joel, Elton, John. I can't. What's Zooey Deschanel? I can't call her the good girl. Instead of the new girl. I didn't think the whole episode was packed full of inaccuracies. And so, my apologies have Kevin Nolan who had nothing to do with last week, but I feel like I should apologize to him. I apologize is. Zooey Deschanel, Elton, John Billy, Joel Tommy, Lee Jones Timber.
00:02:30Timothy Hutton's I've mentioned this before and I'll say it again. Is there's been many times I go back and listen to an old episode and I hear myself talking about something and I'm completely wrong. I mean old school listeners of the podcast. Remember me talking about The Shining a lot and the famous room number. I'm still can't remember exactly what the room number was and I screwed it up for like three episodes in a row. Don't finally, somebody said not that number 227. I was making a little bit, it might be 2:17. It's two something.
00:03:10People should know that. By the way, I work for antenna TV and Rewind TV and I've been watching episodes of 227 as I go through and find to have seven, where you don't know. Why is it filmed in the same set that Sesame Street into thinks? Okay. I kept thinking it was going to fight. It looks exactly like, you know, Oscar the Grouch should be right outside of right underneath, where pearls was there, a guy named mr. Mcfeely in San Jose Street and mr. Mcfeely was on Mister, Rogers Neighborhood.
00:03:44Really? They were Oscar the Grouch right underneath the window were Pearl. Said it would regret in my mind. There is a crossover episode. We just got to be something on YouTube and I don't care enough to look. I will look okay, as I was going through these episodes and I this isn't on the run. I had not planned on talking about 6:58. There is an episode of Pee-wee Herman. That's hilarious. I Run DMC couple. Yeah, like everywhere. There's an episode with the Temptations. I'm like, why didn't I watch this show when it's on air was the room in The Shining wasn't so apologies for that episode.
00:04:36This morning. I went to the dentist. I had my I had about time. I know I had my bi-annual cleaning. Okay, and I found out after I was there the hygienist. It was cleaning my teeth because she started asking me questions. She says, I notice you're wearing your Letterman shirt. Does your wife? Is she still not allowed to watch a limo? And I'm like, I don't remember telling her that what the hell? Look at. How fat am I said something about that? You and I were really funny when we talked about that. She listen to the podcast. Holy crap. I hygienist, listen to the show. That's why she's asking me about weight, when she's stalking you online and found out. You had a podcast or or did you mention it? I had mentioned it because I brought my son to the dentist and ask what's going on in Cameron. Psych, that has a podcast. Okay, so it wasn't like you were jacked up on Novacane. I don't know.
00:05:36And listen to it. Cuz one of my dentist walked in, he said, I'm glad to hear you. Finally got hoober. I can't tell any stories about going to the dentist. I would never let any of this. Hold you back because? No, because they're listening to my teeth. I can't talk about that. My dentist. He thinks he's really funny. I can't talk about that because listens to the podcast. And so now I'm going to get in trouble. I have a question for now that I know a Dennis, and I Jennifer listeners. I have tons of questions and question number one, for me or for them. When you ask us questions about our life occasionally, now back when I was an introvert, we've talked about this before, I become an extrovert and I was introverted and it's all God. The dentist is talking to me. And I have to say, words.
00:06:37It's in a jam, something metal in your mouth and you can't right now, they'll ask me things like how how the kids doing and there's a moment you like you have to you have to like I have a thousand words to worry about what Charlie did like, right? And I have to cut it down to a four or five words. Sit in this before the metal. It's my mouth is, is there internally? And I know they're not listening to us. They're not listening. Did the countdown? Is there at like, what's the etiquette for how long the story should be? Well, he's doing pretty good. You know, who started school and he didn't. We bought a new pair of shoes, but he doesn't want to wear. I mean, I had like Charlie her your shoes and I have a follow-up question because I to go to the dentist from time to time and I would it be funny and I'm willing to do anything for the show. We just watched jackass forever. So I'm willing to do just about anything for the show. I love, Jack at this could be what breaks a deep love for Jack.
00:07:37I'm willing to launch into a huge story and see how far I can go before they actually interrupted by shoving metal. In my mouth. Will they stop being polite? I'm willing to do that and I'll film it. I'll I'll record it. So then they marched through the mines of Moria. Okay, and then that's when that the Orcs came, right? Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. I know where were the Eagles podcast, but if not, I'll tell her to get it cuz I don't care how many years ago when I lived in Tennessee. I went to my dentist and their hands in my mouth. I don't know. They may have brought in somebody else. I had my eyes cuz I don't know while I'm laying back there starts the dentist starts talking to the hygienist.
