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May 3, 2022

IDS #88 - Pluto Gave Jupiter that Big Red Spot

IDS #88 - Pluto Gave Jupiter that Big Red Spot
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#airwolf #voltron #knightrider #thenorthman #recordstoreday #RSD

We welcome a new Patron, and talk 80's vehicle-based action shows!  We introduce a new segment of "songs that need to be retired", and end up talking (too much) about planets!

Also - Darin saw The Northman; and Mike went to Record Store Day (and cannot stand Fedoras).

All this plus The Batman Trailer with Adam West, Top Gun, Starship, bacon, travel tips, and listener questions!!

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00:00:00If you wish to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first invent the universe.
00:00:09I believe it good.
00:00:24Bend it over and over and over.
00:00:34Woke up to irritable bowel syndrome with great taste in fewer calories. Are your hosts Mike and Erin. Hang on. My time in this is episode 88 of irritable bowel syndrome. We want to thank our loyal listeners because the episode that we released last week, venomous Beaver with a huge. Yes. The one we did the week before that. It's really hard to sex. A rabbit was our most downloaded episode in one week ever. And a lot of disappointed people that episode wasn't what they thought. It was about really want you to go to our website. Good2go.com sign up for the email list. If you look on the right side of the page, you can you can put in your email and you'll get updates from his. I'm really excited about it because the emails actually look professional, they do as opposed to everything else. We look at way more. Professional bills. Bills are probably the most professional thing about this show, but we'll, we'll have a lot of ideas for this show.
00:01:34We want to do things that we're doing and that's kind of a central place where we can get that information out. Also follow us on Facebook, or follow us on Twitter. All those fun things. Subscribe to us on whatever platform you're listening to us on. That would be great and come hang out with us on Tuesdays. When we record this Beast, you to hear all the the fun live with no plaques with all the screw-ups. Another thing about our podcast is that we have a brand new Patron. Okay, and I'm excited about this and I'm a little concerned about that because our newest Patron, Eddie Pennington happens to be my brother-in-law. So there's a conflict of interest. So is he hell's your brother who's related to do? Is my wife's younger brother. Really? Yes, is your wife's younger brother and his wife Gina sat down and had a conversation and said, you know what? We loved Aaron. We love Libby. We loved Aaron's podcast. We want to contribute financially to this thing. We want to help him out. So, they've decided to,
00:02:34To do that to do that. No doubt. They're going to once a month to donate money to the spot. Yeah. This is where I'm concerned. I don't want this to turn into one of those things where, hey, look, I gave money to your podcast. I need to park my motorcycle, in your front yard. And then a year-and-a-half, two years later. It's still there. I'm like ready. When you going to get this Honda out of my yard and he said, well, I gave to you podcast. You can call me. So I don't want it to turn into that. But here's one of the fun things is that one of the perks in meteor that they signed up for is the ability to vote on the title of the episode. Yes. So the very first opportunity that they had to vote on the episode and we totally didn't do. But on the episode who just picked the venomous beaver and went with it, probably was have a fireside chat here real quick for 15 seconds, then we'll move on. Sometimes. We just pick an episode title because sometimes things come out, that that's the title.
00:03:34Venomous Beaver, we knew was the title, guess their options, but we didn't want to give Chris used. You don't give a baby matches for a reason. All right. So when you have venomous Beaver on the line you use, that will the other option that was very close and pot opossum sex. It's right. That was a little one. I have two episodes with sex in the title the same time. So this episode I'm going to talk a little bit about 80s TV shows like Airwolf Knight Rider Street, Hawk Blue Thunder Voltron and a National Treasure and I want to talk about this dude Enzo Amore gaglio. And I know I butchered that name probably but I found this dude on YouTube. We don't talk about him. Yeah, if you don't recognize him by name, you will definitely recognize him by his work. Something else were talking about today is I have a brand new Kroger store the week that just takes the cheese. Honestly, this is
00:04:28One of the best Kroger stories of the weekend. I, I guarantee, if you don't like this Kroger store the week, then I'll I'll give you your money back. We have a new weekly feature. Right? I love this weekend, future, and you are going to love this one too. If you're going to get involved, this may piss you off. And you made, you may jump in and a green say, hell. Yeah, you're right. Darren and Mike, you may not, we'll find out and we're going to answer if you were male. Yeah. That I love you or mail. Let's get to it episode. 88. I mentioned a Teddy Pennington is our new Patron. And when do you become a patron of our show? What are the things we've told you is that Dave, Layar Nasir will record a voice message for you to put on your phone. We've done it for Jason Durbin. We did it for Greg botas. We did it for Chris cues and Lisa Coleman Ferguson and all our patients. Chris Michael. I know I'm forgetting somebody and I apologize, great. Crack hole. We doing for Craig and Leslie Holt. So this is the voicemail message for Teddy Pennington.
00:05:33Why you've reached the voicemail of Eddie Pennington said he can't come to the phone right now. He's either working taking care of his son, Ryan or doing projects around the house to get his wife, Gina off his ass. Leave him a message and he'll call you back. This message has been brought to you by irritable dead syndrome.
00:05:50Go to yahoo.com go to patreon. There are several different options to choose from. You can get one of the less expensive ones, or you can go all the way, be cool. Like the Chris's, and you can be, you can financially contribute to the show and we would deeply greatly appreciate that. So I got it. I want to talk about some 80's TV show so, you know, I haven't told the listeners about it that we're planning a trip. The family is planning a vacation. We're just going to go out west of various spots. Right? One of the places we're going to go is Monument Valley. Okay, and I was, I just did a search. I know a lot of movies were filmed out there. A lot of TV shows things like that and I saw that are wolf, was one of the things that was out there are wolf.
