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March 28, 2023

IDS #135 - Kenny Reeves Has the Parvo - Rejiggered

IDS #135 - Kenny Reeves Has the Parvo - Rejiggered
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The boys are off this week, so your old buddy Dave Lay gets to host the show! Actually, he just brings you an encore presentation of a fantastic classic episode. Stay tuned to the end, there's a surprise after the credits!

We got a donation!  Darin unintentionally upsets people, and is facing the prospect of finally returning to the office.  We discuss the #Saw series (kind of) and somehow end up talking about #Tenet and Christopher Nolan movies.  Some great questions from our listeners, and random football rules (literal rules for the ball - not the game).  More people wrote in with things that annoy them, and we spend way too much time talking about Meryl Streep.

All this and more... on this episode of Irritable Dad Syndrome!!

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