00:08:37The gospel, is it called a prison movie? It was, it was it was, it was Tim Roberts and Roberts and, and it's the, what was that called? In the end of a Salsa Salsa. It was through with me than what I would do it. I would love, I would go to knowing what I know. Now, if I had to live my life over again, I would go to dental school, have to do all that. Just so when someone walks in with a Harry Potter, shirt is a call. This is my moment. Get my hands deep in their liking you. Remember when Harry Potter build his own lightsaber and then Hannah Captain Kirk went down to talk to Gandalf.
00:09:37Yes, absolutely. Hunger Games has chased them and they ran.
00:09:51Since I can't be like what I was doing with that kid at Universe. Drove him flipping my dentist and the hygienist in everyone at the office or listening to the podcast. Thank you so much. We appreciate this portion of our show is brought to you. By the Nash Rambler. The new idea car. For America's fast-moving, for traveling, family Rambler has the tide is turning radius of any small car and Rambler steps away from traffic with lightning. He's the new Nash Rambler from AMC. Another reason why AMC means more for Americans.
00:10:30So, speaking of dental work,
00:10:38I don't know, go here at least happy belated Easter. Happy Easter. If you're a parent and you have a child, I would say, 11 years or younger. But soon as Pac have a 10 and younger 10 and younger first off. What the hell are you doing? Second? You may want to skip this part of the show, right? That's so we will pause for a few seconds here. To let them get the kids out and we're back to Darren. There's no Easter what happened?
00:11:19Who brings in my new underwear every year? It's the leprechaun. So, we we have many different things that we do. Okay, we wait until the last minute on absolutely everything. You've been every time I add it. Every time I edit an episode. You're like, like, oh my God, it releases of an hour and this guy still. So, don't let it to put this out of respect for their loyal listeners on weeks that I added the show. We record on Tuesday. I usually have it edited Wednesday night, Thursday morning because I can't wait to get it done. And produced ideas that I want to do, Mike. Does it Monday like about 9:30 10:00?
00:12:06And I'm like, well you that guy in college who was like, I've got a 18 page paper. I was that guy. So so what is you have for like Christmas with the tradition? Was we come down here in the movie room, we put on die hard now, it's turned into Lethal Weapon cuz I mean, twenty-odd years of Die Hard. I know that it's the thing there by does now, but I've literally been doing that for 20-something years. Yeah. I need a different movie. So I've been doing. Lethal Weapon, lately. Lethal weapons, a great move. The Eastern is no difference. Well, I've got a 14 year old and a 10-year r8000. He's not a right, is a
00:12:47Hell, I don't know. So I was working on the baskets in the, in the kitchen, with the fourteen-year-old, sitting over here, playing video games. Now, the best was mentioning, will there an Andrew sitting right over there? You know, and I know, but I could be building a bomb over here and he wouldn't know, like, I could be slaughtering a calf last week when I came over for the podcast is wearing a kilt. He didn't notice I could be strangling a ferret and he knew you wouldn't know what's going on. So I don't mind him being there. But in any moment, Charlie could have come down but usually wants Charlie's up. You got. So I'm finally sleeping in the skin on the island of the kitchen. I don't care who sees me what happens in all the candy in the stuff in there. And then I take it to the front door of my kind of late right here in the front door. Well, longtime listeners will know.
00:13:47We have in our house a dog known as booba Dakota. Yes, who will get me and everything. So I'm like, okay, I can't do that to take these back to and I'll put them on the kitchen table and it's light right out there. So I'm all over. The point is I'm all over the place while this is happening.
00:14:05We are go to bed. We get up. It's Easter. The Easter Bunny was he was Andrea told me he know he's playing along and Charlie's excited. They're trying to figure out which basket is, there's an obvious, right, you know, in one will have Legos. The other one will have like a switchblade.
00:14:27So he's doing all this and he said that he's going to like a mouth full of jelly beans, and something else. And in Andrews, like putting together a thing, like a little origami thing that that's got them and then Charlie just got a dimensions and we need to review the footage here pretty soon. Wait the footage, but it's okay. He literally said, we need to review the footage, guess we're his word review. The footage of the January 6th. We have a record scratch sound in the podcast. In my head, that happened and me and best looked at each other. And she said footage. He said, yeah, I put a camera up. And what camera the best of Sly?