00:06:40Previously syndrome, You can disagree with me all you want, but you're wrong. You're totally wrong. You said Airwolf was like the most 80s. Yeah. Badass TV, show out of all times yet. I got two words for you. Three talk a team uses a child with. How did you never watch The A-Team?
00:07:11It's too unreal.
00:07:14The 18, verse 21, realistic. Sorry, we will have a helicopter flying out of a volcano with, with like, with, like laser that on top of dolphin, computer got taken over by another intelligence was unrealistic, but Airwolf was like dead on the money. You are out of your mind.
00:07:40So I fired up the the theme song and sure enough in the opening B. There's you see Airwolf flying in the Little Bill. Volcano. Volcano. Volcano, shoot a doormat. Got ahold Butte a hollowed, Butte is what a beauty. It's just, it's just, it's a thing that I don't think exist out there. It's not a volcano. Okay, they showed it in a cave that only had an exit from the top. Okay, some would say that's a volcano but for volcano you need lava and on the bottom. Okay. So anyway, in the process,
00:08:33I'm watching this.
00:08:35I I know YouTube the algorithm throws different videos at me related to the video that I'm currently watching and it had a video called something along the lines of Bryan, Cranston and Conan. O'Brien, talk about Airwolf. I have to watch this video Bryan, Cranston was in Airwolf. He was in an episode as a villain and he said something that never ever have somebody to say something about something that you love or hate. And it set you back in your seat. You're like, my God, they're right Bryan. Cranston said this about Airwolf. He said in the 80s, it had the most amazing theme song. It would get it would go pumping, it would get you going. You get so excited and you start watching the show and it be
00:09:48I don't think Alex just do it is good. I watch there will fight and then I start thinking about it. Like I realized, I really only watch the opening theme and then I just, they would start going to. Then I go to play with Legos or play video games or something. I never really watched the show all the way through. And the first time I watched it all the way through was just a couple years ago. I'm going to watch Airwolf from the beginning and I remember there's one part where the lead guy, Stringfellow Hawke is standing on top of a mountain, playing a cello and I'm like, what the hell. But then I started thinking about Airwolf is a show about a helicopter Pilots. So it was Jan-Michael Vincent. And then the other guy was Dusty, Dusty, Ernest, Borgnine, Marty my favorite part about them or is it would Shatter Me Award winner?
00:10:48News of them inside the cockpit, the cockpit looked about the size of this basement at a whole Bank of computers. Can you see the helicopters just looks like a regular helicopter and then it would show a scene inside. You got Ernest Borgnine early shutters, or else matters over his head. All this stuff, but it was part of a group of shows in the 80s that were centered entirely around a vehicle. Yes. It was whatever problem is happening. It's quick. It's solved by Kara Wolff getting in that helicopter, flying out and shooting something. Yes. Another one was Street Hawk. I love Street Hawk as a kid and I started thinking about it, like Street Hawk was a movie or a TV show. There's a problem somewhere in the city, Street Hawk gets on Street Hawk. I don't know. Which one was named Story. The guy or that motorcycle. Okay. I think the guy got on Street Hawk Motorcycle ride, the motorcycle through the city and it was like sped up like three done up like a, like a husky puppy.
00:11:48Brighten BMX riding through the city. They just spit it out. Feel like there's no way in hell and he would jump over something and that they would win. They would solve the problem. Blue Thunder was made to compete with Airwolf like Airwolf need a competition and Dana Carvey was in that one, right? Yeah. He was in the TV show. The original movie was Roy Scheider and the guy in Home Alone that had the spider, but I don't know. The other guy has movie, is he dies in the movie? And I was upset that in the TV show, Blue Thunder. Roy Scheider was in there. They, the people that made the TV show, Blue Thunder, so exciting. I am the people that made the TV show. Blue Thunder realize how stupid their own show as yeah. They're like, we can't have a show centered around every time, there's a problem. Somebody gets in this blue thunder helicopter.
00:12:48Pull up and shoots the Gatling gun at it and goes away Polo. Yes, I don't care if they added a van. Is there was a van that would drive on the, on the streets below Blue Thunder. Now, think about this for a second. The whole point of a helicopter is the mobility and he can go anywhere just follow somebody on the road. Now, it's all the work. Voltron. You remember the cartoon Voltron at? Yes. I show about a bunch of dim-witted anime freaks, who have a problem. Let's get in our mechanical Lions. They have to get in the mechanical lions and they have to run over to the blue line as to run over water. If the green line has to run over trees. The red line is run over fire. The yellow line has to run over here in urine and the black lion has to run over. You don't want to know and they all
00:13:45They helped join to make the stuff to make those stupid while they're running. The problem is paused. It's just the meteor that was coming or the state and it was swinging the sword or the pregnant lady is giving birth. They all paws. While these freaking lions are running towards each other to make this Super Robot, right? And then he makes his sword against any swings it and hit something.
00:14:13And it solves a problem. I'm sure there's other shows, but there was so many shows in the 80s that were based around solving problems with their vehicle. The Dukes of Hazzard General Lee. Yeah, they would follow the same line. I think they followed the same formula like the Incredible Hulk. Do you like the deuce would have two big jumps in episode The Hulk with Hulk out twice the right at the end of Dukes of Hazzard. They would always walk away with the piano music gone.
