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May 2, 2023

IDS #144 - The Great Pancake Fight

IDS #144 - The Great Pancake Fight
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On this week's episode, the boys have their biggest argument ever over, you guessed it, pancakes! Who really knows the right way to eat them? Listen in and you decide. Also, they had an altercation with a lollygagger on Record Store Day. 

This episode is so much better than 143... we promise.

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Episode 144 Transcript

Mike: [00:00:00] What is best in life? The crasher enemies see them driven before you and hear the lamentation of the women.

Dave: The, this

Mike: is good.

I really, this sounds just

Darin: like you. It does. Yeah. If that doesn't get people to listen, nothing will.

Dave: Hi, welcome to Irritable Dad Syndrome Made with Real Pudding. Please welcome your hosts, Mike. And Darren.

Darin: Hey, I'm Darren. I am Mike. Welcome to Irritable Dad Syndrome. This is episode 1 44, and before we start, I just want to apologize for episode 1 43. We were all jacked up on Mountain Dew. Yeah. [00:01:00] Something

Mike: and now we ain't got nothing to talk about.

We don't, longtime listeners will know this as one of those episodes. Yeah. Which oftentimes becomes some of the favorites. I know, huh? Uh. Yeah. Those episodes of the past include, uh, the 12 Nuggets. Yes. Episode. The Lochness Monster. Yes. Well, it was about that time that I noticed this Girl Scout was about eight stories stole, and with Aian from the PTA girl, the lock.

I said, damnit monster, get off my lawn. I ain't giving you

Darin: no tree fitting. And the um,

Mike: Um, that one with the thing and the guy and the stuff, the possum, the posse

Darin: at the possum. The possum episode is one of our best. I don't remember what episode it was, but I know it was on the greatest hits. Yeah. Uh, best of year two.

Mike: Yes. Episode 1 0 4. It's probably the best marsupial bit we've ever done.

Darin: Absolutely. It puts the, you know, that, remember all that we said about the kangaroos? Mm-hmm. Yeah. Forget about that. That's

Mike: right. Yeah. [00:02:00] That's right. Hamsters ain't got no patches, neither. No. Well, they're not marsupials.

Darin: What? Hamsters are

Mike: not marsupials Before we get too far into this, uh, train wreck of a show.

Mm-hmm. If you like what you've heard in the past. Yeah. Not necessarily this episode tonight. Visit us on irritable dad syndrome.com. Mm-hmm. Boomer talk is http colon slash slash. Www period. Irritable dad syndrome. No spaces.com. Upper lower. Yeah. Hit enter. Mm-hmm. Have your grandson come over and show you which one is the Facebook or the Tweeter?

Follow us on there. Yeah. And you'll get live announcements when we go live and become part of the show. Yeah. You can also listen to our past episodes. Mm-hmm. Buy some of our Yeah. And you have an opportunity to become patrons. Yeah. Show your support. Exactly. Like keep this thing afloat. Yeah. We would certainly appreciate it.

We would.

Darin: Yeah. How you doing? I'm doing pretty good.

Mike: Yeah. Yeah. I'm coming down. Yeah. Oh.

Darin: Oh God. I went to the dentist today. Oh. So there was a, you know, there have been several times on this podcast where there has been the case [00:03:00] of mistaken identity. Mm-hmm. Or the case of. People calling me by the wrong name.

Darin some Darin Darwin. Dagwood. Uh, Jared was the one that I get now. Now, Dagwood is a nickname that the lead, singer and guitar player for my band, love Crunch. He calls me Dagwood. Okay. And my friends in Johnson City, Tennessee call me Dagwood. Mm-hmm. So I answered a Dagwood. Mm-hmm. Okay. Uh, on, uh, be Witched.

The mother-in-law, that nasty, evil, wicked mother-in-law. Yeah. Of Samantha. Mm-hmm. Uh, she called him Dagwood from time to time. Okay. So I take that anybody who wants to call me Dagwood, certainly can. Okay. Annie, who? I'm at the dentist office and I'm sitting there minding my own business. Mm-hmm. Waiting my turn.

Mm-hmm. And the dental hygienist walks out and she says, what I thought was my name. Mm-hmm. To which another gentleman jumps right up. And bolts right past me, like, Hey. I'm like, why are you so excited to go to the dentist? Yeah. He walks right past me and she looks at him like, What are you doing? And sh And she said, [00:04:00] she said, that's not, yeah.

And she said, Gary. Yeah. I said, Darren. Oh, oh. And then I said, how dare you try to, there's a, there are rules. Okay. This is America. Okay. I was here first. That's right. And everybody

Mike: had a big laugh about it. Yeah. It's not like they're handing out cheese titties back then. I, no. T I D D I dds. Yeah. So Gary was there.

Darin: Mm-hmm. They let him go. Okay. Through anyway, cuz he was like, I think at the same time. Yeah. So, but that's never happened. Mm-hmm. Someone said my name and then another person answered it. Yeah. But man, my dental hygienist, she was

Mike: thorough today. Yeah. But Im the hazmat suit home.