00:15:20Would you put where he put it? It's possible. I'm a large person. Haha. It's possible where I was walking he made out of seeing my face, but he definitely saw the gut come out from around the thing with basket and he may have heard me say after that. I'm going to make it over here.
00:15:42He has not yet. What is this Tuesday to Sunday? We've managed to distract him. Okay, and he hasn't I don't think he's reviewed the footage yet. Even if I'm not in front because besides me being there, that's was all over in frame changing things around the moving things. Now she has to explain what she was doing. Manipulated things are moving them around that. You would just say mommy likes, she get those CDs, she likes to move things around the middle of the night. What's Dad doing? Cuz at that hour of night, dad is either down here playing video games or he's upstairs snoring and that's it. He does not stand around and Island and cuss. Okay. This is what I should have done. I saw that you posted this on your Facebook page, stupid me. I should have brought over the rabbit. I should have brought the key frame.
00:16:42Yeah, I got to poop all over the house. And then you have the yes, so there may be footage. We don't know what we think he used bess's phone. They may have also use the iPad, right. We do a thing or anything. That's recorded on our phones. It's instantly goes up to a Google Drive and is available to everyone in the family. And the way I could look at in the world. I mean, I've said this before when the Google, when they, when they order 66 comes down and Darth Sidious takes over. I'll be the first one drug out of the house and shot me know. Because I didn't know everything about me. Anybody who wants to hack and read my messages and good luck. I hope you have fun. My long-term plan. I want to end up in an insane asylum and not executed.
00:17:35He's crazy. Just kill him. Yeah, that I'm he's like a really crazy that we had to extract some of that weaponize. It.
00:17:46Mike has weaponized crazy.
00:17:51For years, I have made a joke where the punchline was in college. I was in a band called this crazy hammers. Yeah, I was in a band called The Crazy Hammers and I've done it over and over and had a similar Joe price. I was in a cover band called right about the same thing. So I just keep doing it. Now, my kids still. Hey, my dad was in a band called Libby. Went on a girls trip. A friend hers had a 50th birthday and they went to Asheville, North Carolina to the Biltmore house. And then while they were there, I don't know who brought it up. I don't know why. But Libby came home and she's as Darren. You used to be in a band called The Venomous beaver.
00:18:31I'm like, I don't want to know the background story behind it. I want to currently be in a band. Go, Venom is being a beaver. So that's going to be my band. Okay, me and my buddy. Ted, we're going to go to Beaver. We're going to Tori. She made my nose start running.
00:18:47What's venomous beaver? I don't really care, whatever, whatever happened. It's not going to make the name of this band, any better knowing the background of it. It, it says so much into words. One hits.
00:19:03The beaver is venomous, aha, which means, you know, it's biting or it's otherwise inflicting pain, right? Which is venomous, which means there's non venomous beavers out there and where we live, this Beaver could be building, a dam blocking the Ohio River. Exactly.
00:19:22Venomous beaver.
00:19:24Speaking of venomous animals.
00:19:29Are they there's a transition? I am a big fan of the group Southern Culture on the skids and maybe eat that there's cracker in your special outfit for me.
00:19:53They have a Facebook page of a fan group. I am on their website all the time. I've got all their albums have got an autograph poster from all of them. I've just I've seen him. I don't know how many times so I get instant updates and then whenever somebody post on their fan, Facebook page, I get the video. So today, I was lucky enough to see video of possums, banging on the internet. Now, what do you mean copulated? They're not like there's not an internet and they're hitting it, don't know. They look going at it. They're having hot possum, sex right there on the internet, and somebody saw this and grab this phone and said, who I've got a record this. And I have to post it on the Southern Culture on the skids fan page because they have an album plastic seats wet. So, it's a good one, too. It's a good one. Yeah, they used to be on Geffen. Records released two albums on Gavin and I was a second one. And the last song on those cars that possum.
00:20:51And I strongly suggest you get on the YouTubes. Okay, and you download it and listen to it a hundred times. It's a really good song to what relates okay. Yeah. I mean, yeah, okay, whatever. I got a question and this may be a very stupid question. They did it possum style easy the
00:21:19In the rundown, you say opposum.