00:14:56Knight Rider, David Hasselhoff whole career did it with Germans love David Hasselhoff. So here's the thing. I end up watching the theme songs for all this and I found a YouTuber. Okay, I'm assuming it's a YouTuber. It's a guy that has a stuff on YouTube. His name is Enzo more gaglio or Magog, Leo or whatever the hell you say it, right? Listen. Look this guy up on YouTube. Now, I'm going to warn you. It's not a whole lot of Enzo's. So if you just type it and I just noticed that every theme I was looking up, there was the end zone Morgan Hill remix, so he took Airwolf and made it modern like in extended parts of it and like the beat is like, your bass is going and it's like a man. I want to watch a show about Ernest, Borgnine in front of a computer or flying through the desert to shoot somebody to solve a problem. He did it with
00:15:56That night the Knight Rider. When is the Knight Rider one? Makes me want to watch Knight Rider thing was badass. Now. Here's here's the problem. He went way too far on remix in themes and he seemed that had an actual instrument, like a horn or something like that. Like the Rocky theme. Yeah. He he's only good with synthesized. Sent the synthesizer synthesizer when it comes to harm my Rocky 1. It it sounds like I sounded when I had my Casio turn on socks off the street. Hawk one, you brought the Airwolf the Airwolf want, hold on the Airwolf one, and I'm I'm saying this in all seriousness, brought a tear to my eye. Okay. It was beautiful the Street Hawk one again. Same thing thunder was he did Blue Thunder? I don't think people remember Blue Thunder having a theme or even Blue Thunder. He did it. Got to
00:16:56Ryder. It was amazing. What's the rocky when I'm like, okay. Right.
00:17:03It's like when somebody's kid does something and you have to pretend like it's good. I liked how it started. But man, they need to bring back shows. They don't do that anymore. Now, they have shows with with like acting in their development for antenna TV and Rewind TV. Now and I didn't, I forgot that every single TV show had a one to two minutes, open the advertisers. And the show producers of like, you realize we could put three commercial breaks in the time, it takes us to do this, open you and the earliest show. I remember then. I'm sure somebody did it before. Then was Frasier Frasier, just start it. Yeah, and don't don't tell me that I'm wrong cuz I'm certain that I am. That's the one that I remember the most.
00:18:03Yeah, they talked about that. And by they I mean, Bryan Cranston in Conan O'Brien, how the whole thing started. They talked about the fact in the 80s. The theme is like the beginning half of the episode. They would have a 6 minutes of story and then the theme at the end, and cranston's theory about that and I agree with this. He said, back in the day and don't know if I mean, it's hard, even remember and we live this back in the day. You had to be at the TV at the time to watch the show. Yeah, and he's like, if you paid attention they had that seemed. They turn the theme up as loud as the commercials. Remember when commercial to come on, it would blow your damn eardrums you listening to what what is it that kid needs to blow up to solve this episode? Or what does Airwolf need to fly through to solve this one? In in the newest commercial come on and you would freak out, he said that was because if you case, you walked away to get a snack or something. It's hey or will some you know what? To get you to come back and they don't do that.
00:19:03Stream everything, and who gives a damn. If you want to watch The Facts of Life, at 3 in the morning on a Sunday, go for it and just sell the TV, whatever you end up on FBI watch list, but you'll get to see it. But I told you 2, 3 or 4 weeks ago, that I started actually watched every episode of Ted lasso on a TV and that has an open and a super cool theme song has a really good theme song again cuz you don't hear that. You were talking about the, the dude remix in all the songs in zomer play, Holier God, Leo and put all that stuff on YouTube, right? I just saw the most amazing thing on YouTube and I put it on our Facebook page like a week ago. The Batman trailer, okay, and they edited out Robert Pattinson and put in Adam West and Burt Ward and Burgess Meredith and who, who was the
00:20:02The original Riddler Joker portion of it is the most brilliant thing I've ever seen and I was just, I'm a rub watching it. I was like, yeah. Yes, whoever did that, my my respect earned my respect and you were talking about a blue thunder Nana and a wolf Blues under the movie, or the movie movie is actually pretty good. Yeah, but I'm pretty sure those movies. Inspired Top Gun. Probably. Well. Okay, that what, that's another point. I want to make, and I thought about this today. Once they were all about the cool guy, getting in the vehicle. What's Tom Cruise? Got in the jet? I think movie Executives all over the place that I can get. That's it. Nobody is going to top Tom Cruise getting into a jet and Save in America. What you going to do to get them to go kart movie and Flushing.
00:21:02Whatever. Tom Cruise got the jet. We're done. That's it. I'm pretty sure 1986. I'm in 1987. I guarantee there were no vehicle movies or shows are like that's. It came out in 86. My son is 13 and I know he listens to a lot of the music that I listen to and I know he listens to a lot of stuff that my wife listen to that. He has like a photographic memory. He really does. So when a song comes on, he like knows all the lyrics. Anyway, he won't stop playing Danger Zone by Kenny Loggins Alexa play Danger Zone by Kenny Loggins.
00:21:49I don't mind listening to it. I don't know maybe but I don't need to hear it everyday. He's at the age where you do. You find a song you listen to it over and over and over your little dead syndrome is proud to be associated with newsly, the all-in-one audio, super app for IOS and Android for the first time ever. The entire internet becomes listenable, all in one place. Check it out news. Lee actually picks up articles about the most trending topics on the web and reads them to you. In a natural, human voice. Much like my own. I'm Dave Les, and I am in fact, an actual human then, guess what? Are podcast. Irritable. Dead syndrome is available there to listen to us every week on news, Lee and afterwards. If you feel like grooving to another podcast, then knock yourself out. You can find trending podcast from over, 80 countries, and digital radios. Well, so stop scrolling and start listening, download news Lee. Now just go to ww.w.