Darin: Mild God. She was just like, you know, she takes the x-rays and then she looks at him and she says, you know, I see a lot

Mike: of tartar.

Looks at me like, that's why I'm here. What the hell? I was like, you're welcome. I'm still getting brushing advice. I'm like, I know. You know, if you hold the toothbrush against your teeth and move it side to side mm-hmm. It helps remove thank, thank you. Yeah. But yeah,

Darin: she just kinda looks at me [00:05:00] like, Hmm.

Like, hmm, what do you think about that? And I'm like, well, I'm sorry. Yeah. So can do you, but while you're in there, can you get that off? Yeah.

Mike: Yeah. And they, they chip it away and some of it flies out. They, did they wear like the safety glasses?

Darin: Uh, I don't know. I, I, I have my glasses off, so I can't see what they're

Mike: doing.

So back in the eighties, back in the olden days, they didn't just, the dentist has to dodge the as it's flying around, but now they use those safety glasses. Mm-hmm. And a part of me early on felt kind of bad for 'em, but they're like, no, this is why they're making the big bucks. They decided at some point, Hey, I want to go get gunk off of people's teeth.

Yeah. This is what I want to do. Yeah. Now really probably what they wanted to do is I want to better health. I want to help people with their stuff. Exactly. But really what you're doing is rubbing the gunk off people's teeth. Exactly. And teaching them how to floss and how to do the thing. Yeah. Uh, I got a notice today that my dental appointment mm-hmm.

That I was going to forget anyway. Mm-hmm. Has been canceled. Oh. So, and that reminded me that I missed my other dental appointments. So I'm in, um, what is commonly [00:06:00] referred to as trouble. Hmm hmm. Now, I do the, I don't know if you do this or not, but every time I go to the dentist, they clean out the stuff. I get the lectures.

Mm-hmm. The whole thing. Yeah. It's like, yeah, I know.

Darin: Okay. I know. There's that old joke, when was the last time you floss? And you say, well, it

Mike: should be, they're on your record. Yeah. They give me all these picks and everything. Uhhuh. It's like, you know how to, yeah. I've used these other. Things I, and for the first week, I am religious about it.

Darin: You keep using the word.

Mike: I don't think I miss what you think. I miss Take two for the first week. I am religious about every, I'm flossing. Yep. If I chew gum, I'm like, I need to floss immediately. Yeah. Mm-hmm. And then slowly over time, I get to the point where I'm just eating a handful of jelly beans and.

Falling asleep. Yeah. And letting those little sugar molecules wreak havoc in my mouth and I don't care. You know the best way to

Darin: floss? Hmm. Eat a lot of chicken

Mike: or celery. Just eat

Darin: a ton of corn on the co. There you go. They should sell floss. Mm-hmm. On the same [00:07:00] aisle as corn on the cob. Yeah. And then everybody would floss.

There's, because they gotta get the, see, if you're not following, you gotta get the corn outta your teeth. Okay. There's just some

Mike: confused faces out there. Yeah. There's uh, there's really no good way to eat corn in the cob and look cool. That's true. You know, you can't really, uh, because I tried, we had corn in the cob here, Uhhuh.

I'm like, I, there's gotta be a way because at some point it spurts

Darin: and Yeah. Gets on

Mike: everybody. And at some point I'm gonna be invited to eat dinner with the president and he's gonna pull out corn on the cop. And I need to know how to do it Uhhuh. And what I normally do, cuz I don't wanna deal with any of that, is I take a knife and I just saw off the corn.

Darin: See, I was wondering because I know you don't like food touching your face.

Mike: No. Yeah. Yeah. Sometimes I go crazy. Mm-hmm. Sometimes I get a little nuts. Let's live it up a little bit. You get a couple of beers in me. Get me all liquored up. Uhhuh, I'll take corn on the cob as God intended it. Okay. However.

Mm-hmm. Normally I saw the colonels off, but like I said, at some point it's gonna matter. I'll be, Eddie Vetter will invite me to his [00:08:00] cookout and he'll have corn on the cob. Mm-hmm. And I'll be talking to Billy Corgan and he'll be like, uh, are you Eddie?

Darin: And Eddie and Billy hang out together? Oh yeah.

Mike: Okay.

Well they cook corn together. Okay. And then I'll be eating the corn on the cob. Yeah. And then Neil Young will be, what the fuck is wrong with you and the way you're eating this corn in the car? Who, who taught you how to eat? Because that's all they do. Yeah. He's from Montana. Yeah. And that's all they, Neil Young.

Yeah, he's from Canada. Same thing. It's close. It's close enough. Yeah. And that's all they do is eat corn Uhhuh on the camp they know how to do and play with trains, Uhhuh. POIs Uhhuh. He wrote Harvest Moon. I don't know if you've heard that. I have. It's, yeah. Yeah. It's

Darin: one of my favorite Neil Young songs.