00:21:23All the time, you can't spell pot. So you sent you spell opposum, but you say opossum opossum is spelled with an O. The correct way to spell possum is with a, no, I don't believe you. Okay, don't believe me what, but couldn't get on your Google to look it up. Look it up right now because I've known people say I've seen it. Written o possum. And I've seen it written possum and I spell it possum with a recipe. That's spelled incorrectly. It's spelled with an o y. I mean, I know it's spelled o possum. I don't think you're allowed to have a silent vowel at the beginning of a word is America. Somebody was trying to win a game of Scrabble. That's how that happened.
00:22:12I was thought it was a, there's a possum and so it was like, oh awesome. And it and then the idiot, you know, Noah Webster happened to be walking by the Wild Frontier. Yeah. It's a marsupial. That means it has a saddle on its back and it had all it's so awesome. Puppies. Let me read this. Okay, which is one under the blow, true trusted source of jobs in America in the United States and Canada also known as it is. I don't know. I'm reading it is often simply referred to as and quote o possum and opposum not a possum.
00:23:12And in North America, they are commonly referred to as possums. Sometimes rendered as opossums in written form. To indicate the dropped of all the live pasta fee. They should not like it either. Excuse me. Excuse me.
00:23:29This should not be confused. They should not be confused though with the australasian. Arboreal marsupials of the order.
00:23:40Land Reform. He's that are also called that are also called opossums because of the resemblance to the didelphimorphia course, but the O possum is typically I'm not aggressive animals, very don't cross it. So I'm wondering if this was originally written as the opposum is a non-aggressive animal. And then the author got bit by a dad. Typically in there, do the legal concerns. I've got a friend Steve and on Facebook. One of our mutual friends had said that she has a possum in her backyard and she's worried. Is it dangerous? Should she do something to get rid of it? And Steve said, you'll be fine. As long as you don't go near the nest where it's protecting its eggs.
00:24:31Possum's don't lay eggs, right on the Google. And I found a picture of a possum, stealing and eggs with an egg in it and put it on, who stood here. See, there's an awesome nursing, its young. She believed it. He believed it still to this day. Probably believes that opossums have eggs.
00:24:56Funny. So in the subgenius, in the sub family, Keller room in a gene has cameras.
00:25:04There is the bear, tailed woolly opossum.
00:25:09Did my cover band to get our Gerald wooly opposum? There's a journey not to be confused with Derby's woolly opossums, the brown eared, woolly Apostle. How will you tell them apart? Because they have friends here. Then you've got the gueen. Ian Brown four-eyed opossum. Hey, insensitive, very insensitive. As you were a corrective lenses. All the sudden you before I do opossums. There's the water o possum or yapock.
00:25:51Yes, there's the big latrine of huts.
00:25:56If you don't want to run across a big latrine knew, if I so know, we are learning more about possums tonight. Then I thought there's the Y tierno. Passo can be geared opposum the, no possum. I mean, I can go get God. How many are these Anderson's for? I do possums and now they're just making up stuff. I'll have Michael mcelhaney's for, I do possum. That's the Irish opossums there and finally got some okay, okay.
00:26:34Little woolly mouse off. Awesome, the Bolivian Willie, Nelson possum, and the this is ridiculous. The long-nosed short-tailed. Obosso, short-haired, wonky eye.
00:26:53There's some of these sound like STDs or fracas Linnaeus. Heterotopic Maria gray Mouse with us. I'm sure this thing just keeps going to believe you. The elegant fat-tailed Mouse. Over the end.
00:27:12That's what she said. This is the best one, the last one on here. Ok, ee the fat-tailed mouse. Opposum.
00:27:24Buff belly belly fat tailed Mouse open.
00:27:32And this is Ben, know your possum.
00:27:37We interrupt our show for this important announcement. Congratulations to JT Shrout. You're double dead syndromes listener the week. This has been an important announcement. I found a new way to bother my son. My oldest son. Guess we were in the car and listening to the the Spotify. Really, there's a song that came on its called levitating. It's a new song and I don't feel like quite an old fart anymore because I really liked this on my ass. I said good is this new or is this like three or four or five years old? And I'm still not here for cool because I'm not listening to new music and they told me that it was somewhat current. So I don't know how current is, I could have done some research before this episode, but I didn't. Anyway, the song is called levitating. Okay, I asked.
00:28:37Who sings the song and they say this by Dua LIPA?