00:22:49And use this promo code. The number one or are another number one. Then the letters, t a b l e, d, a d and receive a free one-month premium subscription. Did you. So, do you have a song? Do you remember, playing a song? When you were like a kid over and over, and over like that, when you were in that, in those years, I could listen to My Sharona 100 times. Okay. I can actually still listen to My Sharona by The Knack soon. I have to one was invisible touch Genesis and the other was and we built this city by Starship. I don't care what anybody says, you know, what I'm going to do with you. That's a great song. Yeah, I wore that tape out. I saw a bunch of Millennials fighting on Facebook about how much that song sucked. And I'm like, you guys weren't even know why you're listening to what some jackwad said on the internet. About that song, if you lived in the 80s, that song was badass, Marconi plays the Mambo. Ya, listen to the radio, don't you remember? We built this city. We built this city on rock and roll mother.
00:23:49You know, who wrote that song. Starship by Grace Slick. Bernie taupin. I'm intrigued. What else did he do? Every song by will almost every Song by Elton. John, this portion of irritable. Dad syndrome is brought to you by zipper. Lou. Are you tired of wasting hours of your precious time fussing around trying to open and close sticky? Zippers. Well, have a seat. Tony. I have a product for you. Just rub, some zipper Lube across that annoying zipper and your problems will magically disappear. Easy up, Easy Down, Easy all around zipper, Lou available, wherever quality zipper related products are sold now. Back to you, Mike and Derrick Bernie. Taupin Martin paid. Holy crap. Thank you. Welcome back.
00:24:49That leads me to a new segment that we're going to put in this week and I'm dedicated to doing this every week. I've decided that we need to retire some songs. Okay, there are songs and I'm not even saying this is a bad song, There are songs that are they can be amazing. They'll be great. But radio stations have beat them to death. And the first song that I'm suggesting that seriously needs to be retired is Jack and Diane by John Mellencamp. I agree. I love John, Mellencamp. I seriously, I own every I own every one of his albums. I even own the ones that he released before. American fool that had hurt. So good and Jack, and Diane. Okay, okay.
00:25:38They need to retire Jack and Diane. They wouldn't take it with us. What they can do. They can set a date like two Fridays from now at 7 p.m. To have a thing where every radio station all across the world at the same time, either one last time, Okay, and then they burned the copies. They did. They throw it out of the radio station like goes into like a default like Disney used to put movies in the vault. It's like you can still go online. You can still go on the Spotify and listen to it. If you did not even go on YouTube and listen to it if you want. But radio stations will stop playing it.
00:26:15And John Mellencamp. Performing at. That's what I think he's sick of it cuz he's probably is number one. I mean, yeah, I mean makes no sense. If that's his only number one record this God. You think you would have had more. Could you imagine if we actually went on tour with the show and everyone wanted to hear truck nuts, Troy? And we did like 100 shows a year, but I like the 50th time. We tell truck nuts Troy. Yeah, my God, I just don't hear something new. Yeah. Yeah, 2000. Yeah, hundred thousand man's like, you know, you'll be careful when you make something good. I know I need to be before I release this out. I need to be ready to play this for the rest of my life.
00:27:15Now, I wonder like artists who are there? Just getting started, like in the sixties and seventies. Do you think James Taylor when he wrote Fire and Rain that he had any idea or Carolina in my mind that he would be playing that song? Fifty years later. You know, I have a weird feeling about James Taylor. I've always kind of thought that he doesn't know that he's James Taylor, and shows up on stage and location for the guitar and sing into the, the thing in the funny thing. And he plays the songs and then he just wanders off and they had someone takes him home.
00:27:52Have you ever heard going back to the Jack and Diane? I heard the diversion of Jack and Diane where it's nothing but sucking on a chili dog. Know it's like another chili dog. It's a dude on YouTube. I'll show it to you. I'll put it in our on Jackie's lamp. He's got his head between her knees. Is that if I saw John Mellencamp and start playing that song, I be like, I'm going to go get a beer. You know, I've seen him live four times. I saw him on the Scarecrow tour, and then when I lived in Johnson City, the cable company down there, had taken away empty be, they took him TV off. It was a people burning the city down over. So, upset that they took him TV.
00:28:52People throwing a fit, Mellencamp comes to town, and performs a free, bring back MTV concert right now. So I saw him there. If I moved to Cincinnati and it was in 2001 or two and they made a documentary about this. He did a free concert in Fountain Square. Okay. And yeah, and he just says I'm not promoting a thing. I'm not selling anything. I just want to thank you for all these years of supporting me and this is the way I'm getting back. So he can you show the Cincinnati Enquirer Texas picture of Mellencamp on stage. Now the proud you can see me. I need to see Michael Flannery. Oh, wow, really on the cover of a newspaper. Oh, wow. That's awesome. And then I saw him on the was at the cutting Heads tour or where?
00:29:52Okay. So yeah, it's now time for Dave's Comedy Corner. Fred Flintstone used his feet to power his car. So why didn't he just run everywhere? He went.
00:30:08This has been Dave's Comedy Corner brought you this week by a all beef. Footlong hot dogs? Get a ruler and measure it yourself. If your hot dog is in a footlong. They'll refund your money, guaranteed.
00:30:26I have a great Kroger store in the week. It's time now for the Kroger story of the week.