Half the

Mike: songs are about corn. Yeah. He knows how to eat it. I don't think that's, you need to learn how to eat it. Yeah. I'm, that's all, that's my point. Uhhuh, you can eat, you gotta eat anybody Corn. That's right. Every anybody can eat popcorn. You're right. Babies can eat popcorn. Yeah. Anybody can eat corn in the can.

Uhhuh. A psychopath can eat the cream of corn stuff. Oh, gross. Or [00:09:00] whatever. Gross cornbread. Mm-hmm. American cornbread, staple. Yeah. Yeah. But corn in the cob. Mm-hmm. At some point when you're growing up, Rite of Pius passage passage, your dad had to have said, Hey, we're gonna go to KFC and get some corn on the cob, and I'm gonna teach you how to eat this properly.

Do you go right to

Darin: left? Oh yeah. Or do you put it No, no, no at all. Do you, do you roll it and then move down a notch and

Mike: roll it, move down a notch? That's what I do. Roll. That's what I do. The typewriter method. The

Darin: typer writer method is right to left.

Mike: Okay. And then you roll it. The opposite of the typewriter method.

I do the D rail method. Yeah. Roll and then move. And then roll. Yeah. Yeah. Roll, move, roll, move, roll. That's just like

Darin: you. It's time

Dave: now for Dave's Comedy Corner. I dreamed that I went back in time and killed the person that invented popcorn. When I came back. Everyone was eating corn on the cob at the movie

Darin: theater.

Ah, Waco. Waco

Dave: Waka. This has been Dave's

Mike: Comedy Corner.

You know what else I do that uh, [00:10:00] our mutual friend, I can't wait to hear our mutual friend box. Yeah. Matt Box made a comment. Mm-hmm. And I'm gonna call him out. It's been a hundred. This is episode 1 43. Mm-hmm. It's about time I talked about this. We went to Bob Evans, all college people go to Bob Evans. I love Bob Evans.

That's what you do to get. They have pancakes. They have great pancakes. Okay. Yeah. This is back when they actually gave you normal pancakes. Mm-hmm. Like they filled the whole plate. Yeah. And I was sitting next to box and I noticed you ever noticed, like things get quiet and you notice that people are watching you?

Yes. I have a thing. I cut my pancakes and a grid. I cut, that's even down, and then all the way across and then I pour, I poured the syrup on it, Uhhuh and. I eat it that way. He watched me do this. I got all the way through the grid and I saw a smirk on his face. Yeah. And we made eye contact and I, I said, what?

The fuck. Cause you're a problem cuz we were in college. This is, you know, yeah. I mean, [00:11:00] you've seen me interact with boxes like, what are you doing? Yeah. And he just says Typical. That's what I would expect. Yeah. What do you, what, what he's like, engineer. You're gonna make it into a grid? No, I'm not making it into a grid because I'm an engineer.

I'm making it into a grid because it's more efficient. And then that's when my other friend Sean looked up Uhhuh and he just started smiling and box, looked at him and smiled. I'm like, what's wrong with you people? You, if you make it into a grid, when you pour the syrup on it, it'll go down in between all those pieces and it envelopes, en envelope, envelopes the pieces of pancake.

Yeah. See, gets syrup on the pancake. Right. And, and what do you guys do? Like, just have a pancake. You just pour syrup on it like a freak, and it all goes off the side. And then you don't have any syrup on the actual pancake. Oh, okay. Now listen. Mm-hmm. I'm

Darin: gonna cut you off right there. Mm-hmm. Because there is a problem, a dispute in our house when it comes to pancakes.

Okay. My kid can have a half a gallon of syrup Yeah. On his plate. Mm-hmm. But if it's not on top of the pancake, right? Hell no, [00:12:00] he won't. He he'll still pour Yeah. Another half gallon. Mm-hmm. Instead, I will cut the pancake. And I will ball, I will cut the pancake and then I will, like, I'm dipping my like french fry and my ketchup.

I'll so it up into the syrup. There's pools of syrup

Mike: on the plate, like a chicken nugget. Well, why don't you just put it all, you get 'em all? Because

Darin: it's like I put the syrup on the pancake. Mm-hmm. And some of it goes on the plate and then you just wipe it up on the plate. You stop it up. Much work. It's just not for you.

Yeah. Mm-hmm. Now your grid method. Yeah. I agree with, thank you. With a waffle. Okay.

Mike: Cause it's, it's already in the grid. It's got little parts. I know. It's, I know what

Darin: that's, that's where I cut. I don't cut outside of the grid. I don't just like cut a round shape when I'm eating a waffle. Did I will, I will slice you.

Cut the cups.

Mike: You cut

Darin: the, the waffle cup. I slice it along the lines

Mike: of the waffle. Oh

Darin: my. Yeah. Oh, are, are you seriously kidding me here? Are you really judging me? Yeah.