00:28:59Do a lippa. Okay. I keep calling her do a lippa and they keep telling me it's Dua Lipa. So I keep saying do a lip up and it features the baby. And so but I called the baby da baby and according to my knowledge of the English language and foreign languages. Do a means to you. And lollipop lollipop means lip lips too little to lips and Dada means thanks. So it's two, two lips and thanks baby. Okay, pisses them off. Daddy, Jacob just like, okay, Dad. That's what we're going to call the band and he's just just finally, just given up on what I thought when I read the rundown, I saw.
00:29:48Ali, Baba and Debbie, I thought you had a stroke while you're right in that line.
00:29:55You know what happened?
00:29:58Yes, it said, Nova tating. What kind of song is? It's a dance song. Okay, it's, you can call it. Could you call it hip hop? What are the kids call it these days? I don't get, you can't know. I like what I've learned a go into any subreddit or any online, go to Facebook any type of talk now with the Millennials and newer people with like the with these, the Millennials and more current people ha the age-old we back in the day, Rock classic rock, which is anything that was twenty years. Older. Exactly. When metal they have one metal metal rap music. I had pop right? And then and then they are except poppy. So now you've got a new metal, classic metal scrap, metal hair, metal hair, metal, metal, nickel metal, cuz we got into an argument with goes you're a you're like with their speed building other technical metal in your life. Shut up.
00:30:58Shut up. Will you start to have to shut up? There's no death, metal death metal metal. Okay. I haven't heard there's Stoner metal instrumentals. So, I think those names are stupid. But then when I hear the music and I couple of with the nails I see what I did was there. So what is so would they be considered pop or hip-hop or probably how you move metal top music? But thanks baby is hip hop. Okay, so he and he's like a special cuz it's featuring back when you and I were kids listening to music by REO, Speedwagon, featuring, Peabo Bryson, you know, it was just, you know, it was just this happen. Every single song. Now is featuring somebody every once in awhile a song with future sting.
00:31:57There's like money for nothing but a while and they didn't advertise. It was like Dire Straits featuring sting or under pressure by David Bowie and Queen, and David Bowie, but it wasn't featuring. David Bowie is Queen. And David Bowie. Have a double Bill didn't featuring about it. Exactly. So I want to tell you about another new band, new wish you to us talk about Guadalupe in the baby and we were invited to go on a podcast. I was listening to this podcast and they were talking about classic rock. I listen to the same method was, okay. When I worked at the grocery store, back in the 80s death, we listen to wqut, which played classic rock live Gordon Lightfoot. No, no, no,
00:32:57Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. Yeah, Led Zeppelin that Fleetwood Mac. That was, that was your genre, classic rock and now, and now you go back for the longest time classic rock stations played the same songs, like, the only years, they played the exact same songs. The same REO, Speedwagon Black Crowes, and then I sort of sneaked in Guns, N Roses band Nirvana. Yeah, and they're not classic rock. That was grunch. Yeah, grunge alternative. Music does not belong on a classic rock. Yeah. I don't like, I don't like the I say, I know what podcasts, in what episode you're talkin about. I disagree.
00:33:41Vehement Lee with the idea that the classifications change as they go for at a classic rock, is Clash of Clan. If Led Zeppelin is not in your classic rock. It's not classic rock, and you can't sneak Pearl Jam in your classic, rock. It belongs. What does Pearl Jam belong in Pearl? Jam has made it was alternative it looking back. It's basically. But if you need a new name for stuff to make a new name for it, that right, what we did with rock, rock didn't exist before like what the 50s right? They didn't when rock rock was based off of swing music at my point is is I agree with that. So I have made an absolute effort to get into the new Muse. The last thing I want to be is that crotchety old bastard? That sits there. Complaining about all the new music. I started to become that guy because I said, I would do not want to become my father.
00:34:41And I will, you know, if they'll cross a bastard comes in. I will start listening to something and I'll be like, I, I want to listen to something else that I remember from the old days, but a few bands of stuck with me, one is OneRepublic. We saw them open up for YouTube. They were amazing. You're awesome. Another one that you and I saw was Awolnation. I've become a huge Awolnation fan Rage Against the prophets of Rage by prophets of rage on. In all that. I love the lead singer's voice because he goes in this dancing thing and then he gets into a screaming, think he's one of those people, I know he's dance. He's at the dancing thing that goes to a scream music.
