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Oct. 13, 2020

IDS #7 - Bunch of Diagonally Mowing Jerks

IDS #7 - Bunch of Diagonally Mowing Jerks
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Darin and Mike talk about Eddie Van Halen and Chili Challis.  Darin joins a fitness cult and tells stories about his mom.  Mike is sick of unnecessary stoppers in this week's Just Stop! - and Darin goes off on people who mow their lawns in geometrically obnoxious 45 degree angles.  We debut (kind of) a new segment with a spooky twist (I mean, it's October) - Down the Tubes.  Darin voices his frustrations about sponsors and ends up planking and asking questions.  And Mike finally confronts the reason he's socially awkward - Airwolf!

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