Mike: Yes. On, [00:13:00] on how I need to, I'm judging you on how you, when you eat pancakes like a freak. That is not freaky. That is smart. I like syrup. I like syrup on my pancakes.

I like syrup with my pancakes going to my mouth. Okay, so how I'm swap it up like I'm with a bi. Now if you have a biscuit and gravy, that's how you get the gravy. Uhhuh back on the biscuit.

Darin: But you can't do that. So what The syrup that I can, the syrup that goes on the plate. Sorry,

Mike: I've just got to wash you down the sink.

I don't have syrup that goes on the plate. The, the pancake collects all the syrup cuz it's in those little grids. The pancake itself, it has to get saturated uhhuh with syrup uhhuh before it escapes. Okay, so the outer edges of the pancake? Yeah, the normally the edges, the, the. Pieces of pancake that get the least amount of attention.

Yeah, get the most amount of errant syrup. Overflow syrup. Okay. Effluent syrup goes out to those areas. Those are some of the best pieces of pancake on that whole plate. Uhhuh and the syrup. Carries some butter with it. What? Yeah. You heard me? I [00:14:00] put whipped butter all through there. Yeah. And the syrup catches that.

Oh my Lord. Yeah. Yeah. Just try it. Try it one. I guarantee you, I guarantee, I guarantee you. Oh, okay. I guarantee, I guarantee you. Okay. If you try the grid method, Okay. You'll never go back. All right. Listen,

Darin: I will try the grid method. Mm-hmm. Will you try the pool method? Okay. Okay.

Mike: Yeah. Well, can we agree to do this?

Yeah, I'll do the pool with this. Remind me as many, I'm gonna have pancakes this weekend. Okay. I'm gonna make pancakes on Saturday. Okay. And that's how I'm gonna do it. As many

Darin: times as you've recommended a movie, Uhhuh, Hey, let's watch Evil Dead too, and go on Decision roll. I, I did that. Yeah. Okay. And then you're like, Hey, let's watch, uh, it Uhhuh.

And then, and then I did that Uhhuh and then, Hey, let's watch, uh, the, what's the one with Keanu Reeves where he gets kicked through the glass window? Speed. John Wick. Yeah. Yeah, I did that. Yeah. And then I said, Hey, let's watch. Your boy? Uh uh, the, uh, greatest Showman ob No. Gonna do that. I'm so sick of doing.

You want to do, but you never do anything I want to do. That's

Mike: because I'm an only child and that's how I roll. Well, I'm [00:15:00] done. I'm done with, I have watched things. I, you know what?

Darin: Watch. I'm not gonna try your grid method.

Mike: You watched Yellowstone. You recommended you were in here talking about Harrison. You, what's 20 minutes of it?

I couldn't take it. Yeah, I couldn't take, cause you get better than the first episode. Oh.

Darin: Yellowstone gets so good. Okay. It gets like so intense. Edging your seat.

Mike: Here's what I'll do. Okay. I'll watch the rest of episode one of Yellowstone, okay? Okay. Okay. And I'll try your dumb ass way of eating pancakes.

Okay? All right. As long if you try the grid, I'll try the grid with butter. Do you use butter on your pancakes? Uh, yeah. Well now this is, hold on. Why'd you have to think about it like that? Don't, don't, don't. I swear to God, if you tell me you get the syrup that has butter in it, you're out of this house. No, I'm, I'm American.

Okay. Thank you. Okay, Libby.

Darin: Okay. Puts all the butter on the griddle. And, and cooks them in the butter. And then they have buttery, crispy edges. Mm-hmm. That make me fall in love with her all over again. Yeah. Yeah. They're, oh, no, I'm, I'm telling you, the pancake is

Mike: just like, okay. Is just like so buttery. I'm make a, I'm gonna make a [00:16:00] statement.

Okay? Okay. Okay. Libby doesn't know how to make pancakes.

Darin: What

Mike: the hell did you just say dip? Libby does not know how to make pancakes. I'm gonna have a pancake off. Let's have a.

Okay. She knows how to make, uh, pancakes that you like. She knows how to make pancakes that you like. I think that we should have a pancake off. Libby makes pancakes. You take it back. I'll, I'll take it back. I'll take it back. I shouldn't have said that. Um, without proving it to you, we.

Darin: I don't say one thing about what your wife does or doesn't do. That's true. That's true. You do not. That's true. Oh, you better hope. You better hope that Libby never hears you say that she

Mike: doesn't listen to this show. She does listen to me. She will cut you. I'll tell her myself. Here's the thing. Someone that ticks pancakes as seriously as, as you do, I can't imagine that you've never tried to grid method.

I can't imagine that [00:17:00] you've never tried the pool method.

Darin: Okay. It's just, it's like, oh my God. But the kids. And then after breakfast is done, I put the plates in the sink and my, my plate is almost completely clean. Uhhuh from sopping up to syrup. Okay. Okay. All right. Then you get syrup on top and the bottom.