00:30:31I haven't had a good purpose for the week in a couple of months, and I've told you before that, at my Kroger, there is a cashier who has given history, what history guy. He is talked about professional wrestling. He's talked about Andrew Jackson and the Confederacy, and he has talked about when they minted the first Nicola. And this is how you doing pretty good though. The nickel was coined in with whatever, you know, and so I'm walking through the store and I see him, he's I don't know if he was taking his break or whatever. He's walking in a Michael Kor. My favorite cashier is here. So when I know he's there, I always get in his life. He's not cashiering today. He is backing out of their bagging, and he's talking to the customer in front of me about a whale, something about a whale and and and I might go get the shut up cuz I don't
00:31:31How to get all of the conversation out cuz I want that for me. Okay, cuz I have a podcast, the guy in front of me. I know does not have a podcast. I know he doesn't care about the cashier telling the story. Yeah, Gathering materials. And I want this. I'm selfish. I want this off for me, but he's talking about a whale hoping that he can meet this, and something else, and something else, or whatever. I finally get up there. And I'm wearing a Simpson shirt and and he loves her cuz I love that shirt. That's show is hilarious. Michael. Thanks.
00:32:02And I'm like, I got to save it at his house. He pulls out his wallet and he shows me a picture of his dog. And he says, this is muffin.
00:32:10And I said, okay, dog years old and I'm hoping that muffin can live to be another 10 years old and I'm a sweet. And I appreciate that. He says, and if nothing ever dies, when I go to heaven, I hope that the animal that muffin introduces me to is Moby-Dick.
00:32:31OK, Google, what makes you think Moby Dick is in heaven about going off. But he starts going into this thing about Moby, Dick and did you know, the sperm whales? Have teeth. The size of bananas? I did not know that I'm Kate and out. Thank you for that nightmare fuel in Millville. When he wrote that, he got it pretty accurate because Moby Dick would not attack the whaling ships. Okay, unless they harpooned him, but they are putting him. Then that's one, that's what he'd go to town, and he's going on and on about Moby Dick in Herman Melville, and, and I'm just, I'm just loving, every second. I was just fantastic, and he talks until everything was bagged. I got my receipt. Thank you for shopping, and I hope you enjoyed your history lesson. I said I did. So what we can walk away with is the one we're pretty sure what cording to this guy that Moby Dick is in heaven.
00:33:31And be sperm whales have teeth besides of a banana and if so Record Store Day, it's an opportunity to spend money. I don't need to spend on stuff. I don't need to spend it on, it's great. And there were a couple of releases. There's the contractually legally obligated you to release. They release something every record store day. So I got that. I got to see why you can't leave behind to. You. Last time. You were here. The new re-release. I don't want the real. I don't either re-release. Okay, I'm good. I'm good, but you don't need any other re-releasing. I needed the Joshua tree and I told you, I'm close to getting that because it's two different colors without a whole different tale. Okay. So here's the deal. I used to go to Everybody's Records has a local record store here in Cincinnati. They put a thing on their Facebook page. A couple years ago said, Haworth Inc.
00:34:31I just not doing Record Store Day anymore. Like okay. Well, then I'm thinking about not coming to your store and Record Store Day, that would be stupid if you're not doing nothing, so I started looking for other liquor store that they didn't really give a good reason especially since they totally do Record Store Day still. So, I went to a place called plaid room records, which is one of my new favorite record stores of all time. And the way they do it is you show up stupid early cuz I think I texted you. Hey, do you want to get up at 6 in the morning on a Saturday and go to this? So I went there and they give you a number and then they give you, you get a website you go to and they tell you which numbers are allowed in the store. They're only like 12 people in the store at a time. So, my number was not going to be called for like another 2 hours. So I went to a completely different record store. Haha. It was opening right then in Hamilton. OK. I don't want to give the name, but I can't remember it. But I went in. There is a group of people going in. Now, I used to record store day.
00:35:31Having Banks of records that you did, you look through and you get your stuff that most stores have, that I have more records right now in this room than they had for Record Store Day as like, well, this is I renewed. Our first record store day. I'm okay. That's fine. This is your first one. So I'm waiting for the people in front of me to get through. There's a dude in front of me with a fedora. I already. Do not like him because he's wearing a fedora, okay.
00:36:01Stop it with the Fedora. Haha. It's over. It's over. It should not have come back. It. Did you had your day in the Sun? Get the fedoras back out of the way he had. It is April 23rd, Tom Landry, coach of the Dallas Cowboys. Always wore his Fedora. Don't know how I hate him. So it's April. 23rd. The dude, wearing a black leather jacket in a fedora, and he has a mustache, not a magnum, p.i. If you have a mustache, you either need to have a goatee that goes along with it, yet appeared with it or the mustache needs to be Magnum. P.i. Quality or Ron Swanson, or you store in a cornfield.
00:36:43Dude is going through and now I'm there for the you to release. I want to make sure that I get that and I was concerned at the other store. I'm not going be able to go in and tell people have been going through for 2 hours. All right, so and I missed it before I got to go to a different register to get it. So I'm glad I wasn't there for they had they had one copy and I see him go past it. Okay, and then he goes to beginning to start slipping through McGann, which is a record store day. You don't do that through. Once you get your prince reissue, you get your, whatever the hell you want your ward thing that you're there for the anniversary with your wife. He goes through it. Again. The people in front of him, have moved on to the rest of the store. He does this thing and the people that listing can put in my arm up, like he's up on the wall.
00:37:32Like now, the arm is in my way. Haha, and I'm sitting there, seizing. Haha, whatever fact that he is in my way. I can see the record that I want and he has a fedora on his head.