00:35:25It's like pop music but then he starts screaming and it briefly goes over into what. It's, it's interesting music. Just listen to it. Get on the Spotify symphony is probably my favorite album. They're soaked and that's mostly what they played at. It. Just come out when we saw but he can be like very totally great or whatever. That's called to get this thing. Well and then all the sudden a man died, I do not put these two in the same category as I don't want you to be running when you get your hackles raised on this. Chris Cornell is exceptionally was exceptionally good and melodic singer, but he could scream. Yes. Well, like scream. Well, so the dude in Awolnation can't do it to the level that Chris Cornell did, but it reminds me of my cousin.
00:36:25That's a dude that can sing well, and then when it's required, he can scream. I will caution you. When you're listening to this music in the car with your kids Spotify. Does you a favor? It'll put a little e neck to the songs. Where of bad word will come out. This dude has the proclivity to utter or scream, a happy song about dancing through the flowers.
00:36:52Yeah, I forget the name of the song that they have one son and they go all the way through and he's like he just said, that's why I feel so.
00:36:59You can have to literally didn't have to do that. Do not have. You really didn't have to do that. And so I remember that when were when were driving, I'm like us a good song. Kids are like the back. I like. Oh it's coming. It's coming. So I don't turn it down. I just I don't know if you do this. Do you censor? Like I do like if if Edwards coming up like honk the horn and scream and you know, something like that on the car, Highway to Hell.
00:37:30Yeah, I just don't want you don't want to be like, all I heard that word in Jets going to let you know that's about the Rock and Roll Lifestyle. It's not about actually going to hell, right? It's about, I'm on my way to promiseland. He thinks that he can do anything and everything. Yeah, it does the drugs and the alcohol on the parties, everything else. But in in fact, he's on the highway to hell. Yeah, cuz I was the devil and how everything that's about that. Okay.
00:38:12South side note in. This isn't really for the park at it during you can cut this part out is the tool song dire avancez son enema, album anima, which animal has a very hard core like sounding like beatniks.
00:38:34Unlike me to buy a bag of potatoes is really heavy. German was going, but if you translate the word that he's reading the ingredient, the recipe for chocolate chip cookies.
00:38:51Hey kids, it's now time for Dave's Comedy Corner. Here's a question for you. Why is it okay to put eggs in a cake? Mix but gross to put frosting on an omelette.
00:39:04I want to watch on workout has been days. Comedy Corner brought you this week by the Rhode Island tourism Foundation plan, your next vacation to the ocean state at ww.w. Visit Rhode Island. Got my oldest son. Got a part-time job. Awesome, where Buffalo Wings & Rings in the one that we go to. Yeah. So he's headed to do is eat like a cookie the host. Okay, I'll reach you and so far. Everybody loves him. Everything's he's great and he's doing a fantastic job. Very proud of him and he likes it. So, so would it be funny if you and I went through a raise the seen? Ya? Like it would be funny if we walked in, and he comes over and I was like, excuse me. I'd like someone with experience. Get your hands off me. Thank you.
00:39:55I think that'd be great. Can't even spell chicken wings.
00:40:01First night, he comes home and we asked him how everything went and you know, if he had a good time or whatever some woman walks in and he tells her, he says, welcome to Buffalo Wings & Rings and I'll be right with you. Get your own. Oh, I don't want anything. I just want to throw away these chicken bones.
00:40:19She brought in a bag of chicken bone sleep from the outside. Yes. I don't know who bought them at Kroger, and then just whooping down the car at someone to be reckoned with man. Somebody bringing bones into your establishment. You listen to what they have to say. I don't like a femur in there somewhere Man. By the way, you just got yourself a story on Daddy's podcast. Let me interrupt the show here real quick. We got a question. I'd like to hear your thoughts on the Cincinnati classic movie Airborne. I've never heard of that. Have you heard of that? You're a Cincinnati freak Airborne. What's Airborne? I was thinking, is that with the dog that plays basketball.
00:41:18You know, it's sad and sick this a second time. I've heard about everybody this week. Have you seen the episode of Crank Yankers? Wear Special, Ed calls the movie theater. And the guy at the, how much is the, how much is one movie ticket? How much are two tickets? So that would be $8. I could take two of my friends and he keeps asking if they show Air Bud. So, Airborne is a 1993 movie has Jack Black. Seth Green Shane McDermott when his parents go to Australia for 6 months of work on a zoology project. Young Mitchell is sent to live with his Aunt Irene and Uncle Louie in Cincinnati.