Mm-hmm. By the way, do you, if you have three pancakes, do you cut like, and put a piece of all three in your mouth or do you eat 'em One pancake at

Mike: a time? One pancake at a time because I re syrup in between each pancake. Okay. That. Yeah, that sounds like you.

Darin: So, but my plate is almost clean. Okay. Completely clean from sopping up all the syrup and I am very satisfied.

Mm-hmm. Uh, Cameron's plate is got pools of syrup. Mm-hmm. Wasted syrup. Mm-hmm. And I don't like wasting syrup. Make him

Mike: do the grid method. Uh, I can't make him do anything, so I think it's great that you quit the show over pancakes. Well, you said my wife can't make 'em. That's true. I should not have dragged, I should not have dragged her in here.

I'm sorry you, Libby, I apologize. I apologize to you for Okay. Offending [00:18:00] Libby okay in the future. Cuz she's can't be offended right now. She doesn't know about it. You better know that

Darin: Jacob and Cameron don't hear that. You don't want, you don't want Jacob down here. No.

Mike: He'll no. Mm-hmm. No. He has asked to be on the show.

I know. Okay. Yeah.

Dave: Go. Jesus. Hi. I'm Dave Le with a message for Nick Offerman. Nick, we've reached out for you a few times and invited you to be a guest on the podcast. You must not have seen the texts anyway. The offer still stands. You are welcome to be a guest and shoot the with us anytime you want. Just let us know when and we'll work around your busy schedule.

This has been a special message to Nick Offerman. Now back to you guys in the studio.

Mike: You make biscuits?

Darin: Have I ever made homemade biscuits? Uhhuh, I have never made homemade biscuits. Mm-hmm. I've got a great recipe for making homemade biscuits. Okay. But, and one of these days I'm gonna try 'em because they look pretty.

Um, I'm not gonna say easy cuz there is an [00:19:00] art to

Mike: making homemade biscuits. I'm gonna give you a compliment. Okay, so prepare yourself. Wait, so typically on the weekends, Saturday is pancake day. Mm-hmm. And Sunday is biscuit day. Okay. And for a long time I prided myself that I would make the biscuits like not completely from scratch, although I have done that.

Okay. I would use Bisquick because, The one time I made 'em from scratch, I basically what you do is you make the bisque mix and then you do the same thing. Yeah. So I was like, well, I'm just cut out the middle man and go straight to Bisquick. Yeah. And it tastes the same anyway. Yeah. The point is, I was doing that and then you were mentioning something about making biscuits.

This is years ago. And you're like, Hey, you just put 'em on the thing and you go, and I was like, what do you mean You put 'em on the thing? You're like, you, you made the pop sound like the thing. Yeah. You,

Darin: you popped the. The, the

Mike: tube of biscuits. So for about two weeks, I judged you. In my head. I didn't tell you about this, but for two weeks I was judging you.

I was like, grand's biscuits are delicious. That's okay. That's exactly the ones that we use now. Yeah. I was like, Darren is, uh, the laziest son of a bitch I've ever met in my life. He won't make [00:20:00] biscuits for his family. He just pops the thing Uhhuh. Yeah. And then one day I got lazy. Yeah. I got lazy. Yeah. And I popped the thing.

I'm like, these are, they're

Darin: delectable. Yeah. They're, they're very favorable

Mike: to your palates. They are delicious. Yes. They're quite yummy, aren't they? They're yummy. Yeah. And I make, I make gravy. And by make gravy, I mean, I pour the powder in the thing and you get the packet with the hot water, the cold water.

Yeah. Yeah. Yep. You whis. Yeah. It's like old pioneer, uh, peppered gravy. Yeah. Oh my God. My

Darin: dad would spend make a, like, spend 20, 30 minutes making sausage gravy. Yeah. It, yeah, it was great, but I could be done eating.

Mike: Yeah. Okay. Yeah. You could have already plowed the back 40 by the time he gets that done.


This has the been the most contentious here. You thought we would've nothing for this episode, and we just had our biggest argument. Ah-huh. Yeah. And we brought family

Darin: into it. I You

Mike: brought family into it. Oh, I did not. I did. We you, I, I apologize. You. I apologize. Okay. This is the second time. Didn't, I apologize to you.

On Saturday, I apologize.

Darin: The, the record store day. Yeah, yeah, yeah. And, [00:21:00] and you, speaking of record store day, Uhhuh, you brought up Neil Young, earlier, Uhhuh. Today I'm, uh, on the TikTok and I found this great clip of Neil Young going into a record store and he finds a bootleg copy Yeah. Of one of his, and he goes, I didn't make this.

This is, I totally didn't make this. And he tells the guy I'm taking this. The guy says, you're gonna have to pay for that. No. Call your manager, here's my number. Yeah. Have him talk to me. The guy's like, sir, you can't do that. Yeah, I can. And

Mike: he walks out the door

Darin: and the guy working there is like, Hey, what

Mike: happened?

What are you gonna do, sir? Sir, what happened? He won't happened. Yeah.