00:37:46So I reach under his arm. Okay? Past the elbow. I grasped the you to record and he looks and sees my arm, and I said, excuse me. I'm going to get this record and I pulled it out yet. You are see if people behind me. You're in their way. You probably couldn't see him because your Fedora was blocking your view. Okay? Was blocking your view of the people behind you, as well as style that left years ago, and left you behind like a freaking.
00:38:29I hate Ford or a few years ago. We were on a cruise and one of the stops that we made was in Mexico or walking around and there was a guy selling fedoras and he's like I seen your and he says you want to try on the hat. Did he really say Jesus in you? Or would you like to try? I tried on the hat and Libby says, I think that looks really nice. And Cameron says Dad. That's cool. And Jacob said she had to buy that and I'm thinking I look like a total douche and I said no. And and I'm like, no, thank you. And I took it off and the guy wouldn't take it back if he was also. No, no. No, you need you really need to buy this hat, sir. I'm like, I don't want the hat and I would hand it to him and he found it and I'm like, I'm not buying the hat to go to Whole senior, but it looks really good on you and I placed it on the ground. And if you're not going to take it here, somebody else could buy it off.
00:39:29Stroud, senior, I'm not but I tried it on as a joke. I look like a total dork things, a little propeller on the top.
00:39:44We have the same reaction. If I saw that. You don't get Sombrero is more stylish than a fedora. I just I can't take it into. It was one of those obnoxious Indiana Jones went. There was one man on planet Earth. It was able to wear Indiana. Jones's Fedora. Don't wear it type of person. I'm talking about. Yeah, you always have to like the leather thing that comes down with the bead under there so you can so I guess when they're riding horse, when they're when they're right in their horse and Cincinnati, they could tighten their stupid Fedora upon their, their double chin up and keep it from flying off of their stupid head. While they go to the stupid thing that they're doing with their stupid with elves. But had so when my dad died, my dad always wore a hat and it wasn't a fedora. But it was somewhere between that and an Indiana Jones hat. And a lot of people joke that my dad and I thought he was
00:40:44Indiana, Jones. Dad could kind of pull off the hat. You can wear one of those hats. Okay, if you wear boots, you can wear the hat. If you always were jeans you can wear the hat. If you always wear a blue shirt, then you can do that. So anyway, I have my Dad's hat. Okay, it doesn't fit me, but I have and I was going through that stuff and he had an old hatbox when I'm around. Good Ole time, we had boxes. So, I can't believe I just said old timey. I opened it up, like the ones Lincoln used. Exactly. And I have a fedora that my grandfather wore and I showed it to Cameron and I told him, I said, you know, but if you ever want to wear there like at school, if they have like a old timey day or something, where the whole time it is or whatever.
00:41:35It's in good shape. But if Cameron ever decides, he wants to wear them in public like one of those boat hat with a feather hanging out of it or something. Now. What is your opinion on? What's it called? The I like the Newsboy cap. Like Sam Jackson, where's the the hat backwards? The can't go cuz I have one. I don't like those either. Deliver that in the winter. And every time I do, I get compliments. I, I questioned still hanging out with you. When I first saw you wearing that cuz I was I had a reaction on my cat. Keep in mind one of the first times I saw, you, you were wearing the Superman Batman. Okay. So you had pants that were Batman on one side. Superman on the other hands were bad ass. I don't know where they are. Also have a tool, a du-rag. I know. You can't really bad mouth. I don't know. Where is my Newsboy cap? Here's what we need to do. Okay, what's up? It will you ever go into or I'll wear the tool durag. You wear the the Newsboy Than Words of the door.
00:42:35I'm not one of those it or doesn't it me. I got a big head.
00:42:52This portion of irritable dad syndrome is brought you by trim fingernail clippers. Since 1947. The trim brand has provided quality Clippers to help make your fingernails. Look, their absolute best is a fun fact that you know that the trim brand was founded in Shelton Connecticut. It's true. Just one more reason to visit the Show-Me State or is it the Nutmeg State that doesn't call back to the show.
00:43:22Last Friday night and I had a date night or Saturday night and I had a date night. We went on a double date with you and Bessa and we went to a brewery. The beer was good. Burger was amazing if he wasn't crazy about her chicken sandwich. Okay, but the burger was good. It's kind of silly that it didn't just come with fries. I don't know why we had to pay extra for the fries near anyway, so we were on a double date with you and your wife, while you guys had somebody babysit your dog, that stings after that. You guys had gone home and live. And I were talking, we were invited to some friend's house. The Durban star. We're having a fire pit at her house. The hell with them.
00:44:22Well, what are we going to do? We got this time. So with that, let's squeeze in a movie and then we'll go to the Durbin's. Okay, we didn't pay attention to the time of the movie. We we didn't look to see how long the movie where you at. We also didn't look into a crystal ball and realize that the movie, we saw totally sucked ass, and we went to see the northmen. So, what is the North? Or I have not heard of this in Northland Stars, Alexander Skarsgard and Nicole Kidman. It's a viking movie. Okay, then his uncle murders, his father, the king, and the boys swears that he will. When he grows outline Gable Avenged. It's exactly. He will. Avenge his father's, murder and kill his uncle. So he goes out in the jungle and do some drugs with the warthog in Des Moines. This area is he he does get on all fours and Howell quite a bit. Okay? Yeah, he and his other biking friend. Totally.
00:45:222000, % testosterone. White. Can I picture of Alexander Skarsgard? What is he been with? Us, is you'll have to but there's, there's like blood splatter paling. People had their setting villages on fire and the raping and pillaging and it's just a lot of a lot of screaming and everyone has blood on their face, like the whole entire movie. Spoiler alert. I hated the movie Libby, hated the movie spoiler alert. He comes to the house where his uncle now lives. When he grew up. Uncle his shacked up with his mom. So his uncle's not home. I'm back then, and he tells her, I've come back to kill my uncle. Nicole Kidman like gets close to him and tries to seduce him and kiss him, and then they together can rule and the guy in the theater behind me to come on. What the fuck as loud as you can.