00:42:09Initially dismayed by the cold climate Mitchell's unhappiness increases when he's taunted by the high school's popular kids. As he strikes up, a relationship with Nikki Mitchell, begins to win over his bullies by using his roller. Skating skills. In street hockey games. That sounds horrible.
00:42:28Sounds like an awful. I haven't seen it yet. It may be great because we wonderful. Is it on Netflix? I don't know. I have a doubt. It. It's got a 21%, Rotten Tomatoes, 21%, 21 out of 1, out of laundry Stars also has Owens dead L and Chris Conrad. You member Chris Conrad from the from the Chris Conrad show. Ya, the top question, the top question about this movie is the quote, is Airborne a movie.
00:43:07I've never heard of it that were made in Cincinnati that I have seen. There was one with George Clooney, as we heard, he was in town and we went to the restroom and Arlington Road in Cincinnati know. It was always, you want to go to a Kmart in Savannah. I didn't get the other, when he hears a stupid rain man, fart in the phone booth was completely improved. Did you know that? I did know that. I'd heard. That, that makes me love. Tom Cruise. That much more. Yes, that he came up with the light. Did you fart? I know. That's very. What's it called, cerebral? Think. Did you fart right, but I got it.
00:44:04Milk money was shot in Simpson house milk. What's her face with her bangs? Bangs Shawshank Redemption was shot, somewhere near here. Dude. It's a. Yes, cuz I wanted to take the family there and bess's like you want to take our kids to a? Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, he hates. Hey, here's where the sisters caught Andy Dufresne and the First Time, The Bull queers.
00:44:37Would it would have helped if they knew I wasn't homosexual Premier there or they you got to be human for that. That was a long time. I wish I wish I could say, Andy put up a I wish I could say that.
00:44:57That was a longest night of his life. Good times, good times. Maybe it's cuz I'm Irish.
00:45:10This portion of our show is brought to you by Circuit City.
00:45:15Speaking of bad movies, Libby drug me of kicking and screaming. Oh no, to take Cameron to see Sonic the Hedgehog 2 act 2 scene. Sonic the Hedgehog 10. Did you not know that that was going to be a bad mood. I knew it was going to be a bad movie. I didn't want to come willingly went in knowing it was okay. And he's like, you're coming with me to see this movie with Cameron, you know, tails is in this one. Dude. I swear the last time I had seen a movie that I hated this bad. I think was was Keanu, Reeves was being thrown through glass. Yes, but before that was a Ventura Pet, Detective 2, which, which one did he come out of the Rhinos. But anyway, I finally just curled up and went to sleep.
00:46:15We have what it says and I like Jim Carrey. I really like Jim Carrey, but he was more annoying in this movie. Then all of his movies combined. He and I like the guy I Jen when I was like, yeah. Yeah, he was bad. It was really, really bad. Jim Carrey movie that I've seen once and I cannot watch again because I've tried it. Just annoys me so much and I'm the same as you. I love Jim Carrey The Mask. I saw it once and I love it. Yeah, and I can't I've tried to watch it again, and I'm like,
00:46:46What happened? I've got to just stop for this week than involving. I do. I haven't had a just stopped in a while. Okay, let me know at night before we go to bed, will watch a TV show. Sometimes I go watch a movie in our bedroom, and I get so pissed in the TV show or the movie, someone checks their phone and then don't freak out that damn thing. I read the text from the bed. I have a deposit and then I said, I know you don't. I'm not kidding. I have bifocals. Okay. I'm so old, I have bifocals my glasses. Sometimes, I have to walk over to the TV and then I read Libby with the Texas on the phone. And I usually I'll just keep standing there because they've read one text early. They're going to read two or three more, Ted. Lasso is the worst for it and the chick who owns the soccer team on Ted lasso reads texts all day long. I really like when they started doing that cuz you could see him pop up, but they need to put at the bottom of the screen. Okay, 40.
00:47:46If you did you ever watch House of Cards, I don't nobody watching. You're not allowed to watch it. Now. It's not in this is before. Okay. The whole debacle I tried and I could not get into it. Even though I'm a huge fan of Kevin Spacey before The Usual Suspects yet. I know everything that happens like Bill Cosby. Now, you've got to say hi. I know but I know Papi but I still have the usual suspect as like the number three greatest movie of all time. Dude that flit coming out. Sorry not spoiling us. 30 year old to go to bed. But yeah, so I got obsessed with House of car. I loved it when it was was going and how they did that thing. The problem I had with it was my job at the time. I had a Blackberry Millennials are Blackberry is what people used before everyone realize that it's either apple or its Galaxy or is nothing really.