Darin: Now, I mean, I'm looking at it, and this was a long, clearly a lot longer,

Mike: clearly a while ago, Uhhuh.

Darin: And I can't get a clear look to see if it really is Neil's face. Yeah. But it's just like something that he would do. Yeah, yeah, yeah,

Mike: yeah.

Darin: No, yeah. We went to record store day Uhhuh, and I don't have a turntable. I don't have, I mean, I have some vinyl albums. Yeah. [00:22:00] I've got a Johnny Carson vinyl album that's, uh, probably worth a, a little bit of money, I'm sure. Okay. Yeah. Uh, so I have a few, but I have nothing to play. I don't have a turnt date.

Yeah. Years ago, my favorite band, Southern Culture on the skids released three 40 fives Uhhuh of, uh, all cover songs. And it was just on On vinyl. Vinyl, yeah. On, on, on vinyl, uh, 40 fives. Yeah. Yeah. And I'm like, oh hell, I'm buying that. Mm-hmm. I bought it. Can't play 'em. Yeah. And like 15 years later, they released everything on a CD with six

Mike: other bonus tracks.

Yeah. Yeah. So, so I bought 'em again. So one of the things with record so day and you, you go, you've, this is the second one. This is the second one. You've gone. To me,

Darin: come with me too. Oh, it's the first time I've went to record store day. Oh, that's, I've, I've been, I've been to everybody's records with you on another

Mike: time.

Yeah. So the deal with record store day is with certain artists. I mean some, you know, they just release something on record store day and it's available everywhere. But some artists, what they put out on record store day, that's the only copy of that that you can find. Right. Don't put it on streaming and all this stuff.

So [00:23:00] there's several of. That band that shall not be named for as long as I can not name them. Yeah. That I have, that That's the only way, place that they are Dawkin. Yeah. Uh, they always release something on every record sore day. And then this one had a Pearl Jam every record store day. Yeah. And okay. And this, this one had a Pearl Jam release that I really wanted.

It's a live album from the yield tour. It's an Australia that's, that's the year I saw them. Okay. Yeah. Uh, given the fly. Oh yes. Yeah. Amazing song. Yeah. Okay. So I wanted that one. I also wanted the sword, but I didn't get it when I got there. I was like, ah, I don't wanna spend this much money. Yeah. And then while we were there, we saw a pusser thing and my hand went straight to the pusser as my hand went straight to the pus.

My hand went straight to the Pusser Uhhuh, and then I put it back cause I don't wanna spend that much money. I was like, I'm gonna get the band that shall not be named. Mm-hmm. And Pearl Jam. So I, I, I'm there for those now. I have had record store days before mm-hmm. Where the band that shall not be named only has like three or four copies in the store.

Cincinnati seems to have a fair [00:24:00] amount of fans of that band, so it's kind of a gamble. I've had record store days where I've had to go to two or three shops to get the, the one that I want. Yeah. You can't order it online, you can't get it any other way. Right. You wanna get it. So I'm there. I see where it is now.

A couple of factors are at play. It's a long line of people. Mm-hmm. Everybody's going sifting through. They, they separate the record store day people from the rest of the people. Yeah. The record store day, people are going through doing what you do. You look through the albums. I begin to have a problem because the list.

The list of what's available on record store day is available months before a record store day. Yeah. And most sites have it to where actually the record store day site has it. You can actually look at the album. You can see the artwork. You can see what's all on it. Yeah. Why it's not, why the sifting.

Yeah. It's not a browse fest. That's where

Darin: you walk in and you go, I'm getting devo. Right. And Dan Fogelberg,

Mike: most people, I'll check this out, Tony. Most people know what they want. Yeah. When they're going and I'm gonna get these five albums, or I'm gonna get these three albums or whatever. Yeah. And they, they know it and they're gonna get it.

And [00:25:00] their concern is that they're gonna sell out because these are numbered releases. So I already know what I want. Pearl Jam and that band that shall not be named. Right. We're starting to go through, I see where that band shall not be named. Is that the end of the thing? And the Pearl Jam is on the same area.

Mm-hmm. So I'm like, okay, I gotta get through all this crap. The dude in front of me. Bless him is he's just lo don up there. He's just, he's just, he's just like sifting through, like he's browsing at a record sore as my mother-in-law would say. He's up there hem hawing. He's hem hawn and lollygagging. He's, yeah, he's shoe gazing.

He's being very perfunctory. He's being very pen penultimate and. I'm getting bored waiting for him to go through his stuff. So I start looking through the albums that are right next to the ones that he's looking through. Yeah. And if you are used to looking through vinyls, you know how annoying that can be if, if it's touching.

So I start going opposite ends of the thing as we're going through Uhhuh. I get to the Pearl Jam, I'm nice, I reach in cuz there's three of 'em left. I get the Pearl Jam. Meanwhile, Barry Gibb is there. [00:26:00]

Darin: Okay. Barry Gibb is a guy who's got a beautiful hair, by the way. Yeah. Very beautiful. Long black hair

Mike: with a, a lot of body to it.