00:46:22That was the highlight of the movie. Okay. And again the movie went on a good 45, 50 minutes longer than it should have. We get out and it's way too late to go over to the fire pit. We like well we've ruined our night. So that was that was a wasted date night is Willem Dafoe. And yes, it does. And Ethan Hawke. Okay, total total waste of an evening while I do not recommend seeing the northmen. Yeah. I got a question for you. I told you that Chris my lovely wife, they live right next to us. Yes, they had what they called a bacon emergency. I could have text. We're having a bacon emergency with aluminum foil and I'd like to have you cook some, you have to wrap it up and know what they do is they bake their bacon on a sheet or they put the oven to 400°. They put it on a cookie sheet on foil and then they put it in Fort Wayne.
00:47:22I'm canceling their patreon right now and they say that it comes out crispy and they love it. That's the only way they do it. I have never done that. I have a griddle and grind, put all the bacon on it once and then and then I make my bacon on The Griddle. I make it in the air, fryer. We just three people make it. You make it in an air fryer.
00:47:49Great. Okay. Wonderful. We had an air fryer and we sent it back. We hated it. We're the only people I know rear dryer.
00:47:59Yeah, how do you possibly have? Why do you have a car show? This is because of covid-19.
00:48:08I'm sick. They can't be next to each other, to start as I could. And then we wanted as a foodie. It was basically a pressure cooker. And then also an air fryer, we got that and I loved it. And then they have the ninja Grill, which is a grill inside an air fryer and when you grill steaks and things on the ninja Grill, yeah, it tastes pretty close to what you would do on a grill outside. Okay. So if you want to grill a steak in the winter or whatever you can totally do that on your room inside your kitchen. So, they have all these attachments in one of the things in the Ninja Grill, is this, it's basically, what do you call? Those of freaking? Oh my God, like a wire screen. You put it in there. You turn the air fryer on. You put bacon, most of the grease Balls to the bottom.
00:49:08Well, you can take, I mean, there's a lockdown there. Haha, but then the bacon comes out like very crispy and it contains enough the grease to where it's still America. And
00:49:22This correct?
00:49:28It's great.
00:49:40This portion of our show is brought to you by pure vegetable oil. I am Dave Les and I know my way around the kitchen whenever I bake anything. I use pure vegetable oil because I give a fuck about quality. That's why and I care about my family.
00:50:00So next time you're cooking dinner, if the recipe calls for vegetable oil, make sure you use pure brand vegetable oil. You'll taste the difference. Now, back to the show. Do we want to talk about? Uranus? I want to know why.
00:50:16Somebody was just trolling. Somebody. Why did they name the planet? Somebody on Mars should have named their Planet. How vain of us earthlings? I have decided. I'm going to name that and that and that planet. And that's going to be the name of that place. You never know. Cuz people on Saturn, probably have no idea that us earthlings is, right? That we call it something completely different. What if they call Earth, Uranus, or doodle douche nozzle, or something. There's always somebody right now. And there are listen to this. Like, it's your an S. That's not much better than us and your anus. Yeah, you're still down in the lower quarter of the body. Absolutely this back off.
00:51:16Only planet named after a Greek. God, instead of a, a Roman god, in my right, there's Greek. There's Greek god names for him. And I think Earth is the only one that's named after my food or whatever. I don't know. I don't know. It just, I would like to think that at the time that they're like, if you were going to make fun of this name for years and years of uranium uranium durations the uranium, is there going to be wild. Yeah. It was a long walk to get to there. I didn't even I wasn't planning on what they should have thought somebody to make fun of this planet. A Pluto, can't they renamed? Uranus?
00:52:10Who cares? Why they had a meeting? They got together to look Pluto's really not a planet. You know, what? Roy, you're right. And I hate to think about it cuz all these years we've had it and we've told all the kids my very educated mother just served us nine pickles. That's how they remember the planets. But now we're going to we're going to break. Everybody's heart is Pluto. No longer a planet. So we've touched on what an idiot. I am in the past couple of episodes and about how what I say is wrong. So I'm going to say something that's probably wrong, but I don't care because this is partly my show. And if you guys don't agree then start your own show and review me. I'm pretty sure like for a while I was in tidy planet named Pluto and Pluto as a planet damn it. We got Disney never dog after it. You can't the planet Pluto, but I said you seriously saying I could I see I think this is where you and I are going to draw the line and he's a logic that I see the logic. I think they've slipped out.
00:53:10Further and they saw other planetoids out there that are about the same size as Pluto. And then likely I like oh we're going to have to name all of them because Pluto is a planet. We got a name. I don't have it about a scientist. They feel like they have to do. So, I think they said, you know, it's really a planetoid or a planet on it to Nicholas or whatever the hell they call it. Honestly got a really high-end scientist. I'm using with the exclamation with, you could have named Earth and that's it. Nobody would have known. It could have been from. They could have been just called 1, 2, 3 4, 5 6 7 8, 9 indyplanet. If you think it's now map to need a smear campaign, think they did. I think your anus weird Pluto.
00:54:06Which Neptune they spread rumors. That Pluto has been banging Saturn and Neptune are through the ring, right?
00:54:15Neptune and Uranus I started a smear campaign, a smear campaign against Pluto, poke saying that Pluto gave Jupiter that big red spot.