00:48:47We are at the point now where ever you either has an iPhone or they have an Android. And by Android, you mean Galaxy, if you have an Android, that's not a Galaxy people. Like what what, what is that? What the Nokia plus? It was? Okay. So I had a Blackberry and Blackberry had a very distinct ringing sound in everybody in House of Cards. It had that same rings out. Well, I work. I'm an engineer. Okay, I get calls all through the night happens. Alright, and that sound was the same sound as my work phone. So as I'm watching, the show will be like, we used to, like, it would go and I and then I see Kevin Spacey answering phones. And ya, can you? I almost I was wanted to send a note to Netflix. Change his ringtone right there. Ringtones. Need to do the same thing as like, a 555555. You know, that's a Hollywood TV phone number to be a long year, do possums.
00:49:47Lucky, I've Captain opossum. So your wife is a criminal. I got a text. Okay, she took she went to go. Pick up Andrew from his basketball practice. I got a text. I need you to send me a picture of our insurance card. That's not a good text again.
00:50:11It was even more disturbing about that text is I got it about a half hour after she sent it. I don't know what I was doing, but I wasn't sitting by the phone, right? Come back. And I see that text and wrap that nevermind. They're going to let me go. I just have to say they are going to let me go. So it's like the beginning of the hostages number 24 with Kiefer Sutherland and it's like a 18 in jeans skinny jeans, so she comes, she comes home, and she got a ticket. Ran a stop sign in front of a car.
00:50:48Just right there. Okay. Okay, and I'm like, yeah, I can't do the Ray Romano told me I did stop. I stopped where the stop sign should have said. Like I you can't do that. That's not going to hold up in the court of law. Hi. I'm realize that the stop sign was at the end of Street. In my opinion. It should have been in the middle of the intersection where God intended it to be.
00:51:22She said she went past the stop sign because there was a bush or shrub or your something. I don't know. I need to listen to what she says more, but she couldn't see around.
00:51:34This obstruction. So she in the interest of Public Safety. She ran the stop sign in front of the police officer in order to see around the Shrubbery at what may be coming. The other direction. You may ask. Did that person also have a stop sign. The answer is yes, but that didn't enter into her Narrative of what happened. She said all the sudden Lights Went going to get up.
00:52:01The cop. Got it, came up, got out. Walked up to her and she said, you scared me to death.
00:52:09You ran a stop sign, the cop caught you, he wants up the first thing. He says, he hears you say, is you scare me to death. So he was understanding. Okay, ask for her insurance and license. She had one of the two, the good one, the text.
00:52:30So she had to mail in payment $139 is like $139 seems steep for us. It's where the stop sign should have been. Now. If you blew past the stop sign with middle finger is a fly throwing Jack Daniels bottles out. And yes.
00:52:56I would like big boys up to now and Rob Zombie blaring.
00:53:01you and you deserve the entire $139 ticket, but if you're
00:53:09if your
00:53:10If you're rolling past the stop sign and you're stopping where the stop sign, quote should be.
00:53:19I don't think you should get that much of a fine. I think they should pay you, you're doing a public service. It shouldn't be back there. It should be up here. We need to get our lawyer Andrew Givens on this. We should have him defend her because in the courtroom, so I've always heard that. If you are caught in a traffic infraction, speeding or whatever it is. They've got you on radar. They've got you and Cameron all this and go on with your life, but I think you're going to Steven Wright. Joking. He got a parking ticket. If you plead Insanity, your honor, if you have to be crazy to park in the passing Lane.
00:54:09I think it would be a pretty good legal defense to hide the stop sign should have been here.
00:54:28Yeah, yeah. Yeah, but I don't think she's already sent the the the, the payme
nt in and I had to print out the insurance. So this is done but I think it's a missed opportunity. I'm going to tie this in with the story that I teased at the beginning of the show. I have a friend who actually used to be a police officer, but we went to college and we went to high school together and it was one night. We went to a club to watch a band play. I didn't drink beer at the time. So he says you can be my designated driver when you just drink straight moonshine straight. And I would put it over the shoulder and had my overalls on a my straw hat and I was barefoot when I would drink the shine. OK. And we're watching this band play and he decides that it's going to be a good idea to drink an entire picture of Killian's, Red by himself. Okay, okay.