Thank, we will Thank Barry Gibb. Yeah.

Darin: And, and, uh, he's got a, a black beard

Mike: but not like a rugged, and he's being really a. Obs ob obstinate loud. Yeah. I, I don't think that's how you use the word obstinate, but I'm gonna use it obnoxiously loud. Right. Hey, Jane, do you see they got the ding over here? Did you see the ding right here in this, in this kit here?

Did you say docking? Yeah, they got the docking right here. Oh really? Do you see that? Do you like It's one's Don Dawkin. Oh yeah. That's his album there. Docking. They got, this docking album is right there. Huh? It's, it's, uh, release docking. Oh, docking got docking there. Hey. Oh. Hey, did you see over here? It's got the talking heads.

You see that? Oh, yeah.

Darin: Talking heads. David Burns is there. They're right there. David

Mike: Burns there with the big suit. Yeah. Yeah, they got that right there. Docking, huh? Yeah. Dawkin. Yeah. Dawkins right next to it. Going down through the thing now. While this is happening, one of the workers at the [00:27:00] store is coming over and grabbing things for people back further in the, in the line, right?

Uhhuh. So somebody, Hey, hey, hey. I want Percy Faiths picture disc. With Percy and a parakeet on the picture disc and there's only two copies. Percy Faith. Yeah, so, so the worker's like, Hey, what are you here for? I'm here for Percy Faiths picture disc. I think

Darin: you have him confused with Percy

Mike: Percy's pledge.

Percy. Percy is how you pronounce it. And he reaches up Uhhuh ahead of everybody. Now I could be there for Percy Faiths. Picture disc with the parakeet on the, on the disc? Yeah. Uh, I'm, I'm glad I'm not, because I wouldn't have got it because Barry Gibbs calling him out like a, like he's spotting for a sniper uhhuh and then this guy comes in, grabs it and gives it to the guy in the back.

Yeah. And I'm like, I look, I look, wait, wait, wait. Are you allowed to do that? He did it a few times. That son of a bitch, he works there. You can't do that. He works there. Here. Now you're starting to see my dilemma. Yeah. You can't just

Darin: grab something,

Mike: give it to somebody else. I'm back in the back of the line.

I, I'm behind a lolly [00:28:00] gicker who doesn't know what he's there for, who doesn't know his role at this point. His role is to go up there and get his, and get out and go, all right. He's lollygagging. The people in front of him have moved on, so he's just kind of blocking the area. I look and I see, I know what the band that shall not be Names album looks like.

Yeah. The colors of it. Yeah. I see there's two copies. Yeah. Two mm. I'm one of 'em. Yeah. I'm thinking, what if this guy wants one? Cuz he looks like somebody that would be a fan of that band. Yeah. And then don't started on them. What happens if Barry Gibb, Hey, you see this? Yeah. You got the, the band over here that shall not be named.

They got an album out here. Oh, they got? Yes. It's their third one. Wow. Yeah. They just put it out This today for records tour today. Don't they do that? Every record got, yeah, they do. But you gotta get this one. It's got a number on it, you see it. It's got like the white and the red.

Darin: Wow. Yeah.

Mike: You know the lead singer?

Yeah. Yeah. He's a. Dork. Ah, yeah. But there album's right here. And you can, okay. Yeah, you can get it. It's right. You want a copy of it? Oh yeah, it's

Darin: right here. I'll give it a copy of it. Oh,


Mike: Okay, thanks. That's could be happening. Yeah. And then the dips in front of me gets the album. I don't get one. Now [00:29:00] I have to go to another record store day.

You're not gonna go with me. They're gonna sell it. I'm not gonna get it. So while he's over there mm-hmm. He's one away from it. One away. Yeah. Darren. Yeah. Two feet. Yeah. I reach over. And I pluck Uhhuh, one of 'em. Now, when I did that mm-hmm. It knocked all the other albums over. Oh. And I said, ah, I'm, did they fall on the ground?

No. Then they just shifted forward Then what's the problem? And I said, I'm sorry, I, I didn't mean to do that. And he says, I mean, uh, I didn't know you were in that big of a hurry. You know what? You just, you do what you need to do. I'm like, what? He's like, I'm done. You do what you need to do. And he left. I'm like, Did he buy anything?

No, he just walked out. He just walked. Well, he, uh, he did buy some, he had something in his hand. He was in line in front of us. Okay. Uh, you know how he had this weird vibe when I was coming out of there? That's what, that weird vibe. Yeah. The guy right in front of me. That was the, that was what happened. You know

Darin: what, you just

Mike: do what you gotta do.

You do what you gotta do. I'm not in that big of a hurry. Oh, well no. That's [00:30:00] why we're having this confrontation. Yeah. Cuz you're not that big of a hurry. Right. And Barry Gibbs over here. Colin out here. Phil Collins releasing a thing. Phil Collins. Yeah. He's got a Phil, he's got the face value there. Genesis, it's the one that's no jacket required.