00:54:27Check. They saw what he did to Saturn, have craters before, but now it does. It's got a big red. Spot is going to come in here and wreak more Havoc or something wrong with it. It bends to the left. Don't.
00:54:42You don't want me to do with anything. It's to the left. I'm just saying. I'm just saying, if you see it in the northern sky, with the right telescope, you can, you can see what's going on there. So they're like, they be planted it to you. Say, we don't need that in our in our solar system and it was. And it really, that's one of those things. Like, if NASA ever sees an actual asteroid coming for us, that's going to kill us all. Like in don't look up. I've actually finally seeing part of the time, it seemed the whole thing. Maybe it's better. Just not the palace. I think they probably could have had their little science, a meeting and the planet. Pluto. They probably should have just had that little discussion and they are cracked or whatever the hell they were doing that. When they came up with that and kept it to themselves because I want Pluto to be a planet. How much money do you think they spent and telling everyone that it's no longer a planet.
00:55:42I have the salaries of everyone involved in that press conference. And then you paid all that for all the debate going back and forth. Because, you know, there were like me and they're saying, he'll know, you're not the planet. Pluto planet, Pluto Over My Dead Body. There may be a dead body of a scientist that did not want to be plant. We don't know, like, you know what, we need to get rid of Roy dr.roy. I guess you would have to be after Roy. Rogers going to dr. Roy white stickers. Hi, my name. Is he wore his red shirt that day as well.
00:56:19Go tell the world that Pluto is no longer a planet and stick it in your anus. What? I mean, when the moon is called the Moon. It can't be Moon it, you know, every person who looks at the Moon dies. Thank you for listening to
00:56:41Viewer mail, we have a listener. Jim. Timmerman is a big fan of our show, and I can't believe we spent 40 minutes of Pluto.
00:56:52I feel like we need to go back and redo the know. We don't that's what make this show the show.
00:56:59I want to hear about that, man. Do you have to listen to it? They talk about vulva in like 20 minutes in and they go on and on and on about how the I like talking about that. Do you remember, we have a listener, Jim Timmerman who's a big fan of our show has been for a very long time gym tomorrow. And he does and he wants to know, he's got two questions for us, and we're going to answer both of these. The first one. If we have any tips to better, traveling both by are going by car. This is my solution. If you're going on a trip on a car trip, the best way to have a successful car. Trip is to leave your kids at next question. Thank you, Jim. I have traveled. I use them for my job. My previous job. I traveled a lot, so I don't want to bore. Everybody was with all my travel tips. I would say. My number one. Travel tip is, don't leave your wallet on the plane. They don't let you go back on. Don't put in your carry-on bag. They get very upset if you turn around.
00:57:59Start going back down the jetway to the jet. Don't do that. I'll bring your own headphones, some money taken from your Uncle Mike's and then some money get some bows.
00:58:20Get some. Bose, noise cancelling earbuds. I mean, some people do the over ears, they are worth. If you're going to travel by plane, more than two or three times a year. They are worth their weight in gold because you see the screaming kid over here, the person being duct-taped to the seat over there, might you put these on a guy over there, but these days. It's like, watching the silent movie, The Amazing, my other, my other tips for traveling by plane is to pack a lunch and bring some food, man. Take some snacks, Kevin's crackers, cereal bars, help you pack a peanut butter, and jelly sandwich with something in your overnight bag. Because when you get to their play, there's going to be a flippant 45-minute line at the, you're not going to get through. They're going to be starving, so pack some food. Thank you are second Quest.
00:59:20Jim. Okay, Jim Timmerman our second question. He sent me a menu item from this place that sells B, cakes. And these are bee cakes cakes. Cakes cake recipe pancakes, but they're delicious, gluten-free pancakes, made with almond milk quinoa and buckwheat flour. Who farted. Yeah. Quinoa quinoa. Out of my pancake pronounce Play. Noah, Noah 450. You can get a stack of 24875. His question to his question, is does two really constitute. I don't think. So. If I tell you, I'm going to give you a stack of bills, and then I give you 2 bucks. I agree with them. You can't say that. To is a stack it. So, what does constitute a stack? I think it's going to be three or more.
01:00:20Me. Where are we were? Selecting elephants for S elephants. I agree with you. It's three or more.
01:00:25But if we stack in dollar bills, I'm still you know, I'm I need at least a hundred. Yeah. Before I call that a stack. Yeah, but I wouldn't need a hundred elephants. You wouldn't have to back them in here and I'll let you know clearly have a problem at this point. You don't have to do that. I agree that too does not constitute a stack, but I don't know. Where stack begins because I think that's something that you have to measure inches. Can you stack water pills off to the stack water? Yeah. That's a stupid question. Boy. This through like Peter doubt. We want to thank you old man.
01:01:06Alright, kids, we want to thank you for listening to a little bad syndrome episode 88. We've had a lot of fun. We thank you for taking this journey with us. We hope that you are here next week. And in the meantime, we want you to go to Ariel dad, center.com and look up patreon. And we want you to go and subscribe. And like, and I'm going to say this again. We're working on our best of year to sell your guys, want you to send us an email a message. Let us know what your favorite show. If you listen to the best of season 2 and say, I can't believe he didn't mention the time that his son got his driver's license. I want to hear, you better be sorry because you haven't get here and tell me what your request was. So if you don't tell us what you like, I don't want to hear your nagging about it, get off your ass and type something.
01:02:04We'll see you next week. Jerk.
01:02:13Before we go. Here's a quick. Reminder. Don't forget to adjust your clock. One hour. Thanks, and we'll see you later crocodile. After while alligator.