It's got Oh yeah. You know the Take me home, Uhhuh. He wants to go home. Oh yeah. It's the last song on there. It's good. Yeah, it's a release today. Wow. It's got the jacket on it. Okay. Yeah.

Darin: Yeah. Thank you. Even though noble jacket was required, no jacket was required. Okay.

Mike: He's wearing one and it's, you know, it's, he's old.

They redid the pictures on the front. Oh. But you know, back when it came out he was young. Yeah. But now he's old. But now he's not old. And that's the picture on it. Yeah. Here? Yeah. There's only three copies. Huh? You want one? I'd love one. Yeah. Take a couple home to the misses. Thanks Barry. Jesus jerk. So, yeah, I was a bit jacked up on record store today.

It shouldn't be like that. It shouldn't be like it. The point of it is to bring people into the record store. Yeah. So they can peruse Yeah, yeah. Their belongings. Yeah. To peruse the stock. Well, like I, I

Darin: said I do not have a turntable. Yeah. Okay. I don't know. I mean, I, I went to hang out. Yeah, because it sounded like fun.

Yeah. [00:31:00] I went, I looked through the CDs. Yeah. Okay. And I'm standing there and I'm waiting on you to buy your, uh, your wears. Mm-hmm. And this guy was standing next to me and I look over, what does he have in his hand, but the Eric Carr

Mike: solo album. Yeah. Okay. That looked like, just like the kiss solo, solo albums.

Yeah. That did look pretty cool. And I'm

Darin: like, That looks really cool. Again, I don't have a turntable. Mm-hmm. But I'm like pissed now that I didn't

Mike: buy it. That's how that starts. I've told you that's how it starts, but I don't have a turntable. Doesn't matter.

Darin: Yeah. And I don't even know if the songs are any good.

Mm-hmm. Haven't heard 'em. Yeah. Doesn't matter. But it's, it is so cool. Yeah. Then I'm like, next thing you know, I'm gonna be at record store day. Like, hey. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Did you see they have, Foreigner. Oh, foreigner.

Mike: Yeah, he is over there. Right there. It's

Darin: wild about foreigners that

Mike: they're all from this country.

Yeah, yeah. Yeah. It's kind of strange. It sticks.

Darin: Sticks. Not, not sticks, like S T I C K S, but with

Mike: S T Y X. Yeah. They got a drummer. He uses sticks, but the rest of the band, they don't use sticks. Yeah. That's funny. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. [00:32:00] That's how that works. Look, looks like it'd be pronounced dykes. Yeah,

Darin: it you're right.

Yeah. Do you want me to get you one? No. Okay. You look. Yeah. Shouldn't that band? Yes. You seen them? No. With all the The band? Yes. Uhhuh people. It's like a progressive Yeah. They all look like those weird

Mike: cartoons there. It's like they are acid. Yeah. Yeah. They got the same art style as sticks. Huh? And it's a different, it's a different band.

Oh yeah.

Darin: They're Canadian. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

I think we have annoyed the hell out of people long enough. I'm gonna call it, I'm gonna call this one. I've

Mike: had a blast call that that's going on the best of your three. This was a lot of

Darin: fun. We want to thank you for joining us here on Irritable Dad syndrome. Um, please go to irritable dad syndrome.com and yes, uh, you can, uh, uh, listen to other episodes that aren't annoying.

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Mike: Mike, it really will help us. Can we di the lights? Okay. Okay. There Dim. Hi, this is Darren from Irritable

Darin: di.

I'm Mike. If you like this podcast, I mean, if you really like this podcast and apparently there are people out there who do. Hmm. Seriously, there are, because there are, we, we, yeah. We get, yeah, we get people who listen to it every single week. If you like this podcast, we're begging you go to Apple, okay?

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You don't have to pay Right. Pay to do it. We just want you to do that so that it can help us grow the show. Mm-hmm. Okay. Thank you very much. Yeah. All right. Thank you, Mike. Thank you Darren. And uh, we hope to see you next week on Irritable Dad

Dave: Syndrome. Irritable Dad syndrome is a Quinn Martin production copyright [00:34:00] 1972.

Mike: What is Best in Life? The Crash Enemies. See them.

Darin: I keep waiting for you to just like jump movies and I'll be back. Okay? Alright. Get in the chopper. All right.

Mike: What the hell? We're trying to record Conan the barbarian down here. I know, right?

The, the idiocy of this is starting to get to me. Okay. Okay.

Darin: Shut up.

Dave: Shut up.

Mike: I better not put her, I better not broadcast her. Uh,

Darin: yeah. You realize you got your

Mike: headphone on. You won. Thought you couldn't.

Darin: I can you, can you, uh,

Mike: maybe kill one of them?[00:35:00]

Okay. Thanks. And we're trying to record a Conan de Barbarian thing. All right. She,

oh, Mike's playing with his friends downstairs. Okay.